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Bel-Air Manor October 2018 Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 *Irene5 D* 6
“Activities subject to Change 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:15 Morning Trivia *Hairdresser* 10:15am Morning Exercises 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec *Independent Activities*
without notice. “ 10:30am 1:1 Communion 11am Reminisce 10:00am Manicures 10:45 Manicures 10:30am Rosary Prayers 10:00am Balloon Toss
-Mail Delivered- Calendar Distribution 12:45 Mail Delivery 10:45 Sensory Movie 12:45 Mail Delivery 12:45 Room Visits and Mail 10:30am Frisbee Toss
Monday-Saturday 2pm Bowling Game 2p.m. Petting Zoo 12:45 Mail Delivery 2:15pm Don Szamier Music Delivery 11:00am Trivia Game
*Happy Birthday*- Love Bel- 3p.m Ball Toss 2p.m. Bean Bag Toss Social 1:30pm Bingo -DR 12:45 Mail Delivery
Air Manor Staff National Cookie Day 2:45 Balloon Toss 3:15 Movie in Central Lounge 1:30pm Bingo -DR
3:15 Reminisce National Taco Day
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
*Independent Activities* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30am Morning Stretches *Hairdresser* 10:30am Musical Memories 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec *Independent Activities*
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion 12:45 Mail and visits 10:00am Seasonal Games With Kathy 10:30am Rosary-Rec 10:00am Balloon Toss
10:30am Ball toss-Rec 11:00am Game Show-Price is 1:30 Oil Painting with Brian 10:30am Manicures 12:45 Mail Delivery and Visits 11a.m. Balloon Toss 10:30am Trivia Game
11:00am Target Toss right-Rec Refreshments 12:45 Room visits 2:15pm Joel Blummert Music 1:30pm Bingo-DR 11:00am Chats
12:45 1:1 Visits 2:00pm Bowling Game 2:45 Table Games 2:00pm Bingo with Elizabeth Social 12:30 Mail Delivery
1:30pm Bingo-DR National Pierogi Day And Friends National Pizza Day 1:30pm Bingo Game-DR
National Angel Food Cake Day

14 *Evelyn15 D* *Lorraine 16 L* 17 *Lenny 18 W* 19 20

*Independent Activities* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30 Tom Sansone One *Hair Dresser* 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30 Doug Codianni Accordion
10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion Man Band 10:00am Sensory Stimulation 10:14am Morning Trivia 10:30am Rosary Prayers Music
10:30am Ring toss-Rec 11:00am Manicures social-Rec 12:45 Mail Delivery Games 11a.m. Reminisce 1245 Mail and visits 12:30 Mail Delivery and one to
11:00am Dart Game 2:15 Mary Morse Accordion 2p.m Target Toss 10:30am Manicures 12:45 Mail Delivery and Visits 1:30pm Bingo-DR one Visits
12:45 1:1 Visits Entertainment 2:30 Bean Bag Toss 2:00pm Cardo 2:00pm Music By Cindy 1:30pm Bingo Game-DR
1:30pm Bingo-Rec 3:30 Afternoon Movie 3pm. Reminisce 3p.m. Table Games National Cupcake Day
6:00pm Bingo with Carol
21 22 23 *Hair Dresser* *Jean 25 K* 26 27
*Independent Activities* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am Entertainment by 10:30am Musical Memories 10:00am TV Mass-Rec *Independent Activities*
10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion-Rec 10:30am stretch & music Chris Merwin With Kathy 10:30am Rosary Prayers 10:00am Morning Bingo
10:30am Toss Games 1:15pm 1:1 visits with Cotton 12:30 Mail and Visits 12:45 Mail Delivery 12:45 Mail and visits 11a.m. Trivia Time 12:45 Mail Delivery
11:00pm Bean Bag Toss 2:15 Cardo Game 2p.m. Bel-Air Bowlers 2:00pm Target Toss 2p.m. Word Search Game 1:30pm Bingo –Rec 2:15pm Three Angels Church-
12:45 1:1 visits on unit 3p.m Reminisce 2:30 Balloon Toss 3p.m. Snack And Chat Rotunda
1:30pm Bingo -DR 6:00pm Bingo with Carol 3p.m Word Games
National Boston Cream Pie
Recreation Staff
28 29 30 31
10:15 Resident Council Martha Sanchez, TRD Recreation
10:00am TV Mass -Rec 10:00am TV on Mass-Rec Meeting *Hairdresser* Director
10:30am Frisbee toss-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion 12:30 Mail Delivery 10a.m. Arts and Crafts
11:00am Beach Ball Toss 10:30am Manicures-Rec 1:15 Emmanuel Baptist 11am Snack Time Christine Donovan Recreation
12:45 Room Visits 11:00am Game Show-Price is Church Service 12:45 One to one visits Aide
1:30pm Bingo right-Rec 2p.m. Chris’ Choice Games 2p.m. Cardo Game
2:00pm Dancin’ in the City Lauryn Bailey Recreation Aide
5p.m -6:30p.m.
Halloween Show Happy Halloween!!
National Oatmeal Cookie Day Halloween Party

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