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LSSU Chapter Society for Conservation Biology

General Meeting Agenda

September 27, 2018
Meeting called to order: 5:03 pm
Officer Reports:
Vice President: Brendan Lukomski - Env.Sci./Chem updates? Makayla sent a bad hilarious
movie to Brendan. We wanna watch it with chem club. There is a speaker coming in at some
Secretary: Brady Loop - Ad Hoc committee representation

Treasurer: Jacob Panozzo - binders “I did a thing” (Panazzo, 2018). Officers will make binders
detailing their duties. We have money. We spent $11.38

Committee Chair Reports:

RIP conservation news- just kidding, Bryant did it this week. Hoping to relocate some
wolves to Isle Royale. Migratory Bird Treaty Act- unintentional take of birds was not monitored
under the migratory bird treaty act… people were mad. Suings occured. UPDATE: palm oil
is still bad. There are Tigers in Nepal. New Fish Species of the coast of Brazil. Bryant likes it.
We need a new chair for conservation awareness.
Laker Woods Restoration Project Co-Chairs: Bryant Eddy and Grant Dallaire went well. There
was a lot of buckthorn. Brady got the plant killer on his pants. We initially sprayed on the phrag.
Will be an ongoing project. We will schedule another buckthorn removal. Show up to laker
woods meetings kids. Makayla showed pictures.

Old Business:
● Updated the google calendar - check that out If it doesn’t work, Brady is not sure how to
fix it.
● Brendan is working on new T-shirt designs still working on it. Give your ideas to him.
Brady supports light blue. Jake will stop wearing black when they make a darker color.
Choices: Green with white logo, light blue with white logo, black with blue logo
● Laker Woods Restoration Committee meetings are now bi-weekly ope
● Chat about Tahquamenon Hike We went under a big ole waterfall. Joe didn’t come
● Chat about Phrag and Buckthorn Removal we need to get rid of some phrag man. We
have to re map.

New Business:
● Jacob’s Presentation on Sea Otters (The swim doggo with pockets) not controversial.
Just fun. Brady conveniently didn’t take notes on the content… whoops.
● Conservation Awareness Chair Appointment no-one volunteered. Makayla threatened to
pick at random.
● Create Spring Symposium Committee Makayla wants 2-3 people to join and do the
things. Any questions: ask Makayla. Vote was had… It’s unanimous. Lead chair
volunteers- No aqui estan.

Upcoming Fall Events:

General Meetings: Hey, you should come to these!
● Thursday, October 11, 2018
● Thursday, October 25, 2018
● Thursday, November 8, 2018
● Thursday, November 29, 2018
● Saturday, October 13, 2018: Invasive Scotch Pine Removal Yak meat for days…
probably salad too
● Litter Removal: Sunday, Oct. 28 Apparently, Laker Woods Clean-up sounds “nicer”
● Aubrey Falls Camping Trip: Friday (3ish) Oct. 19-21
● Education Outreach Event for Great Lake State Weekend Go to it
● Various fundraising events

Next Meeting: October 11, 2018. 5:00pm. CRW302.

Pay your dues! $5/year | T-shirts are $10
Like/Follow on Facebook: LSSU Chapter Society for Conservation Biology

Meeting to adjourn: 5:37 pm.

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