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“The New York Correspondence School} The exchanges which follow represent a9 ct irom 3 single segment ofthe Nev York spondence School. Rav Johnson. Prop. aa. the Selection + more “linear” than aC Certain point the correspondence be 2m 10 be shaped by the necesiv to exchange iain snformation relating 40 the snteniew ‘sith ae Tohason which was finaly published (9 ARTFORUM in September, 1964, David Bou on. who perforce plived some role in the exenanges below, hat heen kind enough to introduction to the workings of the Evervbady has heen saving “ver I Black Nunta Collose 19 used 10 leave noes in the snakes: Ray never tres of mar Leling over this. Perhaps its made up.) Who he writes to? The correspondence, while ewensive. is hishlv selective Some. people have implored lor yess to be out on his “mal ing list” without result. | don't believe Rav feels obligated to “answer” everv piece of Sav he corresponds with the vvho are 1o be in tune with his wav of ‘may be total strangers people he “igs.” Ie has to be cometh The reason he can't caresnond that he ha to have come focus on mee Doan that | ing 10 v2e. The out svianeith ai 2s Sse? He stkes when least expected, ere July 6, 1964 Dear Mr, Leider Ray Johnson suggested | send to you our inteniew of last December. 2s you might possibly be interested init for ART- FORUM, | enciose my review of September 3, 1963 which presents a ‘more flattering yet truthful picture oi Ray Johnson — should ARTFORUM be interested in’ doing 2 one-page feature on him, Ray will be featured in the next issue of Location. I wil bein the {al issues of Pars Review, with an Andy Warhol interview, and Konstevy, with an article on Claes Oldenburg Ray and | appreciate your looking at these pieces Sinctrely yous [ Davie Bourdon J. 4 ii 3 le oareu August 3, 1968 eat David Bourdon Thank you very much for the interview with Ray Johnson — Ike it very much and hope 10 use i ether in the September or (October issue. depending om how many illustrations | can dig up ftom Irving Slum. | alto understand that Coplans has some pieces which we may be able to ue, We are not so good at paving for things. | am putting the ar- ticle down at $3000. whichis the most we can aford when we o pay, and hope to be able to send this 10 you sometime in the future Please let me know i you have any other pieces in your drawer that you think we might ike Einar August 10. 1964 Dear Mr, Leder: Tam very glad that you like the interview with Ray Johnson Harry Abrams may be able to provide us with a photograph or two of the Johnson collages in his collection. For mare junk mall you might contact George Herm and Wally Berman. Ttohas been pointed out to me that my 3rd. question is un srammatical; the sentence should read “papier colle isa mitt’ (oF "papiers colles are miror.” Please correct our grammar and rispellings so that we don't look like perfect fools. In the ce- ment forecourt of the Grauman’ Chinese at the World Fir Masina spelled her name Giuits, not Gilet, "believe you're right about the 30 pieces of sver. It seems to be the usual ee Sincerely, David Bourdon fe ‘August 8, 1964 Dear Me, Leider: Today is the eighth day of the eighth month and David Bour on called me on the telephone 10 say You will publish his in Tenclose an announcement ofthe eight man show which has been drawing record crowds at the Robin Calley. T suggested t0 David Bourdon that the Abrams Family Collec tion might supply photos of the ten collages they purchased of mine recently and | also have some eight by ten glossy move star photos of people like Vieki Dougan that might be of ine Ray Johnson 176 Suffolk st New York Ciy2 + @ MAN SHOW GEORGE BRECHT GEORGE HERMS JOHNSTON ERY RAY ROBIN GALL August 12, 1964 Dear Mrs. Fenton “This is the twellth day of the eighth month, and, as you un oubtedly know. we like fo give birth on the fist day of the rinth month, This leaves us with precious litle time to con Tact the Abrams Family Collection for the ten colleges they en owed from you. In eu, at they sa. I've borrowed some four Iithos from Irving Blum ‘chair, ARYOUS. something with lettering fetc) and, in the pint of things, have handed them over 10 the layout kid and told him to ose them all. of any combination wth the text. When I was 2 kid | lived at 165 Sutfolk Steet: there was 2 store that sold gravestones across the steet. | shook my tiny fst at an indifferent sky and swore that one day 4 fight my way out Of there, Next night. Sig, Rico came dovn the block and on his tm was Vieki Dougan. He saw me weting af eriiism at my ‘window “That kid's got something,” said Miss Oougsn. Tr you can get fo the Abrams Family very fast and have them send photos of the collages they have, | will be able to sub: Stitute them hurriedly. Don't send the originals — we will only ‘enter them anonymous in-the Walnut Creek Art Festival Lastly, Ms. Fenton, ite come to my attention that there is an S:man show at the Rabin Callery, but nly six have showed up. Can we call up your tubeless energy to, perhaps, fil in? With Mr Hendricks? Phil Leider Los Angeles August 17, 1964 Dear Mr. Leider | enclose the Vicki Dougan photo. Note her glove, She is seated next to Vitor Borge. Note his shoes. ‘Color them plu. once unsuccessfully tied 10 steal Vicor Borge’s overcoat Sonia Sekula once stole Mrs. Bernard Rei Collection's mink coat. That stow is im John Cage's "Silene That gravestone store you mention on Suffolk Street fs now 2 Knolls showroom, Sonia died two years ago, With bes wishes, Ray M. Johnson Des Phi wie, Sov = Hay Aba Farily Callen has not photographed ss ay joao bogs. " Sincerely, avid Bourdon ‘August 21, 1966 Dear 176, ‘Thanks for the photo. That's her all sight, same at when 1 nese het. Couple of changes, of course; used to be when only ‘one buttock was on the chair the other would sag a bit — now it kind of cantilevers. OF course the negative might be flopped. The guy is not Big Rico; looks, from the jacket, like an early shot of Kid Twit Rees. Soery about Sonia. You never know. Six months ago she looked just great Knol’ showroom is obviously 2 front, Behind every Knoll there is a gravestone 176 Sulfolk had gypsies: no window shades One Avenue B got lopped of for a freeway. Harry Abrams Collection keeps its minks in vaults and doesn't photograph endowed collages Yours truly, 165 Rr: Proier Pant ern arzarea