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Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

50¢ daily Saturday, OctOber 9, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

Chile mine
Jefferson sets
annual bonfire
The Jefferson football
team will hold its annual
homecoming bonfire at
7:30 p.m. Wednesday at

Ed and Kathy Ulrichs’
house on Defiance Trail.
Wildcat fans are invited to
attend and cheer on the team
as they prepare for the game. By VIVIAN SEQUERA
Library to offer and MICHAEL WARREN
The Associated Press
pumpkin-carving SAN JOSE MINE, Chile
To welcome the Fall — Excitement grew Friday
season, the Delphos outside the mine where 33
Public Library will hold a men have been trapped for
Church finalizes purchase of property
Photo submitted
pumpkin-carving program more than two months, as a
from 4-5 p.m. Oct. 21 for drill carving an escape shaft
children in grades K-5. On Sept. 28, Trinity United Methodist Church concluded the purchase of approximately 15 acres on Ambrose pushed through the final sec-
Special guest Dave Drive adjacent to U.S. 30 for the construction of a community center, new home for Tender Times Childhood tion of rock above their under-
Hilty will demonstrate his Development Center and worship sanctuary. The land was purchased from the Wannemacher family and the ground chamber.
skill by carving pumpkins church will plan through the next few months for a 2011 construction. Celebrating the purchase are, from left, “Today could be a great
with a saber saw. Hilty has church members Jeff Wiltsie, Andy North and Bob Kiracofe, the Rev. David Howell, Mark Wannemacher, Mary day,” tweeted Mining Minister
entertained groups with his Ann Wannemacher and Leann Blankemeyer. Laurence Golborne, quoting a
pumpkin-carving at schools, song by Joan Manuel Serrat.
nursing homes, parks and Health Minister Jaime
other events around the area.
Sign-up is required for
this after-school event and
Meet the ‘Libertarians’ Manalich, speaking briefly
as he arrived at the mine,
raised expectations even more
will begin Monday. There Editor’s Note: Four built incrementally since the by repeating “Tuesday” back
is a limit of 25 children. “third-party” groups are rep- days of Woodrow Wilson to reporters who asked if the
Call the library at 419- resented on one or more Ohio and Franklin Roosevelt. men could be pulled out that
695-4015 to register. ballots on Nov. 2. This is one Dependence has been fos- day.
in a series of introductory tered by a system where The miners’ families kept

Sports stories on those parties but

not necessarily the candidate
or campaign in question.
state and local government
requires federal funding after
the larger government confis-
vigil overnight, singing songs
around a bonfire and doing
early morning calisthenics to
TODAY cates taxpayer dollars for dis- shake off anxiety and shivers
Football: Columbus BY MIKE FORD tribution. Libertarians would in the bitter desert cold.
Grove at Jefferson rather see less bureaucracy “Just a little bit left to go,
(NWC), 7:30 p.m. that doesn’t create its own a very little bit,” said Cristina
Boys Soccer: Pandora- Many Tri-county residents need to take it to begin with. Nunez, whose husband,
Gilboa at Fort Jennings, 11 believe sternly in limited gov- “The Libertarian Party Claudio Yanez, is trapped
a.m.; Elida at Napoleon, ernment. To the Libertarian favors a Fair Tax — a national below. Still, she wants rescu-
1 p.m.; Spencerville vs. Party, this means limited sales tax strictly on new prod- ers to take no chances, waiting
LCC at Lima Sr., 3 p.m. taxation and maximum civil ucts being sold at the retail a few days more if necessary
Girls Soccer: Lima liberty; a government that level. What we have now is to pull them all out safely.
Senior at Jefferson, 11 doesn’t take more money a Value Added Tax where The “Plan B” drill is just
a.m. (moved to Oct. 14 than it needs and refrains manufactures pay sales tax yards (meters) away from
at Lima Stadium); LCC from mandating on raw materi- Stacy Taff photo winning a three-way race to
at St. John’s, 1:30 p.m. or prohibiting als and recoup Pollklasener reach the miners with a hole

German student enjoying

Volleyball: Leipsic lifestyle choices. it when they sell wide enough to accommodate
at Jefferson, 10 a.m.; One of the the product to their escape capsule. “Plan A”
Libertarians distributors, who and “Plan C” had to slow

differences in Delphos
Crestview at St. John’s,
10 a.m.; Ottoville at on the ballot in in turn recoup down after repeatedly veering
Coldwater tri-meet, 10 Allen County their tax expense off course in recent days.
a.m.; Tiffin and Mohawk is Don Kissick. when they sell to Manalich said the drill
He said many retail,” he said. BY STACY TAFF up into groups of those who are paused Friday morning for a
at Elida, 10 a.m.; Pandora- doing well in school, those who
topics related to “Then, we pay maintenance check before the
Gilboa at Columbus aren’t doing bad or good and final push. New depth figures
Grove (PCL), 10 a.m. policy boil down sales tax (and DELPHOS — One of the those who aren’t doing so good.
to taxation, the mark-up) on weren’t released, but a techni-
Co-ed Cross Country: most interesting things about After we graduate we don’t
cian working with the T130
Ottoville and Kalida at fuel that feeds or products that are hosting students from other have to attend a university for
starves bureaucracy. taxed every step of the way. countries is learning how dif- every job, just some.” drill told The Associated Press
Antwerp Invitational, 8:30 that just 128 feet (39 meters)
“The Libertarian Party is Even resale has to be taxed. ferent their school systems With her sister visiting
a.m.; Spencerville and all about smaller government With a Fair Tax, only the remained before the drill
Columbus Grove at Anna are. According to 16-year-old Delphos in a similar situation and
through lower taxes and per- brand new product is taxed at Christina Pollklasener, there are the Verl-Dephos friendship pact, breaks through to the min-
Invitational, 10 a.m. sonal freedom. Smaller gov- retail. It’s based on consump- many differences ranging from Pollklasener has heard many things ers at 2,047 feet (624 meters)
Girls Tennis: Sectionals ernment is how to achieve tion, so those who purchase how classes are organized to that have piqued her interest. below ground. The technician
at UNOH, 9 a.m. the other two because the less more expensive what happens after graduation. “My older sister came here spoke on condition of ano-
“Independently Owned anditems pay
“Here you have the same and she really enjoyed it,” she nymity because only top gov-
Forecast government spends, the less more but a used car, for exam-
it ‘collects’ or ‘confiscates.’ ple, wouldn’t be taxed. This schedule every day and in said. “We kept in touch with ernment officials and rescue
Mostly clear It also means the less govern- helps those in lower-income Germany it all depends on the her host family and they sent coordinators are authorized to
tonight, ment intrudes on the lives of brackets because a federal tax subjects you want to take,” she me things as well. I wanted talk to the media.
low around said. “Here you also have differ- the chance to improve on my The T130 is aiming at a
individuals and businesses,” is only collected once.” ent rooms the students are sup- English and learn about the cul-
50. Sunny he said. “For example, even On issues like good stamps workshop that isn’t as deep
posed to go to but in Germany, ture here. You can learn a lot
Sunday with if an agency or office was not and unemployment compen- the teachers are the ones who from the movies but it’s differ- underground as the refuge
high in low designed to dig through one sation set up as an imper- have to move from room to ent to live it.” where the miners happened to
80s, low in mid 50s. aspect of your life or busi- manent safety net, Kissick room. Back home, we’re only Pollklasener misses a few be eating when 700,000 tons
ness, someone can take office says Libertarians see these as in classes with people in our things about home. of rock collapsed on Aug. 5
Index who feels a sense of crusade intertwined with taxation. He own grade. Here you have peo- “I really miss my family and in the middle section of the
Obituaries 2 to use a particular agency said Libertarians want to bal- ple from different grades in the friends,” she said. “I also miss gold and copper mine, which
State/Local 3 and/or set of regulations to do ance fiscal responsibility with same classes like trig or calcu- riding my bike. Here everyone runs like a corkscrew for more
Politics 4 all these ‘wonderful’ things to compassion in offering these lus. Also, I’m a 12th-grader here drives, so there aren’t really a than four miles (7 kilometers)
‘save’ society.” forms of protection. but back home I’m in 11th.” lot of bike-ways. I’ll also miss below a rocky hill in Chile’s
Community 5 Compared to her experience things about Delphos when I
Kissick says the “The common misconcep- vast northern Atacama desert.
Sports 6-7 at Jefferson High School, her go back. I’ll miss hearing the Once the drilling is com-
Libertarians believe a small- tion about Libertarians is that
Church 8 home school has fewer extra- little kids running around the plete, a video camera will
er, leaner federal government we want to slash entitlements
Kids’ page 9 curricular activities. house here. I guess I’ll miss the be lowered through the shaft
can only be achieved by radi- first and take the benefits “Here, there are so many football games and the school
d” Classifieds 10 cally changing taxation. He away to shrink the entitle- to help determine whether
TV 11 clubs to join; the football spirit. Everyone is so proud to
says this will create a ripple ment system. What we want team and things like that,” go to Jefferson and so proud the miners can be pulled up
World News 12 effect in the long run but to do is shrink the bureaucrat- Pollklasener said, “I think we to go to St. John’s. It’s very through the exposed rock, or
be painful in the short-term. ic infrastructure that man had a swim team back home exciting.” must wait as much as 10 more
He said the inflated federal and not much else. Also, after Pollklasener is staying with
bureaucracy we have was See MEET, page 12 elementary, everyone is split Joe and Crysti Rode. See MINE, page 2


• Bathtubs St. John’s 14 Ott.-Glan. 35 Ada 63
• Bathtub Liners
• Shower Base
“Independently Owned and Operated”
Coldwater 0 St. Marys 0 Crestview 7
• Shower Bases
• Wall Elida 31 LCC 41 Bluffton 30
• Full Remodel Bath 6 Bish. Ready 7 Spencerville 0

Allen East 20 Leipsic 61

“Independently Owned and Operated” Wapak 26

“Independently Owned and Operated”

Van Wert 21 Paulding 12 Hardin N. 0
2 – The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

For The Record

it’s not that complicated, really OBITUARY Minn. terror The Delphos
I love this time of year.
Indian Summer is in full force and it won’t NANCY SPENCER suspect Herald
Vol. 141 No. 100
be long before the frost is on the punkins, Nancy Spencer, editor
the air will be crisp and clean and the leaves
will be brilliant on the trees and satisfyingly
Ray Geary, general manager
Delphos Herald, Inc.
crunchy underfoot.
I put out Halloween/Fall decorations last Other hand A Somali-born Canadian citi-
zen who admitted he attended
Don Hemple, advertising
weekend for the first time in several years. al-Qaida training camps in Tiffany Brantley,
On Saturday, I had scored two pumpkins circulation manager
Afghanistan and lectures by
for $1.98, a fact which made me extremely William Kohl, general manager/
to head back home and SMACK! The trunk lid Osama bin Laden was released Eagle Print
giddy. I hate to spend more than that on from federal prison Friday after
something that is just going to shrivel, ooze whacked down on my corn shocks. I was not nearly seven years in custody The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
gooey stuff and then end up in the trash can. going to make her come back and go through and deported to Canada. 8000) is published daily except
Hopefully, no one will decide to relieve me of the whole process again so I continued home. Mohammed Abdullah Sundays and Holidays.
Thankfully, they were all in one piece. By carrier in Delphos and
my bounty before Halloween. Warsame, 37, was released area towns, or by rural motor
I for one believe that no fall decor is com- When I got home, I unloaded the corn from the Federal Correctional route where available $2.09 per
plete without corn shocks. Unfortunately, shocks and headed to the basement. I drug Institution in Terre Haute, Ind., week. By mail in Allen, Van
with the early harvest this year, I had for- the spiderweb and its inhabitants, the bright and taken to the U.S.-Canadian
gotten to put my order in. No corn shocks! orange pumpkin bags to be filled with bal- Lois Marian border, according to a state-
Wert, or Putnam County, $105
per year. Outside these counties
Unacceptable. loons, the candle holders I had forgotten (Long) Keefe ment from U.S. Immigration $119 per year.
I put in a call to my double-secret con- about and my other seasonal fare up and got and Customs Enforcement. Entered in the post office
nection and alas, they had cleared the last of to work. nov. 6, 1921 - oct. 2, 2010 From there, Warsame was in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
Blowing up the balloons became the most heading to a cousin’s house Periodicals, postage paid at
their fields that week. However, there was a Lois Marian (Long) Keefe, Delphos, Ohio.
challenging task. I don’t remember how long in Toronto, said his uncle,
field still standing around the corner and they 88, of Cincinnati and formerly Abdallah Warsame. No mail subscriptions will be
knew the owner. I was told that as long as I they had been in the basement but some would
of Delphos, died Oct. 2. “They are waiting for him,” accepted in towns or villages
twisted the corn off and gave it the farmer, I expand into odd shapes. Perhaps they were fit- where The Daily Herald paper
She was born Nov. 6, Abdallah Warsame said. “He
could have as many shocks as I wanted. My ting for weird balloon animals but definitely carriers or motor routes provide
1921, to Don and Pear Long called them from the border. ...
connection even volunteered to go with me. not the plump, round orbs I was looking for daily home delivery for $2.09
of Delphos. They preceded We don’t have much informa-
Sweet! to stuff in the pumpkin bags. After a little per week.
her in death.
tion. But he’s in Canada.”
llW foWr for
stretching, they began to cooperate. 405 North Main St.
a a
I have never gotten my own corn shocks She married Howard N.
Family attorney Peter TELEPHONE 695-0015
Then I noticed one I had discarded was
al l f o
before. They have always been dropped off
Keefe, who also preceded her Erlinder said Warsame walked
Office Hours
llW foW
not on the floor by my feet and Sweet Sadie
a for
and were waiting for me in the yard. over the border at Windsor,
in death.
8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
a a l er t e C
Eleanor Louise? — nowhere to be found. I
l l & l
i ntW i n l N
CalF F for r er
Her dad was very helpful and said we Survivors include chil- Canada, and took a taxi to POSTMASTER:
Fall & Win
could borrow his corn knife — who knew one located her in the front room with half a bright Toronto. Send address changes
dren Andrea Smutz, Douglas
all &alW
red balloon hanging out of her mouth. For
l& e int
of those existed? — and even gave us advice: U.S. prosecutors say to THE DAILY HERALD,
i n
(Sharon Boynton) Keefe and
Discounts F
goodness sake, she’s 12 — 84 in dog years —
Warsame is a jihadist who 405 N. Main St.
a e
Don’t cut your leg off. Good advice.
ll & Wint
Melanie (Steve) Rathman;
We drove around to the field and made and she has reverted back to her puppyhood received military training in Delphos, Ohio 45833
grandchildren Ryan and
our way in. I chose my corn shocks carefully. pranks. She looked me straight in the eye and al-Qaida camps, dined with bin
Nicole Smutz, Sarah, Joseph
Call Call
for for
I wanted them to be just the right height and gave a couple of chomps to that balloon and it Laden and went to the Taliban’s
and Michael Keefe, Jennifer
let off a squishy, squeaky sound. She seemed front line. Warsame’s attor-
ll for
have just the right tassels on top. (I know. and Molly Rathman; and
I’m a pain in the butt even though not many pleased. I took it away and she pouted. Oh neys depicted him as a bum-
great-grandchildren Skyler
l & W irnter bling idealist who was seeking
l & l i n well, tough puppy love. (Of course I got her a
a t e Call NOW for
will say it to my face.) So, I twisted and she
F and Samantha Smutz. a utopian society. The Delphos Herald wants
& WDiscounts
i biscuit. I’m not a monster.)
nte r
chopped and there was no blood loss. She was also preceded
So the decorations are all up and I thor-
Call NOW for He pleaded guilty in May to correct published errors in
I carried my treasures to the car through
in death by sisters June and
Fall & Winter
oughly enjoy them as I drive in and just sitting 2009 to conspiracy to provide its news, sports and feature
the near hurricane-force winds (maybe a small Zoe.
material support and resources articles. To inform the news-
exaggeration) and carefully placed them in the on the porch reading. Mrs. Keefe was a 1939
Fall & Winter
to a foreign terrorist organi- room of a mistake in published
trunk so as few pieces fell off as possible. I I know this sounds like it was a lot of work
graduate of Jefferson High zation. He was sentenced in information, call the editorial
thanked my friends and preceded to do a u-ey but it really wasn’t. Really. School. She was a teacher July 2009 to seven years and

department at 419-695-0015.
for many years at Woodward eight months in prison, but was Corrections will be published
Call for
and Sycamore high schools given credit for time served on this page.
(Continued from page 1) the Chileans’ spirit,” Pinera in Cincinnati. She traveled all and good behavior.
said in a speech in southern over the world in her retire-
a & Winter
l l
days for steel piping to be Chile. CLEVELAND (AP) — ment years, including all 50
inserted in an operation that He said his government These Ohio lotteries were states. She loved nature and
carries some risk of damagingBuilding “has acted as a government drawn Friday: was an avid gardener.
the escape route. must in
these kinds of situ- Kicker Memorial services begin at
Building with....

Sebastian Pinera ations. ... When we realized 11 a.m. Oct. 16 at Sycamore
sent his wife Cecilia Morel to that day, Thursday, Aug. 5, Presbyterian Church, St. John’s Wednesday: Chicken strips,
Mega Millions
meet with the miners’ fami- that the San Esteban min- 11800 Montgomery Road, Week of Oct. 11-15 baked potato, butter bread, mixed
lies Friday and announced ing company wasn’t capable 24-29-37-48-50, Mega Cincinnati. Monday: Chicken quesadil- fruit, milk.
la/ salsa/ sour cream or roasted Thursday: Vegetable soup
that Bolivian President Evo of handling the rescue, we Ball: 19 Friends may call from chicken breast sandwich, green with crackers, butter-peanut but-
Morales will join him for the decided to take on complete 10-11 a.m. Oct. 16 at the beans, salad, pears, milk. ter-tuna, cheese stix/ relish, cow-
rescue. One of the trapped responsibility. And just as I Midday 3 church. Tuesday: Italian grilled chick- boy cake, milk.
miners is Bolivian.Building with.... 1-5-1 In lieu of flowers, memo-
en sandwich or Sloppy Jo sand- Friday: Hamburger, tator
said on that first day, we Midday 4
wich, California blend/cheese, tots, corn, pudding, milk.
The actual rescue is rials may be made to the salad, applesauce, milk.
expected to take 48 hours as would do everything human- 8-1-9-6
Delphos Jefferson Alumni Wednesday: No cafeteria - Lincolnview
the miners are pulled out one ly possible to pull them out Association, 234 N. Jefferson Festival preparation. Week of Oct. 11-15
by one, a made-for-TV spec- alive.” Pick 3 St., Delphos OH 45833.
Thursday: No cafeteria -
Festival preparation.
Monday: Pork BBQ on bun,
french fries, pears, milk.
tacle that has drawn nearly Sen. Isabel Allende, join- 2-5-6 Condolences may be Friday: No cafeteria - Festival Tuesday: Pepperoni pizza,
800 journalists to this isolated ing her constituents around Pick 4 made to the family at www. preparation. broccoli, peach crisp, apple-
spot in the desert. their bonfire Thursday night, 7-1-9-1
sauce, milk.
Chileans have rallied said “the battle isn’t over.” Powerball Delphos City Schools
Week of Oct. 11-15
Wednesday: Spaghetti with
meat sauce, tossed salad, bread-
around this spare-no-expense “Chile is a country that is Estimated jackpot: $20
Monday: Salisbury steak, din- stick, pineapple, milk.
rescue effort, and Pinera has able to confront its challeng- million ner roll, mashed potatoes with Thursday: Pizza sub/bun,
surged in popularity for his es, but on the other hand it is rolling Cash 5 gravy, fruit, lowfat milk. California blend, fruit juice bar,
Tuesday: Walking taco, let- milk.
close management of the cri- a country that still has a long 01-03-09-35-39
Estimated jackpot: Koesters, Rebecca A., tuce and cheese or Sloppy Jo Friday: Chicken nuggets,
sis. way to go,” said Allende, the 63, of Celina, funeral services
sandwich, corn, mandarin orang- mixed vegetables, cookie, peach-
“What started as a tragedy daughter of Salvador Allende, $130,000 es, pretzel rod, lowfat milk. es, milk.
will begin at 11 a.m. today Wednesday: Pepperoni
should end as a great“The
blessing, the Building
socialist president ousted
ten oH at Harter and Schier Funeral pizza, tossed salad, pineapple Elida Elementary,
“The People”
by Gen. Augusto Pinochet in
Building People”
because this “The
epic ofBuilding
the min- People” Home. Burial will be at a tidbits, lowfat milk. Middle and High School
ers has illuminated the soul of 1973. “We must keep work- 03-07-09-18-19-25-27-28- Thursday: Macaroni and Week of Oct. 11-15
later date. Memorial contribu-
our country and strengthened ing for safety in the mines.” 38-39-40-42-44-53-62-65-68- tions may be made to State of cheese, bread and butter or deli Daily every student is offered
71-72-80 sandwich, cole slaw, orange the choice of four different lunch-
the Heart Hospice of Celina, sherbet, lowfat milk. es. These include the one printed
Friday: Toasted cheese sand- here, pizza lunch, sandwich lunch
ten oH Midday Immaculate Conception
“The Building People”
wich, tomato soup with crackers, or chef salad lunch.
02-05-14-15-23-25-32-39- Catholic School or Susan G. carrots with dip, fruit, lowfat milk. Monday: Cheeseburger
41-43-52-59-63-65-66-67-68- Komen for the Cure “Team with pickle, broccoli and cheese,
75-77-80 Gram Cracker.” Landeck assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
Garages Garages
 Workshops  Workshops
Week of Oct. 11-15 Tuesday: Chicken nuggets,
Monday: Salisbury steak, din- seasoned carrots, assorted fruit,
 Workshops
 Suburban Farm  Suburban
ner roll, mashed potatoes with dinner roll, lowfat milk.
Farm Churches
 Suburban
Churches  Mini-Storage Mini-Storage
gravy, fruit, lowfat milk. Wednesday: Hot dog, waffle
Tuesday: Walking taco, let- fries, assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
MEYERMEYER BUILDING Churches  Commercial
Commercial  Equestrian  Equestrian

BUILDING Garages  Workshops
MEYER BUILDING Building Commercial
Perma-Column™ 
Farm  Suburban tuce and cheese, corn, mandarin Thursday: Ravioli with
oranges, pretzel rod, lowfat milk. cheese cup, green beans, assort-
Building with....

Wednesday: Pepperoni ed fruit, cheese breadstick, lowfat

Churches  Mini-Storage
IN 260-565-3274
IN or toll freeor800-742-2861
toll free 800-742-2861
“A pre-cast concrete column
MEYER BUILDING Commercial  Equestrian
pizza, tossed salad, pineapple milk.
Pick-up Dates: Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16
Craigville, INfor your new Meyer 260-565-3274
building” tidbits, lowfat milk. Friday: Pepperoni pizza, sea-
or toll free 800-742-2861
Building with....Perma-Column™
Thursday: Macaroni and soned corn, assorted fruit, lowfat
Craigville, IN 260-565-3274 or toll free 800-742-2861
FREE DELIVERY WITH MINIMUM ORDER cheese, bread and butter, cole milk.
slaw, orange sherbet, lowfat milk
Amur, minnows, and other fish varieties. Friday: Toasted cheese sand- Gomer
wich, carrots with dip, fruit, lowfat Week of Oct. 11-15
Aeration Systems, Windmills, Fountains milk Monday: Cheeseburger
Free Brochure with pickle, broccoli and cheese,
Delphos Fort Jennings assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
West of Kalida on U.S. Route 224 419-532-2335 Week of Oct. 11-15 Tuesday: Chicken nuggets,
St. John’s Chocolate, white or strawber- seasoned carrots, assorted fruit,
ry milk served with all meals. dinner roll, lowfat milk.
98th Annual H.S. - Ala Carte - Pretzel Wednesday: Hot dog, waffle
and cheese available every fries, assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
October Special: Friday; Salad bar with fruit and Thursday: Ravioli with cheese
$10 off Color Service milk for $2.00 available every cup, green beans, assorted fruit,
with LO (Lauren) Verhoff during October. Wednesday. 4” Bosco stick, lowfat milk.
All color services include cut & Style. Lo is a graduate Monday: Chicken strips, Friday: Pepperoni pizza, sea-
of Paul Mitchell Academy with 3 years experience. mixed vegetables, dinner roll, soned corn, assorted fruit, lowfat
Lo also offers: pedicures, manicures, facial waxing, fruit. milk.
block coloring techniques, highlighting and lowlighting.
Oct. 16 & 17 Sat. & Sun. Lo’s hours are: Mon. 12-8; every other Tues. morning;
Wed. 1-8; Thurs. 11-7; Fri. 10-4; Sat. 9-2
Tuesday: Spaghetti and meat-
sauce, breadstick, peas, fruit. Spencerville
Wednesday: Sloppy Jo Week of Oct. 11-15
2510 in Cash
to be given away
Shear Brilliance Salon
Elida Ave., Delphos 419-692-9517
sandwich, fries, corn, fruit.
Thursday: Salisbury steak,
mashed potatoes, green beans,
Monday: K-4th grade: Corn
dog, french fries, peaches, milk.
5th-12th grade: rib BQ sandwich,

Chicken & Beef

dinner roll, fruit. french fries, peaches, milk.
Friday: Spicy chicken sand- Tuesday: Super nachos, w/
wich, baked beans, cookie, fruit. toppings, corn, applesauce, milk.

Wednesday: Chicken nug-
Ottoville gets, mashed potatoes with gravy,

Week of Oct. 11-15 8 grain dinner roll, pears, milk.
Monday: Corn dog, corn chips, Thursday: Pancakes with
Adults $800 Children $600 (5th grade & younger) green beans, peaches, milk. syrup, sausage links, applesauce,
Serving: Saturday 4:30-7:00 p.m. Tuesday: Pizzaburgers, lunch bunch grapes, milk.
Sunday 4:00-7:00 p.m. french fries, mixed fruit, cookie, Friday: Pepperoni pizza,
milk. green beans, pineapple, milk.
Eat In or Carry Out

s Booths, Crafts
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coaching you moment
has that to
Only moment
gives asystem
to you
a system
moment personal
that to
you moment to moment
Only Curves has CurvesSmart, a personal coaching system that gives you moment to moment

motivated like never before.

feedback and detailed progressand
feedback reports. All
detailed to keepand
progressyou motivated
reports. All to like
keep never
motivated progress
to like
and detailed
keep and
never detailed
All progress
before. to like
All to keep
like never
you motivated
reports. All to keep you motivated like never before.
like never before.

In The Gy
m e Island 327 N. Main St. HOOKAH
Delphos, Ohio 45833 TASTINGS
*Dinner tickets may be purchased by calling the
high school office at 419-692-5371 or (419) 302-5136 AND Limited Time Offer! Limited Time Offer!
grade school office at 419-692-8561. RENTALS Join Now for $30 Limited
Time Limited
Time Offer!
Now for $30
ends October
* May Cause Serious Risk to Your Health * Limited Time Offer!
Limited Limited
Join Time
Joinfor Join
Now Now
$30 forTime for
$30 $30
Time Offer! 30!
Tickets also available in the elementary school Join Now Join
for $30
NowJoin forJoin
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for $30 $30
NowNow forfor
Join $30$30for $30
hallway the days of the event.
Open: Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Sun. 7 am-10 PM 000-000-0000 419-692-2388 000-000-0000
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Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. 7 am-2 am
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E. Fifth
E. Fifth Street
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OH 000-000-0000
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000-000-0000 000-000-0000 419-692-2388
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000-000-0000 Address 419-692-2388
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coming to Curves soon!
Offer based WORKS
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program. CURVES
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valid with
Inc. E. Fifth Street
anyfirst Local
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based on
Local Address
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Local Street
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visit enrollment, minimum
12 45833
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mo. c.d./e.f.t. service
program. fee.
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to Not
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Curves bylocations.
International, Valid
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only atCurves
Inc. CurvesSmart.
© 2010 Curves Powered
by MYTRAK.Inc. © 2010 Curves International, Inc. Saturday, October 9, 2010 The Herald –3


From the banks of yesteryear PET CORNER

From the Delphos Canal Commission

Early farm equipment

on display at museum
Bobbi is an older Lab mix.
She came to the shelter after
being hit by a car. She lost her Nathan is a very
entire tail as a result, but she loving cat! He’s vision
is still as sweet and loving as impaired (we think he’s
can be! She can be a bit self- blind in his left eye),
ish with food and treats, but but he gets around fine!
other than that she’s a very He loves to play and is
gentle dog! very talkative!
Special Needs: Bobbi can
sometimes be slightly inconti-
nent due to the loss of her tail.
Humane Society of Allen County has many pets wait-
As you see the farmers ing for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter, first
out in the fields harvesting shots and a heartworm test. The Humane Society is located
the crops, you marvel at the at 3606 Elida Road, Lima, and can be contacted at 419-
advancements in farming. 991-1775.
Just 100 years ago the task
was performed by hand and The following pets are available for adoption through
then with the help of horses, The Animal Protective League:
mules and oxen. What you Cats:
see one farmer accomplish F, white tiger, 1 year
in one day once required F, 1 year, white tiger
many days with many men, M, 1 year, black
women and children work- F, 2 years, multi color
ing from sunup to sun- Calico, 1 year, named Sally
The early equipment, Kittens:
including handmade wood- F, — 11 weeks, white
en rakes, pitchforks and M, F — 6 weeks, white, black
scythes from the Jacob Cooper — 8 months, male tiger
Dienstberger collection, are M, F — 3 months, tiger, gray, multi color
on display at the Delphos M, F — 4 months, tiger
Canal Commission. You
will also find early hay
Female Chihuahua, 6 years, cream and white, no kids
rakes with cutters that could Chihuahua, 7 years, brindle and white, no kids
be attached to an animal- Hay lifter Zeus — male Boxer Pit Bull, 1 year, named
powered and possibly hand- Max — male Bichon, 3 yars, white
made contraption to make Female Bearded Collie, 6 years, chocolate and white,
the job a little less labor spayed
intensive. The hay sling Molly — Boxer/Border Collie, 2 years, tan and white,
on display (pictured hang- short haired bushy tail
ing from the ceiling) inge-
niously and inexpensively Puppies:
cut down the time and labor M, 11 months, Tree Walker Coon Hound
needed to move the hay
from the wagon to the hay For more information on these pets or if you are in
mow/loft. need of finding a home for your pet contact The Animal
We have many more trea- Protective League from9-5 weekdays at 419-749-2976. If
sures from local farm fami- you are looking for a pet not listed call to be put on a wait-
lies housed at the Delphos Handcutter, ing list in case something becomes available. Donations
Canal Commission for your cradle. or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321, Van Wert,
viewing pleasure. OH 45891.
The museum is open
every Sunday from 1 to
3 pm and every Thursday
from 9 am to noon. Please

visit soon.

Sized Right 

A select number of homeowners in Delphos

and the surrounding areas will be given the
opportunity to have a lifetime Erie Metal
Roofing System installed on their home
at a reasonable cost.
Fall Demands Qualified homeowners will receive attractive
Sized Right for Your Wor pricing and have access to our special low

Color Change!Sized Right for
Sized Right for Your W
Your Workload
Sized Right for Your W
interest unsecured bank financing.
An Erie Metal Roof will keep your home cooler
leave summer behind with:
browns ACCOUNTS in the summer and warmer in the winter.

IS NOT THE SAME Sized Right forAnyourErie

Your Workload
LS 27 CC
deep reds Metal Roofing System will provide *Shown with optional attachments
home with unsurpassed “Beauty and
copper blondes Sized Right for Your Workload
27 tons of r

OHC/OHV • Diamond-pl
Lasting Protection”!
• 27 tons of Only
ram pressure
1 ®
• 27 t 160 HONDA 1 ®


Call Holly, Jordan, Sarah or Sale Price
*fenders • Deluxe

Amy to save $15.00 on your INQUIRE
Price Only TO SEE $
Sized Right for Your Workload IF YOUR HOME
• Diamond-plate steelENGINE
Sized Right for
Sized Right for Your Workload
Sized Right for
Fall color! Oct. 1st to 30th Your Workload
Sized Right for Your Workload 1,629
1,629 $
Bring coupon in to receive discount.

Your Workload
* • Deluxe wheeled jack stand and
Sale Price Only
* light •
kit Delu
One coupon per customer.


When it comes to the number of retirement

320 N. Canal St., Delphos
419-692-9871 oraccounts
419-69COLOR you Sized Right for Your Workload
• 27 tons of ram pressure 1601 HONDA® OHC/OHV Sale Price Only

• 27 tons of ram pressure
• Diamond-plate steel fenders
• Deluxe wheeled jack stand and light kit
$ email:
have, the saying “more is better” is not
Hay buncher necessarily true. LS 27 CC In
Price Only
• Diamond-plate steel fenders
CUB* CADET• LOG Deluxe wheeled jack stand and light kit
*Shown with attachments SPLITTER

Boehner tells fact, if you hold multiple accounts with various brokers, it $
LS 27 CC LS 27 CC 160 HONDA OHC/OHV • 27 tons of ram pressure

Sized Right for Your Workload
1 ®

*Shown with optional attachments LS 27 CC *Shown with optional OHC/OHV

HONDA •• 27 tons
HPof ram pressure
Diamond-plate steel fenders
1 ®
attachments 221

Sized Right for Your Workload

•• Diamond-plate
Deluxe wheeledsteel
jackfenders Sale
stand and light kit Price Only
*Shown with
Onlyoptional attachments

Ohio rally jobs 1,629

LS 27 CC
Sale Price
2010 SNOW
*Shown with optional attachments
can be difficult to keep track of your investments and to CUB CADET LOG SPLITTER
• Deluxe wheeled jack stand and light kit
*Shown with optional attachments *


CUB 179CC CUB 2010
top issue
tons SNOWof ramSTARTpressure • Easy chute
see if you’re properly diversified.* At the very

least, multiple
1 ®



tonsLOG of ram SPLITTER
pressure CADET • 21” 201
• ELECTRIC of Only
179CC CUB • Diamond-plate
Easy chute
Easy chutesteel
2 2
• Eas 2
LS 27 CC Sale Price • 4-CYCLE ENGINE
LS 27 CC
ENGINE • Deluxe Diamond-plate
• 21” clearing 27 tons
width steel
and of ram CADET
13” intake ® OHV

• High-perfor
accounts usually mean multiple fees. ••wheeled jack stand anddrivelight kit
• Diamond-plate
steel OHC/OHV
• 21”
® 2

21” clearing width and 13” intake height

$ • Deluxe4-CYCLE
LS 27 CC *Shown with optional attachments

Sale Price Only Sale Price Only

*Shown with optional attachments Sale
High-performance Only
auger assist 4-CYCLE

Sized Right for Your Workload
WEST CHESTER (AP) — ENGINE and light •kit$Deluxe •4-CYCLE
light kit • High
*Shown with optional attachments Sale Price Only ®

ASAS 449
1,629 $ • High-performance auger assist drive
Sale Price Only Sale
• Deluxe Price
wheeledOnly jackOnly
stand and light
House Republican leader John CUB CADET 2010 SNOW THROWER

Sized Right for
Sized Right for
Your Workload 1,629
Your Workload
449 449 $CUB$ CADET $
1 * 1
Boehner says the November
• Easy chute rotation
21” clearing width and $

WhenWhen it comes to thetonumber

it comes of retirement
the number accounts
of retirement you you
Bringing your is accounts tonecessarily
Edward true. Jones could help solve • 27ELECTRIC •• Easy chute
13” intake height
® 2

election will be a referendum •• 21” 4-CYCLE

clearing width and OHV

have, have,
the saying “more“more
the saying better” is not isnecessarily
is better” not true. In In High-performance auger
1 ® 221 HP
160 HONDA OHC/OHV tons of ramSTART
pressure179CC CUB • Easy chute rotation
• High-performance Sale PriceENGINE
4-CYCLE 2Only
auger assist drive
on high unemployment and $
*Shown with optional attachments Sale Price Only
fact, ifthat. Plus, one statement can make it easier to221see
HP if • Diamond-plate
you hold multiple
multiple accounts
accounts with various
with various brokers,
brokers, it CC it ENGINE CADET $OHV
steel fenders • 21” clearing width and 13” intake height
LS 27
what he calls job-killing poli- can becan be difficult
difficult to keep
to keep track track
of your of investments
your investmentsand toand to CC Sale Price Only • Deluxe 4-CYCLE ENGINE
wheeled jack stand
CUBand light
CADET kit • High-performance
2010 SNOW THROWER auger assist drive
LS 27
*Shown with optional attachments
LS 27 CC $
LS 27 CC *Shown with optional attachments
Sale Price Only
cies. you’re moving toward your verygoals. 221 HP 221 HP *

Sized Right for Your Workload
* At

see if you’re
see if you’re properly
properly diversified. * At the
diversified. theleast,
very least, multiple
multiple 221 HP $
*Shown with optional attachments • Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power steering
*Shown with optional attachments 524 SWE
*Shown with optional CADET1 attachments
Speaking in his southwest
*Shown with 221 optional
HP attachments • 4-way joystick extended chute and pitch

mean mean multiple
multiple fees. fees. *Shown 221 with
HP optional *Shown attachments
with optional attachments
control 4-CYCLEwith
*Shown ENGINE optional attachments *Shown with optional attachments
width and 21” intake2010 SNOW T
Sale Price Only
Ohio home district hours
*Shown with optional attachments
24” clearing height

after a bleak federal report *Bringing

Diversification does not guarantee a profit
your your
accounts accounts
to to
Edward Edward
Jones Jones
could could
help CUB or
solve CADET
solveprotect LOG ® CUB CADET 2010 SNOW
against SPLITTER
CUB loss.CADET • 27 LOG
tons of ram CUB
• Easy SNOW
• SN
CUB chute rotation

CUB steeringCADET 201


on employment, Boehner said all Plus,

all that. that. Plus, one statement
one statement can make can makeit easierit easier
to see toif see if ENGINE 2 • Diamond-plate CADET
179CC CADET CUB • CUB •2010
21” • CADET
• Posi-Steer™
® power
zero-turn 13” THROWER
steering height • 4-way • joyst
tons chute rotation •4-way
Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power steering
208CC 208CC
4-way joystick START
extended chute 208CC
and pitch CUB
® 2
2 2
LS 27 CC 1601 HONDA® OHC/OHV 221 HP Sale 160• Price
Onlyof ram
® pressure
OHC/OHV 4-CYCLE of ram
Friday that it looked a lot like
•control joystick extended chute and pitch
moving moving
toward toward your goals.
your goals. CADET 524 SWE • Deluxe wheeled
clearing CADET
® ®
and Salelight
and 13” kit
intake • 21”
• 4-way • ELECTRIC
extended 13” intake
drivechute control
• 4-w

To *learn why consolidating

your $
*Shown with optional attachments • Diamond-plate * steel fenders *Shown • Diamond-plate
Sale Price
4-CYCLE Only steelENGINE fenders
• 24”Sale
control Price
clearing widthOnly
and 21”CADET
intake height® OHV
the reports every month under
Sale Price
® Only
•4-CYCLE and 21”ENGINE
with optional attachments
4-CYCLE with
ENGINE optional attachments 4-CYCLE CADET OHV • 24” clearing

kit• High-performance
21”widthclearing 1augerwidth assist
and drive
13” intake hei
Sale Price Only Sale Price Only
Only ENGINE contro
• 24” clearing intake height
• Deluxe Salewheeled jack stand and •light $
• High-performance
Deluxe kit wheeled Sale $auger
Price stand and light 799 drive control

Sale Price Only ENGINE 4-CYCLE

Sale Price
1,629 1,629
Only 4-CYCLE
President Barack Obama’s $ sense, call your $ local
• 24” clearing H.G.
• High-performance VIOLETauger assist EQU
Diversification does not guarantee
a profit aorprofit or protect
against against
loss. loss.

does not guarantee protect
$ CUB • 24”
* *

widthSale andPrice
21” Onlyintake height
449 $ CUB financial $THROWER
Sale Price 1Only 1
to Edward Jonesyour makes
1 1
CADET 2010
economic stimulus plan. CUB CADET LOG SPLITTER CADET 2010 SNOW $
449 799
$ 1
To learn
To learn why consolidating
why consolidating your retirement
retirement accountsaccounts
Boehner fired up a rally
524 SWE

advisor today. • Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power steering

524 SWE *Shown with optional attachments
to Edward
to Edward Jones Jones
makesmakes sense,sense, call 160
call your your
local OHC/OHV
financial • 27 ELECTRIC
tons of ram pressure
•withEasy chute EQUIPMENTSTART 208CC2 CUB
rotation P.O. BOX 33
at a family-owned manufac-
optional attachments
ENGINE 13” intake height • 4-way joystick extended chuteDELPHOS, and pitch
advisor today.
advisor today. LS 27 CC • Diamond-plate CADET
fenders 2103 • 21”
NORTH clearingMAIN width
turing company, telling his 221 HP 524 SWE 4-CYCLE O
*Shown with optionalSale Price Only 4-CYCLE ENGINE P.O. BOXwith 334optional attachments control
• Deluxe wheeled jack stand and light kit • High-performance auger assist drive
Andy North
attachments *Shown
audience an “out-of-control” LS 27 CC Andy Andy
North North
LS 221
27 HP
CC $ withwithoptional 221 * HP
524 SWE *Shown with optional
Sale attachments
Price Only 524 SWE DELPHOS, Sale
OH Price Only
1 attachments • 24” clearing width and 21”(419) intake height 695-2
449 $
Financial Advisor Advisor attachments 221 HP *Shown with optional 1 attachments 524 SWE *Shown with optional
*Shown with optional (419) 695-2000
government is disrespecting
with optional attachments *Shown
*Shown optional

them. He asked rhetorically

1122 Elida Elida Avenue
. .

CUB CADET Service.

Commercial Products Foroptional
Intended Knowledge.
For Professional
with optional
Commercial Products
Actual retail prices1
For For
Professional Professional
Use Use
are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes, freig
Selection. Financing. Delivery.
. retail prices are set by dealer may vary. Taxes, freight, setup and handling charges may be

Delphos,Delphos, OH 45833 additional and may vary. Models2103 subject NORTH MAIN asSTREET

if they had to accept it, then

OH 45833
to limited BOX 334 CADET
rated by engine manufacturer

additional and may vary. Models subject to limited availability. a 2

1122 Elida Avenue CUB CADET

419-695-0660 ELECTRIC 2010START SNOW
CUB 2010
• Easy chute
START 334 208CC 2
CUB • Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power steering
he shouted: “Hell no, you CADET ®
OHV • 21”
clearing CADETwidth
13” 208CC
height CUB • 4-way 2010
• Posi-Steer™ SNOW
joystick extended zero-turn THROWER
chute power
and pitchsteering
Delphos, OH 45833 (419)
• 695-2000
Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power steering
don’t!” LS 27 CC ELECTRIC START 179CC 2
SWE • Easy chute
ENGINE rotation 2
CUB • Easy
4-CYCLE chute
695-2000CADET rotation
OHV • 4-way •joystick
Posi-Steer™ extended zero-turn
chute and
221 HP CADET OHV • High-performanceH.G.
• 4-way VIOLET
joystick assist START
extended EQUIPMENT
drive 208CC
chute control
and CUB
Member SIPC ®
Commercial Intended
Products For For Professional
Professional Use 2
*Shown with optional attachments CADET ®
*Shown with optional attachmentsSale• Price
21” clearing
width and 13”Models
intake •andheight
21” Sale Price aswidth
4-CYCLE Only and
ENGINE 13”charges
®intake height
He said the Republicans’
*Shown with
retail prices
Products attachments
are set by
For dealer
and may
Use vary.
Use Taxes, freight, setup
and handling charges
OHV may be
• 24” control width
clearing • 4-way and joystick
21” intakeextended
height chute and p
449 $ 2103
$ • High-performance
Actual andprices
retail may vary.
are set subject
by dealer to limited
may vary.availability.
Taxes, freight, rated
engine manufacturer

1 handling may be
Sale Price Only

Sale Only auger assist

1additional and may vary. Models subject to
Price •drive
High-performance NORTH 4-CYCLE auger MAIN assist
ENGINE drive • 24” clearing
“pledge to America” rep-
limited availability. as rated by engine manufacturer

H.G. VIOLET EQUIPMENT controlwidth and 21” intake height

Sale Price Only Sale Price Only • 24” clearing $ width Saleand 21” intake height
resents a new direction for 2103 NORTH
24” clearing width andOH 21” intake hei
1 1

$ 2103 2103 NORTH North1 Main

Congress and the GOP.
• Easy
P.O. MemberBOX 334
START 208CC2 CUB • Posi-Steer™ zero-turn power
chute rotation
(419) BOXOH
steering P.O.
695-2000 BOX 334
CADET® OHV • 21” clearing CADET®DELPHOS,
width and OHV
13” intake height OH • 4-way (419)
joystick extended 695-2000
chute and pitch
221 HP 4-CYCLE524 SWE
*Shown with optional attachments 524 SWE • *Shown High-performance (419)
with optional auger
Commercial assist695-2000
attachments drive For
Products control
Intended For Professional
Professional Use (419)
Use 695-2000
4 — The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

POLITICS “It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of
health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion,
the value of rest.” — Dorothy Canfield Fisher, American author and essayist (1879-1958)

Tandhis City
Thatby HELEN Store

Jones resigns as
One Year Ago
• The Elida High School FFA held its annual “Apple lon next director
Butter Day” last Thursday. Students in grades K-6 were WASHINGTON (AP) —
welcome to come and learn more about apple butter, the In another White House shake
nature of trails behind the school, farm machinery and a few up, President Barack Obama
animals. on Friday announced that his
national security adviser, Gen.
James Jones, was stepping The City Feed Store on Elida Avenue.
25 Years Ago — 1985 down after helping to shape
• A Delphos automotive business has recently changed the foreign policy for near- Last week one day, I
its name and its owner. Jim Flanagan purchased the former ly two years. Tom Donilon, stopped in at the City Feed
Small Car Service located at 126 S. Canal St. Flanagan Jones’ deputy, will take over Store to bid farewell to one
worked for Small Car Service owner Tim Staup for as the top security adviser. of my favorite places. I also
approximately one and one-half years before taking over the Obama hailed Jones, a bought my winter supply of
business. lifelong military man before bird food. This was the end of
• Becky Ann Krietemeyer of Fort Jennings is a member of his White House post, as a an era — the official last day
the Ohio Northern women’s volleyball team. While at Fort “dedicated public servant and of business for the elevator.
Jennings High School, Krietemeyer earned varsity let- a friend to me.” The presi- Terry Odenweller is retiring.
ters in volleyball and basketball. She is the daughter of Mr. dent turned over the job to Many farmers and others will
and Mrs. George Krietemeyer and is a freshman pharmacy Donilon, a workhorse figure in miss this hang-out where they
major. the White House who brings could stop in for a visit during
• Defending champion St. John’s placed second in the to the job a long background the off season.
Terry Odenweller started
Midwest Athletic conference cross county meet Tuesday with of Democratic politics and coming to the elevator with his
57 points and Matt Scarr won his third straight individual The president said that dad over 60 years ago, when
conference championship. Coldwater won the team title with Jones, from the start, had he was 6 or 7.
46 points. Scarr, who has won 11 of 12 races this season, planned to leave within two Vince Odenweller started
placed first with a time of 16:52. years. The move comes just the City Feed when he moved
one week after Obama lost his to Delphos back in 1930.
50 Years Ago — 1960 chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, He came from a long line of
• Virginia Osting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Syl Osting, who quit to run for Chicago elevator families. His father,
will reign as the homecoming queen at the St. Johns-Tiffin mayor. Other significant staff Edward, was a co-owner of the
football game here on Saturday night. Senior attendants to changes are likely as Obama’s Odenweller Milling Company
the queen will be Mary Jane Friemoth, daughter of Mr. and term nears its midterm mark. in Ottoville. It was located
Mrs. August Friemoth; Velma Bonifas, daughter of Mr. and Jones has served during a along the Miami–Erie Canal,
Mrs. Linus Bonifas and Marie Buettner, daughter of Mr. time when Obama has sought where boats stopped to pick
and Mrs. Everett Buettner. Junior attendants will be Mary to reshape American foreign up flour, which was shipped to
Lou Cramer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cramer and policy on many fronts, from Toledo and Cincinnati.
Paul Hesseling, left, Richard “Popeye” Warnecke and
ending the combat mission The building in Delphos
Joann Shumaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shumaker. in Iraq to expanding the war
which houses the City Feed Terry Odenweller on Terry’s last day at City Feed.
Sophomores selected to serve as attendants to the queen in Afghanistan to attempting
was built in 1909 as a cream- but now is a regional market.
include Paula Greulich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roman to improve relations across ery, which was owned by Felix Many farmers have their own
Greulich; Bonnie Stallkamp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Europe and Asia. Jones had Steinle, S. F. Shenk, Joseph trucks or semi-trucks so they
Tom Stallkamp and Jane Kill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul quiet clout but found himself Roth, Joe Jettinghoff, A. B. can haul to the big elevators
Kill. The Queen and her attendant nominees are selected in a world of turf battles and King, Jettinghoff Bros., Theo. for higher prices. Terry fully
from merit students at St. John’s, the seniors having tensions given the competing Helmkamp, Edw Scherger, understands the situation and
six nominees. The queen is elected from nominees by the demands, ideas and personali- Wm. Wemmer, Henry he has reached retirement age
members of the senior, junior and sophomore classes. Court ties in the government and the Wemmer and J. J. Duvall. The so it’s time to go. He isn’t sure
attendants are merit students selected by vote in each home challenge of trying to coor- structure was 30 X 70, built of of the future of the elevator
room. dinate them at the National brick, with a frame interior. but there are some options on
Security Council. Vince Odenweller was mar- the table.
75 Years Ago — 1935 “Through these challenges, ried to Dorothy Ditto, daughter Terry said they have had
• Paul Freund, son of Frank Freund of Fort Jennings, a Jim has always been a steady of Police Chief Glenn Ditto. three good secretaries. There
voice in Situation Room ses- They had five children: Mike, was Melinda Moenter, Janet
senior in the college of engineering and a member of Sigma sions, daily briefings, and with
Pi fraternity, has been appointed on the “N” Men Luncheon meetings with foreign leaders, Terry, Barb Miller, Jim and Bonifas and now Maribeth
committee for the annual Homecoming, Oct. 18-19 at Ohio also representing our country Sharon Whitney. Vince passed Gable, who has been with
Northern University, Ada. away in December 1997. the City Feed for 15 years.
abroad with allies and partners Dorothy resides in her home All three were great people
• The League of Nations leaders plan to make a com- in every region of the world,” Terry Odenweller in front
mittee of some 20 nations to decide penalties against Fasict Obama said in a Rose Garden on the Fort Jennings Road in persons, who knew how to
Delphos. Terry married Sharyl “handle” the farmers. Melinda of a framed old seed sack.
Italy for attacking Ethiopia. They intend that by early next ceremony. Schwartz and they had two worked there for over 25 years. All farmers had all kinds of
week specific penalties will be first of a series designed to Donilon’s promotion has a girls: Trish (Greg) Klausing Most customers knew they animals in those days. Some
strangle Italy economically and financially if it does not end significant spillover effect on and Joy (Jeff) Hays. Terry and could always count on her for farmers also had their own
its attack. the rest of the White House. He Sharyl have seven grandchil- a good “story” or joke. cloth feed sacks, with their
• Merlin Benroth, who for several years has been emerged as a top candidate to dren: Josh, Tyler and Ryan The City Feed survived and name on it.
the outstanding Beef Breeds Exhibitor in Vocational replace Emanuel as the perma- Klausing and Jake, Lexie, thrived during this technologi- There was a time in the
Agricultural and 4-H classes, was not in the championship nent chief of staff. Now that job Leah and Samantha Hays. cal age without a computer. forties, after the war, when
class this year; however, the winner, Clifford Benroth, is appears even more likely to go to Vince bought the creamery They used the pen-and-pencil some feed came in printed
a cousin of Merlin’s, as is Marvin Benroth, the winner of Pete Rouse, the newly installed building and started his busi- method, with individual atten- fabric. Many women sewed
interim chief of staff and a long-
Reserve Championship. time adviser to Obama. ness in 1930 during the early tion. They did have a calcula- “feed sack dresses” or skirts
Obama had recruited Jones days of the Great Depression. tor, typewriter and copier. for their little girls from these
for a job he had not been He started out grinding feed, Richard “Popeye” sacks.
then buying grain and clover Warnecke and Paul Hesseling In all this time, Terry never
Moderately confused
seeking. Before the cameras
Friday, Jones told Obama that seed. His business continued have made the City Feed their missed a full week of work.
he accepted the job in large to grow. favorite hang-out, while at the They vacationed on long
part because “I was persuaded Grain first came in on flat same time, helping Terry with week-ends.
that you were willing to take on bed wagons. Half the time was the odds and ends around the In retirement, Terry hopes
the hard issues of our time at a spent hooking and un-hooking elevator. to do a little more golfing. He
very, very difficult moment in wagons of corn, beans, wheat Terry reflected on: likes golf but said “playing
our nation’s history.” and oats. Corn weighed 56 “Everything I learned was against him is no challenge.”
As for his new national pounds per bushel, soybeans from my dad, especially how Although they have offi-
security adviser, Obama said and wheat weighed 60 pounds to treat people. We appreci- cially closed, they will be in
Donilon has already been per bushel and oats weighed ated all customers, big and and out for a couple weeks.
immersed in every major 32 pounds. Corn has always small, including those who Just give them a call before
national security issue and been measured as shelled corn. came in for a pound of grass you come.
earned his trust. However, back in the early days seed or a bag of dog food.” Beth Metzger has been a
Jones and Donilon stood they did take in some ear corn. (My Black Lab, Lady, thrived life-long customer, coming to
on either side of the president A wagon would average on their Provinco dog food.) the City Feed to get feed for
as he spoke. Both wore red about 80 bushel of grain per Terry said everyone was her horses and chickens. She
ties and dark suits, and both load. The job became much important. If a farmer wanted has fond memories of coming
stood with their hands clasped easier with the advent of hop- to dump a load or needed feed to the elevator as a little girl
in front of them squinting a per wagons. All you had to do after supper, they took care of with her parents. Kids always
little against the sunlight. They was put the wagon on a hoist him and always with a smile. got a sucker or a candy bar.
cracked a grin once — when to dump. The first hopper wag- Back in the old days, they Tony Kaverman remem-
Obama commented on the vast ons held 150 bushel. Now they delivered feed to some farm- bers the old Coke machine,
quantities of Diet Coke that hold up to 800 bushel. Prices ers. He remembers some farm- with the 5 cent Cokes in glass
Donilon consumes. on his last day were $4.45 for ers housed their chickens up bottles.
As in most administrations, corn, $10.42 for soybeans and on the second floor of the Cheri Core, who lives
there were rivalries between $5.59 for wheat. Beans have barn. Terry carried many a directly across the street from
the National Security Council gone as high as $16.45 back sack of feed up the ladder on the City Feed, said she will
and the State Department, on July 3, 2008, and corn has his shoulders. really miss the elevator activ-
although officials say Jones gone as high as $8 per bushel. Terry has kept records back ity and nostalgia. Her grand-
had a cordial relationship with Corn went down to $1.61 on to 1978 and ’79. These include mother, Beatrice Wieging,
Secretary of State Hillary Nov. 10, 2004. grain prices and what was hap- enjoyed sitting on the Core’s
Rodham Clinton. “He brought Farming has changed con- pening in the world and on the front porch at harvest time
a steady hand and clear vision siderably over the years and local scene. watching the tractors and wag-
to an unforgiving agenda,” elevators had to change with Years ago, livestock feed ons sitting in line to unload
Clinton said Friday. the times. It was a local market came in 100 pound bags. and sell their grain. Saturday, October 9, 2010 The Herald – 5

CALENDAR OF Class of 45
EVENTS meets for
8:30-11:30 a.m. — St. 65th reunion
John’s High School recycle, The St. John’s class of
600 block of East Second 1945 met for its 65th reunion
Street. on Sept. 25.
9 a.m. - noon — Interfaith The event began with Mass
Thrift Store is open for shop- at St. John the Evangelist
ping. Catholic Church and contin-
St. Vincent DePaul Society, ued with dinner and social-
located at the east edge of the izing.
St. John’s High School park- The graduating class con-
ing lot, is open. The facil- sisted of 57 students — 25
ity can also be opened by boys and 36 girls.
appointment by calling John Those attending were
Trentman at 419-692-7185. Harold Pohlman, Harold
Cloverdale recycle at vil- Landwehr, Paul Hemker,
lage park. Robert Grothouse, Gerald
12:15 p.m. — Testing of Rode, Leo Schmelzer, Rose
warning sirens by Delphos (Kaverman) Schmelzer,
Fire and Rescue Regina (Ulm) Schimmoeller,
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. Glenna (Ditto) Kelly, Marie
John’s Little Theatre. (Gerdeman) Swick, Joan
(Wrocklage) Landwehr,
Please notify the Delphos Eileen (Hesseling) Suever,
Herald at 419-695-0015 if Valeta (Siefker) Wienken and
there are any corrections Beatrice (Hempfling) Miller
or additions to the Coming Smith.
Events column. Other classmates attending
were Hubert Youngpeter and
Coletta (Ernst) Dray.
The next reunion is set
Sept. 24, 2011.

Happy Birthday
OCT. 10
Tracy (Grothouse) Wasem
Jason Binkley
Tess Vonderwell
Leroy Wittler
Julia Schleeter
Jordan Moening
OCT. 11
Beverly Derrow
Tony Wrasman
Les Line
Donna Schmelzer
Jessica Alt

Coins, CurrenCy & ColleCtibles

Invites you to... PNG members assist media investigation
Professional Numismatists Guild member-dealers have been assisting the news me-
dia in their continuing investigations of several gold buying companies that move
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“Despite prominent advertising that may proclaim, “No One Pays More”, some
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The initial investigations were conducted by The Examiner newspaper in Beau-
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Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The subsequent stories revealed that “promises of
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nearly a fourth or less of the actual value of the items being presented for sale,”
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Based on the results of the investigative reporting, PNG officials issued a brief
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the old Westrich Furniture Store. Jordan discovered some hotel buyers operate under multiple assumed names, have
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Coins, CurrenCy & ColleCtibles

238 N. MAIN ST., DELPHOS, OH 45833
Jay Shepherd of the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas warned, I consider
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6 – The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kalida grabs PCL Jays throw shutout at Cavaliers
boys soccer title By JIM METCALFE
The Delphos Herald
By DAVE BONINSEGNA opportunities late in the first
The Delphos Herald half but the defenses on both sides would not break. DELPHOS — Everyone
The second half started talks about a typically
KALIDA — With the with one of the two lack-of- physical Midwest Athletic
Putnam County League light delays. When the action Conference football game.
championship on the line and started, the Big Green was St. John’s senior quarter-
two teams that had given up a ready and nearly scored less back Jordan Leininger’s eye
combined total of five goals than five minutes into the half looked like he had been in a
on the season, it would be but an offsides call negated a fight Friday night after one.
fitting that the boys soccer score. It seemed like he was
match between the Kalida “They are a very fast as his Blue Jays downed
Wildcats and the Ottoville team; he (Ottoville Coach Coldwater 14-0 in a MAC
Big Green would come down Erik Gerker) runs kids in and gridiron war Friday night at
to one goal. out and my concern was, if Stadium Park.
That is exactly what we going to be able “You had two very good
happened on Friday to go at this pace. I defenses that played very
night at Kalida Soccer don’t really sub my hard and extremely well.
Stadium as the hosts defenders a lot at Both did a great job of taking
bested their SR 224 and all. We string a few away what the other likes to
previously-undefeated passes together and do,” Jays coach Todd Schulte
foe 1-0. we didn’t let them do that,” noted. “Jordan got his helmet
Tom Morris photo
Jeremy Kahle sent the lone Czubik stated. knocked off on a play and his
score into the back of the net Ottoville got a free kick eye took the brunt of it. He Senior safety A.J. Klausing and junior linebacker Kyle Neumeier team up to bring
with 21:53 to go in the con- off another yellow card with played with a lot of pain but down a Coldwater ballcarrier Friday at Stadium Park. That duo helped the host Blue
test to give the Wildcats the 25:05 to go but the kick went once he was ready, he went Jays pitch a shutout and survive a 14-0 tug-of-war versus the Cavaliers.
PCL championship. high over the crossbar. back in. It was a tough game
The match had a little bit The hosts finally lit the for both teams.” tained drive of the game to 7. on 4th-and-2, Aaron Rammel
of everything: three yellow lamp on a well-developed play Neither team gained much gain the end zone on a 9-play Three players later at the was stuffed for a 1-yard
cards, superlative defense and that started at midfield. The of anything: the Jays com- effort. Keyed by a 25-yard 20, Leininger ran a triple gain.
two stoppages of play, not Wildcats stole the ball with piled a season-low 254 yards run by Leininger (held to option and handed it to junior A sack of Bettinger by
due to injury, but because the Kahle leading the charge. He of offense (197 yards on 42 31 yards rushing on 15 tries fullback Jordan Bergfeld (7 senior Cody Brinkman on
lights went out. There was a passed to the right to Kevan rushes) versus the Cavaliers’ and 5-of-9 passing for 57 rushes, 94 yards). The hole 4th-and-1 at the Jays’ 42
problem with one of the poles Unverferth, who then got the total of 179 (47 rushing on 24 yards) on 3rd-and-6 from the opened wide and the speed- sealed the game as the Jays
at the end of the pitch, result- ball to Ian Richie; that is when attempts). 30, the finisher came at the ster burst up the gut and then ran out the clock.
ing in two delays. Richie found Kahle in the box “Our defense did every- Cavalier 6. Senior tailback simply outran the final two St. John’s visits Fort
“Two good teams, two and the senior delivered the thing we asked of it. Outside Evan Burgei (63 yards on defenders to paydirt. After Recovery at 7:30 p.m.
good defensive teams, it didn’t shot past Kyle Kroeger for of one drive and a big play, 18 tough carries) took a toss missing the conversion kick Friday, while Coldwater
surprise me that the game the score. they couldn’t have done any inside right tackle and found wide but getting a second hosts Marion Local.
ended up like this,” Kalida “We stubbed our toe more,” Coldwater coach a hole to the goal line. Josh chance on a penalty, Rode ST. JOHN’S 14, COLDWATER 0
coach Mark Czubik stated. early in the year; we tried Chip Otten said. “Their Rode’s conversion made it added the point-after for a Coldwater 0 0 0 0-0
“We have two seniors back to stay positive and felt like defense was just as good. 7-0 with 3:19 showing in the 14-0 spread with 5:44 left. St. John’s 0 7 0 7 - 14
on defense and they have a we had the talent to score We just didn’t take advan- second. “We ran the triple there
No scoring
number of seniors themselves some goals. I think the Elida tage of what we did have. We A Derek Klaus sack of and their linebackers and SECOND QUARTER
that know what to expect; game is when things started tried everything: a reverse senior Cavalier quarterback safety ran out of the middle;
SJ — Evan Burgei 6 run (Josh Rode
kick), 3:19
things don’t come easy for to click,” Czubik remarked. pass, a fake punt, whatever Ethan Bettinger (3-of-10 it was wide open and a big THIRD QUARTER
them back there. We were “It is never easy in the PCL; I we had in our offensive bag. passing, 21 yards; back after play,” Schulte added. “Our No scoring
Nothing worked; when it did, FOURTH QUARTER
able to squeak one in.” don’t care who you play. I am missing the first half of the defensive game plan was to SJ — Jordan Bergfeld 80 run (Rode
Defense played a big part just hoping this game will be we dropped a pass in the end season with a broken ankle) rush three men and try to get kick), 5:44
of not only the entire match a springboard for the tourna- zone.” ended the next Coldwater pressure with just them and TEAM STATS
but the tone was set early on ment because we have had The Jays (7-0, 5-0 MAC) drive. cover with eight. Those there Coldwater St. John’s
as both teams collected just problems in the tournament. did reach Cavalier space on An interception by senior did a great job and worked First Downs 11 9
their first possession (the 1st Total Yards 179 254
two shots each in the first 40 I don’t know why, we just A.J. Klausing of sophomore hard; they forced their quar- Rushes-Yards 24-47 42-197
minutes of play. of the game) but on 4th- Cavalier starter Austin Bruns terbacks — we were pre- Passing Yards 132 57
haven’t played well. We may and-2 at the 13, Leininger Comps.-Atts. 14-33 5-9
The first yellow card of the (11-of-21 passing, 111 yards) pared for both — to move
contest was issued to Kalida see these guys in a couple of was thrown for a 13-yard loss Intercepted by 0 1
on the last play of the half around and didn’t give them Fumbles-Lost 2-0 2-1
with 20:16 to go in the first weeks; we are going to have and the Cavaliers got the ball ended it. time to sit back and throw. Penalties-Yards 4-18 3-25
at the 48. However, the Jays Punts-Aver. 7-35.4 7-36.4
half and Ottoville’s Blake to be ready to step up to the The second half settled Outside of when Bruns went
Gerdeman took advantage challenge again.” made the first of their several into even more of a defensive north and south, we tackled INDIVIDUAL
of the free kick with a long Ottoville (12-1) the Big stops on a 3-and-out. battle. very well.”
RUSHING: Austin Bruns 14-32,
delivery into the box but a The hosts again got in The Cavaliers did have Otten acknowledged the
Green returns to action 5 Cavalier territory (the 46)
Caleb Siefring 1-18, Aaron Rammel
save by Kalida junior keeper p.m. Tuesday night against a 52-yard Bruns-to-Caleb 3-man line worked well. 6-14, Ross Wermert 2-4, Team 1-(-
)7, Ethan Bettinger 3-(-)14.
Drew Stechschulte kept it a with sophomore Mark Boggs Siefring aerial negated by a “They did a fine job of
the Fort Jennings Musketeers, under center before punting.
PASSING: Bruns 11-21-111-1-0,
scoreless contest. while unbeaten Kalida (11-0- holding call on their second rushing the quarterback and Bettinger 3-10-21-0-0, Rammel 0-1-
Both teams had their The visitors (4-3, 3-2 possession of the half. covering with their eight
0-0-0, Drew Klosterman 0-1-0-0-0.
3) hosts Bluffton at 7 p.m. MAC) then attained the Blue RECEIVING: Reese Klenke 4-53,
The Cavaliers used a fake downfield,” he added. “We Drew Feltz 3-38, Troy Otten 1-19,

Reds unravel, Phillies Jay 38 but that is all, with

Kyle Bergman pinning them
punt — a reverse to Siefring
that gained 18 yards on 4th-
couldn’t run the ball well
enough to take advantage of
Alex Stammen 2-18, Rammel 2-(-)1,
Siefring 1-11.

win 7-4 to take 2-0 lead

at the 4. and-10 at thed 31 — with all their people in the second- RUSHING: Jordan Bergfeld 7-94,
An exchange of punts nine minutes left in the fourth ary.”
Evan Burgei 18-63, Jordan Leininger
15-31, Mark Boggs 1-6, Chris
By ROB MAADDI Phillips dropped the relay later, the Jays started at the period to try and salvage a Coldwater put together Pohlman 1-5.
The Associated Press throw for another error, giving 26 with 6:58 left in the half. drive. However, the Jays its only real sustained drive, PASSING: Leininger 5-9-57-0-0.
RECEIVING: Tyler Bergfeld 2-33,
the Phillies a 5-4 lead. With Leininger back in, they stiffened and forced a real marching from the 27 to the Justin Grothouse 1-11, Burgei 1-10,
PHILADELPHIA — Raul Ibanez followed with put together their only sus- punt that pinned them at the Jays’ 9 in seven plays, but Jordan Bergfeld 1-3.
Bright lights, glaring error. a single and Carlos Ruiz hit an
Reds rightfielder Jay Bruce
missed a seventh-inning line
drive after losing the ball in
RBI grounder for a 6-4 lead.
Werth hit an RBI single off
Nick Masset in the eighth to
Elida Bulldogs get another big victory
the lights, allowing two cru- cap the scoring. By AUSTIN CLARKSON than I had thought they would rushing, and gave all of the mark, Austin Etzler broke off
cial runs to score, and the Jose Contreras tossed a The Delphos Herald but we were able to pick up momentum to the home side a 33-yard run and dashed into
Philadelphia Phillies took perfect seventh to earn the the pace with our running going into intermission. the end zone to put the final
advantage of Cincinnati’s win. Ryan Madson worked the game and our offensive line The Wildcats were able dagger on the Wildcats and
shoddy fielding to earn a 7-4 eighth and Brad Lidge pitched ELIDA — The Elida did a great job with helping to get on the board in the put the lead to 31-6 with time
win Friday night for a 2-0 lead around a leadoff walk in the Bulldogs played host to the that out tonight.” remaining sec- winding down in the game.
in the best-of-5 NL division ninth for the save. Bath Wildcats Friday night in The Bulldogs were onds of the third “I felt like we were able to
series. Oswalt allowed four runs a Western Buckeye League up 10-0 just before quarter when take advantage of the match-
Brandon Phillips hit a lead- — three earned — and five showdown that featured what halftime and were running back
off homer on Roy Oswalt’s hits in five innings. ups tonight where we felt we
appeared to be a very good looking for more of a Aaron Smith
fourth pitch and the Reds built Phillips drove a hanging matchup on paper. cushion heading into broke through had an advantage over them
a 4-0 lead before their defense slider into the left-field seats Elida came out a little the locker room. the line and and I think we exploited them
and bullpen unraveled. to snap Cincinnati’s 30-inning slower than expected but The Bulldogs got just that went scrambling in the end tonight,” Carpenter added.
The Phillies rallied against scoreless drought against picked it up in the second half as Reggie McAdams started zone to put six points on the With the victory the
hard-throwing rookie Aroldis Philadelphia. to cruise past the Wildcats to heat up late in the first board. However, they could Bulldogs move to 5-2 (4-2
Chapman and his triple-dig- Arroyo allowed two Friday by a score of 31-6. half. The Bulldogs managed not convert on the 2-point WBL) and are taking each
it fastball after soft-tossing unearned runs and four hits in Head coach Jason to score 14 points in just over conversion as the score game one by one. The ’Dogs
starter Bronson Arroyo kept 5 1/3 innings. Carpenter was pleased about a minute of play to make it remained 24-6, Bulldogs. will be back in action next
Philadelphia’s hitters off bal- Two defensive gaffes by his unit’s efforts this night: 24-0 at halftime. McAdams The Bulldogs added some Friday night when they play
ance. two of Cincinnati’s best field- “I thought that the boys came was able to tally up two security points in the fourth host to WBL foe Celina with
The 2-time defending NL ers allowed the Phillies to out a little shower tonight scores, one throwing and one quarter of play; at the 6:18 a start time of 7:30 p.m.
champions can close out the get back in it in the fifth.
series in Game 3 on Sunday
night in Cincinnati. Cole
Hamels, the 2008 World
Then wildness from the Reds’
relievers made it even closer
an inning later.
Late TD lifts Wapak Redskins by Van Wert Cougars
Series MVP, pitches for the Arthur Rhodes plunked The Delphos Herald sion kicks for a 14-7 edge. Grothause kick), 9:23 Corey Clifton 18-76.
Phillies. Johnny Cueto is on Ruiz on the left knee with a After a scoreless second VW — Corey Clifton 5 run (Joey Passing: Clifton 4-15-49-0-1.
the mound for the Reds. Hurless kick), 6:13 Receiving: Donnie Sites 2-15-1
2-out pitch to put two run- WAPAKONETA — period, the Redskins tied it at VW — Donnie Sites 9 pass from TD, Austin Fleming 1-21.
Leading 4-3, the Reds ners on in the sixth. Logan Wapak’s Kyle Gibson scored 5:55 on a Gibson 1-yard run Clifton (Hurless kick), 2:54 Wapakoneta
turned to Chapman to protect Ondrusek came in and hit on an 8-yard run with a mere and a Grothause kick. SECOND QUARTER Rushing: Logan Erb 21-104,
the slim margin in the sev- No score Connor Pickens 17-67.
pinch-hitter Ben Francisco on 1:38 remaining to lift The Redskins THIRD QUARTER Passing: Kyle Gibson 6-15-98-
enth. The 22-year-old Cuban the bill of his helmet to load the Redskins to a 26-21 went up 20-14 WA — Kyle Gibson 1 run 0-1.
came in firing but he hit the bases. Shane Victorino Western Buckeye as Gibson (6-of- (Grothause kick), 5:55 Receiving: Greg Stoll 2-23-1
Chase Utley with a 101-mph FOURTH QUARTER TD, Pickens 1-32.
walked to force in a run and League gridiron win 15 passing, 98 WA — Cale Tabler 3 pass from
fastball leading off. It wasn’t get the Phillies within 4-3. over Van Wert Friday yards) found Gibson (kick failed), 9:05
clear whether the ball grazed
Utley’s right forearm but he
Phillips booted Victorino’s night at Harmon Field.
The Redskins (6-1,
Cale Tabler from
3 yards out but
VW — Clifton 1 run (Hurless
kick), 6:18 Got a
2-out grounder to put two run-
didn’t seem shaken.
After Ryan Howard struck ners on in the fifth. Rolen 5-1 WBL) went up 7-0 the conversion
WA — Gibson 8 run (pass
failed), 1:38 sports tip?
bobbled Polanco’s grounder, with 9:23 to go in he first try was missed with 9:05
out, Jayson Werth hit a bounc-
er to third baseman Scott loading the bases. Utley fol- period on an 18-yard run remaining. Team Stats
Got a story
Rolen. Utley beat the throw to lowed with a 2-run single to by Greg Stoll and a Mickie
cut it to 4-2. Grothause point-after.
Clifton tacked on a 1-yard
run at 6:18 and Hurless tacked VW Wapak to share?
second on a close call. Phillips The Cougars (3-4, 2-4 on the point-after for a 21-20 First downs 15 17
threw his arms up and Reds A pair of throwing errors Total Yards 274 324
WBL) replied with a pair of edge.
manager Dusty Baker came by Utley gave the Reds a run
touchdowns in the period: a Van Wert hosts St. Marys
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
98 Call Jim Metcalfe
out to argue briefly. in the second. Bruce led off
Jimmy Rollins then hit a the fourth with a towering shot 5-yard run by Corey Clifton Memorial 7:30 p.m. Friday. Comps.-Atts.
Intercepted by
0 at
liner to right that Bruce turned into the second deck in right to (18 rushes, 76 yards) at 6:13 WAPAKONETA 26, Fumbles/Lost 4-2 0-0
and a 9-yard Clifton (4-of-15 VAN WERT 21 Penalties/Yards 3-31 6-68
into a 2-base error. The ball make it 3-0.
rolled past Bruce and Utley Phillips doubled to start
passing, 49 yards) TD toss Van Wert 14 0 0 0 - 21
Wapakoneta 7 0 7 12 - 26
Punts-Aver. 5/37.6 3/41.3
Delphos Herald
to Donnie Sites (2 grabs,
scored the tying run. Werth the fifth and scored on Joey 15 yards) at 2:54, with Joey FIRST QUARTER
WA — Greg Stoll 18 run (Mickie
Individual Stats
Van Wert Sports Dept.
scored without a play when Votto’s sacrifice fly. Rushing: Connor Massillo 13-85,
Hurless adding the conver- Saturday, October 9, 2010 The Herald — 7

Wildcats, Bulldogs playing

Wannemacher, Wii a match for fitness for playoff, NWC hopes
The Delphos Herald By JIM METCALFE to focusing on reading our The Delphos Herald keys and the basics like that.
jmetcalfe “They have lost to three
DELPHOS — Many are really good teams: Ada, a
concerned about the growing close one; LCC in a blowout
trend of obesity and juvenile Both Jefferson and and last week in a 7-point loss
diabetes among our nation’s Columbus Grove still have to a heck of a Bishop Hartley
youth, as well as the care of outside shots at the Northwest team. We have to really
an aging population. Conference football title. eliminate turnovers — which
The private sector is com- Same goes for play- we’ve been doing —
ing up with new ideas, such as off hopes. and stay with them
fitness centers, programs and Thus, tonight’s up front on both sides
the like, with an emphasis on NWC matchup at if we want to com-
weight-lifting, aerobic activ- Stadium Park has a lot pete.”
ity and yoga.
more riding on it than The Wildcats belt-
How about an I-Gym?
That is the idea about at first glance. ed Crestview 39-13 a
the new facility Maggie Jefferson (4-2, week ago.
Wannemacher and her staff 3-1 NWC) is ninth in “We got back to
at PC Doctor in Van Wert are Region 18, while the some Jefferson foot-
opening up in the refurbished Bulldogs (3-3, 1-2) is ball, being physical
back room at The 24-Hour 13th in Region 22. Bonifas on both sides of the
Peak Fitness and Performance That means that a ball. What I liked is
Center in Delphos for the game that has come how we responded
“Wii Fitness Challenge”. to symbolize hard-hit- from the LCC loss
“That is the germination of ting, physical football two weeks ago,”
this; how do we deal with the will remain so, accord- Lindeman added.
rising trend toward obese kids ing to Delphos head “We got blown out
and diabetes, as well as health man Bub Lindeman. and yet came in last
care for the elderly? Many “They play that Monday and had the
people that come to us in the physical Wing-T best week of practice
technology industry complain offense but with the that we’ve had all sea-
that tech is no fun, except that Jim Metcalfe photo injury to their top son. We played like it:
65 percent of households have runner, Jacob Miller, we executed to a man
some kind of gaming system Chelsee Schnipke demonstrates the Wii Fitness-Plus Hula Hoop program as part and the continuing Lumpkins on both sides of the
in their home,” Wannemacher of the new I-Gym Maggie Wannemacher is opening at The 24-hour Peak Fitness and development of junior ball. We came back in
explained. “We in the indus- Performance Monday. quarterback Jordan Travis, this Monday and again had a
try know that tech can be thing that we have on the sys- It’ days; they would have to “The Silver Sneakers they seem more willing to great week of practice; I hope
fun — the gaming industry tem. There are pre-determined come in here and be within 10 group is very interested in spread it out and balance up we again play like it.”
is proof of that — so in July, programs for those that really percent of whatever it is they this. We are talking with the the offense,” Lindeman noted. Grove coach Scott Palte
a thought occurred to me: don’t want to design their are claiming they can do.” local hospitals on where they “Still, with a typically big, has not been disappointed
how can we combine the fun own or you can design your Wannemacher noted how can go with this, as well as strong and physical offensive with his unit in their three
aspects of tech — gaming — own. We can measure Body she has a place already lined VanCrest. We’re talking with line, they want to establish the losses because they have been
with the idea of healthier kids Mass Index, weight, posture, up in Wapakoneta to do the local Alzheimer’s groups to run first and go from there. to powerhouses, including
and adults, a healthier com- alignment, balance, Wii Fit same things but it isn’t ready see if this isn’t a help for “Defensively, they are in a 42-35 loss to state-ranked
munity? I and my staff and age, many things, all with the to open yet. them. Sherry Fetzer has con- that 4-2-5 set and they like Columbus Bishop Hartley.
others started tossing around goal of making weight-loss “Jeff (Schwieterman, tacted us about having what to attack the middle of the “Hartley only lost to the
ideas of how this might work and fitness fun.” owner of The Peak) has been are called ‘Able-Gainers’ — offensive line with blitzes. top team in their division in
— we have no models to go The idea to begin with is to on board with this from the those with disabilities. The They will send them from a close game. We played Ada
by — and I talked to friends bring the youngsters into this, start. The criteria was it had schools have been very sup- every angle and different tough most of the way until the
elsewhere who thought this she noted. to be in Van Wert County portive of this and we might
was a great idea. We have a spots. They are big and strong end; LCC just blew us out,”
“We want to have 700 and we didn’t want it to be end up being of service to up front and athletic on the Palte observed. “Offensively,
programmer who is putting a children in this program to another PC Doctor-type of them. With budget problems
data base together for us. edges.” we’ve been pretty
start with, from K-12, with establishment,” she said. “We many are having, we could be Jefferson averages potent most of the
“In many other systems approximately 30 per grade received some money from a sort of alternative physical
where you can play against 17.7 points and 234.5 year. We lost Jacob
from each school if possible. the Revolving Door Fund and education class. They would yards per game (127.7 in week 5 but we talk-
others in another area, they are We’ll have three different ran with it. be ‘clocked in’, so their work
war games, where the players yards rushing) behind ed about trying to be
categories for these challeng- “We’re going to be avail- would be legitimized. Curtis Miller (87 rush- more balanced from
are sedentary. We want to get es: K-4, 5-8 and 9-12,” she able for alternative birth- “We are hoping that this
them up and active.” continued. “We will have six day parties — we can hook is the start of something big- es, 357 yards, 6 TDs), the start. Travis has
According to players win each challenge. up one of the stations with ger. We are applying for a Mitchell Antalis (54 given us more flex-
Wannemacher, they decided This could be a thing like NetFlix or all of them — and Pepsi Challenge Grant that if rushes, 171 yards, 1 ibility in that.
to go with Wii, especially the ‘Battle of the Businesses’ business meetings. We’ve we get, we can open up five score), Jacob Leach “What has let us
(36 runs, 156 yards; down is our defense.
Wii Fitness-Plus and Sports,
in the new facility at The
where you’d have a differ- already had a business from more of these centers. All
6 catches, 51 yards), Wolfe We’ve not been
ent challenge each week, a Toledo in here.” it takes is a 900-square-foot
Peak. ‘Biggest Loser’ or even a They are just getting start- facility.” Jesse Cano (46-of-80 sound there. We have
“We have four stations ‘Family Feud’ type of set- ed, she observed. *Pre-registration passing, 641 yards, 7 had too many break-
that can accommodate up to up. This program is really “We’re a work in prog- will be held Sunday at St. TDs, 6 picks), Logan downs and missed far
16 players. We are starting great for families, especially ress right now. Again, we’re John’s Robert A. Arnzen Bonifas (20 catches, too many tackles to
Monday with what we call if they have a system in their seeing where this will go,” Gymnasium. K-4 register at 236 yards, 3 scores), beat teams like we’ve
challenges, not contests,” home. she added. “For example, on 5 p.m., 5-8 at 6 p.m. and high Kody Richardson (7 lost to.”
she said. “Again, there is no “Those who register today Nov. 4, X-Box is coming out school at 7 p.m. Bring a par- grabs, 110 yards, 2 The loss of Miller
model for this anywhere in will get an SD card and a with ‘Connex’; it is like a ent and $50 registration fee TDs), Nick Cook (6 means more will be
the States — we are patenting T-shirt. We’ll set them up camera and you can be ‘pro- (30% discount) to make sure for 125, 1) and inte- asked of fullback/
this — and we are talking to in the system and they will jected’ into the game. This is you are one of the 60 stu- rior linemen Trenton linebacker Devin
Nintendo and asking them a have a baseline of what their an exciting process and it’s dents per grade to enter the Gossman (7 pancake Verhoff, the captain
lot of questions. We are trying weight is — for example — so much better when my staff Challenge. Registration will blocks), Justin Rode Verhoff and emotional lead-
to stretch the systems as much and stuff like that. What’s — like Chelsee (Schnipke) last 3 months. Cash prizes (5) and Zac Lumpkins (3). er of the crew, along with
as we can for right now and good is that if they have this — is all under 35 and they (gift cards) are given to top Defensively, they cede Travis (1,000 yards-plus pass-
anticipating improvements at home, they can participate have taken to this well. They winners in each grade with 20.0 points and 194.8 yards ing, 11 touchdowns, 3 picks),
down the road. in it from home. They would are behind this 100 percent the top two places earning (106.2 yards rushing). Setting left tackle/defensive tackle
“The idea is to have indi- just have to bring in their card and it’s nice when you have additional prizes. Owning a the tone are Rode (32 solos, Spencer Wolfe, two-way line-
viduals, groups or even cor- once a week to verify. people that have grown up Wii is not required to par- 21 assists), Jordan Vorst (42 man Greg Martin and wide
porations enter into these “Now, in case anyone with computers and know the ticipate. The facility will be and 10), Miller (34 and 12), receiver/defensive back Colby
challenges: they can be yoga, wants to ‘cheat’, we can terminology and the indus- open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven Quinten Wessell (30 and 15), Meuleman.
hula hooping, aerobics, any- ‘challenge’ them on ‘Prove try. days a week. Lumpkins (28 and 11) and Palte also expects a head-
Bonifas (26 and 5). knocker of a game tonight.

Senior two-way lineman “I played for Grove in
A.J. Cross (27 and 5) is out the 1990s and have coached,
for the season. either as an assistant or head
“With their defense the coach since then. In the
way it is, for us to be success- 1990s and early this decade,
I had another good week, going a hard time putting it out of their in the SEC, while the Gators are week. They get another this week
8-4 overall (4-2 both in college and minds, so UGA rolls. coming off a beating by Alabama. against the Packers ful offensively, we have to the NWC title was generally
the pros).
So did Drew Bittner (5-1, 3-3).
UCLA: SoCal versus Berkeley.
Bears seem to be down some
Despite being at home, I think Baltimore: I would hope for a
Baltimore loss to help the Bengals
really be on top of our block- up for grabs between these
Florida goes down to their second
Dave Boninsegna was unable and Bruins have a pretty good loss in a row and the Tigers keep out but I think their defense is too ing rules up front. We spent teams,” Palte added. “They
to — should I declare that he went defense (see Houston and Texas). their unbeaten status. tough for the Broncos. this week going over them were then — and remain now
0-12? Defense wins this round. Michigan: Who would have Philadelphia: The 49ers have to make sure we’re on the — hard-hitting and physical
Nah, I won’t do something that NOTRE DAME: Panthers were thunk that the team “up north” been a big-time bust. Despite their
low-down and skunky — yet! ranked to start the season and would be playing so well. This QB woes, the Eagles go to the same page,” Lindeman noted. games. With hopes for the
Overall, after four weeks, I have stumbled. So have Fighting week they tackle their in-state rival coast and beat San Fran. “Defensively, any time you season on the line for both
stand 28-20 (17-7 college, 11-13 Irish. Go with the home team. Spartans. Hate to say but I have to ----- have to deal with the Wing-T, teams, I expect that to be the
Dave Boninsegna remains
HOUSTON: G-Men won last
go with Michigan here.
Miami (FL): State has rebound-
College: you have to watch the traps, case tonight.
17-19 (11-7 and 6-12) week but only ed nicely since their loss Florida: Florida’s looking to sweeps and counters but you “We just have to make
— he returns this week. because Da Bears to Oklahoma bounce back from a disap- also have to watch their jet some plays, especially on
The GP’s record is
now 31-17 (21-3 and
were downright
AWFUL. Texans
but this game
doesn’t have the
pointing loss last week to
No. 1 Alabama. Look for
sweep. You really don’t see it defense.”
10-14). rebounded nicely feel it once had. Florida to play tough on both that much. We’ve gone back Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.
Jay “Shady” Spencer from loss to Boys Same old story sides of the ball.
— yes, THAT Shady — with a defeat here; the Canes Michigan: Denard
is the GP this week. of Raiders. My win, without the Robinson – enough said. STOCKS
College: LSU at friend, Steve, is wide left. Miami: Miami ekes this Quotes of local interest supplied by
Florida; Michigan State now a Texan fan Georgia: one out in a close one. I like EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS
at Michigan; Florida and he says go The Bulldogs Miami’s athleticism. Close of business October 8, 2010
State at Miami (FL); with them. I shall. are having a Georgia: I don’t know
Tennessee at Georgia; MINNESOTA: very disappoint- much about either one of Description Last Price Change
UCLA at California;
Pittsburgh at Notre Metcalfe
Trade for Randy Boninsegna ing season. On
the other hand,
Spencer these. I’m taking the home DJINDUAVERAGE 11,006.48 +57.90
Moss is just team. NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,401.91 +18.24
Dame. what Dr. Favre ordered. Tennessee isn’t doing UCLA: UCLA. I like their S&P 500 INDEX 1,165.15 +7.09
Pros: NY Giants at Houston; Darrell Revis may lock him down much better, but last week they coach, Rick Neuheisel. AUTOZONE INC. 232.81 -0.19
Minnesota at NY Jets (Monday); — unless Moss is rejuvenated — did have a good showing in their Pittsburgh: That’s the way the
Kansas City at Indianapolis; Green but Percy Harvin has a big day on 16-14 loss to LSU. Giving one to luck of the Irish is rolling.
BUNGE LTD 60.37 +1.61
Bay at Washington; Denver at the other side. Santonio Holmes is the home team despite their 1-4 Pros: EATON CORP. 83.21 +0.23
Baltimore; Philadelphia at San back for Jets but Vikings defense mark. Houston: Their ground game BP PLC ADR 41.92 +0.40
Francisco. is pretty stout, too. They win a big California: These two teams is yet to be stopped this year with DOMINION RES INC 44.68 +0.17
JIM METCALFE Monday-nighter. are the reverse: Cal won its first leading rusher Arian Foster. AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 36.19 +0.14
COLLEGE INDIANAPOLIS: Chiefs com- two before dropping the next, Minnesota: With newly-acquired CVS CAREMARK CRP 31.25 -0.73
FLORIDA: My angry pick ing off bye week. We’ll find out if while UCLA turned the reverse. Randy Moss, this will allow the CITIGROUP INC 4.19 +0.01
— after their no-show against they are contenders or pretenders. I’m going with Cal just because Vikings to stretch the field, which FIRST DEFIANCE 10.37 +0.34
Alabama last week — would The pick here reads ... not yet they are at home. will open up more opportunities FST FIN BNCP 16.94 -0.17
have been LSU. Cooler heads contenders. Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish in the passing game with Percy
prevailed. Gators are still pretty GREEN BAY: How good is aren’t off to the start that Brian Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe, FORD MOTOR CO 13.66 +0.34
good and Tigers flat-out lucked Packers defense? That is up for Kelly had hoped but they have not to mention the toughness and GENERAL DYNAMICS 63.37 +0.24
their way past Tennessee. The grabs. I’ll tell you this: if Clinton been in the games nonetheless. leadership Brett Favre brings. Not GOODYEAR TIRE 11.57 +0.60
pick is the Gators rebound with a Portis doesn’t play for Redskins, They are back home, so pull off a to mention having to worry about HEALTHCARE REIT 48.71 -0.13
vengeance. Donovan McNabb doesn’t have win over the Panthers. Adrian Peterson. HOME DEPOT INC. 31.89 +0.15
MICHIGAN STATE: Michigan, the weapons to beat them. Pros: Indianapolis: Indy will be the HONDA MOTOR CO 36.79 +0.46
behind Mr. Robinson, can score. Perhaps even with him they don’t. NY Giants: The Texans are first team to knock the only unde- HUNTGTN BKSHR 5.86 -0.04
They just can’t stop ANYONE. Go with Pack. making believers out of some that feated team left in the NFL. Too JOHNSON&JOHNSON 63.23 +0.01
Spartans can at least stop some- BALTIMORE: Ravens coming they might make the playoffs. This much Peyton Manning. JPMORGAN CHASE 39.31 -0.21
one. This will be high-scoring but off slugfest win over Steelers in week will be a giant (Editor’s note: Washington: Look for the
Sparty gets big Big Ten win. Pittsburgh last week. Broncos beat Funny!!) test for them but I am tak- Skins to pound this one out on the KOHLS CORP. 53.76 +0.98
FLORIDA STATE: This game Tuxedos. Baltimore’s defense is ing Eli and the Giants. ground. With Clinton Portis out, LOWES COMPANIES 22.70 +0.07
has kind of lost some luster in too strong, especially with a sec- NY Jets (Monday): The Vikings Ryan Torain will carry the work- MCDONALDS CORP. 76.10 +0.24
recent years but with both teams ondary gaining experience. have a new weapon in Randy load at running back. MICROSOFT CP 24.57 +0.04
apparently on the upswing, it’s get- SAN FRANCISCO: 49ers have Moss. Don’t think that is going to Baltimore. With their offense PEPSICO INC. 65.75 -0.35
ting some of it back. Jacory Harris been close. You know Iron Mike make much of a difference against on the rise, it’s only a matter of PROCTER & GAMBLE 61.86 +01.06
is just a little too turnover-prone for is seething. If Vick plays, he won’t the Jets defense. The Jets win at time until Flacco has a break-out RITE AID CORP. 0.95 +0.02
me and Ponder isn’t. Seminoles be 100 percent and Kevin Kolb home in their new home. week with what’s supposed to be a SPRINT NEXTEL 4.48 -0.06
get first signature win for Jimbo. has a lot to prove. San Fran gets Indianapolis: This is the week high-powered Ravens’ offense. TIME WARNER INC. 31.31 +0.52
GEORGIA: ’Dawgs not what 1st win. the Chiefs come back to earth. San Francisco. If Michael Vick
they were even a couple of years ---- They play a tough Colts team with was playing in this game, my pick US BANCORP 22.31 -0.05
ago. However, Volunteers won’t DAVE BONINSEGNA the best QB in the game. would be different. (My pick for UTD BANKSHARES 9.15 +0.02
soon forget last weekend’s deba- College: Washington: The ’Skins had Fantasy Football player of the VERIZON COMMS 32.83 -0.10
cle in Bayou. Methinks they have LSU: LSU is perfect overall and a big game with a big win last year.) WAL-MART STORES 54.41 +0.05
8 — The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

St. Peter and Westminster Abbey

During his long exile in Normandy, the
Saxon prince who would become known as
TERRY MATTINGLY “There are those who argue that the pub-
lic celebration of festivals such as Christmas
moral doctrines that date back to the early
church. These words, however, are contro-
Edward the Confessor vowed that he would should be discouraged, in the questionable versial in an age in which the global Anglican
make a pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Peter once
he returned to England. On belief that it might somehow offend those of
other religions or none.
Communion is divided over teachings as cen-
tral as the resurrection of Jesus and claims that
After his coronation as king, the pope re-
leased Edward from this vow -- if he built a Religion “And there are those who argue -- para-
doxically with the intention of eliminating
salvation is found through Christ, alone.
“Our commitment to Christian unity is born
monastery dedicated to the first bishop of discrimination -- that Christians in public roles of nothing less than our faith in Christ, in this
Rome. should be required at times to act against their Christ, risen from the dead and seated at the
Thus, St. Peter’s Abbey was rebuilt in West- conscience. right hand of the Father, who will come again
minster. Benedict’s historic visit to England’s na- “These are worrying signs of a failure to ap- in glory to judge the living and the dead,” he
Pope Benedict XVI gently stressed this his- tional shrine received little coverage, in part preciate not only the rights of believers to free- said. “It is the reality of Christ’s person, his
tory in the first words of his address during his because his remarks there were intensely dom of conscience and freedom of religion, but saving work and, above all, the historical fact
recent visit to Westminster Abbey, where he spiritual. Meanwhile, journalists had to notice also the legitimate role of religion in the public of his resurrection, which is the content of ...
prayed with the archbishop of Canterbury. that his Westminster Hall address on the role square.” those creedal formulas. ... The church’s unity,
“I thank the Lord for this opportunity to join of reason and faith in politics drew a secular The abbey visit created no sparks, in part in a word, can never be other than a unity in
you ... in this magnificent abbey church dedi- because earlier that day the pope told Arch- the apostolic faith, in the faith entrusted to each
flock that included, as an Associated Press re-
cated to St. Peter, whose architecture and histo- bishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams that new member of the body of Christ.”
ry speak so eloquently of our common heritage port noted, “former Prime Ministers Margaret there was no need to “speak of the difficulties Finally, Benedict stressed -- yet again -- that
of faith,” said Benedict. “Here we cannot help Thatcher, John Major, Gordon Brown and Tony that the ecumenical path has encountered and he was speaking and acting in “fidelity to my
but be reminded of how greatly the Christian Blair, who recently converted to Catholicism.” continues to encounter. Those difficulties are ministry as the bishop of Rome and the succes-
faith shaped the unity and culture of Europe Speaking in the hall in which the Catho- well known.” Thus, there were no clear ref- sor of St. Peter, charged with a particular care
and the heart and spirit of the English people. lic martyr Sir Thomas More was convicted erences to tensions about female priests, gay for the unity of Christ’s flock.”
Here, too, we are forcibly reminded that what of treason for his loyalty to Rome, Benedict bishops in America’s Episcopal Church and the
we share, in Christ, is greater than what contin- warned that the modern world -- take Europe Vatican’s controversial decision -- after many
ues to divide us. ... -- is increasingly hostile to those who try to act appeals by Anglican traditionalists -- to make (Terry Mattingly is director of the Washing-
“I thank the Lord for allowing me, as the on their beliefs. it easier for members of the Church of England ton Journalism Center at the Council for Christian
successor of St. Peter in the See of Rome, to “There are those who would advocate that to enter the Church of Rome. Colleges and Universities and leads the GetReli-
make this pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Edward the voice of religion be silenced, or at least rel- Instead, Benedict repeatedly stressed that project to study religion and the news.)
the Confessor.” egated to the purely private sphere,” he said. Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate
unity must be found in Scripture, creeds and

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6:00 p.m.; Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. a.m. - Worship; 10:45 a.m. - Sunday 1213 Leeson Ave., Van Wert 45891
(Basement), 310 W. 2nd St. Delphos - Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. Bible ser- school; 6:30 p.m. - Capital Funds
Everyone Welcome. vice. Phone (419) 238-5813
ST. JOHN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH Committee. Head Usher: Ted Kelly
331 E. Second St., Delphos Tuesday & Thursday– 7- 9 p.m. Monday - 6 p.m. Senior Choir.
Have you ever wanted to preach the 10:00 a.m. - Sunday School 11:10
419-695-4050 a.m. - Worship 10:00 a.m. until 11:30
FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Mel Verhoff, Pastor “Word of God?” This is your time to
310 W. Second St. do it. Come share your love of Christ a.m. - Wednesday Morning Bible Class
Rev. Jacob Gordon, Asst. Pastor ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH
419-692-5737 Fred Lisk and Dave Ricker, Deacons with us. 601 Jennings Rd., Van Wert 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. - Wednesday
Pastor Harry Tolhurst Mary Beth Will, Liturgical Sunday 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m.; Evening Prayer Meeting
Sermon: Coordinator;
Mrs. Trina Shultz,
Associate. Harry
Elida/lima Monday 8:30 a.m.; Tuesday 7 p.m.; 7:00 p.m. - Wed. Night Bible
“Why Church? Wednesday 8:30 a.m.; Thursday 8:30
Reason 2: Real People” Flanagan, Parish Council President a.m. - Communion Service; Friday Thursday - Choir Rehearsal
II Timothy 2: 8-15; Luke 16: 1-13 Celebration of the Sacraments 8:30 a.m.; Saturday 4 p.m. Anchored in Jesus Prayer Line -
Sunday - 11:00 Worship Service Eucharist – Lord’s Day Observance; (419) 238-4427 or (419) 232-4379.
Saturday 4:30 p.m., Sunday 7:30, 9:15, 699 Sunnydale, Elida, Ohio 454807 Emergency - (419) 993-5855
11:30 a.m.; Weekdays as announced on
ST. PETER LUTHERAN CHURCH Sunday bulletin. Sunday - 8:30 a.m. traditional; 10:45 CHURCH OF GOD
422 North Pierce St., Delphos Baptism – Celebrated first Sunday a.m. contemporary 10698 US 127S., Van Wert ZION CHRISTIAN UNION CHURCH
Phone 419-695-2616 of month at 1:30 p.m. Call rectory to (Next to Tracy’s Auction Service)
Darryl Ramey, Lead Pastor 3025 Converse-Roselm Rd,
Sunday is the Twentieth Sunday schedule Pre-Baptismal instructions. Grover Hill
After Pentecost LIGHT OF LIFE CHAPEL Chuck Brantley, Executive Pastor
Reconciliation – Tuesday and Rev. Mark McKay, Pastor
Rev. Don Pletcher, Pastor Friday 7:30-7:50 a.m.; Saturday 3:30- 4680 North Kemp Rd., Elida Bryce Cadawallader, Youth
Pastor Dennis Johnson & Assimilations Director Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday
Saturday - 8:00 a.m. Prayer 4:00 p.m. Anytime by request. School; 10:30 a.m. Worship Service;
Breakfast Matrimony – Arrangements must be Sunday – 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; Sunday - 10:00 am Worship Service
& Children’s Ministry 10:30 a.m. Junior Church.
Sunday - 8:45 a.m. Sunday School; made through the rectory six months 10:30 a.m. Service; 6:30 p.m. Service. Wednesday - 7 p.m. Bible Study,
in advance. Wednesday – 6:30 p.m. Midweek
10:00 a.m. - Worship w/Communion; Prayer Service; 7 p.m. Youth
Choir practice following Worship; Sun. Anointing of the Sick – Communal Service.
celebration in May and October. 419-232-HOPE Meeting.
School Teachers Meeting Administered upon request.
2240 Baty Road, Elida Ph. 339-5673 FAITH MISSIONARY
7:00 p.m. WELCA Board
Wednesday - 11:00 a.m. Bible Study landECk Rev. James F. Menke, Pastor
303 S. Adams, Middle Point
Rev. Tom Cover
Road U, Rushmore
Sunday – 10 a.m. Worship. Sunday– 9:30 a.m. Sunday
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Robert Morrison
FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Wednesday – 7 p.m. Evening ser- School; 10:30 a.m. Worship service. Sunday – 10 am Church School;
“Where Jesus is Healing Landeck - Phone: 419-692-0636 vice. 11:00 Church Service; 6:00 p.m.
Hurting Hearts!” Rev. Mel Verhoff, Pastor GRACE FAMILY CHURCH Evening Service
808 Metbliss Ave., Delphos Administrative aide: Rita Suever CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH 634 N. Washington St., Van Wert Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. Evening
One block south of Stadium Park. Masses: 8:30 a.m. Sunday. 2701 Dutch Hollow Rd. Elida Pastor: Rev. Ron Prewitt Service
419-692-6741 Sacrament of Reconciliation: Phone: 339-3339 Sunday - 9:15 a.m. Morning wor-
Senior Pastor - Dan Eaton Saturday. ship with Pulpit Supply.
Newcomers register at parish. Rev. Frank Hartman
Sunday - 10:30 a.m. - Celebration Marriages: Please call the parish Sunday - 10 a.m. Sunday School (all ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA
of Worship with Children’s Church & ages); 11 a.m. Morning Service; 6 p.m. KINGSLEY UNITED METHODIST CATHOLIC CHURCH
house six months in advance. 15482 Mendon Rd., Van Wert
Nursery provided; 6:00 p.m. - Youth Baptism: Please call the parish. Evening Service. 512 W. Sycamore, Col. Grove
Crew at The ROC Wednesday - 7 p.m. Prayer Phone: 419-965-2771 Office 419-659-2263
Monday- 7:00 p.m. Prayer Pastor Chuck Glover Fax: 419-659-5202
Small groups offered at various times. sPEnCErVillE Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.; Worship
- 10:25 a.m.
Fr. Tom Oedy
Please call the church for information. 8-noon, 1-4- p.m. Masses: Tuesday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.;
Wednesday - Youth Prayer and First Friday of the month - 7 p.m.;
ST. PATRICK’S CHURCH ZION UNITED METHODIST Bible Study - 6:30 p.m. Saturday - 4:30 p.m.; Sunday - 8:30
500 S. Canal, Spencerville Adult Prayer meeting - 7:00 p.m. a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
Choir practice - 8:00 p.m. Confessions - Saturday 3:30 p.m.,
Pastor: Rev. Gary Fish Saturday - 4:30 p.m. Reconciliation; Corner of Zion Church & Conant Rd.,
470 S. Franklin St., (419) 692-9940 5 p.m. Mass, May 1 - Oct. 30. Sunday - Elida - Rev. Stuart Rames anytime by appointment.
9:30 Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Mass. Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 605 N. Franklin St., Van Wert 45891 CHURCH OF GOD
10:30 Sunday morning service. 10:45 a.m. Worship. Ph: (419) 238-2788 18906 Rd. 18R, Rimer
Youth ministry every Wednesday SPENCERVILLE FULL GOSPEL Sr. Pastor Stephen Savage 419-642-5264 Fax: 419-642-3061
from 6-8 p.m. 107 Broadway St., Spencerville Outreach Pastor Neil Hammons Rev. Mark Walls
Children’s ministry every third Pastor Charles Muter Sunday - 8:15 a.m. - Prayer time; Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday
3995 McBride Rd., Elida
Saturday from 11 to 1:30. Home Ph. 419-657-6019 9:00 a.m. Worship, Sunday School, School; 10:30 a.m. Worship Service.
Phone 419-339-3961
Sunday: Morning Services - 10:00 SWAT, Nursery; Single; 10:30 a.m.
ST. PAUL’S UNITED METHODIST a.m. Evening Services - 7:00 p.m. Worship, Nursery, Children’s Church, HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH
Wednesday: 7:00 p.m. Worship ser- LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH OF GOD Discipleship class; Noon - Lunch Rev. Robert DeSloover, Pastor
335 S. Main St. Delphos
vice. Elida - Ph. 222-8054 Break; 2:00 p.m. Service for men 7359 St. Rt. 109 New Cleveland
Pastor - Rev. David Howell Saturday Mass - 7:00 p.m.
Week beginning October 10, 2010 Rev. Larry Ayers, Pastor at Van Wert Correctional Fac.; 3:00
AMANDA BAPTIST CHURCH Service schedule: Sunday– 10 a.m. p.m. Service for women at Van Wert Sunday Mass - 8:30 a.m.
Sunday - 9:00 a.m. Worship Service.
Back to Christ’s Ministry School; 11 a.m. Morning Worship; 6 Correctional Fac., Service at Paulding
Conant Road & SR. 117 p.m. Sunday evening. jail IMMACULATE CONCEPTION
Ph. 647-5100 - Rev. Mike Decker Tuesday - 1:00 p.m. - Share, Care, CATHOLIC CHURCH
11720 Delphos Southworth Rd. Prayer Group in Fireside Room;
Delphos - Phone 419-695-1723 Sunday – 10:30 a.m. Worship & FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH Ottoville
Fellowship. Wednesday – 6-9 p.m. 10-noon - Banquet Table Food Rev. John Stites
Pastor Wayne Prater 4750 East Road, Elida Pantry; 6:30 p.m. Quilting Friends
Bible Study. Mass schedule: Saturday - 4 p.m.;
Sunday - 10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:15 Pastor - Brian McManus in Fellowship Hall; 7 p.m. B.R.E.A.L.
Sunday – 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; Sunday - 10:30 a.m.
a.m. Sunday School for all ages. Women’s group in Room 108.
Wednesday - 7 p.m. Service and SPENCERVILLE CHURCH 10:30 a.m. Worship, nursery avail- Wednesday - 6:30 p.m. Small
prayer meeting. OF THE NAZARENE groups, Discipleship Series in sanc-
Wednesday – 6:30 p.m. Youth 160 Main St., Cloverdale 45827
317 West North St. - 419-296-2561 tuary, Christian Life Club, Nursery,
Prayer, Bible Study; 7:00 p.m. Adult 419-488-2391
Pastor Tom Shobe Preschool; 7 p.m. R.O.C.K. Youth; 8
Prayer and Bible Study; 8:00 p.m. - Fr. John Stites
CARPENTER’S HOUSE MINISTRIES 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 p.m. Worship Team rehearsal.
a.m. Morning Worship; 7:00 p.m. Choir. Mass schedule: Saturday 5:30 p.m.,
7999 SR 66 Delphos Thursday - 4-5:30 p.m. Banquet Sunday 8:00 a.m.
Sunday Services - 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Service Table Food Pantry.
Nurseries, Sunday school rooms.
Corner of Fourth & Main, Spencerville FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 135 N. Water St., Ft. Jennings
TRINITY UNITED Phone 419-647-5321 CALVARY EVANGELICAL CHURCH 13887 Jennings Rd., Van Wert Rev. Joe Przybysz
METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Jan Johnson, Pastor 10686 Van Wert-Decatur Rd. Ph. 419-238-0333 Phone: 419-286-2132
211 E. Third St., Delphos Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; Van Wert, Ohio Children’s Storyline: 419-238-2201 Mass schedule: Saturday 5 p.m.;
Rev. David Howell, Pastor 10:30 a.m. Worship service. 419-238-9426 Email: Sunday 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
Week of October 10, 2010 Rev. Clark Williman. Pastor Pastor Steven A. Robinson
Sunday - 8:15 a.m. Worship Service; UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday, Oct. 10 Sunday– 9:30 a.m. Sunday School ST. MICHAEL CHURCH
9:30 a.m. Church School for all ages; Spencerville Sunday - 9:00 am - Sunday School; for all ages; 10:30 a.m. Family Worship Kalida
10:30 a.m. Worship Service/Baptism; Rev. Ron Shifley, Pastor 9:55 am - Prayer at the Altar; 10:00 am Hour; 6:30 p.m. Evening Bible Hour. Fr. Mark Hoying
11:30 a.m. Radio Worship on WDOH; Sunday– 9:30 a.m. Church School; Worship Service Wednesday - 6:30 p.m. Word of Life Saturday – 4:30 p.m. Mass.
Youth going to Corn Maze 10:30 a.m. Worship Service. Monday - 7:00 pm Cuisine Queens Student Ministries; 6:45 p.m. AWANA; Sunday – 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.
Monday - OFFICE CLOSED- AGAPE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES Tuesday - 9:30 am-Hearth & Home 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study. Masses.
COLUMBUS DAY; 1:00 p.m. Thrift SHop 9250 Armstrong Road, Spencerville Wednesday - 1:30 pm Prayer Circle; Weekdays: Masses on Mon., Tues.,
Meeing; 3:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Girl Scouts Pastors Phil & Deb Lee 6:45p - Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group, Wed. and Friday at 8:00 am; Thurs.
Sunday - 10:00 a.m. Worship ser- 7:30 p.m.

We thank the sponsors of this page and ask you to please support them.
130 N. MAIN ST.
n ’ s & SCHIER
419-692-0861 Professional Parts People


h m HOME

11260 Elida Road L e •CARPET
209 W. 3rd St.
234 N. Canal St.
701 Ambrose Drive
DELPHOS, OH 45833 Delphos, Ohio 45833 Delphos, O.
Ph. 692-0055 Daily 9-5:30 Delphos, O.
Sat. 9-4, Sun. 12-4 419-692-8055 Ph. 692-1010
Toll Free 1-800-589-7876 Saturday, October 9, 2010 The Herald — 9

Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel literature prize

BY HILLEL ITALIE, guage, his alertness to the profound “Conversation in the Cathedral” seller list and were out of stock: When President Alan Garcia’s gov-
The Associated Press and the profane, and his fierce and and “The Green House.” “The Feast of the Goat” and “The ernment, presented with a $2.2 mil-
dark disdain for tyranny. His books Vargas Llosa’s work covers per- War of the End of the World.” lion donation from Germany, resist-
NEW YORK — Mario Vargas are not without magical touches, sonal and historical territory, espe- The publisher Picador ed the idea, Vargas Llosa lashed
Llosa, the newest winner of the but he is more grounded, more a cially political violence and oppres- announced that new printings are out, accusing the government of “a
Nobel Prize in literature, has never “realist” than fellow Nobel laureate sion. “The War of the End of the planned for 10 of his books. A deep-rooted intolerance and lack of
found much honor in boundaries. and South American Gabriel Garcia World” dramatizes “The War of new novel, “El Sueno del Celta” culture.”
“Literature shouldn’t be seclud- Marquez. Canudos,” the 19th-century stand- (“The Celt’s Dream”), comes out A frequent traveler who often
ed, provincial or regional,” the “Vargas Llosa’s style is a kind off between the Brazilian military in Spanish next month and is lives abroad, Vargas Llosa has
Peruvian author said in New York of baroque style — long sentences, and rebellious settlers. He sati- scheduled for an English-language lectured and taught at universities
after Thursday’s announcement in complicated sentences. The writer rized the Peruvian armed forces in release in 2012. in the U.S., South America and
Sweden. “It should be universal, in English closest to his style is “Captain Pantoja and the Special Filmgoers may know his name Europe, and is spending this semes-
even if it has deep roots in one William Faulkner, who influenced Service” and took on Dominican through “Tune in Tomorrow,” an ter at Princeton University in New
place.” so many of the Latin American dictator Rafael Trujillo in “Feast of English-language adaptation of Jersey. Another Nobel laureate and
The 74-year-old author and writers,” says Edith Grossman, the the Goat.” Vargas Llosa’s “Aunt Julia and Princeton faculty member, Toni
political activist, a charter mem- English-language translator for The Swedish Academy said it the Scriptwriter” that starred Peter Morrison, said in a statement that
ber of the Latin American literary novels by Vargas Llosa and Garcia honored Vargas Llosa for mapping Falk, Keanu Reeves and Barbara giving him the prize was a “brilliant
boom of the 1960s, has for decades Marquez. the “structures of power” and for his Hershey. choice.”
been regarded as one of the world’s “He has a great range of styles “trenchant images of the individu- His writing is celebrated through- He debuted as an author in 1959
greatest and most adventurous writ- and a great range of subjects, from al’s resistance, revolt and defeat.” out Latin America, but his shift with the story collection “Los Jefes”
ers, an unpredictable and provoca- comedies of manners to really Its permanent secretary, Peter right estranged him from much of (“The Cubs and Other Stories”) and
tive mixer of literature and social profound political analysis. He is Englund, called him “a divinely the hemisphere’s intellectual elite. four years later rose to leadership
consciousness in both his work and thought of as very political, but ‘The gifted storyteller.” He reportedly has not spoken in of the “boom,” or “new wave,” of
his life. Notebooks of Don Rigoberto’ (‘Los “His books are often very com- decades with Garcia Marquez, a Latin American writers with his
Artists are born dissenters — Cuadernos de Don Rigoberto’) is plex in composition, having differ- former friend who remains close groundbreaking novel, “The Time
often, but not always, of the left. immensely funny and I don’t think ent perspectives, different voices to Castro. He irritated his centrist of the Hero” (“La Ciudad de los
Like such recent Nobelists as Herta there’s a political word in it.” and different time places,” Englund friend Octavio Paz, the late Mexican Perros”), which builds on his expe-
Mueller and Doris Lessing, Vargas In 1995, Vargas Llosa won the said. “He is also doing it in a new Nobel literature laureate, by play- riences at the Peruvian military
Llosa is a dissenter from commu- Cervantes Prize, the most distin- way. He has helped evolve the art fully referring to Mexico’s political academy Leoncio Prado. (He later
nism, a former party member who guished literary honor in Spanish. of the narration.” system — dominated at the time said the academy “was like discov-
ran for president of Peru in 1990 He is the first South American Vargas Llosa’s work has been by a single party — as “the perfect ering hell.”)
as an advocate of privatization and winner of the $1.5 million Nobel translated into more than 30 lan- dictatorship.” The book won the Spanish Critics
remains a critic of leftist leaders Prize in literature since Colombia’s guages. Unlike the works of the Vargas Llosa, still politically Award and the rage of Peru’s mil-
such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Garcia Marquez in 1982, and the vast majority of foreign-language combative, recently helped win itary. A thousand copies of the
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. first Spanish-language writer to writers, his books are widely avail- support for building a museum to novel were later burned by military
The author of more than 30 nov- win since Mexico’s Octavio Paz able in English. As of Thursday the memory of the nearly 70,000 authorities, with some generals call-
els, plays and works of nonfiction, in 1990. afternoon, two of his books were in people killed in Peru’s 1980-2000 ing the book false and Vargas Llosa
he is known for his expansive lan- His best-known works include the top 50 on’s best- war with Shining Path insurgents. a communist.

Levi Thurston
Age: 10

School: Columbus
Grove Elementary

Hobbies: reading,
baseball, watching
movies, Pokemon
and riding roller

Photos (most any size) can
be submitted to The Delphos
Herald or email with
information to
Photos can be picked up after the
publication is in the paper. If you
prefer your photo back right
Wishing Well away, you can bring into
the Herald office
Pediatrics and wait for it to be scanned.
*Certified with The Photos should be received NAME
American Board
of Pediatrics Since 1992 by the Herald office by TOWN OF RESIDENCE
Branch of service
*Accepting New Patients
*Most Insurances 12 p.m. Nov. 3. Dates of Service
Accepted Including
Medicaid Name
ADHD Evaluation
Where vet is from
and Treatment Provided

Branch of Military

Years Served from to

Phone #
Celeste Lopez, M.D. (to be used for information questions only
154 W. Third Street,
- not to be published
Delphos, Ohio
Please fill out one form for each veteran.
(419) 692-WELL
10 – The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

Auto Repairs/
The Daily Herald 010 Announcements 120 Financial 340 Garage Sales 810 Parts/Acc.
IS IT A SCAM? The Del- 1008 MARSH Ave.
DELPHOS phos Herald urges our Thurs-Fri. 9am- 5pm Midwest Ohio
To place an ad call: 419-695-0015
readers to contact The Sat. 9 to ?
TRADING POST Better Business Bureau, Ladies fur coats, mink Auto Parts
(419) 223-7010 or
528 N. Washington St. 1-800-462-0468, before
stoles, clothing, larger
boys and ladies. House-
419-692-0044 entering into any agree- hold, Lots of misc., welder. Windshields Installed, New
005 Lost & Found 010 Announcements
Farm For Sale ADVERTISERS: YOU can
Buy Quality at a
ment involving financing,
business opportunities, or
work at home opportuni-
ties. The BBB will assist
434 E. 6th St.
Fri, Oct. 8, 12 noon til 5pm
Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors,
Hoods, Radiators
4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima
old puppy wearing collar. place a 25 word classified
Fair Price or Receive
in the investigation of
Sat, Oct. 9, 9am til 1pm
Lots of winter clothes, 1-800-589-6830
(one hundred seventeen and a half) Located in East Fifth St. ad in more than 100 news-
papers with over one and
Fast Cash these businesses. (This Avon, Rada Knives, and
Selling in 2-40 acre parcels area. (419)692-6303 at a Fair Value! notice provided as a cus- much more.
1 - 37.5 acre parcel a half million total circula-
tion across Ohio for $295. O p e n Tu es.-Th u rs. 8:30-5,
tomer service by The Del-
phos Herald.) 840 Mobile Homes
010 Announcements
Monterey Township F ri. 8:30-6, Sat. 9-2
It's place one
290 Wanted to Buy
615 E. 2nd. St
Putnam County order and pay with one
RENT OR Rent to Own. 2
check through Ohio bedroom, 1 bath mobile
419-230-7761 040 Services
One Week Garage Sale
Phone: Scan-Ohio Statewide home. 419-692-3951.
Oct. 11-16, 10am-6pm
Classified Advertising Net-
Raines 890 Autos for Sale
or 419-331-2186
at The Quilterie in Celina work. The Delphos Herald
Oct. 11-16
30% off on fabric.
advertising dept. can set
this up for you. No other
LAMP REPAIR Jewelry “WE HAVE to much
Table or floor. stuff sale”
20% off on classified ad buy is sim-
Come to our store. Cash for Gold Huge Barn Sale WE’LL BEAT YOUR
long arm quilting. pler or more cost effective. Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry,
OPEN HOUSE 10% off on
books & notions.
Call 419-695-0015, ext
Hohenbrink TV.
419-695-1229 Silver coins, Silverware, Pocket
Watches, Diamonds.
Fri., Oct. 8, 8am-7pm
Sat., Oct. 8, 8am-5pm BEST PRICE
Dawn to dusk Fri., Sat. & Sun. Collectibles, LOTS of Holi-
Classifieds Sell!
2330 Shawnee Rd.
080 Help Wanted
day decor, home decor,
19176 Venedocia- girls 18mo.-6X clothing, On all name-brand tires we sell –
Lima including Goodyear, Continental,

To advertise call
Eastern Rd., (419) 229-2899 women’s clothing and Michelin and more.
misc. items.
0 down, warranty, free appliances, DO YOU enjoy working 24295 Rd R-23
Remodeled home. A great country 4
bed, 1 1/2 Bath home in Lincolnview school district. Has new carpet, paint,
with people? Join the Van-
crest Activity Team! We
300 Household Goods Ft. Jennings. AT THE RIGHT PRICE!

550 Pets & Supplies

landscape, new central air, water heater, new lighting, updated plumbing
and electric, some new windows. VIEW PICTURES AND DETAILS are currently looking for a
fun-loving, outgoing, ener- FOR SALE Mac Clean
JIMLANGHALSREALTY.COM water softener. Recycles
419-586-8220 Since 1980
getic person to fill a full
time position. This position on demand. 3 years old.
Purchased from BLACK HALLOWEEN integrity • professionalism • service
requires working every
Grothouse Plumbing.
puppies. Also some like
other weekend and some Casper the Friendly
evenings. $150.00 or best offer.
2 OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY We also are looking for Phone 419-695-0405
Ghost. All sweet as Pump-
kin Pie. Garwick's the Pet
Requires presentation of
competitor’s current price ad
STNA’s for 2nd & 3rd shift
positions. This is for full
NEW, QUEEN plush top People. 419-795-5711
on exact tire sold by Dealership
within 30 days of purchase.
mattress, never used, still
Breastfeeding Peer Helper 409 W. THIRD ST., and part-time. sealed in original wrapper.
See participating Dealership
for details.

590 House For Rent

DELPHOS Apply in person $75.00. (260)220-1596.


Call to see this 4 bedrm., 2 ½ bath home,
hardwood floors with original natural wood trim, and pocket doors.
newer cabinets by A&J, form. din. rm., newer cent. air, fireplace, walkup
8:00am to 4:00pm
Monday through Friday
Vancrest of Delphos
Washer and dryer, 2 yrs.
11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
3rd floor, full basement, screened in porches. 2 BDRM, 1 1/2 BA, At- M 7:30-8 ; T-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat: 9-2
Provide breastfeeding education, support, 1425 East Fifth St. old. $900.00 Phone
promotion and referral of WIC prenatal 2 TO 3 Delphos, OH 45833 419-532-3137 tached garage. Available 419-692-0055
218 S. FRANKLIN ST., soon. 419-692-3951 Over 85

and postpartum women. Job duties include, years
600 Apts. for Rent
but are not limited to maintaining on-going ONLY $53,000. Stop in to see this 3 bedrm. home, big loft with built you!
contact with prenatal and breastfeeding ins, basement, some hardwood floors, large yard.
clients, helping mothers prevent and manage
common breastfeeding problems, provide on-
1214 PAMELA CIRCLE., $129,000
Call today 1 BDRM Apt. 702 N. Main
St., water, sewage and 2001 GRAND Prix GT,

going encouragement to help mothers meet 1206 HEDRICK ST., $132,000 garbage included. Stove & White with gray lather inte-
8375 REDD ROAD, $179,000 refrigerator. $425/mo. plus rior, loaded, 173,000
their breastfeeding goals, keeping accurate miles. $3750 OBO.
227 W. CLIME, LOT 51, only $18,000!! deposit. No Pets.
records of reminder and informational phone (419)236-2722 (419)234-2776
calls and face to face interviews and observ-
ing strict confidentiality. LARGE 2 BDRM Apt for Truck 4X4, runs good.
To Buying

REQUIREMENTS: rent at 227 N. Pierce St. $450. Leave message
Or Selling” Heating bills paid. Refer- (419)692-1099
• High school diploma or GED ences and deposit re -
• Current or previous WIC participant “Put your dreams in our hands”
202 N. Washington Street Office: 419-692-2249 419-692-7773 Fax 419-692-7775 quired. No pets and no Legals
• Must have breast-fed one baby, success- smoking. (419)302-5227
Delphos, OH 45833 Fax: 419-692-2205
fully for at least six months. Krista Schrader .................419-233-3737 Stephanie Clemons.......419-234-0940
• Willing to learn more about breastfeed- Ruth Baldauf-Liebrecht ....419-234-5202
Amie Nungester ................419-236-0688
Judy M.W. Bosch ..........419-230-1983
Molly Aregood ...............419-605-5265
1 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1:00-3:00 LARGE 2 BDRM, 1 1/2
BA Unit, Great location.
ing and be supportive and encouraging Janet Kroeger ...................419-236-7894 Jon Moorman ................419-234-8797 21421 St Rt 116, Spencerville CEPTING THE
$179,900-Spencerville SD Stove/Refrig. included.
of breastfeeding OPEN HOUSES SUN., OCT. 10 Dramatic & Dazzling $450/mo. & deposit. AMOUNTS AND RATES
1:30-2:30 Sparkling, newly-roofed 3BR/2+BA 1-1/2 story situated (419)203-6810
• Able to follow and carry out instructions on 1.20 acres. Vinyl-sided residence featuring formal THE BUDGET COMMIS-
22451 Spieles Rd., Delphos
Accurately and on schedule dining room and main-level master suite. 3-car garage, SION AND AUTHORIZ-
• Computer literate
FIRST TIME OPEN! Remodeled brick country home w/3BR, 2BA, 3 car
heated & insulated garage, pond, woodburning stoves, fam rm, den & more!
relaxing pool, cozy fireplace. (222) House For Sale ING THE NECESSARY
Kris Stevely 419-302-2600
Only $132,900! Directions: take W. Lincoln Highway, turn right on Brickner TAX LEVIES.
• Valid Ohio driver’s license with accept- Rd, turn left on Spieles Rd, home will be on the right. Krista will greet you.
able driving record and adequate auto 224 Buckingham, Elida
BY APPOINTMENT 0 DOWN, warranty, free RESOLUTION #2010-20
$139,000-Lincolnview SD appliances, Remodeled A RESOLUTION
Spacious 3BR, 2BA home w/over 2000 sq ft in Hunter’s Chase commu-
insurance nity. Must see to believe! Only $52,900. Janet will greet you. Fantastic Vintage-style home. A great coun - A U T H O R I Z I N G THE
Submit resume by Oct. 15 to: Treasure forever this fascinating 4BR/2BA two-story try home with a view! A 4 AUDITOR FOR THE CITY
3:00-4:00 nicely set on 1.70 acres. Ideal features include out bed, 2 Bath has a master OF DELPHOS TO PLACE
*Include breastfeeding experience 7510 St. Rt. 66, Delphos buildings, large porch and family room. Generous lay-
suite with Jacuzzi tub and A LIEN AGAINST THE
Remodeled country ranch w/3BR, 2BA, open floor plan, 2 car att out. Big bedrooms. Quality throughout! (045)
Abby Stemen. RD, LD, CLC garage, spacious family room & more! Delphos schools! Located Mike Reindel 419-235-3607 French doors with multiple PROPERTY AT 229 E.
Van Wert County WIC Director between Delphos and Ottoville. Janet will greet you. $134,900-Van Wert SD decks, 2 car garage, new THIRD ST., DELPHOS,
VIEW ALL LISTINGS AND PICTURES ON OUR WEBSITE: Distinctive Charmer cabinets, high efficiency ALLEN COUNTY,

1119 Westwood Dr., Ste. B, Van Wert, 45891 Discover for yourself the merits of this restored C/A, 19206 State STATE OF OHIO AND
WWW.SCHRADERREALTY.NET 3BR/2+BA brick Victorian. Details include built-in book-
cases, foyer and 2 fireplaces. Private drive. Large liv-
Rd., D e l p h o s , DECLARING AN EMER-
419-586-8220. GENCY

ing room, private study. Newer roof. (065)
Chad Wright 419-236-7143 RESOLUTION #2010-21
$41,900-Crestview SD A RESOLUTION
Enjoy Ownership Advantages AUTHORIZING THE
1.41 acres adds to this rewarding 3BR/2BA residence. 2 BR, 2 BA, 1 story Apt. AUDITOR FOR THE CITY
An enviable residence with basement, laundry room
and airy & open plan. Right style, right comforts! at Kalida Golf Course. At- OF DELPHOS TO PLACE
32’x40’ building, bank owned. (076) tached garage. No pets. A LIEN AGAINST THE
Robin Flanagan 419-234-6111 419-302-7724 PROPERTY AT 604 E.
$52,000-Lincolnview SD JACKSON ST., DEL -
One-level Convenience
Enjoy the advantages of this welcoming 2-bedroom FULL REMODEL com- PHOS, ALLEN COUNTY,
single-level. Desirable residence promising comfy liv- pleted soon. Can custom- STATE OF OHIO AND
ing. Garage. This delightful haven matches all your ize to you. 607 W. 7th St., DECLARING AN EMER-
needs. (080) Mike Reindel 419-235-3607 Delphos. 0 Down, Home GENCY
$49,900-Delphos SD
Warm & Bright 1-1/2 Story Warranty, Free appli - RESOLUTION #2010-22

950 Home Improvement

ances. 419-586-8220 A RESOLUTION
950 Miscellaneous POHLMAN SPEARS
You will love the feel of this 3-bedroom home. An envi-
able residence with garage, basement and city water. AUTHORIZIG THE AUDI-
Pretty charmer for a demanding buyer! (102)
POURED LAWN CARE Mike Reindel 419-235-3607
$83,000-Delphos SD
The Lifestyle You Seek
Reward yourself with the values of this 2-bedroom
plete soon at 829 Moening LIEN AGAINST THE
St. Delphos. Can custom-
CANYON Residential
& Commercial
Snow Removal
22 Years Experience • Insured
Ranch-type on a big, fenced lot. Ideal offerings include
ceiling fans, kitchen appliances included and two-car
ize to you. 0 Down, Home ERIE ST., DELPHOS,
Warranty, Free appli -
• Agricultural Needs
• All Concrete Work
3 & 4 Season Commercial & Residential garage. Newly painted interior. (147)
ances. 419-586-8220
Barb Coil 419-302-3478
Gina M. Fox Mark Pohlman Sun Rooms •LAWN MOWING• $149,000-Delphos SD
419-339-9084 •FERTILIZATION• Luxury Setting
REBATE on Worthy of your attention! Gracious 4BR/2+BA two-sto- MIDDLE POINT 5 BDRM A
RESOLUTION #2010-23 cell 419-233-9460 WINDOWS •WEED CONTROL ry near schools. This prestigious residence provides RESOLUTION
formal dining room. Lots of space. 3-car garage. High Ranch with 40X60 work
Booking PINK Parties for October PROGRAMS• AUTHORIZING THE
ceilings. City utilities. (166) shop. Next to ball park. AUDITOR FOR THE CITY
Breast Cancer Candles $20 •LAWN AERATION• Mike Reindel 419-235-3607 $49,900. (440)371-2679
Cash N Carry • 20% Donated to Research Replacement •FALL CLEANUP• $39,900-Spencerville SD

Joe Miller Windows •MULCHING & MULCH

0 DOWN, warranty, free PROPERTY AT 603 W.
Life Tastes
Make a great start with this very nice single-level. An
appliances, Remodeled
enviable residence with garage and central air. This JENNINGS ST., DEL -
Retractable DELIVERY•
Good Again
delightful haven matches all your needs. (170) home. A great country 4 PHOS, VAN WERT
& Aluminum •SHRUB INSTALLATION, Chad Wright 419-236-7143
$59,900-Delphos SD
bed, 1 1/2 Bath home COUNTY, STATE OF
Eating Gluten Free Experienced Amish Carpentry
Lindell Spears Perfect Chance
Engaging 3-bedroom 1-1/2 story with special touches.
in Lincolnview school dis- OHIO AND DECLARING
trict. Has new carpet, AN EMERGENCY
New Product Line pole barns, garages or 205 S. PIERCE STREET
419-695-8516 Ideal offerings include laundry room and washer/dryer.
Cozy fireplace. This home is the owner’s pride and joy!
paint, landscape, new RESOLUTION #2010-24
central air, water A
Elida Health Foods any construction needs. RESOLUTION
(207) Jamie Ward 419-371-1726
101 W. Main Street 419-692-4526 $269,000-Spencerville SD
heater, new lighting, up- A U T H O R I Z I N G THE
Cell 567-644-6030 TOLL FREE dated plumbing and elec- AUDITOR FOR THE CITY
950 Transmission
Elida, Ohio 45807 Your Private Refuge
On a secluded site on 6.34 acres. You will love the t r i c , s o m e n e w OF DELPHOS TO PLACE
419-339-2771 888-94-PATIO charm of this memorable, 3BR/2BA Ranch. Spacious windows, 19176 Venedo- A LIEN AGAINST THE
M-F 10:30-5:30 PM, Sat. 10:00-1 PM open-plan, kitchen appliances included, main-level cia-Eastern Rd., Venedo- PROPERTY AT 615 DAY-

950 Car Care

laundry. Two-car garage, basement. (263)
cia. 419-586-8220. TON ST., DELPHOS,

Kris Stevely 419-302-2600
www.creativehomebuying- VAN WERT COUNTY,
Transmission, Inc.
OIL - LUBE FILTER 419-692-2329 Home • automatic transmission DECLARING AN EMER-

22.95* • Kitchen and Bath-
room Remodeling Improvement • standard transmission
• differentials
Oct. 10
Passed and adopted this
28th day of September
*up to 5 quarts oil • Roofing Windows, Doors,
• transfer case OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:30 P.M. 2010.
Siding, Roofing,
• brakes & tune up
Robert Ulm, Council Pres.
CAR CARE • Replacement
2 miles north of Ottoville ST
E Marsha Mueller,
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Windows 419-453-3620 H ILT ER ON ! Council Clerk
Dick CLARK Real Estate

Ph. 419-692-5801 Kitchens & Bathroom LO

Michael Gallemeier,
• Garages
950 Tree Service
Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 Remodeling, 431 E. Third St. 708 Ft. Jennings Rd. 23464 Pohlman Rd. Mayor
• Plumbing and Delphos • $175,000 Delphos • $155,000
Electrical Service
Pole Buildings, Delphos • $239,500 A complete text of this leg-
Dick CLARK Real Estate

Garages Rick Gable 419-230-1504 Dick Clark 419-230-5553 Chuck Peters 419-204-7238 islation is on record at the
950 Construction for both new and
TEMAN’S OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:30 P.M. Municipal Building and
existing homes
30% EX T
can be viewed during
• Drywall OUR TREE CO CE F
IM IR regular office hours.



IT EN Marsha Mueller, Council

POHLMAN Give Us A Call Year Round For
All Of Your Home Improvement ON WINDOWS SERVICE
N !

BUILDERS Needs Both Large And Small • Trimming • Topping • Thinning

ROOM ADDITIONS FREE ESTIMATE Ph. 419-339-4938 • Deadwooding
331 W. Fourth St. 1400 S. Clay Lot 1 725 Fairlane Ave.
Place a
GARAGES • SIDING • ROOFING Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal
BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK Chris Herron or 419-230-8128 Since 1973
Delphos - $64,900 Delphos - $32,000 Delphos • $229,900
SERVICE Rick Gable 419-230-1504 Chuck Peters 419-204-7238 Dick Clark 419-230-5553
FULLY INSURED 950 Electricians 950 Lawn Care
Bill Teman 419-302-2981 House for
Mark Pohlman Ernie Teman 419-230-4890
419-339-9084 Rent Ad
cell 419-233-9460 RETIRED LICENSED
MULCH IS YOUR In the Classifieds
Advertise Your TO STAY BUSY
RESIDENTAL & 419-339-6800 AD HERE? Call
Business C OMMERCIAL Call today The Daily
WIRING On S.R. 309 in Elida
419-695-0015 Herald
675 W. Market St., Suite 120, Lima, OH Phone: 419-879-1006
For a low, low price! 419-692-5193 Ask for advertising
419 695-0015
Delivery Available 312 N. Main St. Delphos, OH Phone: 419-695-1006 Saturday, October 9, 2010 The Herald –11

Tomorrow’s Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010 could be counterproductive. 20) - Much more than usual can
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) be accomplished, because you
A couple of private aims could - Even though things are going have both the motivation and the
have excellent chances of being your way, some of your knee-jerk determination to follow through on
fulfilled soon, but events won’t assessments of situations not initiated anything you tackle. Focus on worthy
necessarily go the way you perceive by you might be a bit on the dark assignments.
them. A number of modifications will side. Give things a chance to develop ARIES (March 21-April 19)
have to be made in order to make before criticizing anything. - With just a little bit of figuring,
things click. a serious matter that has been on
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 your mind can be resolved to your
Although financial trends may be satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to take a
quite favorable, be careful not to Something in which you’ve invested well-calculated risk if one is called
break down your resolve and get considerable time and effort will for.
a bit careless with your spending. start producing desirable results in TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
You’ll end up lessening your gains
the next business cycle. Reap all that
you can from it before thinking about
- Even if certain things seem to be
going against you, you shouldn’t get
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. taking on anything new. discouraged and give up prematurely.
22) - You might find yourself in LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Once you check them out, you could
the position to take advantage of You will put something to work find there really isn’t anything
another’s generosity, but if you’re for yourself that you just recently wrong.
really smart, you’ll discard that idea. learned from a friend. This useful bit GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
Later you’ll be glad you did. of information will work equally well - Carefully analyze in detail what
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. for you. you believe to be a tough proposal.
21) - It’s great to be accommodating SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Chances are it will contain clauses
and agreeable, but don’t let a - It might be more important than that actually contain some benefit for
domineering individual force his/her usual to dicker a bit for better terms you that you didn’t expect or even
worthless ideas on you. Stick to the concerning a commercial matter. The know existed.
plan of action that better suits your reason: someone is not being fair. CANCER (June 21-July 22)
affairs. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. - You may discover that something
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 21) - Honor your promises to the you thought of as a sticky wicket is
19) - Have fun and enjoy yourself in letter, and you’ll gain even greater actually generating gains for you that
social gatherings, without attempting respect from your associates than are being expanded upon every day.
to throw a little business in the mix. you already enjoy. You’ll find that it You’ll be happy that you hung on.
Doing so could spoil everything.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
will serve you extremely well down
the line.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - This
could be one of those days when BEETLE BAILEY
19) - Lady Luck is in your corner CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) you’ll fit in well and have a good
regarding your financial interests, but - Even though you might be capable rapport with just about everybody,
unless you are doing all that you can of doing certain things far better than regardless of who they are. With
to bring in the bucks, it won’t do you your peers, one among them might your special knack, you’ll make each
any good. She can only build upon try to do you a favor when s/he takes person feel special.
what you do. on one of your jobs. Be grateful. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Don’t let it disturb you if it seems
-You could be a bit crabby and - If you’re convinced that a difficult like rewards for your efforts are
uncooperative in the morning, decision involving a friend is the best coming in smaller portions than
which will get you nowhere fast. thing for all concerned, execute it usual. Be satisfied with the fact that
Fortunately, your good judgment will without looking back. Do what you what you gain will be more than what
prevail and get you back on track have to do. you started with.
before you ruin the entire day. PISCES (Feb. 20-March Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
ARIES (March 21-April 19)
- You might not get everything you
want out of an arrangement you have
with another, but, like the poster says,
hang in there. With time it could be
you who comes out on top. SNUFFY SMITH
TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
- Draw on your humor early on and
you’ll be surprised at how easily it
obliterates any domestic pressure
that is threatening to arise. When
everyone is chortling and tittering,
they’re more agreeable.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -
If you find yourself dealing with a
cranky individual, offer a little more
than is expected of you. Amazingly
you’ll suddenly become this person’s
friend, with you coming out the
CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
When dealing with cold, hard facts,
some of the roses you’re holding
might have a few thorns ready to
sting, so be careful about handling HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
things that look so beautiful on the
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - As long
as you stay out of the way and don’t
try to force the issues, Lady Luck
won’t ignore you. Keep in mind that
implementing any impulsive changes

Saturday Evening October 9, 2010

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12– The Herald Saturday, October 9, 2010

Art guild celebrates new home Meet

with seventh Artfest show
(Continued from page 1) dating anyone’s way of life.
Rather, the party believes
ages it and replace the tax in self-determination. This
code so people have more of means tolerance of differ-
their own money,” he said. ent lifestyle choices and
“The bureaucracy is bloated greater freedom on issues
— 60 percent of the money like gay marriage, abortion
goes to overhead administra- and even legalizing marijua-
tive costs and 40 percent to na. Libertarians believe the
benefit payments. The best American People define mar-
way to cut entitlement spend- riage, not the government. If
ing is to eliminate the need the state didn’t issue marriage
for entitlements to begin with. licenses, there would not be as
This is where a Flat Tax set- much social conflict as con-
up in transition to a Fair Tax servative and liberal camps
comes in. seek to impose their agen-
While Libertarians and das on the state. Libertarians
Republicans share much in would prefer states determine
common on fiscal responsibil- abortion policy and they
ity, there is a stark difference would redirect money wasted
on social issues. Libertarians on a drug “war” only being
advocate for maximum indi- “won” by drug cartels.
vidual freedom based on sov- Kissick said Libertarians
ereignty. believe in a broad approach
“There are three degrees to civil liberties for the same
of sovereignty. National sov- reason they want taxpayer
ereignty sets the U.S. apart dollars to be in taxpayer’s
from the rest of the world, pockets — Americans are
while state sovereignty means citizens, not subjects.
states are separate but equal “A government that can
and work in conjunction dictate a particular set of val-
with the federal government. ues also retains the author-
Then, the most important to ity to devalue the right to
Libertarians is individual and live and raise a family by
The People’s Choice award went to Gary Hovey of New family sovereignty,” he said. those values. This is where
Knoxville for this sculpture made from stainless flatware Kissick said Libertarians Libertarians stand,” he con-
titled “Dolphin.” do not want government man- cluded.
The Delphos Area Art Debra Henkener.
Guild (DAAG) celebrated In the 3-D category,
not only its seventh annual first place, “View over the
Artfest show at Canal Days Auglaize” by Joe Bonifas;
but also in the new home of second place, “Shattered
the Museum of Postal History & Suffocated” by Kay
during the city’s 53rd annual Wilusz; third place, “Going Answers to Friday’s questions:
festival. Up” by Mike Bendele; and Ten jurors were dismissed during the course of O.J.
DAAG founder Judy Honorable Mention, “Empty Simpson’s double-murder trial.
Grone recalls when the dream Nest Syndrome” by Kay Englishman Oliver Cromwell gave us the expression,
became a reality with its first Wilusz. Above: This forged steel sculpture titled “Going Up” “Keep your powder dry.” In 1642, at the Battle of Edgehill,
exhibition. It was held in a The Delphos Area Art was made by Michael Bendele and won third place in he told his troops, “Put your trust in God but keep your
former bank that also had that Guild is comprised of artists the 3D Category. Below: The larger ceramic piece titled powder dry.”
once-ago classic architectural from the northwest Ohio area “Empty Nest” by Kay Wilusz won Honorable Mention in Today’s questions:
appeal. working in various mediums. the 3D Category. What state capital was originally called Pig’s Eye?
The show of 52 works was As a non-profit, the entity What are the eight Rocky Mountain states?
juried by Mike Huffman. promotes and encourages the Answers in Monday’s Herald.
The People’s Choice award development and apprecia- Today’s words:
went to Gary Hovey of New tion of art in various forms, Douceur: a sweet or charming manner
Knoxville for this sculpture including offering adult and Pysmatic: always asking questions
made from stainless flatware children educational classes
titled “Dolphin.” and programs. Meetings are
In the 2-D category, held every third Tuesday of
Best of Show went to Tom each month at 7 p.m. ring Your Keep up to date on the
worlds of foreign affairs,
Home in on the information
you need. Read your
Emerine for his “Wild Purity”; World Home local events, fashion,
first place, went to Barbara For more information, call sports, finance, and many
Sailor, “Quintet”; second Judy Grone at 419-692-0034 other subjects with your
place, “Tchaikovsky” by Kay or 419-695-8405, e-mail:
newspaper. You’ll also find The Delphos Herald
entertaining features, like 419-695-0015
Sluterbeck; third place: “Dena” d e l p h o s a r e a a r t g u i l d @ cartoons, columns, puzzles,
by Dan Knepper; and Honorable or see DAAG on reviews, and lots more.
Mention, “Volunteers” by Facebook.




2010 Pontiac G6 2010 Pontiac G6 2007 Pontiac G6 2009 Chev Impala 2008 Chev Impala 2007 Chev Impala 2007 Chev Impala 2007 Chev Impala
17,875 $
17,900 $
13,450 $
14,900 $
15,900 $
12,495 $
12,495 $
Black, Silver, Only Precision Leather Silver Silver Red
sunroof sunroof 28K mi. red trim

2010 Buick Enclave 2010 Buick LaCrosse 2010 Chev Equinox
Chev 2010 Chev HHR 2010 Chev Equinox 2010 Chev Malibu
34,500 $
27,500 $
23,500 Malibu $
14,900 $
25,500 16,400
Silver, Leather, 1LT pkg. 1 LT, All wheel Dk. blue $
21K mi. wheels 22 city 32 hwy. dk. blue drive LT 22 City, 30 Hwy.


2009 Pontiac G5 2008 Buick Enclave 2008 Buick Enclave

Was $11,900

10,500 2008 Chev Impala 2008 Chev Impala 2008 Chev Malibu
$1,000 + tax down
12,700 $
Extra low $
32,200 or
Sunroof, $
Leather $
Local $
Fun car, One owner, Allied Financial 72 mo. @
great mileage local trade miles 6.04 APR w/approved credit leather trim trade

2010 Chev HHR 2007 Buick LaCrosse 2007 Buick LaCrosse 2007 Buick Lucerne 2007 Buick Rendezvous 2008 Chev Colorado 2007 Buick Rendezvous 2007 Chev Colorado
Black, $
14,900 $
12,500 $
13,900 $
17,900 $
Extra low $
17,995 $
19,900 $
Local trade Low miles Sunroof, Low, low
1 owner Sharp, Low miles,
1 LT chrome wheels leather miles leather miles

2007 Chev Impala 2007 Chev Silverado 1500 2007 Chev TrailBlazer 2007 GMC Acadia 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 2006 Buick LaCrosse 2006 Chev Equinox 2006 Chev Impala
13,300 $
25,900 $
17,900 $
30,900 $
25,500 $
12,900 $
14,200 $
Local trade, Get ready All the Sharp! Local Sunroof Local
21 City for snow
31 Hwy. low miles options Low miles. trade trade

2006 Chev Malibu 2008 Chev Equinox 2006 Chev Silverado 1500 2004 Chev Silverado 1500 2004 Olds Silhouette 2003 Buick Regal 2002 Chev Monte Carlo 2001 Chev Monte Carlo
24 City, 32 Hwy.
9,995 Sunroof,
17,500 Local trade,
4x4 XTD Cab
9,995 $
Leather seats,
4x4 XTD Cab 16,500 Chrome
wheels, DVD
12,995 Leather,
7,295 Sunroof,
7,250 Sunroof,
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1725 East Fifth Street, Delphos
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1 owner,
4,195 Clean,
priced right
2,995 Maroon,
local trade