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1.Paper should be in IEEE format. Paper must contain abstract,
introduction, point wise description of subject and conclusion and
references at the end.
Papers not in the prescribed format are subject to direct
2.Paper submitted should be in PDF format.
3.Abstract should not exceed 1 page and paper should not
exceed 7 pages.
4.Participants have to bring 2 hard copies of the submitted paper.
5.Participants have to prepare power-point presentation for the
final day.
6.Each team will get 10+2 minutes for presenting their paper
followed by a Q-A session.
-1 mark will be awarded for exceeding the time limit by 1 minute.
7. One person cannot be a part of multiple teams.
8. Innovativeness of the of the project will be given credit. Original
contribution to the paper will be highly encouraged. Only pure
technical papers would be considered for short listing.
+2 will be given for the most innovative paper.
9.The branch submitting maximum paper will be given 6 points.
Points will be awarded only after thorough inspection of the
papers and after disqualification of papers if rules are not
satisfied. Number of papers submitted before evaluation is not the
criteria for maximum paper points (Upon the number of papers
submitted. It will be evaluated by quality papers received).
10.Points will be awarded according to the positions of the teams.
11.If a person submits the work of any author of other branch, -1
will be awarded to the branch.
12. 10 teams will qualify for the second round. Out of 10, 3 teams
are reserved for FEs.
13.Plagiarism should not be more than 40%. If found paper will be
14.After plagiarism paper will be sent to judges for final selection.
15.Final round will be paper presentation.

Judges and AIT Techboard reserve the right to modify the

rules without prior intimation.

All the participants have to mail their papers on the email id-