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“| Continuous Transliteration and Translation 188 CONTINUOUS TRANSLITERATION AND TRANSLATION INVOCATION HYMN 2 [ssi mt Jw-" Tan ny hr ni nw n nbs dé-maw in bin sw Hr sntrn sw Dit 1 ir(.t) tht nb(. nfr(.0) wb) 1 Tmn-R°onb-ns.wtet8.y n Imn-R@nb-Hb-wsr-hps 2Ubfl rmw)-wr =f nb.w $83.98 hip) rms Sb Fwy n pe hr-s3 8 psd nb-ns.wt-13.wy m bprw=f] hip.tirs=k m hip rs Tmn m ‘nk m hip rsNmhup “ir imy sphowt sti Bowy 3.38 Nwn Snbed.t mirn=fn Rnb Snbemsw hnty Bbt=f mr r-nbs mrn=fmnhn th nar ib.w hat.w Bw hr srq htt im rn=fn Tmn-mn-meipstend b3 Sw n ntrw nbaw > HE mn qm h.ten-nh Np(r)i bh t2.wy wey ih m hm=fm in Bowy * b3 imy mhn.t=f psd m 3h. hr sw mrn=f n Rs-wd nur tr sip > Hr b3 diw Snh.y ‘nb m Nwn mrn=fin ke-nswit-nh ntr-hnmm.t CONTINUOUS TRANSLITERATION AND TRANSLATION 189 INVOCATION HYMN [Leading] the secret [rites of Amun which are upon the slates of zizyphus. Words spoken by (one), *Horus having [purified] him, and Thoth having censed him, in order to do everything good and pure for Amun-Re Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands, for Amun-Re, Lord of Hibis, mighty of scimitar, according to] all his mysterious titularies, which are hidden from his children: Its so that the Lord of the ‘Thrones of the ‘Two Lands might shine in his manifestations, that the doors of heaven are opened upon earth, Awake being rested, may you awake in peace! May Amun awake in life and peace, may N awake in peace! “Horus who is in the districts, who illumines the two lands, Bull who ejaculates Nun, who lives eternally, in his name of Re, every day. 5 The one living of births in his lft eye, whom everyone loves, in his effective name of Moon, god of hearts and minds “It is in allowing throats to breathe that he spits out wind, in his name of Amun-who-endures-in-all-things, the Ba of Shu for every God. ? Body of life who creates the “wood-of-life” Nepri who floods the two lands, nobody in the circuit of the two lands living without his knowledge, in his name of Nun the Elder. "he 63-ram who is in his mhn.t-serpent, who illumines by means of his brilliant eyes, whose torch-flame encircles him in the earth, in his name of Res-Wedja, god who creates the morning-light. * Horus of the Five Ba, living one who lives in Nun, in his name of Living Royal Ka, god of the sunfolk