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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Tuesday | October 2, 2018

Okt. road What’s next for Leigh Mall?

for two days
Baggett allegedly told
female employee to use
bathroom in woods
‘like the men’
By Alex Holloway

Oktibbeha County
supervisors issued a
two-day suspension
without pay to Road
Manager Fred Hal
Baggett after more
employee complaints
against him piled up
during a marathon
meeting on Monday. Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff
Supervisors’ de- Ki’kwon Cork, Sye Pippins, Kaitlin Bell, Jermaine Williams, Jalen Brewer and Tray Lucious dodge wet floor signs
cision, which was while walking through Leigh Mall in Columbus Monday afternoon. Mall employees and customers are left wonder-
unanimous, came ing what the future holds for the mall after news broke over the weekend that the property is up for public auction.
after a three-hour ex-
ecutive session that
formed the back half
of a six-hour meeting. Miller
City leaders see great potential for redevelopment
Baggett’s suspen-
sion will be served
Oct. 4-5, and super-
if mall property is sold to new owner at auction
visors ordered board
attorney Rob Rober-
Poor facilities, lack
son to place a letter
of reprimand in Bag-
of investment blamed
gett’s personnel file. for mall’s steady decline
Baggett once was Trainer
employed as Lown- By Zack Plair and Slim Smith;
des County’s road manager.
Supervisors were presented
It seemed business
with two complaints during the
as usual at Leigh Mall
executive session. One, from road
on Monday.
department employee Doris Har-
For Evelyn Horne
ris, alleges Baggett wrote her up
of Macon, manager
twice — once for getting a ticket
for Burke’s Outlet,
she claims she did not get while in
that meant another
a county vehicle and again for ques- shift in a store that
tioning a non-smoking ordinance offered little relief
Horne Dispatch file photo
Baggett allegedly put in place with- from the Mississippi
Leigh Mall, which opened in the early 1970s, is on the auction block after
out board approval. Inside
heat bearing down n OUR VIEW:
its owners, Security National Properties, defaulted on a $34.7 million loan.
The complaint also claims Har- outside. ing all summer. When things break, yellow “wet floor” signs scattered
The potential
ris, as the only female working on “I feel like they’ve of a new Leigh they don’t fix them. The streets are along the mall’s corridors herald-
the road with the road department, let the mall go down Mall owner. terrible. There’s no security. Cus- ing the leaky roof, the dozen or so
is “denied the opportunity to leave to the point where Page 4A tomers tell us they are afraid to vacant store spaces and the mall’s
the job site” when needing to use something like come out here. By 7 (at night), the reputation of being in decline.
the restroom and is “told I have to this was going to happen,” Horne mall is empty. People just won’t They didn’t learn until Sunday,
use the woods like the men.” said of Leigh Mall owners, Louisi- come that late.” from media coverage of a public
Harris’ complaint further al- ana-based Security National Prop- Horne, like most store managers, sale notice printed in The Dispatch,
leges that on Aug. 10, she heard erties. “They haven’t kept the place employees and customers at Leigh that Security National Properties
Baggett tell Tommy Smith, a fore- up — we haven’t had air condition- Mall, have grown accustomed to the See Leigh Mall, 3A
man with the road department, that
“employees at shop B were all (rac-

CER AWARE- Starkville man arrested
for embezzlement at Walmart
Adams waits
to release two
pink balloons
Monday out-
23-year-old man out Sept. 17-20 at
the Walmart on
side Baptist
on $5K bond Highway 12 in
west Starkville.
Hospital-Gold- Dispatch staff report Ealy was
en Triangle.
Hospital staff booked into the
A Starkville man was arrest-
released the Oktibbeha Coun-
ed late last week for embez-
balloons to
zling money at Walmart. ty Jail and is out Ealy
honor the on $5,000 bond.
beginning of Starkville Police arrested
23-year-old Khalil Ealy on The Dispatch has submit-
Breast Cancer
Awareness suspicion of felony embezzle- ted a public records request
Month. ment. The incidents, accord- for more information on Ealy’s
Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch ing to SPD, happened from arrest.

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5 In 2009, California officials shut Oct. 9:
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down an 8-year-old entrepreneur for Starkville Oktib-
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High license? recital at 7:30 p.m. at Poindexter Hall on The W campus.
beha Consoli-
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Full forecast on Answers, 6B District Board of
page 2A. Trustees, 6 p.m.,
Thursday Greensboro
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2A Tuesday, October 2, 2018 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “I think a guy that’s not on either of those but (has) kind
of stepped up to the forefront and become a great leader
Christian TV network enters for us is (safety) Johnathan Abram.”
Mississippi State football coach Joe Moorhead, talking

world of 24-hour news about his team’s meetings Sunday. Story, 1B.

CEO Gordon from the power of prayer

Robertson, son
to Justin Bieber’s faith and
Christian persecution in
the Middle East, Robert-
White House tells FBI it can
of evangelist Pat
Robertson, said
son said last week.
Robertson, son of evan-
gelist Pat Robertson, said
talk to anyone about Kavanaugh
he wants the channel to
he wants the New guidance came
channel to bring
bring people together. But
it is making its debut in an
increasingly fractured me-
in response to Sen. Flake vows to vote ‘no’
people together
dia landscape and divided
nation. Trump sometimes
uses evangelical outlets to
Democratic and news
media pushback that
if Supreme Court nominee lied
The Associated Press reach supporters, while The Associated Press
shunning other news out- scope of Kavanaugh MANCHESTER, N.H. — The Republican senator who suddenly sits
— A Christian TV network “Trump’s modus ope- probe was too narrow at the center of the explosive Supreme Court debate promised Monday
is entering the crowded randi is not essentially to to oppose President Donald Trump’s nominee should an ongoing fed-
The Associated Press eral investigation determine he lied under oath.
world of 24-hour news reach out to new audiences,
broadcasting at a time but to create division and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who holds extraordinary leverage in the con-
when the mainstream news polarization to energize his WASHINGTON — The White firmation process, addressed Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s future directly
media is under increasing base,” said Mark Ward, an House has given the FBI clearance as he trekked across New England while exploring a possible run for
attack by President Don- associate professor of com- to interview anyone it wants to by president. Asked what would cause him to vote “no” on Kavanaugh,
ald Trump and some of his munication at the Universi- Friday in its investigation of sexual Flake pointed to “any evidence that corroborates” his accuser’s story.
supporters, many of them ty of Houston-Victoria, who misconduct allegations against Su- “Any nominee that lies to the committee, that is disqualifying,” Flake
evangelicals. writes about evangelical preme Court nominee Brett Kava- told reporters after delivering a speech in New Hampshire, the state
The Christian Broad- mass media. naugh. that hosts the nation’s first presidential primary election.
casting Network’s news “If that’s your strategy The new guidance, described to During a Boston appearance earlier in the day, Flake also vowed
channel will provide a re- and evangelicals are such The Associated Press by a person to ensure the FBI conducts “a real investigation” into the allegations
familiar with it, was issued to the against Kavanaugh. “It does us no good to have an investigation that
ligious perspective that a huge part of your base,
FBI over the weekend in response just gives us more cover,” he said at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.
other channels lack, CEO why would you not use the
Gordon Robertson told media organs that are avail- to Democratic and news media
The Associated Press in an able?” Ward said. pushback that the scope of the dressing concerns about the probe’s FBI to interview anyone it deems
interview in advance of the Pat Robertson helped probe was too narrow. expansiveness at a news conference relevant to the inquiry, but required
network’s formal launch revolutionize religious It comes as the FBI presses Monday, said he wants the FBI to the work to be done by Friday, ac-
Monday. TV through the Christian ahead with its investigation, ques- do a “comprehensive” investigation cording to the person familiar with
The CBN News Chan- Broadcasting Network. tioning in recent days at least four and “it wouldn’t bother me at all” if the discussions, who spoke on con-
nel, to air on local televi- He also ran for president people about accusations of mis- agents pursued accusations made dition of anonymity to discuss pri-
sion stations in 15 U.S. in 1988 and worked to gal- conduct against Kavanaugh dating by three women who have come vate conversations.
cities, will produce original vanize conservative Chris- to when he was in high school and forward. But he also said Senate The revised guidance was aimed
programming and com- tians into a political force in college. Among the witnesses inter- Republicans are determining the at promoting an investigation that
mentary on everything viewed were men who California parameters of the investigation could tamp down Democratic crit-
the 1990s.
college professor Christine Blasey and “ultimately, they’re making the icism and satisfy on-the-fence Re-
Ford says were present at a party judgment.” publicans about its thoroughness
of teenagers in the early 1980s at “My White House will do whatev- and fairness while also ensuring a
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH which she says she was sexually as- er the senators want,” Trump said. fixed deadline to prevent the probe
Office hours: Main line: saulted by Kavanaugh. “The one thing I want is speed.” from becoming open-ended and
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 President Donald Trump, ad- The White House instructed the spanning weeks.

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Submit a calendar item?
Trump predicts havoc if Democrats take over Congress
Buy an ad?
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‘A Democratic takeover of Congress 401(k)s disappear, taxes
rise beyond “your wildest
the seat being vacated by
retiring Republican Sen.
n 662-328-2424 Submit a birth, wedding will plunge our country into gridlock ...’ imagination,” and crime
go through the roof.
Bob Corker.
Trump praised Black-
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce- It was a dire picture burn as a “true fighter”
The Associated Press ing them of trying to sink
n 662-328-2471 painted by a president ea- for the state, telling the
n Download forms at www. his nominee.
n JOHNSON CITY, ger to convince his rau- crowd, “She’s all about “A Democratic take-
Tenn. — As the fate of over of Congress will cous supporters of what’s Tennessee values.”
his Supreme Court pick at stake in November as “A vote for Marsha is
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 plunge our country
he headlined a high-dol- really a vote for me,” he
hangs in the balance, into gridlock and chaos
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 lar, closed-door fund- said.
President Donald Trump and take away all of the raiser and appeared at a Bredesen, like other
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 barnstormed for a Repub- wealth that you’ve earned packed rally in Johnson Democratic candidates
lican Senate candidate in over the last 20 months,” City to boost U.S. Rep. across Trump country,
Tennessee, warning that Trump warned Monday Marsha Blackburn in her has painted himself as
SUBSCRIPTIONS Democrats will unleash night, claiming without tight Senate race against a pragmatist willing to
havoc if they gain control evidence that the stock the state’s Democratic work with the president
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE of Congress and accus- market would plummet, ex-Gov. Phil Bredesen for on certain issues.
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Trump hails NAFTA revamp, Trudeau calls it ‘win-win-win’
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. The Associated Press ing for two decades as a satisfied smile, the pres- Justin Trudeau said Mon-
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. political football for Amer- ident said the new name day that his country was
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 WASHINGTON — ican manufacturing woes. had a “good ring to it,” re- in a more stable place now
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 President Donald Trump Embracing the peating U-S-M-C-A several that it had completed the
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. hailed his revamped North U.S.-Mexico-Canada times. negotiations. He said the
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. American trade agreement Agreement, which the Ca- But he noted that the deal needed to be fair since
with Canada and Mexi- nadians joined just before agreement would need to one trading partner was 10
co as a breakthrough for a Sunday midnight dead- be ratified by Congress, a times larger. He said Can-
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) U.S. workers on Monday, line, Trump branded it step that could be affected ada did not simply accept
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS vowing to sign it by late the “USMCA,” a moniker by the outcome of the fall “any deal.”
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: November. But it still faces he said would replace the elections as Democrats “We got the right deal.
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., a lengthy path to congres- 24-year-old North Amer- seek to regain majorities We got a win-win-win for all
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 sional approval after serv- ican Free Trade Agree- in the House and Senate. three countries,” Trudeau
ment, or NAFTA. With a Canadian Prime Minister said.


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Lowndes supes discuss how to fill county prosecutor position

Current a county
judge, Sand-
Sanders said he was
open to any ideas.
Supervisors ultimate-
ly took no action, which
Medical Group for clinic
services. County admin-
prosecutor likely ers said at
the meet-
“That’s why I put this
on the agenda,” he said.
Sanders said was OK.
“We’ve got plenty of
istrator Ralph Billingsley
made the recommenda-
to be sworn in as ing.
“So that
“The reason is that I’ve
had three or four people
time,” he said. “It’s just
something we should be
tion after working out a
new agreement; and
judge next year means we’ll approach me about this thinking about how we ■ approved a reso-
have to ap- and ask for my support. want to handle.” lution that will ask the
By Slim Smith point some- Sanders Kizer Brooks But I really have a prob- County court judges Legislature to change one to fill out the rest of lem with choosing some- hear civil actions under the valuation date on the
Sanders floated that
her term as soon as she change in policy, but Dis- body who’s going to run $75,000, as well as civil county’s hospital trust
Lowndes County su- is sworn in on Jan. 2,” he for the office in a year be- appeals from the justice fund from Dec. 31 to Aug.
pervisors discussed, but trict 5 Supervisor -Leroy
said. “I thought we should Brooks said it might be cause it gives that person and municipal courts. 31. That change will al-
did not reach a decision, discuss how we want to an unfair advantage. It They try misdemeanor low supervisors to know
on how to fill the county better to handle those sit-
fill that position.” could send a message that criminal cases and con- how much revenue can be
prosecutor’s job after the uations on a case by case
With another year re- the person we appoint has duct preliminary hear- pulled from the trust fund
November election. maining on the county basis. ings, in addition to serv- profits before completing
the support of the board
Board President Harry prosecutor’s term, super- “It might be, in the when it’s time for the elec- ing as the youth (juvenile) its budget in September.
Sanders brought up the visors debated whether to future, a situation where tion. court judge. Previously, the board had
matter during Monday’s establish a policy that pre- the board supports the “I’d rather have a pol- In other business, the no fixed estimation of
board meeting. vents those who serve out person who is filling out a icy or something where board: those funds when its fis-
County Prosecutor a term from seeking the term to serve permanent- the person who we ap- ■ approved an amend- cal year began each Oct.
Allison Kizer is running same office at the subse- ly, if it’s the voters’ will,” point agrees not to run in ed contract with Baptist 1.
unopposed for a seat as quent election. Brooks said. the election,” he added.

Leigh Mall
Continued from Page 1A
is in foreclosure for de- shape, and
faulting on a $34.7 million things like
loan and that 27 proper- that are
ties put up as collateral keeping
on that loan — including quality ten-
Leigh Mall — are to be ants away,”
auctioned Dec. 4 at a law he said. “I
office in New York. What mean, if
they still don’t know is the roof on Jones Gavin Higgins Kline Castleberry
how that auction will af- my house is “lifestyle centers” with Cajun seafood restaurant
fect the individual stores leaking, I’m going to get it retail on the lower level that opened this summer
that lease space at the fixed.” and offices or residences just across Highway 45
mall. Leigh Mall sits on a above. from the mall. While he
“We haven’t heard any- “prime piece of real es- While Kline said The admits his investments
thing at all,” said Horne, tate” amid Columbus’ re- Retail Coach won’t have would greatly benefit
who has worked at Burke tail center with frontage any say in what a develop- from Leigh Mall’s revival,
for 13 years. “What I’d on U.S. Highways 82 and er does with the property, he said he had no plans to
like to know is what this 45. Since 2014, the mall he considers recruiting bid on the mall property.
means for the employees has picked up high pro- for Leigh Mall a “high pri- “I’m not interested,”
and myself. Where do we file tenants like Hobby ority” once his company he said. “There are peo-
stand? Do you need to Lobby and Planet Fitness, officially has a contract ple much better than I am
start looking for jobs? Are but in recent years it also with the city.
there other options for has lost JCPenney, Radio for this project who spe-
“Leigh Mall has been cialize in purchasing old
our store to relocate? Shack, Sears and a couple a priority since our early
“I’ve had several cus- of jewelry stores, among malls and redeveloping
conversations with the them.”
tomers mention it (Mon- others. city,” Kline said. “We
day) morning,” she add- That has triggered want it to be full, we want
ed. “They want to know what Golden Triangle the tenants to make sense
what’s going to happen, Development LINK CEO and we want the tenants
but I really don’t know Joe Max Higgins called happy.”
any more than they do. a “death spiral” at Leigh That might not be
They like shopping here Mall. the easiest task, though,
and they’ve been saying “You’re not bringing in Kline admits.
that maybe we can move enough revenue to keep He said The Retail
to a new location if some- the place up and when Coach has worked for
thing happens here. I’m you can’t keep the place more than two years with
hoping that, too. Jobs are up, the quality of the ten- Vicksburg, another city
hard to find.” ants goes down, which with a declining mall
If a new owner takes means you start getting property. Kline said the
over Leigh Mall and less revenue in rents,” biggest challenge with
Burke — along with Higgins explained. that mall is it’s “off the
stores like Hobby Lobby, Higgins, whose orga- beaten path” — a problem
Planet Fitness, Hibbett, nization recruits indus- Leigh Mall doesn’t have.
Books-a-Million and oth- try for Lowndes County “We’ve had success in
ers — get to stay, Horne and up until Oct. 1 was Vicksburg, but it’s main-
is hopeful mall conditions contracted to provide ly been in other parts of
will improve. industrial and retail re- town,” Kline said.
“I’ll be honest. It would cruitment for Columbus,
just about have to be bet- said about a half-dozen
ter than it is right now,” serious developers had ‘There comes a point
she said. unsuccessfully tried to when the suffering
purchase Leigh Mall needs to end’
Prime real estate from Security National
Properties over the past
Local developer Mark
An “anything is bet- Castleberry is aware of
ter than the status-quo” 15 years. the potential at Leigh
attitude seems to be the “The last was about six Mall, as well as other de-
consensus among city months ago,” he said. “We velopers’ failed attempts
leaders where Leigh Mall had a Mid-South devel- to purchase it.
is concerned, and several oper and his consultant With a forced sale, if
have said they are hope- that handles financing that comes to pass, the
ful an ownership change sit down with (LINK offi- price-point could finally
could help revitalize the cials) in our office. They place the mall in the right
troubled property. told us they were going to developer’s hands.
“I think it would be make a run at it, but they “This could be a very
great if somebody gets couldn’t get it done. The positive thing,” Castle-
hold of it and does what price was just too high.” berry said. “Leigh Mall
needs to be done, which is really the front door of
is a total remodel,” said Possibilities Columbus, with signifi-
Ward 5 Councilman Ste- Mall redevelopments cant visibility from 82 and
phen Jones. “If somebody across the country are 45, and right now people
invests money to buy it, trending toward provid- driving through see a
I would hope they would ing outside entrances to declining mall. They’ve
improve it. The way I see all the stores, said Will stopped others from com-
it though, it can stay the Kline, project manager ing in and redeveloping.
same or get better. I don’t for The Retail Coach — … There comes a point
see it getting worse.” the Tupelo-based firm the when the suffering needs
Ward 6 Councilman city hired in September to end.”
Bill Gavin, in whose ward for retail development. Castleberry owns hotel
Leigh Mall sits, agrees. Another option mall re- and restaurant property
“The roof is leaking, development groups are along Highway 45, includ-
the parking lot is in bad exploiting are multi-story ing the Breaux Bridge

■ In Thursday’s edition, The Dispatch misidentified Quaterrious Adkins in the
Local Folks feature on page 1A.

The Commercial Dispatch strives to report the news accurately. When we print an
error, we will correct it. To report an error, call the newsroom at 662-328-2471, or
4A Tuesday, October 2, 2018
BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947
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PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Voice of the people

America’s values and entering the political arena

Having just read The Soul Klux Klan’s hatred of African instead of trusting, and it mocracy, not an “enemy of the my first effort, but I hope to do
of America by Jon Meacham, Americans, Jews and Catho- causes us to lose sight of our people;” the right to nonviolent more. This motivation is not
I find his message relevant to lics, civil rights, and help for core values in the passion of protest; a reliance on truth, not only from reading this book,
our times. He describes how the poor and disadvantaged. the moment. Whether you alternative facts; and a sense but also from reading the
we have faced political and Two lessons of the book are agree with President Trump’s of equal opportunity for all. Bible. I believe that God is still
moral crises in the past, yet especially important now. The policies, his rhetoric and tone Meachem see each citizen’s active in this world working
have found ways to move for- first is to work out of hope, not encourages these negative duties as entering the arena, toward respect, justice and
ward and listen to our “better fear. The second is to realize aspects. resisting tribalism, respecting compassion for all of his cre-
angels.” We have not done it in that change comes from the As a psychiatrist, I can facts and deploying reason and ation. He wants our help.
a perfect way or with perfect people, not leaders. attest to how important our keeping history in mind. If we are to make America
leaders, but our sense of fair- Today we have the politics attitudes and emotions are in If we want change, we have the “shining city on the hill”
ness and justice have won. of fear. Fear causes us to look determining our behavior. If to become involved. I have that President Reagan envi-
He gives examples like backwards not forward, to we let fear and anger rule, we been hesitant to enter the are- sioned we have to listen to our
overcoming slavery, women’s become protective instead of forget what really made Amer- na because it demands time, better angels and act.
suffrage, bias against immi- generous, attacking instead ica great: The rule of law; the effort, risk and often disap- Raymond Overstreet
grants, standing up to the Ku of conciliatory, suspicious free press as a protector of de- pointment. This letter will be Columbus

Our view Cartoonist view

The potential
of a new Leigh
Mall owner
When The Dispatch reported
Leigh Mall would go up for auction
in December, it created an imme-
diate response in the community
and rightly so.
When the mall opened 45 years
ago, it immediately became the
catalyst for retail in the city. But
for well over a decade now, the
mall has been in decline. Sears
and JC Penney, the anchors of the
300,000 square foot mall, left while
eight of the remaining 34 store-
fronts are unoccupied.
As the mall owner, Security
National, fell into bankruptcy,
the mall fell into what Joe Max
Higgins of the Golden Triangle
Development LINK called a death
spiral — low revenues led to
deteriorating conditions and those
conditions made the mall less
appealing to new tenants, leading
to lower rents.
Current tenants complain that
repairs aren’t made and customers
are afraid to shop at the mall after
dark because of a lack of security.
Over the past 15 years, a
half-dozen developers have
approached the owners to buy
the property, but have balked on
paying the price Security National
has set.
While the upcoming auction Mississippi voice
creates a sense of uncertainty
about the future of this important
part of the city, in some respects it
may turn out to be beneficial.
Hyde-Smith, McDaniel have
“Whatever happens, it has to
be better than the way it is now,”
Burke’s Outlet manager Evelyn
staked out their positions
Horne observed. OXFORD — Unbe- cities in Japan and Germa- McDaniel: I remember 2008. That’s
Whatever happens, it will likely knownst to my media col- ny, saw all the new build- when my opponent voted for Hillary
have little short-term impact. leagues, the nominal Repub- ings, the cleanliness, the Clinton.
Even if the mall is sold at licans on Mississippi’s Nov. pristine infrastructure and Moderator: Mississippi did not join
auction on Dec. 4, it will be some 6 special election ballot have a vibrant quality of life, then the Medicaid expansion that was part
time before any changes are made. already debated. Yes, U.S. visited the American cities of Obamacare, and today is the state
The new owner is likely to want Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and where decay and poverty with the largest proportion of citizens
to maintain whatever revenue state Sen. Chris McDaniel are prevalent, it might without health insurance. What are
streams exists and there is also hashed things out at the be hard to convince that your ideas for helping more Mississip-
the matter of what happens to the Tutwiler Civic and Social person that America – not pians avoid catastrophic expenses that
leases held by the current tenants. Club. No media was present, Japan or Germany – was on come with serious injuries or illness?
Most importantly, it’s unlikely but here’s a transcript: the winning side of the last McDaniel: We have laws that
someone would buy it and close it. Moderator: Thank you Charlie Mitchell world war. How would you protect our Confederate heritage and
But with a new owner, there for being here. If it’s OK, I explain this? monuments, and those laws must be
will be changes and there are any will ask a question and you Hyde-Smith: My family enforced to teach people to stand for
number of possibilities. take turns answering. Let’s get right to and I own a cattle farm, so we know all what’s right.
A good example might be Tu- it. Our leaders have struggled over im- about hard work, and that’s the key to Hyde-Smith: I think my response
pelo, which had two malls open in migration, how to welcome needed and everything. would be, “Be safe.” I think the best
the 1970s, both of which had failed productive workers and how to block McDaniel: She is really a Democrat. thing people can do to guard against
by the early 1990s. The Tupelo loafers and criminals. What is the first They don’t know anything about work. medical bills is be safe. And let me add,
mall, located near North Missis- step toward a solution, in your view? Moderator: As you know, President if I may, that I did vote in the Dem-
sippi Medical Center is now used Hyde-Smith: Thank you for the Trump has approved trade sanctions ocratic primary in 2008, but I don’t
as medical offices. The Downtown opportunity to be here, and for the he expects will boost the U.S. econ- remember who I voted for.
Mall was purchased by the city of opportunity to speak to this important omy in the long term although they Moderator: There is, of course,
Tupelo, which tore down the build- issue. I think the main thing to know is are financially harmful to Mississippi a third widely known person on the
ing and built the BancorpSouth that President Trump loves me. Thank farmers, manufacturers and consumers ballot. Mike Espy has experience in
Center on the site. you. in the short term. For farmers, Trump Congress and as a cabinet officer. How
Leigh Mall could also be rein- McDaniel: I am also grateful for has pledged federal cash to make up for do you counter that?
vented as the kind of retail devel- the opportunity to speak. Voters vote their losses. Is this good fiscal policy? McDaniel: By pointing out (1) he’s
opment better-suited to how we best when fully informed, and for that McDaniel: Well, America First, you a Democrat, (2) he’s a liberal, and (3)
shop today. There is also talk of a reason I must say that President Trump know. I respect farmers and feel their he’s not the same color as us.
mixed-use development that would really loves me more, but has been pain, but remember there was no buy- Hyde-Smith: You went out of turn,
include apartments, entertainment boxed in by the RINOs and can’t speak out when the feds took our slaves. Chris. Anyway, I would just point out
options, restaurants and retail. his mind. Hyde-Smith: I want to be clear: I Trump loves me, not McDaniel and
What happens at the property at Moderator: Crime, especially support everything President Trump certainly not Espy.
this point is impossible to predict. inner-city crime, is alarming. On TV has said or done and whatever he will Moderator: Brief closing state-
But given the state of the mall every night are stories of young people say or do. He is, with my help, going to ments?
now, we agree that whatever the killing each other. Can this be stopped? make America great again. Hyde-Smith: This is an important
future holds is preferable to the McDaniel: Great question. As ev- Moderator: Indicators show Missis- election, and this must be stressed:
“death spiral” Leigh Mall rep- erybody should know by now, I support sippi’s economy lagging other states ex- Trump loves me.
resents now. keeping Mississippi’s state flag. periencing a more rapid recovery from McDaniel: Three things: (1) state
Although in decline, no one Hyde-Smith: President Trump, who the bad events of 2008. What should flag, (2) state flag, and (3) state flag.
seriously questions how important endorsed me, and I have talked about the state do to close the gap, and how Fake news? Yes … but barely.
the mall property is to our com- this at length. We agree it is a bad thing will you put your ideas into action? Charlie Mitchell is an associate dean
munity. That is the one thing that and invite a continuing conversation. Hyde-Smith: The main thing is to of journalism at the University of Mis-
hasn’t changed since Leigh Mall Moderator: If a person asleep 100 support our president and build the sissippi. Email reaches him at cmitch-
opened its doors in 1973. years awakened and walked through wall.
The Dispatch • Tuesday, October 2, 2018 5A

Mississippi city: Vigil for 2 officers killed in shootout

Warren Strain of the Mississippi Department White and Moak were killed
early Saturday.
orate on the circumstances sur-
rounding the shooting.
other rather than fighting
against one another,” she told
of Public Safety said charges are pending Warren Strain of the Mis-
sissippi Department of Public
On Sunday, children jumped
on a trampoline not far from the
The Associated Press after
leaving flowers beside both offi-
against suspect, investigation is ongoing Safety said Sunday that the shooting scene at a Brookha- cers’ squad cars. “We need lots
shooting suspect, 25-year-old ven duplex. What appeared to of prayers.”
ROGELIO SOLIS loons not far from where their Marquis Flowers, was hospi- be several bullet holes in the This is the second time in as
The Associated Press patrol cars were parked. Each talized after being wounded in aged blue siding of the duplex many years that a law enforce-
car was adorned with an Amer- the confrontation. Strain said were pointed out with evidence ment official has been killed in
BROOKHAVEN — Resi- ican flag and a wreath on its
dents mourning two officers charges are pending against markers by investigators. What the line of duty in the Brookha-
front grill. Flowers and that investigation looked like blood stains could ven area. Last year Lincoln
killed in a weekend shootout in
Police Chief Kenneth Collins is ongoing. He did not provide be seen on the ground steps County Sheriff’s Deputy Wil-
a small Mississippi city left ros-
called residents to Sunday’s an update on Flowers’ medical away. liam Durr, who also spent four
es, balloons and American flags
at police headquarters Sunday vigil to honor these young men condition. The Brookhaven chief Col- years with Brookhaven police,
and held an evening vigil in who gave their lives” serving Strain had said earlier that lins has called White and Moak, was responding to a call when
their memory. the city of more than 12,000, the officers were called to a both residents of Lincoln Coun- he was shot to death. Authori-
The candlelight vigil for located about 60 miles south house in Brookhaven at about ty, “heroes.” ties said the gunman shot and
Officer James White, 35, and of the state capital of Jackson. 5 a.m. Saturday for a report of Hanna Hux, a Brookhaven killed seven other people in a
Cpl. Zach Moak, 31, was held He appealed, along with local shots fired. Following an ex- resident who has known White killing spree in and around the
outside the Brookhaven Police pastors, for unity during a half- change of gunfire that left both since she was 12, called the Brookhaven area.
Department where the offi- hour vigil attended by about officers “mortally wounded,” slain officer one of her “oldest, Willie Cory Godbolt was
cers had worked. There, every 200 people. They lit candles, the two were pronounced dead dearest friends.” She said she arrested May 28, 2017, and is
few minutes, people pulled up heard consoling messages from at a local hospital, Strain said. was stunned by his death. awaiting trial. He is pleading
during the day in cars, leaving the speakers and sang “Amaz- He identified the weapon used “Everybody needs to come not guilty and faces the death
flowers, teddy bears and bal- ing Grace.” as a handgun but wouldn’t elab- together and support one an- penalty if convicted.

Area obituaries too.
Gussie Richey venile Detention Center len, Mattie B. Barnette
OBITUARY POLICY and was a member of and Rosetta Follins, all
Obituaries with basic informa- COLUMBUS —
Gussie A. Richey, 76, Tenth Street Fairlawn of Columbus, Patricia
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided died Sept. 26, 2018, at M.B. Church. Moore, Zenobia McNeil
In addition to her and Missouri Henry, I’ve always wanted my dog to attend my graveside service.
free of charge. Extended her resi- You need to tell someone.
obituaries with a photograph, parents, she was pre- Charles Easter Hall,
detailed biographical informa-
ceded in death by her Earl Henry, William Call us at (662) 328-1808
tion and other details families
may wish to include, are avail- will be
son, Danziger Richey; Henry and Ronald Hen- Lowndes Funeral Home and Crematory
and siblings, Mary ry, all of Birmingham,
at 1 p.m.

Ann Grant
able for a fee. Obituaries must
Alice Henry and Ida Alabama; one grand-
be submitted through funeral Wednes- Henry. child; two great-grand-
homes unless the deceased’s day at She is survived by children; and one great-
body has been donated to
Tenth her husband, Charlie great-grandchild. Elizabeth Ann Ott Grant, age 72, of Columbus,
science. If the deceased’s Richey
body was donated to science, Street Richey of Columbus; Pallbearers will be MS, passed away September 29, 2018, at Baptist
the family must provide official Fairlawn daughter, Charlotte Larry Richey, Damon Memorial Hospital. A private family graveside
proof of death. Please submit M.B. Church with the Richey of Bells, Tennes- Mullins, Darnell Smith, service will be Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at
all obituaries on the form pro- Rev. Brian Hood offici- see; stepson, Quincy Zerrick Richey, James 11:00 AM at Memorial Gardens of Columbus
vided by The Commercial Dis- ating. Burial will follow
patch. Free notices must be Tate of Columbus; Kirk and Savion Hair- with Pastor Joseph Nettles officiating. Visitation
submitted to the newspaper
at Union Cemetery. siblings, Moroline Al- ston. will be Tuesday, October 2, 2018, from 5:00 – 8:00
no later than 3 p.m. the day Visitation will be from PM at Memorial Gunter Peel Funeral Home &

Ralph Ishee
prior for publication Tuesday noon-6 p.m. Tuesday at Crematory College St. location.
through Friday; no later than 4 Carter’s Funeral Ser- Mrs. Grant was born February 26, 1946, in
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday vices. Carter’s Funeral Starkville, MS, to the late James Leroy and
edition; and no later than 7:30 Services is in charge of Ralph Burnett Ishee, 88 of Columbus, MS Earlene Coleman Ott. She was a graduate of
a.m. for the Monday edition. passed away Friday, September 28, 2018, at his
Incomplete notices must be re-
arrangements. Starkville High School and Mississippi Univer-
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. Mrs. Richey was residence. sity for Women. Mrs. Grant was a black belt in
for the Monday through Friday born May 29, 1942, in Visitation will be Monday, October 1, 2018, taekwondo and had a passion for interior design
editions. Paid notices must be Columbus, to the late from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Lowndes Funeral and collecting art and antiques. In addition to
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion Jesse Davis and Mag- Home, Columbus, MS. A graveside service will her parents, she was preceded in death by her
the next day Monday through gie James. She was be Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 2:00 PM at Jones sister, Helen Bourg.
Thursday; and on Friday by 3
formerly employed with Chapel Church of God Cemetery, Meridian, MS Survivors include her husband, Willis Grant,
p.m. for Sunday and Monday with Bro. Jimmy Culpepper officiating and Lown-
publication. For more informa- the Lowndes County Ju- Jr. of Columbus, MS, sons, James Grant and his
tion, call 662-328-2471.
des Funeral Home directing. wife Cindy of Columbus, MS, and Alan Grant
Mr. Ishee was born September 6, 1930, to the and his wife Alicia of Columbus, MS, and broth-
late J.A. and Mamie Reid Ishee in Meridian, MS. ers, James “Carroll” Ott and his wife Tina of
Jack Avant He married Nell Ishee on December 8, 1951. He Starkville, MS, and Joseph Leroy Ott and his
CALEDONIA — worked with Vickers/Jackson as an assembler for wife Beth of Starkville, MS.
Jack Wayne Avant, 79, 35 years. He was a member of Pleasant Hill Bap- Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s
died June, 28, 2018, at tist Church. In addition to his parents, Mr. Ishee Research Hospital, P.O. Box 1000 Dept. 142,
his residence. was preceded in death by his wife – Nell Ishee Memphis, TN, 38101-9908.
A Celebration of Life and son – David Ishee.
Service will be at 11 Mr. Ishee is survived by his daughter – Lynda
a.m. Thursday at New Guthrie, Columbus, MS; grandchildren – Stacey
Salem Baptist Church Hansen, Beckie McKenzie and Jamie Guthrie;
with Mel Howton offici- great-grandchildren – Andrew, Emily, Phillip,
ating. Lowndes Funeral Brooke, Randah, Brittany, Kelsey, Kayla, and Sign the online guest book at
Home is in charge of Peggy Webb Kowen; great-great-grandchildren – Sawyer,
arrangements. Visitation: Landyn, Easton, Wyatt, and Colton.
Saturday, Oct. 6 • 9:30-10:45 AM 903 College Street • Columbus, MS
Beersheba Cumberland
Pallbearers will be Andrew Hansen, Phillip
Presbyterian Church Hansen, Drew Livingston, Trevor Burns, and

Peggy E. Webb
Graveside Services: Tom Hansen. Honorary pallbearers will be Mr.
Saturday, Oct. 6 • 11 AM
Beersheba Cumberland Ishee’s Sunday School Class.
Presbyterian Church Cemetery Compliments of
Legendary Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
College St. Location
Lowndes Funeral Home
Margaret Elizabeth “Peggy” Ellis Webb died
at home on September 28, 2018, at the age of 96.
A graveside service will be held at 11:00 AM on
Chicago blues Saturday, October 6th, at Beersheba Cumber-

Anderson Clay Hollis

Ann Grant land Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Colum-
guitarist Otis Visitation:
Tuesday, Oct. 2 • 5-8 PM
Memorial Gunter Peel
bus, MS, with visitation in the church Fellowship
Hall from 9:30 to 10:45 prior to the service.
MACON — Anderson Clay Hollis, 85, of
Rush dies at 84 Funeral Home
Private Graveside
Macon, MS, formerly of Columbus, MS, passed
away at North Delta Hospice House in Southaven,
Peggy was born in Pickens County, AL, on
September 24, 1922. She was predeceased by
The Associated Press Wednesday, Oct. 3 • 11 AM her husband of 72 years John D. Webb, her par-
Memorial Gardens MS on Saturday, September 29, 2018. His funeral ents Dr. Leon C. Ellis and Ina Egan Ellis, her sis-
Memorial Gunter Peel
CHICAGO — Legend- service will be held at First United Methodist ter Gabie Ellis Nolan, and brothers Gillman, Bil-
Funeral Home
ary Chicago blues guitar- College St. Location
Church in Macon on Tuesday, Oct.2 at 10:30 a.m. ly, Donald, Bernard, Nimrod, and Patrick Ellis.
ist Otis Rush, whose pas- with Dr. Andy Pearson and Bro. Bob Whiteside She is survived by daughters Ina Walters (Clin-
officiating. Visitation will be held at the church
sionate, jazz-tinged music David Frieze one hour prior to the funeral service. Graveside
ton) and Gabie Smith (Greg) of Columbus and
influenced artists from Incomplete son Jack Webb (Marie) of Northport, AL; grand-
Carlos Santana and Eric Memorial Gunter Peel is private and for the family only. The family children Mark Walters, Melissa Price, David
Clapton to the rock band Funeral Home requests any memorials to please be made Walters, and Jessica McDill; eight great-grand-
College St. Location to First United Methodist Church of Macon.
Led Zeppelin, died Satur- children; two great-great grandchildren, and a
day at the age of 84, his Cockrell Funeral Home of Macon is honored to multitude of nieces and nephews.
longtime manager said. Daniel Gentry be entrusted with the funeral arrangements.
Incomplete Peggy was a graduate of Lee High School, a
Rush succumbed to Memorial Gunter Peel
Anderson Clay Hollis was a U.S. Army veteran. communicant of Annunciation Catholic Church,
complications from a Funeral Home Later, he worked in supervisory positions for a retiree of MUW, and a member of Shuk-ho-a
stroke he suffered in 2003, both Occidental Petroleum Corporation and Tom-a-ha chapter of the DAR. After retirement,
manager Rick Bates said. Gen Corp. before retiring. After retiring, he she, along with fellow DAR member Lida Logan,
Born in Philadelphia, and his wife Karen, who preceded him in death, compiled data from court house and funeral
Mississippi, Rush settled purchased a historic home in Macon, MS where home records and published two lengthy books
in Chicago as an adult and they lived out their final years. Mr. Hollis was an on the births, deaths, and marriages in Lowndes
began playing the local avid gardener and enjoyed taking care of his lawn County and the surrounding area from 1821 to
clubs, wearing a cowboy and flowers. He was a faithful member of First
hat and sometimes strum-
1987. Copies of the books are located in the Ge-
United Methodist Church in Macon and was a nealogy Research Room of the Columbus Lown-
ming his guitar upside member of the Masonic Temple and a Shriner.
down for effect. des Public Library.
Anderson C. Hollis is survived by three Donations may be made to Beersheba Cum-
He catapulted to in- daughters: Beverly Arnold (Don) of Hernando, berland Presbyterian Church “Cemetery Fund”
ternational fame in 1956 Send in your MS; Karan Ndinya of Milford, Ohio; and Sandra (1736 Beersheba Road, Columbus, MS 39702) or
with his first recording on
Cobra Records of “I Can’t News About Town Weeks (Tom) of Warren, NJ. as well as by two to Annunciation Catholic School “Library Fund”
sisters: Betty Dawkins of Columbus, MS and
Quit You Baby,” which event. Sarah Nordwall of Honolulu, HI and a brother;
(223 North Browder Street, Columbus, MS
reached No. 6 on the Bill- 39702).
Rex Hollis (Patsy) of Millport, AL . He also leaves
board R&B charts.
email: behind six grandchildren: Laura Parsons (David),
He was a key architect
of the Chicago “West Side community@ Josh Hollis, Justin Hollis, Thomas Weeks (Kat),
Sound” in the 1950s and Ginger Weeks, and Shelby Weeks; by three great-
1960s, which modernized grandchildren: Landon Parsons, Lanie Parsons,
and Seeley Weeks and by his beloved cat: Ginger. Sign the online guest book at
traditional blues to intro-
duce more of a jazzy, am-
Subject: NATS
Paid Obituary - Cockrell Funeral Home 903 College Street • Columbus, MS
plified sound.
6A Tuesday, October 2, 2018 The Dispatch •

Second mistrial in case

of Mississippi woman burned to death
By JEFF AMY As in the first trial, he set a woman on fire in 2014.
The Associated Press jurors had to choose “We put on what I believe is the
between evidence very, very best case we could put
A Mississippi judge declared a that prosecutors said on and they just couldn’t agree,”
second mistrial Monday in the capi- linked the defendant Champion said. “I can understand
tal murder case of a man accused of to Chambers’ death that.”
setting a woman on fire, after jurors and testimony by Defense Attorney Darla Palmer
once again said they couldn’t reach emergency workers said the mistrial felt like a victory
a verdict. that they heard a dy- Tellis for the defense.
Panola County Circuit Judge ing Chambers say someone named “It feels like a ‘not guilty’ to me,
Gerald Chatham made his ruling in Eric attacked her. honestly,” Palmer told reporters.
the trial of Quinton Tellis after ju- Panola County District Attorney “This will be the second time we’ve
rors deliberated for about 10 hours John Champion told reporters after done this. Each time, though we
over two days. Tellis, now 29, was the mistrial Monday that he isn’t can’t get all the jurors to agree on it,
accused of setting Jessica Cham- sure yet whether he will seek to try we certainly had those that feel that
bers ablaze in 2014. a man a third time on charges that he’s not guilty of this charge.”

Man flown to NMMC after being

hit by car in north Columbus
car in north Columbus mediately stopped the ve- did not know his status
No criminal Monday night. hicle and called 911. as of press time today.
charges to be filed The victim was walk-
ing near the intersection
The victim was taken
first to Baptist Memorial
The accident occurred
at about 7 p.m.
against driver of 22nd Street and Sev-
enth Avenue North when
Hospital-Golden Triangle
and later flown to North
The press release
emphasized the colli-
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT the vehicle struck him, Mississippi Medical Cen- sion was an accident.
according to a Columbus ter in Tupelo with “seri- There will be no criminal
A man was hospital- Police Department press ous” injuries, the press charges filed against the
ized after being hit by a release. The driver im- release said. Authorities driver.

Shooting Authorities with

Lowndes County
Continued from Page 1A Sheriff’s Office in-
vestigate a shoot-
Hospital-Golden Tri- ing outside A.J.’s
angle. Grocery on Land
Another man who Road just off High-
was driving the vehi- way 373 Monday
cle that was shot at afternoon. One
but was uninjured. person was taken
Wright said inves- to Baptist Memo-
tigators had a “tenta- rial Hospital-Gold-
tive identification” on en Triangle with
minor injuries
a person of interest, after a suspect
but authorities did opened fire on the
not have a suspect car the victim was
in custody by press sitting in.
time. Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff

Continued from Page 1A
ist).” After that, according uled for this week, ac- said Baggett denied the
to the complaint, Baggett cording to supervisors. claims before Clay’s attor-
turned toward Harris and Supervisors also re- ney allowed the recording
pointed his finger in her ceived a letter from at- to be released after the
face and called her a baby torney William Starks meeting.
while screaming at her. in May on behalf of road “I believe the whole
The complaint’s final department employee board is concerned,” Mill-
accusation is that on Sept. Casey Harrison that ac- er said. “This appears
cused Baggett of verbal Williams Montgomery
17, Harris learned anoth- to be a pattern, with the
er employee was leaving harassment, including When contacted after same types of complaints,
an office position, and she threatening to terminate the meeting about the whether it be (Equal Em-
wanted to apply for it. In Harrison. suspension, Baggett de- ployment Opportunity
her letter to supervisors, clined to elaborate. Commission) complaints,
Harris says she’s taken Opting for a lighter “It is what it is,” Bag- the letter from the attor-
some college courses, punishment gett said. “I’m a big boy. I ney where we had an ad-
which she feels makes District 4 Supervisor can handle it.” mission after or even the
her more qualified than Bricklee Miller attempt- Trainer, after the meet- lawsuit that appears to be
some other employees, ed to suspend Baggett for ing, said a wide range of moving forward and has
but she was not given the one week and place him on options were discussed the same type of tone be-
opportunity to apply for probation for 90 days after during the executive ses- hind it.”
the office position or for supervisors returned to sion. He acknowledged Miller also said su-
others she’s asked about. open session. However, that termination was an pervisors discussed “all
Another complaint, that vote failed 3-2, with option to some board types of action” for Bag-
from road department only District 1 Supervisor members, though he gett’s discipline during
employee Eric Clay, John Montgomery voting would not say who. How- executive session.
stems from a Friday con- with Miller. ever, he said there’s not Trainer said supervi-
versation with Baggett. In “We don’t need to sus- currently enough support sors are trying to further
a recording The Dispatch pend anyone for a week, on the board for it. determine “if and where”
listened to after Monday’s because that’s taking a “He serves at the will there are problems with
meeting, Clay, who is a week away from work,” and pleasure of the board Baggett in the road de-
truck driver, confronts District 5 Supervisor Joe and I think it’s not a secret partment. He also said he
Baggett about a position Williams said. “I don’t that some of the members felt there was some “un-
that was given to another think it takes that to send are not satisfied,” Trainer necessary agitation” from
employee. a message. If anything, said. “That may be some- disgruntled employees to
Baggett, during the we want to send a mes- thing they may well con- highlight issues with Bag-
course of the conversa- sage that that kind of be- sider if the support was gett.
tion, questions Clay’s ed- havior will not be tolerat- there. But at this point, “What has to happen
ucation and at one point, ed. It doesn’t take a week there’s not enough reason is, we’re taking this ac-
calls his work “mediocre.” suspension to be able to or support to do that.” tion to see if we can flesh
“I don’t know you that do that.” out and find some other
well,” Baggett says. “And After the failed vote, Miller: ‘This appears things we need to ad-
the stuff I know about you
is not that great.”
Trainer suggested and to be a pattern’ dress,” he said. “We’re not
moved for the two-day Miller, who has often excluding anyone. We’re
The complaints are suspension, with a second clashed with Baggett in not putting all the blame
not the first against Bag- from Howard and sugges- meetings, said she’s con- on him or them. But at
gett. In July, former road tion that supervisors put cerned about the number the same time, we want to
department sign techni- a letter of reprimand in of complaints accumulat- send a message that we’re
cian Justin Denson filed Baggett’s file. ing against Baggett. She serious about this. As of
a federal lawsuit that ac- Baggett, when he first said further action may right now, he’s the one we
cused Baggett of making emerged from the board- be taken with regards hold accountable for that
several racially-charged room during the execu- to Clay’s complaint. She department.”
remarks toward him — in- tive session, said supervi-
cluding saying that Den- sors were “talking about
son looked like a “black if they want to fire me.”
savage Viking” — and re- Baggett seemed dismis-
taliating to the employee’s sive of the potential pun-
complaints by firing him. ishment while waiting, at
Both Baggett and Denson one point saying: “In this
are African-American. position, you have to learn
Depositions in Den- to deal with things. That’s
son’s lawsuit are sched- politics.”
Adam Minichino



Arnold’s Moorhead:
kick helps
Volunteers Abraham
remain steps up
unbeaten to unify
By Adam Minichino

Taylor Arnold welcomed
— Bulldogs
a second chance Friday By Bret t Hudson
This time, though, the
Starkville Academy senior STARKVILLE — This
didn’t have to make a play week, the keys to winning
at running back or safety. are bigger than the usual
It didn’t matter because statistical emphases.
Arnold was ready to de- Mississippi State foot-
liver a game-winning play ball coach Joe Moorhead
with his right foot. Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch knows an 0-2 start in the
Arnold’s 40-yard field Heritage Academy senior Haley Barker tries to beat Columbus Christian Academy goalkeeper Taylor Southeastern Conference
as time ex- Tipton to the ball in their game Sept. 25 at the downtown Columbus Soccer Complex. Heritage has his team in a tender
pired Fri- Academy won the game 7-0 to clinch the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) spot as it prepares to play
Class AAA North, District 2 title. Heritage Academy will play host to Indianola Academy at 6 p.m. host to No. 8 Auburn (4-1,
day night
Tuesday in the first round of the Division III playoffs at the downtown Columbus Soccer Complex.
lifted the 1-1 SEC) at 6:30 p.m. Sat-

District champion HERITAGE ACA.

Starkville urday (ESPN2).
Academy Moorhead, who usu-
football ally places his focus on
team to a winning statistical battles

will open playoffs at home

Arnold 17-14 victo- such as explosive plays
ry against and turnover margin, said
Pillow Academy in a he had a great meeting
Mississippi Association with his captains and his
of Independent Schools By Adam Minichino of Independent Schools (MAIS) playoffs, Heri- leadership council Sunday
non-division game in tage Academy has doubled its win total and se- night in an effort to find
Greenwood. cured what is believed to be the program’s first out how to get the team
“I don’t do anything As seniors, Haley Barker and Anna Acker district title. back on track after back-
special,” Arnold said. “I have a sense of satisfaction about what the Her- But Acker, Barker, and the rest of the Lady to-back losses.
just take three steps back itage Academy girls soccer team has accom- Patriots aren’t satisfied. “I think a guy that’s
and two to the left and plished this season. At 6 p.m. Tuesday, Heritage Academy (10-2) not on either of those but
then I just wait on it.” A year after winning five games and falling a will try to build on its success when it plays host (has) kind of stepped up
For his accomplish- goal short of making the Mississippi Association See SOCCER, 4B to the forefront and be-
ment, Arnold is The Dis- come a great leader for
patch’s Prep Player of the
us is (safety) Johnathan
Abram,” Moorhead said.
Arnold’s kick helped
See Msu, 4B
Starkville Academy im-
prove to 7-0 in advance of
its game against Canton Game 6
Academy at 7 p.m. Friday. n Auburn, 6:30 p.m.
The Volunteers already Saturday (ESPN2;
are off to a 1-0 start in WKBB-FM 100.9,
WFCA-FM 107.9).
MAIS Class AAA, District
2 play.
“He is an athlete,” Follow MSU on
Starkville Academy coach podcast
Chase Nicholson said. “He n The Dispatch and WCBI
takes his one-two, one two have come together to launch
and he kicks it. the Straight Sippin’ podcast.
“I think he does a good The Dispatch’s Brett Hudson
job of not overthinking it will join Tom Eble and
and just kicking the ball. Courtney Robb twice a week
He is confidence enough during football season,
in his abilities. He knows Wednesday and Sunday, to
what he can do.” preview and to recap the
Mississippi State and Ole
Arnold, a 5-foot-10,
Miss football. Follow Brett
160-pound senior, also Hudson on Twitter,
plays running back and Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch @Brett_Hudson, to get the
safety for the Volunteers Heritage Academy’s Sarah Curtis takes a shot Heritage Academy’s Taylor Phillips puts a shot latest episode. The podcast
in addition to handling on goal in the first half against Columbus on goal in the first half against Columbus will be on iTunes and Google
See PREP PLAYER, 5B Christian Academy. Christian Academy. Play soon.


EMCC, Northwest Miss. C.C. set for battle
No. 1 Lions to face No. 3 Rangers on Thursday in MACJC North Division showdown in Senatobia

ver the years, the Missis- Game 6 Mississippi C.C. on Thursday night
sippi Association of Com- n No. 1 East Mississippi C.C. at in Senatobia. Northwest is also 5-0
munity and Junior Colleges No. 3 Northwest Mississippi C.C., and lighting up the scoreboard.
(MACJC) has featured epic show- 6:30 p.m. Thursday (WGTC-FM 92.7, This is the start of a new
downs between nationally ranked WZKR-FM 103.3, WFCA-FM 107.9; Video scheduling rotation, which is why
teams full of star power that have streams at EMCC goes to Northwest Missis-
generated a lot of points. live; sippi C.C. for its second-straight
The East Mississippi Communi- regular-season game. Last season,
ty College football the Rangers stunned the world
team has changed Division. with a 61-38 victory that upset the
that mantra by It has been more of the same in Lions’ undefeated season and No. 1
running rough- 2018. ranking.
shod over the EMCC is again ranked No. 1 The teams met again in Senato-
MACJC North Di- nationally. The Lions are undefeat- bia for the MACJC State champion-
vision for virtually ed and blistering opponents on ship with EMCC winning 67-66 in
a decade. There offense They also continue to be double overtime. That win helped
Scott Walters still have been one of the few in the league that propel the Lions back to No. 1 and
delightful, edge- stresses a top-notch defense. to the program’s fourth National Scott Walters/Dispatch Staff
of-the-seat games This season, though, EMCC has Junior College Athletic Association East Mississippi Community College running back Deon
played before capacity crowds, but some competition. (NJCAA) national championship. McIntosh (20) scores a touchdown in a 24-21 victory
they have been played in the South EMCC will face No. 3 Northwest See WALTERS, 4B against East Central C.C.
2B Tuesday, October 2, 2018 The Dispatch •


National League
Mississippi State
Sport’s ‘underbelly’
East Division
Prep Football
W L Pct GB
90 72 .556 —
Men’s tennis team’s Broska advances in qualifying at ITA Thursday’s Game Washington
82 80 .506 8
80 82 .494 10
All-American Choctaw County at Aberdeen, 7 p.m. New York 77 85 .475 13

will be focus of trial

Miami 63 98 .391 26½
TULSA, Okla. — Mississippi State men’s tennis player Florian Friday’s Games Central Division
W L Pct GB
Broska earned a 6-4, 6-3 victory against TCU’s Sander Jong in the first Columbus at Horn Lake, 7 p.m. x-Milwaukee 96 67 .589 —
round of singles qualifying at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) New Hope at Kosciusko, 7 p.m. y-Chicago 95 68 .583 1
St. Louis 88 74 .543 7½
All-American Championships.

that started Monday

Caledonia at Mooreville, 7 p.m. Pittsburgh 82 79 .509 13
The Eitelborn, Germany, native will face Florida’s Duarte Vale, Cincinnati 67 95 .414 28½
ranked 57th nationally, on Tuesday in the second round. The fifth-seed- Nanih Waiya at West Lowndes, 7 p.m.
West Division
W L Pct GB
ed Vale advanced by defeating Penn State’s Constant De La Bassetiere Greenville at Starkville High, 7 p.m. x-Los Angeles 92 71 .564 —
y-Colorado 91 72 .558 1
in three sets. Lake Cormorant at West Point, 7 p.m. Arizona 82 80 .506 9½
n At the Union 9th-Grade Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, San Francisco 73 89 .451 18½
Noxubee County at Louisville, 7 p.m. By TOM HAYS San Diego 66 96 .407 25½
MSU’s 109th-ranked Niclas Braun dropped lost to Texas A&M’s No. 84
Juan Carlos Aguilar 6-2, 6-1. Braun will face Virginia’s Ryan Goetz of Pontotoc at Amory, 7 p.m. The Associated Press x-clinched division
Virginia in the consolation draw at 8 a.m. Tuesday at Union. East Webster at Calhoun City, 7 p.m. y-wild card

In doubles, Broska and Trevor Foshey lost to Texas A&M’s Noah Winston Academy at Heritage Academy, 7 p.m. NEW YORK — When Brian Bowen Jr., one Monday’s Games
Milwaukee 3, Chicago Cubs 1
Schacter and Barnaby Smith 6-4, 6-4. Canton Academy at Starkville Academy, 7 p.m. of America’s brightest high school basketball L.A. Dodgers 5, Colorado 2
The final two rounds of singles qualifying and consolation matches stars, announced in June 2017 he would attend
will be Tuesday before an off day Wednesday prior to the singles and
Oak Hill Academy at Central Holmes, 7 p.m. WILD CARD

doubles main draws starting Thursday. North Sunflower at Hebron Christian, 7 p.m. the University of Louisville, a school that hadn’t Today’s Game
Colorado (Freeland 17-7) at Chicago (Lester
MSU All-Americans Nuno Borges, Giovanni Oradini, and Strahinja Aliceville at Winston County, 7 p.m. been on anyone’s radar as his possible destina- 18-6), 7:09 p.m. (ESPN)
Wednesday’s Game
Rakic received automatic entries into the main draw. Holt at Gordo, 7 p.m. tion, sportswriters called it a coup that “came out Oakland (Hendriks 0-1) at New York
(Severino 19-8, Happ 7-0 or Tanaka 12-6), 7:08
Carbon Hill at Lamar County, 7 p.m. of nowhere.” Louisville coach Rick Pitino agreed. p.m. (TBS)
Ole Miss Pickens County at South Lamar, 7 p.m. “In my 40 years of coaching,” he said, “this is DIVISION SERIES
(Best-of-five; x-if necessary)
Time set for football team’s game against Arkansas Southeastern at Sulligent, 7 p.m. the luckiest I’ve been.” American League
OXFORD — The Ole Miss football team will take on Arkansas at Pickens Academy at Chambers, 7 p.m. In a trial that began Monday, federal prosecu- All Games on TBS
Boston vs. New York-Oakland winner
6:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13, in a Southeastern Conference game in East Memorial (Alabama) at Victory Christian, tors will argue that the signing wasn’t luck at all Friday’s Game
New York-Oakland winner at Boston (Sale
Little Rock, Arkansas. The SEC Network will televise the game. 7:30 p.m. but the result of a payoff to Bowen’s father. 12-4)
Ole Miss (3-2, 0-2 SEC) will play host to Louisiana-Monroe at 3 Saturday’s Game
Former sports agent Christian Dawkins, for-
Prep Soccer
New York-Oakland winner at Boston (Price
p.m. Saturday at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. (16-7)
n Women’s soccer team’s Merritt named SEC Defensive mer Amateur Athletic Union coach Merl Code Monday, Oct. 8
Mississippi Association of Independent Schools Boston (Porcello 17-7) at New York-Oakland
Player of the Week: At Birmingham, Alabama, Women’s soccer and former Adidas executive James Gatto have winner
goalkeeper Marnie Merritt was named Monday the SEC Defensive Class III Playoffs x-Tuesday, Oct. 9
all pleaded not guilty to charges they plotted to Boston at New York-Oakland winner
Player of the Week. Starkville Academy at Bayou Academy, 4 p.m.
Merritt made a season-high nine saves, just one off of her
pay Bowen’s father $100,000 in exchange for his x-Thursday, Oct. 11
New York-Oakland winner at Boston
Indianola Academy at Heritage Academy, 6 p.m.
career-high in a 1-1 overtime tie against then-No. 5 Texas A&M. son’s promise to commit to Louisville. A jury was Houston vs. Cleveland
Friday’s Game
After denying Ally Watt, one of the nation’s premier strikers, on a Prep Softball being selected Monday with opening statements Cleveland (Kluber 20-7) at Houston
Saturday’s Game
breakaway chance in the first half, Merritt made perhaps the biggest Today’s Games set for Tuesday. Cleveland (Carrasco 17-10) at Houston
Monday, Oct. 8
save of her career in the waning seconds of overtime. With just three
seconds remaining, she reacted on Jimena Lopez’s shot to the near
Caledonia at Amory, 6 p.m. It is the first trial related to an FBI investiga- Houston at Cleveland
x-Tuesday, Oct. 9
tion that exposed the sleazy side of big money
post and pawed away a ball that seemed destined to be the game-win-
ner. This is the second player of the week honor for Merritt.
Prep Volleyball in college basketball and led to charges against
Houston at Cleveland
x-Thursday, Oct. 11
Cleveland at Houston
Today’s Matches
n Men’s golf team’s Seiple fourth after rainy round two: At multiple people involved in making payments to National League
FS1 and MLB Network
Milwaukee, Another day of rainy, windy conditions lasted from the first Aberdeen at Columbus, 6 p.m.
student athletes. Other defendants, including Milwaukee vs. Colorado-Chicago winner
tee to the last hole during round two of the Marquette Intercollegiate. Caledonia at New Hope, 6:30 p.m. Thursday’s Game
The men’s golf team shot a 304 (+16) and is fourth, 13 strokes back of former assistant coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Colorado-Chicago winner at Milwaukee
Starkville at Northwest Rankin, 6:30 p.m. Friday’s Game
first place Arizona State (287-291—578). Southern Cal and Oklahoma State, face separate Colorado-Chicago winner at Milwaukee
Wednesday’s Matches Sunday’s Game
Josh Seiple remains in the top five after an even-par 72. The senior
Mississippi Association of Independent Schools
trials. Milwaukee at Colorado-Chicago winner
leads the team in birdies with eight through two rounds and is on track x-Monday, Oct. 8
Neither Bowen, now 19, nor his father, Brian Milwaukee at Colorado-Chicago winner
for a career-best finish. He is fourth, just three shots off the lead. The x-Wednesday, Oct. 10
Castle Rock, Colorado, native battled throughout the day, countering (At Belhaven College, Jackson)
Bowen Sr., has been charged. Nor has Pitino, Colorado-Chicago winner at Milwaukee
four birdies with four bogeys. After making the turn at 1-over, Seiple Hartfield Academy vs. Heritage Academy, Noon who was fired by Louisville along with athletic Los Angeles vs. Atlanta
Thursday’s Game
birdied three of the first five holes on the back nine to move under par
Thursday’s Matches director Tom Jurich after the investigation be- Atlanta (Mike Foltynewicz 13-10) at
Los Angeles
for the day. A bogey at 17 dropped him back to even, but Seiple became
New Hope at Baldwyn, 6 p.m. came public. Friday’s Game
Atlanta at Los Angeles
one of nine players in the 72-man field to shoot par-of-better in the
brutal conditions. He still leads the field in par 3 scoring at 2-under. Starkville High at Madison Central, 6 p.m. The indictment says Adidas played a role in Sunday’s Game
Los Angeles at Atlanta
Braden Thornberry, tied for 12th, shot a second round 3-over 75. Caledonia at Pontotoc, 6:30 p.m. helping lure star players to its affiliated teams x-Monday, Oct. 8
Los Angeles at Atlanta
Cecil Wegener also added a 3-over 75. and keep them from going to teams sponsored x-Wednesday, Oct. 10
Men’s College Golf by competitors like Nike. It also includes allega- Atlanta at Los Angeles

Alabama Today’s Match tions that recruiters talked about using money Basketball
Ole Miss at Erin Hills Intercollegiate (Milwaukee, from Adidas to pay two other families of prized NBA Preseason
Football team’s coaches select nine players of the Wisconsin) high school basketball recruits, besides Bowen. Monday’s Games
New York 124, Washington 121, OT
week for performances against Louisiana-Lafayette Men’s College Soccer Lawyers for the defendants say any recruiting Philadelphia 120, Orlando 114
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The Alabama football team’s coaches Atlanta 116, New Orleans 102
named nine players of the week following a 56-14, non-conference Today’s Match issues should have been the NCAA’s problem, Sacramento 106, Phoenix 102
Today’s Games
victory over Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Mississippi University for Women at Sewanee, 5 p.m. not fodder for a federal prosecution. Miami at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Cleveland at Boston, 7 p.m.
Jalen Hurts, Ross Pierschbacher, Henry Ruggs III, and Tua Tagov-
Women’s College Soccer In one episode central to the case, investiga- Memphis vs. Houston at Birmingham, Alabama,
ailoa were recognized on offense. Raekwon Davis, Trevon Diggs, and 7 p.m.
Today’s Match tors recorded a meeting at a Las Vegas hotel in Toronto at Utah, 8 p.m.
Christian Miller were honored on defense. Jaylen Moody and Jaylen Denver at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.
Waddle were selected on special teams. Mississippi University for Women at Sewanee, which Dawkins met with an assistant coach at Wednesday’s Games
n In related news, Alabama will play host to Missouri at 6 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Louisville and the director of an amateur team New York at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m.
Chicago at Milwaukee, 7 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 13, at Bryant-Denny Stadium. ESPN will broadcast the Thursday’s Matches to talk about making backdoor cash payments Detroit at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m.
New Zealand Breakers at Phoenix, 9 p.m.
Homecoming game. to players, with the expectation that he could
n Women’s golf team ranked No. 1 in WGCA Coaches Poll: Ole Miss at Missouri, 6:30 p.m. Minnesota at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m.

At Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the women’s golf team is ranked No. 1 in the Mississippi State at Vanderbilt, 7 p.m. manage their business affairs once they turned Thursday’s Games
Indiana at Houston, 7 p.m.
first Women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) Coaches Poll of the Kentucky at Alabama, 7 p.m. professional. Sacramento at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.

regular season, the organization announced Monday.

Alabama received 12 first-place votes and 535 points. The ranking
Friday’s Match The men didn’t know that another person in
the room was an FBI informant.
comes after Alabama’s NCAA-record-setting 45-under par perfor-
Charlotte at Southern Miss, 4 p.m. Canadian Football League
At the meeting, Dawkins was overheard warn- Sunday, Sept. 30
mance at the Schooner Fall Classic over the weekend.
UCLA (525), which received eight first-place votes, is second.
Men’s College Tennis ing how an Adidas competitor was “coming with
Saskatchewan 34, Montreal 29
Friday’s Game
Vanderbilt is third with 463 points and one first place vote. USC (455) is Today’s Matches a higher number” for Bowen’s family, the crim-
Winnipeg at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday’s Game
fourth and Florida (450), which received the final first-place vote, is fifth. ITA All-American Championships (Tulsa, Oklahoma) inal complaint said. It said he also claimed he’d Toronto at BC, 6 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 8
No. 7 Arkansas, No. 17 South Carolina, No. 18 Georgia, and No. Wednesday’s Matches been in touch with the Louisville head coach Calgary at Montreal, Noon
20 Auburn also are ranked from the Southeastern Conference. Edmonton at Saskatchewan, 3 p.m.
ITA All-American Championships (Tulsa, Oklahoma) about how to come with more money.
n Baseball team begins third week of fall season: At
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the baseball team will play the first of four Women’s College Tennis Prosecutors say the defendants settled on a Hockey
practice-scrimmage splits this week at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. plan to pay the Bowen family four $25,000 install- NHL
Today’s Matches Monday’s Game
All four days during the upcoming stretch will feature a practice ments, with the money coming from Adidas, but New Jersey 3, Bern 2, OT
followed by an intrasquad scrimmage. ITA All-American Championships (Los Angeles, Today’s Games
Tuesday’s session starts at 2:15 p.m. and is followed an hour later California) disguised by routing it through an amateur team No games scheduled
Wednesday’s Games
by first pitch of the week’s initial scrimmage at 3:15 p.m. Wednesday Wednesday’s Matches run by Merl Code. Edmonton at Cologne, 9 a.m.
Montreal at Toronto, 6 p.m.
and Friday also will begin at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday’s intrasquad is ITA All-American Championships (Los Angeles, They contend that the secret payments de- Boston at Washington, 6:30 p.m.
scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday will start at 4:15 p.m. Calgary at Vancouver, 9 p.m.
California) frauded colleges because Bowen and other Anaheim at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
Alabama will close out the week at 9 a.m. Saturday, followed by a
9:45 a.m. scrimmage. Women’s College Volleyball young athletes would not have qualified for gen- Thursday’s Games
Washington at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m.
n Men’s cross country team No. 3 in latest USTFCCCA South Today’s Matches erous scholarships if they were known to have Boston at Buffalo, 6 p.m.
N.Y. Islanders at Carolina, 6 p.m.
Region rankings: the men’s cross country team is No. 3 in the latest Belhaven at Mississippi University for Women, 6 p.m. accepted outside payments. Also, the basketball Columbus at Detroit, 6:30 p.m.
Nashville at N.Y. Rangers, 6:30 p.m.
United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association
Wednesday’s Match programs might have to forfeit games or lose Chicago at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m.
Winnipeg at St. Louis, 7 p.m.
South Region rankings, released Monday by the USTFCCCA. tournament eligibility if they were found to have Arizona at Dallas, 7:30 p.m.
Ole Miss (No. 1), Tennessee (No. 2), Florida (No. 11), Georgia (No. Alabama at Tennessee, 7 p.m. Minnesota at Colorado, 8 p.m.
13), and Vanderbilt (No. 14) are the other Southeastern Conference used ineligible players. Philadelphia at Vegas, 9 p.m.
Junior College Football
schools in the regional top 15.
The Alabama women are up one spot from last week to No. 9 in the Thursday’s Games COLLEGE FOOTBALL Soccer
South Region rankings. SEC rivals Ole Miss (No. 1), Georgia (No. 4), ENCC at Northwest, 6:30 p.m. Major League Soccer

Concussions drop
Late Saturday
Vanderbilt (No. 5), Tennessee (No. 8), Florida (No. 11), Mississippi State Itawamba at Holmes, 6:30 p.m. LA Galaxy 3, Vancouver 0
(No. 12), and Auburn (No. 13) also are ranked. FC Dallas 0, Portland 0, tie

Junior College Soccer

Sunday, Sept. 30
n Men’s tennis team’s Ortiz advances in qualifying round of New York 2, Atlanta United FC 0
ITA Men’s All-American Championships: At Tulsa, Oklahoma, Men’s Real Salt Lake 1, Sporting Kansas City 1, tie
Wednesday’s Matches

in Ivy League with

Saturday, Oct. 6
tennis junior Edson Ortiz defeated Notre Dame’s Tristan McCormick Columbus at Montreal, 2 p.m.
6-4, 6-1 on Monday in the opening round of the Saint Francis Health Women: East Central at Itawamba, 1 p.m. New England at Atlanta United FC, 2:30 p.m.
Vancouver at Toronto FC, 4 p.m.
System Intercollegiate Tennis Association Men’s All-American Champi- Men: East Central at Itawamba, 3 p.m. Minnesota United at Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m.
onships at the Michael D. Case Center. Orlando City at FC Dallas, 7 p.m.

on the air LA Galaxy at Sporting Kansas City, 7:30 p.m.

change to kickoffs
Ortiz will play Wake Forest’s Yuval Solomon, who is No. 74 in Los Angeles FC at Colorado, 8 p.m.
the country, in the second round Tuesday. The Chihuahua, Mexico, Portland at Real Salt Lake, 8:30 p.m.
New York at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
native, needs to win his next two matches to move on to the main draw
Today Sunday, Oct. 7
Chicago at D.C. United, Noon
n Daniell travels to Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American
Championships: At Pacific Palisades, California, Senior Andie Daniell 7 p.m. — National League Wild Card, Colorado at By LINDSEY TANNER Tennis
will play Oregon’s Shweta Sangwan, the No. 15 seed, at 2:15 p.m. Chicago Cubs (Note: Statcast Edition on ESPN2), The Associated Press ATP World Tour
Tuesday in the Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American Championships. ESPN Rakuten Japan Open
No. 70 Daniell is 2-1 in singles play. She will take on her first ranked NBA Monday
Concussions plunged in Ivy League football af- At Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, Tokyo
opponent of the season. Sangwan is the No. 42 singles player in the 7 p.m. — Preseason, Cleveland at Boston, TNT Purse: $1.78 million (WT500)
country. 9:30 p.m. — Preseason, Denver at L.A. Lakers, ter the kickoff line was moved to thwart what might Surface: Hard-Outdoor
n Gymnastics team’s Olsen earns World Championships TNT be the game’s most dangerous play, according to a First Round
berth: At Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Freshman gymnast Shallon Olsen SOCCER study published Monday. Milos Raonic (6), Canada, def. Adrian Mannari-
no, France, 6-3, 6-4.
earned a place on the Canadian World Championships Team on
11:55 p.m. — UEFA Champions League, Group F, The aim of the 5-yard move was to have more Benoit Paire, France, def. Nicolas Jarry,
France, 6-4, 7-6 (1).
Olsen will be part of the Canadian squad that will compete at Oct. Hoffenheim vs. Manchester City, TNT kickoffs land in the end zone and reduce returns. Denis Shapovalov, Canada, def. Chung Hyeon
(7), South Korea, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2.
25-Nov. 3 at the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in 2 p.m. — UEFA Champions League, Group H, That play is one of the only times “where players on Yosuke Watanuki, Japan, def. Robin Haase,
Netherlands, 6-7 (7), 6-4, 6-1.
Doha, Qatar. Manchester United vs. Valencia, TNT both teams have the space to get up to full speed” Kei Nishikori (3), Japan, def. Yuichi Sugita,
Wednesday rushing at each other and potentially risking a
Japan, 6-4, 6-1.
Martin Klizan, Slovakia, def. Steve Johnson,
Junior Colleges GOLF head-on tackle, said University of Pennsylvania re-
United States, 6-4, 7-6 (4).
Daniil Medvedev, Russia, def. Diego

EMCC rodeo teams place sixth at UWA College Rodeo 8 p.m. — LPGA Tour, UL International Crown, first searcher Douglas Wiebe, the lead author.
Schwartzman (4), Argentina, 6-4, 6-4.
round, at Incheon, South Korea, TGC The 2016 change came at the recommendation First Round
Showdown 2 a.m. (Thursday) — Asia-Pacific Amateur
Jamie Murray, Britain, and Bruno Soares (2),
LIVINGSTON, Ala. — East Mississippi Community College of league coaches after data from the previous year Brazil, def. Divij Sharan, India, and Artem Sitak,
New Zealand, 6-3, 7-5.
Championship, first round, at Singapore, ESPN2
claimed two sixth-place team finishes last weekend at the annual UWA showed kickoffs accounted for 6 percent of all plays Fabrice Martin and Gilles Simon, France, def.
College Rodeo Showdown hosted by the University of West Alabama. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Henri Kontinen, Finland, and John Peers (1),
but 21 percent of concussions. With NCAA approv- Australia, 3-6, 7-6 (4), 10-7.
The three-day event concluded Saturday night at the Don C. Hines 7 p.m. — American League Wild Card, Oakland
al, they moved the kickoff line from the 35-yard line China Open
Rodeo Complex. at New York Yankees, TBS Monday
In the men’s competition, Myles Neighbors made his EMCC rodeo NBA to the 40. The touchback line was also moved, from At The National Tennis Center, Beijing
Purse: ATP, $1.78 million (WT500); WTA,
debut by finishing fourth in the steer wrestling event. Neighbors, who 7 p.m. — Preseason, Chicago at the 25-yard line to the 20. $8.29 million (Premier)
earlier this year claimed the Jr. Ironman Championship title, grabbed Surface: Hard-Outdoor
Milwaukee, NBA TV The NCAA approved the changes on an experi- Singles
top honors in the short go-round with a 4.5-second effort to collect the Men
Lions’ 100 team points at UWA. 9:30 p.m. — Preseason, Minnesota at L.A. mental basis for the eight private universities in the First Round
The Benton, Arkansas, native and Northeast Texas C.C. transfer Clippers, NBA TV Ivy League. Other NCAA teams have kickoffs at the Feliciano Lopez, Spain, def. Borna Coric (7),
Croatia, 7-5, 5-7, 7-5.
also made it back to the short go in the tie down roping competition, but NHL 35. Karen Khachanov, Russia, def. Sam Querrey,
United States, 6-4, 6-4.
he didn’t place. 6:30 p.m. — Boston at Washington, NBC Sports The researchers compared the two seasons Kyle Edmund (5), Britain, def. Peter Gojowczyk,
EMCC’s Blake Crawford and Austin Roebuck earned 10 individual Germany, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2
Network since the change with the previous three years. Marton Fucsovics, Hungary, def. Andreas
points with a 9.6-second showing in the first round of the team roping Seppi, Italy, 6-3, 6-4.
9:30 p.m. — Anaheim at San Jose, NBC Sports They found the average concussion rate per 1,000 Dusan Lajovic, Serbia, def. Vasek Pospisil,
On the women’s side, EMCC freshman Blair Bryant placed third in Network kickoffs plummeted from almost 11 to just 2.
Canada, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4.
Malek Jaziri, Tunisia, def. Wu Yibing, China,
the short go-round of barrel racing with a time of 16.24 seconds. The SOCCER Touchbacks increased to nearly 50 percent from
6-4, 6-3.
Hatchechubbee, Alabama, native also finished third in the average 11:55 a.m. — UEFA Champions League, Group First Round
(33.04 seconds) to tie for fourth with EMCC’s 80 women’s team points.
almost 18 percent during the previous three years. Garbine Muguruza (14), Spain, def. Ekaterina
C, Paris Saint-Germain vs. Red Star Belgrade,
EMCC’s Jadi Gibbs and Taylor Vollin made it back to the short go TNT
Concussion rates for other types of play were low- Makarova, Russia, 6-0, 6-4.
Karolina Pliskova (7), Czech Republic, def.
in the barrel racing and goat tying events, respectively, but neither one 2 p.m. — UEFA Champions League, Group B, er than those for kickoffs throughout the study years Sam Stosur, Australia, 6-4, 6-4.
Carla Suarez Navarro, Spain, def. Yulia
Tottenham vs. Barcelona, TNT and only declined slightly after the rule change. Putintseva, Kazakhstan, 6-1, 6-0.
Katerina Siniakova, Czech Republic, def.
In team competition, the Missouri Valley College men finished
ahead of Tennessee-Martin, 655-600, while Arkansas-Monticello WOMEN’S COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL The research appears in the Journal of the Amer- Alison Van Uytvanck, Belgium, 7-5, 6-4.
Aliaksandra Sasnovich, Belarus, def. Mihaela
edged Missouri Valley, 240-235, to claim the women’s title. 7 p.m. — Alabama at Tennessee, SEC Network ican Medical Association. It was paid for by the Ivy Buzarnescu, Romania, 6-3, 6-1.
Petra Martic, Croatia, def. Barbora Strycova,
— From Special Reports League and Big Ten. Czech Republic, 6-2, 6-3.
The Dispatch • Tuesday, October 2, 2018 3B


Buehler, Dodgers top Rockies Mahomes

W L T Pct PF PA Home Away AFC NFC Div
Miami 3 1 0 .750 82 90 2-0-0 1-1-0 3-1-0 0-0-0 1-1-0
New England 2 2 0 .500 95 84 2-0-0 0-2-0 2-1-0 0-1-0 1-0-0

rallies KC
By BETH HARRIS ning Thursday. Buffalo 1 3 0 .250 50 106 0-1-0 1-2-0 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-0-0
The Associated Press N.Y. Jets 1 3 0 .250 89 89 0-1-0 1-2-0 0-3-0 1-0-0 0-1-0
“We’re going to beat Atlanta,” a shirt-
less Yasiel Puig proclaimed, rivulets of
LOS ANGELES — What a day for beer and champagne down his front and W L T Pct PF PA Home Away AFC NFC Div
Walker Buehler. The rookie with the pre-
to victory
Tennessee 3 1 0 .750 75 73 2-0-0 1-1-0 2-1-0 1-0-0 2-0-0
back. “No matter who’s coming, we’re
ternatural calm pitched the Los Angeles going to the World Series and bring the Jacksonville 3 1 0 .750 88 56 2-1-0 1-0-0 2-1-0 1-0-0 0-1-0
Dodgers to a record sixth consecutive 2018 championship here.”
Houston 1 3 0 .250 96 108 0-1-0 1-2-0 1-2-0 0-1-0 1-1-0
NL West title. Denied their first division title in fran-
Indianapolis 1 3 0 .250 94 100 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-1-0
Buehler tossed one-hit ball into the North By ARNIE STAPLETON
chise history, the Rockies head to Wrig-
seventh inning, and Cody Bellinger and W L T Pct PF PA Home Away AFC NFC Div The Associated Press
ley Field to play the Chicago Cubs in the
Max Muncy launched two-run homers Cincinnati 3 1 0 .750 126 113 1-0-0 2-1-0 2-0-0 1-1-0 1-0-0
NL wild-card game on Tuesday night. DENVER — Patrick
to beat the Colorado Rockies 5-2 in a tie- Baltimore 3 1 0 .750 123 65 2-0-0 1-1-0 3-1-0 0-0-0 1-1-0
“Our guys will put it in the rearview Mahomes is athletic, agile
breaker on Monday. Cleveland 1 2 1 .375 102 104 1-0-1 0-2-0 1-1-1 0-1-0 0-0-1
for sure,” Rockies manager Bud Black
“It’s a normal baseball game. It’s Pittsburgh 1 2 1 .375 102 116 0-2-0 1-0-1 0-2-1 1-0-0 0-1-1 — and ambidextrous, ap-
said of the loss. “The resiliency of this
hyped up, there’s an adrenaline, but you West parently.
group has been awesome all year.”
got to execute,” Buehler said. “That’s all W L T Pct PF PA Home Away AFC NFC Div Thanks in part to a nif-
Pitching in 90-degree heat, Buehler
you can do.”
Kansas City 4 0 0 1.000 145 115 1-0-0 3-0-0 3-0-0 1-0-0 2-0-0 ty left-handed throw as he
was oh-so-cool in closing out a regular Denver 2 2 0 .500 84 97 2-1-0 0-1-0 1-2-0 1-0-0 1-1-0 was about to get sacked by
The defending NL champion Dodg- season that ended with Game 163 after L.A. Chargers 2 2 0 .500 111 120 1-1-0 1-1-0 1-1-0 1-1-0 0-1-0 Von Miller at midfield on
ers became the first major league team both teams had identical records of 91- Oakland 1 3 0 .250 97 123 1-1-0 0-2-0 1-2-0 0-1-0 0-1-0 the game-winning drive,
to win six straight division crowns since 71. NATIONAL CONFERENCE the right-handed Mahomes
the Yankees captured nine AL East titles The soft-spoken 24-year-old from Lex- East rallied the unbeaten Kansas
in a row from 1998-2006. ington, Kentucky, has been so steady of W L T Pct PF PA Home Away NFC AFC Div City Chiefs past the Denver
“It doesn’t get old,” confirmed ace late that manager Dave Roberts had no Washington 2 1 0 .667 64 44 1-1-0 1-0-0 2-0-0 0-1-0 0-0-0 Broncos 27-23 on Monday
Clayton Kershaw. qualms about giving Buehler the ball for Dallas 2 2 0 .500 67 77 2-0-0 0-2-0 2-2-0 0-0-0 1-0-0 night.
Los Angeles now hosts Atlanta in the the crucial game that helped decide the Philadelphia 2 2 0 .500 82 81 2-0-0 0-2-0 1-1-0 1-1-0 0-0-0 By overcoming a 10-point
best-of-five NL Division Series begin- Dodgers’ postseason fate. N.Y. Giants 1 3 0 .250 73 95 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-1-0 fourth-quarter deficit, the

Brewers beat Cubs in NL Central

South Chiefs (4-0) took a two-
W L T Pct PF PA Home Away NFC AFC Div game lead over the Broncos
New Orleans 3 1 0 .750 137 121 1-1-0 2-0-0 2-1-0 1-0-0 1-1-0 (2-2), their AFC West rivals
Carolina 2 1 0 .667 71 60 2-0-0 0-1-0 1-1-0 1-0-0 0-1-0 whom they’ve now beaten
By JAY COHEN house at Wrigley Field. team has responded all Tampa Bay 2 2 0 .500 112 139 1-1-0 1-1-0 2-1-0 0-1-0 1-0-0 six straight times.
The Associated Press Lorenzo Cain hit a go- year,” said Anthony Riz- Atlanta 1 3 0 .250 116 122 1-2-0 0-1-0 1-2-0 0-1-0 1-1-0 The only other remain-
ahead single in the eighth zo, who homered for Chi- North ing unbeaten team is the
CHICAGO — Chris- inning to help Milwaukee cago’s run. W L T Pct PF PA Home Away NFC AFC Div Los Angeles Rams.
tian Yelich’s easy smile to its eighth straight win Yelich singled home Chicago 3 1 0 .750 111 65 2-0-0 1-1-0 3-1-0 0-0-0 0-1-0 Down 23-13, Mahomes
and champagne-soaked and home-field advantage Milwaukee’s first run and Green Bay 2 1 1 .625 92 83 2-0-1 0-1-0 1-1-1 1-0-0 1-0-1
directed a 12-play, 75-yard
T-shirt said it all. throughout the NL play- won the NL batting title Minnesota 1 2 1 .375 90 110 1-1-0 0-1-1 1-1-1 0-1-0 0-0-1
drive that ate up more than
A division title is much offs. The Brewers will with a .326 average. He Detroit 1 3 0 .250 94 114 1-1-0 0-2-0 0-2-0 1-1-0 0-0-0
six minutes and culminated
more fun than a Triple host the wild-card winner had 110 RBIs, one behind West
with a 2-yard touchdown
Crown. starting Thursday in the the Cubs’ Javier Baez, and W L T Pct PF PA Home Away NFC AFC Div
toss to tight end Travis
Yelich collected three best-of-five Division Se- finished with 36 home L.A. Rams 4 0 0 1.000 140 67 3-0-0 1-0-0 2-0-0 2-0-0 1-0-0
more hits as the Milwau- ries. runs, two shy of Colora- Seattle 2 2 0 .500 85 81 1-0-0 1-2-0 2-1-0 0-1-0 1-0-0
After a three-and-out by
kee Brewers won their Chicago stays at Wrig- do’s Nolan Arenado. The San Francisco 1 3 0 .250 100 118 1-0-0 0-3-0 1-1-0 0-2-0 0-0-0
Denver, Mahomes added a
first NL Central title since ley for Tuesday night’s tiebreakers were game Arizona 0 4 0 .000 37 94 0-3-0 0-1-0 0-4-0 0-0-0 0-2-0
60-yard touchdown drive,
2011, beating the Chica- wild-card game against 163 of the regular season handing off to Kareem Hunt
go Cubs 3-1 on Monday Colorado. The Rockies and Arenado’s homer This Week’s Games Next Week’s Games for the 4-yard score with 1
in a tiebreaker game. lost 5-2 to the Los Ange- counted in the totals. Thursday, Sept. 27 Thursday’s Game
minute, 39 seconds left.
The silky-smooth slug- L.A. Rams 38, Minnesota 31 Indianapolis at New England, 7:20 p.m.
les Dodgers in Monday’s Joe Medwick in 1937 Sunday, Sept. 30 Sunday’s Games On that last drive, Mill-
ger stalled in his bid for second tiebreaker for the was the last NL player New England 38, Miami 7 Miami at Cincinnati, Noon er was dragging Mahomes
the league’s first Triple NL West title. to win the Triple Crown. Dallas 26, Detroit 24 N.Y. Giants at Carolina, Noon down on third-and-5 when
Crown in decades, but he “It’s no fun. Of course Miguel Cabrera did it for Chicago 48, Tampa Bay 10 Denver at N.Y. Jets, Noon he shifted the ball to his left
starred once again as the we’d prefer the other Detroit in 2012. Green Bay 22, Buffalo 0 Jacksonville at Kansas City, Noon hand and threw it to Tyreek
Brew Crew captured the route,” manager Joe Mad- Milwaukee trailed Chi- Jacksonville 31, N.Y. Jets 12 Green Bay at Detroit, Noon
Hill a yard past the first-down
Cincinnati 37, Atlanta 36 Baltimore at Cleveland, Noon
biggest prize of the day. don said. cago by as many as five marker at the Broncos 49.
Tennessee 26, Philadelphia 23, OT Atlanta at Pittsburgh, Noon
“I know how hard it is It’s a quick turnaround games in September, but Houston 37, Indianapolis 34, OT Tennessee at Buffalo, Noon “He’s actually more ath-
to get to this point and after falling short in their manager Craig Counsell’s Seattle 20, Arizona 17 Oakland at L.A. Chargers, 3:05 p.m. letic than people” realize,
I’m proud to be a part of bid for a third straight di- club pushed the season to New Orleans 33, N.Y. Giants 18 Minnesota at Philadelphia, 3:25 p.m. Denver linebacker Bran-
this group,” Yelich said as vision title, but the Cubs an extra day with a furi- L.A. Chargers 29, San Francisco 27 Arizona at San Francisco, 3:25 p.m. don Marshall said. “People
Oakland 45, Cleveland 42, OT L.A. Rams at Seattle, 3:25 p.m.
Milwaukee’s boozy par- will have ace left-hander ous finish and then used talk about his arm, but he
Baltimore 26, Pittsburgh 14 Dallas at Houston, 7:20 p.m.
ty swirled around him, Jon Lester on the mound its deep lineup and bull- Open: Washington, Carolina Open: Tampa Bay, Chicago can move out of the pocket
filling every inch of the for the elimination game. pen to outlast the play- Monday’s Game Monday, Oct. 8 and make the necessary
cramped visitors’ club- “We’ll be ready. This off-tested Cubs. Kansas City 27, Denver 23 Washington at New Orleans, 7:15 p.m. throws.”

Betts, Yelich clear choices for MVP

By MIKE FITZPATRICK in the stands don’t realize Awards with Washington and the 2013
The Associated Press are not routine. Throws AL prize for Detroit, was 18-7 with a 2.53
well. Steals a base when ERA in 220 2/3 innings. He struck out
NEW YORK — Now he needs to. He’s special.” 300 batters, 31 more than deGrom, but
that the regular season is Angels star Mike Trout also gave up 13 more home runs.
finally in the books, time merits his annual look, “I would say it’s still pretty close,”
to bestow baseball’s big- along with Houston third Mattingly said. “I’m probably like every-
gest individual prizes. It baseman Alex Bregman, body else, because I’m kind of like, what
took one extra day to sort Cleveland infielder Jose Jacob’s doing is incredible, you know?
out the playoff bracket, Ramirez and Indians
Max, too, but Max has done it so many
but these debates have shortstop Francisco Lin-
times. So I think deGrom wins it.”
been underway for weeks. n AL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:
Christian Yelich seems Maybe the toughest award to dissect,
But in the end, Betts
a cinch for NL MVP, but is because one of the top candidates was
is the clear winner after a two-way player for a while. How much
it Mookie Betts or Boston being runner-up to Trout
teammate J.D. Martinez of a boost does Ohtani get for the 10
two years ago. starts he made on the mound before his
in the American League? Voting by the Baseball elbow injury put pitching on hold? The
Jacob deGrom or Max Writers’ Association of Japanese star went 4-2 with a 3.31 ERA
Scherzer for the NL Cy America is conducted be- and 63 strikeouts in 51 2/3 innings. Not to
Young Award? fore the postseason open- mention he batted .285 with 22 homers,
Shohei Ohtani or Mi- er Tuesday night, and re- 61 RBIs, 10 stolen bases and a .925 OPS
guel Andujar for AL Rook- sults will be announced in in 367 plate appearances as a designat-
ie of the Year? November. ed hitter. Pretty much unprecedented.
Martinez has been a Here are our selections Meanwhile, the steady Andujar hit
monster at the plate in for the other top awards: .297 with 27 homers, 92 RBIs and an
his first season with the n NATIONAL LEAGUE MVP: With .855 OPS in 149 games as the everyday
Red Sox after signing a a huge second half, Yelich practically
third baseman for a Yankees team that
$110 million, five-year carried Milwaukee to an NL Central
championship and the best record in the made the playoffs. Hard to compare.
contract. He launched 43 league during his first season with the Ohtani wasn’t on the field all that
home runs and led the team. He came within a wisp of becom- much, but hey, it’s not an MVP award.
majors with 130 RBIs. He ing the first Triple Crown winner in the Picking him seems more fun.
compiled a 1.031 OPS and National League since Joe “Ducky” Med- n NL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:
wick in 1937. Yelich won the batting title
hit .330, finishing second with a .326 average and had 36 homers Another close call. The impressive num-
to Betts (.346) in the bat- to go with 110 RBIs, 118 runs, 22 steals bers for 20-year-old Atlanta outfielder
ting race. in 26 tries and a 1.000 OPS that led Ronald Acuna Jr. and 19-year-old Wash-
All big reasons why the league by a wide margin. He came ington slugger Juan Soto are remarkably
Boston had the best re- through with three hits and an RBI as the similar. Acuna earns a slight edge for his
Brewers beat the Cubs 3-1 on Monday
cord in baseball at 108-54. in a one-game tiebreaker for the division speed and defense. “For me, just seeing
Hitting at the top of the crown at Wrigley Field. Acuna straight up, I think he had a bigger
order, Betts had 32 hom- That’s how MVP awards are won, impact on that club,” Mattingly said.
ers, 80 RBIs, 129 runs and and this election won’t be close. Could n AL MANAGER OF THE YEAR:
be unanimous.
a whopping 1.078 OPS. “Down the stretch, he’s been willing
So difficult to choose between Oakland’s
But on defense and the Bob Melvin and Tampa Bay’s Kevin
that team it seems like. One night it’s the
bases, it’s no compari- cycle, one night it’s a homer late, another Cash. They both did a masterful job
son. Martinez started 57 night he walks five times. I think it’s Yelly,” despite a low payroll and little starting
said Don Mattingly, manager of the Mi- pitching. Melvin piloted the Athletics (97-
games in the outfield but ami Marlins team that traded Yelich last
93 at designated hitter. 65) to a surprise playoff berth, while the
offseason. Rays somehow went 90-72 in a division
Betts, a sensational de- n AL CY YOUNG: Young lefty Blake
that included the Red Sox and Yankees.
fender, started 115 games Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays wins with
a 21-5 record and league-leading 1.89 Take a look at the two rosters, though.
in right field and 13 in cen-
ERA in 180 2/3 innings. But it should be And while the A’s were adding help at the
ter. Plus, he stole 30 bases a tighter vote than projected. The guy trade deadline, Tampa Bay was selling
in 36 attempts. getting overlooked a bit is Houston ace off veterans. So by the slimmest of mar-
All those elite skills. Justin Verlander (16-9, 2.52), who had
gins, it’s Cash.
That’s why he led the ma- a lower WHIP than Snell in 214 innings.
Verlander struck out a league-high 290 n NL MANAGER OF THE YEAR:
jors in wins above replace- hitters and walked only 37. Incredible. Craig Counsell was our pick from a com-
ment with 10.9 (per base- n NL CY YOUNG: At one point late petitive field last year, even though Mil- in the season, this was a close and com- waukee fell short of the playoffs. He re-
“I’d vote for Betts,” pelling three-way race between deGrom,
ceived three first-place votes but came in
Baltimore manager Buck Scherzer and Aaron Nola. And then de-
Grom left everyone in the dust, finishing fourth. Often overlooked, Counsell gets
Showalter said. “The im- with a major league-low 1.70 ERA in 217 the nod this time after the Brewers won
pact that he has defen- innings. His pedestrian 10-9 record for their final eight regular-season games
sively is what sets him a struggling New York Mets team that to finish 96-67 and overtake the favored
over the top for me. I told provided little support? Pretty irrelevant. Cubs in the NL Central. A close second
Nola tailed off a bit with Philadelphia
people, he’s the best right and went 17-6 with a 2.37 ERA and 224 is Brian Snitker, the 62-year-old skipper
fielder I’ve ever seen. He strikeouts in 212 1/3 innings. Scherzer, who did a wonderful job in guiding the
makes plays that people winner of two consecutive NL Cy Young Baby Braves to a surprise NL East title.
4B Tuesday, October 2, 2018 The Dispatch •


Sudoku is a number-
1 3 5 4 9 2 8 7 6
placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 6 2 7 8 1 3 5 9 4

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 9 8 4 5 6 7 3 2 1
given numbers.
is to place The object
the numbers
4 9 1 3 2 8 6 5 7
1 to place
to 9 the
in the numbers
empty spaces
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 5 6 3 9 7 1 4 8 2
so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 2 7 8 6 4 5 1 3 9
contains the same3x3
and each box
contains the same number
3 1 6 2 5 9 7 4 8
only once. The difficulty
only once. The difficulty 7 5 2 1 8 4 9 6 3
level increases from
level increases from 8 4 9 7 3 6 2 1 5
Monday to Sunday.
Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 10/01

Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch

Heritage Academy’s Lizzy Howard fires a shot on goal against Columbus Christian Academy on Sept. 25 in their
game at the downtown Columbus Soccer Complex.

Continued from Page 1B
to Indianola Academy at 6 p.m. in Rogers said. “Now that we are No. pared and focused and ready to play
the first round of the MAIS Division 1 in the district, I think everybody that day.”
III playoffs at the downtown Colum- is really focused and ready for this Velek likes the fact Heritage
bus Soccer Complex. week. We also are really excited Academy will have a chance to play
“I think we have definitely ex- and a little nervous.” at home again Thursday if it takes
ceeded some of our expectations,” Rogers and Bell are part of a cares of business Tuesday. He said
said Barker, who is the team’s lead- core group of seven sophomores. there will be plenty of distractions
ing goal scorer. “We just went into Bell said it will be important for the this week — nine-weeks testing
this season really determined and Lady Patriots not to get distracted and a home football game Friday —
positive and ready to exceed those about the road ahead or to get too that could test the team’s focus, but
expectations.” caught up in what they did in the he believes the Lady Patriots have
The winner of the game will regular season. learned from their disappointments
play Thursday at a time and a site Heritage Academy coach Tom in previous seasons and built confi-
to be determined. The MAIS web- Velek shared in the optimism at the dence in their title run this season.
site lists Monday as the date for all beginning of the season. In fact, he He hopes all of that will come out
three of the division championship felt the team had a good chance to Tuesday and help Heritage Acade-
games. win the district title and to go on my extend its season.
Barker said it is “surreal” to be to play for a state title. He said the “Two years ago when I started
part of a team in which everyone is Lady Patriots have received contri- we were 4-8,” Velek said. “I think in
making their first playoff appear- butions from numerous individuals the article Haley Marie Fisackerly
ances. Acker agreed and said the en route to a championship finish in back then people thought we were
run to the postseason has been ex- the first part of the campaign. All of a joke. I still have that article. Last
citing and has set the bar higher for that, though, won’t matter in what year, we were 5-2 and this year we
future classes. he hopes is a three-part second seg- are 10-2 and nobody thinks we are
Sophomores Carly Rogers and ment to the season. a joke anymore. It is gratifying.
Kelly Bell will be part of that future. “They call it the postseason for They have bought in. I have videos
Barker and Acker are the team’s a reason because it is a new sea- of them dead-lifting in the middle
only seniors, so all of the Lady Pa- son,” Velek said. “I am not trying to of the summer, doing spring work
triots believe this season is a start- sound like some old, wise sage, but in the middle of the summer, and I
ing point to build a championship I have been in enough state tourna- think we work harder than any oth-
tradition. ments and district tournament that er team out there.”
“Everybody was really deter- often it is not the player or the team Follow Dispatch sports editor
mined to go into this season and with the better record, it is the team Adam Minichino on Twitter @
starting to accomplish our goals,” that is mentally and physically pre- ctsportseditor

Continued from Page 1B
“He was a guy who after “They were stinging a Williams (lower body inju- Moorhead attributed a ACROSS
the game — obviously a little bit in our team meet- ry) and linebacker Sh’mar good bit of that difference 1 Lipstick slip
lot of guys are not pleased ing. They were a little sore Kilby-Lane are day to day. 6 Become accepted
to the nature of run-pass
with the outcome — but and upset, but so were all Tight end Justin Johnson, 11 Spine-tingling
he stepped in front of who played against Flori- options, where defensive 12 Stood up
of us, and they should be,”
the team before I had said Moorhead, whose da, also is day to day. positioning plays a factor 13 Postal worker
a chance to and talked in who gets the ball, but 15 Squid’s squirt
team slipped to 3-2 and
about how the team was 16 Relatives
in the exact same spot five
0-2. “I don’t want guys in Running game he acknowledged he’d 17 Went ahead
there hooting and holler- distribution like to see more running 18 Halley’s discov-
games into last season. ing after a loss.” ery
“I was proud of John As MSU has run 60 back involvement.
20 Heart, for one
for stepping up and tak- times for 130 yards (2.16 “Nick is a very capable 23 Easy gaits
ing a great leadership role Injury report per carry) in its two-game
and accomplished runner, 27 Cabinet part
there.” There are no changes losing streak, one number 28 Notion
in status to the two cor- has stood out: the distri- and some times we want 29 Supply with
With the boost Abram
provided, Moorhead nerbacks and a lineback- bution of those carries. the ball in his hands as a funds
thought Sunday’s practice er who missed the game Quarterback Nick Fitz- runner,” Moorhead said. 31 West Point
against Florida game with gerald has 36 carries for student
went well. The practice “We have to find a way to 32 Fable end
is the one MSU uses to injuries. 52 yards (1.4 yards per 4 Feel queasy 26 Used a sofa
get them the ball.” 34 Curved path
5 Surmise 30 Unsteady
make corrections from Moorhead said cor- carry). Kylin Hill has 13 37 Storage site
nerback Jamal Peters carries for 55 yards and Follow Dispatch sports 6 January gemstone 31 Big shooter
the previous game and to 38 Squeezing snake
remains indefinitely out, Aeris Williams has 11 for writer Brett Hudson on 7 Make mistakes 33 Carnival city
transition to the next op- 41 Forming of close
8 Drudgery 34 Singer Tori
ponent. while cornerback Tyler 53. Twitter @Brett_Hudson friendships between
9 Words of under- 35 Harangue

standing 36 “Pinocchio” fish
44 Basketball’s
10 Uncool fellow 38 Tough spot
14 Objective 39 Formerly
45 Pound part
Continued from Page 1B 18 Billiards shot 40 Gets older
46 Tale
The MACJC needed this group of Lions is for concern. However, the another, but they also will 47 Network points 19 Court event 42 Corn helping
20 Poem of praise 43 Twosome
the EMCC-Northwest more vulnerable than team’s locker room was showcase a boatload of
21 Director Howard
rivalry to become EMCC’s undefeated different after the victory athletes. DOWN
22 Zeus or Apollo
compelling again. After national championship against ECCC. Neither team will face 1 Convoy truck 24 Peculiar
wallowing through sever- squads in 2013 and There was an acknowl- a major challenge in the 2 Cruel
25 Golf prop
3 Composer Satie
al seasons of mediocrity, 2014, or if other MACJC edgment of ECCC. The remainder of the regular
the Rangers have done programs are recruiting Warriors have a talented season. The only possible
their part. better. front four that made it exception will be North-
EMCC has won 10 of There is little doubt tough for the Lions to west Mississippi C.C.’s
12 series meetings under EMCC remains the gold put anything together on game against ICC in Ful-
Buddy Stephens. Much standard. Whether they offense. ton in week nine, which
has changed, though, admit it or not, everyone Northwest Mississippi means this is the big one.
since five years ago wants to be like them. C.C. also had a similar No need to research tie-
when EMCC won 79-7 in A week ago, EMCC scare, beating ECCC 28- breakers. The loser will
Senatobia. The following beat No. 20 East Central 24 in the regular-season remain in the national
year was again at Bobby C.C. 24-21 in Decatur. opener. championship hunt, but it
Franklin Field and saw One would have to go This week, EMCC is will have a different seat
EMCC win 49-0. back to 2016 — when in the unusual position in that table.
The gap has since EMCC beat Itawamba of being taxed in back- It feels good to look
closed considerably. C.C. 44-42 in Fulton — to to-back weeks. Last year, forward to an EM-
EMCC beat the 2015 find the last time EMCC it was clear Northwest CC-Northwest Missis-
national champion North- won by three points or Mississippi C.C. was sippi C.C. game that
west Mississippi C.C. less in regular-season emotionally invested and matters.
49-16. In 2016, two games play. highly motivated to end a
were played in Scooba, Typically, the Lions seven-game losing streak Scott Walters is a sports
with EMCC winning 51- react with disdain to in the series. writer for The Dispatch.
32 in the regular season close calls. They expect As we prepare for this He can be reached at
and 38-30 in the state perfection, so allowing week’s battle, each team
championship game. anyone to play a tight is expected to be locked Follow him on Twitter @ WHATZIT ANSWER
It is debatable where game is typically cause in. They respect one dispatchscott. Log cabin
The Dispatch • Tuesday, October 2, 2018 5B

Prep Player
Continued from Page 1B
kick and punt return duties. about a 15-yard pass play to forced to try for a field goal. little experience kicking
His game-winning kick set the stage for the kick. On the game-winner, in the ninth grade, said he
made him 5-for-8 in field Unfortunately, a low snap Nicholson said he thought knew he “had the leg” to
goals (long of 41 yards). on the next down hit Lewis Arnold faced a similar situa- make the kick. He said the
He also is 20-for 22 in extra in the leg and pushed the tion to the game in Magnolia kick started to the right
points. Volunteers back, but Arnold Heights when he kicked a of the goal post and then
Arnold said he didn’t wasn’t fazed. He didn’t do 41-yarder after missing a faded back in before go-
have time to think back to anything differently and was field goal earlier in the game. ing through the uprights.
the missed kick earlier in anxious for another shot, This time, all of the For someone who usually
the game, which he admit- which turned out to be his Starkville Academy coach- scores his points running
ted made him pretty upset. first game-winning kick. es had a feeling Arnold was the football, he said it
He thought Pillow Academy “I saw that sucker got going to make the kick. In was “really cool” to kick a
would use a timeout to ice some serious up with it,” fact, Nicholson said assis- game-winning field goal.
him, or to make him think Nicholson said. “There was tant coach Trace Lee told “All of my positions are
about the kick, but he didn’t no doubt it was going in. It him he was ready to take off important,” said Arnold,
have to wait to deliver the fi- barely eked in there, but his headsets and come down who attempts 20 or so field
nal dagger. Dispatch File Photo there was no doubt it was go- to the field because he felt so goals every day from hash
“I didn’t really have time Starkville Academy senior Taylor Arnold practices ing in. He drilled it.” good about Arnold’s chance mark to hash mark and from
to think about it, which was punting during a preseason practice. “He has had a couple to execute. different distances. “If some-
good,” Arnold said. “I try not where he has missed along “The first one, he barely body asks me what position I
to think about all of the stuff admitted he initially thought gestions for possible plays the way that he has had to missed it,” Nicholson said. play, I don’t say kicker. I tell
that could possibly go wrong about playing for overtime. on third down. Quarterback kick again and get redemp- “He didn’t blame himself, them running back or safety.
and make me miss it.” He said he asked defensive Garrett Lewis responded by tion,” Nicholson said. but he knew if he got anoth- Kicking is just as important
Nicholson had confi- coordinator Brad Butler and hitting Howell Archer on a On its previous posses- er chance he wasn’t going to as the other things. It can
dence in Arnold to make assistant coach Tony Stan- back-shoulder throw right sion, Starkville moved into miss again.” win or lose a game, just like
the kick, even though he ford and both offered sug- at the first down marker on position to score and was Arnold, who earned a last week.”

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: had mentioned in taking care of our children,
My older what caused your participating in PTA and other
sister, “Lily,” father’s change school activities, and be in-
is in a biracial of heart because volved in the community. This
marriage and has it would have benefits us not only as a family
a son. Our dad been a valuable but also Ben’s business.
never approved. lesson for a lot I work a 40-plus-hour week,
He gave her of readers. He just not necessarily 9 to 5. So
an ultimatum did a disservice why does my family think they
when she first to ALL of you by can call me at work, especially
met “Rodney”: teaching hate on my cell, for non-work-re-
Choose between rather than love lated issues? They wouldn’t
ZITS him or our family.
She chose Rod-
and acceptance.
Now you have
call their friends or children
at work, so why, despite my
ney. decades of lost asking them REPEATEDLY not
After 30 time to make up to, do they still call, or worse,
years of Dad not for. drop in? How can I make them
speaking to her
Dear Abby Anger, stop bothering me? -- AT WORK
and influencing resentment and DEAR AT WORK: Because
us siblings to feel the same bigotry serve no one well. Your you have asked your relatives
way, our mother died and Dad father recognizes the mistake not to call between certain
rekindled his relationship with he made by shunning his hours, screen your calls before
Lily. He’s 82 now, and he puts daughter and her family, and answering your phone. When
her and her family first. He he’s trying to make up for it. they ask why you didn’t pick
spends a lot of money on them As I write this, I’m reminded of up, repeat the message that
and spends a lot of time with a line from the “Peace Prayer you were working and please
her and her son. of St. Francis”: “Where there not to call you at that time.
GARFIELD The rest of us feel so much
resentment. I realize he’s mak-
is hatred, let me sow love.”
Good for your father! The way
If they drop in, quit being so
available. Repeat that they
ing up for lost time and feels for you to move on would be to have come at a time that’s
guilty. But it’s sickening when recognize it’s time to forgive inconvenient, and give them a
we remember how he pushed him for the damage he caused time when you can socialize.
us to feel the way he did back your family because, if you
then and now expects us to don’t, you and your siblings will Dear Abby is written by
do an emotional 180. We are perpetuate it. Abigail Van Buren, also known
OK with being with our sister DEAR ABBY: I have worked as Jeanne Phillips, and was
and her family. It’s Dad we’re for my husband, “Ben,” in a founded by her mother, Pauline
having the problem with. How small firm for 20 years, but Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
do we move on? -- UPSET IN members of my family still at or P.O.
THE EAST think I don’t have a “real” job. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
DEAR UPSET: I wish you I did it so I’d have flexibility 90069.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Oct. Repeat them. It’s forced, but it being. The learning mind is
2). You deserve to be appreci- will work. open and curious, willing to do
ated by those who can, want to TAURUS (April 20-May 20). the things that reinforce the
and need to have you in their There are no free passes for assimilation of knowledge.
lives. That’s the shuffle of the what you want to experience. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
next three months. You figure You’ll be glad for this. Hard work You’re capable of deep self-re-
out how you fit in and what forces you to confront and ulti- flection but timing is key. For
has to happen to make it more mately develop a better connec- the most part, you’ll keep it light
effectively so. You’re going tion with your core character. and do what you need to do to-
places together, which is why GEMINI (May 21-June 21). day. Then tonight, you’ll choose
you need to choose your people There’s something you don’t your moment and go deeper into
very carefully. Aries and Taurus want to do, and yet you really your own motivations.
BABY BLUES adore you. Your lucky numbers must. So do it first. This will VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
are: 4, 44, 3, 20 and 16. improve the overall quality of Any feeling you have of being
ARIES (March 21-April 19). your day. Otherwise you’ll spend constricted will go away once
Your mind can either be your the whole day cozied up to a you reduce your spending.
ally or your enemy. Choosing nagging feeling. Lower the expenses so you can
helpful thoughts is the habit to CANCER (June 22-July 22). show a profit, minimize your
cultivate at this critical juncture. People don’t learn with their stress, and have the freedom
Don’t expect such thoughts to arms crossed. Learning is a you’ve longed for.
come naturally. Write them out. posture. It’s a receptive way of LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
The path to success will be built
from long strings of kept prom-
ises. Of course, the easiest
way to keep your promises is to
make promises that are easy
to, and maybe even a pleasure
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). Neatness will make a
difference in your work. It won’t
make it inherently better, but it
will make it more user-friendly,
which will lead to more people
making use of it.
21). You’ve been drawn to both
virtue and vice, and sometimes
it’s hard to tell the difference.
But down deep you know who
is good for you and who isn’t.
Stick with the people who are
MALLARD FILLMORE good for you.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Not long ago it was you
who needed guidance. Now
you’re the one giving it to
others. You’ll do this with great
patience, thoroughness and
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). You’re a bit of an impresa-
rio today, creating a “show” and
selling tickets. On a deeper lev-
el, what you’re doing is helping
others to see what’s extraordi-
nary about that ordinary thing
FAMILY CIRCUS that’s been there all along.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). The past is messier than it
looks in the history books. The
story we tell looking backward
already has an ending. All we
have to do is connect the dots
in a way that leads up to it. The
present has no ending. The
story is up for grabs.

Return to sender
6B TUESDAY, October 2, 2018 The Dispatch
within ninety (90) days
from the first publica- •
tion date of this Notice
to Creditors. A failure to
Legal Notices 0010 so Probate
Legal and Re-
Notices 0010 Clerical & Office 3050 Medical / Dental 3300 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Commercial Property 8050
gister said claim will
NOTICE OF SEALED BID forever bar the same. LOCAL, FAST-paced, pro- HELP WANTED DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, FOR LEASE. Convenient

fessional company is CH&A, 1 story, W/D, store. Black Creek
The Town of Artesia has This the 21st day of looking for a Bookkeep- CARE CENTER OF historic district, 1 block
Community on Military
declared a white 98 September 2018. ing Assistant to help in ABERDEEN from downtown, $575/ Rd. & Blackcreek Rd.
Ford Crown Victoria with handling day-to-day ac- mo. + $575 dep. NO Ideal location. 1100
a 350 engine surplus /s/ Jeffrey J. Turnage, counting and finance FULL TIME LPN 7A-3P PETS. 662-574-8789. sq. ft. shelving space,
and will start taking Executor activities. FULL TIME LPN Peaceful & Quiet area. 200 sq. ft. grocery
Phone: 662.328.2424 sealed bids on Monday
September 24, 2018 - PUBLISH: 9/25, 10/2, Responsibilities include
EVENING SHIFT store space & 155 sq.
ft. cooler space.
FULL TIME CNA 6A-2P October 8, 2018. It will & 10/9/2018 Posting daily receipts FULL TIME CNA
RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed- 662-242-6439 or be sold as is. The bids
will be opened on Tues-
and electronic funds
transfers, processing
PRN (as needed)
room Apts/Townhomes. 662-570-3340.
Building & Remodeling 1120 credit card payments, Stove & refrigerator.
P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street day, October 9, 2018 at LPN/CNA's $335-$600 Monthly. Houses For Sale: Northside
10:30 AM and will be reconciling bank state- Apply in person at Credit check & deposit. 8150
Columbus, MS 39701 awarded to the highest
REMODELING. Roofing ments and credit card 505 Jackson St. Coleman Realty,
bid. If you have any statements as well as Aberdeen 662-329-2323. 2 OR 3BR, brick home,

(Shingles or Metal) &
questions please feel Roof Repairs, Concrete filing and processing EOE window a/c, gas heat,
free to call 662-272- Pressure Washing, Car- outgoing mail. fenced yard. Close to
(Deadlines subject to change.)
5104 or 662-435-2414. pentry & Handyman
Work. Veteran & Senior Required Skills include
Truck Driving 3700 COLEMAN shopping! $575/mo +
$350 dep. 1120 6th
For Placing/Canceling
PUBLISH: 9/23, 9/24, Discounts! 662-397- accounts payable and
CLASS A CDL Driver RENTALS Ave. N. 662-352-4776.
9/25, 9/26, 9/27, 0800, FREE ESTIMATE. receivable, general TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS
with Truck & Lowboy
Classified Line Ads: 9/28, 9/30, 10/1,
10/2, 10/3, 10/4, &
ledger and balance
sheet working know- Trailer experience to
Sunday .................. Thursday 3:00 p.m. 10/5/2018 SUGGS CONSTRUCTION ledge; experience with load, haul, & unload AGE + SUNROOM. 47
data entry, record keep- heavy construction 2 BEDROOMS
Monday.................... Friday 12:00 p.m. Building, remodeling,
ing and computer opera- equipment. Overnight
Sweet Gum Ln. Move In
IN THE CHANCERY metal roofing, painting 3 BEDROOMS Ready! $161,000.
Tuesday.................Monday 12:00 p.m. COURT OF LOWNDES & all home repairs. tions travel required. Only Call for showing,
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI qualified applicants with
Wednesday ........... Tuesday 12:00 p.m. 662-242-3471
LEASE, 662-352-1382.

© The Dispatch
Must be proficient with clean MVR, current
Thursday ........ Wednesday 12:00 p.m. IN THE MATTER OF THE
Tom Hatcher, LLC
Microsoft Excel, have medical examiner’s cer-
tificate and no acci- DEPOSIT RARE IN TIMBER COVE:
ESTATE OF good customer rela- ONE LEVEL, 2 CAR GAR-
Friday .................. Thursday 12:00 p.m. AND
BOBBIE JUNKIN PRICE, Custom Construction, tions skills and ability to dents need apply. Fax AGE + SUNROOM. 47
LEGAL NOTICES must be DECEASED Restoration, Remodel- multi task.
ing, Repair, Insurance
resume to 662-492-
4490 or email to CREDIT CHECK Sweet Gum Ln. Move In
submitted 3 business days prior to Ready! $158,000.
claims. 662-364-1769. Competitive salary, re- jm.sitemasters

CAUSE NO.: 18-0164- Call for showing,
first publication date Licensed & Bonded
- KMB tirement and health-
care benefits available.
662-329-2323 662-352-1382.

• Please read your ad on the first day of SUMMONS BY PUBLICA- General Services 1360 Farm Equipment & Supplies Houses For Sale: Caledonia
publication. We accept responsibility
only for the first incorrect insertion.


Please forward your re-
sume to Accounting Di-
vision, P.O. Box 7648,
4420 2411 HWY 45 N
8450 You’re
• The Publisher assumes no financial SIPPI $25 per hour Columbus, MS 39705 Massey Ferguson 1225. hem Rd. 1,523 sq. ft.
responsibility for errors nor for Chords, Scales, Modes 600 hours. 3 cylinder, $129,900. Call 662-
TO: ALL UNKNOWN & more! Call Jimbo @ diesel, Automatic, Commercial Property For 435-4188.
omission of copy. Liability shall not HEIRS AT LAW OF BOB- 662-364-1687 General Help Wanted 3200
power steering. Rent 7100
exceed the cost of that portion of space BIE JUNKIN PRICE, DE- If no answer leave
CONSTRUCTION FORE- 662-327-5785. 3BR/2BA brick home on
occupied by such error. CEASED, voicemail or text. COMMERCIAL PROPER- 1.6 acres, apx 1500sqft
MAN: 10 years heavy
• All questions regarding classified ads
currently running should be directed to
field experience, med.
NEED A Privacy Fence? to large earthwork,
Call me! Build or assist! water, sewer, storm
Furniture 4480
Spaces starting @
$285/mo. Downtown &
with 1BR/1BA rental
unit currently rented for
$250/mo. Fenced back-
the Classified Department. ANY UNKNOWN PER-
662-549-7167 drain and asphalt pav- China Cabinet. Gor- East Columbus loca- yard & newly updated.
SONS CLAIMING AN tions. 662-435-4188. $110,000. Call
• All ads are subject to the approval of EQUITABLE OR LEGAL
Call or Text. ing projects - local. Re- geous! $450.00. 662-574-0082.
this paper. The Commercial Dispatch sponsible for site super- 662-425-1661 or
INTEREST IN THE ES- vision, manage cost, OFFICE SPACE: 2,000
reserves the right to reject, revise, TATE OF BOBBIE RETAINER WALL, drive- capable of getting top
square feet. 294 Investment Property 8550 CLASSIFIEDS
classify or cancel any advertising at any JUNKIN PRICE way, foundation, con- production and perform- Chubby Dr. Flexible leas-
crete, masonry restora- ance from site person- General Merchandise 4600 FANTASTIC ENTREPREN-
time. ing terms. Available
You have been made a tion, remodeling, base- nel, and take a project now. 662-328-8254. EURIAL Opportunity to
defendant in the Peti- ment foundation, re- HOTSPRING JETSETTER own your own home and
Advertisements must be tion to Determine Heirs-
from start up through Hot Tub. Orig price Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
pairs, small dump truck completion meeting be a landlord in a Great
at-Law seeking to de- hauling (5-6 yd) load & $7000, asking $2500. Houses For Rent: Northside Location! $115,000 USED SINGLEWIDE.
paid for in advance.
deadlines. Fax resume heater & system work 7110
termine the heirs-at-law demolition/lot cleaning. to 662-492-4490 or Live in established mo- 14x52, 2BR/1BA. Deliv-
of Bobbie Junkin Price, Burr Masonry perfectly! Small leak, bile home park and let ery, set-up & tie down
email to jm.sitemasters not using due to health. ALL BRICK 3BR/2BA
Deceased. Other than 662-242-0259. your tenants make your
You may cancel at any time during you, the only other inter- 662-327-3518. house for rent. Big yard. mortgage payments!
included. Only $15,995.
regular business hours and receive a ested parties in this ac-
Carport. W/D hookup.
Nice neighborhood.
Park in New Hope (East
tion are: Jan Price Gif- CONTRACTOR SEEKING Columbus location) cur-
refund for days not published. ford, Mike Price, Mitch Licensed & Bonded-car- experienced carpenter
MILLERMATIC 180 wire $780 per month. 70 W rently has 10 lots, with Wanted To Buy 8850
pentry, painting, & de- welder. New in box. Alu- Thomas Dr. 3 min from options to expand. 6.3
REGULAR RATES Price, and Mark Price.
molition. Landscaping,
with lots of experience.
Please call:
minum spool, CO2 CAFB. 504-813-1200. acres. One 3/2 all-elec-
FORD 3910, 3930,
bottle. $1200 firm. Text 4630 or 5030 diesel.
4 Lines/6 Days ........................ $19.20 You are summoned to gutters cleaned, bush 662-570-9464 for info. only. 662-386-2915. tric remodeled Mobile Must be rock solid &
hogging, clean-up work, Houses For Rent: Caledonia
4 Lines/12 Days...................... $31.20 appear and represent
pressure washing, mov-
Home w/new Central still looking good. 662-
your interests against H/A currently rented,
4 Lines/26 Days...................... $46.80 said Petition before the ing help & furniture THE COMMERCIAL Dis- Wanted To Buy 4780 7160
storage building, and
328-5248. Lv msg &
Rate applies to commercial operations repair. 662-242-3608 patch is seeking a phone # if I am out.
Honorable Kenneth M. 3BR/2BA, 811 Main St. one 37’ 5th wheel
mechanically-minded in- WANTED- LOOKING to
and merchandise over $1,000. Burns, Chancellor of the
dividual to work in its buy 2BR/1BA house. CH/A, appl incl. $850/ camper for rent, 3
14th Chancery District empty spaces – one of Autos For Sale 9150
SUPER SAVER RATES at 9 o'clock a.m. on the
Housekeeping 1380 pressroom. Applicants Prefer brick w/ small mo + $850 dep w/ 1
year lease. No pets. which could hold your
must be comfortable yard. Move in ready. 2002 VOLVO S80 T6, 4
6 Days ...................................... $12.00 14th day of November, HUDSON CLEANING
working around heavy Loan approved. Call Bob 662-329-2917 or own mobile home – and
door sedan. Good AC,
2018 at the Oktibbeha SERVICE. Commercial 5 lots currently rented.
12 Days.................................... $18.00 County Courthouse in machinery, adhering to at 662-361-0514. 662-574-9708.
Pictures and video avail- Michelin radials.
or Residential. Free
Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line. Starkville, Mississippi, Quotes! Cleaning level
tight deadlines and able for serious inquir- $3950. 662-889-8914.
and in case of your fail- options. Refs available. must have an eye for Houses For Rent: Other 7180 ies. Owners willing to
Six lines or less, consecutive days. Rate applies to detail & quality. Flexible Lost & Found Pets 5160
ure to appear, your in- 662-251-0351. finance with 20% down 2012 GREY Honda
private party ads of non-commercial nature for terest in this matter will hours are a must. Email FOUND BEHIND Crack- TWO PROPERTIES, COL: for 12 years and no
merchandise under $1,000. Must include price in resume to 2BR/1BA, 7th St.S. @ Accord. Leather heated
not be considered. er Barrel. Small mixed early payout penalty. seats, super clean,
Lawn Care / Landscaping 15th Ave.S. $500/mo. Septic and treatment
ad. 1 ITEM PER AD. No pets, firewood, etc. or drop resumes off at
poodle. Light brown col-
$500 dep. Nice home, exc. cond. 130,000
You are not required to 1470 systems newly renov-
or. Call 662-327-2102. miles. $11,500 OBO.
file an answer or other 516 Main St, quiet area. WD hookup. ated and pumped, con-
JESSE & BEVERLY'S Columbus, MS 39701. 2BR/1BA, 12th Ave.N. Call 662-352-9318.
4 Lines/1 Day ........................... $9.20 pleading, but you may
No phone calls please. Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 venient to everything –
@ 15th St.N. $575/mo. grocery store, clinics,
do so if you desire. LAWN SERVICE. Mow-
4 Lines/3 Days ........................$18.00 ing, cleanup, landscap- $575 dep. Nice home, pharmacy, YMCA, Lake
ing, sodding, & tree cut- ESTIMATOR WANTED 2BR/1BA, renovated w/ quiet area. WD hookup. Lowndes State Park.
ISSUED under my hand Central heat and air,
Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale signs. Rain and seal of said Court, ting. 356-6525. for a specialty con- 713-291-0996. Call/text for more info,
Guarantee: If it rains the day of your sale, we will struction company in new appliances, floor-
on this the 21st day of ing, etc. Available soon. Pam, 601-310-3528.
re-run you ad the next week FREE! September, 2018. Columbus. Responsib- STEENS: QUIET Living,
TERRA CARE ilities include working Taking applications
You must call to request free re-run. now. $450/Mth. custom home, big mas- Lots & Acreage 8600
Landscaping L.L.C. with General Contract- 2015 CHEVROLET Equi-
LISA YOUNGER NEESE, Phone: 662-549-1878 ter BR, 1 reg. BR, 1 big
NO HUD. Call Long &
ors & Subcontractors,
performing take offs, Long, 662-328-0770. BA, walk in closet,
CH&A, 20x20 covered
200 ACRES timberland
nox, tan, 1 owner, 89k
mi, mostly highway.
CHANCERY CLERK for sale. Mature saw
Bargain Column Ad must fit in 4 lines (ap- P. O. Box 684
Clean Up, Plant Care, preparation of bids, patio, 2 car garage, timber, excellent
Bluetooth, backup cam-
proximately 20 characters per line) and will run Bush Hogging, job management of era, cloth seats, 25.8
Columbus, MS 39703 Herbicide Spraying FOX RUN COMPANY LLC 20x30 bonus room, Ap- hunting. Monroe County
for 3 days. For items $100 or less ONLY. More (SEAL) (662) 329-5800 field employees, 1 & 2 BR near hospital. pls Furnished. $750/ MPG average of life of
than one item may be in same ad, but prices may scheduling, procuring near Greenwood vehicle. Clean & excel-
$550-600/mo. Military mo + $600 damage Springs, MS.
not total over $100, no relists. Painting & Papering 1620 materials & timeline discount offered, pet dep. New Hope School lent condition.
BY: Shantrell W.
Free Pets Up to 4 lines, runs for 6 days. Granderson, D.C. management of area, pet friendly, and District. 662-574-9472.
Call: (615) 719-8329
Asking $13,495.
Lost & Found Up to 6 lines, ad will run for CLIFF'S PAINTING. Cliff projects. Require- furnished corporate Email:
6 days. PUBLISH: 9/25, 10/2, Baswell. Free estim- ments include com- apartments available.
These ads are taken by e-mail or in person at our 10/9/2018 ates. Interior/Exterior puter skills, strong ON SITE SECURITY. ON
work. 30 years experi- communication, fol- FALL SPECIAL '03 INFINITY FX35
office. Ads will not be take by telephone. SITE MAINTENANCE. ON 200,000 miles
IN THE CHANCERY ence. Many references. low-through, & people 1.95 acre lots.
COURT OF LOWNDES 662-327-9079. skills. Must be ex- Good/bad credit.
0 Legals 4390 Computer Equipment
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI 662-386-0006. tremely reliable, VEILLANCE. Benji @
10% down, as low as 662.570.1375
4420 Farm Equipment & timely, organized, & 662-386-4446 WATERFRONT 2BR/1BA
$299/mo. Eaton Land.
1000 Service Supplies IN THE MATTER OF THE detail oriented with 662-361-7711 Campers & RVs 9300
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. in Hamilton. Direct ac-
1030 Air Conditioning & Heating 4450 Firewood ESTATE OF MARY Y.
SULLIVAN'S PAINT positive attitude & Sat/Sun by appt only. cess to the TENN-TOM. TWO ELM Lake residen-
1060 Appliance Repair SERVICE character. Back- TOMBIGBEE RV Park,
4460 Flea Markets CORKREN, DECEASED Certified in lead Community boat ramp. tial lots for sale. One lot
1070 Asphalt & Paving ground in construc- Large deck overlooking in Cork Village border- located on Wilkins Wise
4480 Furniture removal. Offering spe- tion supervision pre- 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart- Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
1090 Automotive Services CAUSE NO: 2018-0153- cial prices on interior & water. Updated home ing #9 fairway. Ready to
4510 Garage Sales C ferred but not re- ments & townhouses. 1200 sqft. CH/A. Hookups available.
1120 Building & Remodeling 4540 General Merchandise exterior painting, pres- quired. Salaried posi- Call for more info. build on. $27000 OBO. $300/mo. 662-328-
1150 Carpeting/Flooring sure washing & sheet $700/mo + $700 dep. One large lot overlook-
4570 Household Goods NOTICE TO CREDITORS tion with benefits & 662-328-8254. Call 662-425-0250 for 8655 or 662-574-7879.
1180 Childcare rock repairs. vehicle furnished. ing #17 green. Ready to
4630 Lawn & Garden Free Estimates more info. build on. $28.000 OBO.
1210 Chimney Cleaning THE STATE OF MISSIS- Email resume to Apts For Rent: South 7040
1240 Contractors
4660 Merchandise Rentals
4690 Musical Instruments SIPPI
Call 435-6528 job101@
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250
662-889-3103. Five Questions:
1250 Computer Services 4700 Satellites Sitting With The Sick / Elderly WOODED: 6.4 Acres in
Very nice 1BR & 2BR 125 BECK Dr. Oktibbeha Co, small
1270 Electrical HELP WANTED – EXPER- apartments available.
1 Raccoon
4720 Sporting Goods Letters Testamentary 1780 Located off Old 82 E. lake, turn left on Nich-
1300 Excavating 4750 Stereos & TV’s have been granted and IENCED HEAVY EQUIP- Lease & deposit re- 1.5BR/1BA. $450/mo. ols Rd, $49,900.
1320 Fitness Training 4780 Wanted To Buy issued to the under- NEED SOMEONE to care MENT OPERATORS quired. Call 662-364- $450 dep. No pets. No 662-312-5184.
1330 Furniture Repair & signed upon the Estate for your loved one? NEEDED FOR LOCAL 1610.
PROJECT. MUST BE HUD. 662-574-7614.
1360 General Services
5000 Pets & Livestock
5100 Free Pets
of Mary Y. Corkren, de- Years of experience.
ceased, by the Chan- Great References. Call ABLE TO MAINTAIN
Apts For Rent: West 7050 FOR RENT: Very nice
Mobile Homes for Sale 8650 2 Macarena
5150 Pets cery Court of Lowndes Betty, 662-251-6680. 2BR/2BA, just off Milit- 16X88 SINGLEWIDE.
1380 Housecleaning County, Mississippi, on Very good at what I do! EXCAVATORS. Fax re-
5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock sume to 662-492-4490 ary & Black Creek Rd. That's right, 88 feet
1390 Insulation
1400 Insurance 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming
the 30th day of July, A.
or email to jm.sitemast Quiet, respectable trail- long! Huge living room &
3 Maine
D., 2018. This is to give Stump Removal 1790 er park. 662-242-6439 kitchen. Must see!
5300 Supplies/Accessories notice to all persons
1410 Interior Decorators or 662-570-3340. Only $58,900.
1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair 5350 Veterinarians having claims against 662-570-1375
1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping 5400 Wanted To Buy said estate to Probate
and Register same with
is looking for an
Apartments LOTS FOR Rent in New 5BR/3BA. Central AC 4 Star Trek:
1500 Locksmiths 6000 Financial the Chancery Clerk of ADVERTISING SALES & Houses Hope Mobile Home
Park. $160-$200/mo,
and skirting. Delivery,
The Next
1530 Machinery Repair Lowndes County, Mis- set up & tie down in-
6050 Business Opportunity REPRESENTATIVE.
1 Bedrooms will prepare site. Hurry,
1560 Mobile Home Services
sissippi, within ninety The ideal candidate is a cluded. Only $79,900.
6100 Business Opportunity
1590 Moving & Storage Wanted
(90) days from the first motivated self-starter 2 Bedroooms only 3 lots available!
Pam, 601-310-3528.
publication date of this
1620 Painting & Papering 6120 Check Cashing Notice to Creditors. A ALLSTUMP GRINDING
with excellent commu-
nication and organiza- 3 Bedrooms ASSUME PAYMENTS.
1650 Pest Control SERVICE Singlewides &
5 Lemonade
6150 Insurance failure to so Probate tional skills, a strong NICE 3BR/2BA MH in
1680 Plumbing 6200 Loans and Register said claim GET 'ER DONE!
We can grind all your
work ethic and the abil- Furnished & North Columbus. Close Doublewides available.
Small transfer fee re-
Unfurnished stand
1710 Printing 6250 Mortgages will forever bar the ity to relate to a wide to schools & CAFB.
same. stumps. Hard to reach $455/mo + $455 dep. quired. 662-570-1375.
1740 Roofing & Guttering 6300 Stocks & Bonds places, blown over
range of people. Sales
1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers 6350 Business for Sale This is the 17th day of roots, hillsides, back-
experience is preferred,
but not required. Full-
1, 2, & 3 Baths 662-308-7781 or 601-
1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick
7000 Rentals August, 2018. yards, pastures.
estimates. You find it,
time position includes Lease, Deposit
1790 Stump Removal
1800 Swimming Pools 7050 Apartments /s/JAMES W. WILSON, we'll grind it!
insurance benefits,
competitive pay, paid
& Credit Check RENT A fully equipped
662-361-8379 camper w/utilities &
1830 Tax Service 7100 Commercial Property EXECUTOR personal leave and op- cable from $145/wk -
1860 Tree Service
1890 Upholstery
7150 Houses
7180 Hunting Land Steven R. McEwen
McEwen Law Firm
Tree Services 1860
portunity for advance-
ment. Come join our
creative, award-winning
327-8555 $535/month. Colum-
bus & County School
1910 Welding 7190 Land for Rent/Lease locations. 662-242-
P. O. Box 709 A&T Tree Service staff. Hand deliver re- 7653 or 601-940-1397.
7200 Mobile Homes Columbus, MS 39703 Bucket truck & stump sume to Beth Proffitt at Apts For Rent: Other 7080
2000 Announcements 7250 Mobile Home Spaces removal. Free est. 516 Main Street,
2050 Card of Thanks 7300 Office Spaces PUBLISH: 9/18, 9/25, Serving Columbus Columbus or email to
1 & 2 BR Apts for Rent. Commercial Property 8050
2100 Fraternal & Lodge & 10/2/2018 since 1987. Senior Military & 6th Ave N.
7350 Resort Rentals CH&A and Owner pays WAREHOUSE SPACE for
2150 Good Things To Eat 7400 River Property citizen disc. Call Alvin @
IN THE CHANCERY 242-0324/241-4447 water. $350 per month, rent @ 1120 Hwy 69 S.
2200 In Memorial 7450 Rooms deposit required. 5,000sqft, heated &
2250 Instruction & School
COURT OF LOWNDES "We'll go out on a limb COLUMBUS LAW firm
7500 Storage & Garages COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI for you!" Dunn & Hemphill in 662-352-4776. cooled. 662-386-2746.
2300 Lost & Found 7520 Vacation Rentals search of a legal secret-
2350 Personals IN THE MATTER OF THE ary/paralegal with 5 yrs Apts For Rent: Other 7080
7550 Wanted to Rent VICKERS TREE office experience pre-
2400 Special Notices ESTATE OF
7600 Waterfront Property ROBERT L. TURNAGE, SERVICE, LLC ferred with references.
2600 Travel/Entertainment Tree trimming and re- Please send resume to:
8000 Real Estate DECEASED
3000 Employment moval. Fully insured. Dunn & Hemphill,
8050 Commercial Property CAUSE NO. 2018-0208- Free estimates. P.O. Drawer 1426,
3050 Clerical & Office 8100 Farms & Timberland Call Curt 662-418-0889
KMB Columbus, MS 39703,
3100 Data Processing/ Computer 8150 Houses - Northside or 662-549-2902 OR email: wddunn@
3150 Domestic Help

8200 Houses - East JEFFREY J. TURNAGE, “A cut above the rest”
3170 Engineering 8250 Houses - New Hope EXECUTOR
3200 General Help Wanted 8300 Houses - South General Help Wanted 3200
3250 Management Positions NOTICE TO CREDITORS
8350 Houses - West
3300 Medical/Dental 8450 Houses - Caledonia STATE OF MISSISSIPPI

3350 Opportunity Information 8500 Houses - Other
3400 Part-Time 8520 Hunting Land COUNTY OF LOWNDES
3450 Positions Wanted 8550 Investment Property
3500 Professional Letters Testamentary
8600 Lots & Acreage have been granted and
3550 Restaurant/Hotel 8650 Mobile Homes issued to the under-
3600 Sales/Marketing 8700 Mobile Home Spaces signed upon the Estate to place an ad in the
3650Trades 8750 Resort Property of Robert L. Turnage,
3700Truck Driving 8800 River Property also known as Robert
Lake Turnage, de-
4000 Merchandise 8850 Wanted to Buy ceased, by the Chan-
4030 Air Conditioners 8900 Waterfront Property cery Court of Lowndes
4060 Antiques 9000 Transportation County, Mississippi, on
4090 Appliances the 21st day of Septem-
9050 Auto Accessories/Parts ber 2018. This is to
4120 Auctions
4150 Baby Articles
9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
9150 Autos for Sale
give notice to all per-
sons having claims
How else are you
4180 Bargain Column
4210 Bicycles
9200 Aviation
9250 Boats & Marine
against said estate to
Probate and Register going to sell that
4240 Building Materials same with the Chan-
4250 Burial Plots
9300 Camper/R.V.’s
9350 Golf Carts
cery Clerk of Lowndes
County, Mississippi,
stuff in your
4270 Business Furniture &
9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
within ninety (90) days
from the first publica-
4300 Camera Equipment 9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses tion date of this Notice
4330 Clothing to Creditors. A failure to
9550 Wanted to Buy so Probate and Re-
4360 Coins & Jewelry
gister said claim will
forever bar the same.