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Professional Development Plan

(Or “The Seven-Fold Plan Towards Career Satisfaction and Success”)


#1: Pursue further certification in the archival field….

• Seek out further opportunities for professional development
• Begin work towards Certified Archivist, Digital Archives Certification, or
Arrangement and Description Certification from Society of American
• Timeline on this should begin within a year of graduation from MLIS

#2: Maintain membership in professional organizations….

• Renew yearly membership in professional organizations over the next five
years, specifically Society of American Archivists (SAA) and Society of
North Carolina Archivists (SNCA)
• Attend yearly conferences of one of above at least once a year over the next
five years
• Explore other professional organizations to join, perhaps Association for
Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC), etc.

#3: Publish!
• Publish articles related to archival collections and materials in library,
regional studies, and history journals.
• Continue research on Appalachian regional history and tie archival
materials to the wider discourse on the history of the region through
journal articles, blogs, and magazine articles.

#4: Consult and Collaborate….

• Whether it be at my current institution Appalachian State, or elsewhere,
reach out to other institutions/museums to collaborate and aid in the
creation of exhibits (physical and digital), events celebrating cultural
heritage and/or history, etc.
• Promote archival collections through the production of events and
exhibits. Facilitate the planning of at least one major event dedicated to
showcasing the importance of one or several archival collections with the
next 5 years.
#5: Network…
• Reach out to other archivists and librarians who share my interests and
work in similar collections devoted to regional history.
• Specifically reach out to archivists and librarians in the mountain regions
of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

#6: Explore more educational opportunities…

• In addition to the certifications listed in #1 look into further graduate
coursework in Public History, Libraries, Digital Humanities, or related
• Continue reading, developing, and exploring expertise in Appalachian
regional materials in hopes to continue to live and work within the region.

#7: Last but not least… Be content!

• This is not a goal with demonstrable results, however, it is perhaps the
most important.
• I intend to advance in my career as an archivist and within the wider
library field by putting my best foot forward—working on continuing my
education, networking, and working in/with collections within my subject
specialty. I realize that success as a professional in the library field does
not come overnight and sometimes reveals itself in unexpected ways. I will
keep content and see my daily work and continued education as strides
along the road towards a leadership/curator position in the field.