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Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is about behaving appropriately online and behaving responsibly.

Digital native is a person who was born in the technology era and who knows everything about technology since they
were born surrounded by computers.
Digital immigrant is a person who was born surrounded by computers their whole life.
Technology is the one place that you can search something online using the internet and not get arrested unless if it is to sell drugs or cocaine.
Digital footprint is anything and everything that we do online, it is our online presence online reputation.
Rights and responsibilities are that we can look up thing that we do not know the answer to and that we can hang out and talk to our friends and
Digital Literacy is the process of how to find, sort, evaluate, manage, and create information in digital forms. It is a crucial part of digital
Cyber bullying: people who bully other people online who think that it is funny enough to post embarrassing pictures and videos online and they think
that they can still be doing that and they think that the targets will be ok and not feel embarrassed when they know that the friend that they thought that
they knew turned into a real jerk.
Up stander: someone who stands up to the cyberbullying and does it in a positive way
Bystander: someone who is a witness in the crime
Active Bystander: someone who takes place in a negative way
Copyright: a law that protects your control over the creative work
Copyright infringement: breaking copyright laws
Creative work: any idea or artistic
Fair use: the use of part of someone’s project without permission
Plagiarism: when you copy and paste, or use someone else’s word or work (intentionally or unintentionally), as your own
Piracy: means copying, downloading, sharing music, video games, movies, software, or other digital media, in order to keep , sell, or give it away
without paying for it or permission is called piracy.

3 facts from the article are that digital access is being accessible to digital citizenship, being able to not use piracy ever, and that piracy is illegal