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Taking Piano lesson

Studio etiquette-the studio or the music studio must have etiquette or the rules indicating the proper and
polite way of the surroundings of the studio, Why? Because it is very big deal that you have a good and
pleasant studio because it will be more attractive than a very simple studio. Now, why do we need a good
and pleasant studio. First it can attract or convince the costumers to take or enroll to your lessons, then
of course since you are inviting a students or people to enroll in your music school or into your Piano
lesson, you must have a double effort to make your studio very comfortable and very attractive and you
must also have quality musical instruments and good facilities to make them more inspire and inlove
with the Music and to incourage students to study to your school and lessons.
What do we expect to a piano teacher?, Piano teacher is expected and must be educated not Only in
piano but also in the entire Music, because Piano teacher must know what the music mean not only the
piano but also in all aspect of Music, because if a piano teacher don’t have enough knowledge how they
are able to make the student more educated about Music or in the piano?. Teaching piano is not only
teaching how to read notes or how play scale how to play arpeggios etc. but the teachers or the piano
teacher must also teach the dynamics and feelings of the peace, the teacher must teach how to interpret
every single note of a peace because if you do not know how to teach it how they can learn the essence of
Music how they can feel the true meaning Music?. So as many Teachers or Music teacher said “Music
teacher must be well educated not only in their master Instrument but also, they must have a wide
understanding in music and enough enough knowledge on how to teach their ow master instrument,
because if you don’t have enough information or knowledge about music how can you feed your
studentS? How can you feed their mind to gain more knowledge about Music, remember that teacher
must cpontinue in learning to have more Knowledge, because The more knowledge have, the more you
can share.
Teacher are expected to be patient when it comes in teachings, lessons or class, because if a
teacher don’t have patient how can they teach the students who are not able to catch up easily what the
teacher teach, talk about or what he demonstrate?. That’s why a teacher are expected to have patient and
open minded what his student tell about their lessons to understand what the teachers can do to help his
students improve his/her skills in piano, teacher are expected to be an encourager to their students because
not all the time all of the students is have enough confident they are expected to be an encourager specialy
to those who don’t have enough self confidence.
Talking with the piano teacher- talking with your Piano teacher or having a good communication
with them is very important especially to the beinners, because one of the best way to learn from your
lessons is to have a good communication to your teacher or to your piano teacher, because it is the best
way to ask a question that you do not emphasize during the class or lesson, so you are able to ask about
your lesson to improve your skills if you have a good communication with your teacher and have a time
to discuss about Music even outside the lesson that’s the importance to talk with teacfher and have a goo
How has this course affected your outlook or the role of piano teachers?
When I taken up this Class I thought before that the piano teacher that if they know how play piano and
able to read notes they can be already a piano teacher Yes, they are able to teach how to play and read
notes, but what Ive trying to emphasize and clarify is that the piano teacher must be well equip also and
have enough knowledge in music not only in the piano but also in the entire Music including Music
Now my perspective about how to be a good piano teacher was change because the qualification of a
good piano teacher is not really easy to reach that’s why I salute every Piano teachers who have extremely
effort to be good piano teachers they are continue learning, continue practicing to be much more skillful
and inspire their students to practice also to be good pianist or musician, so the function and role of a
pianist very serious and not easy to reach because so many sacrifices and effort practice time you spend
before you reach the Ideal standard of a Piano teacher, because it is really hard to be a piano teacher,
because piano teacher must have a patient to his student, that is not easy to do because being patient is not
so easy to have, especially if your students is so very hard to teach and slow learner but I salute every
piano teacher who have effort and compassion to his/her students who don’t have easily catch what the
teachers teach.
One thing that teaching in piano is not so easy because you should know how to interpret what
the pieces tells, so piano teachers has to many knowledge to earn and skill to develop to be a good
demonstrator and Music interpreter, because piano teacher are not allowed to teach unto their students
that they must imitate what they did what the technique they use in playing, but Teachers are allowed to
teach the students to be a good interpreter of music or piano player interpreter.
The role of a piano teacher is not only to feed his students with musical idea, but to teach them
how be good musician, and to help them develop their own musical style, because being a good musician
the teachers goals is to make their students more creative in making a music, giving and feeding them a
different Idea of music so they can be a good musician and creative on making a music.
The piano teachers also a molder of musicians, because they mold the skills of a musicians they
correct what the a musician should avoid in practicing in actual playing in reading exercise in
accompaniment, I said that they are molder because they mold the talent of their student they are patiently
their student just for them to learn piece music.
A case of study about analysis of the student concerning the development process of the student learning
in piano.
In my Piano lesson with my students, In our first meeting is not so easy because he do not know how to
play piano and read notes and he do not have a background in playing well he has a background but not
enough to understand what the instrument piano is, so when we get started our lesson I do first an
interview about his musical background then I ask him if he encountered before the instrument piano he
said yes but not the acoustic piano, because his said he only saw and touch acoustic piano in Our lesson,
and I ask him another question because he tried to play scale in piano even though he do not have
knowledge in piano, he said to me that he play a guitar and he is able also to play a scale in guitar that’s
why he tried to play scale in piano as he has been doing in guitar.
Well when I was interviewing him, I introduce piano what the function of it and I also discuss the
Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes in playing piano and I traduce proper siting finger positioning and other
importants rule in playing piano, when we get started our lesson and first piece it is very hard to teach a
beginner, he cannot easily catch up what I’ve trying to say, so what I’ve is to demonstrate all technique
that we will encounter in our lesson piece, just for him to get easily understand what I’ve trying to teach,
every lesson I always observe what he is doing in our lesson, even the smallest detail, especial his
fingering, his way of siting in a piano bench, posture, and even how he interpret the piece and his touch in
piano what a sound he create every time he play I always be strict to the basic rules in piano, and I
always strict for that because the basic rules in piano is very important if we want to be good pianist we
must know and do practice all the basic rules in piano.
During our lesson when he is playing his assignment, I notice that he is widowing the piece, that’s
why I told to him, “you must read every single note every time you play even at a slow tempo there is no
problem”, but still there are times he still widowing his peace, so what I’ve done is I told him to repeat
the notes he play if he cannot play it in a original tone and pitch because sometimes he play other notes
that are in the piece , I always advise that he must read, must read, must read and read the notes even the
simplest notes he must know how to play it even the rest in the piece I always demonstrate to him, to
make him easily to understand.
When we are in the middle of the semester, there is a lot of improvement to him, in discipline in
practice reading, fingering especially when it comes to interpretation of the piece, he is much careful in
studying the piece and the way he interpret and play it, and when I notice that he improving what I’ve
done again is to give him more piece to study and of course I also give him a advance piece to study
before the end of the semester or our piano lesson I check all of his piece just to see what he got in our
whole semester lesson, then when he play all his piece in piano I see the improvement of his hand
positioning playing and fingering.
What I’ve learn from this class?(piano pedagogy).Before the class get started I am very exited to the
class because I know the importance of it and I know It can really help me to improve the way I teach and
all my approach in piano teaching, also in my experience, before the class get started I expect that I learn
more to this subject and gain more knowledge about pianos, how to play in a right way, and of course to
have more experience on how to teach, then when the class get started, I am not disappointed because
what I am expecting is, it happens, I gain more knowledge from our piano pedagogy teacher, I learn a lot
of things, I learn a lot of Idea in music and how to be a great piano teacher.
I also learned from this class the value a basic piano piece, because when I was in first year no one
told the importance of the basic rules I music, that’s I always practice in a wrong way without knowing
the proper practice, and the importance of it to our daily practice in piano not only to the class, because
sometimes a few piano teachers don’t have enough knowledge how teach ticniques the are not able
because he himself don’t know how to apply it so he cannot demonstrate it as for students to get easily
understand, and easy to catch up how to apply the technique, that’s the problem of a few piano teacher
they theticniques but they cannot apply it or they are not able to apply it because they do not practice it.
I learn from this class the value of practice if you want to be a good piano teacher you must continue
learning and continue practice to be able to demonstrate well all techniques
I also learn from this class al the basic way of practice myhand position pedaling how to make my
site reading skills improve
Music Internship
My Personal evaluation and recommendation on my internship at Pasig Church of Christ. On my
first day of my internship at Pasig Church of Christ, I’m so exited to start my Job at Church, it is mix
nervous and excitement I feel before I enter the door of the of the Church, I feel nervous because it is
another experience again another people, different traditions, another adjustment, that’s why feel so
nervous because I thought that in the city there is more people who treat you like just a worker only
because I heard some ministers, tell me a story about some local Church in the city, in manila that they
treat their workers that they are only a workers to rent not a workers of the Lord, By the way I’m just
telling the one of the reason why I’m nervous, but excitement is much more in my heart, because I want
another experience in other Church and I also want to help them what is needs of the Church not in
Financial of course, but in man power most specially in music department, because I want the music of
the Church is very beautiful awesome because were doing our ministry in Music for God not to men,
that’s why I want to help a church who needs a Help in Music department if I can.
In my first Bro. Jayson Dela Pasion the music minister of the PASIG CHURCH of CHRIST,
give me a task, he ask me if I can play piano then I answer yes I can, then he told me that I ‘am the
keyboardist on Sunday service, then this is it, its Sunday service, for the first time in my internship I ‘am
a piano accompanist this time not a guitarist. During congregational singing, I was so irritated by roaring
amplifier of the bass guitar and over treble equalization of the guitar amplifier and uncontrolled power of
the drums, so distractive for me because my ear wants to hear a good sound but I look at the congregation,
but I think many of are not aware in the quality of the music.
After service, one of the elder of the church wanted to talk with me, and I thought it is negative
because he looks like very serious, but then, when he told me what he wanted say, the elder told me,
good Job brother your accompaniment is good, according to Bro. Ramon Ilito(The senior minister of
Pasig Church of Christ). Then after that Bro. Jason introduce me again to the youth .
Now my internship is near to end, their love and concern for me is much more warmer than
before, they always wanted me not to go at MBS earlier they want to have a bonding with, also I meet a
young pro. Of PTCCYF our youth organization in Pangasinan, then also I meet a Sis. Angielene
Alejandro who came from Pangasinan also near in our Brg. And she told that I am his relatives because
she was a Lucero before she married his husband .
I enjoy so much this Internship because I have a lot of task to be done, which is what I want,
because its very boring if I don’t have task to be done, and I enjoy this internship because it is one of my
unforgettable experience so many experience this Internship, and one thing that I miss my internship at
Pasig is the bonding in the good times with Pasig C.O.C. members, they are good and loving.
Now in my observation in my whole Internship at Pasig, I notice that they do not have enough
information or knowledge about the do’s and don’ts regarding how to maintain their musical instruments
well, because I see their musical instrument, Very rusty sting of guitar which cause to fret buzz of the
guitar fret, roaring like a lion speaker, fix feathers of the equalizer because they do not put a cover to their
equalizer so the dust is easily entered to the equalizer, wrong tune of drums which is very uncomfortable
to ear, wrong position of cable wires which lead sometimes to ruin the wire of the cable.
Music team discipline, not so bad but sometimes they have their own world, volume in the right
volume in the left, they do not aware about the good practice, I not saying that I am a good musician what
I ‘ve trying say is they be aware, because sometimes even the simples cord progression they cannot play
well , but this is my own observation about the problem that they cannot play well the song, because the
giving of line up is very late that sometimes they give line up in the practice for Sunday, which is very
wrong, and sometimes their singers are all song leader, what does it mean? The back up singers are also
singing the part of the main vocalist or the song leader which is not very good in ear, and sometimes the
music minister lack of sensitivity about the congregation if the song or pitch is singable, because
sometimes the congregation are not able to participate in congregational singing because its too high for
them the pitch of the song.
All I want to recommend is have more power to music minister more knowledge about
instruments the DO’s & DON’Ts in musical instruments, must learn how to simplify the song to make it
singable for the congregation, must be more strict and must send the line up the earlier the better, he must
be sensitive to every instrumentalist.
The instrumentalists must be more discipline most especially during service because sometimes
instead they play music for meditation or create an atmosphere through , they become a distractive
musician during the Lord’s supper, because they play their instrument, which is not good that’s all I want
to recommend.