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bellaviste. the art of breathing Neonatal options Neonatal options bellavista neonatal options bellavista 1000 can now be upgraded for ventilation of very small premature babies, noonates and infants. The new options enable an accurate, sensitive and confortable ventilation. The devices little weight and integrated battery permit a wide range of use and application possibilities. Ventilation of premature patients ‘Advanced Neonatal 02 Flush Accurate delivery of tidal volumes from 2m allow ventita- Customisable 02 flush capability allows the user to set tion and monitoring of patients with very low birth maximum F102 required and duration of delivery. weights. Lung protective ventilation Flexible and easy to use Arrange of features like, target volume mode, DualVent The neonatal options provide a full ventilation platform to ‘and configurable neonatal back-up ventilation aro cater for the full range of patients and ventilation needs, Integrated to achieve patient safety and comfort in the most demanding hospital environments. Details and Accessories Neonatal Neonatal Advanced 301617000 -302.267.000 Pationt weight 2 125g 2oskg Tidal volume 2.2800 mL . 10.2500 mL. . : Breathing frequency 1.2180 bpm . . Inspiration time 01.108 _ Leakage compensation 20min * . —————————— Pressure rise time ‘Auto adaptive . e Ventilation modes CCPAR PCV"), P-A/C*), PC-SIMV4), PSV") beModes Single Vent, Dual Vent Target Vent (PRVC), Backup *») Modes available with Targetvent Accessories Order No. Breathing creut E275 301.688.00 (Neonatal, inspiratory heated single-patient,olethylene Proximal low sensor Neonatal 301470010 oy timistersn 301880.000 Ps Humidifeation chamber MR&40 Gousabie) 301 608.000 7 Inepirtoryhesterwire adaptor 207.802,000 janet 301.886 000 Humidifier bracket, 207.620.000 ! Test Lung Neonatal 500040.000 Diagnostic Package Capnography go.44.oco Ainy Adapter Neonatal 01475010 ‘Adapter Piece or Airway Adopter Neonatal 301.476.050 Enhanced monitoring Using the optional CO2 and extended monitoring features in bellavista allows important ventilation parameters to be captured, displayed, trended and exported for further analysis.