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A! ‘he Stelar Astological Research lastitute, Suidapet, teins bor in ay ut othe world aed (2) offer astolopial. nese {n capest of ir iol Hovescopes on payeot el the wecesoy. charges ss herbandr 1 For ovvunte eating of horoscope, with detaiis of house and [Shnciny positions, both i Sayana and Nitsyane stem, wogelbee ith he argos deia-bhuki periods to be undergone in ik- Rs 18 ‘Astolicl advice in respect of am individual horoscope-Re.1S- for the Bat we questions and Re, IO}for every addons! question horoscope eating charge blag extra as a () ove. Jn order to eeable the horoscope being cast accurately, the {ollowiog dta's shou avariahly be farished 1. Name and sex of the perce whose horoscope is scauied to be 2 Adress ia och (eters to which the horoscope isto be seat: 3+ Weekday Monday, Toeday ete} of bith. 4. Date of bith asoring to Chistion Feu (Eogish dae of bit When tinh occur beeen 9 hour aod cary moreing mation lealy, sch a8 23724th March 1972 att aan, (Indias Staniod Time) indicauog Wat dh occured tlre Susie 0B. tbe deh Murch 1972, 5 Watch time of birth (or ghutitas and vighatita after Soavse or Sunset inh is avaiable only ie such tere) 6 Place of Vinh: [If binh place is 4 villoge oF an unimportant fowa, sve the vearest important town/city and’ if posite ake loogiude ad atid] All sommunicatons in tis eatin should be addresied to K. SUBRAMANIAM 1, Meahuin Stet, Suidupet Madra600015, AI paywente. wil have address by Meney Order ony J to be seat in advance to the above We estty te cops of Bett hy he Soe faba Heb tuned aie sr ef are, Mo planet in 8 ignitor of bower I ant 9 EES i Sh ae rae ct te cata ot Man lt et, aod ra ome lee may gener by ie