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Dear Mr Elyor Mirzaliev

Your application for an IELTS test on the below date has been accepted.

Please expect to receive further instructions from your test centre shortly.

Log on to the Test Taker Area for FREE Access to the Road to IELTS Online preparation course

Road to IELTS is a self-study course written by British Council to help test takers prepare for the IELTS test.
The course includes listening tests, reading and writing exercises, and mock tests designed to develop your
exam skills.

As a British Council IELTS test taker, we are delighted to offer you Road to IELTS: Last Minute which
consists of access to 30 hours of this course for FREE. Access Road to IELTS and other free practice
materials via the Test Taker Area. Log in to the Test Taker area using your IELTS Reference No. and email

Good luck with your IELTS test!

Test Taker Area

You can find a summary of your test
information as well as details of IELTS
practice materials via the IELTS Test
Taker Area. Login here using your
IELTS Reference UZ025-137408-
1270 and email address. Your Test Details Prepare for Test Check Result
NB you will need to use this reference number each time you log in to the Test taker
Area so please make sure you keep this email for future reference.

In the Test Taker Area you will also be able to review the details you have submitted,
find a summary of your test information, payment status and centre contact details. A
results preview will also be made available thirteen days after your test date.

Your Test Location Details Your IELTS Contact Details

IELTS Reference No.: UZ025-137408-1270 Name: British Council Uzbekistan

Module: Academic Address: 13th floor,Block A, International Business

Date: 25 May 2017 Centre, 107B Amir Temur Street, Tashkent,
Fee (GBP): 120.00 Uzbekistan, 100084
Town/City: Tashkent Telephone: 99871 2050660