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Ingersoll Rand

Nirvana Variable Speed Drive, Rotary Screw Air Compressors

50-200 hp (37-160 kW)
Introducing Nirvana
A true variable speed drive compressor
now available in single- and two-stage.
Exceptional Reliability

By matching a standard variable speed inverter with a Hybrid Permanent

Magnet® (HPM®) motor, Ingersoll Rand is first-to-market with a true variable
speed drive compressor. In both single- and two-stage, the Nirvana
compressor has fewer rotating parts than any other air compressor in its class.

I HPM motor has no bearings, thus raising the standard on compressor

reliability to an unequalled level.

I Since the HPM motor directly drives the compressor, there are no
pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals that would wear out, leak
or need replacing.

I Coupled with Ingersoll Rand’s time-proven, reliable airend, Nirvana

is as low-maintenance as an air compressor can get.

2 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

High-efficiency Motor Dramatically
Improves Uptime

With no wearing parts, Nirvana’s contact-cooled

high-efficiency HPM motor keeps your facility up
and running.

The permanent magnet rotor is fitted to the The revolutionary HPM

motor improves uptime.
compressor shaft and the stator comprises a
series of poles with simple individual coils. This
unique design eliminates the hot spots caused by
overlaying coils in a traditional inverter duty
induction motor. Due to this simple design and
low starting current, the Nirvana HPM motor is
rated for unlimited starts.

Integral Design, Fewer Parts and Fewer

Connections Help Eliminate Trouble Spots,
Leaks and Failures

Nirvana’s leak-free design uses a single-point

connection between airend and separator. This
eliminates troublesome compressor piping and
leak-prone connections that cause downtime
and drive up operating and repair costs. Single-point, leak-free
connections lower
repair costs.
Time-proven Quality Airend
and Inverter

Not everything in the Nirvana compressor is

brand new. At the core of all Nirvana compressors
is Ingersoll Rand’s rugged, reliable single- and
two-stage airends.

I Ingersoll Rand’s advanced airend design is

known everywhere for trouble-free operation
and minimal maintenance.

I The variable frequency drive (VFD) uses a

standard inverter well recognized for providing
dependable service in manufacturing operations
all over the world.
Rugged, reliable airends
reduce maintenance.
Energy Efficiency
At full load, the new Nirvana compressor can
produce the most air using the least energy.
Ingersoll Rand will guarantee these efficiencies
down to loads as low as 25%.

Comparison of Rotary Capacity Controls

By comparison, a conventional fixed speed air
compressor can produce extreme pressure
Percentage of Full Load Power

fluctuations, greatly reducing efficiency

whenever the compressor operates outside its 70
optimum performance range. 60

Using a frequency inverter and the HPM 50

motor, Nirvana compressors: Geometry Control
30 On-line/Off-line
I Provide the only true variable speed 20
* Nirvana
drive (VSD). 10

I Deliver air at a constant pressure, regardless 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

of demand, at maximum efficiency. Percentage of Output Volume (cfm)
I Achieve constant pressure and maximum *The Nirvana motor turns off at 25% capacity and automatically
turns on when air pressure decays.
efficiency across their entire operating
range, from 100% loaded down to as little Nirvana compressors deliver constant pressure and maximum efficiency at any capacity.

as 25% loaded.
Rotary 10-Year Life-cycle Cost


Percent Cost

40 Energy

20 Installation
Purchase Price

Fixed Speed Nirvana Nirvana
Rotary Single-stage Two-stage

Rotary comparison at 70% average volume capacity; 4,000 hours per year; $0.05/kWh.

4 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

Traditional purchasing factors represent
only 20% of the cost to own and oper-
ate a rotary screw compressor. Energy
represents 80% of the life-cycle cost.
Typically, Nirvana will save at least
28% of the energy cost over its life.

Nirvana Will Reduce the Total Life-cycle Cost to Own

and Operate an Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand’s exclusive VSD makes possible a range of operating

characteristics that produce this unequaled energy efficiency.

I In a conventional air compressor, starting up the drive motor creates an

enormous energy draw, which can be as much as 800% of the full load
normal running current. Nirvana’s HPM motor and drive system limits the
in-rush current to less than 100%.

I The significant decrease in starting current requirements minimizes peak

charges, leading to a lower energy bill.

I Unlike conventional on-line/off-line air compressors, which vent

compressed air to depressurize the sump and unload, Nirvana
compressors simply reduce speed and volume to meet demand.

I When demand is below minimum speed, rather than run unloaded, a

Nirvana compressor simply shuts off.

I Nirvana compressors allow unlimited starts per hour with no decrease in

motor life; therefore, energy savings are tremendous.
Ingersoll Rand offers industry-leading
products and solutions that enable
businesses around the world to reduce
energy consumption and costs and
decrease harmful environmental emissions.
From air compressors that reduce energy
consumption to electric-powered golf cars
with near-zero emissions, Ingersoll Rand
provides the knowledge, experience and
solutions to help our clients achieve their
sustainability goals.
Real Savings, Real Satisfaction
Energy costs can be as much as 80% of the life
cycle of an air compressor. Nirvana systems help
you reach the full potential of variable speed
through lower energy costs, high efficiency and
quiet operation.

Two-stage Energy Savings

Nirvana two-stage compressors beat the performance of any other VFD

compressor at full or partial load.

I The typical compressor operates at an average of 70% load.

I The Nirvana VSD decreases the overall energy cost 22%-30% compared
to a fixed speed rotary air compressor.

I The Nirvana two-stage produces approximately 11%-15% more air than

a single-stage air compressor.

I Maximum energy saving is achieved by the Nirvana two-stage yielding

33%-41% savings.

Efficient, Quiet Operation

The Nirvana Coolant Conditioner matches the performance of the cooling

system to the performance of the compressor, maximizes bearing life, lowers
energy cost and keeps compressor noise levels to a whisper.

I Sound levels are as low as 59 dB(A) and 67 dB(A) at typical conditions.

I The VFD on the coolant circuit eliminates any chance of moisture gathering
in the coolant system. Competitive variable frequency drive compressors
will have a build-up of moisture in the coolant at partial loads, shortening
bearing life.

I The conditioner helps your system operate at the optimum compressor

coolant temperature, based on the system load and ambient conditions.

6 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

The Nirvana Coolant Conditioner

Ultra Coolant , the coolant

Percent Full Load (hp)

conditioner used in Nirvana

rotary screw compressors,
matches the performance of
50 60 hp Air Cooled Unit

85°F Ambient the cooling system to the
70% Load
30 100°F Package Discharge
performance of the
20 compressor, maximizes
10 bearing life, lowers energy
0 cost and keeps compressor
56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 noise levels to a whisper.
Sound Level (dBA)

Nirvana’s Coolant Conditioner allows the compressor to run at constant package discharge temperature.

Nirvana Two-stage
Best Full-load Performance and Partial-load Efficiency

Percent Full Load (hp)

Two-stage Double-
60 Efficiency Band

Full Line Modulation
30 Nirvana
37% Savings =
20 $16,198 per year/200 hp*


0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Percent Capacity
*Calculated at 6,000 hours per year operation; $0.04/kWh.

Nirvana two-stage compressors offer energy savings of up to 41%.

Transcendent Technology
More Air. Wider Range. More Efficient.

Competitors attempt to achieve variable

speeds using an inverter rigged to a
conventional induction motor compressor
drive train. But they end up using the same
power to produce 10%-15% less air. Whether
in single- or two-stage configuration, the
double-efficient Nirvana compressors:

I Produce more air across a wider

operating range with no increase in
power consumption.
Nirvana's more compact, doubly efficient
I Run at 95% efficiency at start-up vs. the single- and two-stage airend and HPM motor
assembly deliver both increased capacity and
competitions’ 90%, and maintain 95% greater efficiency.

efficiency through the entire speed range.

Modular Drive

Nirvana features an all-new, compressor-

specific modular drive designed with the latest
technology, but using all standard components
for easy repair and diagnosis.

I On-board drive diagnostics are displayed on

the Intellisys® microprocessor controller.

I Field-replaceable standard modular

components eliminate costly VFD replacement.

I The patented modular drive can be

diagnosed and serviced on-site by
qualified Ingersoll Rand service personnel,
eliminating valuable downtime.

I The drive is 60% smaller than standard

frequency inverters.

8 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

With the Intellisys® controller,
you are always in command. You
can quickly and easily adjust the
operating parameters of the
Nirvana compressor to meet
your air system’s requirements
and minimize operating costs.

Time-saving Diagnostics

I The Intellisys controller provides fast diagnosis of system

demand, displays a warning and/or stops the compressor I With finger-touch control,
if it exceeds operating parameters, and provides a history the Intellisys controller
of events leading up to the condition. This will keep provides quick, compre-
troubleshooting expenses and downtime to a minimum. hensive access to your
compressed air system.
I An easy-to-read liquid crystal display (LCD) provides
Nothing could be more
you with the critical details of your Nirvana compressor’s
intuitive and user friendly
operation, allowing you to make fast adjustments
than the Intellisys controller.
when necessary.

The Nirvana Product Line Advantage

1,150 I Whether your application

950 requires eight hours of
850 continuous-duty compressed
Typical Rotary

750 air or an intermittent supply

cfm @ 100 psig

650 Nirvana: over a 24-hour period, the

Competitor A

Most Air
Competitor B

550 Most Range Intellisys microprocessor

450 Best Efficiency
controller puts you in
complete control.
(100 hp Example)

Compared to both standard rotary screw compressors and other VFD

units, Nirvana produces more air across a wider operating range, and
always at maximum efficiency.
Nirvana Benefits
A compressed air system represents a significant
investment for any operation. So, you want to be
sure what you’re buying delivers the best value,
performance and longevity for your money.

Ingersoll Rand feature-rich Nirvana VSD compres-

sors are proven, rugged, reliable units that perform
to the highest standards regardless of industry,
application or environment.

10 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

Inherent Leak-free Design 8,000-hour/Two-year Lubricant
Ingersoll Rand's Ultra Coolant reduces
I Nirvana’s cast iron separator tank joins
maintenance costs by significantly
the airend using an integral single-point
extending coolant changeout intervals. Also,
Ultra Coolant’s superior separating properties
I Ingersoll Rand has eliminated all external
mean less coolant is passed downstream to
discharge piping and the check valve, making
the air system, resulting in cleaner air and
the Nirvana compressor virtually leak free.
minimal coolant costs.

Coolers Deliver Cool Compressed Air

Easy Serviceability
The coolers are located at the inlet end of
There are far fewer components needing
the compressor package and consistently
servicing in Nirvana than in any other
deliver compressed air at just 15°F (8.5°C)
compressor. Thus, the Nirvana compressor
above ambient temperature.
package is remarkably uncluttered, with
everything readily accessible behind easily
115°F (46°C) Ambient-rated removable panels.
I Nirvana compressors operate in high
ambient conditions, making them ideal for Factory Tested
locations anywhere in the world.
Every Nirvana compressor undergoes
I Nirvana’s high temperature rating ensures rigorous computerized factory validation tests
fewer nuisance shutdowns caused by to ensure that Nirvana delivers its promised
fouled coolers. performance under a wide range
of conditions.
Frequency Inverter Drive

This advanced modular drive system gives Variable Speed Cooling

the Nirvana compressor a controlled, soft I Elimination of thermal shock to cooling
start, eliminating current surges and components reduces downtime.
extending component life for increased
I Consistent discharge temperature
system reliability.
enhances system reliability.

I Energy consumption is matched to

thermal load.

Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors 11

Add Unequalled Reliability, Efficiency and

Ingersoll Rand’s Solutionizing™ process will

save 25%-50% of the operating cost associat-
ed with the compressed air system.

In a compressed air system, nothing is more
critical than reliability. And no compressor is
more reliable than Nirvana.

I A superior compressor designed for reliability

with the exclusive Ingersoll Rand Solutionizing™
process will often turn off a compressor in the
average compressed air system.

I Off compressors mean a significant increase in

system reliability and integrity.


When compressed air is an important part of the

production process, the compressed air system
becomes especially critical in terms of productivity
and cost efficiency.

I Adding a Nirvana compressor to your system not

only reduces costs, but also makes your entire
system more efficient and more productive.

I One of the primary goals of the Ingersoll Rand

Solutionizing process is to provide stable,
reliable pressure. Stable pressure, available
when the production process needs it, will
improve operating efficiency.

12 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors

Productivity to Your Current System


The compressed air system uses 10% of the energy consumed by

the average plant or production facility. Even small improvements in
efficiency can be valuable.

I The variable speed Nirvana compressor is the most efficient

compressor ever built, resulting in major energy savings.

I Ingersoll Rand Solutionizing seeks out the energy-wasting processes

on the demand side and the supply side. Managing your compressed
air system as a whole will lower operating costs.

Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors 13

Auditing, Service and Maintenance

Papermaking Food Packaging Textiles
Even in the harshest manufacturing Ingersoll Rand drives productivity Garment manufacturing requires
environments, rotary screw within this and other continuous a reliable source of clean, dry
compressors add unequalled or batch process industries by compressed air, which is why
reliability, efficiency and delivering advanced technology Ingersoll Rand has been a critical
productivity to your air system. compressor solutions that provide supplier to this industry for
low life-cycle costs. many years.

No matter what the industry or location, Ingersoll Rand is

committed to serving you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our worldwide network of distributors, engineers and certified,
factory-trained technicians, are a phone call away — ready to
support you with innovative and cost-effective service solutions
that will keep you running at peak performance.

PackageCare is a service contract

designed to help customers get the
most out of their air system investment.
Whether it’s Ingersoll Rand equipment
or a competitor’s, a new compressor
or used, with PackageCare
customers get hassle-free system
reliability, backed by the most
comprehensive service program in
the industry. We’re the only OEM
in the industry offering this type of
service coverage.

14 Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors


Metal Forming Assembly Printing
Compressed air is too important Few industries have a greater The printing industry relies heavily
to take chances, so engineers can need for variable speed drive on compressed air, from pre-press
maximize productivity by specifying and constant pressure – Nirvana through printing to shipping.
Nirvana, featuring our unique rotary screw compressors offer High quality air and stable pressure
Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor the best efficiency over the are critical to minimize production
with virtually no wearing parts. widest operating range. interruption.

Ingersoll Rand Audit Portfolio

IS IS Intellisurvey SA Supply-side Audit

I SY A I Automated compressor audit I Differentials, signals and set



point management

I Detailed air profile


I Identify fast-track savings I Pressure-drop management
opportunities yields significant energy savings
FS Feasibility Study I Air-quality management results
in significant productivity
I Analysis by walking around


I A I Interview operations,
FA Full-system Audit
finance, management
SA I All audit components previously
I Identify potential
identified, plus...
opportunities from a
Optimized Production
supply-side audit or I An exact match of optimal
full-system audit demand-side requirements to
Starting Points
minimize compressed
air consumption

Nirvana VSD Rotary Compressors 15

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