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Daily briefing

October 02, 2018

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Standing Agenda

▪ Headlines
▪ Weather
▪ Support in MA by NiSource Employees
▪ Operational Updates
▪ Customer and Community Support
▪ Communications

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018

▪ We have now:
– Replaced nearly 5 miles of pipe
– Replaced 210 services lines; of which 113 are gas-ready
– Conducted more than 1,837 assessments
▪ Gas-ready brief discussed on 10/1, House-ready brief
forthcoming later this week
▪ Work continues on temporary and permanent boiler
solutions at five housing authority complexes
▪ Engaged 30 professional sales representatives to work
one-on-one with commercial customers
▪ Job Fair was successful and attracted ~130 individuals,
the company is following up with ~100 individuals

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/2/2018
10-day Forecast Sunrise/Sunset Schedule 10/2/2018

Activity Time

Sunrise 6:42 AM

Sunset 6:23 PM

SOURCE: as of 7:00AM on 10/2

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018
Support in MA from NiSource Employees

971 Employees Supporting Restoration Towers1

State of Original Employment



15 18

Communications Construction Customer & Mitigation Operations Support Services

Community Support

% of Support Currently Construction Tower Zone Deployments2 366 employees have

Deployed in MA vs. Remote All 17 expressed interest in

LP-HP 8 supporting through

8 25 employee survey and have
7 64 not yet been deployed
6 35
5 53
4 52
3 39
(654 Employees) 2
In MA 41
1 62
Remote # of Employees Deployed

1) Some employees are supporting multiple towers, thus the may be some differences in Tower breakdown depending on timing
2) The construction tower has 48 additional “Leaders” not assigned to a zone, thus they are not represented on the Zone Deployments chart. The total number of employees in the
Construction Tower is 444 as reflected in the chart at the top.

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Additional support being provided by contractor ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018

partners across all towns

Contractors Hired by Contractor Company Location (MA vs. Other)*

2,233 2,233 2,233 2,233 2,233 2,233 2,227

1,432 1,432 1,432 1,432 1,432 1,432 1,426

(36%) (36%) (36%) (36%) (36%) (36%) (36%)

801 801 801 801 801 801 801

10/1/18 10/2/18 10/3/18 10/4/18 10/5/18 10/6/18 10/7/18

MA Other

*Graph shows most recently available current and forecasted contractor figures based on data refreshed at 12 PM EST on 9/30/2018. Forecasted data is not available for all
**Other includes contactors with no central location (identified as “various locations”).

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018

Operation Assessment
Labor resourcing Progress update
Resource 10/1 10/2 forecast 10/3 forecast ▪ Work completed at Lawrence Housing Authority (319 Salem
Plumbers 152 78 78 St.) complex, temporary diesel boiler installed

Electricians 270 270 270 ▪ Successfully mobilized over 77 residential crews and 2
commercial crews to complete over 389 assessments
Linguists 32 24 24
▪ Averaging 5 assessments per day per crew
Assessors 78 62 62
▪ Beginning Tuesday 10/2, a portion of plumbers begin
Inspectors 22 12 12 transitioning to the Install Team
▪ Starting Friday 10/5, transitioning 125 electricians to Install
▪ Electricians increased scope to assess for and install temp heat Team, as result ~90 electricians will no longer be needed
▪ Linguists will be ramping up from the results of the recent job
fair. Customer and community engagement

▪ Decision made to rationalize Assessment Team

KPIs for prior day complement and shift resources to Install as the Install
stage begins.
Prior Day Cumulative
▪ Continued focus on improving scheduling and
coordination; results expected later this week
389 completed
1837 ▪ Standard appliance information is given as part of the
customer leave-behind material
House line pipe ▪ Ongoing work at Lawrence Housing Authority (Loring

46% pass rate

44% St./Market St.) one complex scheduled for completion on
Tuesday another for Friday (212 Andover St., Lawrence)
▪ Two N. Andover Housing Authority buildings scheduled
to be using gas boilers by Friday

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018

Labor resourcing: Crews planned Progress

10/2 10/3 10/4 10/5 ▪ Main installed to-date: 26,007 feet

▪ Gas ready service lines installed to-date: 113
43 46 53 53 ▪ Service lines replaced on 10/1: 70

81 87 87 87

North 29 33 42 42
Andover Next 24 hours
LP to MP1 10 11 10 10
services ▪ Zone 6 purge complete
12 ▪ Zone 7 purge activities
Purge ▪ Crews working on mains and service lines in all zones
175 192 192 192

Progress Update Customer and community engagement

Project to Date Target
▪ Daily meeting held with DPW of all three communities
Main line along with Environmental Partners to discuss excavations
26,007 235,000 & traffic control permitting
installed (ft)

Service line
210 6,100
replaced (#) Risk
Gas Ready ▪ Inclement weather – High
113 6,100
Services ▪ Resources - Low
▪ Materials - Low
▪ Permitting and Traffic Control - Low
▪ Service and main line replacements are ahead of schedule

1 Low pressure to medium pressure

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018

Customer and Community Support
Yesterday’s call center performance (through 6pm) Latest progress
Topic Metric Actual, seconds Target ▪ Mobile Customer Care Centers results on 10/1:
▪ Deployed in zones 2, 4, and 7
ASA1: CMA, ▪ Interacted with 94 customers
3 30 seconds
Call center yesterday ▪ Questions focused on path to service
performance ASA1: CR2, restoration, assessments, claims
3 30 seconds
yesterday process/status, and construction process
▪ Continue personalized outreach for Temporary Heat
Cumulative metrics – appointment cancellation via text messages,
emails, postcards
Topic Metric Actual to date

Placements of Number of families 312

customers into
alternate housing Number of individuals 892 Customer and community engagement
▪ We are actively reaching out to ensure customers
Customers ineligible for space heater have alternate housing solutions, determining other
Temporary Heat based on electrical assessment needs, and providing them where necessary; claims
exceptions Calls made to assess those customers’ adjusters are ensuring high-touch outreach
2,070 ▪ Positive feedback continues to be received from
(customers needs (excludes no phone # listed)
unable to receive community on Mobile Customer Care Centers
Of which: Contacted 945 ▪ Commercial: engaged 30 professional sales
temporary space
heaters due to representatives to work one-on-one with customers
electrical Of which: Voicemail 792 for temporary and permanent solutions
Of which: Unreachable 333 Goals for next 24 hours & beyond
Number of appointments that need to ▪ Recruitment completed; next step, interview process
be cancelled to begin week of October 8th.
▪ Finalize leases for remaining two Customer
Of which: Contacted 617 Care/Claim Centers and continue space planning
Temporary Heat
Of which: Voicemail 527 Risks
▪ To ensure customers do not have long call wait times,
Of which: Unreachable 70 robo-calls are being more evenly scheduled
After 4 phone attempts,
working on email
1 Average seconds to answer. | 2 CLEAResult communication

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ALL DATA AS OF 10/1/2018
Claims Update
Through October 1, about 17,114 claims (~95% residential claims) have been received. We have paid out approximately $5.7M, which
includes assisting with immediate needs.
• Of the claims received to date, 67% of customers that have filed a claim have received help with immediate needs; 20% have received
more than one payment
• Where an initial payment was not processed immediately through one of our claim centers, payments are being processed on average
within 5 days.

A claims representative contacts the claimant within 24 hours.

– Claimants can ask questions by calling their claims representative directly or through our toll-free number.
– About 16,000 calls have been received through the Claim Reporting toll-free number.
– 125 adjusters are on-site assisting customers; 125 adjusters are working outside the area, calling customers and adjusting claims
by telephone where possible.

Serving Residential and Business Customers

• A claims representative has been assigned to all claims and will follow up to evaluate losses

For Residential Claims

– Payments can be processed immediately (depending on value) via debit card or check once validation of loss has occurred and
supporting documentation has been received.
– Payments can be made as needed and are prioritized by urgency.

For Business Claims

– A claims representative will assist in providing guidance for appropriate documentation of business losses and impacts, and to
determine if additional advances are needed to assist with ongoing business expenses.
– Payments can be made as needed and are prioritized by urgency.

• Many businesses and some residents are choosing to use their own insurance. In these situations, the insurance company will work
directly with the customer for their immediate needs and file separately with Columbia for reimbursement of costs.
• Due to the on-going nature of this event, we do not expect claim closures to increase significantly until after gas service has been restored
to our customers.

Additional information on claims processing available at

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Columbia Gas Contact Information

Affected Customer Hotline (866)-388-3239

Property Claims Number (800)-590-5571

Emergency Line (800)-525-8222

Claims Center Locations (see website for availability):

439 South Union Street, Lawrence:
Mon. – Fri. 7a.m. – 7p.m.; Sat. 9a.m.-2p.m.
20 Main St. Andover:
Mon. – Fri. 12 p.m. – 8p.m.; Sat. 9a.m. – 2p.m.
115 Main St. North Andover:
Tue. – Fri. 12p.m. – 8p.m.; Sat. 9a.m. – 2p.m.

Career Hotline (866) 960-7285

For online information visit

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Term Definition
Any service with a meter attached.

Customer type field defined as “commercial” customer in Customer Information System.

Business customer

Residential Customer type defined as “residential” customer in Customer Information System.


Pipeline system for distributing gas within, but not limited to, a definable area, such as a mobile home
park, housing project, or apartment complex, where the operator purchases metered gas from an
Master Meter
outside source through a gas distribution pipeline system. One master meter shows up as one
customer in current data.
Pipeline system where one service line flows into an apparatus that has multiple meters. With current
Manifold data methods, customers on a manifold will be equal to the total number of meters on the manifold.

Crews have assessed your house or business and its appliances to plan for the repair and
Assessment replacement of your appliances, and all required inspections are performed.

All components up to the meter have been installed and tested, and gas is present.

All inside work is completed and tested, with at least one appliance in your home or business
House-ready available for re-light.

A Columbia Gas representative has come to the home, installed the meter, tested it, and restored gas
Re-light service to the home or business.

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