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Briefly describe a few interesting events in the novel you have read.

Give reasons for your choice with your

close reference to the text.

The novel Sing to the Dawn by Minfong Ho contains several interesting events. It tells the story of
Dawan and her struggles to be allowed to further her education in the city. The story touches on how the
people in a small village in Thailand view a woman’s place in society.

The first event which I feel is interesting is when Dawan went to the temple for asking help from the
head monk. In the temple, Dawan told the head monk about the problem that she faced and asked him to
persuade her father to let her go to the city school as it was her right. However, the head monk told Dawan
not to go to the city school as she can learn everything she wanted in the temple. The head monk refused yo
help and refered her just a “mere girl”. Dawan was angry and bitter at all these injustices yet she did not give
up. This event is interesting because I see hope for women as Dawan is determined to find someone who
supports her to study in the city school. She wanted to change the old-fashioned views of the people in her

The second interesting event is

The next event which is interesting is the negotiation between Dawan and her father in the house.
Dawan tried to talk to his father and asked him to allow her to study in the city school. Dawan wanted her
father to be fair to her and not to misuse his power to forbid her to go to the city. She also dared to tell her
father that he was wrong to stop her trying to do the things boys can do.She persuaded him to give her a
chance to learn new things in the city. She wanted her father to believe in her dreams. She compared herself
as a caged bird. She wanted the chance to fly and see the world. Eventually,