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Tahun Pelajaran 2007/2008

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Hari/tanggal :
Waktu : 60 menit
Kelas : IX (Sembilan)

Multiple Choices
1. X: Get me a glass of 10. There are many kinds of
water, please. I’m 5. Eny : I suggest that Indonesian forestry
thirsty. we raise money for products, such as…
Y: OK, dad. our a. Do not a. gold, tin and oil
X: Thank you, son. trip. So we smoking
Where does the don’t have to b. Do not turn b. timber, rattan
dialogue take place? ask for money c. Do not enter and lead
a. in a to our parents. d. Do not touch c. silver, copper
restaurant Kiki : … Read the following text to and timber
b. in an office Eny : Great! answer questions number 9- d. timber, rattan
c. in a house a. I agree and resin
Natural Resources
d. in a rest b. I disagree Indonesia is rich in
room c. I don’t think natural resources, which 11. There are two groups in
so can be classified into two natural resources, they
2. Ratih : … does d. No way groups: renewable and non- are …
our father drive the renewable. One example of a. renewable and
car? 6. Look at the table. renewable natural resources natural
Tuti : He No Name is forests. The forests in resources
1 Ratih Indonesia produce timber,
drives 45 kilometers
rattan and resin. Indonesia
per hour. 2 Riko b. non-renewable
has exported forestry
a. how far 3 Listy products to Japan, Europe and renewable
b. how long Which statement is and the USA. In recent resources
c. how high TRUE based on the years the Indonesian c. non-renewable
d. how fast table? government has taken a and forestry
a. Riko is the number of steps to preserve resources
youngest the forests from destruction
3. Father : I … a new d. renewable and
because people have over-
bag for you. Here b. Ratih is the forestry
exploited the forest lately.
you are. oldest Non-renewable resources
Mother : Wow! It’s c. Listy is resources include mining
so nice. Thanks, younger than products. Indonesia has 12. Why does the
dear. Ratih reserves of oil and gas. The Indonesian government
Father : You’re d. Riko is older first successful oil well was need to preserve the
than Listy drilled in North Sumatra in
welcome. forest?
1883. Since then there have
a. buy been several oil discoveries, a. because people
b. bought 7. What does the notice including those offshore. have over-
c. will buy means? Indonesia also has deposits exploited it
d. buying of coal, tin, copper, bauxite, b. because it is
gold, silver, lead and other something the
4. Aris: Can you drop minerals. Indonesia is the government
third largest producer of tin
by to my house must do
a. Do not throw in the world.
after school? Adapted from “English for the Junior High c. because the
There’s something I rubbish in the School 2
forests in
room. 9. Gold, tin, and oil are
want Indonesia are
b. Do not destroy some kind of …
to give you. not too beautiful
everything in a. mining
Adi : … But why d. because the
the room. products
don’t you tell me government
what is it? c. Do not sleep want to produce
in the room. b. farming
Aris: Oh no. I think more resources
d. Do not speak product
you should see it by
in the room. c. Forestry
yourself. 13. Which of the following
a. I don’t think is not the product of
8. The sign below d. renewable
so Indonesian forestry?
means that … product
b. Sure, I can a. Timber
c. I like it b. rattan
d. Fine, go
c. lead d. 5 – 1 – 4 – 3
16. “Find the correct 19. a. followers –2
d. resin spelling and b. participants
pronunciation” c. spectators 22. you–not–in–thank–for–
Read the The underlined d. speakers area–smoking–this
advertisement and word means that 1 2 3 4 5
answer the questions an ordered set of 20. What is the text 6 7 8
related to it. … which forms a talking about? The best arrangement to
word. make a sentence is …
Find the correct spelling a. alphabet a. 5-1-2-7-3-8-
and pronunciation b. sentences TIGHTLY 6-4
c. letters CLOSED b. 5-2-1-7-3-8-
more than 80.000 words d. paragraphs - AVOID 6-4
with this TO c. 4-1-5-2-7-3-
17. Which of the 8-6
following underlined SUNLIGHT d. 4-5-1-2-7-8-
Electronic Dictionary words has the correct a. How to avoid 6-3
Made of strong plastic spelling? accident
a. Artati is a b. The way to Read the text for questions
14. What is being tenager. block the number 23 and 24.
advertised in the b. Bima is sitting sunlight
text above? besdies You’re Invited
c. How to close
a. A strong Chandra. the lid Occasion : Kim’s Birthday
plastic c. Dika d. The way to Date : March 13
b. A sometimes store a Time : 6:30 p.m.
complete wacthes a medicine Place : 44 Devoe Road
dictionar football game.
y d. The last date 21. Rearrange these RSVP: Marie Salinger 238-
c. A of August is sentences into a good1722 or
correct the thirty first. paragraph. E-mail to
spelling 1. The animals have
d. An For questions number been pushed back
electroni 18 and 19, choose the and their natural
c closest meaning to the habitat has been 23. When will the party be
dictionar underlined words. reduced held?
y 2. The government a. at 44 Devoe
Koes Plus was well has located Road
15. From the known as pop music reserves to protect b. Kim’s
advertisement group in the seventies both animals and Birthday
above, we know until the eighties. At that plants life. c. On March
that … time most Indonesian 3. Many natural 13
a. the price of people were crazy (18) forests where d. Marie
the item is about their songs because animal live are Salinger
Rp 104. they were nice and being destroyed.
500,- simple. Every radio 4. One of them is 24. RSVP: Marie Salinger
b. one of the station broadcasted these Bogor Botanical 238-1722 or E-mail to
item’s color songs and always put Garden.
is dark blue them in the top of pop 5. People have The words above tell us
c. there are music. Their music shows cleared the land to that we should …
more than were always full of cultivate crops. a. give information if
80.000 audience (19). a. 1 – 5 – 3 – we cannot come
words in the 2–4 b. give information if
dictionary. 18. a. fanatical b. 3 – 5 – 1 – we can come
d. The item b. mad 2–4 c. ask information how
comes in c. drunken c. 4 – 3 – 5 – to come to the party
many colors d. lazy 1–2
d. contact Marie Erni : … What about The underlined word a. throw your rubbish
Salinger to ask swimming? means … here
about the time Rita : That’s sound a. white b. do not throw
great. What time shall we b. black rubbish here
25. Mom : Get up, go? c. brown c. bring your own
Please, Riko. Erni : Nine o’clock. d. red rubbish
Riko : In a a. That’s not d. do not pick up the
minute, mom. I’m still a good The text is for questions rubbish
sleepy. idea. number 32 and 33.
Mom : Come b. I agree Read the following text
on. You’ll be late for with you. A hotel is the and answer questions
school! c. That’s home of the guests and number 35 to 39.
Where does the fine. tourists when they are
dialogue take place? d. You’re away from home. The One day the wolf
a. in an right. first impression the guest was slaking his thirst at
office have of a hotel is the way a stream when he
b. at home 29. Based on the pictures the doorman and the chanced to see a lamb,
c. in a class below, the ironer is … bellboy (32) at the door also drinking, at some
distance down the
d. in the and the clerks at the front
library desk greet them. The Outraged, he
guests often form their growled, ‘You are
26. Dony : … do opinion of the hotel by muddying my drinking
you go fishing? the service they are water, now I shall eat
Deni : Once a a. cheaper received. The guests are you.”
week. than the usually happy if they feel The lamb
a. how far toaster welcome (33) and can get protested, “But, sir, how
b. how b. the to their rooms quickly. can I be muddying your
long cheapest drinking water? I am
c. how of all 32. The underlined word farther down stream
often c. the most means a boy or a man than you are. The water
d. how expensive who … is flowing from your part
of the stream to where I
many d. as a. helps the guest in
expensive a hotel carries “Up stream or
27. Lidya : What a as the their bags down stream, your
lovely purse. diskettes b. receives people drinking is muddying
Anne : Thank arriving in a hotel my water, and I shall
you. I … it myself. 30. The sign below can c. lets people in and eat you.”
Lidya : Did be find at a/an … out in a large So saying, the wolf
you? building leaped upon the lamb
Anne : Yes, I d. goes with and and ate it.
did. serves or looks
a. make after another 35. Where did the story
b. made happen?
c. am 33. The underlined word a. by a river
making means … b. in a jungle
d. was a. responsible c. in a forest
making a. hospital b. capable d. at a zoo
b. supermark c. acceptable
28. Rita : Hi, guys! et d. available 36. These following facts
Tomorrow is a c. school made the wolf angry to
holiday. d. office 34. The notice below the lamb, except …
What shall have the same a. the lamb
we do? 31. “Her bright skin, meaning with muddied the
Ratih : How about chubby cheeks and water
going to a lovely smile …” b. the wolf wanted
mall? to eat the lamb
c. the lamb 40. Look at the picture! What does the 47. The students go to
drank at the sentence means? school every day,
same stream a. Tiger is one of except…
d. the lamb the protected a. Thursday
was a four animals b. Friday
leg animal b. We must save c. Saturday
protected d. Sunday
37. Who muddied the animals
steam water? Where do we usually c. Protected 48. My mother gives me
a. The wolf find the sign? animals are some money for the
does a. In a classroom great for transport fee and … of
b. The lamb b. On a bus souvenirs milk before I go to
does c. In a garden d. We can use school.
c. the wolf did d. On a train the parts of a. a bowl
d. the lamb did protected b. a cup
41. What does the notice animals c. a glass
38. Did the wolf eat the in number 40 means? d. a jug
lamb? a. we are not Read the following text
a. No, it allowed to carefully. 49. X : Excuse me, … you
doesn’t enter Dear Anita, tell me where the post
b. Yes, it does b. we are office is?
Hi there, I am inviting you to my 13th birthday party on
c. Yes, it did allowed to Date : Monday, 15 November 2007 Y : Sure. It is just up
d. No, it didn’t step on the Time : 3 p.m. ahead, right next to the
grass Place : My house. Jl. Andalas 32bank.
Please, come! Without you it’ll be different.
39. How many c. we are not a. may
characters are there allowed to Cheers,b. can
in the story? step on the Della c. will
a. One grass d. are
character d. we can walk
b. Two through the 44. In what year was 50. A : Which one do you
characters grass Della born? prefer, a cat … a dog?
c. Three a. 1997 B : I think I prefer a
characters 42. the lights – you – b. 1996 cat.
d. Four before – leave – turn c. 1995 a. and
characters off – d. 1994 b. or
1 2 c. but
3 45. Della hopes that Anita d. that
4 …
5 a. will bring a --ooOoo--
the room present
6 b. will wear a
The correct new dress
arrangement is … c. is going to
a. 4-6-3-5-2-1 attend the
b. 4-1-3-2-5-6 party
c. 5-1-3-2-4-6 d. is going to
d. 5-6-3-2-4-1 sing and
46. Where will the party
take place?
a. my house
b. Anita’s house
c. In a mall
d. Della’s house

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