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John Hart and colleagues

collage of end use parts here

Images: HP/Forecast3D, Desktop Metal, Formlabs, Arconic/Norsk, Stryker, Solidscape, Mattel

Why additive manufacturing?

Structure and content of the course

Learning objectives

Concept End-of-Life
Concept End-of-Life
Concept End-of-Life
Concept PRODUCTION End-of-Life
With AM, complex parts can cost less than simple parts
Course structure and objectives 
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MIT faculty
“Lightboard” studio
Interactive edX platform
kit photos here
kit photos here
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AM cost model
Contributors include
Software Parts and Processes Expertise
Printer Manufacturers:
Onshape HP, EOS, 3D Systems, GE Protolabs
Additive, Stratasys, Formlabs,
Carbon, Hoganas, Voxeljet,
Generate ExOne, Cosine, Desktop Metal, Penn State
Renishaw, Markforged, SLM University
Solutions, and more
Netfabb Finishing: John’s Hopkins
RePliForm, MicroTek Finishing, University –
Extrude Hone, PostProcess
Materialise Technologies Applied Physics
MAGICS Laboratory
Many… with special thanks to
Boeing, Volkswagen, Protiq, Massachusetts
Imperial Machine Tool General Hospital
Main learning objectives

Acquire the vocabulary necessary to navigate the complex,

multivariate landscape of additive manufacturing equipment,
materials, and applications.

Understand the operating principles of each mainstream AM

process and how these principles govern its performance and

Learn to identify how, when, and where additive manufacturing

can create value across the entire product lifecycle, from design
concepts to end-of-life.
Main learning objectives

Acquire the skills to design parts for AM that combine

engineering intuition with computationally-driven design and
process-specific constraints.

Quantitatively assess the value of an additively manufactured

part based on its production cost and performance.

Evaluate the business case for transitioning a product to be

additively manufactured vs. traditionally manufactured, in part or
in whole.

Develop a cutting-edge perspective on digital transformation

and the factory of the future.
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