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Howard’s End Essay Options: Due October 3rd

Email to ​​ or turn in to 1221 before 2pm

Paper must be:

MLA format
4 pages (full), double spaced, TNR, black 12 point font
5 in-text citations
Follow rubric provided for full marks
(S/V, capitalization, spelling, “text-talk”, or lack of a thesis/claim)

*Please include your essay number on your paper for clarification for Ms. Todd
1. Though Helen declares herself a suffragist in the first part of the book, Forster's
exploration of gender politics in Edwardian England does not really take off until the
second half of the novel, after Margaret marries Henry. What does their marriage say
about the relations between men and women in general? What kind of critique does
Forster offer: moral, social, or simply literary?
2. Politics are certainly not absent from the novel. What are some of the different political
issues that come up, and how do they tie in to the novel's greater themes?
3. Discuss the conflict between the "seen" and the "unseen" as it plays out throughout the
novel in different characters' thoughts. What ways does the novel suggest might be used
to connect the seen to the unseen? What is the role of money in that process? What is the
role of death?
4. The relationships between women and men are a central part of the novel. In terms of
gender dynamics, compare the following three marriages: Ruth and Henry Wilcox, Jacky
and Leonard Bast, Margaret and Henry Wilcox