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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 • XIX, Edition 37

Martins Beachto remain open
Supreme court declines case, lower court ruling stands
By Julia Cheever Khosla’s appeal of court said Khosla’s beach management
BAY CITY NEWS SERVICE lower court rulings companies would need a permit from
requiring him to the California Coastal Commission
Martins Beach on the San Mateo keep open the only before changing the longtime public
County coast will remain open to the road to the beach. access to the beach.
public for at least the time being after The Supreme The state courts ruled in a lawsuit
the U. S. Supreme Court Monday Court’s action leave filed by the San Clemente-based
refused to hear an appeal by the Silicon in place decisions Surfrider Foundation.
Valley venture capitalist who owns the in which San Mateo Eric Buescher, a lawyer for the foun-
property. Vinod Khosla County Superior dation, said, “This is a huge victory for
DAILY JOURNAL FILE PHOTO The high court declined without Court Judge
Visitors walk along Martins Beach just south of Half Moon Bay. comment to take up entrepreneur Vinod Barbara Mallach and a state appeals See BEACH, Page 19

Cow Palace
gun show
ban nixed
Veto means firearms will
still be sold in Daly City
By Anna Schuessler

By opting not to lend his signa-
ture to a state Senate bill aimed at
ending the sale
of firearms at
Daly City’s
Cow Palace
Jerry Brown Drivers on East Hillsdale Boulevard in Foster City turn onto Edgewater Boulevard to avoid long waits in traffic.
may have tem-
porarily stalled
an effort to stop
Jerry Brown the Crossroads
of the West’s
Foster City seeks to halt cut-through traffic
gun show from
coming to the
Officials organizing workshop to present and discuss ideas on how to mitigate problem
wel l -us ed By Zachary Clark spurred a workshop will take place 10 a.m. idea that Hindi referred to — a
events venue DAILY JOURNAL STAFF response from Oct. 20 at the Wind Room in the potential Traffic Relief Pilot
some five times city officials Foster City Community Center. Program — may entail left turn
a year. who are organ- “We have heard your concerns prohibitions on East Hillsdale
When traffic on Highway 101 to izing a work- Boulevard at Edgewater and Shell
But for State Route 92 backs up, which about traffic. We have an idea to
Sup erv i s o r shop to present address cut-through traffic in our boulevards, among other propos-
happens now practically every and discuss als.
David Canepa, day, drivers naturally gravitate to city and want your feedback, ”
David Canepa whose District ideas on how to Mayor Sam Hindi said in a press During peak evening commute
alternatives such as cutting mitigate the hours, commuters headed to the
5 includes the release.
through Foster City. problem. The
Cow Palace, the Sam Hindi
governor’s veto That cut-through traffic has Based on past discussions, the See TRAFFIC, Page 19
may not be the
end of the road
for Senate Bill
221. Aimed at
banning the
South City council race taking shape
sales of guns Two incumbents, four challengers vie for chance to shape transformation of city
and ammunition By Austin Walsh
Scott Wiener at the Cow DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
Palace after the
facility’s contract with Crossroads As the character of South San
of the West ends in 2020, Canepa Francisco transforms with an
believes the bill proposed by state
influx of residential development
Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San
and commercial investment, six
Francisco, and Assemblyman Phil
Ting, D-San Francisco, will get City Council candidates are seek-
another shot under the next gover- ing to navigate the challenges and
Mark Pradeep Mark Flor Steven Kamala
See VETO, Page 19 Addiego Gupta Nagales Nicolas Ponce-Ramirez Silva See SOUTH CITY, Page 18
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Thought for the Day
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness
is the attribute of the strong.”
— Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader

This Day in History
German troops crushed the two-

1944 month-old Warsaw Uprising, during
which a quarter of a million people had
been killed.
In  1 7 8 0 ,   British spy John Andre was hanged in Tappan,
New York, during the Revolutionary War.
In  1 9 1 9 ,   President Woodrow Wilson suffered a serious
stroke at the White House that left him paralyzed on his left
In  1 9 4 1 , during World War II, German armies launched an
all-out drive against Moscow; Soviet forces succeeded in
holding onto their capital.
In 1 9 5 0 ,  the comic strip “Peanuts,” created by Charles M.
Schulz, was syndicated to seven newspapers.
In  1 9 6 7 ,   Thurgood Marshall was sworn as an associate
justice of the U.S. Supreme Court as the court opened its new
In  1 9 7 0 ,   one of two chartered twin-engine planes flying
the Wichita State University football team to Utah crashed
into a mountain near Silver Plume, Colorado, killing 31 of
the 40 people on board.
In 1 9 7 1 , the music program “Soul Train” made its debut in REUTERS
national syndication. Visitors get their photos taken in the Ames Room at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai.
In  1 9 8 4 ,   Richard W. Miller became the first FBI agent to
be arrested and charged with espionage. (Miller was tried
three times; he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but was In other news ...
released after nine years.) Emergency responders determined he mer graduate student, in the city of
In  1 9 8 5 , actor Rock Hudson, 59, died at his home in
Missing California had died. Monroe. Tellis has already pleaded
Beverly Hills, California, after battling AIDS. hiker found alive Florence Police Chief Michael De guilty to unauthorized use of Hsiao’s
In 1 9 8 6 ,  the Senate joined the House in voting to override KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK Laurentis says no foul play is suspect- debit card.
President Reagan’s veto of stiff economic sanctions against — A hiker reported missing in ed and the death is believed to be an Defense attorneys again insisted
South Africa. California’s Kings Canyon National accident. that prosecutors had the wrong man,
In 2 0 0 2 ,  the Washington, D.C.-area sniper attacks began, Park during the weekend has been pointing to the testimony of 10 fire-
setting off a frantic manhunt lasting three weeks. found alive. Second mistrial in case of fighters and emergency medical per-
A brief park press release issued woman burned to death sonnel who said they heard Chambers
Birthdays Sunday says 63-year-old Diane Salmon
of Lafayette, California, was seen by A Mississippi judge declared a sec-
say “Eric” set her on fire.
Emergency workers said the scene
other hikers en route to the South Lake ond mistrial Monday in the capital was filled with the clatter of fire
Trailhead in the Inyo National Forest murder case of a man accused of setting engines and some said it was hard for
and she walked out with them. a woman on fire, after jurors once them to understand what Chambers was
She had last been seen Friday in a again said they couldn’t reach a ver- desperately trying to tell them. Still,
wilderness area at an elevation of dict. their accumulated testimony clearly
11,000 feet. Panola County Circuit Judge Gerald made a difference. Prosecutors tried
Searchers had been concerned about Chatham made his ruling in the trial of casting doubt on their statements,
the approaching first rain of the sea- Quinton Tellis after jurors deliberated calling in a speech pathologist and a
son, which could bring some snow to for about 10 hours over two days. plastic surgeon who testified that in
Actor Avery Singer-actor Sting Singer Tiffany is the Sierra Nevada above 9,000 feet by Tellis, now 29, was accused of setting her badly burned state, Chambers was
Brooks is 70. is 67. 47. Tuesday night. Jessica Chambers ablaze in 2014. unlikely to be able to properly enunci-
As in the first trial, jurors had to ate.
Country singer-musician Leon Rausch (Bob Wills and the Colorado bowling alley owner choose between evidence that prosecu- “They’re going to try their best to
Texas Playboys) is 91. Retired MLB All-Star Maury Wills is tors said linked the defendant to hear anything,” Dr. William Hickerson
86. Movie critic Rex Reed is 80. Singer-songwriter Don dies, got stuck in pinsetter Chambers’ death and testimony by said. “With my medical opinion, that
McLean is 73. Cajun/country singer Jo-el Sonnieris 72. FLORENCE, Colo. — The owner of a emergency workers that they heard a would not be the case.”
Fashion designer Donna Karan is 70. Photographer Annie southern Colorado bowling alley has dying Chambers say someone named A federal intelligence analyst testi-
Leibovitz is 69. Rock musician Mike Rutherford (Genesis, died after getting stuck in a pin setting Eric attacked her. fied that Chambers had never gotten a
Mike & the Mechanics) is 68. Actress Robin Riker is 66. machine. It wasn’t immediately clear if phone call or a text from anyone
Actress Lorraine Bracco is 64. Country musician Greg Police in Florence, about 100 miles Mississippi prosecutors would try named Eric. Her Facebook friends
Jennings (Restless Heart) is 64. Rock singer Phil Oakey (The southwest of Denver, say they Tellis a third time. Either way, he included an Eric and an Erik, but inves-
Human League) is 63. Rhythm-and-blues singer Freddie responded to a call early Sunday after- won’t walk free; he’s currently serving tigators ruled them out. A DNA analyst
Jackson is 62. Singer-producer Robbie Nevil is 60. Retro- noon and found 65-year-old Ector a five-year sentence on an unrelated testified that although she couldn’t
Rodriguez of Penrose stuck in the burglary conviction in Mississippi. match Tellis to DNA found on
soul singer James Hunter is 56. Former NFL quarterback Mark
machine at Fremont Lanes. And in Louisiana, he has been indicted Chambers’ keys, she couldn’t exclude
Rypien is 56. Rock musician Bud Gaugh (Sublime, Eyes
He was unconscious and not breath- for murder in the stabbing death of him, although 99.7 percent of men
Adrift) is 51. Folk-country singer Gillian Welch is 51. ing. Meing-Chen Hsiao, a Taiwanese for- could be excluded.
Country singer Kelly Willis is 50. Actor Joey Slotnick is 50.
By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these Jumbles,
Sept. 29 Powerball Fantasy Five Tues day :  Showers likely in the morning,
one letter to each square, then a chance of showers and a slight
Get the free JUST JUMBLE app • Follow us on Twitter @PlayJumble

to form four ordinary words. 9 34 17 64 59 22 3 6 28 30 32
chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

AZDD E Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s.
Sept. 28 Mega Millions Daily Four Southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. Becoming
39 45 52 56 59 15 8 7 3 0 southwest in the afternoon. Chance of pre-
cipitation 70 percent.
Mega number
Daily three midday Tues day   ni g ht:  Mostly cloudy. A slight
W HO N S Sept. 29 Super Lotto Plus 2 6 3 chance of showers. Lows in the mid 50s.
Wednes day :  Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers.
7 11 23 25 37 6 Daily three evening Highs in the lower to mid 60s.
Mega number
Wednes day  ni g ht and Thurs day : Partly cloudy. Lows in
1 1 6
DAANS L the mid 50s. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s.
The Daily Derby race winners are Big Ben, No. 4, in Thurs day   ni g ht  thro ug h  Saturday : Mostly clear. Lows
first place; Winning Spirit, No. 9, in second place; and in the mid 50s. Highs in the 50s to upper 6
Gold Rush, No. 1, in third place. The race time was Mo nday :  Mostly cloudy. Highs in the 60s. Light winds
S UDJTA clocked at 1:40.62. becoming west 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 3
Two race for South San Francisco city clerk Police reports
Sounds like a cold case
Challengers Acosta, Bortoli vie for position vacated by outgoing veteran incumbent Four jackets were stolen at Burlingame
By Austin Walsh though, as is the case be updating antiquated Avenue in Burlingame, it was reported
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF with the city’s treasurer, city codes which she has at 4:36 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20.
voters still determine found in her work as an
In a rarely-contested race, two are vying who serves as clerk. inspector do not fit mod-
to become the next South San Francisco Incumbent treasurer ern needs of residents.
city clerk in the wake of the longtime Frank Risso is running Also, she said she would Petty theft. A person tried to steal a purse
incumbent deciding to move on from her unopposed. like to digitize meeting from a hotel lobby on Anza Boulevard, it
post. Martinelli was elected packets for the City was reported at 8 a.m. Friday, Sept. 21
Rosa Acosta, former president of the in 2007 in a competitive Council but admitted such Reckl es s dri v er. Someone was driving
South San Francisco Unified School District Rosa Acosta race, and has run uncon- Caitlin Bortoli an innovation would recklessly on Lorton and Peninsula
Board of Trustees, and code inspector tested since. She require authorization by avenues, it was reported at 12:27 p.m.
Caitlin Bortoli are racing to fill the seat left announced earlier this year this year she officials. Friday, Sept. 21
vacant by Krista Martinelli’s decision to would leave office to focus on her career as “To make things more modern, it would Reckl es s dri v er. Someone was driving
not seek re-election after roughly 10 years. an attorney. require convincing the council, ” said recklessly on Bloomfield Road and
Acosta, currently the Pinole city clerk, For her part, Acosta said she continues to Bortoli, who added she would also favor tak- Burlingame Avenue, it was reported at
said she hopes to rely on her experience to value the independence offered by allowing ing on special community projects over 12:33 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21.
help City Hall operate more efficiently the position to be independently elected. time. Gran d t h e f t . Someone stole $10, 000
while Bortoli said she can offer a fresh per- “I like the autonomy of voting,” said An example of such activities took place worth of copper wire on Broadway and
spective to the position which serves as an Acosta, who was appointed to her position earlier this year when San Mateo City Clerk Carolan Avenue, it was reported at 2:25
independent conduit between residents and in Pinole in 2016. Prior to taking that job, Patrice Olds organized events honoring the p.m. Friday, Sept. 21.
city officials. Acosta worked in the South San Francisco 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Burg l ary. A vehicle was burglarized on
“I want to bring more awareness to what City Manager’s Office for nearly 16 years as Bortoli said she has worked on an earlier Old Bayshore Boulevard, it was reported at
we bring to the community and improve an office specialist and management ana- similar city initiative crafting care packages 8:28 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21.
however we can,” said Acosta, who is leav- lyst. for soldiers and would like to see a similar
ing the school board in favor of her pursuit She said she would lean on her familiarity program return, while Acosta said she has BELMONT
of the clerk’s position. with the surroundings and remaining staff to experience managing these sorts of pro-
help get up to speed and continue moderniz- grams when she worked for the city manager. Reckl es s dri v i ng . Someone was recorded
Meanwhile Bortoli, who works in code
ing the clerk’s office. In all, Acosta said she hopes to win the doing doughnuts at Ralston Avenue and
enforcement for the city, said she offers new
ideas and an outsider’s point of view. “There are still some limitations and effi- election so she can share her expertise with Cipriani Boulevard, it was reported at 9:04
“I think it would be great to have a fresh ciencies that need to be implemented,” said the community where she has lived for near- a.m. Monday, Sept. 24.
face,” said Bortoli, who has not worked as a Acosta, who said she would be focused on ly four decades. B urg l ary . Someone smashed the back
clerk previously but said she met with ramping up the office’s communication and “I love my profession and I’d love to window of a vehicle parked on Shoreway
Martinelli in an effort to gain a deeper accessibility if elected. serve my community,” she said. Road, it was reported at 11:05 a. m.
understanding of the clerk’s responsibili- Bortoli agreed room for improvement Bortoli said, if elected, she would work to Thursday, Sept. 20.
ties. exists as well, though admitted she would prioritize the needs of residents who voted Vandal i s m. Someone threw a rock at the
The job requires compiling information require more time familiarizing herself to her into office. back window of a residence on Ralston
packets for the City Council, operating the clerk’s responsibilities before identify- “I want to make sure that the community Avenue, it was reported at 10:54 a. m.
meetings and facilitating votes, complying ing just how she would better manage the is number one,” she said. Wednesday, Sept. 19.
with public records requests, archiving his- position.
tory, processing claims, managing special “I don’t have a lot of qualifications but I
projects and other obligations. have done a lot of research,” said Bortoli,
In some local cities, the post which has who plans to acquire additional certifica-
been traditionally elected is transitioning tions and take necessary classes to beef up
to an appointed position authorized by the her resume if elected.
City Council. In South San Francisco One point of emphasis for Bortoli would
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Tropical Storm Rosa heads
for Baja and U.S. Southwest
By Peter Orsi and Terry Tang more precipitation.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rosa’s maximum sustained winds had
decreased to 40 mph (65 kph) as of Monday
MEXICO CITY — Tropical Storm Rosa afternoon, and the storm’s center was about
soaked northwestern Mexico with heavy 50 miles (80 kilometers) west-northwest of
rains as it neared the Baja California Punta Eugenia in Mexico. It was heading
Peninsula on Monday, reportedly claiming north-northeast at 10 mph (17 kph).
at least one victim, and was projected to The Civil Defense agency for Baja
extend into a drenching of the U. S. California state said schools would be
Southwest. closed Monday in several communities,
The U.S. National Hurricane Center said including the state capital of Mexicali,
the center of Rosa, which was a hurricane across the border from Calexico,
until late Sunday, should hit Baja California California; San Felipe, on the northern Sea
and Sonora late Monday, bringing 3 to 6 of Cortez; and south of Ensenada, on the
inches (7.5 to 15 centimeters) of rain. peninsula’s Pacific coast. REUTERS
It’s then expected to move quickly north- Federal authorities declared a state of Tropical Storm Rosa nears the Baja Peninsula on Mexico’s west coast.
westward as it weakens, bringing 2 to 4 emergency for Ensenada and Mexicali. arroyo and covering a stretch of road, carry- The National Weather Service earlier
inches (5-10 centimeters) of rain to central Classes were also suspended in communi- ing trees and logs in the current. announced flash flood watches through
and southern Arizona and 1 to 2 inches (2.5- ties in Sonora, where Civil Defense offi- Various Mexican media outlets reported Wednesday for areas including southern
5 centimeters) to the rest of the desert cials advised people to avoid driving on the that a woman was swept away by floodwa- Nevada, southeastern California, south-
Southwest, Central Rockies and Great coastal highway. The agency posted video ters and drowned in the city of Caborca, western and central Utah and the western
Basin. Some isolated areas might see even online of floodwaters racing through an Sonora, on the Sea of Cortez. two-thirds of Arizona.

DOJ’s lawsuit may delay California’s new net neutrality law
By Paul Elias and Mae Anderson be significant because the issue appears Stanford University law professor Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS destined for the U.S. Supreme Court. Barbara van Schewick said the law adopts Net neutrality advocates worry that with-
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law the same nationwide rules the Federal out rules, internet providers could create
SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. Department Sunday that prohibits internet service Communications Commission repealed in fast lanes and slow lanes that favor their
of Justice lawsuit could delay the rollout of providers from blocking or slowing data June. The constitutionality of California’s own sites and apps or make it harder for
California’s toughest-in-the country net based on content or from favoring websites law — and whether other states can adopt consumers to see content from competitors.
neutrality law, which is set to take effect or video streams from companies that pay their own net neutrality rules — depends In response, the California attorney gen-
Jan. 1. extra. It also bans “zero rating,” in which heavily on the outcome of a pending case in eral and 21 other state attorneys general
Advocates hope California’s new law to internet providers don’t count certain con- a Washington, D.C., federal appeals court, filed a lawsuit in January in the D.C. Circuit
stop internet providers from favoring cer- tent against a monthly data cap — general- van Schewick said. Court of Appeals seeking to invalidate the
tain content or websites will push Congress ly video streams produced by the company’s When the FCC repeated the Obama-era FCC rollback.
to enact national rules or encourage other own subsidiaries and partners. rules last year that prevented companies The appeals court has yet to rule and van
states to create their own. The U. S. Department of Justice sued from exercising more control over what Schewick and other legal analysts expect an
But legal experts say it’s possible a judge immediately, arguing that the federal gov- people watch and see on the internet, it appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which
will put the law on hold while the litigation ernment has exclusive authority to regulate also barred states from crafting their own will likely guide the outcome of the latest
plays out. If that happens, the delay could the internet. rules like the California law by lawsuit.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 5

Jerry Brown shows governing Around the state
California marks
another dry water year
philosophy in final bill action
By Jonathan J. Cooper supervised drug injection site.
LOS ANGELES — California
began a new water year Monday
with some rain falling or in the
immediate forecast after 12 months
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS In typical fashion, his actions of below-average precipitation.
made fellow Democrats both cheer The Department of Water
SACRAMENTO — Preparing to and sigh. Resources said the Oct.1-Sept. 30
leave office after four decades, “He will only give so much, and water year that ended Sunday was
California Gov. Jerry Brown exer- then he’s done,” said Democratic marked by hot and dry conditions,
cised his final signatures and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez except for sporadic significant pre-
vetoes this weekend to put the Fletcher, who saw several of her cipitation.
closing stamp on a governing bills inspired by the (hash)MeToo During the period, the statewide
philosophy he has espoused dur- movement get vetoed. snowpack was just 58 percent of
ing two separate eight-year stints. Altogether in 2018, Brown average by April 1, a dramatic
The actions, and the quirky signed 1, 016 bills and vetoed reversal from the previous water
statements that accompanied 201, according to his office. The year in which the pack reached 159
them, revealed the “paddle left, veto rate of 16. 5 percent was percent of average.
paddle right” governing approach slightly higher than prior years. In addition, much of Southern
of California’s longest-serving The terse statements announc- California ended up with half or
governor and three-time presiden- ing his vetoes or explaining his less than half of average rainfall.
tial candidate. Brown pushed decision to sign a bill have San Diego, for example, recorded
California to new frontiers of lib- REUTERS become legendary in Sacramento. only 3.34 inches (8.48 centime-
eral policies and frustrated his Gov. Jerry Brown delivers his final state of the state address in Sacramento. They explain his reasoning, often ters) of rain, just 32 percent of nor-
Democratic allies by using his with acerbic wit, Latin phrases or mal, according to the National
veto pen to pump the brakes. an exclamation meaning “I found tion, and requiring companies to biblical references tossed in. Weather Service.
“16 years — and nearly 20,000 it,” is California’s official motto. put women on their boards of Some include themes he returns The state also experienced a
bills — later, the desk is clear. Brown on Sunday further secured directors. to often: Not every human failing siege of record-breaking wildfires
(hash)Eureka, ” the 80-year-old California’s role as a progressive But he decided university health needs to be fixed with a law. during the dry 2017-18 water year.
wrote on Twitter alongside a video beacon by signing a tough law centers shouldn’t be forced to sell Expensive programs should be All of that was indicative of the
showing photos of him signing restoring net neutrality protec- abortion medications nor should handled in budget negotiations. state’s ongoing transition to a
bills dating back to 1975. Eureka, tions, inviting an immediate law- San Francisco be allowed to open Some decisions are best made at warmer climate, the department
suit from the Trump administra- what could be the nation’s first the local level. said in a statement.

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6 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

TJPA officials abruptly closed the
Obituary Garcia Zarate trial postponed Around the Bay newly-opened $2. 2 billion Transit
The federal gun possession trial of Center, as well as Fremont Street
Lonnie Brown the undocumented immigrant who pos- prosecution on similar state and feder-
al charges violates the constitutional between Mission and Howard streets
Lonnie Brown, of Millbrae, died Thursday, Sept. 20, sessed the gun that on Tuesday after finding the first crack.
killed Kate Steinle ban on double jeopardy, or being tried
2018, of congestive heart failure at age 74. twice for the same crime. A second crack was found while work-
He was born July 27, 1944, in Jackson in San Francisco in ers were inspecting the first.
2015 has been post- Garcia Zarate was convicted in San
to Alonzo and Mable Brown. He graduat- Francisco Superior Court last year on a According to Dennis Turchon, the
ed from Tennessee State University and poned for at least TJPA’s senior construction manager,
several months state charge of being an ex-felon in
retired from the city and county of San possession of a gun. He was acquitted crews this week will focus on shoring-
Francisco as an IT project manager after while a U. S. up a portion of the transit center direct-
Supreme Court rul- of murdering Steinle.
25 years of service. Steinle was killed with a ricocheting ly above the closed portion of
He is survived by his son Andrew, ing in a different Fremont Street.
case is awaited. bullet from a stolen gun as she stood
daughter-in-law Jessica and grandchildren Jose Garcia on Pier 14 with her father on July 1, Once the shoring work is complete,
Bryce and Layla. A memorial service is Zarate Jose Ines Garcia some lanes on Fremont Street may be
Zarate was original- 2015. Garcia Zarate’s defense lawyers
scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, at acknowledged that he picked up the narrowed, if not closed entirely.
Crippen & Flynn Carlmont Chapel,  1111 Alameda de las ly scheduled to go on trial Monday in TJPA spokeswoman Christine
the court of U.S. District Judge Vince gun from under a bench where he was
Pulgas, Belmont CA 94002. All are welcome to attend and sitting, but said it fired by accident. Favley said crews are hoping to reopen
celebrate Lonnie’s life. Sign the guestbook at crippenfly- Chhabria in San Francisco on two fed- Fremont Street by Oct. 12 at the earli-
eral charges of being an ex-felon and
an undocumented person in possession
Transit center shoring est, but couldn’t say when the transit
center would reopen.
As a public serv ice, the Daily Journal prints obituaries of of a gun. may mean two-week Last week, TJPA Executive Director
approx imately 200 words or less with a photo one time on But on Aug. 24, Chhabria postponed closure of Fremont Street Mark Zabaneh said engineers were
a space av ailable basis. To submit obituaries, email infor- the trial until the Supreme Court issues looking at whether the cracks were
a ruling in an Alabama case known as Construction crews working to
mation along with a jpeg photo to news@smdaily jour- shore up a part of San Francisco’s related to the beams’ fabrication, their Free obituaries are edited for sty le, clarity, length Gamble v. United States. installation or the center’s design.
Chhabria wrote: “There is a serious Salesforce Transit Center where two
and grammar. If y ou would lik e to hav e an obituary printed cracked steel beams were found last Contractors and engineers have
more than once, longer than 200 words or without editing, possibility that the Supreme Court’s inspected other areas of the transit
ruling in that case will require dis- week are hoping to reopen Fremont
please submit an inquiry to our adv ertising department at Street in about two weeks, officials center where the beams are configured
ads@smdaily missal of the charges against Garcia similarly and haven’t found any other
Zarate.” with the Transbay Joint Powers
Authority said Monday. problems.
The issue in both cases is whether

STATE GOVERNMENT tures that undergo significant modifications, renovations
or tenant improvements. according to Hill’s office.
• Go v. Jerry Bro wn signed leg-
islation Sunday night by state Sen. The governor also signed Hill’s legislation to extend
Jerry Hi l l , D-San Mateo , to and expand a pilot program that enables young adults
require that an automated external under 21 who are convicted of nonviolent, low-level
defibrillator — the emergency felonies to serve their time in juvenile detention facilities
device better known as an AED — is with age-appropriate services, instead of confining them
installed in high-occupancy struc- in jails for adults, according to Hill’s office.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 7
White House gives FBI freer rein in Kavanaugh investigation
By Eric Tucker and Michael Balsamo interview anyone it deems relevant to the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS inquiry, but required the work to be done by
Friday, according to the person familiar with
WASHINGTON — The White House has the discussions, who spoke on condition of
given the FBI clearance to interview anyone anonymity to discuss private conversations.
it wants to by Friday in its investigation of The revised guidance was aimed at promot-
sexual misconduct allegations against ing an investigation that could tamp down
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Democratic criticism and satisfy on-the-
The new guidance, described to the fence Republicans about its thoroughness
Associated Press by a person familiar with it, and fairness while also ensuring a fixed dead-
was issued to the FBI over the weekend in line to prevent the probe from becoming
response to Democratic and news media open-ended and spanning weeks. Officials
pushback that the scope of the probe was too said it was possible, but not likely, the
narrow. bureau could complete its work before
It comes as the FBI presses ahead with its Friday.
investigation, questioning in recent days at Trump said a comprehensive investigation
least three people about accusations of mis- is “a good thing” for Kavanaugh and that
conduct against Kavanaugh dating to when while it was fine that the FBI wants to inter-
he was in high school and college. Among view all three women who have made accusa-
the witnesses interviewed were men who tions, “we don’t want to go on a witch hunt,
California college professor Christine do we?”
Blasey Ford says were present at a party of Sen. Susan Collins of Maine — one of
teenagers in the early 1980s at which she REUTERS three Republican senators who was instru-
says was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh. Demonstrators hold signs during a protest and march against the U.S. Supreme Court nominee mental last week in holding up Kavanaugh’s
President Donald Trump, addressing con- Brett Kavanaugh in New York City. confirmation vote — said she had extensive
cerns about the probe’s expansiveness at a conversation with the White House coun-
news conference Monday, said he wants the who have come forward. But he also said “My White House will do whatever the sen- sel’s office and is “confident that the FBI is
FBI to do a “comprehensive” investigation Senate Republicans are determining the ators want,” Trump said. “The one thing I doing a thorough investigation and that it
and “it wouldn’t bother me at all” if agents parameters of the investigation and “ulti- want is speed.” will be helpful to us as we make our deci-
pursued accusations made by three women mately, they’re making the judgment.” The White House instructed the FBI to sions.”

With seat vacant, justices Flake stokes presidential
speculation as court debate rages
Around the nation
proceedings by insist-

appear divided in first case BOSTON — The Republican senator who
suddenly sits at the center of the explosive
debate over President Donald Trump’s
ing on an FBI investiga-
tion as a condition for
his support.
By Mark Sherman and Jessica Gresko The case argued Monday morning con- Supreme Court pick was set to address New Flake told CBS’ “60
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS cerns a dispute over Louisiana timberland Hampshire voters on Monday ahead of a Minutes” on Sunday that
that was designated as critical habitat under possible run for president. he believed the woman
WASHINGTON — With Brett Kavanaugh’s the Endangered Species Act for the dusky Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was scheduled to accusing Kavanaugh of
nomination in limbo, a shorthanded gopher frog, even though the frog is found speak in New Hampshire Monday evening, sexual assault and said
Supreme Court appeared evenly split only in Mississippi. his second appearance this year in the state
Jeff Flake the conservative judge’s
Monday over a potential habitat for an The conservative justices appeared sym- that hosts the nation’s first presidential pri- nomination would be
endangered frog in the first arguments of the pathetic to the Weyerhaeuser Co. timber mary election. “over” if federal investigators determine he
new term. company that sued over the designation. Three days earlier, Flake single-handedly lied to the committee.
The arguments and the appearance of the The liberals seemed inclined to back the delayed Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation
eight justices on the bench — an empty government.
place on the far right where a ninth would sit And even though the absence of a justice
— underscored the unusual environment in can prod the court to compromise, pointed
which the high court began its new term. disagreements between the two sides of the
Republicans had hoped to have court emerged in the course of the hourlong
Kavanaugh confirmed in time for arguments.
Monday’s session, an addition that would Justice Elena Kagan said the company
cement conservative control of the court. seemed to be arguing that the Endangered
But the vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination Species Act “would prefer extinction of the
has been delayed while the FBI investi- species to the designation of an area which
gates allegations against him of sexual requires only certain reasonable improve-
misconduct. ments in order to support the species.”


Michael “Sean” Healy
October 20, 1969 – September 22, 2018
Michael “Sean” Healy passed away peacefully at home on
September 22, 2018. He was 48 years of age.
Sean is survived by his wife Heidi Healy; son Michael S.
Healy, step-children, Tyler and Beth Casey; father and mother,
Michael J. Healy and Linda Healy of Morgan Hill, CA; brother
and sister in-law Daniel and Tammy Healy, niece Kayla Healy,
nephews, Conner, Colin, and Carson Healy of Missouri City, TX.
Sean was born on October 20, 1969 in Dover, New Jersey, the son of Michael and
Linda Healy. He grew up alongside his brother Daniel in Budd Lake, New Jersey. Sean
graduated from Morris Catholic High School in 1987.
He completed his undergraduate and Master of Science Degree in Chemistry and his
Ph.D. in Physical/Analytical Chemistry at Seton Hall University.
In 2005 Sean relocated from Sparta, New Jersey to Redwood Shores, California
to further his career in the management of quality systems and quality assurance for
biotechnology companies across all stages of drug development.
In 2011, Sean met his soul mate and best friend Heidi Casey. They married in 2012.
Most recently, Sean served as Vice President, Quality for FibroGen. Prior to
FibroGen, he served as Vice President of Quality at Cellerant Therapeutics, where he
established both the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) departments,
including building an in-house QC laboratory. Prior to Cellerant, he led QA Operations
and QC for commercial product programs at Ipsen and led good manufacturing practice
(GMP) QA at Theravance.
Sean was beloved and respected by his family, friends, and colleagues for a life
defined by a quiet empathy, integrity, compassion, deep intelligence, and as a thoughtful
mentor and advisor to many colleagues and friends. Sean enjoyed spending time in the
outdoors with his family and had a never-ending passion for motorsports and sharing
the experience with family and friends.
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Trump hails NAFTA revamp, Trudeau calls it ‘win-win-win’
By Ken Thomas and Rob Gillies “achieves what we proposed at the begin-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ning: a win-win-win agreement.”
Despite Trump’s jibe at the Democrats,
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump their comments on the agreement were
hailed his revamped North American trade largely muted, though many lawmakers said
agreement with Canada and Mexico as a the way the provisions of the deal are
breakthrough for U.S. workers on Monday, enforced would be critical.
vowing to sign it by late November. But it “As someone who voted against NAFTA
still faces a lengthy path to congressional and opposed it for many years, I knew it
approval after serving for two decades as a needed fixing. The president deserves praise
political football for American manufactur- for taking large steps to improve it,” said
ing woes. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of
Embracing the U. S. -Mexico-Canada New York. He said any final agreement
Agreement, which the Canadians joined just “must be judged on how it benefits and pro-
before a Sunday midnight deadline, Trump tects middle class families and the working
branded it the “USMCA,” a moniker he said people in our country.”
would replace the 24-year-old North Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an inde-
American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. pendent who sought the 2016 Democratic
With a satisfied smile, the president said the presidential nomination, said that while the
new name had a “good ring to it,” repeating Donald Trump delivers remarks on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement during a plan included “some improvements that
U-S-M-C-A several times. could be good for U.S. workers, it lacks
news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House.
But he noted that the agreement would enforcement mechanisms that are necessary
need to be ratified by Congress, a step that “Anything you submit to Congress is fair since one trading partner was 10 times for these policies to succeed.”
could be affected by the outcome of the fall trouble, no matter what,” Trump said, pre- larger. He said Canada did not simply accept Trump, for his part, said the accord would
elections as Democrats seek to regain dicting that Democrats would say, “Trump “any deal.” return the United States to a “manufacturing
majorities in the House and Senate. When a likes it so we’re not going to approve it.” “We got the right deal. We got a win-win- powerhouse.”
reporter suggested he seemed confident of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau win for all three countries,” Trudeau said. In fact, the U.S. has always been a manu-
approval after his announcement, he said he said Monday that his country was in a more Likewise, outgoing Mexican President facturing powerhouse and by some projec-
was “not at all confident” — but not because stable place now that it had completed the Enrique Pena Nieto said via Twitter that the tions — made before he took office — is
of the deal’s merits or defects. negotiations. He said the deal needed to be deal negotiated over the past 13 months expected to be No. 1 in 2020.

Melania Trump forges
Vegas memorial: ‘Pain that ahead as first lady with Africa trip
Around the nation
Monday with a rare wave
WASHINGTON — With a wave and tweet,
never really goes away’ first lady Melania Trump headed for Africa
on Monday on her first big solo interna-
to the press corps and an
enthusiastic tweet: “We
are taking off for
By Ken Ritter one of many somber tributes marking the tional trip, aiming to make child well-being (hash)Africa! So look-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS anniversary of the night that a gunman the focus of a five-day, four-country tour ing forward to visiting
opened fire from a high-rise casino-resort that will take her to every corner of the vast ( h a s h ) G h a n a
LAS VEGAS — A year after Jann Blake and suite on a crowd of 22,000 country music and impoverished continent. ( h a s h ) M a l a wi
two friends survived the gunfire at a country fans. The first lady opens her first-ever visit to (hash)Kenya &
music festival in Las Vegas, the trio returned As dawn broke over the city Monday, a Africa on Tuesday in Ghana in the West, fol-
flock of doves were released at a ceremony, lowed by stops in Malawi in the South, Melania Trump (hash)Egypt as I take
to the city Monday to mark the 12 months (hash)BeBest interna-
that have passed since the deadliest mass with each bird bearing a leg band with the Kenya in the East and Egypt in the tional. (hash)FLOTUSinAfrica2018.”
shooting in the nation’s modern history. name of one of the 58 people slain. Northeast. She departed Washington on
“We need to have this. It’s not a closure “Today we remember the unforgettable.
ceremony, it’s more a remembrance,” Blake Today, we comfort the inconsolable, ”
said at an evangelical prayer vigil. “There Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval gathered told
was a lot of good. There were people in there several hundred survivors , families of vic-
that helped us get out.” tims, first-responders and elected officials
Blake, of Menifee, California, along with who gathered at the dawn ceremony at an
Linda Hazelwood of Anaheim and Michelle outdoor amphitheater.
Hamel of Yorba Linda — held hands and He added: “Today, we are reminded of the
bowed heads at the ceremony at City Hall, pain that never really goes away.”

The County of San Mateo’s Sustainability Academy provides NO-COST
events and workshops to San Mateo County community members.
To register for our offerings, please visit:

Fixit Clinic Workshop
Saturday, October 20, 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Half Moon Bay Public Library, 620 Correas St, Half Moon Bay
reduce waste.
Home Composting Workshops
Saturday, November 3, 10am-noon
Phil’s Community Garden, @ the Serramonte Therapeutic Day
699 Serramonte Blvd, Daly City
tYou don’t need a backyard to compost! Discounts and rebates for compost bins

Master Compost Course: Registration now open!
Tuesday evening, 5:30-8:30 pm: Nov. 6, Nov. 13, Nov. 27, Dec. 4, Dec.
11, & Dec. 18
tNo-cost 6-week, fun, hands-on courseUIBUQSPWJEFTBOJOEFQUIMPPLBU
tLearn communication, leadership, and instruction skills you can use to teach
others how to compost

009 1002 tue:1030 FRI 64 10/1/18 7:04 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 9
Alvaro for Board of Education District 1 Colorblind justice
t times there is a need for
Editorial Daily Journal
new energy to an elected month ago, I was deeply saddened to learn about
office, and at other times the tragic death of a young man in Dallas. Within
there is a need to retain experience state Department of Education.
endorsements the confines of his small apartment, 26-year-old
and know-how. For the District 1 seat Botham Jean was unexpectedly met by a stranger at his
Having someone well-versed in SCHOOL BOARDS open door. Off-duty police officer Amber Guyger entered his
on the San Mateo County Board of those divisions while also keeping up Belmont-Redwood Shores apartment, allegedly ordered Jean to assume the position,
Education, there is a chance to retain a high amount of energy is a tremen- Elementary School District Board and then opened fire.
experience and know-how while also dous benefit to those in this county’s of Trustees (three seats) Guyger alleges she thought she was entering her apart-
keeping a good amount of energy in education community. Alvaro fits that Suvarna Bhopale, Amy Koo and ment. Surprised to confront Jean, an African-American male
voting for incumbent Susan Alvaro. bill. Rahila Passi
San Bruno Park Elementary School in the apartment, Guyger claims she drew her gun and
While her energy isn’t new, its cer- Her challenger, Brandon Kwan, has opened fire in fear of her life. Witness accounts suggest a
tainty continues. Alvaro has served a couple of years of experience on the District Board of Trustees (three
seats) different story — one that we may never fully be able to
on the board for 24 years and, in that Midcoast Community Council, an uncover.
time, has proven herself to be a posi- Teri Chavez, Andrew Mason and
advisory board to the San Mateo Henry Sanchez My grief over the young
tive influence on the lives of count- County Board of Supervisors. His South San Francisco Unified man’s death was later eclipsed
less youth and their families who use ideas of improved operations, giving School District Board of Trustees by confusion about the delay in
the county’s court schools. She educators more authority and provid- (three seats) Guyger’s arrest. Three days
points to her experience in improv- ing apprenticeships are valid, but cer- John Baker, Eddie Flores and Reem passed before Guyger was for-
ing educational opportunities for tainly not new. He suggests he would Nasrah mally charged with manslaugh-
those temporarily incarcerated and bring change and new leadership to San Mateo County Community ter, raising questions about the
one of her primary accomplishments, the board, but the board seems to be College District Trustee Area 4 veracity of the investigation.
along with her historical perspective working just fine as it is with the (one seat) Jean is just one of many young
on the work of the Board of right amount of expertise, know-how, Tom Mohr innocent African-American
Education. experience and innovation already. LOCAL MEASURES males killed by law enforcement
That work may be a mystery for Alvaro adds to that already successful San Bruno Park Elementary School in recent years. Others include
many, but it boils down to court and mix and there is no reason to make a District Measure X $79 million bond Philando Castile, Alton Sterling
community schools, special educa- change just for the sake of change measure (55 percent needed) — YES and Eric Garner, to name a few.
Jonathan Madison
San Mateo-Foster City Elementary
tion, instructional services and over- — especially when the collective School District Measure V $298 Protesters took to the streets of Dallas to demand justice for
all support for the county’s school whole would be diminished. parcel tax measure (Two-thirds Jean and his family. For days, streets were filled with cries,
districts while also acting as a liaison Vote Alvaro for Board of Education needed) — YES megaphones and posters — all from members of a commu-
between San Mateo County and the District 1. nity united in a demand for colorblind justice.
The Dallas protests remind us that justice often does not
come without a cry, a fight and deep conviction. Cries for
justice ring aloud behind every meaningful change in pub-

Letters to the editor lic policy and legislation throughout history.
Consider the civil rights movements of the 20th century.
Collective and fervent action among those disenfranchised
and segregated made possible the fundamental freedoms and
not personal agendas. who would want to purchase a seis- rights that we hold dear today, such as the right to vote and
Support for Sanjay Gehani Sanjay will be a true advocate for the right to equal protection under the law. The right to vote
mically unsound building, absorb
Editor, all members of the community, did not come without countless marches, courageous civil
unfunded union benefits and do this disobedience, and police brutality in the Jim Crow South.
As a 30-year resident and current helping to ensure that everyone has all in order to lose lots of money The right to be free from the shackles of involuntary servi-
vice mayor of Foster City, I endorse a chance to be heard and considered every year. He and county supervi- tude did not come without violent resistance.
Sanjay Gehani for City Council. in matters affecting the city. He has
After studying the race carefully, I sors met this past week to double In every meaningful change to legislation or public poli-
my full support and I urge my neigh- down and reaffirm their commitment
am confident that Sanjay has the cy, history gives us a recurring message: The price tag of
bors to cast their vote for Sanjay
knowledge, ability, strength and that any buyer of Seton Medical justice is high.
Gehani Nov. 6.
character to serve the residents of Center must adhere to the stringent The fabric of history is stained with the innocent blood
our city effectively and respectfully. conditions that forced Verity Health of leaders demanding justice in an unjust world — another
Sanjay was raised in Foster City Gary Pollard to declare bankruptcy. I’m sure that indicator of the toll that comes with pursuing justice on a
and with his wife is now raising his Foster City is great news to the unions, special large scale. Justice did not come without assassinations
son here. As a boy, he played ball at The letter writer is the v ice may or interests and the people in his dis- that claimed the lives of our beloved leaders, such as
Edgewater Park and now serves the of Foster City Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President
trict but all it really did is guarantee
community coaching AYSO and as a Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy. Reforms
that a buyer will never be found for did not come without the mourning that followed their
Little League board member. He the hospital.
spent 15 years at Xilinx before Emergency in District 5 Though I don’t have much confi-
deaths. This is the story of justice — the constant beat of a
drum and clash of symbols that call humanity to a higher
becoming managing partner at Editor, dence, I do wish Mr. Canepa the best standard.
Building Kidz Worldwide, an educa- Mr. Canepa, the first district- in finding a qualified private buyer Injustice, however, is frequently accompanied by an eerie
tional franchisor headquartered here elected San Mateo County supervi- silence: the brief moments after a judge’s gavel following
who can somehow turn things
in Foster City. He has a commitment sor, finds himself in a predicament an unjust verdict; the nation’s silence following tragic and
around. No matter what does happen
to family and community and with the failing Seton Medical inexplicable events; and yes, a criminal justice system
believes, as I do, that leaders should just don’t try to make this a county
Center that sits in his district indifferent to the death of an innocent young man killed by
listen and inspire. (“Officials seek solutions after issue and get the San Mateo County
taxpayer involved any further. I was police.
In public and in private meetings, Seton bankruptcy” in the Oct. 1 edi- Before I draw criticism from supporters of our nation’s
Sanjay is the real deal. He has the tion of the Daily Journal). He along encouraged that Supervisor Horsley
police force, let me assure you that I am an ardent supporter
experience and the heart to connect with others appear shocked that was quoted as saying the county of law enforcement. Not only are members of my family
with people on all levels, offering a Verity Health could not make it work would have no interest in purchasing and dearest friends in law enforcement, but I have volun-
collaborative approach to solving with all the conditions the unions, the facility. Hopefully, all five of teered in law enforcement and have written extensively
our local and regional issues at a activists and Kamala Harris put on our supervisors feel the same way. about the challenges and unfortunate death toll on our men
time where civility is lacking. We Verity before finalizing the sale. and women in blue.
may not all agree, but Sanjay has Truth is, nobody could have made it Nevertheless, as Dr. King once said, “injustice anywhere
demonstrated a willingness to seek work with these conditions and it Christopher P. Conway is a threat to justice everywhere.” Black lives and blue lives
diverse opinions, and to take posi- predictably failed. Now Mr. Canepa San Mateo should draw from history two important lessons about jus-
tions based on community needs and is searching for an “ethical buyer” tice. First, if there is no cry, there often is no justice, for-
ward movement or progress. This is no secret. It is precise-
OUR MISSION: ly why organizations around the world engage in public
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most demonstrations on issues important to communities: an
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for end to human trafficking, immigration reform, HIV/AIDS
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula. awareness and the right to life, to name a few. Without our
By combining local news and sports coverage, voices, marches and demonstrations, there is no change.
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business,
Michael Davis Charles Gould lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to Secondly, the entire concept of ‘colorblind justice’ is an
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Paul Moisio Jeff Palter provide our readers with the highest quality ideal — not a reality. We know this because the judicial
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Joe Rudino Joy Uganiza information resource in San Mateo County. system is governed by laws made by human beings. The
Todd Waibel Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer
choose to reflect the diverse character of this
same human beings with vices and virtues, strengths and
Dave Newlands, Production Manager INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: dynamic and ever-changing community. weaknesses. We are not colorblind, and therefore our crimi-
Robert Armstrong Charlie Chapman nal justice system is not colorblind.
Will Nacouzi, Production Assistant Jim Clifford Talia Fine
Brooke Hanshaw Robert Hutchinson SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM Instead of pursuing an impossible task, perhaps we
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events Tom Jung Shavonne Lin should become conscious of our differences and refrain from
Austin Walsh, Senior Reporter Diego Emilio Perez Vishu Prathikanti Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: pursuing an ideal that lives in the figment of our imagina-
Nick Rose Joel Snyder
REPORTERS: Gary Whitman tion. Pretending that we are colorblind will not change the
Terry Bernal, Zachary Clark, Anna Schuessler flaws in the criminal justice system. Acknowledging our
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Online edition at differences and the prejudices that exist in our world is the
first step in changing the injustices we have ignored for
Letters to the Editor • Emailed documents are preferred: Correction Policy centuries.
Should be no longer than 250 words. The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
Perspective Columns • Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily A nativ e of Pacifica, Jonathan Madison work ed as profes-
Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at
• Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and sional policy staff for the U.S. House of Representativ es,
will not be accepted. perspectives are those of the individual writer and do or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107 Committee on Financial Serv ices, from 2011-2013.
• Please include a city of residence and phone not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal
number where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual. Jonathan work s as an attorney and can be reached v ia email
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10 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Early rally fades leaving stocks mixed
By Marley Jay plunged 14 percent Friday after
DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS the Securities and Exchange
High: 26,737.98 Commission said Musk misled
NEW YORK — Stocks barreled Low: 26,596.05 investors in August with a tweet
higher in the early going Monday Close: 26,651.21 saying he had secured the funding
after the U.S. and Canada agreed Change: +192.90 to take Tesla private.
to a new trade deal, but the rally In a court filing, the SEC said it
OTHER INDEXES wanted to bar Musk from serving
ran out of momentum later in the
S&P 500: 2924.59 +10.61 as an officer or director of a pub-
day, leaving major indexes
mixed. NYSE Index: 13,125.35 +42.84 licly traded company and called
Oil prices neared four-year Nasdaq: 8037.30 -9.05 his actions securities fraud. Musk
highs and smaller companies suf- NYSE MKT: 2753.68 +33.42 and Tesla are each paying $20
fered their worst losses in three Russell 2000: 1672.99 -23.58 million to resolve the lawsuit.
months. Wilshire 5000: 30,279.31 +19.50 Benchmark U.S. crude climbed
Large industrial and basic mate- 2.8 percent to $75.30 a barrel in
rials stocks made big gains, and 10-Yr Bond: 3.08 +0.02 New York, its highest closing
energy companies rose as crude Oil (per barrel): 75.47 +2.22 price since November 2014.
oil and natural gas reached their Gold : 1,192.60 -3.60 Brent crude, used to price interna-
highest prices in years. Car com- tional oils, added 2.7 percent to
panies also rose as investors much as 23 points during the day, 1.4 percent, to 1,672.99. That device company Danaher. $84.98 per barrel in London. It’s
anticipated that tariffs on import- then finished with a gain of 10.61 was its worst loss since late June. Flannery took over GE from also trading at four-year highs.
ed cars are less likely now. points, or 0. 4 percent, at The index has lost 3.9 percent Jeffrey Immelt in 2017 and tried Wholesale gasoline rose 2 per-
Many investors saw the new 2, 924. 59. The Dow Jones since the end of August while to return the company to its cent to $2.13 a gallon. Heating
trade deal, the United States- Industrial Average jumped 192.90 multinational companies, like industrial roots by focusing on oil added 2.5 percent to $2.41 a
Mexico-Canada Agreement, as an points, or 0. 7 percent, to those on the S&P 500, have aviation, health care and power. gallon. Natural gas jumped 2.9
update of the 1994 North 26,651.21. The Nasdaq compos- moved higher. Some investors wanted him to go percent to a three-year high of
American Free Trade Agreement, ite lost 9.05 points, or 0.1 per- The agreement gives U.S. dairy further and felt GE should split up. $3.09 per 1,000 cubic feet.
not a major overhaul. cent, at 8,037.30. farmers more access to the His tenure was marked by big Hackett, of Nationwide, said the
“Most investors thought the Mexico’s main stock index rose Canadian market, and keeps a missteps. In June GE said it would recent rise in oil prices is a bigger
NAFTA deal would end somewhat 0.8 percent and while Canada’s NAFTA dispute-resolution process pay $15 billion to make up for problem for small companies
peacefully,” said Mark Hackett, added 0.2 percent. Mexico and the that the U.S. wanted to eliminate. miscalculations by an insurance than it is for larger multination-
chief of investment research at U.S. announced a trade agreement It offers Canada protection if the division, and in September the als.
Nationwide Investment in late August and despite a few U.S. goes ahead with plans to company disclosed flaws in its Bond prices fell. The yield on
Management. “It’s an incremental harsh remarks by President impose tariffs on cars, trucks and marquee gas turbine. On Monday the 10-year Treasury note rose to
positive to get it out of the news Donald Trump and Prime Minister auto parts imported into the GE said it is taking a $23 billion 3.09 percent from 3.05 percent.
but it’s not transformational.” Justin Trudeau, experts expected United States. General Motors charge related to its power busi- Gold fell 0. 4 percent to
General Electric soared after it Canada would join the pact, as climbed 1.6 percent to $34.20. ness and will miss its annual prof- $1,191.70 an ounce. Silver lost
ousted Chairman and CEO John Canada is the U.S.’ second-largest Among industrial companies, it target. Its stock has fallen by 1.4 percent to $14.51 an ounce.
Flannery, while Tesla reversed a trade partner and a deal without Boeing rose 2. 8 percent to half over the last year. Copper slid 0.6 percent to $2.79
big loss Friday and made its Canada would have affected the $382.29 and Honeywell gained Tesla soared 17. 3 percent to a pound.
largest gain in five years after supply lines of companies in 1.1 percent to $166.44. General $310. 70 after Musk agreed to The dollar rose to 113.99 yen
founder Elon Musk settled a law- numerous industries. Electric jumped 7.1 percent after give up the chairman’s role for at from 113.58 yen. The euro dipped
suit brought by securities regula- The Russell 2000 index of it said Flannery will be replaced least three years, while Tesla will to $1.1575 from $1.1610. The
tors, allowing him to remain CEO. smaller and more U. S. -focused by H. Lawrence Culp, the former appoint two new, independent Canadian dollar fell to 1.2787
The S&P 500 index rose as companies sank 23.58 points, or CEO of industrial and medical directors to its board. The stock from 1.2922.

Longtime Facebook exec Adam
Mosseri new head of Instagram
By Barbara Ortutay Some users have wor-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ried since last week’s sur-
prise departure that
NEW YORK — Facebook is naming Adam Instagram will become
Mosseri, a 10-year veteran at the company, more like its parent com-
as the head of Instagram. pany, becoming getting
The appointment comes after the photo- cluttered with features
sharing app’s co-founders resigned last and sucking up personal
week without giving a clear reason. Kevin data.
Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, and Mike Adam Mosseri Facebook says it com-
Krieger, its other co-founder, announced pleted an internal search
Mosseri’s appointment Monday on the for the best candidate, but Mosseri, 35, had
company blog. been widely expected to get the post. The
Mosseri was named as Instagram’s head of company did not make either Mosseri or
product in May. He began as a designer at Systrom available for interviews.
Facebook and most recently led its news In his blog post, Systrom praised
feed. Mosseri’s “strong design background and a
The founders sought to reassure users that focus on craft and simplicity — as well as a
Mosseri will “hold true” to Instagram’s val- deep understanding of the importance of
ues and community. community.”

GE, seeking path forward as a
century-old company, ousts CEO
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS shares are down more
than 35 percent this year,
BOSTON — General Electric ousted its following a 45 percent
CEO, took a $23 billion charge and said it decline in 2017.
would fall short of profit forecasts this year, The company was
further signs that the century-old industrial booted from the Dow
conglomerate is struggling to turn around Jones Industrial Average
its vastly shrunken business. this summer and, last
H. Lawrence Culp Jr. will take over imme- month, shares tumbled to
diately as chairman and CEO from John H. Lawrence a nine-year low after
Flannery, who had been on the job for just Culp Jr. revealing a flaw in its
over a year. Flannery began a restructuring marquee gas turbines,
of GE in August 2017, when he replaced which caused the metal blades to weaken and
Jeffrey Immelt, whose efforts to create a forced the shutdown of a pair of power
higher-tech version of GE proved unsuc- plants where they were in use. GE warned
cessful. Monday that it will miss its profit forecasts
However, in Flannery’s short time, GE’s this year and it’s taking a $23 billion charge
value has dipped below $100 billion and related to its power business.
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<<< Page 13, Looking back on
another subpar Giants season
Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018

Edelman set to return for Patriots
By Mike Shalin Added long-time teammate Matthew Slater, whose locker
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS is next to Edelman’s: “It’s good to see him. Julian and I have
a very unique relationship. I’m glad that he’s back. I’m
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New England Patriots got looking to attack the short week together.”
their sparkplug back Monday. The Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday
A matter of hours after a 38-7 thrashing of the previously night.
undefeated Miami Dolphins, Julian Edelman — a 2004 grad- Edelman was not available to reporters on Monday and a
uate of Woodside — returned from his four-game suspension club spokesman said the slot receiver will talk “Thursday at
for performance enhancers, reportedly showing up in the the earliest.”
locker room for the first time in a month before 7 a.m. There is no guarantee Edelman, who missed all last season STEW MILNE/USA TODAY SPORTS
“It’s good. He hasn’t changed a bit,” Tom Brady said later Patriots receiver Julian Edelman returns to action this week
in the day. “Four weeks off, he looks good.” See PATS, Page 15 after serving a four-game suspension to start the year.

King is killing it
By Terry Bernal Athlete of the Week
Insight from
a marathon

Grace King’s weeklong tear simply could
not be denied.
Friday night
It’s rare the Daily Journal Athlete of the few weeks ago, the Carlmont
Week is awarded to athletes from the same and San Mateo football teams
school two weeks in a row. On the heels of needed less than two hours to
Menlo girls’ cross-country standout Kyra complete a game — a 28-7 Scots win.
Pretre being honored last week, King left no Friday, I endured what will no doubt go
doubt in Menlo deserving a command per- down as the longest game of the season
formance. — and quite possibly the longest game of
Menlo School’s volleyball terminator my career — during Woodside’s 45-33
fronted two impressive victories in West Bay wild win over Jefferson in the Peninsula
Athletic League Foothill Division play. The Athletic League Lake Division opener.
first, against Harker-San Jose, showcased her This was one of
all-out dominance as the senior outside hitter those games where
scored a career-high 28 kills. I had to hang out
“It seemed like a lot more of my hits were near the exit as the
hitting the ground,” King said. “But I feel final seconds
there’s definitely been games where I’ve ticked off the
played better, even if the stats don’t show it.” clock. I needed to
The other more critical win in a battle for save myself every
first place with Notre Dame-Belmont demon- second as my mid-
strated her impact as an all-around force. King night deadline
recorded a double-double, her fourth of the loomed just an
year, with 18 kills and 12 digs. More impor- hour after the game
tantly to the third-year senior — one of just finally ended —
four seniors on Menlo’s roster — is how the nearly three-and-a-
Lady Knights thrived in their biggest match half hours after the opening kickoff,
of the year to date. which was just a couple minutes past the
“That one just felt better because, our side 7:30 scheduled kick. Yes, I checked my
of the court, everything went really well,” watch.
King said. There was a lot of watch watching
When King made the varsity team two years throughout the game. When I got in my
ago as a sophomore, Notre Dame-Belmont had car, it was 11 p.m. When I got on
just joined the WBAL. The Tigers efficiently Interstate 280, it was 11:03. When I got
ran the table in league play that season, drop- to the office it was... well... a bit sooner
ping just two sets through 10 WBAL victories. than it usually takes to make the run from
Nine of those wins were three-game sweeps. Woodside back to San Mateo.
The only two sets NDB lost in league in 2016 I had 40 minutes to bang out a rudimen-
was when Menlo forced a five-setter, with tary story. Lot of play by play, not a lot
King and company coming up on the short end of flavor. Made deadline.
of a 15-13 final in the decisive Game 5. So it’s nice to have a space like this to
Since that loss, Menlo has swept NDB in better explain the sheer nuttiness of the
three straight matchups. Last Thursday’s battle DAILY JOURNAL FILE PHOTO
Menlo senior Grace King enjoyed a remarkable week, first scoring a career-high 28 kills in a
See AOTW, Page 12 three-set win over Harker, then leading the Lady Knights past NDB in a battle for first place. See LOUNGE, Page 14

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12 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Honor roll
shutout in a 13-0 win over Capuchino, fin- annual race was called off due to poor air
ishing with five saves. It now gives her five quality after the 2017 North Bay Fires. This
shutout quarters. She was huge in the year, she made up for lost time, making her
Cougars’ 9-6 win over previously Ocean debut at Stanford by placing third in the
Division unbeaten Terra Nova. Not only did Division I race. Her time of 18 minutes,
she finish with 15 saves, she shut out the 47.6 seconds on the five-kilometer course
Tigers in the fourth period of the three-goal was the best time recorded by any San
win. Mateo County participant.
Bral y n Lux , The Ki ng ’s Academy Jo n av e n Kuh n an d S i ’ i Te n g e i .
fo o tbal l . At 5-9, 170 pounds, Lux has Carl mo nt fo o tbal l . Kuhn, a junior run-
emerged as one of the best pound-for-pound ning back/returner, exploded in the Scots’
running backs in the PAL. In last Friday’s 48-18 win over El Camino. He rushed for
47-0 walloping of Hillsdale, the senior 214 yards on just 11 carries and scored five
totaled 236 all-purpose yards, surpassing touchdowns: runs of 39, 47 and 40 yards. He
1,000 all-purpose yards on the season. He also hauled in a 30-touchdown pass and
gained a majority of those on the ground, returned a punt 60 yards for another score.
taking 11 carries for 127 yards and three Tengei, a sophomore linebacker, led a Scots
touchdowns. He added three catches for 70 defense that held EC to 38 yards rushing
yards and a fourth TD, while adding 39 punt- while notching three sacks and recovered a
return yards. fumble.
Della Trimble set for 54 assists in Aragon’s Mo rg an McCl el l an, Carl mo nt v o l - Shannen Do rn, Wes tmo o r g i rl s ’ Nathan Yoho rushed for 103 yards in
four-set win over Woodside. l ey bal l . McClellan opened the Mountain cro s s -co untry. Running at her school’s Woodside’s 45-33 win over Jefferson.

el l a Tri mbl e, Arag o n v o l l ey - View-Los Altos volleyball tournament with host Ram Invitational in Daly City, Dorn Sequoia in a PAL Bay Division match. She
bal l . The Lady Dons maintained a a bang, leading the Lady Scots on a 16-0 run placed second in the girls’ varsity race with ended the week helping the Dons to three-
share of first place in the PAL Bay from the service line in the opening match a time of 15:16. game sweep for the Sequoia tournament
Division, taking down Woodside in four against Wilcox. The senior outside hitter Jacks o n Latai mua, Serra fo o tbal l . championships. She combined for 15
sets last Thursday. In setting Ella Sears for totaled 11 aces during the run, setting the The Padres defense is riding quite the streak goals, seven steals and four assists in wins
15 kills, and Amanda Potea for 14 kills, tone for Carlmont to go 4-0 through the following their 43-0 win over Bellarmine. over Santa Teresa, Sequoia and Notre Dame-
Trimble went large for 54 assists. tournament. And this standout performance They have played five shutout quarters of Belmont.
Des to n Hawki ns , Menl o -Atherto n came after Carlmont’s two wins in PAL Bay football and held the Bells to just 117 yards Jack Ki ng , Menl o Scho o l bo y s ’
fo o tbal l . PAL Bay Division favorite M-A Division play, by virtue of which she had of offense. The Serra secondary was nearly water po l o . The junior wing scored a half
scored in every quarter while cruising past already cinched an Honor Roll nod. The flawless, allowing just one pass comple- dozen goals to lead the Knights to a 19-2
Aragon 41-0, producing most of its offense by highlight of the Scots’ back-to-back wins tion on the day, while Lataimua recorded the win over rival Menlo-Atherton to take con-
way of the ground attack. The Bears rushed for over Burlingame and Hillsdale was highlight play in recording the first sack of trol of the PAL Bay Division.
343 yards, paced by a career-high 125 yards by McClellan’s double-double against his varsity career — a safety midway Nathan Yo ho , Wo o ds i de fo o tbal l .
Hawkins. The senior needed just eight carries Burlingame, as she notched 15 kills and 12 through the second quarter. The senior running back rumbled for 103
to do so, backed by a 70-yard scoring run, the digs. Mari a Sel l , Arag o n g i rl s ’ water yards on 20 carries to help carry the
longest run of his varsity career. Kai mei Ges cuk, Carl mo nt g i rl s ’ po l o . The senior utility dominated in four Wildcats to a 45-33 win over Jefferson, with
Jenni fer Martus cel l i , HMB g i rl s ’ cro s s -co untry. The junior didn’t get to Dons wins last week. She opened with a 10- touchdown runs of 29 and 24 yards the sec-
water po l o . The goaltender posted a rare run in the Stanford Invite last season, as the goal performance in a 13-12 win over ond half.

one back-row rotation, but some gaps in her shot. She’s not a typical player who just hits most dangerous weapon — her strength of

AOTW defensive play — specifically her serve
receive — cost her playing time.
Menlo is notorious for its European-style
hard; she can hit line, she can hit angle. It’s
something rare because it’s not easy to find a
physical player who is as technically
swing from the back row. Consistently scor-
ing from the pipe is more akin to collegiate
play than in high school. In the past, how-
Continued from page 11 play since Italian-born head coach Marco advanced like she is.” ever, King’s height has created matchup
Paglialunga took over in 2016. What King refined her back-row play with off- problems with taller blockers on front-row
appears to be scrappy play is, in actuality, season club work for Vision Volleyball Club. attacks.
was the best of the bunch, with the Knights
technically sound, fundamentally nuanced With senior libero Riley Holland and senior Her court vision and precision in placing
going to extra-points in the final set of a 25-
precision defense that the Knights rode to a outside hitter Sianna Houghton renowned for rocket swings has changed that this season.
15, 25-22, 26-24 victory.
Division IV state championship in their exceptional serve receive, opposing Meanwhile, the back-row attacks she used to
“We knew if they won that (third) set … Paglialunga’s first season. servers often have no choice but to zero in on take out of necessity have only been
they would have the momentum going into This level of quality volleyball hasn’t King. Not a problem for the senior, though. enhanced.
the next one and it would be harder from changed. What King brings to the mix with Last week, she recorded a career-high 19 Now, it doesn’t really matter where King
there,” King said. “So if we were going to be her power arm, though, is the finest all-out serve receives against Harker, followed by takes her attacks. She can dominate from all
win that game, we had to close out that third terminator Menlo has fielded in some years. 10 against NDB. six quadrants, and do so efficiently. The most
set. And I think we were able to do that really At 5-10, she doesn’t fit the bill of the proto- More importantly, NDB scored just two recent evidence of that is her hitting average
well.” typical smasher. But her ability to score from service aces against Menlo. against NDB, when she swung for a season-
Over these three seasons, King has grown anywhere on the court has proven an equaliz- “Especially in the Notre Dame game, they best .469 percentage.
into a legitimate six-rotation weapon. It er. served it at me a majority of the time,” King “Wherever she is we tend to set her the ball
took her each season to earn this role, being “She jumps like a beast and has a very fast said. “But I wasn’t really getting aced. So I there,” Paglialunga said.
limited to four rotations through the two pre- arm,” Paglialunga said. “And in these three think that set them off.” And goodness generally follows for the
vious years. Her serving prowess earned her years, she learned how to mix it up with her This benefits what has become King’s first-place Lady Knights.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 13
Injury-plagued Giants save lousiest for last with 5-21 September
By Janie McCauley ing,” Bochy said. “I think he’s multiple standing ovations
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS come back and he’s thrown some throughout the game.
really nice games.” The 35-year-old Pence plans to
SAN FRANCISCO — The way Bumgarner is considered one of play winter ball and reinvent himself
the last two seasons have gone for the Giants’ hardest workers, but with the hopes of playing in 2019.
the San Francisco Giants, those his return isn’t a guarantee. “I still love it and I’m still
three World Series titles in 2010, In April 2012, Bumgarner healthy,” he said.
‘12 and ‘14 seem so long ago for signed a $35.56 million, six-year
manager Bruce Bochy’s club. deal through 2017 that included Rodriguez shines
The Giants finished 73-89 fol- $12 million club options for the Rookie Dereck Rodriguez (6-4)
lowing a season during which the 2018 and ‘19 seasons. was a bright spot for a pitching
biggest names — Madison “I don’t know that there’s any- staff that had to overcome strug-
Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Johnny thing to address just yet,” Bumgarner gles by the offense.
Cueto, Brandon Belt — were all said after his final start Friday. “We’ll He was winless over his final
injured at some point. They traded see what happens or what don’t hap- seven starts since defeating the
Andrew McCutchen to the Yankees pen. I don’t really know.” Pirates on Aug. 12. Rodriguez’s
in late August amid all the disabled Bochy expects his ace to return 2.81 ERA with a minimum of 100
list stints. to top form next season. innings pitched ranks lowest in
San Francisco struggled to score “No doubt in my mind,” Bochy San Francisco history for rookies.
runs and went a majors-worst 5-21 said. The Giants lost his last seven
in September but improved on its The lefty ace missed nearly three outings and nine of 11.
last-place 2017 finish of 64-98 by months last year following a dirt
nine wins during a second straight bike accident during an off day in Strickland’s punch
season in which pitchers Colorado.
Giants closer Hunter Strickland
Bumgarner and Cueto were side-
Final weekend a bust broke his pitching hand punching
lined for long stretches, and reli-
a door in frustration after blowing
able right-hander Jeff Samardzija Bochy hoped a strong showing the save in a 5-4 June defeat to the
got hurt, too. in the final weekend would provide Marlins and then required surgery.
Cueto had Tommy John surgery his group with a boost heading
USA TODAY SPORTS He never was the same when he
in August, Posey underwent sea- Madison Bumgarner, top, and Buster Posey, into the offseason. returned.
son-ending hip surgery later that above, each spent time on the disabled list Instead, it was a bust — a 15-0
month then first baseman Belt in 2018, while Andrew McCutchen started defeat to the Dodgers on the final Improved finish
underwent season-ending right the year as the Giants’ right fielder before day.
knee surgery in September. A year ago, San Francisco fin-
being traded to the Yankees. Still, Bochy noted: “With what ished last in the NL West at 64-98,
“We’ve been one of those line- we’ve been through and even though
ups that needed all hands on deck,” President and CEO Larry Baer just missing the franchise’s first
said Brian Sabean, the executive said preliminary conversations in
MadBum’s future we’re a little nicked up and missing 100-loss season since 1985.
The first big blow came when some pieces right now, they know The Giants improved by nine
vice president of baseball opera- the quest to hire a new GM have
Bumgarner broke the pinkie on they can play with anybody.” wins despite all the injuries.
tions. He didn’t want to speak begun.
about how the roster might shape “We don’t know who that person his pitching hand when he was hit “It’s not as bad as the perception
up this winter until new hires are is now. But he’s the guy who’ll be by a line drive from Kansas City’s Pence’s farewell let’s say of this last 25 games.
made in the front office. making decisions,” Bochy said. “I Whit Merrifield in his final spring Outfielder Hunter Pence is When you’re virtually having to
Change is coming. A new gener- understand that. Whatever he training start. The 2014 World unlikely to return to San Francisco roll out — I hate to say — a split-
al manager is set to be hired to wants to do, whether on the field, Series MVP had surgery to insert after 6 1/2 seasons in the Bay Area squad lineup against playoff
replace Bobby Evans, who will be my job is to make it work. I think pins into the finger. as a fan favorite. He had his teams, that’s what our roster ended
reassigned after he was dismissed it’s wait-and-see what we do “Really what’s unfortunate is farewell day during Sunday’s loss, up being because of all the attri-
last week. there.” when he got hurt in spring train- waving and tipping his clap for tion,” Sabean said.

Dodgers win NL West title; Brewers claim Central
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS six straight division crowns since the and the Brewers took their first NL Central
Yankees captured nine AL East titles in a row title since 2011 by downing the Cubs 3-1 in
LOS ANGELES — What a day for Walker from 1998-2006. a tiebreaker game.
Buehler. The rookie with the preternatural Los Angeles now hosts Atlanta in the Milwaukee won its eighth in a row and
calm pitched the Los Angeles Dodgers to a best-of-five NL Division Series beginning earned home-field advantage throughout the
record sixth consecutive NL West title. Thursday. NL playoffs. The Brewers will host the wild
Buehler tossed one-hit ball into the sev- Denied their first division title in fran- card winner starting Thursday in the best-of-
enth inning, and Cody Bellinger and Max chise history, the Rockies head to Wrigley five Division Series.
Muncy launched two-run homers to beat the Field to play the Chicago Cubs in the NL Yelich singled home Milwaukee’s first run
Colorado Rockies 5-2 in a tiebreaker on wild-card game on Tuesday night. and won the NL batting title with a .326
GARY A. VASQUEZ/USA TODAY SPORTS Monday. In Chicago, Lorenzo Cain hit a tiebreak- average. He fell one home run and one RBI
Dodgers rookie Walker Buehler earned the The defending NL champion Dodgers ing RBI single in the eighth inning, short of what would’ve been the NL’s first
win in Monday’s NL West-clinching victory. became the first major league team to win Christian Yelich collected three more hits Triple Crown since Joe Medwick in 1937.




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14 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

with 220 yards. better context. night as the Grizzlies and Wildcats combined

LOUNGE But what is truly impressive is Ochoa’s
motor. He. Just. Does. Not. Stop. He played
nearly every snap of the game and went as
The game didn’t reach halftime until 9
p.m. A check of Twitter indicated the
Capuchino-Menlo game was in the fourth
for 28 penalties for 247 yards. During one
extra-point attempt, there were four consecu-
tive penalties before the kick finally failed.
Continued from page 11 hard in the fourth quarter as he did in the quarter. ***
first. As everyone was waiting for the second The teams combined to throw 76 times, It’s a special day for Peninsula football
half to start, Ochoa was jogging up and with Jefferson quarterback Joaquin Alvarez because in this age of “Friday Night Lights”
Monster matchup down the sideline to stay warm for the sec- accounting for 45 of those. The four players on the Peninsula, you get a rarity Friday:
Jefferson head coach Will Maddox said he ond half. And on the Wildcats’ game-clinch- who attempted passes in the game completed afternoon games.
was looking forward to watching the ing touchdown drive, it was Ochoa leading only 32 of them. That’s a completion per- What used to be a Friday staple, the after-
matchup between Grizzlies 6-4, 320-pound the charge. With Woodside clinging to a 39- centage of 42. That’s a lot of clock stop- noon game has replaced the Friday night
lineman Paul Matavao-Poialii and his 33 lead after a pair of back-to-back, fourth- ping. game as the exception to the rule. It is one
Woodside counterpart Christian Ochoa. quarter scores by Jefferson, the Wildcats
of the few Fridays of the year in which you
Neither player disappointed as the two called a fly sweep to Isaiah Henderson. As he Quick strikes can catch a football doubleheader.
paired off quite often on both sides of the got the corner and turned up field, Ochoa
came sprinting out of the wash at the line of Big plays were the order of the night as All three games are taking place in
ball as neither player was seldom off the the Grizzlies and Wildcats simply traded hay- Atherton and coincidentally, all three are
field. scrimmage around the left side. Running
stride for stride with a fleet-footed Henderson makers all night long as the scoreboard Bay Division games. It makes sense for
But Ochoa is a special kind of high school racked up points like a pinball machine. Menlo and Sacred Heart, which are hosting
player. The 6-1, 310-pound senior was an was Ochoa, who escorted him down the left
sideline, pancaking an overwhelmed Jefferson averaged 29.4 yards on each of Half Moon Bay and Aragon, respectively.
absolute force on both lines. He finished Those schools do not have permanent light-
Jefferson defender along the way to a 75-yard its five touchdowns. Woodside averaged 30.4
with eight tackles and a sack from his defen- ing. But Menlo-Atherton, which is hosting
run down to the Grizzlies’ 8-yard line. Three yards on each of its seven scoring plays.
sive end position while battling a Jefferson Terra Nova in a showdown for control of the
double team almost exclusively in the sec- plays later, backup quarterback Trevor Cook And over the final 5:12 of the game, there
ran it in from 6 yards out to give Woodside a were four touchdowns scored. division, has lights. But as part of the
ond half. installation agreement, the school can only
The focus put on Ochoa freed up the rest of two-score lead with just over a minute to
the Woodside defense to make plays as play. Plenty of laundry use them so many times during the football
Nolan Irion finished with a team-high 16 If incomplete passes are bane No. 1 for
tackles and Adrian Jimenez notched a dozen Time keeps slipping prep football reporters, a close second would
stops. Three-and-a-half hours doesn’t nearly do be penalties because those yellow hankies
Offensively, he helped lead the Wildcats to Nathan Mollat can be reached by email:
justice to just how long a game Woodside- are another big clock stopper. or by phone: 344-
their second-best rushing game of the season Jefferson was. So let me see if I can put it in There was a lot of clock stopping Friday 5200 ext. 117.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 15
Gruden moves on quickly after first win
By Josh Dubow tive game since 2014. He forced 11
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS missed tackles against the
Browns, according to Pro Football
ALAMEDA — The good feeling Focus, and might have had an even
from his first coaching win in near- bigger day if not for a quick whis-
ly 10 years wore off quickly as Jon tle that negated a long run when
Gruden went back to work Monday. the officials wrongly ruled Lynch
Gruden knows there’s plenty of had been tackled. CAROLINA PANTHERS
work needed to get the Oakland “If that’s not a Hall of Fame Former 49ers Eric Reid signed with
Raiders to the level he hopes they back, I don’t know what is,” the Carolina Panthers last Thursday.
can reach as Gruden said. “Honestly. What he
even their first
victory of the
season came
did yesterday, what he’s done since
he’s been here is incredible. He
wants the ball more and more and
Reid unsure on
some more. ... This guy does not want to
come off the field. He picked up six protests, won’t
or seven blitzes yesterday, too,
The defense
allowed seven
that no one is talking about. But
some of the runs, good night! Why
drop grievance
Derek Carr celebrates after the game-winning field goal in overtime against would you have a quick whistle By Steve Reed
Jon Gruden 20 yards, Derek the Browns to give Raiders head coach Jon Gruden his first win of 2018. with Marshawn Lynch? I don’t
more interceptions and the Raiders hope to build on for the future, tal, physical toughness. Those are understand how you can blow a
needed a thrilling comeback before starting with a defense that had two things you have to have to be whistle like they did yesterday, but CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Eric Reid
prevailing 45-42 over the four takeaways, including one a great quarterback. He showcased some of the runs he’s making, says he has not made up his mind
Cleveland Browns on Sunday. returned for a touchdown; two good it yesterday.” some of the finishes and determi- how he’ll protest racial injustices
Next up for the Raiders (1-3) is a punt returns from Dwayne Harris Carr had plenty of help on nation he is putting on tape is in the future and that he is not
road game against the Los Angeles that set up scores; and a clutch per- offense despite several drops from unbelievable. I don’t see many dropping his collusion grievance
Chargers that already has Gruden formance down the stretch from his receivers, including what guys in football running like against the NFL.
concerned. Carr, who bounced back from two should have been a long TD to this.” Reid signed a one-year contract
“You start seeing the Chargers, early interceptions to throw for Bryant in the first half. No tes : CB Daryl Worley with the Carolina Panthers on
you see Philip Rivers. It’s hard to 437 yards, four TDs and the game- Amari Cooper had eight catches returned to the team after serving a Thursday and in his first public
rejoice in your victories for very tying 2-point conversion. for 128 yards and one touchdown, four-game suspension for violat- comments since rejoining the
long,” he said. “We have a real “He’s a tough guy. There’s not a Jared Cook had eight catches for ing the league’s substance-abuse NFL, he said Monday that he’s
challenge. (Melvin) Ingram is lot you don’t like about him,” 110 yards and two TDs, Jordy and personal-conduct policies. He “still considering other ways of
unbelievable. Derwin James is a Gruden said. “He stood in there, Nelson caught the game-tying 2- can resume practice on Wednesday protesting” than kneeling during
good player. (Joey) Bosa they tell made a throw to Jared Cook yester- point conversion, and Jalen but the team has until later in the the national anthem. The former
me is coming back, so we have day. Deep pattern down the left Richard had an 18-yard catch and week to put him on the active ros- Pro Bowl safety did not elaborate
work to do.” sideline. He got punished on a run on the game-tying drive. ter. ... LG Kelechi Osemele and RT on his plans.
It’s just a lot more enjoyable to cross-dog blitz. Throw the inter- But the best performance of all Donald Penn both left the game Reid says the Panthers didn’t ask
do it after a win for a change. ception on a deep ball to Martavis might have come from running with injuries and Gruden didn’t him about his protest plans until
There were plenty of positive (Bryant) and came back and played back Marshawn Lynch, who rushed have any additional information after he signed. He has talked with
developments that the Raiders his best football. He showed men- for 130 yards in his most produc- on their availability this week. people in the Panthers’ organiza-
tion about his beliefs on racial
postseason “When he’s out there I obviously injustice , but says “I am still eval-

PATS receptions list
with 98, leading
the Patriots in
know his body language, I know his
ability to get open, my confidence
in him,” Brady said. “All those
NFL brief
QB rallies Chiefs past Broncos
uating the scope of our country and
will make that decision later.”
Reid filed a grievance in May
Continued from page 11 both catches and things come up so when you get alleging collusion by NFL teams
DENVER — Patrick Mahomes for not signing him because of his
yardage in the matchups and he gets open, he gets rallied the unbeaten Kansas City
postseason. open so quick. That’s the thing decision to protest racial injustice
after suffering a torn ACL in a non- Chiefs (4-0) back from a 10-point alongside Colin Kaepernick during
“We’ve played about Julian, his explosiveness in deficit in the fourth quarter for a 27-
contact injury in August 2017 in a so much football the routes, in and out of breaks. the national anthem.
preseason game, will even play 23 win over the Denver Broncos (2- “Nothing will ever change
Tom Brady together I really “It’s very comforting for a quarter-
Thursday. But don’t bet against it. 2) Monday night. unless you talk about it. So we’re
have no doubt of back to see a guy get open really
He has missed the past 23 mean- where he’s going to be or what he’s Down 23-13, Mahomes directed going to continue to talk about
ingful New England games. early in a route. Julian, we ask a lot a 12-play, 75-yard drive that ate up
capable of,” Brady said. “He’s been a of him. When you play five different it,” Reid said of his ongoing fight
Edelman played in three of the great player for our team and I think more than six minutes and culmi- for racial justice with his friend
four preseason games before having everyone’s excited to have him back. spots, I think he’s capable of mov- nated with a 2-yard TD toss to tight
ing in and out of different locations Kaepernick, who remains
to leave the team. He had seven Anytime you have great players it’s end Travis Kelce, then added a 60- unsigned. “We’re going to contin-
catches for 49 yards, three for first going to help what you’re doing. and kind of specialty type plays, yard touchdown drive, handing off
there’s a lot that he does well.” ue to hold America to the standards
downs. But if you look back past the “We all welcome him back and to Kareem Hunt for the 4-yard that it says on paper — that we’re
injury, you see a player who caught he’s excited, ready to go, and hope- Still, he’s been idle from football score with 1:39 remaining. all created equal. Because it’s not
98 passes for 1,106 yards and three fully he can go out and play great.” more a month. It was the first time since 2004 that way right now. But we’re
touchdowns in 2016. Brady and Edelman have played “Hopefully, it’s a smooth transi- that the Broncos blew a 10-point going to keep pushing toward
He is third on the NFL’s all-time together since 2009. tion,” Brady said. fourth-quarter lead at home. that.”
016 1002 tue:1002 tue 37 10/1/18 11:51 PM Page 1

16 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

WHAT’S ON TAP NFL STANDINGS Ronaldo sued, accused of rape by Nevada woman
TUESDAY, Oct. 2 AMERICAN CONFERENCE By Jimmy Golen on Monday that they have In a smiling Instagram video post-
Girls’ tennis East reopened a sexual assault case ed hours after the suit was filed,
Hillsdale at Half Moon Bay, Burlingame at Menlo- W L T Pct PF PA
Atherton, El Camino at Aragon, Carlmont at San Miami 3 1 0 .750 82 90 from 2009 brought by the woman Ronaldo appears to deny the allega-
Mateo, Mills at Capuchino, Terra Nova at Sequoia, New England 2 2 0 .500 95 84 Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is named in the lawsuit. The AP does tions.
Oceana at Woodside, South City at Westmoor, Buffalo 1 3 0 .250 50 106
Menlo School vs Notre Dame-Belmont at CSM, Sa- N.Y. Jets 1 3 0 .250 89 89 being sued by a Nevada woman who not identify those who say they “Fake. Fake news,” said the five-
cred Heart Prep at Crystal Springs, Notre Dame-SJ South said he raped her in the penthouse have been sexually assaulted. time world player of the year, who
at Mercy-Burlingame, Woodside Priory at Mercy- W L T Pct PF PA
Burlingame, 4 p.m. suite of a Las Vegas hotel in 2009 and Ronaldo’s attorney, Christian moved to Juventus from Real Madrid
Tennessee 3 1 0 .750 75 73
Jacksonville 3 1 0 .750 88 56 then dispatched a team of “fixers” to Schertz, did not immediately respond this summer. “You want to promote
Girls’ volleyball
Eastside College Prep at Woodside Priory, Ca- Houston 1 3 0 .250 96 108 obstruct the criminal investigation to an email seeking comment. But by my name. It’s normal. They want
puchino at Terra Nova, Mills at El Camino, Jefferson Indianapolis 1 3 0 .250 94 100 after a report on the case in Der to be famous, to say my name. But it
North and trick her into keeping quiet for
at Sequoia, Westmoor at South City, 5:15 p.m.;
Aragon at Carlmont, Menlo-Atherton at Woodside, W L T Pct PF PA $375,000. Spiegel last week, he threatened to is part of the job. I am a happy man
Burlingame at San Mateo, Hillsdale at Half Moon Cincinnati 3 1 0 .750 126 113 The suit says the woman asked sue the German magazine, saying: and all good.”
Bay, 6:15 p.m.; Mercy-Burlingame at Menlo School, Baltimore 3 1 0 .750 123 65
Sacred Heart Prep at Harker, Notre Dame-Belmont Cleveland 1 2 1 .375 102 104 police last month to reopen the “It violates the personal rights of our The woman’s attorneys did not
at Mercy-SF, 6:30 p.m. Pittsburgh 1 2 1 .375 102 116 criminal case; Las Vegas police client Cristiano Ronaldo in an immediately respond to a telephone
West exceptionally serious way.” message seeking comment.
Boys’ water polo W L T Pct PF PA confirmed to The Associated Press
Priory at Aragon, 3 p.m.; Capuchino at Mills, 4 p.m.; Kansas City 4 0 0 1.000 145 115
Terra Nova at Sequoia, 6 p.m. Denver 2 2 0 .500 84 97
Girls’ water polo
Capuchino at Mills, 3 p.m.; Mercy-Burlingame vs.
L.A. Chargers 2 2 0 .500
Raiders 1 3 0 .250
111 120
San Mateo at Aragon, 4 p.m.;Terra Nova at Sequoia,
5 p.m.; Half Moon Bay at Hillsdale, 6 p.m.
East WILD CARD East Division
W L Pct GB
Reed vents after Ryder Cup
W L T Pct PF PA Tue., Oct. 2
Cross country
Washington 2 1 0 .667 64 44 Rox (TBD) at Cubs (Lester 18-6), 5:09 p.m., ESPN Boston 108 54 .667 — NEW YORK — Patrick Reed
WCAL I at Baylands, 2 p.m. New York 100 62 .617 8
Dallas 2 2 0 .500 67 77 Wed., Oct. 3 Tampa Bay 90 72 .556 18 blames Jordan Spieth for them not
Men's college soccer Philadelphia 2 2 0 .500 82 81 A’s (Hendricks 0-1) at NYY (Severino 19-8, Happ 7- Toronto 73 89 .451 35 playing together at the Ryder Cup,
Ohlone-Fremont at Skyline, 1 p.m.; Las Positas-Liv- N.Y. Giants 1 3 0 .250 73 95 0 or Tanaka 12-6), 5:08 p.m., TBS Baltimore 47 115 .290 61
ermore at Cañada, 4 p.m. South and tells The New York Times that
W L T Pct PF PA DIVISION SERIES Central Division U.S. captain Jim Furyk was not
Women's college soccer New Orleans 3 1 0 .750 137 121 Cleveland 91 71 .562 —
Hartnell at Skyline, 3 p.m.; Cañada at Foothill, 4 p.m. Carolina 2 1 0 .667 71 60
Best-of-5; x-if necessary Minnesota 78 84 .481 13 smart to sit him out twice.
Tampa Bay 2 2 0 .500 112 139 American League Detroit 64 98 .395 27 Europe won the Ryder Cup 17
WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3 Atlanta 1 3 0 .250 116 122 Boston vs. New York-A’s winner Chicago 62 100 .383 29
Boys’ water polo North Fri., Oct. 5: NYY-A’s winner at Boston (Sale 12-4) Kansas City 58 104 .358 33 1/2-10 1/2 outside Paris. Europe
Sacred Heart Prep at Valley Christian, Serra at Mitty, W L T Pct PF PA Sat., Oct. 6: NYY-A’s winner at Boston (Price 16-7) has won nine of the last 12 times,
3:30 p.m.; Burlingame at Hillsdale, 4 p.m.; Menlo- West Division
Atherton at Carlmont, 5 p.m.; Half Moon Bay at
Chicago 3 1 0 .750 111 65 Mon., Oct. 8: Boston (Porcello 17-7) at NYY-A’s winner Houston 103 59 .636 — and it was the third time in its last
Green Bay 2 1 1 .625 92 83
Menlo School, 6 p.m. Minnesota 1 2 1 .375 90 110
x-Tue., Oct. 9: Boston at New York-A’s winner A’s 97 65 .599 6 five victories it won by seven
x-Thur., Oct. 11: New York-A’s winner at Boston Seattle 89 73 .549 14
Girls’ water polo Detroit 1 3 0 .250 94 114 Los Angeles 80 82 .494 23 points or more.
Menlo-Atherton at Carlmont, Castilleja at Wood- West Texas 67 95 .414 36 Spieth and Justin Thomas went 3-
W L T Pct PF PA Houston vs. Cleveland
side, 4 p.m.; Notre Dame-Belmont at Menlo School, 1, the only American tandem to
L.A. Rams 4 0 0 1.000 140 67 Fri., Oct. 5: Cleveland (Kluber 20-7) at Houston
5 p.m.; Burlingame at Aragon, 5:30 p.m.
Women's college volleyball
2 2 0
1 3 0
85 81
100 118
Sat., Oct. 6: Cleveland (Carrasco 17-10) at Houston FINAL NL STANDINGS play all four matches. Reed was
Cabrillo at Skyline, San Mateo at San Jose, Gavilan Arizona 0 4 0 .000 37 94
Mon., Oct. 8: Houston at Cleveland paired with Tiger Woods in four-
x-Tue., Oct. 9: Houston at Cleveland East Division
vs Cañada at CSM, 6:30 p.m. x-Thur, Oct. 11: Cleveland at Houston Atlanta 90 72 .556 —
balls, losing both matches, and sit-
Thursday’s game Washington 82 80 .506 8 ting out both foursomes matches.
THURSDAY, Oct. 4 L.A. Rams 38, Minnesota 31 Philadelphia 80 82 .494 10
Girls’ tennis Sunday’s Games National League In an interview with the Times
New York 77 85 .475 13
Aragon at Burlingame, Hillsdale at El Camino, Menlo- New England 38, Miami 7 FS1 and MLB Network
Miami 63 98 .391 26 1/2 after the closing news conference,
Atherton at Carlmont, Half Moon Bay at San Mateo, Dallas 26, Detroit 24 Milwaukee vs. wild card
Capuchino at Oceana, South City at Terra Nova, Mills Chicago 48, Tampa Bay 10
Reed says he expected Furyk to pair
Thur, Oct. 4: Rox-Cubs winner at Milwaukee Central Division
at Westmoor, Woodside at Sequoia, Woodside Pri- Green Bay 22, Buffalo 0 Fri., Oct. 5: Rox-Cubs winner at Milwaukee
him with Spieth again. Says Reed:
ory at Mercy-Burlingame, 4 p.m.; Sacred Heart Prep Jacksonville 31, N.Y. Jets 12 Milwaukee 96 67 .589 —
vs Harker at Blackford Campus, 4:15 p.m. Sun., Oct. 7: Milwaukee at Rox-Cubs winner Chicago 95 68 .583 1 “The issue’s obviously with Jordan
Cincinnati 37, Atlanta 36
Tennessee 26, Philadelphia 23, OT x-Mon., Oct. 8: Milwaukee at Rox-Cubs winner St. Louis 88 74 .543 7 1/2 not wanting to play with me. I
Girls’ volleyball Pittsburgh 82 79 .509 13
Sequoia at South City, El Camino at Jefferson, Terra Houston 37, Indianapolis 34, OT x-Wed., Oct. 10: Rox-Cubs winner at Milwaukee don’t have any issue with Jordan.”
Seattle 20, Arizona 17 Cincinnati 67 95 .414 28 1/2
Nova at Mills, Capuchino at Westmoor, 5:15 p.m.;
New Orleans 33, N.Y. Giants 18 Los Angeles vs. Atlanta
They were 4-1-2 in the previous
Crystal Springs at Eastside College Prep,Woodside
Priory at Notre Dame-SJ, 5:45 p.m.; Woodside at L.A. Chargers 29, San Francisco 27 Thur, Oct. 4: Atlanta (Mike Foltynewicz 13-10) at L.A. West Division two Ryder Cups and had not had
Burlingame, Carlmont at Menlo-Atherton, Half Oakland 45, Cleveland 42, OT Los Angeles 92 71 .564 — any other partners.
Fri., Oct. 5: Atlanta at L.A. Colorado 91 72 .558 1
Moon Bay at Aragon, San Mateo at Hillsdale, 6:15 Baltimore 26, Pittsburgh 14
Open: Washington, Carolina Sun., Oct. 7: L.A. at Atlanta Arizona 82 80 .506 9 1/2
p.m.; Sacred Heart Prep at Mercy-Burlingame,
Mercy-SF at Menlo School, Harker at Notre Dame- Monday’s Games x-Mon., Oct. 8: L.A. at Atlanta
x-Wed., Oct. 10: Atlanta at L.A.
Giants 73 89 .451 18 1/2 Pulisic returns to U.S. soccer
Belmont, 6:30 p.m. Kansas City 27, Denver 23 San Diego 66 96 .407 25 1/2
CHICAGO — Midfielder Michael
Bradley and goalkeeper Brad Guzan
Concussions drop in Ivy League football with kickoff change will be back with the U.S. national
team for the first time since the loss at
By Lindsey Tanner have more kickoffs land in the end ommendation of league coaches on an experimental basis for the Trinidad and Tobago last October that
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS zone and reduce returns. That play is after data from the previous year eight private universities in the Ivy ended the Americans’ streak of seven
one of the only times “where play- showed kickoffs accounted for 6 per- League. Other NCAA teams have straight World Cup appearances.
Concussions plunged in Ivy ers on both teams have the space to cent of all plays but 21 percent of kickoffs at the 35. Star 20-year-old midfielder
League football after the kickoff get up to full speed” rushing at each concussions. With NCAA approval, The researchers compared the two Christian Pulisic also is on the 24-
line was moved to thwart what other and potentially risking a head- they moved the kickoff line from seasons since the change with the man roster announced Monday for
might be the game’s most dangerous on tackle, said University of the 35-yard line to the 40. The previous three years. They found the games against Colombia on Oct.
play, according to a study published Pennsylvania researcher Douglas touchback line was also moved, average concussion rate per 1,000 11 at Tampa, Florida, and versus
Monday. Wiebe, the lead author. from the 25-yard line to the 20. kickoffs plummeted from almost 11 Peru five days later at East
The aim of the 5-yard move was to The 2016 change came at the rec- The NCAA approved the changes to just 2. Hartford, Connecticut.


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THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 17
Discoveries that revolutionized
cancer care win Nobel Prize
By Jim Heintz immunobiology at Harvard Medical Normally, key immune system sol-
and Lauran Neergaad School, told the Associated Press. diers called T cells seek out and attack
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “There are patients over a decade ago invaders. But for poorly understood
who had an incredibly poor prognosis reasons, it was hard to rev them up
Two researchers from the U.S. and and now, a decade out, they are living against cancer.
Japan won the Nobel Prize in medicine normal lives.” In an interview Monday, Allison
on Monday for discoveries that have Dr. Jedd Wolchok, chief of the said he wasn’t trying to cure cancer but
revolutionized cancer care, turning the melanoma and immunotherapeutics to understand how T cells work when,
body’s immune system loose to fight service at Memorial Sloan Kettering at the University of California,
tumors in an approach credited with Cancer Center in New York, said: “An Berkeley, he was studying a protein
saving an untold number of lives. untold number of lives ... have been named CTLA-4. He learned that the
James Allison of the University of saved by the science that they pio- protein could put the brakes on T cells,
Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center neered.” creating what’s called an immune
and Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University Indeed, a drug based on Honjo’s “checkpoint.”
learned how cancer can put the brakes research was used to treat former He then created an antibody that
on the immune system — and how to President Jimmy Carter, who was diag- blocked the protein’s action — in
release those brakes. nosed in 2015 with melanoma that had other words, it released the brakes so
Their work, conducted separately spread to his brain. A year later, he the T cells could do their job.
during the 1990s, led to the develop- announced he no longer needed treat- Working separately, Honjo discov-
ment of drugs known as “checkpoint ment. ered another protein, called PD-1, that REUTERS
inhibitors,” first used to treat the dead- Allison, 70, who was in New York also hampers T cells’ ability to attack James Allison, who won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for
ly skin cancer melanoma but now used hotel for a scientific meeting, said at a cancer, but in a somewhat different Medicine, speaks during a news conference in New York.
for a growing list of advanced-stage news conference that the Nobel com- way.
tumors, including those of the lungs, mittee evidently had trouble reaching Allison’s research led to develop-
head and neck, bladder, kidney, colon him to break the news. But his cell- ment of the drug Yervoy, approved in
and liver. phone lit up with a call from his son at 2011 after studies showed it extended
The drugs marked an entirely new 5:30 a.m., when the names of the win- the survival of some patients with
ners were released. EXAMINATIONS
way to treat tumors, a kind of late-stage melanoma. A few years later, and
immunotherapy that uses the patient’s And soon, “there were people beat- developers created drugs that release TREATMENT
own body to kill cancer cells. Up until ing on my door at 6 in the morning the PD-1 brake Honjo discovered — of
then, the standard arsenal consisted of with Champagne,” he said. Keytruda and Opdivo, now commonly Diseases & Disorders
surgery to remove the tumor and radia- At a news conference in Kyoto, advertised on TV. of the Eye
tion and chemotherapy to poison the Honjo, 76, told how a member of his Allison said the biggest challenge
cancer. golf club once walked up to thank him with immunotherapy now is to learn EYEGLASSES
for the discovery that was used to treat and
The research was “a landmark in our why it helps some patients but not DR. A NDREW C. SO S S CONTACT LENSES
fight against cancer, ” the Nobel his lung cancer. others — and how to combine it with O D, FA AO
Assembly of Sweden’s Karolinska “He told me, ‘Thanks to you I can traditional therapies to improve out- GL AU C OM A Evening and Saturday appt s
Institute said in announcing the award. play golf again,”’ he recalled. “That comes and reduce side effects. STATE BOARD CERT also available
The two scientists will share the 9- was a blissful moment. A comment “It’s a great emotional privilege to
million-kronor ($1.01 million) prize. like that makes me happier than any meet cancer patients who’ve been suc-
w ww.D r-Andrew
“Not all patients respond to this, but prize.” cessfully treated with immune check-
for the ones that do, it has made a huge Scientists had been trying for a cen- point blockade. They are living proof Provider for V SP and m ost m ajor m edical
difference to their lives,” Dr. Arlene tury to harness the immune system of the power of basic science,” he said insurances including M edicare and H PSM
Sharpe, co-chair of microbiology and against cancer, but it was a struggle. in a statement.

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18 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

as builders invested heavily in South City and City Hall. “Do you want to serve the ineffective due to pushback from titans in
SOUTH CITY over recent years, populating the city’s
expanding skyline with cranes and heavy
biotech industry and the rest of the world?
Or do you want to serve the residents of
South San Francisco?”
the industry, Gupta said he hopes to con-
tinually address the quality of life concerns
facing many by taking a broad approach.
Continued from page 1 The rise in construction gave way to To detail the source of her concerns Gupta said many of the affordability,
more community concerns, as residents regarding the cozy relationship between transportation and parking problems expe-
opportunities presented. exhausted with additional traffic conges- life sciences companies and city officials, rienced in South San Francisco are similar
With three open seats, incumbents Mark tion and parking problems grapple with Silva pointed to the city’s flag, which car- to those in other communities, and pointed
Addiego and Pradeep Gupta are running for the constantly increasing cost of living. ries a DNA double helix. to his breadth of experience on regional
re-election against challengers Mark The resulting displacement facing many With fears that the biotech industry may boards as the foundation for the informed
Nagales, Flor Nicolas, Steven Ponce- compelled Steven Ponce-Ramirez to enter eventually uproot in search of a more desir- perspective he can offer in the search for
Ramirez and Kamala Silva. Mayor Liza the race, as the 22-year-old shared accounts able locale, officials should take more care solutions.
Normandy is not running for re-election. of witnessing family and friends being to cater to the needs of the existing com- Gupta represents South San Francisco as
The councilmen are campaigning on the pushed out of his hometown. munity, said Silva, who grew up in South a board member on the Association of Bay
merits of their achievements, while some His election to the City Council would San Francisco. Area Governments, the City/County
of the challengers claim a fresh perspec- give a voice to the next generation of resi- Also a South City native, Nagales Association of Governments, County
tive needs to be brought to City Hall in the dents who will shape South San believes he is the candidate best suited to Community Action Agency and other
fall election. Francisco’s future, while also offering a respect the community’s past while also regional bodies.
“We are the envy of many communities platform to those concerned about afford- accommodating future development. “Today’s issues are such that they are not
on the Peninsula and if I have been a 1 per- ability, he said. As a member of the city’s Planning isolated,” said Gupta, who has lived in
cent factor in making that happen, then “The reason I’m running is I want my Commission, Nagales said he worked hard South San Francisco for the past 20 years
I’m extremely happy,” said Addiego, who generation to get more involved in the to honor that obligation by attempting to after immigrating to the United States.
was first elected in 1980, served two terms, community. I want to get the youth assure each developer proposing to build “And I’d like to benefit the city based on
stepped away, then returned in 2009. involved to vote, and get the city moving new homes is willing to set a portion of my capabilities currently.”
In his approximately 20 years as an in the right direction, ” said Ponce- the units aside at an affordable rate. Also a South San Francisco transplant
elected official, Addiego said he witnessed Ramirez, who works in the local hospitali- “We need to focus on building more following her immigration to the United
a variety of changes to his native commu- ty industry. affordable units here in South San States, Nicolas positioned herself as the
nity and in turn watched residents accom- Silva, who operates community website Francisco,” said Nagales, who pointed to candidate best suited to manage the con-
modate South San Francisco’s growth and Everything South City, agreed a fresh his ability to work from the dais with the cerns held by neighborhood residents
development. approach to leadership is necessary as developer constructing the Pinefino proj- while also maintaining a keen understand-
A central force in establishing the city’s well. To bolster her position, Silva point- ect along Baden Avenue to offer below- ing of the biotech community.
current position is the thriving local ed to the frustration many residents are market-rate units as an example of his suc- The former life sciences executive, who
biotechnology industry, which has con- feeling with the crush of ongoing develop- cessful commitment to the initiative. also served on the Parks and Recreation
sumed a majority of the Bayshore east of ment. Nagales said his prioritization of afford- Commission, said she wishes to manage
Highway 101 and serves as a primary eco- “It’s been too much, too fast and people able housing is born from the difficulty his the opposing interests by preserving the
nomic engine along the Peninsula. are mad,” said Silva, who said she was family faced in coping with the cost of liv- past while protecting the future.
Following the life sciences boom has encouraged to run by residents who viewed ing which almost forced them to move Nicolas, who has lived in South San
come an uptick in residential development, her as a conduit between the community before landing a loan allowing them to buy Francisco for about 30 years, said she sees
a home. the forthcoming general plan update as a
Gupta, elected in 2013, said he advocated mechanism for assuring all opinions are
for housing development east of Highway addressed as the city moves ahead.
101 in the area historically preserved for “We should make sure everyone’s points
biotech companies in an effort to combat are heard. We should not divide each other.
the city’s affordability crisis. And we can get to agreement when we hear
Though the approach was ultimately each other’s perspective,” she said.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL DATEBOOK Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 19
“There’s light at the end of the tun-

noon. Foster City Recreation Center,
Continued from page 1
nel,” he said. “Although it’s been a
long wait, I think we’ll have a different
The Ar t of Drawing. 9 a.m. to 11 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City. Meet oth- The proposed ban previously
a.m. San Carlos Adult Community ers and make new friends. Cost $25. sparked concerns for Lori Marshall,
Center, 601 Chestnut St., San Carlos. For more information call (650) 286- nor Californians elect in November.
Learn basic skills and explore a vari- 2585. CEO of the Cow Palace, who said if it
“While it’s disappointing now, I’m
ety of drawing tools and subject is successful the venue would have to
matter. 18+. Cost is $30 for eight Nintendo Lab K it Building. 4 p.m. confident that Sen. Weiner will move
find a way to make up the estimated
two-hour classes. For more informa- Grand Avenue Branch Library, 306 this bill forward for next year and I
tion call 802-4384. Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. $125,000 in revenue generated by the
This workshop will cover the creative believe the bill will be signed,” he
five events Crossroads of the West
Senior Peer Counseling Free possibilities of cardboard and said. supported a 2009 resolution adopted
Training. 9 a.m. Peninsula Family assemble official kits to use with the hosts at the venue each year.
Nintendo Switch. For more informa- In vetoing the bill for a second time, by the board urging state legislators to
Service, 24 Second Ave., San Mateo. According to Marshall, the facility
Free training to be a senior peer tion call 877-8530. Brown said in a letter to the state enact a ban, and emphasized the
counselor for ages 55+. Program lan- does not receive any state funding and
Senate the decision on what kind of importance of sending a strong mes-
guages include English, Farsi, Hindi, Running Team. 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. generates an average of $4.7 million
Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de shows occur at the Cow Palace rests sage about gun control at the Cow
las Pulgas, Belmont. No experience in revenue annually to be able to
For more information call 403-4300. with the facility’s board of directors, Palace, which has been in close prox-
required. Wear running clothes. For invest in facility and equipment main-
Taste of San Bruno. 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. more information call 591-8286. which represents a broad cross-section imity to instances of gun violence in tenance and upgrades.
San Bruno Recreation Center, 251 of the community. Brown also noted in both Daly City and San Francisco.
City Park Way, San Bruno. All you can Clutterers Anonymous Meeting. 6
his letter former Gov. Arnold Canepa is hopeful county and Daly
eat buffet from 20 different local p.m. 1609 Valley View Ave., Belmont.
restaurants, two complimentary raf- If clutter is causing problems at Schwarzenegger previously vetoed the “The state should not profit off the City officials can collaborate with the
fle tickets, a free margarita and home, work or in relationships, and bill. sale of gun shows,” he said. “It’s not Cow Palace to scope development
enjoyment of a live band. Cost is $40. organizing is a daunting task, CLA is the right thing to do ethically, it sends
For more information call 588-0180. a place to talk about it with no guilt Though county supervisors passed a opportunities to boost the venue’s
or shame. For more information call resolution in support of Weiner’s bill the wrong message.” revenue in the future, noting new hous-
Redwood City Candidates Forum: 348-2856. ing and commercial housing were
Building a Better Future for Our in June, because the Daly City facility With confidence Lt. Gov. Gavin
Children. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Fair Out to Eat 2018. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is owned by the California Department Newsom will prevail in November to among the uses that stood out to him
Oaks Community Center, 2600 Oshman Family JCC, 3921 Fabian
of Agriculture’s Division of Fairs and be the state’s next governor, Canepa as possibilities.
Middlefield Road, Redwood City. The Way, Palo Alto. Event costs $100 and
candidates forum, hosted by volun- supports LGBTQ+ youth. For more Expositions, the San Mateo County said given Newsom’s stances on gun “There are other alternatives, there
teer parent leaders with Innovate information call 424-0852. Board of Supervisors cannot restrict control he’s optimistic the legislation are other ways to go about it, but the
Public Schools, will include ques-
tions on education, housing and Healthy Eating: A Nutrition gun shows there on its own. As former would be successful if Wiener were to Cow Palace should not profit off the
economic opportunity for the next Work shop Led by CalFresh. 6 p.m. mayor of Daly City, Canepa said he pursue it again. sale of guns,” he said.
generation. For more information 840 W. Orange Ave., South San
call 562-6200. Francisco. Learn how to eat healthy,
shop smart and live well according ly only be implemented on a trial potential changes to signal timing and
Belmont City Council Candidate
Forum. 6:30 p.m. Belmont Library,
1110 Alameda de las Pulgas,
Belmont. Meet the candidates of the
2018 election for Belmont City
to a registered dietitian. For more
information call 829-3860.
San Mateo Public Library’s Book
Discussion Group. 6:30 p.m. to 7:45
Continued from page 1
Congestion due to cut-through traf-
fic has been a growing concern of resi-
additional signs at the intersection at
Peninsula Avenue and North Bayshore
Boulevard. Some residents also called
Council. Light refreshments. Free. For p.m. San Mateo Public Library, 55 W. dents, according to the release, and a for a “no left turn” sign preventing
more information call 591-8286. Third Ave., San Mateo. Meets in recent traffic study commissioned by drivers traveling southbound on South
Cedar Room. For more information East Bay often take the East Hillsdale
Diane Ferlatte: Missing Rib — The contact cmccarthy@cityofsanma- the city found that cut-through traffic Norfolk Street from turning left onto
Spirit of Women. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Boulevard exit to avoid freeway back- is the leading cause of Foster City’s East Third Avenue, which turns into J.
Menlo Park Main Library, 800 Alma ups. They travel down that road and gridlock. Hart Clinton Drive, as they believe it
St., Menlo Park. A performance with B ay Area Content Mark eting
a blend of personal stories and Meetup. 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Bovet turn left onto either Edgewater or Shell Cut-through traffic has also caused would discourage drivers from trying
humorous African-American folk- Office Center, 155 Bovet Road, San boulevards, and then turn right onto consternation in San Mateo. to cut through the neighborhood on
tales. Free. For more information call Mateo. Explore considerations and
challenges to getting started and Metro Center Boulevard and line up in Residents of the city’s North their way to State Route 92 and Foster
some of the available tools to help and around the Orchard Supply Shoreview neighborhood specifically City.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3 unlock insights. Pizza provided. For Hardware parking lot to get onto State
Fundamentals of Geology. Little more information call (917) 903- have noticed drivers traveling east on The upcoming workshop on cut-
House, The Roslyn Morris Activity 8764. Route 92. Peninsula Avenue and south on Airport through traffic is part of a community
Center, 800 Middle Ave. Menlo Park. Eliminating left turns at those loca- Boulevard to reach North Bayshore dialogue series. In 2017, the city held
Cost $70. Learn to use common FRIDAY, OCT. 5
genealogical record types and K idz in Motion. 10:15 a.m. South tions may very well bring unintended Boulevard, which runs parallel to a meeting on transportation and
important family history websites. San Francisco Library, 840 W. Orange consequences and part of the point of Highway 101 and along the neighbor- mobility and the no left turn on East
For more information call 326-2025. Ave., South San Francisco. Kids will
move, play games, sing, stretch and the workshop is to identify those con- hood’s western edge, to reach the State Hillsdale Boulevard was proposed dur-
Computer Class: Election balance to foster gross motor skills. sequences and the merits of any other Route 92 interchange through J. Hart ing that meeting.
Resources. 10:30 a.m. Belmont For more information call 829-3860. proposal to mitigate congestion.
Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Clinton Drive.
Belmont. For more information call KPOP CD Release Party. 4:30 p.m. Officials have also stressed that what- Pilot programs in that neighbor- Visit cdstrafficpilot.ev
591-8286. to 5 p.m. South San Francisco ever proposal moves forward will like- hood are being explored and entail to register for the October work shop.
Library, 840 W. Orange Ave., South
Sons in Retirement Branch 4 San Francisco. Check out CDs from
Lunch. 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Elk’s BTS, Twice, NCT 127, Red Velvet and obtain a permit from the government beach was popular with surfers, fami-
Lodge, 920 Stonegate Drive, South
San Francisco. Active retired men’s
lunch. Cost $19. For more informa-
tion call (650) 878-5746.
more. Korean language classes,
photo booths, prizes and snacks.
Free. For more information call 829-
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before deciding who it wants to invite
onto its property.”
The attorney said Khosla will go
lies and people who fished.
Buescher said the access road has
recently been open to the public most
San Mateo Professional Alliance. Fir st Fr iday Art Series: Ashley ahead with applying for a Coastal of the time following the lower court
Noon to 1 p.m. Central Park Bistro, Moore. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Burlingame
181 E. Fourth Ave., San Mateo. Library, 480 Primrose Road, Commission permit. Khosla, a co- rulings. He said trial evidence in the
Promotes an environment for idea Burlingame. A solo show. For more the people of California. The court founder of Sun Microsystems, bought case showed that beach access was
sharing, leveraging resources and information call 558-7400. rejected an attempt to privatize a pub- the property in 2008 and closed the open for a century and that four gener-
building long-term relationships.
lic resource. access road in 2009. ations of some families had visited the
Annual dues are $60 per year, and
Pancake Breakfast with the Junior “What was at stake was the right of
members will enjoy solid referrals
League and MP Fire Dept. 7:30 a.m. The injunction issued by Mallach in shore.
from other business members with-
in the group. Make sure to bring Menlo Park Fire District the people of California to have access 2014 requires Khosla to keep the The California Constitution pro-
your business cards, company Headquarters, 300 Middlefield Road, to beaches,” Buescher said.
Menlo Park. $5-$10. For more infor- access open in a way similar to the pre- vides that beaches on the seaward side
brochures and other informational
materials. For more information call mation call (510) 863-1401. Dori Yob Kilmer, a lawyer for vious policy until and unless he of the high tide line belong to the peo-
Friends of the San Bruno Public Khosla’s companies, said in a state- obtains a Coastal Commission permit. ple of California.
A Family Divided: Finding Peace Library Book Sale. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ment, “We are disappointed the United The previous owners kept the gate to Khosla has argued that requiring him
San Bruno Public Library, 701 Angus
by Letting Go. 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Ave., San Bruno. Bring a grocery- States Supreme Court decided not to the road open most of the time in day- to open the access road was an uncon-
Bethany Lutheran Church, 1095
Cloud Ave., Menlo Park. For more sized bag and fill it up with books for hear this important case. No owner of time, had a welcome billboard and stitutional taking of property without
information call 854-5897. $7. Larger bags $10. For more infor- private business should be forced to sometimes charged a parking fee. The just compensation.
mation call 616-7078.
San Carlos Smoke Free. 7 p.m. to 8
p.m. San Carlos Public Library, 610 Get Ready for Por tfest. 10 a.m. to 3
Elm St., San Carlos. The event will p.m. The Port of Redwood City, 451
8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\
\P]hff^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V
include a discussion about the Seaport Court, Redwood City. Live 1 D ? 7 [TccTabd
S^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SS SXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb
music, children’s activities, sailing, ^]PPQ
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U_
H^d\\Ph^^][hd dbTT
upcoming city of San Carlos study
food trucks and more. Free. For more F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tf
session to regulate secondhand
smoke in multi-unit housing. For information call 780-7000. 6 > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^ ^dcRR^\\^]f f^aSb
0 6 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1

more information call 395-9113.
Halloween Movie Marathon. 2 ?>8=CB
B20;4 A0C8=6
Save Energy, Water and Money. 7 p.m. Grand Avenue Branch Library,
p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Burlingame Public 306 Walnut Ave., South San "[[TccTab,
, _
_^X]c $   , 2WWP\_
Library Lane Room, 480 Primrose Francisco. For more information call #[[TccTab,
_^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac
Road, Burlingame. Complimentary 877-8530.
:]daTZ $[[TccTab,
_^X]cb %    ,  ?  a^
energy and water saving devices.
Free. For more information call 347- Patricia Arquette and Jack ie %[[TccTab,
_^X]cb "  % %,
, 66P\Ta
_^X]cb !  " ",

< 8 = 2
3576. Speier. 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Burlingame Public Library, Lane '[[TccTab,
, _
_^X]cb  !
 0 \PcTda
The November Ballot Initiatives Room, 480 Primrose Road,
Burlingame. Part of the Burlingame
, $_
_^X]cb  , ,
 Caah PV
Explained — San Mateo County
Library speaker series. $25-$125.
Democrats for America Meeting. 7 A
RSVP required. For more information

6 7<
p.m to 9 p.m. United Methodist

Church, 2000 Woodside Road, call 558-7400.
FT_ _dcb
Redwood City. Light refreshments.
Ar tist Reception and Exhibit: ‘Art ^U[[TccTab2
Free. For more information call 573-
7544. of Color and Light with a Palette
K nife.’ 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Marcela’s
0C;;40BC5 58E42

4 0 8
Village Gallery, 883 Santa Cruz Ave.,

Menlo Park. Art reception with

Conversacion en Ingles. 10:30 a.m.
Grand Avenue Branch Library, 306 Peruvian born artist Miroslava
Lipovic-Friedman. For more informa-

Walnut Ave., South San Francisco.
Non-native speakers can come prac- tion call 868-4184.

tice English. For more information

A ; C =
call 877-8530. PIASC Annual Columbus Day
Celebration. 6 p.m. 100 N. B St., San
ESL Conversation Club. 10:30 a.m. Mateo. This year San Mateo resident
Monica Devincenzi will serve as NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de
las Pulgas, Belmont. English speak- Queen Isabella during the festivities.
ing practice. For more information The event costs $65 per person. For
call 591-8286. more information call 212-0001. 1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7
7PbQa^88]R ! '
For more events visit !! '7

Foster City 55+ Club. 11 a.m. to, click Calendar. f
fffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ C8=6
6>;3; ;40388A>=I
020 1002 tue:1002 tue 37 10/1/18 3:28 PM Page 1

20 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL



KenKen® is a registered trademark of KenKen Puzzle LLC. ©2018 KenKen Puzzle LLC.
All rights reserved. Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.

021-026 1002 tue:Class Master Odd 10/1/18 5:07 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 21

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment
TERMS & cONDiTiONS NOw HiRiNg SaLES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales HOUSEKEEPER -
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- ACW Air Duct and Window Cleaning Representative needed to sell newspa-
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
bility shall be limited to the price of one
Starting $18 to $25 per hr(per experi-
ence); Not Scared of Heights; Bi-Lingual
a Plus. (650)583-0420 Or Email:
per print and web advertising and event
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to
caREgivERS Owner of a luxury home in Hillsborough
Ca. is seeking an experienced house-
keeper. This is a part-time position pay-
insertion. No allowance will be made for ing $20 per hour, 20 hours a week. Du-
errors not materially affecting the value 2 years experience ties include light housekeeping, supervis-
ing sub-contractors and handymen to
of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- required. make sure that repairs and updates are
completed in a timely manner. This
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate would be a perfect position for a retired
Card. person. Please send your resume
Immediate placement to

on all assignments.

021-026 1002 tue:Class Master Odd 10/1/18 5:07 PM Page 2

22 Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

over the Hedge over the Hedge over the Hedge tundra tundra tundra

110 employment 110 employment 127 elderly care 203 Public notices 203 Public notices 210 lost & found
fictitious Business name fictitious Business name lost cat. Black and White. Black
statement #278933 statement #278960 patch on right eye. REWARD.
newsPaPer interns family resource The following person is doing business The following person is doing business Call (323) 439-7713.
as: Kuri-Obi Ramen By IPPUDO, 60 E. as: Beene Marketing Solutions, 1630 S
Journalism guide 31st Ave., Space F05, SAN MATEO, CA Delaware St. Unit 5344, SAN MATEO, Books
The Daily Journal is looking for in- 94403. Registered Owner: I&P Runway CA 94402. Registered Owner: Chase
terns to do entry level reporting, re-
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s LLC, DE. The business is conducted by Erickson Beene, same address. The 60-1940s national Geographics,
search, updates of our ongoing fea- twice-a-week resource guide for a Limited Liability Company. The regis- business is conducted by an Individual. great shape $65 (650)591-0980
trant commenced to transact business The registrant commenced to transact
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- children and families. under the FBN on N/A. business under the FBN on 04/01/2018. James Patterson hardback books.
so welcome.
every tuesday & weekend /s/David Landsberg/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
/s/Chase Erickson Beene/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
2 @ $3.00 each. (650)341-1861
We expect a commitment of four to sor-County Clerk on 9/21/18. (Published sor-County Clerk on 9/26/18. (Published nicHolas sParks hardback books.
eight hours a week for at least four in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, 2 @ $3.00 each. Call (650)341-1861
Look for it in today’s paper to 10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18). 10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18).
months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in- find information on family quality Books used and rare. World
& US History and classic American nov-
terns have progressed in time into resources in the local area, fictitious Business name fictitious Business name els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502
paid correspondents and full-time re- including childcare. statement #278987 statement #278921
porters. The following person is doing business The following person is doing business tHe Halo Forerunner saga. 3 books.
as: Burlingame Barber Shop, 1012 Oak as: 15 Coleman Place Apartments, 15 Like new. Great gift! $25. (650) 204-0587
College students or recent graduates Grove Ave., BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Coleman Place, MENLO PARK, CA V.logVinoV, unusual Journey to the
Registered Owners: 1) Erhan Vural, 940 94025. Registered Owners: Richard Tod
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper 203 Public notices Laguna Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010 Spieker, Trustee and Catherine R. Spiek-
Country of Cyclic Arithmetic, 2017, Rus-
experience is preferred but not neces- sian, 104p $25 (650)638-1695
2)Ilyas Burkay, 1131 Capuchino Ave. #6, er, Trustee, 60 Mulberry Lane, Atherton,
sarily required. Burlingame, CA 94010. The business is CA 94027. The business is conducted
Construction Inspector of conducted by a General Partnersjip. The by a Trust. The registrant commenced to 294 Baby stuff
Please send a cover letter describing Record registrant commenced to transact busi- transact business under the FBN on
your interest in newspapers, a resume ness under the FBN on 09-27-2018. 6/21/13. BaBy criB, "Dream on Me", like new
and three recent clips. Before you ap-
request for Proposals /s/Erhan Vural/ /s/Richard Tod Spieker/ with mattress, pad and 2 sheets. $80.00.
ply, you should familiarize yourself Issued: September 21, 2018 This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- (650)592-3540
Greg Johnson sor-County Clerk on 9/27/18. (Published sor-County Clerk on 9/20/18. (Published
with our publication. Our Web site: in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, 295 art
Caregivers Wanted
Wanted Project Engineer
County of San Mateo
10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18). 10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18).
BrusHed finisH, 15" X 20" frame
Home CCare
are Jobs Send your information via e-mail to
Department of Public Works fictitious Business name
holds 18 various size photos. Never or by reg- order to sHow cause for used. $20. 650-369-2486.
(650) 600-8108 ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul- 555 County Center, statement #278836 cHange of name
The following person is doing business CASE# 18CIV04406
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403 Fifth Floor as: Art Bias, 1700 Industrial Road, SAN SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
296 appliances
mail: Redwood City, CA 94063 CARLOS, CA 94070. Registered Owner: COUNTY OF SAN MATEO,
Redwood City Art Center, CA. The busi- air conditioner 10000 BTU w/re-
w E-mail: ness is conducted by a Corporation. The
400 COUNTY CENTER RD, mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG
pply online or wwalk-in
alk-in registrant commenced to transact busi- PETITION OF
brand $199 runs like new. (650)235-
County Website: https://pub- ness under the FBN on 9/11/18. Joel Cruz Cabab
4600 EEll CCamino
amino Real
Real,, # 211,, Los
Los Altos
HotPoint HeaVy Duty Dryer excellent
internsHiPs This statement was filed with the Asses- Petitioner: Joel Cruz Cabab filed a peti-
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking ects-out-bid sor-County Clerk on 9/11/18. (Published tion with this court for a decree changing working condition Burlingame $50 Call
Dan (408)656-0958
for ambitious interns who are eager to in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, name as follows:
10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18). Present name: Joel Cruz Cabab
jump into the business arena with both 9/28, 10/2/18 kenmore window A/C (vert. open-
Proposed Name: Joel Cabab Cruz ing) 8700 btu. New in box. $200.00 as
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs cns-3177507#
of the newspaper and media industries. fictitious Business name is. David Butler (415)608- 1214.
san mateo daily statement #278755 THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
Day or Night
Day Night Shifts,
Shifftsts, Immediate
Immediate Placement
Placement This position will provide valuable interested in this matter shall appear be- maytag wasHer excellent working
Journal The following person is doing business
experience for your bright future. fore this court at the hearing indicated condition Burlingame $50 Call Dan
years paid experience
Required: 2 years
Required: experience Email resume
as: 1)Maisonest 2)Maisonest Properties,
1430 Howard Avenue, BURLINGAME, below to show cause, if any, why the pe- (408)656-0958
current CNA Certification;
or current Certification; CA 94010. Registered Owner: BGSM, tition for change of name should not be
granted. Any person objecting to the
Inc., CA. The business is conducted by mfg H20laBs Model 300 exc cond
Drive Car;
Must Drive Car; Speak
Speak and writewrite English
English a Corporation. The registrant com- name changes described above must file counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839.
menced to transact business under the a written objection that includes the rea-
sons for the objection at least two court new, singer Sewing Machine Univer-
FBN on07/01/2018. sal Carry Case Model 620, Free Arm Ma-
/s/Anne Kennedy/ days before the matter is scheduled to
be heard and must appear at the hearing chine Compatible, $35, (650)483-1222
This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 9/4/18. (Published in to show cause why the petition should
not be granted. If no written objection is room Heater Electric 1320 Watts, Ar-
the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, vin Air Fan Forced Automatic $5.
10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18). timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
tion without a hearing. A hearing on the (650)952-3500
petition shall be held on 10/26/18 at 9
a.m., Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, sewing macHine-royal XL 6000
fictitious Business name Dressmaker Sewing Machine. $150.
statement #278867 Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this
Order to Show Cause shall be published (650)342-8436.
The following person is doing business
as: 1)Dawn Holliday Works 2)Dawn Holli- at least once each week for four succes-
sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- sHowtime rotisserie used once
day Works With 3)Dawn Holliday Office, $90. Call (650)347-1458 no ans/eave
80 Eureka Drive, Suite 216, PACIFICA, ing on the petition in the following news- message.
CA 94044. Registered Owner: Dawn Hol- paper of general circulation:
liday, LLC, CA. The business is conduct- San Mateo Daily Journal Vacuum cleaner (reconditioned)
ed by a Limited Liability Company. The Filed: 9/28/2018 $20 Call Ed (415)298-0645
registrant commenced to transact busi- /s/Susan Irene Etezadi/
ness under the FBN on October 2017. Judge of the Superior Court western wasHBoard Sales made
/s/Dawn Holliday/ Dated: 9/28/2018 of brass and wood, Golden Beam #25-C.
This statement was filed with the Asses- (Published 10/2/18, 10/9/18, 10/16/18, $75. phone 650-369-2486.
sor-County Clerk on 9/14/18. (Published 10/23/18).
in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/2/18, 297 Bicycles
10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18).
adult Bikes 1 regular and 2 with bal-
loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356

Bmx mongoose Outer Limit Bike,
looks almost new, $29 (650)595-3933
Bmx witH caliper brakes and adjusta-
ble seat, comes with two extra tires. $20.
cHild’s scHwinn Bicycle, Blue in
good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189.
mountain bike for sale $35. Runs good.
Burlingame. Phone 650-342-5220.
mountain Bike. Top brand. Runs
good. $39. (660)342-5220
new 12" girls bike w/ training wheels
$75.00 (650) 347-1458 no ans/leave

298 collectibles
80’s toPs Complete Factory Set All
Years $99 Call Rick (415) 999-4474.
Badge, 7 Star Special Security Offi-
cer;$25- will text picture (650)218-0121
San Carlos
BarBie doll from the world, India,
1996, 2nd edition $15.(650) 872-2371.
Beautiful Herman Miller pendulum
clock. Rich wood finish - works well; nice
chime! $65; 650-591-8851.
dePression glass Dining Plate. 8
3/4", crows foot pattern, clear ruby red.
$12 (650)762-6048
lennox red Rose, Unused, hand
painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
$12.00. (650) 578 9208.
miller lite Neon sign , work good
$59 call (650)218-6528
old, antique, Bottle Collection: 20
bottles in total. $40 for all. (650)762-6048
Porcelain doll with red Victorian
outfit, 16” tall with metal stand, $15.
small rug beater. $15.00 (650)207-
021-026 1002 tue:Class Master Odd 10/1/18 5:07 PM Page 3

THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 23
298 Collectibles 299 Computers 302 antiques 303 Electronics 304 furniture 310 misc. for sale
star Wars R2-D2, original 1998 un- rECorDaBLE CD-r 74, Sealed, Unop- antiquE 8-DaY pendulum mantel clock Cannon CopiEr. $20. 650-342-5220. soLiD WooD Dining table with exten- BifoLD shuttErs 2x28”x79 $10.00
opened action figure. $15 in San Carlos. ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X, by Jerome & Co. 21" tall. Still running. sion great piece great condition black (650)544-5306
Steve 650-518-6614 (650) 578 9208 $25 (650)762-6048 frEE tELEvision - Mitsubishi, $80 (650)364-5263
26"W,22"H,18"D Works Great, Not BLuE oYstEr cult lp signed by donald
tELEsCopE-CELEstron astro antiquE hEmingraY Glass Tele- Flatscreen, Text (650) 333-8323 Local soLiD WooD Entertainment Center- r. Eric b. And Wilcox. $40. Cash
Master Newtonian Reflector, w/ tro/pod 300 toys graph Pole Insulator. Aqua colored. Pris- Delivery available. TurnTable, Am-Fm, Eight Track, Built In (408)661-6019
stand, Like New $150.00 tine condition. 4.5"X3.25" $15 (650)762- Speakers, Sony 26’ Smart T.V.(68.75 in.
100 things for little children to do on a 6048 motoroLa Bravo MB 520 (android X 25.5inch X28inch) $500 o.b.o Cash rEgistEr Parts; Much Skin Not
Call (415)239-1348. 4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD (925)482-5742
trip. 4"X6" cards with instructions. Used. Guts $500 (415)269-4784
FREE (650)595-3933 BEEr stEins-originaL from Germa- card Belmont (650)595-8855
topps BasEBaLL complete set 1987 ny, three different $99 ea. Call for info taBLE 24"x48" folding legs each end. ComEaLong 3/4 ton chain $25 (650)
thru 1992, 1998,1999 $99 Rick (415)999- (650)592-7483 onkYo av Receiver HT-R570 .Digital Melamine top, 500# capacity. Cost 873-6304
4474 amEriCan fLYEr locomotive runs Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, $130. Sell $50. 650-591-4141
good #21085 $75.00 (650) 867-7433 Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 CostCo pLaY Pen with travel bag.
uniquE 1920's -1930's imprinted milk mahoganY antiquE Secretary desk, thrEE inCh egg crate foam twin bed Used once $35 (650)591-2981
bottle with creamer top from Golden LargE stuffED ANIMALS - $3 each 72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- mattress for sound sleep, perfect condi-
State dairy. $25 (650)762-6048 Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024.
304 furniture tion, $20, 650-595-3933 DELuxE foLDEr Walker - 5" wheels -
Never Used - $40 (650)341-5347
star Wars Celebration 3 Darth Vader rosEviLLE tuLip Pitcher, Ca: 1900. 2 WaLnut 3-drawer nitestands. Tops tWin BED frame-black wrought iron
$20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568 need work but very good cond. $20/ea frEE magazinEs. Library discards
299 Computers $45. (650)574-2490.
from Crate & Barrel $65 (650)631-1341 year old ones. Wide variety. Good for
tWin BED, mattress, box spring, frame crafts, light reading. (650)952-9074
19" CoLor Monitor with stand VG con- 302 antiques 303 Electronics 6-DraWEr roLLing Storage cart, $ 50. (650)598-9804.
dition power cord/owners manual includ- hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt and comput-
ed $60.00 OBO 1-415-279-4857 black with organizer top excellent condi-
100 Y/o family heirloom, hand sewn, BLaupunkt am/fm/CD Radio and Re- tWin BED- Free you pick up. Call erbag $80.00 for all (650)592-2648
tion $15 (650)872-2371
hexagon pieced quilt. 8ft. sq. $99. ceiver with Detachable Face asking (650)344-2109
i-paD kEYBoarD. $25.00. (650)588- (650)556-9708 $100. (650)593-4490 LionEL Christmas Holiday expan-
0842 antiquE Dining table for six people usED BEDroom Furniture, FREE. Call sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 (650)573-7381.
LionEL WEstErn Union Pass car and
antiquE mohaganY Bookcase. Four vEnEEr ChEst 6.5’ high, 3 ft. wide dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
East paLo aLto sanitarY DistriCt feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. $99 (650)322-2814.
sEWEr rEpLaCEmEnt proJECt LorEx 14” B&W Surveillance System
BEDstEaD singLE, poster style, box Model SG14S1042C-A $75 (415)407-
misCELLanEous arEas spring, mattress available. $40.00.
WaLL unit/room Divider. Simple
2360 RWC loction.
lines. Breaks down for transportation.
(650)593-7408 $25.(650)712-9962 leave message
Sealed bids for the Sewer Replacement Project, East Palo Alto will be received at the East Palo LuggagE, rED, 21" NEW Samsonite
Alto Sanitary District, 901 Weeks Street, East Palo Alto, California 94303 until 2 pm on october BEigE sofa $99. Excellent Condition WaLnut ChEst, small (4 drawer with Spinner,$50.00. (650)729-3000
(650) 315-2319 upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429
18, 2018 at which time they will be publicly opened and read. Bids shall be labeled "East Palo Al-
to Sanitary District, Bid for “SEWER REPLACEMENT PROJECT, MISCELLANEOUS AREAS, BLaCk mEtaL 4 drawer file cabinet WhitE WiCkEr Armoire, asking $100, makEs 6"x6" potholders, frame and
$15. good condition. call (650)872-2371 great condition, text for picture (650)571- loops included. FREE. 650-595-3933
Bunk BEDs for sale. Cherry Wood, 2 mEiLink safE-firE Proof,
The Work will include the furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment, and other appurtenan- years old. Includes Mattresses. $600 or WooD - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x 50”x31”X31”, 2200lbs $1200
B/O (650)685-2494 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311 (415)309-3892
ces for replacement of sanitary sewer mains and manholes by open trench method, as indicated
on the project plans. CommoDE, gooD condition. $20 obo.
306 housewares
Please call (650)745-6309 motLEY CruE lp signed by neil lee
sixx and mars $75 cash (408)661-6019
The contract documents may be inspected at the office of the East Palo Alto Sanitary District; ComputEr DEsk (glass) & chair. Like CompLEtE sEt OF CHINA - Windsor
San Francisco Builders Exchange, Attn: Deanna Johnson, 850 So. Van Ness Avenue, San Fran- new $75 OBO (650)704-4709 or Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings, nEgrini fEnCing Epee mask size M 20-pieces in original box, never used. & France Lames 5 epee blade $95
cisco, California 94110; Peninsula Builders Exchange, Attn: Andrea Nettles, 735 Industrial Road, $250 per box (3 boxes available). (415)260-6940
Suite 100, San Carlos, California 94070; Santa Clara Builders Exchange, Attn: Kanani Fonseca, ComputEr sWivEL CHAIR. Padded (650)342-5630
400 Reed Street, Santa Clara, California 95050; Builders Exchange of Alameda, Attn: Richard Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409 nEW LaWn SWING 5'1/2" W x 5 '6" H
CrYstaL (LEaDED glass) lamp $30. $100 (650) 678-6428 aft. 6pm
Owen, 3055 Alvarado Street, San Leandro, California 94577; Construction Bidboard Incorporat- Dark BroWn living room chair with Can send picture. (650)464-7860
ed, Attn: Plan Room, 11622 El Camino Real, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92130; and, Contra Cos- matching pillow. $99.99. excellent condi- oLD stYLE Water dispenser-iron stand-
ta Builders Exchange, Attn: April Hamilton, 2440 Stanwell Drive, Suite B, Concord, California tion. call (650)872-2371. mikasa sEt. White. Modern (square) clay pot-5gal. glass bottle $75. (650)873-
Setting for 4 $30 (415)734-1152. 6304
94520. DEsk, gD. cond. $99.99 or b.o.
(650)458-3578 sink DouBLE cast iron. Good condi- raY-Ban top Bar Sunglasses
Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained at the office of the East Palo Alto Sanitary tion. $99.00. (650)593-7408 RB31832 BlackFrameSemi rimless semi-
wrap Lens:GreyUV UltraSleek Light-
District upon payment of a check or money order in the amount of $60.00 for each set. The Dining taBLE (36"x54") and 4 match- 308 tools weight New w/case $65.00 (650)591-
check or money order must be issued to the East Palo Alto Sanitary District. All payments are ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for 6596
nonrefundable. The Sanitary District is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., $250 .(650)-654-1930. antiquE iron Hand Drills. 3 available samsonitE 26" tan hard-sided suit
however closed from Noon to 1:00 p.m. at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
DrEssEr 4-DraWEr in Belmont for $45. (650)328-6709
$75. Good condition; good for children. Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower with
A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 2 pm on october 9, 2018 at the office of the Call (650)678-8585 Mulch rear bag-like new- $95.00. siLk sarEE 6 yards new nice color.for
East Palo Alto Sanitary District. (650)771-6324. $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in-
EntErtainmEnt CEntEr for $50. formation.
Good shape, blonde, about 5' high. Craftsman 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"
Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or a bid guaranty bond payable (650)726-4102 dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 sink, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet,
to the order of the East Palo Alto Sanitary District in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) Lg CraftsmEn shop vac 6.5hp $60 $15.00 (650)544-5306
of the amount of the bid as a guaranty that the bidder will execute the contract if it be awarded to gLiDEr rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644. (510)943-9221 sLr LEns Pentax 28-90mm f3.5-5.6
him in conformity with the bid. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a performance Pentax K Mount $25 (650)436-7171
ikEa DrEssEr, black, 3 shelf. 23" x shopsmith mark V 50th Anniversary
bond in an amount not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price and a labor most attachments. $1,500/OBO.
15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804. sLr LEns Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6
and material bond in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price. (650)504-0585 Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171
ikEa taBLE, black 58" x 21" x 14" high.
$ 30. (650)598-9804. vintagE Craftsman Jig Saw. Circa tirEs-sEt of four P225 45 R18 $80
The District shall award the contract for the project to the lowest responsible bidder submitting a 1947. $60. (650)245-7517 OBO (650)359-2238.
responsive bid as determined by the District from the base bid. The District reserves the right to LovE Chair, velour, tan. $45.
vintagE shopsmith and BanD uniDEn harLEY Davidson Gas Tank
reject any or all bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding (808)631-1365.
saW, good shape. $300/obo. Call phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485
process. massagE taBLE, excellent condition, (650)342-6993
folding, $25, (650) 552-9556. WaLkEr - Good Condition - Like New -
$35 (650)341-5347
Bids received after the time announced for the opening will not be considered. No bidder may nEW DELuxE Twin Folding Bed, Lin-
withdraw his bid after the time announced for the opening, or before award and execution of the ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must WELDEr- LinCoLn AC 220 amps 240 311 musical instruments
contract, unless the award is delayed for a period exceeding forty-five (45) days. Sell! (650) 875-8159. volts $199.00 (650)948-4895
1929 antiquE Alto Selmer, Cigar Cut-
Pursuant to the provisions of Public Contract Code Section 22300, and upon the request and at
nEW tWin Mattress set plus frame 309 office Equipment ter, Newly Refurbished $6,000 OBO Call
$30.00 (650) 347-2356
the expense of the Contractor, securities equivalent to the amount withheld by the District to in- (650)742-6776.
Laptop CasE or bag. Black. Like new.
sure performance under the Contract may be deposited with the District, or with a state or feder- niagara viBrating Adjustable bed Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564.
good condition Burlingame $90 Call Dan BaLDWin BaBY GRAND 1928 vintage
ally chartered bank as escrow agent who shall deliver such securities to the Contractor upon sat- (408)656-0958 in walnut. $7500.00 w/bench (415)608-
isfactory completion of the contract. Only those securities listed in Government Code Section 310 misc. for sale 1214
16430 or other securities approved by the District are eligible for deposit. The deposit of securi- offiCE tYpE 34"X 60" heavy solid
wood with formica wood grain top $25 200 pLastiC trading card holders; $15;
ties with an escrow agent or the District shall be made in the form and on such terms and condi- (650)591-9769 San Carlos ChromatiC harmoniCa: Horner
(650) 787-9753 The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180,
tions as the District may require to protect the interest of the District in the event of the Contrac- (650)278-5776.
rECLining Chair, wine colored $30, 500-600 Big Band-era 78's--most mint,
tor's default. The Contractor shall be the beneficial owner of any securities that are deposited and no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459
shall receive any interest thereon.
rEtro hutCh Needs refinishing other- 78 rpm records in four albums and nine EpiphonE LEs paul 100th
wise good condition. Top detaches from sleeves. FREE. San Bruno. (650)794- Anniversary Custom Electric Guitar.
Pertaining to Sections 1770, 1773, and 1773.1 of the California Labor Code the successful bid- bottom $25. (650)712-9962 0839 Mint. $600.00 650 421 5469
der shall pay not less than the prevailing rate of per diem wages as determined by the Director of
the California Department of Industrial Relations. Copies of such prevailing rates are on file at the sofaBED, vELour, tan, Excellent BEssY smaLL Evening Hand Bag With EvErEtt upright antique piano.
District office of the East Palo Alto Sanitary District and which copies shall be made available to condition. $75. (808)631-1365. Beige Cord $75.00 (650)678-5371 Lovely sound. $99. 650-365-5718.
any interested party on request. The successful bidder shall post a copy of such determinations
at each job site.
invitation for rfq & p
Pursuant to Labor Code sections 1725.5 and 1771.1, all contractors and subcontractors that wish
to bid on, be listed in a bid, or enter into a contract to perform public work must be registered with Date: September 28, 2018
the Department of Industrial Relations. No bid will be accepted nor any contract entered into
without proof of the contractor's and subcontractors' current registration with the Department of project: No. 181907 - ENERGY CONSERVATION, RENEWABLE ENERGY, AND
Industrial Relations to perform public work. If awarded a contract, the bidder and its subcontrac- ENERGY RELATED CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT SERVICES UTILIZING
tors, of any tier, shall maintain active registration with the Department of Industrial Relations for PROPOSITION 39 FUNDING
the duration of the project. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contractor registration require-
ments mandated by Labor Code Sections 1725.5 and 1771.1 shall not apply to work performed Bid Due Date/time:Prior to 4:00 p.m., FRIDAY, October 26, 2018, at which time said bids will
on a public works project that is exempt pursuant to the small project exemption specified in La- be opened and will be notified during the week of October 29 - 31, 2018.
bor Code Sections 1725.5 and 1771.1. The project is subject to labor compliance monitoring and
enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations. In bidding on the project, it shall be the site Walks Oct 10, 2018 @ 10:00 am & Oct 16, 2018 @ 10:00 am:
bidder's sole responsibility to evaluate and include the cost of complying with all labor compli- Email to schedule
ance requirements under the contract and applicable law in its bid.
forms available at:Millbrae Elementary School District Purchasing Department
In accordance with the provisions of California Public Contract Code Section 3300, the District 555 Richmond Drive
has determined that the Contractor shall possess a valid Class A License or a combination of the Millbrae, CA 94030
Class C licenses indicated in Article B8.01-License Requirements, at the time that the contract is (650) 697-5693 ext. 012
awarded. Failure to possess the specified license(s) shall render the bid as non-responsive and
shall act as a bar to award of the contract to any bidder not possessing said license(s) at the time forms Download Link:
of award. & viewing
navigation: www. >
Contractor's attention is directed to Section B8.18, Small Business and Subcontracting Participa- Purchasing - Current Bid Information > RFQ/P No
tion Goal, which grants the Contractor a credit for using a Small Business Contractor, as defined 181907 IN PREPARATION FOR ASSESSING AND
Board of Directors
San Mateo County, California Bidders may want to bookmark the link; related correspondence will be posted to this location in
the future. Bidders are responsible to ascertain all correspondence regarding this solicitation, pri-
/s/ Joan Sykes-Miessi or to submitting a bid.
Dated: September 21, 2018
Rights reserved to reject any and all proposals.

Business Services, Millbrae School District
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24 Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

311 musical instruments 316 Clothes 318 Sports equipment 318 Sports equipment 485 residential Care 625 Classic Cars
fender muStAnG I guitar amplifier box of used men's Levi's and misc. brAnd neW golf clubs: 1, 3 Woods; yAmAhA roof RACK, 58 inches $75. CAdillAC ‘85 Classic El Dorado
70 watts 8-guitar settings.with cover. jeans $99.00 or best offer fair condition Irons: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pw. Makes a great (650)458-3255 VorAlto VillAGe 44,632 original miles. Needs body work
$80. (650)421-5469 (650)589-0764 gift $99. 415-867-6444. and headliner $2,975 OBO (650)218-
At menlo PArk 4681.
fender muStAnG ll guitar amplifier dAWGS brAnd Kaymann black and elliPtiCAl-nordiC trACk Like new 340 Camera & Photo equip. A welcoming and spa-like secured
110 watts 8-guitar settings, with cover. white snake print loafers size 7 (9.3”) $25 Barely Used, Paid $600, Asking $300 memory care community nestled in a CheVy ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
$130.00 (650)421-5469 (650)369-2486 obo. (650)235-0066. nikon 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel- residential neighborhood just blocks Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044 from downtown Menlo Park obo. (650)952-4036.
for SAle: Epiphone Les Paul Cus- fAnCy hiGh hee; shoes, never worn eVerlASt 80# MMA Heavy Bag and
tom Prophecy Electric Guitar. Mint. size 8 1/2 $20.00 (650)592-2648 Stand. Like New. $99 (650)654-9966 omeGA b600 Condenser Enlarger, In- Call today to Schedule a Visit CheVy ‘86 CorVette. Automatic.
$625.00. (650)421-5469. struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En- 93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
Golf bAllS Titlest ProV1, 50, perfect larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940 (650)322-4100 obo. (650) 952-4036.
huGe ludWiG Drum Set Silver Sparkle fAux fur Coat Woman's brown multi condition, each at $ 0.50. (650)345-5446
& Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian color in excellent condition 3/4 ViVitAr V 2000 W/35-70 zoom and CorVette ‘69 350 4-SPeed. 50k
Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $3,500 length $50 (650)692-8012 Golf ClubS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all-- original manual. Like new. $99 SSF mileS. $19,000 OBO or trade for ‘50
(916)975-4969 $90.00 (650)341-8342 (650)583-6636 Oldsmobile Cpe.. (650)481-5296.
Genuine lAdieS Mink Fur Jacket,
PiAno, uPriGht, in excellent condi- $50.00 Call: (650)368-0748. Golf ClubS, used set with Cart for 515 office Space dAtSun ‘79 510 Sedan grey original
tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769 $50. (650)593-4490 345 medical equipment condition clean inside and out $4,000
kAyAno men’S Running shoes size 11 (650)364-3562
PiAno-1955 bAldWin Acrosonic 36” good condition $20 (650)520-7045 Guthy-renker PoWer Rider,Ever- AdJuStAble bAth shower transfer -VirtuAl offiCeS-
High, Free for anyone to pick-up last 2 1/2 ankle weights, kegel thigh ex- bench with sidebar $15 (510)770-1976 $59 - $150 merCedeS ‘74 450 SEL, One owner,
(650)295-9121. lAdieS ClothinG, some w/tags. erciser $20 (510)770-1976 No Accidents, Needs engine work, Pale
$99.00 (650)589-0764. driVe 3-in-1 commode with seat,buck- *Business Internet *Phone Answering Yellow, $2,500 OBO (650)375-1350.
PlAyer PiAno 1916 W/Bench 25 mu- knee rider $ 50.00 joe (650)573-5269 et,cover,splash sheild,armrests $10 *Conference Rooms *Offices
sic rolls $950 Don (415)309-3892 lAdieS Sequin dress, blue, size XL, (510)770-1976 *Complete IT Services * Mail
pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208 merCedeS ‘79 450 SL with hard top. leAther Golf bag with 23 clubs $90. Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851-
(650) 592-2648. driVe deluxe two button walker $10 (650) 373-2000 0878
men'S StetSon hat, size large, new, (510)770-1976
uPriGht PiAno. In tune. Fair condi- rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40 bay Area executive offices
tion. FREE. (650) 533-4886. men'S roSSiGnol Skis. $95.00, merCedeS ‘89 300e, Low Miles, Excel.
(650) 578-9208 good condition, (650)341-0282. homediCS duAl Shiatsu Massage Condition, Good Engine, Needs paint,
VintAGe linGerie Washboard circa Cushion. 3 Zone. $45.00. (650)207-4162 $13,900 (650)355-0259 Leave msg.
1920’s The Zinc King #703. Suitable for neW With tags Wool or cotton Men's one dozen Official League Diamond
strumming $50 (650)369-2486 pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each Baseballs. Brand New. $35. Call Roger inVerSion therAPy table back
(650)952-3466 (650)771-6324. stretcher w/ heat $99.00 joe (650)573- 620 Automobiles 630 trucks & SuV’s
yAmAhA ACouStiC Guitar, model 5269
FG830 electric. $400.00 (650)421-5469 ShoeS Size 5 1/2 and 6 for $50 or less PoP uP tent. Sleeps. 2-3. Like new. In- 1994 mitSubiShi 3000 GT- VR4 Twin ford ‘10 F150 Super Crew cab, 78K
(650)508-8662 flatable camping bed. Sleeping bag. omt tAble, excellent condition, fold- Turbo Perfect Cont. Asking $30,000 miles. System-One toolboxes and rack.
zilJiAn CymbAlS with stands, 21” $50.00. (650)588-0842. ing, $25, (650) 552-9556. (650)315-2959 (650)558-8555 $16K contact or text (650)520-3725
ride, 18” crash. Paistie 18” crash - $99 tuxedo Size 40, black, including white
(916)826-5964 shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189 rAdiAtion ProteCtion 1/2-apron
PrinCe tenniS 2 section nylon black Pb free; .5mm Pb equivalent, xl, adjusta- 1999 CAdillAC DeVille Contour-Paid ford 1994-PiCkuP truck F-100,V6,
WilSon leAther Lady Jacket. Small, Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket- ble buckle, gently used; $60; 607-227- $6,000 Sell $3,000 Good Condition 140,000 original miles $6500, (650)589-
312 Pets & Animals like new. $45. (808)863-1136. $55.(650)341-8342 7742. (650)315-2954 or (650)558-8555 6940
WilSon leAther, burgundy lady jack- totAl Gym XLS, excellent condition.
Airline CArrier for cats, pur. from et, Small, like new $45 (808)863-1136 Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call Garage Sales don’t lose money ford ‘90 F-250, 7.5litre v8, 4wheel dr.,
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
(505)228-1480 local. Work bootS. Iron Age, size 10-1/2,
(650)588-0828 on a trade-in or 102k original miles, Many upgrades,
$12,500 (650)759-3188
brown, with steel metatarsal protection. touredGe reACtion ii uniflex sys- consignment!
one kennel Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-
mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
In box, $45, OBO. (650)594-1494 tem 8 irons 3-9 and pitch irons
new $75. Call May (650)349-0430
318 Sports equipment eStAte SAleS Sell your vehicle in the 635 Vans
PArrot CAGe, Steel, Large - approx treAdmill in very good condition. Pic- daily Journal’s toyotA ‘08 SIENNA LE, excellent con-
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best 15 Sf Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds, ture available on request. $50 obo. make money, make room! Auto Classifieds.
650 322 9598. dition, camera, bluetooth, trailer, 94K
offer. (650)245-4084 Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4 miles. $9,000. text (925)786-5545 See
each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno
Pet CArrier for small dog or cat in ex- treAdmill-horizon like New, limit- List your upcoming Just $45
craigslist for pics.
ed use, Paid $750-Asking $450 OBO
cellent condition $30. Claudia (650) 349-
biG berthA, Golfsmith Titanium Driver
,Mid Driver, Stinger 1 3 5 - $99 Rick (650)508-8662 garage sale, We’ll run it 640 motorcycles/Scooters
trek mountAin train tag a long; exec
moving sale, ‘til you sell it! bmW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
Pet tAxi Animal Carrier. Brand: Delux
Nature Miracle - Excellent Condition for boW flex Max Trainer M-3-Very Good condition;$75;will text photo; (650)218- estate sale, (650) 995-0003
$25. Call (650)349-6059. Condition, Like New, Assembled, Paid 0121 San Carlos
yard sale, reach 83,450 drivers motorCyCle SAddlebAGS,
$1200 asking $800 Call Michael
VintAGe nASh Cruisers Mens/ Wom- rummage sale, from South Sf to with mounting hardware and other parts
316 Clothes (650)784-1061.
ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz Palo Alto $35. Call (650)670-2888
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bunch $200 Maryann (650)574-4439. eASton Aluminum bat.33 inches, 30 flat/incline bench and legs. $100. have... boAt- 7 FT Livingston Fiber Glass., 2.5
oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513 (650)861-2411 HP. NIssan Outboard Motor. $800.
(650) 591-5404.
Reach over 83,450 readers CAdillAC ’90 El Dorado Runs Great,

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
from South San Francisco 128,000 miles, $2000 (650)922-9114 boAt-rACinG C-ClASS, 40 hp
to Palo Alto. Tohatsu Engine, Spare Parts included
CheVrolet ‘86 ASTROVAN, 84K $2,000 obo Call Vince (650)515-6091
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
in your local newspaper. miles, $3000 (650)481-5296
mAlibu 24 ft with tower. Completely re-
ACROSS DOWN 35 Becomes rusted 45 Hairy Addams Call (650)344-5200 CheVy ‘08 hhr - Grey, spunky car
loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500.
built and re-finished. Boat and Motor.
20K obo. (650)851-0878.
1 Gulf States 1 Takeoff approx. 36 Lined up cousin (408)807-6529.
prince 2 1002, to Caesar 37 “C’est 47 Is moderately CheVy ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT
SeA rAy 16 ft . I/B. $1,200. Needs
5 Macy’s 3 Gun carrier’s magnifique!” successful CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
competitor warning 38 “The 49 How some 650 rVs
10 Eucharist 4 Careless Pawnbroker” documents are 379 open houses dodGe ‘99 mAintenAnCe Van, ,
$2,500 OBO Good condition. Call
celebration 5 Garden hose actor Rod sent (650)481-5296 Gulf StreAm, Sun Voyager ‘04.
14 See 62-Across obstruction 39 Least fatty, as 50 See 62-Across 36 ft, Excellent Condition. $39,500.
15 Boise’s state 6 Unmatched corned beef 51 Kick back
16 Israeli airline 7 Welcomes to the 41 Many a Top 40 54 Forest floor plant
oPen houSe Got An older rV toW bar blue ox 2" ball model b330
17 Tool for cutting treehouse
stone and 8 __ apso: little
42 Cork’s country:
57 Golf ball position
58 Cocktail cooler
liStinGS CAr, boAt, or rV? $90 (650)948-4895

concrete dog Do the humane thing. 670 Auto Service
Abbr. 59 Down-for-the-
19 River of Cairo 9 Scattered, as 43 Heel count count List your Open House Donate it to the
20 Playing surface seed in the Daily Journal. Humane Society.
surrounded by 10 Department ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: Call 1- 866-899-3051 AA SmoG
boards store section Complete Repair & Service
21 Access charge 11 Wing-shaped Reach over 83,450 $39.75 plus certificate fee
23 Chinese menu 12 Port near Naples potential home buyers & (most cars)
promise 13 More renters a day,
hyundAi 2013 Tucson Limited Edi-
tion White, Automatic 6-cyl, naviga-
869 California Drive .
25 Garden digging, streamlined tion, heated front seats, panoramic
e.g. 18 Like an accurate from South San Francisco roof, leather interior 80k miles excel- (650) 340-0492
26 Abandoned soccer shot to Palo Alto. lent condition $10,950 OBO. Text or
leave msg (650)533-0671.
building, say 22 Gun, as an in your local newspaper.
28 Jules who engine
created the 23 Just out
Nautilus 24 Santana’s “__ Call (650)344-5200 mAzdA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
dition One owner Fully loaded Low
29 Form a union Como Va” miles reduced $16,995 obo (650)520-
30 Passé reception 25 __-Croatian:

aid Slavic language
34 Love personified 27 Do another stint 440 Apartments mAzdA 2016 Sky Active one owner per-
35 Richly 31 Here, in Haiti
fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles
$19,995 OBO (650)520-4650
upholstered seat 32 Twain/Harte APArtment for Rent-1br, 2br, 3br;
Prime Location, Quiet Buildings, No
37 Nobel Peace play Smoking, No Pets, $2100.00 and up niSSAn ‘84 300zx Former Drift Car No
Prize city 33 Vientiane’s (650)595-0805 engine/Transmission $1,200
40 Toxic substance country
41 Snapshot, 470 rooms PontiAC 1997 Passenger Van. Alumi-
briefly num Rims with good tires. Needs engine
670 Auto Parts
44 “SNL” alum
work! $900. Call (650)365-8287 or cell
Cheri hiP houSinG
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
1960S CAdillAC hub caps $40
46 Dancer Duncan San Mateo County toyotA ‘13 Corolla - Black, Excellent (650)592-3887
48 Prilosec target
condition Like new, Automatic, One own-
(650)348-6660 er, $7,295.00 (650)212-6666. bridGeStone AlenzA 235/65R17,
52 Caught with a $50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
lasso used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
53 Old-fashioned CheVy/GmC 1994. Full size. Front
printing machine plastic/bumper/grill complete. Perfect
54 Champagne Photos. San Mateo $75 (650)727-7266
brand Gm truCk/SuV 1994? Large Vehicle.
55 Got on in years Front Bumper/plastic/grill unit
56 Carry on the complete/perfect. Perfect/photos availa-
same way ... ble .$75. (650)727-7266
and what the mini CooPer- Hood Best offer-
ends of 17-, Call Don(415)309-3892
25-, 35- and PeerleSS tire Chains, used a few
48-Across do times. Fits several sizes P165-225. $20
60 __ majesty: high obo. (650)745-6309
61 Diarist Nin
rimS-Chrome, 16” Set of 4 with caps,
Off ’02 GMC Truck $200.00 OBO
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fairy tale opening
the Club steering wheel locks 2 each
new. $ 20.00 (650)871-8907
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section with White StAr Tire Chains, never used.
P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.
many reviews
64 Horizontal graph 680 Autos Wanted
lines By Roland Huget
65 Enthusiastic ©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
So clean out that garage
Give me a call
Joe 650 342-2483
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THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 25

Cabinetry Construction Construction Housecleaning Hauling Plumbing

FREE SHoWRoom bondEd
1328 El Camino Real
BELmonT, CA 94002

(650)294-3360 Handy Help

Contractors welcome


*Stamps *Color *Driveways
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*Block walls *Landscaping Richard’s
Free Estimates
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All kinds of Concrete
- Brick and Tile - Flagstone t1-6.#*/( t8*/%084
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t&-&$53*$"- t3&.0%&-*/(
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Works, French Drains, Siding
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Fences & Stairs
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Wholesale Pricing & taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
LAWN MAINTENANCE Closeout Specials. or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
LANDSCAPE DESIGN JON’S HAULING tor’s State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their li-
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Landscaping Design FREE ESTIMATES San Mateo can check the status of your licensed
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and lots more!
clearing, furniture, appliance hauling 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
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licensed by the Contractors State Li-
(650)703-3831 Lic #751832 cense Board.
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26 Tuesday • Oct. 2, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

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THE DAILY JOURNAL WORLD Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 27
Aid slow to reach
Indonesia victims
By Niniek Karmini

PALU, Indonesia — Desperation was visible everywhere
Tuesday among victims receiving little aid in areas heavily
damaged by a massive earthquake and tsunami, four days
after the disaster devastated parts of Indonesia’s central
Sulawesi island. Signs propped along roads read “We Need
Food” and “We Need Support,” while children begged for
cash in the streets and long lines of cars snarled traffic as
people waited for fuel.
Teams were searching for trapped survivors under
destroyed homes and buildings, including a collapsed eight-
story hotel in the hard-hit city of Palu, but they needed more
heavy equipment to clear the rubble.
Desperation was evident across Palu, a city of more than
380,000 people that was hard-hit by both the quake and the
tsunami, its force apparently magnified in the surrounding REUTERS
inlet. An aerial view of an area devestated by an earthquake in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Many people were believed trapped under shattered hous-
es in Palu’s Balaroa neighborhood, where the earthquake
caused the ground to heave up and down violently, said dis-
aster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.
“I and about 50 other people in Balaroa were able to save
ourselves by riding on a mound of soil which was getting
higher and higher,” resident Siti Hajat told MetroTV, adding
her house was destroyed.
In the Petobo neighborhood, the quake caused loose, wet
soil to liquefy, creating a thick, heavy mud that caused mas-
sive damage. “In Petobo, it is estimated that there are still
hundreds of victims buried in mud,” Nugroho said.
Residents who found loved ones — alive and dead — over
the weekend expressed frustration that it took rescue teams
until Monday to reach Petobo.
The confirmed death toll of 844, mostly from Palu, is
expected to rise as authorities reach cut-off areas. The
regencies of Donggala, Sigi and Parigi Moutong — with a
combined population of 1.2 million — had yet to be fully
assessed. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck at dusk
Friday and generated a tsunami said to have been as high as
6 meters (20 feet) in places.
About 3,000 residents flocked to Palu’s airport, trying to
board military aircraft or one of the few commercial flights
using the facility only partially operating due to damage.
Video showed some of them screaming in anger because
they were not able to get on a departing military plane.
“We have not eaten for three days!” one woman yelled.
“We just want to be safe!”
Nearly 50,000 people have been displaced from their
homes in Palu alone, Nugroho said, and hospitals were
The Indonesian air force confirmed that a Hercules aircraft
carrying an unspecified number of survivors was able to
leave Palu for South Sulawesi’s capital of Makassar.
Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo authorized
the acceptance of international help, Nugroho said, adding
that generators, heavy equipment and tents were among the
most-needed items. The European Union and 10 countries
have offered assistance, including the United States,
Australia and China, he said.
“We will send food today, as much as possible with sever-
al aircraft,” Widodo told reporters in the capital, Jakarta,
adding that a supply of fuel was also set to arrive.

Around the world
Two Koreas begin removing
DMZ mines to ease military tensions
SEOUL, South Korea — North and South Korean troops
began removing some of the land mines planted at their
heavily fortified border on Monday, Seoul officials said, in
the first implementation of recent agreements aimed at eas-
ing their decades-long military standoff.
The demining comes amid resumed diplomacy over North
Korea’s nuclear weapons program after weeks of stalemated
negotiations. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to
visit Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, this month to try
to set up a second summit between President Donald Trump
and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
On Monday, South Korean army engineers with demining
equipment were deployed to the border village of
Panmunjom and another frontline area called “Arrow Head
Hill” where the Koreas plan their first joint searches for
soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War.
The troops began removing mines on the southern part of
the two sites. Later Monday, the South Korean military
detected North Korean soldiers engaged in what it believed
was demining on the northern part of the sites, a South
Korean defense official said on condition of animosity, cit-
ing department rules.
The official refused to provide more details. North Korea’s
state media didn’t immediately confirm its reported demi-
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28 Tuesday • Oct 2, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL