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Narrator : langgeng

Nurse 1 : lina

Nurse 2 : basuki

Nurse ka. Team : wiwin ( W )

Family : kristya (KR)

Bowo (BW)

Patient : mahmudi

Pharmacist : nia (N)

Doctor : suroyo

Lina's nurse in charge of the internal medicine ward will check vital signs in Room
212 in mahmudi patients with thypoid fever, treated at the Internal Medicine Unit of the
Muhammadiyah STIKES Hospital Klaten the first day in the patient's room.

Nurse 1 (LN) : Assalaamu Alaikum. Good morning

Family ; Wa alaikumussalaam. Morning.


Nurse LN : Introduce my name nurse Lina, I am the nurse in charge of this room. Whose
name are you?

Patient : (Shut up)

Family (BW) : Mahmud sus!

Nurse 1 : Yes sir / ma'am, right with Pak Mahmudi yes (looking at the patient's bracelet
and making sure by looking at the status of the patient's medical record)

Family (KR) : Yes, right Ma'am!

Nurse 1 : Sorry, what relationship do you have with your patient?

Family (KR) : I am the wife of patient and this is my child nurse.

Nurse 1 : Oh yeah. Well, this afternoon I will check blood pressure, pulse, breathing,
temperature and ask complaints to Mr. Mahmudi this activity will last for 5

Family (KR) : Yes Ma'am, please.

Nurse 1 : Sir, what is the complaint felt at this time?

Patient : My stomach feels still very painful

Nurse 1 : Umm ... so, the head feels dizzy or not?

Patient : (nod) yes sus

Nurse 1 : Okay, now I want to check blood pressure huh? Excuse me. (After finishing
checking) Mr. Mahmudi has a blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg.

Family (BW) : How many Ma'am?

Nurse : 150/90 Sir .

BW family : High, Ma'am?

Nurse : Yes sir. This blood pressure is still high. The normal value is 120/80. Now I
will check the temperature and pulse. Excuse me, bro ... (After completing the
inspection) It will be 90 x per minute, it's normal, sir, sir, it's 36.30 C, the
temperature is normal too.

Family (KR) : Yes, Ma'am, so only the tension is high?

Nurse : Yes sir / ma'am. Ummm ... Well, I have finished checking blood pressure,
pulse, breathing, temperature and asking for complaints to Pak Mahmudi.
Later, I will come again at 12 to give medicine to the father.

Family KR : Yes Ma'am, thank you!

Nurse : You're welcome sir. Excuse me. Assalaamu Alaikum

Family KR, BW : Wa alaikumussalaam.

Suroyo doctor visite the mahmudi patients accompanied by the head of the team
namely nurse wiwin Then the doctor makes a prescription medication to the nurse. Mr.
Mahmudi gets Oral Drug therapy

Doctor (SR) : nurse wiwin , because Mr. Mahmudi there is still a complaint of his stomach
ache I prescribe oral drug ranitidine, please give it every 8 hours one tablet

Head Team ( W ) : O yes, doctor, I will get the medicine then it will immediately program it
every 8 hours

Mr. Basuki, ask for your help, get the patient's medicine to the pharmacy

Nurse 2 (B) : ok, Mrs . wiwin I'm going to the pharmacy to get it
Then the nurse goes to the pharmacy department and gives a prescription to the
Pharmacist .

Nurse 2 : Assalaamu Alaikum.

Pharmacist (N) : Wa alaikumussalaam.

Nurse 2 : Ma'am, there is a prescription for patients mr. mahmudi

Pharmacist (N) : Oh, yeah sir, thank you!

The pharmacy department conducts a doctor's prescription, clinical pharmacy, and

patient medical record status. After completing the assessment, the Pharmacist provides the
appropriate medication with the prescription to the nurse. Then the nurse prepares a tool for
oral medication

Then the Pharmacist and nurse 2 (B) go to the patient's room to educate the patient regarding
the medication to be given. In the patient's room.

Nurse 2 : Assalaamu Alaikum. Good afternoon Sir / Madam.

Family K : Waalaikumussalaam.good afternoon nurse!

Nurse 2 : This is true with mr. mahmudi

Family : Yes Ma'am!

The nurse identifies the patient's bracelet and the patient's medical record status. Then.

Nurse 2 : Okay, ma'am, introduce this person from pharmacy. Her name is Ms. Nia.
After the doctor's visit, patient, Mr. Mahmudi, received drug therapy for
Ranitidine. So Ms. Nia will explain about the drug Ranitidine.

Family K : Yes Ma'am!

Nurse 2 : Please Ms. Nia

Pharmacist : okey , Ma'am. I introduce myself once again. My name is Nia, I am in charge
of the pharmacy room at the Muhammadiyah STIKES Hospital in Klaten.what
you relationship with mr. mahmudi mom ?

Family K : I am his wife

Pharmacist : o yes ma'am, here I will explain the new medicine that must be drunk by the
mr. mahmudi , ma'am
Pharmacists explain the purpose of giving drugs, drug indications, drug delivery
routes, drug use rules, drug contraindications, drug side effects, drug interactions with food,
and drug interactions with other drugs. After the family understands.

Pharmacist : Okay ma'am, I have finished giving an explanation. If you have no more
questions. Excuse me.

Family : Yes ms. thanks for the explanation.

Pharmacist : You're welcome sir / ma'am. I'll excuse you, sir. (Looking at the patient) sir, I
beg you to excuse me first. Assalaamu Alaikum

Family : Wa alaikumussalaam.

After the pharmacist leaves.

Nurse 2 : Sir, according to my appointment. I will give a drink medicine to mahmudi,

sir, are you willing?

Patient : yes, please Ma'am.

The nurse identifies again to ensure that the medication is correct. that is :

1. True DRUG


3. Correct DOSAGE



Then the nurse also conducted an assessment of the ability to swallow the patient by asking
the family. After making sure the patient is able to swallow the nurse to bring medicine and
water near the patient. The nurse gives medication to the patient and makes sure the
medication is swallowed. After the nurse finished tidying the tools. Then ask the patient's
family to sign on the drug administration sheet. The nurse returns to the nurse station and
performs documentation (drug given, dose, time, route, time and date of administration &
name and signature of the patient / family of the patient and nurse)