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West Virginia State University

College of Professional Studies

Department of Education
Professional Development (PD) Reflection

Name: Major Content Area: Classification:

Carly Dye Elementary Education Sophomore

PD Topic/Title: PD Date: PD Units:

Can Technology Change Education? 1/30/17
The Role of Technology in Education

Please respond to the following prompts:

1. Summarize the key points you learned from this Professional Development experience.

This professional development experience went over technology in education. The key points
they went over were how technology can effectively be incorporated to supplement today’s
classrooms. The speakers discussed how technology could be used as an incentive when talking
about the “million” program. The “million” program was an incentive program that would give
students minutes and airtime on their phones when they were doing well in class. They also
discussed the facts that technology needs to be provided for every student, not just a few who can
afford it, schools do not have enough technology from computer labs alone, and that it doesn’t
take a big budget to make big change in educational technology.

2. Discuss how these key points connect to your content area.

These points connect to my content area because elementary age students need to learn how to
use technology for educational purposes before they get into higher grade levels. There are also
ways elementary age students could benefit from incentives using technology. The “million”
program in particular probably would not be the best idea but I know there are programs
designed for classroom use to give students incentives on their school iPads. I think this is very
important because technology is something students enjoy.

3. Share how you might use this new information in your future classroom.

I might use this information in my future classroom by trying to find a way to get more resources
into my classroom with the budget we have. I also would like to provide the same access to
technology to all students, rather than just some who can afford it. I also think the incentive
aspect will be very important for me as an elementary school teacher. Students in today’s
classroom love technology and I think there are great programs I can utilize that let the students
know when I notice them doing well and the program gives them a reward.
4. Highlight 2-4 details mentioned that either interested or surprised you, and explain why

One thing that surprised me is the point about not needing a big budget. I always think expensive
when I think technology as many people probably do. I thought it was interesting to hear about
how a few teachers have gotten together to find ways to get more effective technology into their
schools without exceeding the budget given. I also thought the “million” program was
interesting. I like the idea of it and am still very curious about how the program went. I think if
nothing else it could be a good idea for other programs like it to be based off of.

5. Include an additional question related to the presenter’s topic:

An additional question I would have is relating to something one of the speakers talked about.
My question would be how the pilot program for million ended up going and what ended up
happening to the program. I can see where it could have its downfalls but I thought it was an
overall great idea for an incentive for students.

Note: Make sure you upload this document to your professional portfolio along with your
scanned PD letter and/or PD certificate. Remember to write a reflection (not a summary of your
notes) for submission.