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Teacher Planning Growth Plan (TPGP)

Jessica Heintz

School Lethbridge Admin Keith Van Deer Meer

Subject Mathematics Teacher Mentor Alanna Odorski
Grade Level(s) 10C, 20-3 University Consultant Josh Markle

1. I employ classroom management strategies that promote engaging learning. (TQS: 4f)

Rationale: Classroom management is an important part of maintaining a safe learning

environment. Specifically, it helps promote and encourage the students to learn material
being taught. I have picked this as one of my goals because I tend to be a soft and lenient
person. I can implement classroom rules and expectations, but can give too many chances
to students when it comes to reinforcing the rules and expectations. Below I have outlined
my strategies and how I am going to keep track that I am making the goal.

Strategies Timeline Indicators

My teacher mentor and I will First week of classes  Have classroom
set and explain classroom expectations listed in
expectations for the students the course outline
to follow.  Explain what those
expectations will
look like
I will model positive Ongoing  I model positive
behaviour and set clear behaviour inside and
expectations for students to Checkpoint: Mid-way outside of the
follow, through the term (Nov classroom
 Reinforce any 4th)
classroom procedures Ongoing  Students follow
and routines classroom
 Show positive expectations and
behaviour (kindness, understands their
care, and consequences
understanding)  Class is respectful
Checkpoint: once a and corporates
week during lessons
Ongoing  Keep parents in the
loop of any concerns
Checkpoint: Every that arise (lates,
Friday, when sending absences, missing
weekly email. assignments).
I will consistently monitor Ongoing  Responds to
student behaviour, and negative behaviour
respond to inappropriate Checkpoint: Weekly on time
behaviour reflections
 Respond to behaviour Ongoing  Reinforcing
promptly, firmly, and classroom
consistently Checkpoint: After procedures and
 Use low-key and negative behaviour following through
higher level arises. with consequences
responses depending Once a week at least  Implement the use of
on the behaviour tools (i.e.
 Follow school technology) to
discipline policies and minimize negative
procedures behaviour, and make
Checkpoint: Lesson lessons more
plans, PIP engaging
Ongoing  Proactive with
negative behaviour.
behaviour, or see
Checkpoint: Outlined in clues of an issue
lesson plans arising.

2. Incorporate digital technologies to build student capacity for creating new knowledge,
thinking critically, communicating and collaborating. (TQS: 3a)

Rationale: I believe mathematics and technology go hand in hand. However, to what

extent? At what point does technology become distracting? Does it achieve the outcome of
the lesson better than teaching the students directly? Technology is a huge part of our
society. But is also a controversial item to have within the classroom. I decided to make
this my goal for my PS3 to get a better understanding of how technology can be used within
a high school mathematics setting.

PIP: To what extent can technology be implemented into a high school level mathematics
course to increase engagement and promote understanding?

Strategies Timeline Indicators

I will incorporate a variety Ongoing  Clearly outlined
of technology throughout and explained how
the mathematics technology is being
course(s). used within my
 Weebly Checkpoint: Course Outline, lesson plans
 SMARTboard Lesson Plans
 Graphic Calculator Ongoing  Keep up to date
 Computer Lab with the class
 Laptops website (weebly)
Checkpoint: Checking the
class website(s) weekly
I will use technology to Ongoing  I have outlined
incorporate a variety of what type of
learning strategies. Checkpoint: Make sure at technology I will be
 Videos least two lesson plans using within the
 Interactive incorporate an activity lesson plan
websites using technology.
 Surveys Ongoing  Within each unit
 Questionnaires plan, I will discuss
 Investigations of what types of
Topics technology will be
Checkpoint: Unit plans, used within the
revise if added in. lesson overview
I will assess the student’s Ongoing  Filled out exit slips
opinions on the use of having students
technology within a Checkpoint: Every two access how
mathematics class. weeks, ensure you have effective
included lessons with technology was in
technology before the end learning the
of the unit. Final concepts
checkpoint = end of unit