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Civic Welfare Training Service

I. Project Title:
Plant Trees for a Greener Future: A Program to Lessen
the Cutting of Trees in the Community
II. Description:
This program is to raise awareness and give knowledge
about the effects of cutting trees and on how it will affect
our living in the near future. The activities of this program
is a seminar that will be conducted on a specific areas in
the community and putting trees or sapling and plants in
specific areas of the community.
III. Objectives:

 To help in improving the health of the community.

 To lessen the intake of polluted air in the community.
 To minimize the cutting of trees in the community.

IV. Date and Time of Implementation:

The program will be implemented on the month of July in
the light of the celebration of Nutrition Month.
V. Subject/s:
The target of this program is mostly the families that
are living in the area that are willing to cooperate and the
baranggay officials.
VI. Area:
The program will be implemented at Bagong Silang,
Caloocan City.
VII. Resource Materials:
Speakers, microphones, projector, and a laptop are the
things that are needed to be used in the seminar. Young trees
or saplings and plants are also needed in this program.
VIII. Pre-implementation Requirements:
The chosen volunteers or baranggay officials will be
posting print-advertisements and giving leaflets that will be
used to announce the seminar in the community.

IX. Risk Assessment:

The only one risk that the program might encounter is
the lack of cooperation from the families of the community.
They might too busy to join the seminar or they will not care
about it.
X. Procedure:
Time Activity Person/s Expected Resource
Frame in Charge Output Material
July Seminar Volunteers The families Speakers,
about the or of the microphones,
environment. Baranggay community projector,
Officials will be more and a laptop
about the
that we have.
July Putting Volunteers There will be Young trees
young trees or more trees or or saplings
or saplings Baranggay plants in the and plants.
and plants Officials streets.
in the

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