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Volume 21 Number 3 July/August 2018


P.2 Board/Prez letter
P.3 Camping With The Blues
P.4 James/Alligator/
Weird Dragon
P.5 Palladium/ Middletons
P.6 Suncoast Blues Challenge
P.7 Beach Bash
P.8-9 Blues Stalker/B Kelly
P.10-11 SBS Calendar
P.12 South Of The Bridge,
Guitar Winners, Manatee
P.13 Slim, BBB, Replay
P.1 4-16 CD Reviews
P.17 Doug MacLeod/Liz & Doc
/Blue Rooster
P.18 Guitar Repair
P.19 Keiths/Ella’s/Ginty
Pat Smoot
P.20 Blues Happenings/Jams
P.21 Band Directory
P.22 Seminole/Blues On
The Radio/Stevie B’s
P.23 Membership/Deadlines
P.24 Bradenton Blues

2018 Beach Bash
August 26th 1-6pm


Lions Club
Sunset Beach
DP# 21843_ThompsonMark_0618

The Suncoast Blues Society is a 501C(3) Non-Profit Organization
2004 KBA Award Winner - Blues Organization of the Year
A Few while Josh Nelms reminded attendees that he is one of the
finest guitarists in the area.

Words David, Bryan, and Betty, as well as a number of various
band members, repeatedly expressed their gratitude and
excitement at being invited to be part of the Anniversary
With party, as well as encouraging attendees to continue to
support the Suncoast Blues Society in our ongoing efforts

to promote the music from north of Tampa to the southern
boundary of Sarasota.

Thompson I want to thank the Suncoast Board members for their
efforts to get the party organized, managing the details of
event as the night unfolded and for being fine examples
on how to have fun! An extra thanks to Warren McDougle
A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for our for making arrangements for the Anniversary cake, which
twenty-first Anniversary party! disappeared quite quickly!
Over two hundred Suncoast members and area blues fans We also want to thank Tom White, Amanda, John, Ryan,
made to Skipper’s on a beautiful evening to be a part of and the rest of the staff at Skipper’s for hosting our party
the celebration. The new version of the David Julia Band and for the fine buffet meal.
started off the festivities with a lively set anchored by
veteran Bill Blok on bass, with plenty of hearty saxophone It’s no surprise that those of you who live south of the
blowing by Owen, who is even younger than David, yet Skyway Bridge are still trying to adjust to life without Ace’s
sounds like he has been playing for a couple decades. as a music venue. Renee labored long and hard at keeping
Audience members were impressed by Mr. Julia, many Ace’s open and running while also maintaining her thriving
commenting that his talents have matured in the last year. dental business by day. Not many people knew that she
booked all of the acts that played at Ace’s. I can tell you
The dance floor filled up once Bryan Lee and Six String from personal experience that booking is a demanding,
Therapy got rolling. The “Braille Blues Daddy” played full-time responsibility on its own. Somehow, she managed
plenty of tracks that he used to feature during his years to keep it all going, but the strain finally forced her to make
playing on Bourbon Street. The New Orleans rhythms a decision centered on what was best for long-term well-
proved to be exactly what the dancers wanted, keeping being and happiness.
the floor filled for the entire set. The Betty Fox Brass Band
finished the evening off in fine style, the two-piece horn Renee – Thank you for all of the amazing shows that you
section punctuating Betty’s stirring vocals at every turn staged over the years at Ace’s! We all owe you a debt of
gratitude for your tireless efforts at bringing a constant flow
Twelve Bar Rag, a bi-monthly publication of the of fine music to the Bradenton area. You and Ace’s will most
Suncoast Blues Society, Inc. definitely be missed........
P.O. Box 4232, Tampa, FL 33677 The Blues Music Awards show was once again an amazing • gathering of people from the entire blues community. Held
on May 10 in Memphis, sponsored by the Blues Foundation,
Board of Directors 2018 the program honored many of the finest performers and
recorded performances of the previous year. Listening to
Mark Thompson-President, Entertainment a reading of the list of nominees in each category made it clear that voters were faced with many tough decisions as
414-416-1884 to which worthy nominee they wanted to cast a vote for.

James Randolph-Vice President, Grants Another memorable part of the evening is to witness the 813-681-2099 love and respect the artists have for each other, not to
mention the joy they express for the music and the fans
Cheryl Spradling-Merchandise that support their efforts. By the time you read these remarks, voting for this
year’s Blues Blast Music Awards will be open. Florida is
Terri O’Brien – Treasurer represented by Selwyn Birchwood and Albert Castiglia, each garnering one nomination. Other nominees who are
frequent visitors to our area include Victor Wainwright,
Warren McDougle-Secretary, Public Relations Danielle Nicole, Samantha Fish, Rev. Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys, Ghost Town Blues Band, Welch –
Ledbetter Connection, Johnny Rawls, Tinsley Ellis, Walter
George Willett-Newsletter, Website, Updates Trout, and the Nick Moss Band featuring Dennis Gruenling. Voting is free to everyone who subscribes to the Blues Blast
weekly publication.
“Coach” Len Lomas-Membership More details can be found here: http://www.thebbmas. com/
South of the Skyway Ambassador
I’ll leave you with a quote from the legendary Fats Domino,
“Music makes people happy – I know it makes me happy!”
12 Bar Rag Editor
George Hope you have lots of fun out there... Mark T.
12 Bar Rag Layout/Art Direction
© 2018 by the Suncoast Blues Society, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of
this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission
of the SBS. The SBS is not responsible for the views and opinions expressed by
individuals, who are solely responsible. Printed in the USA.

2 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
Checking In With James
Casa de Suncoast Blues Society audiences to this historically American form of music -
Blues. We’re writing and submitting grant proposals.

Last Twelve Bar Rag, I asked “Did You Attend Clearwater Blues in the Schools – SBS member musician, Bodie
Sea-Blues and or Tampa Bay Blues Festival?” This printing Valdez was recognized and presented a plaque for the
I’m being selfish. “How” or “Why” all of you should ask? 2017 – 2018 School Year BITS programs he delivered
My question is “Did you attend the SBS 21st Anniversary at Bradenton’s Rogers Garden Elementary. Since the
Party opening with appetizer the David Julia Band, entree Community Foundations reside there, we are identifying
Bryan Lee & Six String Therapy, and dessert delivered by an elementary and/or middle schools in Manatee
the Betty Fox Band with horn section included”. and Sarasota Counties. If interested in coordinating a
neighborhood BITS event, please contact jamesrandolph@
You can believe that the 200+ of us who were there had
“Big fun”! Our 21st Anniversary Party was the vision of the
SBS President, Mark Thompson. Your board bought into Blues in the Library – Sarasota County Libraries have
his vision, and it happened! Dang, I like a good magic trick. scheduled five “Blues in the Library” programs from
Hocus Pocus still works! July 17th – July 24th. Keep an eye on the Wednesday
weekly “Blooze Nooze” Update for locations and times.
Our central objective is expanding the Suncoast Blues Hillsborough County Libraries have gotten back into play
Society’s Tampa Bay “awareness footprint”; to grow new / too, and will schedule a few BITL programs this summer.
renew memberships, to place the “Twelve Bar Rag” in the To schedule a Tampa Bay Area BITL, please contact
hands of the uninformed Tampa Bay residents or visitors…
and occasionally deliver one helluva party! From me,
you’ve read “It takes 47 of the same activity to become a Blues in the Community – Repeat after me “2018 IBC
habit” – 39 more times for you to read that comment. A few returns to Skipper’s Smokehouse in July”. Yes, we will
of you are tracking and ready to call me out should miss a have another smashing Beach Bash Party at TI Lion’s Club
count. August 26th. It’s time to bring more SBS blues sponsored
music to our non-traditional locations. Please contact
Many thanks to all that participated in 2018 Giving to discuss possibilities.
Challenge. Suncoast Blues Society set an objective of
raising $10,000 for operations. That’s a nice round amount. This is still an appropriate close. The only way the
Objectives are targets. We should have set it much lower. “uninformed” remains uniformed is we aren’t informing
them. Don’t be caught being selfish. Spread the “Blues is
With the continued reduction in public schools Arts & Alive” message…. JMR
Music funding, board members have been busy planning
community entry points and ways of exposing new

Buy - Sell
Trade - Repair
(813) 651-1246

Lesson Packages Available
Vocal & Piano
Guitars - Bass - Amps
Banjo - Violin - Viola
Custom Paint Jobs
723 Lumsden Rd. Brandon Fl, 33511

4 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
That’s right, all card-carryin’
SBS members receive 15% OFF
ALL services – for savings worth
hundreds of dollars a year.
We know that maintenance costs on your car or
truck can make you cry the Blues. But Middleton’s
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Automotive service so good, we put our family name on it 2740 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street N. • St. Petersburg, FL

PAL_SOS ad 1.indd 1 6/5/2018 4:44:13 PM
Suncoast Blues Challenge
The Suncoast Blues Challenge will be held on July 29th,
2018 at Skipper’s Smokehouse (910 Skipper Rd., Tampa, FL)

7 Acts will compete for the right to represent the SBS in
Memphis, TN at the 35th International Blues Challenge, on
January 22-26, 2019. Here are your challengers!

The Bands

Memphis Rub Band
The Solo-Duos

TheDukes Of Juke

Bear & Robert

Jason Haram Group

Phil Coale
Not pictured-Jamie N Royce

Victoria Ginty & Ladyhawke

6 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
Back To The Beach! He’s good at this! He has been hosting jams for in the
neighborhood of 25 years now, from Dave’s Aqua-Lounge,
to Rockwell’s (both gone now) on up to his current Tuesday
throw-down at Gil & Rick’s Sports Bar in Largo.
The Beach Bash is the one-and-only SBS-Sponsored jam of
the year. (Too many of our members are involved in other
Jams, we want to support, not compete). This is a great
opportunity to bring out your instruments (or sticks) and
join in with your Blues Society sisters and brothers! Who
knows, you might get to sit in with the members of your
next band!

In the dim mists of Suncoast Blues Society History, Ken
Torvik had one of his brainier brainstorms! He’s the one
who came up with the idea for an “End Of The Summer
Party” somewhere around Labor Day.
And believe it or not, it’s already coming up again! One
of Suncoast Blues Society members’ and friends’ favorite
partys…it’s time for the Beach Bash! Over the years some touring artists have turned up at the
Beach Bash…Like Larry Garner, Jason Ricci, and George
Just like we have done since the beginning, we’ll be Herbert Moore…so you never know who ya’ might see!
taking over the Lions Club Beach House (9300 W Gulf Blvd,
Treasure Island, FL 33706) from 12:00pm ‘til 5-6pm on We’ll set up our tent out on the patio to accommodate an
Sunday, August 26th. (By the way, the Lion’s Club has done acoustic jam. The acoustic music has become an informal
a lot of revamping of the Club House over the time we’ve affair in recent years, but it always seems to generate a lot
been using it. One big project every year has added up to a of music and enjoyment for a lot of folks. (If anyone would
much-improved facility!) like to be this “Ringmaster” for the outdoor shindig, let us
know!) The Patio Party often goes beyond the boundaries
The official Beach Bash host for 2018 will be Al Rasimas of Blues, but it’s always entertaining.
of the famous “Al Razz Blues Jam”. He’ll bring a four-
piece band and all the equipment and the sound system. You will want to bring your beach chair, your bathing
suit and towel, any favorite adult-beverage you may want
to enjoy, and of course, a covered dish to share with
your Blues family. (There is always a wide variety of
foods, ranging from chips & salsa to home-made brisket,
depending on what time you arrive…but you can stay all
afternoon and graze to your heart’s content.)
It isn’t too soon to start your check-list for the Beach
Invasion: Beach chair? Check! Bathing suit and towel?
Check! Covered dish? Check! Your favorite drink? Check!
Your instruments? Check! Your Dancin’ Shoes and Party
attitude? Check! And don’t forget to bring your old eyewear
to donate to the Lions Club!
We don’t have our beverage sponsors for 2018 “carved
in stone” yet, but I’m sure we’ll come up with somebody
interesting once again. (If you know anyone “in the biz”
please put in a good word for us, too!)
You know you’ll kick yourself if you miss the Beach Bash…
so mark your calendar now for Sunday, August 26th, 2018,
From 12 noon ‘til 5:00 or 6:00. We’ll be at our usual place,
9300 W Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island. We hope to see you

12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 7
The Blues Stalker
like “Best of Professor Longhair” or “Atlantic Blues Piano”. As

Been Lovin far as helping me develop my stage skills, Ricky always gave
up his own time and let me sit in. I remember one time he
was playing at a restaurant called “City Barbeque”, and my

Ben Levin
Nothing warms the Blues Stalker’s heart more than
discovering a young blues musician that is passionate in
Dad brought me out to see him. I had ordered ribs, and Ricky
was waiting for me to clean up before I played his keyboard.
He finally came up and said “Ben, soon as you wash your
greasy fingers you can play!”. I can never thank Ricky enough
for his mentoring, which has now grown into a wonderful
friendship. When I met Chase at about age 10, I thought he
sharing their talent while helping to ensure that the genre was the king of cool. Here was a young guy playing this
survives another generation. Ben Levin, 18-year-old piano music I love! Chase helped me realize that it’s okay to be
player and vocalist out of Cincinnati, is pleasing boogie young and play old school blues and boogie. He’s always so
woogie aficionados in the U.S. as well as in Europe as he generous too; every time I
soars to higher levels after his high school graduation this
month. Ben competed in the International Blues Challenge in see him he shows me a new lick. The first big stage I ever
Memphis this past January and achieved semi-finalist status. played was Chase’s own “Blues and Boogie Woogie Stomp”
He’s excited to be performing a two-night gig in June with he put on. Like Ricky, Chase is a great mentor, and we are
former Muddy Waters good friends now too.
guitarist, Bob Margolin. BS: You also started
His debut disc “Ben’s playing with your dad’s
Blues” includes original band, The Heaters, at
compositions and age 10 and still perform
features Ricky Nye on with him. Is the groove or
drums, Chris Douglas chemistry different than
on bass and Aron Levin when playing with your
(his Dad) on guitar. own band? If so, how?
A European tour is Who makes up the Ben
planned for summer as Levin Trio these days?
well as festivals here
in the U.S. I caught BL: The Ben Levin Trio
up with Ben as he can take a few different
was winding down forms. Traditionally, it’s
his high school days the rhythm section from
and preparing for his The Heaters, without my
shows with Margolin. Dad. Lately however it’s
Following that, an been myself, my Dad on
eventful summer awaits guitar, and a drummer.
this fresh, young talent. The groove is definitely
You will be hearing different in either
more from him for configuration. Without
years to come. the guitar, I’m forced to
take all the solos, and
BS: Ben, I read where try to be as creative
your love of the blues as possible. Without
piano hit you when you the bass, my left hand carries everything the bass normally
saw the movie “Ray” when you were just 5 years old. What was would. This setup has helped me grow a really strong left
it that attracted you so much to keyboards and this music? hand, which is great for blues and boogie.
BL: As soon as I saw this question, I put on “mess around” BS: Boogie Woogie is a distinct niche in the music world that
to remind myself of that first time I heard Ray Charles. I’d say is enjoying a renewed popularity worldwide. What attracted
the groove is what really attracted me. I can’t sit still listening you to that particular style of blues piano?
to it! My Dad said I walked right up to the TV during the
movie and started stomping my foot. Watching Ray Charles BL: I’d say Ricky almost single-handedly got me into
command such an amazing band was inspiring, and he did it Boogie Woogie. My Dad has always listened to more blues,
all behind the piano. particularly Chicago stuff, so Boogie Woogie was never on in
the house. Ricky burned me a mix of all the greats such as
BS: You have been blessed by having three excellent mentors- Albert Ammons. I’m still amazed at the way those guys could
--your dad Aron, and Chase Garrett and Ricky Nye-two of the play. I also got invited by Ricky to the Cincinnati Blues Fest,
best boogie woogie pianists in the business. I understand that which features a stage dedicated to piano. Seeing how people
both Chase and Ricky let you join them onstage beginning at get up and dance to Boogie, or tap their feet inspired me to
the age of 10. How instrumental were those guys in developing learn some too.
your skill and love of the music?
BS: You started taking lessons from Ricky Nye at the age of 8.
BL: Ricky and Chase are still huge influences. Ricky has How did you meet Ricky? Didn’t he play drums with you in your
been giving me lessons since I was eight, about once a week IBC solo/duo competition in Memphis this past January? What
at his house. When I first started coming, he gave me a new did you take away from that experience?
CD once a month. I still cherish some of those discs today

8 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
BL: I met Ricky through my Dad. He asked Ricky if he BS: Your debut disc “Ben’s Blues” includes some originals. Can
taught kids, and Ricky said normally no, but that he was we expect more songwriting in the future?
willing to give me a chance. I play quite a few gigs every year
BL: I’m actually in the process of writing songs right now.
with Ricky on drums, and he’s even on my CD. We had the
My last CD had a lot of originals about relationship woes, and
pleasure of playing at the IBC last winter, and I learned a lot.
I want to get away from that with my next tunes. I’m even
It was really hard to keep my cool and relax, when you have
trying to emulate a little of the jump blues guys I mentioned
all sorts of mix-ups going on. The first night I showed up to
earlier; they weren’t afraid to have some laughs with their
play, there was no keyboard. We quickly got one, but boy
was I stressed. The funny thing is sometimes I help Ricky
relax too. We’re a really great team and lean on each other BS: Your summer European tour includes the Blues/Boogie
when needed. I also learned that sometimes there is no time Fest in the Netherlands and headlining the world-famous UK
to warm up when you play, you just have to go up and do Boogie Woogie Fest in Sturnminster Newton. How cool is it to
your thing from the start. We had about 30-minute sets, so be playing one of London’s best-known blues clubs on the 4th of
we had to be on it from the start. July? Will you be sure and post videos for all of us back home
to share the experience?
BL: I am really blown away by these amazing shows. Playing
at clubs in Amsterdam and London is so cool! My Dad will be
filming all he can, and we’ll definitely post videos.
BS: Now that graduation is behind you, do you plan to
continue your education, play full time, or both? Do you have
any projects or plans you can share with us other than those
BL: I plan to go to College next fall at the University of
Cincinnati and continue to play on the weekends. I don’t
have any other projects, I’m just trying to keep improving my
playing and singing.
BS: Ben keep on boogeying and I hope that you get down to
the Sunshine State for a festival soon. Your fans are eager to
see you perform live. Knock ‘em out in Europe!
BL: Thank you Monte!

BS: From watching your videos, it is obvious that you were
influenced by Professor Longhair, Pinetop Perkins, and Ray
Charles. Have you ever listened to Albert Ammons, Pete
Johnson, Jimmy Yancey or Meade Lux Lewis? Those cats could
really play. Who is currently on your playlist when you are
listening to music for pleasure?
BL: Thank you for noticing my influences; Ricky has
introduced me to all those names, and I still love them. Of
course, I love classic blues piano players like Otis Spann or
Henry Gray. Right now I’m listening to a lot of old soul, stuff
on Stax Records, and even a little Motown. I’ve also been
diggin’ on a lot of jump blues lately, guys like Louis Jordan,
Bull Moose Jackson, or Wynonnie Harris. Not only do their
bands swing, but they were brilliant lyricist. Chicago blues is
always on rotation, all the classic stuff like Muddy or Wolf.
BS: At age 17 last summer, you participated in the 19th annual
3-day Festival de Boogie Woogie in Laroquebrou, France, What
was that experience like for you?
BL: France was a dream come true. Ever since I started
playing, I heard stories about people travelling overseas.
When I was finally able to go, I was in heaven. So many great
musicians and people gathered in one place, I never wanted
to sleep! I jammed with people till the sun came up at one
club. Playing the main stage was nerve-wracking but the
band was so pro, we didn’t even need a rehearsal.
BS: You have two gigs coming up soon in June with Bob
Margolin. 92-year-old Philip Paul, drummer for King Records
who recorded on all of Freddie King’s songs is also to be a
special guest. How exciting is that for you? I know Pinetop
would be thrilled if he could see that.
BL: I’m really excited! Bob Margolin played with so many of
my heroes, and he is an amazing musician in his own right.
I’ve been listening to Philip Paul ever since I heard “Finger
Poppin’ time” by Hank Ballard as a kid. My Dad also always
had a Freddie King CD in the car, and so I heard him every
morning on the way to school. Playing with these musicians
is an amazing opportunity, and it’s a treat to hear all their

12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 9
Band Listings May-June 2018
July 1 Rusty Wright Band - The Alley, Sanford, 8:00pm
TC Carr & the Mad Beach Band - Gulfport Casino, Glfprt, 2:00pm Ben Prestage - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm

July 2 July 15
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm Jason Haram Band – Ella’s Americana Café, Tampa, 4:00pm
Magnum Opus - Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa, 15th 7:00pm
July 3
Albert Castiglia Band - Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, 4:00pm July 16
Lauren Mitchell & Bill Buchman - Blue Rooster, Sarasota,7:00pm TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm

July 4 July 17
4th of July Spectacular - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 2-11pm Dean Johanesen - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:00pm
Ari and the Alibis - Red White And Blue Festival - Cotanchobee
Park, Tampa, 4:00pm July 18
Lazy Boy and the Rockers - Rum River Bar, Port Richey, 5:00pm TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Hideaway Cafe 7:30pm
Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues – The Hangar, St. Pete, 6:00pm
Damon Fowler Group - Salty Shamrock, Apollo Beach,7:00pm July 19
Eddie Turner - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englewood, 7:00pm
July 5 R J Howson - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:30pm
JP Soars & The Red Hots - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englwd, 7:00pm Sarasota Slim Band - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
Rusty Wright Band - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:30pm - 10:30pm
July 20
July 6 Kaleigh Baker - Attic at Rock Brothers, Tampa, 7:00pm
Alex Lopez Xpress - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englwd, 7:00pm Memphis Rub Band - Swordfish Grill, Cortez, 7:00pm
Kettle Of Fish - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
Tommy Z Band - Sharky’s On the Pier, Venice, 8:00pm Chris Duarte - Skippers Smokehouse, Tampa, 8:00pm
Al “Coffee” McDaniel – Colombia Café, Tampa Bay History Center, Mike Imbasciani & Bluez Rockerz - Englewood’s On Dearborn,
Tampa, 6:00pm Englewood, 7:00pm
Al “Coffee” McDaniel – Colombia Café, Tampa Bay History Center,
July 7 Tampa, 6:00pm
Sugar and Spice Revue - Finley’s Irish Pub, Largo, 8:30pm
Backwater Blues Band – Caddy’s On Central, St. Pete, 6:00pm July 21
Kat Crosby Band - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englewood, 7:00pm Frank Bang & the Cook County Kings - Blue Rooster 8:00pm
Backwater Blues Band – Ricks On The River, 7:00pm Victoria Ginty and Ladyhawke - Latitudes 8:30pm
Damon Fowler - Music Ranch, Lakeland, 8:00pm
JP Soars and The Red Hots - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm July 22
Kat Crosby Band - Mattison’s Riverwalk, Bradenton, 11:00am
July 8 TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - The Shed, Homosassa, 2:00pm
SBS Presents Doug MacLeod - The Hideaway Café, St. Pete, 6:00pm
July 23
July 9 TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm
July 24
July 10 Suitcase Full of Blues - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:00pm
The Divebombers - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:00pm
July 26
July 11 Brenda Watty & Shantel Norman - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:30pm
Damon Fowler - Salty Shamrock, Apollo Beach, 7:00pm Rev. Billy C. Wirtz - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm

July 12 July 27
Memphis Rub Band - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:30pm Memphis Rub Band - LeBarge Tropical Cruises, Sarasota, 6:30pm
The Eddie Drevon Project - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm Ellie Lee & Blues Fury - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
Jimmy Griswold - 8th Avenue Pub, Safety Harbor, 9:00pm
July 13 Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio - Englewood’s On Dearborn,
KoKo Ray & The Keepers - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englwd, 7:00pm Englewood, 7:00pm
Dreamfire Band - Rick’s on the River, Tampa, 7:00pm Al “Coffee” McDaniel – Colombia Café, Tampa Bay History
Ari and the Alibis - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm Center,Tampa, 6:00pm
Selwyn Birchwood Band - Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa, 8:00pm
Al “Coffee” McDaniel – Colombia Café, Tampa Bay History Center, July 28
Tampa, 6:00pm Kat Crosby Band - Blase Café, Siesta Key, 6:00pm
Howlin’ Buzz & the League Of Distinguished Bluesmen - Rhythm Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues - M-N-M BBQ, St. Pete, 6:00pm
& Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm Dreamfire Band - Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen, Trsre Islnd, 6:30pm
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue – Manatees on the Bay, Gulfport, 7:00pm
July 14 Memphis Rub Band - Freckled Fin, Holmes Beach, 8:00pm
Backtrack Blues Band - The Shed, Homosassa, 4:00pm Victoria Ginty & Ladyhawke - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
Kat Crosby Band - Blase Café, Siesta Key, 6:00pm Kettle Of Fish - Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa, 8:00pm
Victoria Ginty & Ladyhawke - Motorworks Brewing, Brdntn, 7:00pm
Paisley Craze Band - Englewood’s On Dearborn, Englwd, 7:00pm
Memphis Rub Band - Darwin Brewing Company, Brdntn, 7:30pm

10 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
Band Listings May-June 2018
July 29 August 20
The Suncoast Blues Challenge - Skipper’s Smokehouse, TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm
Tampa, 5:00pm
Memphis Rub Band - Clancy’s Irish Sports Pub, Brdntn, 5:00pm August 23
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
July 30
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm August 24
Shawline Band - The Shed, Homosassa, 6:00pm
July 31 Backwater Blues Band – Rick’s On The River, Tampa, 7:00pm
Dovydas - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:00pm Memphis Rub Band - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
Charlie Morris Band - Cortez Clam Factory, Bradenton, 8:00pm
August 2 Betty Fox - Ringside Café, St. Pete, 9:30pm
Charlie Morris Band - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:30pm Howlin’ Buzz & the League Of Distinguished Bluesmen - McCall’s
Tom Carabasi Jazz Trio - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:30pmLiz Tavern, Lady Lake, 8:00pm
Pennock & Dr. Blues - Rhythm-n-Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
August 25
August 3 Backwater Blues Band – Caddy’s On Central, St. Pete,
Charlie Morris Band - Sunset Grill @ Little Harbor, Ruskin, 6:00pm 6:00pmCharlie Morris Band - Stirling Wine, Dunedin, 7:00pm
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm Kettle Of Fish - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
Big D & the Dirty Deal - Ruby’s Elixir, St. Pete, 10:00pm Howlin’ Buzz & the League Of Distinguished Bluesmen - Rhythm
& Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
August 4
Backwater Blues Band – Caddy’s On Central, St. Pete, 6:00pm August 26
Kat Crosby Band - Englewood’s on Dearborn, Englewood, 7:00pm SBS - Beach Bash - Lions Club Beach House, Treasure Island,
Jimmy Griswold - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Lauren Mitchell - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 4th 8:00pm Memphis Rub Band - Clancy’s Irish Sports Pub, Brdntn, 5:00pm
Howlin’ Buzz & the League Of Distinguished Bluesmen - River
August 6 Ratz Café, Nobleton, 1:00pm
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm
August 27
August 7 TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm
Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 7:00pm
August 30
August 9 Wendy and the Soul Shakers - Rhythm & Brews, Zphrhlls, 8:00pm
Dean Johanesen & the 24 Hour Men - Blue Rooster, Srsta, 7:30pm
Tommy Keys and Lagniappe’ - Rhythm & Brews, Zphrhlls, 8:00pm August 31
Ellie Lee & The Blues Fury - Ringside Café, St. Pete, 9:30pm Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm

August 10
Allman Goldflies Band - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm

August 11
Big D & the Dirty Deal - Marchand’s @ The Vinoy, St. Pete, 7:00pm
Submit Your
Charlie Morris Band - Salty Shamrock, Apollo Beach, 7:00pm
David Julia Band - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
Kettle Of Fish - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm Band’s Events
August 13
TC Carr & Bolts of Blue - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 6:00pm to:
August 16
Ellie Lee Band - Rhythm & Brews, Zephyrhills, 8:00pm
August 17
Ari and the Alibis - Caddy’s at the Pointe, Bradenton, 6:00pm
Memphis Rub Band - Swordfish Grill, Cortez, 7:00pm
Betty Fox - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
August 18
Kat Crosby Band - Pop’s Sunset Grill, Nokomis, 6:30pm
Help Spread
Memphis Rub Band – Mattison’s Riverwalk, Bradenton, 7:00pm
Backtrack Blues Band - Ka’Tiki, Treasure Island, 7:00pm
Ari and the Alibis - Blue Rooster, Sarasota, 8:00pm
LC Williams & the Driver – Bausers, Dunedin, 10:00pm

August 19
RJ Howson - Ella’s Americana Café’, Tampa, 4:00pm
The Word!
12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 11
South Of The Bridge
In the last issue of the “12 Bar Rag” we featured an article The artists love for Renee and Ace’s, all this love made for
written by Wade Tatangelo of The Bradenton Herald-Tribune some magical times with some real down-home blues from
reporting the closing of Aces Live Music Venue. And then the heart. Believe me that myself and my closest friends
after a wild Monday night farewell party- Boom!! It was gone, from Blues Music Magazine were literally fixtures in this
leaving a huge void for local blues fans. On behalf of these establishment and we miss it.
fans and the 12 Bar Rag let’s show some deep respect and
Don’t give up fans! Renee still holds some optimism
love for Renee Bennett who has provided us with a true
that there will be another Ace’s Live-type blues club in
“Sugar Shack” juke joint for many years.
Bradenton in the near future to keep the momentum going.
So Renee…thank you for Damon Fowler, Mike Zito, John
In the meantime, The Blue Rooster is featuring Mike Zito
Nemeth, Victor Wainwright, Kenny Neal, Tommy Malone,
and Damon Fowler on back to back nights (Thursday, June
Albert Castilla, Jeff Strahan, Nick Moss, Biscuit Miller, Betty
21st and Friday, June 22nd,with Damon sporting advance
Fox, JP Soars, Cassie Taylor, Doug Deming, The New Orleans
copies of his new CD on his visit. On the last day of June,
Suspects, The Ghost Town Blues Band, Trampled Under
The Rooster hosts the 2018 IBC winner, the Keeshea Pratt
Foot, Jeff Jensen and Jon Cleary, just to name a few! The
Band from Houston. Don’t miss this high energy show!
talent displayed here over the years put Ace’s in a category
with Knucklehead’s in Kansas City and The Slippery Noodle Lafayette Reid
in Indianapolis.

When Renee graciously returned my phone call concerning
this article, she admitted that although it was always a
huge struggle financially there was never a shortage of
love around Ace’s. Love for the Blues, love for the artists,

7-8 Guitar
Winners are…
The winners of our Autographed Guitars were selected dur-
ing our Anniversary Party at Skipper’s on June 2nd.

The electric guitar from Stevie B’s was won by Nikki Den-
ning of Harvard, Illinois, and the acoustic guitar from Semi-
nole Music goes to Jerry Irvine in Homer Glen, IL.

We take pride in the programs your raffle dollars help sup-
port; The Suncoast Blues Society – Rock Bottom Scholar-
ship at St. Pete College, and the Blues Foundation’s HART

We will have pictures of the happy winners and their prizes
for the Sept./Oct. “12 Bar Rag”.

12 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society




12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 13
CD Reviews
Marcia Ball Want a taste? Go to You Tube and catch her performing
with Govt Mule on New Year’s Eve 2009. The Mule was
Shine Bright playing a Woodstock set in tribute to the festival’s 40th
Alligator Records anniversary. When she joined them onstage, the lady had
no problems channeling the spirit of Janis Joplin as they
I never hear Marcia Ball tore into a Janis mini set and Fuchs’ vocals at times were
without thinking of all the an eerie resemblance to Joplin’s tortured soul.
good times spent in Louisiana
and East Texas. Her music But “Love Lives On” isn’t about staying on the bottom
just conjures up images in my of the barrel.  The themes are those of soul salvation
head of the French Quarter, and redeeming one’s self in a troubled world. Given a
late nights at the Rock N’ troubled family past, Dana has used these experiences to
Bowl, bottles of Tabasco and Lone Star beer in a Houston strengthen her existence and shine a little light into the
roadhouse. darkest of chambers.

With the fifteen albums during her career, and seven of Going to Memphis to make this record wasn’t a bad
those for Alligator, Miss Ball provides another taste of move. Small wonder that a soul and Stax sound permeates
music true to her East Texas/Louisiana roots. There are these records.  Fuchs has no problems singing the blues.
twelve solid numbers here, of which Marcia wrote or co- Here she immerses herself in soulshine. Coming out of the
wrote nine. As for the others, she interprets the songs of Aretha Franklin tradition, she mixes a dash of Motown
world class writers like Ray Charles, Jesse Winchester and with a bit of rock n roll.
the New Orleans icon Ernie K-Doe. Setting the mood with “Backstreet Baby” Fuchs no doubt
The title song “Shine Bright” features her rollicking piano wants everyone shaking it down to the tune’s rock-solid
as she sings about opening your mind and shining bright. grooves.  The sweat level continues in “Nobody’s Fault But
This is followed by the Ernie K-Doe jewel, “I Got to Find Mine” that rips a page out of the Muscle Shoals songbook.
Somebody”. You just know there must be a Second Line And sweetness endures in the uplifting jubilee of “Callin
parading behind her! “Life of the Party” has a Mexican Angels” that takes the listener to church for Sunday
feel to it, as s he sings “You can be the life of the party- service. The title cut is a contender for the Wedding Song
every night”. There are even the mariachi horns behind of 2018.  It blurs the lines between being a tear jerker and
her for this one. Then she slows it down and transitions stamp of approval for eternal love.
to the very soulful “What Would I Do Without You”. I don’t
think Ray Charles did this song any better, and he would Things quickly get back to some soul boogie as Fuchs
appreciate its treatment here. turns up the burners for some good time rockin’ in the
moderately paced “Sad Solution.”   She can’t resist a good
The dancers in the crowd will go for songs like “When cry and switches into ballad mode with “Faithful Sinner”
the Mardi Gras Is Over” and “Pots and Pans”, where the that acknowledges gospel roots with churchy organ runs.
arrangements just invite the energetic to the dance floor.
There is something for the slow dancers, too, with “World As you can see, Fuchs can change moods on the dime,
Full of Love”. Marcia mournfully crooning about the fact varying from depression or darkness to the emergence on
that it does not matter who is right or wrong. Wrapping the other side. Rising to reach the higher power is found in
up the album with Jesse Winchester’s “Take A Little the testament of “Ready To Rise.”  Tear jerkers are Dana’s
Louisiana” defines Marcia Ball’s effect on the crowds she specialty and “Fight My Way” opens the waterworks again
plays to. You have to take a little Louisiana wherever you as well as “Battle Lines” that is as sweet and syrupy as
go! Fuchs’ vocals themselves.

Recorded partially in Louisiana, Marcia has the help of Once again, the mood shifts with the good time rock
a Bayou state favorite Roddie Romero and the Hub City shuffle of “Same Sunlight” with strong musicianship. And
All-Stars backing her up. The rest of the album was done ending track “Ring of Fire” lets us know Sunday Services
in Austin with members of her touring band, plus some of are in session because Fuchs’ emotional heartfelt singing
Austin finest session players. “Los Lobos” member Steve can find itself in any choir it wants.
Berlin produced this work. Dana provides a piece of work that shows good
This album is a winner! Have yourself an Abita beer and songwriting immersed in soul and also demonstrates that
shrimp Po-Boy on hand when you play this one. You are she can sing like an angel. That’s more important than
going to feel like you are somewhere outside of Baton merely screaming the blues. Gary Weeks
Rouge… and you’ll need a Louisiana fix! Tim Graham

Dana Fuchs Would You Like To
Love Lives On Volunteer for the
Singer Dan Fuchs might
just be the new queen of SBS?
soul boogie because her Fundraising:
latest release, “Love Lives
On”, catches that fever…then
southern fries you until your
remains are dust.

14 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
CD Reviews
Kathy and Love” features Caribbean rhythms and melodies.

the Kilowatts Overall a very interesting album, made all the
more impressive by the fact that Byfield plays all the
Premonition of Love instruments and recorded the CD by himself. If you want a
Blind Raccoon Records road trip without leaving home, this CD is certainly worth
your time! -Franc Robert
Kathy Murray sets the tone
for this whole album in the
liner notes. “Once a bullied Mike Zito
and abused little girl, I am
now a woman who is all about First Class Life
shining a light in dark places.” Ruf Records
With roots in one of the country’s top music scenes— Hard to believe that this is
Austin, Texas—Kathy honed her chops during Austin’s Mike Zito’s 14th CD, but it’s
golden era of blues in the 80s and 90s. She shared the true. It was recorded in one
stage with stellar performers like Stevie Ray Vaughn, the day at Marz studio…in Mike’s
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Albert Collins, Bobby “Blue” own backyard!
Bland, Koko Taylor, and Blues godfather, W. C. Clark. This
is Kathy’s fourth album and it’s filled with quality sidemen Mike Zito does all the vocals
like Bill “Monster” Jones who handles all the blue-ribbon and guitar work and wrote all but 2 of the tracks. Lewis
guitar work as well as a bit of accordion on the zydeco- Stephens is on keyboards and the rhythm section is made
tinged cuts. up of drummer Matthew Johnson and Terry Dry on Bass,
with Bernard Allison as a special guest on “Mama Don’t
“First Do No Harm” quickly establishes the kind of hard Like No Wah Wah”, which he also co-wrote.
driving assertiveness that typifies the whole album, which
also includes some hellacious horn sounds of trumpeter “Mississippi Nights”, a rockin’ blues song with
Eric Johnson and sax man Dan Torosian. “Beggars Can’t outstanding slide guitar opens the set. The tune has lots
Be Choosers” is a slow pounder about losing one’s pride of references to Delta music and the artists that created it
over a bad love affair. “Always Fooling Me” is a light and like Muddy, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, & etc.
bouncy tune about a ‘hocus-pocus’ lover who changes “First Class Life” is a highly autobiographical song about
every minute, from ‘yes I do’ to ‘no I don’t’—love you, that how Mike survived the bad times to live his dream life…
is. A totally bad scene. “Black Nights” is a heavy, slow clean, sober and making great music! “I got a second
rocker about those times when there’s nothing left of a chance at living a first-class life.”
love affair but long, black, and sleepless nights. Built on
the solid bass line of Benny Thompson, the “Final Verdict” One of the things I like about any Mike Zito CD is that
is about saying ‘goodbye’—can’t get no more final than you will get an insight into his life. He is very open about
that. his past and how he turned his life around. He paints a
picture with his lyrics
But no worries: Kathy remains optimistic. When life bogs
you down, she says, all you gotta’ do is step back a bit “Mama Don’t Like No Wah Wah” is Bernard’s story…
and look for a new perspective. And with upcoming tours When Bernard was a “youngblood” in the “Music Biz”, he
throughout the U.S., Scandinavia, and Spain, Kathy still played for the late great Koko Taylor, a lady who didn’t
believes that even after a lifetime on stage and on record, like guitar effects and called all of it “wah wah”. She told
the best days for her and the Kilowatts are still ahead. him “Play it straight from the heart.” Well, one night young
Amen to that. Russ Heitz Bernard got caught using some effects pedal and was
busted by Koko. Her response was “ Mama don’t like no
wah wah.”
Blind Lemon Pledge Mike Zito said, “That’s a song to me!” and now we have it
Evangeline on this CD.

Self Release “Old Black Graveyard” is Mike’s tribute to a neglected
graveyard in Beaumont, TX where Blind Willie Johnson
Evangeline, the 6th release and other poor black Americans are buried. It’s slow blues
from Blind Lemon Pledge (AKA with very touching lyrics. This is one reason why I listen
James Byfield) a San Francisco to The Blues. It tells a story and the music is something
based bluesman, is a wild you can feel.
musical trip through American
roots music. Starting with the “Damn Shame” is a low down dirty blues song about
chain-gang meets cigar box guitar of “Buley’s Farm”, to the another failed relationship. Nice guitar solo, clean and no
closing title track, Evangeline touches on hard Delta blues, effects. Solid effort by the rhythm section. It’s all about
New Orleans jazz, straight up folk, Latin, Tin Pan Alley… the bass!
yeah, it’s a musical adventure! “Trying To Make A Living” closes out the CD on a rockin’,
Highlights along this musical road trip include high energy note. It’s pure rock ‘n’ roll!
“Brimstone Joe” with its dark New Orleans verse and This is a solid CD from start to finish!
almost Dixieland chorus, and “Go Jump The Willie” with
it’s Louis Jordan flavored swing and humor. “Ham And -“Southside Paul” Weigand
Eggs” is a straight up Tin Pan Alley tune that sounds like
it was written in 1927, not 2017, while “The Language Of

12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 15
CD Reviews
Rockwell Avenue Joe Goldmark
Blues Band Blue Steel
Back To Chicago Lo-Ball Records
Delmark DE-854
Normally, when you think of
pedal steel guitar, your mind
The Rockwell Avenue Blues drifts towards classic country
Band could easily be called and the whining, bending tones
“The Delmark Ex-Pats Go of a Buddy Emmons backing up
Home”. It features five Blues artists who have cut their any number of singers. While there is some of that on this
“recording teeth” on the label’s releases, both on their CD, Joe Goldmark stretches the boundaries of what this
own and as guest artist and backing musicians on other instrument is capable of, including some very convincing
peoples’ records. blues!
Tad Robinson began his Delmark odyssey by The album opens with “Night Flight”, an instrumental
contributing the vocals on Dave Specter’s 1994 release that sounds like it came from a Ventures record, with nice
“Bluesplicity”. He then released two of his own projects interplay between Goldmark and Gary Potter(guitar) along
on Delmark before moving on to Severn records, where he with some tasty B-3 organ from Tony Lufrano. Following
garnered several BMA nominations. His smooth, soulful that is the Rufus Thomas “All Night Worker” with
vocal stands out on the opening track, “Blues For Hard Goldmark playing some bad-ass lead work, comping with
Times” as well as on four additional tracks. Robinson the organ and horns, and backing singer Glenn Walters
also contributes all the harmonica work and background (ex-Hoodoo Rhythm Devils) to perfection. Other highlights
vocals. include “The Wobble”, a fast swing blues that showcases
Steve Freund first came to Chicago in June 1976, at the some great ensemble playing, “Beautician Blues” with
behest of Sunnyland Slim, whose band his guitar graced its big band swing arrangement, “Natty Dread” with it’s
for 18 years! He takes the lead vocal on track two, “Boogie Kingston meets Nashville vibe, Graham Parker’s “Howlin’
In The Rain”, as well as four more. Of these, my favorite Wind” with Dallis Craft taking the vocal duties… lots of
is “Lonesome Flight”. The song is a cousin of Muddy’s great tunes on this CD!
“Sad Letter”, but with a different object. Freund is the lead Overall, while Goldmark’s pedal steel is clearly in the
guitarist throughout the project. lead on this CD, it is not strictly a one-instrument party
This entire recording project was the brainchild here - plenty of room is given to Potter’s guitar, and organ
of Chicago native Ken Saydak. His Piano, Organ and and sax flourishes abound as well, and both vocalists
Accordion work has been featured on over sixty are front and center on their songs. In short, the songs
recordings by Johnny Winter, Lurrie Bell, and darn near themselves are the most important aspect of this CD, with
everyone in between. His gritty vocal style is featured on all musicians playing tastefully in support of each other
track three, “That Face” and four more. Needless to say, and the tune, with no overplaying, making this a very
Saydak contributes all the keys. enjoyable album that wears well after repeated listenings.
While there is not a boatload of blues in here, the quality
Bassist Harlen Terson, “the Blues Person”, is another Chi-
of music on display is worth the price of admission!
town native. He has been active on the Blues scene in his
-Franc Robert
home town since the 1970s. He started out with the Lonnie
Brooks band, and has worked with Otis Rush, Jimmy
Rogers and John Littlejohn as well as Robinson, Freund Freddie Pate
and Saydak.
I Got The Blues
Marty Binder went on the road as drummer for Junior
Wells and Buddy Guy at age 21. He worked with them
together and separately into the 1990’s. He has also held This one was “this-
down the throne with Albert Collins, Coco Montoya, and close” to going in the
Deborah Coleman. slush-pile, but Larry Lisk
All in all this CD will be a welcome addition to the recommended that I give it
collection of folks who enjoy some honest Chicago Blues. I a listen, and I saw that Mike
heartily recommend it! -George Willett Zito produced it…so it got a
Freddie Pate grew up on in Los Angeles, raised by his
“Granny & Pop”. He started learning chords when I was 4
or 5, and at 8 years old, was already singing in nightclubs,
and played shows with Country greats like Buck, Merle,
Paycheck, Lefty and more! (Thanks to his Granny who he
calls “Colonel Parker”.)
Once he decided to move away from the “pure”
country milieu he moved over to Wayne Toups’ and his
“zydecajun” band, a mix of Cajun, zydeco, southern rock
and R&B. Pate has even served as Toups’ tour manager.
But in 2015 he walked away from that too…and joined up

16 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
On Sunday, July 8
The Suncoast Blues Society
Presents Doug MacLeod!
This is a show you won’t want to
A multiple Blues Music Award
winner (for “Acoustic Artist of the
Year” in 2014, 2016 and 2017 and
“Acoustic Album Of The Year”
in 2014) MacLeod is an amazing
guitarist, a fine singer, and a
wonderful storyteller. The show
will take place at St. Pete’s premier
“listening room”, the Hideaway
Café(1756 Central Ave, St Pete ).
Tickets are $20, and there will be
limited seating, so you’ll want to
contact Hideaway Café well ahead of
time for your tickets.

Freddie Pate (con’t) with Producer Bobby Terry to release
a CD of original country, blues and Americana entitled
Lately he’s been spending a lot of time in Texas,
reconnecting with old friends and making a lot of new
ones. The Texas music scene is alive and kicking and Pate
is glad to be in the thick of it!
The record starts out “alive and kicking” too, with a Koko
Taylor number, “Let the Juke Joint Jump”. Pate’s gravely
vocal and stinging guitar light it up! Next up is Elmore
James’ “Sho-Nuff I Do”. Pate’s voice r-e-a-l-l-y suits this
James material, but the guitar is pure Freddie Pate! He’s
not fast-n’-flashy but his got great tone and a gritty edge.
There are two Pate originals on the disc, “Have You Ever
Loved A Woman”, and “I Got The Blues”. The bulk of the
material comes from…everywhere! Hank Williams, Alan
Toussaint, Fats Domino, B.B. King…even Amede Breaux’
Cajun mainstay, “Jolie Blond”! And I can’t really pick a
favorite from the two original tunes, I like them both a lot!
I get a kick out of reviewing CDs out of left field,
and I really did enjoy this one. Check it out!
-George Willett

12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 17
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Phone 813-234-1000
108 Lithia Pinecrest Rd
Brandon, Florida
Live Music:
Mondays at 7PM featuring
Ed Wright’s Open Jam Night
Soul Blues Sunday
Friday Night Entertainment 4pm-7pm
featuring the top local bands

Special Evening Entertainment: July 15th
Tuesday: Free Poker
Wednesday: Live Trivia Jason Harem Group
Saturday: Karaoke

Local Sports: Food and drink specials on the nights
August 19th
that local sports teams are on the big screen. R.J Howson

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Blues Happenings

Blues Jams Wednesdays
Johnny Dreamwell’s Jam - Brady’s Back Yard,
340 Main St, Safety Harbor, 7 pm
Josh Lamkin Blues Jam - Ruby Elixir,
Wendy Rich’s “Supa’ Sunday At The Shack”,
15 3 St. N, St. Pete, 9 pm
14519 Old Dixie Hwy, Hudson, 4-8 pm
Ed Wagner & Home Cookin’ Jam - Shark’s Bar & Grill,
3rd Sunday -  “Buzz Jam” -  Ukulele Brands,
1479 Belcher Rd, 8:30 pm-12:00 am
4805 LOL Blvd, Land O’ Lakes, 4-7pm 
Al Fuller’s Famous Blues Jam - Blue Rooster,
1525 4th St, Sarasota 7:30-10:30 p
First Wed. Of The Month - Chitlin’ Circuit Preservation
House of Trouble Jam, Green Iguana -
Society meeting - Rhythm & Brews
4029 S. Westshore Blvd, Tampa 10 pm 
4711 Gall Blvd. Zephyrhills, 7-8pm - followed by an open
Ed Wright Jam, Keith’s Oaks Bar, 1
Blues Jam from 8-11pm.
08 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Brandon 7-11 pm
Sarasota Blues Jam - Sabrosa Kitchen and Bar, 711 S Osprey
Ave, Sarasota, 7:30
Marty Stokes Jam, Space 39,
Clarion Inn Ballroom 8m-12am
Patio De Leon, Fort Myers, 8-11 pm
Strictly Blues w/Jason Haram, Swordfish Grille,
4628 119th St, Cortez, 7-10 pm
Al Razz Blues Jam - Gil & Rick’s Sports Bar,
Lazy Boy Jam, Mermaid Lounge,
1250 Seminole Blvd, Largo, 8-11pm
11024 SR-52, Hudson, 8-11 pm
Clam Jam, Cortez Clam Factory,
10104 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, 7 pm  
If a jam needs to be added, deleted, or revised, please
Ed Wright Open Jam, Ybor Live - Lakeland -
send details to
5263 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, 8 pm-12 am

20 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
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Send any updates to
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8-10pm 360 Degrees Of Blues w/Harrison Nash
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12-2 pm Back Alley Blues w/Steve Arvey-(alt wks)
Fri-WMNF 88.5 Tampa
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7-8pm Route 66 Mike “Vinyl” Humphries
Sat-WMNF 88.5 Tampa
3-6am Mellow Music Encounters w/Rick Collins
7-9pm Soulful Soiree w/Cheryl Mogul

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22 12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society
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12 Bar Rag July-August 2018 Suncoast Blues Society 23
noV 30—
dec 2, 2018

in the Florida SunShine on the bradenton riVerWalk
connection Shakura

Mr. Sipp
harper and
chriS MidWeSt kind


chriStone trey
“kingFiSh ” WanVig
between sets


coMe foR the

fRi, nov 30 sat, dec 1 sun, dec 2
6pm–9pm 11am–8pm 11am–1pm
fRee conceRt bRadenton blues bRunch*
Memphis Rub Band, blues “Braille Blues Daddy”
stay foR the festival* Bryan Lee

Bridget Kelly Band
pResented by Mattison’s City Grille
sponsoRed by Mojoe
pRoductions, inc.
bMo haRRis bank Bradenton Riverwalk

*requires tickets

tickets online $40 | tickets day of event $50 | ReseRved fRont of stage $100 | bRunch tickets $50



Deborah & Emile