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Sileram, Into the New

Table of Contents
Introduction and History of Sileram
 The Dragon Wars
 The conflict against the Orcs and Invasion of Humans
 Eye of the Storm Giants

The Races of Sileram

 Dwarves  Humans
 Elves  Half-orcs
 Gnomes  Tieflings
 Halflings  Dragonborn
 Goliath

The Major Factions and Societies of Sileram

 The Great Races
 The Criminal and Dark World
 The Dominant Guilds
 The Religious Churches

Regions and Nations

The Adversaries of Sileram’s varied landscapes
Sileram Exclusive Character Options
Introduction and History of Sileram
The Dragon Wars
The First Dragon War
Sileram has a long and bloody history with dragons and their kin. Shortly into the dawn of the 5 th age since the Divinity, a mighty and ancient dragon
that gave himself the name Virkor, the Brutal King sought dominion over the growing Sileram. He abducted nobles, destroyed their lands and
crumbled towns, this sparked resolve and ambition by other dragons to imitate Virkor. But this was not a feeble people these dragons wished to reign
over, sturdy dwarves from the mountains, intelligent and powerful gnomes from the woodlands and newly graced wood elves from the distant east
forged alliances for the first time since the divinity to push back this scourge of winged beasts.

After a decade of fighting and no progress, new allies were needed, but none would come. So the gnomes and elves decided to create artifacts of
great magical power to combat this threat. They forged the crystallized Orbs of Dragonkind. These powerful forces of magic would lure chromatic
dragons into trapped areas and turn them against one another. Over time the chromatics learned of this trick and sought ways to counter it.

Alas a new plan was to be made. After another decade of preparation and slow war of attrition, a ritual was enacted and gave birth to a new type of
people. The Dragonborn were born from the very creatures they were meant to destroy. The Draconic Knights, Dragonborn and other races of all kinds
sought allies among metallic dragons and rode them into battle against the chromatics.

The final battle that would shatter the tyranny of the dragons was fought around and atop White Plume Mountain, the center of Sileram. So the
chromatics relinquished control and terror, to flee to different corners of the world. Now with the conflict victories to the people of Sileram, the
Dragonborn were given lives to live of their own.

The Second Dragon War

The second of great wars fought against dragons was this time some argue provoked by the dwarves that delve too deep into the mountains. Upon the
9th age, in the deep caverns of Kazdune the dwarvish clan of Crumblestone dug into the gate of a chamber that would start the uproar of a new
ancient threat. Inside this chamber were unspeakable riches of jewels, weapons, gold, relics and a beast of old. A red dragon long into its twilight
years had awoken from its slumber to see its horde of treasure being picked at by insects.

Targon, the Scorching Fury awoke angry and quickly grew to hate these insignificant mortals. He let out a roar of aggression and cruelty that was
heard by many chromatics. They saw it as a call to arms by a mighty twilight, and so the fires of war were lit, only this time out of fear and awe, mortals
stood aside Targon as his servants and grunts of battle, that is if he would have them.

Kazdune fell to Targon, the dwarves fled from their home to nearby regions, seeking aid and refuge by Eraak and Kaz Mat Dan. For some time Targon
dwelled beneath Kazdune as his throne while other dragons once again pillage and ransacked to their blackened hearts content. The dwarves built
their armies once again and sought allies. They would march back on Kazdune to take back their home and defeat this Scorching Fury. The
Dragonborn were once again called upon to fight another war against their distant cousins.

The Siege of Kazdune was underway and taken back, but not at a great loss of lives and breaking of spirit as Targon was not slain, only driven off. He
fled to where the end of the first war was fought, White Plume Mountain and built a stronghold of his own design to be impenetrable.
After combating rogue chromatics and the second calling of the Draconic Knights, the beginning of the end was nigh. It was realized that Targon was
too powerful and old to be destroyed by any known means, and so his soul was trapped in an orb of fiery fury specifically created to house his single
soul of embers. Since his soul was trapped, nobody knows where it was sealed away, but history has taught us that dormant secrets that could undo
all life will always be found one way or another.