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Cube Test

The grade use for cube test are G30N. The sample used for this experiment are 3 sample. The test is
follow the JKR specification

All sampling, curing and testing of concrete, fresh or hardened, the concrete mix shall comply with the
recommendations of MS523-1 and MS523-2 and the relevant parts of BS 1881. The compressive
strength of concrete shall be measured by crushing tests on nominal 150mm cubes as specified in MS
26. For each sampling, three cubes shall be made from a single sample taken from a randomly selected
batch of concrete. One cube from each sample batch shall be tested for the 7-day compressive
strength. The remaining two cubes from the sample batch shall be tested for the 28-day compressive


 The steel cube is 150mm in length x 150mm in width x 150mm in height.

 Grease oil to prevent concrete adhering to the mould.
 Iron rod with a diameter of 16mm and 600mm long.


1. Grease was applied to the surface of the mould wall to prevent concrete from sticking when
2. Concrete is poured into the mould in stages with three matching layer thickness.
3. Each layer must be compacted with a metal rod of 35 times per layer.
4. The concrete has filled the surface of its moulded surface and labelling works are carried out.
The cube is labelled by its type of structure and the date it was created. Then, the concrete
was left hardened.
5. Concrete has hardened removed from the mould and immersed in water. The test cube is
divided into two phases i.e. the maturity period of 7 days and 28 days.
6. The first phase (7 days) test should achieve 75% strength. If the strength is less than 75%, the
second stage test is to be carried out for the 28-day phase of maturity.

Example Calculation Test Cubes

Grade cube used (G25)

Load charged 500KN

500KN = 500000N


The cube area is charged 150mm x 150mm

= 22500 mm square

= F / A = 500000/22500

= 22.22 N / mm²

Grade type (G25) so the percentage of concrete strength is:

22.22 / 25 Concrete grade

= 0.88 = 88%

Pass the test as it is more than 75%