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What’s Your Catholic IQ?

  A Self-Assessment for Your Fun and Enlightenment


1 B) After agreeing to be mother 7 C) Since 1917 millions of people 15 TRUE. The attack occurred
of the Jesus and subsequently visiting visit Fatima as pilgrims each year. on May 13, the Feast of Our Lady of
her cousin Elizabeth, Mary sings this Fatima. A bullet barely missed a major
prayer of gratitude (The Magnificat)
8 FALSE. Mary told the children artery, and the Pope said that “a moth-
to pray for peace and an end of war.
for all the great works God had done er’s hand guided the bullet’s path.”
for her (See CCC, 2097). 9 D) On the eve of the Bolshevik 16 D) A year after he was shot, the
revolution, which sent Russia into 60
2 FALSE. Mary serves as the years of oppression under commu-
Pope visited Fatima to thank Mary and
greatest role model of obedient placed the bullet in the crown of the
nism, Mary advised the children to
faithfulness to God for all Christians statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
pray so that Russia would not spread
in every generation (See CCC, 144).
She was Jesus’ first disciple and still
its lies to the whole world. 17 B) The daughter of the Muslim
prophet Mohammed was named
serves him through her maternal care 10 B) Mary promised a miracle to Fatima. Mohammed said of his daugh-
of the Church. prove her appearances were authen-
ter after her death: “Thou shalt be the
tic. During her last visit in October,
3 D) St. John Paul II, following witnesses reported seeing the sun
most blessed of women in Paradise,
Church teaching, explained how Jesus after the Virgin Mary.” Mary’s appear-
dancing, spinning, changing colors,
made Mary the mother of all disciples; ance in Fatima connects Muslims to
and descending toward the earth.
Christ gave us “the gift of a mother, her message.
his mother, who thus becomes our 11 D) Francisco and Jacinta were 18 A) The angel taught the children
mother too.” named “blessed” in 2000, the first step
this prayer: “My God, I believe, I adore,
of sainthood. Pope Benedict waived the
4 A) Throughout history Mary 5-year wait to open the cause for Lucia’s
I hope, and I love You. I beg pardon of
has continued to care for Christians You for those who do not believe, do
path to sainthood. She died in 2005 at
through her intercessory prayer and not adore, do not hope, and do not
97 years of age.
occasionally by appearing love You.” 
around the world to call 12 C) Jacinta offered her 19 D) Mary told the children: “When
people to prayer and suffering for the Pope, the
you recite the Rosary, say at the end of
conversion. conversion of sinners, and
each decade: “Oh my Jesus, forgive us
peace in the world.
5 C) The children our sins, save us from the fires of hell,
often were poor, uned- 13 A) Sister Lucia vis- and lead all souls to heaven, especially
ucated shepherds who ited Fatima when Jacinta those in most need of your mercy.”
did not realize at first and Francisco were beat-
that they were seeing the ified and when Pope John 20 TRUE. Millions are expected to
celebrate this anniversary through pil-
Blessed Virgin Mary. Paul II came in 1982.
grimages to Fatima and special prayer
6 TRUE. In 1930, the Church rec- 14 A) During her last appearance to
the children in Fatima, Mary referred
services throughout the world.
ognized the children’s visions of Mary
in Fatima to be authentic and worthy to herself with this title. David O’Brien is the faith
of pious devotion. formation director at St. Timothy
Parish in Florida. He teaches
theology at St. Leo University and
is the author of There’s a Beer in My Handbag:

If a person says the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him/

Unusual Thoughts About Everyday Faith.
her, the Catholic Church automatically says the vision is
real. True | False

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