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V.1 Released 1/13/16

This battery firmware is intended to resolve the following unexpected

charging symptoms when a Z500 or Z510 laptop is powered on:

 Battery is dead
 Battery is not detected
 Battery is detected and charged to 100% but when AC power is
removed, the laptop immediately powers off
 When battery is fully charged and AC power is removed, battery level
falls dramatically within 10 minutes

Note: Before beginning this process, please plug the laptop into AC power. If
possible, charge the laptop to 80%.

Step 1: Copy the archive of “Z510 FU package_Disable Dynamic CC” to the

desktop and extract it

Step 2: Execute “LnvBFU.exe” by clicking on the file

Step 3: The Lenovo Battery Firmware Update tool will open. In the “Welcome”
window, select “Next” to continue
Step 4: In “Check for battery”, select “Next” to have the system check for new

Step 5: In “Identify battery firmware”, check “apply this firmware…” and choose
Step 6: After reading the “Notice”, click on “Next”
Step 7: After reading the second “Notice” and verifying the laptop is connected to
AC power, select “Next”
Step 8: The firmware update will begin. A progress bar will show the status of the
firmware update
Step 9: When the firmware installation executes successfully, select “Finish”

Step 10: Click on “Continue with shutdown” to complete the firmware update. The
laptop will then restart