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lem onade... good new s from new port

oct ober 2018 #111

Hellooo October!

lemonade is a little later than

usual today, so I 'll get right to the
fun stuff below ... enjoy!
festiv e-all
SallyAnne_/) 10/ 6
and if you please

Bro adw ay St reet Fai r

all ears
10/ 13-10/ 14
This month N o rey' s Wednesday Blues
Series features some "local legends"
including Jam es Mo nt g o m ery on
10/3, The Li t t l e C o m pt o n Band
on 10/10, D uk e Ro bi l l ard on 10/17,
(TBA: 10/23) and Jack Grace on
10/30. Busk i ng at Bo w en' s Fal l
Seri es includes P ano ram i c Vi ew
St eel D rum s on 10/2, Louis Vaughan
Jazz on 10/5, Aidan Keating on 10/7, Bo w en' s W harf
D ani el & The Fl yi n' Li o ns on 10/15, Seafo o d Fest i v al
Mat t Sm i t h (of the Copacetics) on
10/17+10/21, Daisy Briggs on 10/19, 10/ 27-10/ 28
Il ana K at z K at z on 10/22 and Ro ry
& Ri c on 10/24. All performances are free, but weather
dependent based on each individual artist. (If there is no link,
above, the artist does not have an easily-discoverable online
presence, perhaps they should contact W i ndl ass C reat i v e ?)

The N arro w s C ent er schedule is

packed with shows this month,
including Ji m m i e Vaug han 10/4,
St ev en P ag e Tri o (formerly of Harv est Fai r at
Barenaked Ladies) on 10/5, Bl ues N ew po rt Vi neyards
C arav an w i t h Mi k e Zi t o , Bernard
Al l i so n & Al l y Venabl e on 10/6, Al Hav e You Seen Our
St ew art on 10/11, The C al i fo rni a
New W ebsite?
Ho neydro ps on 10/12 ,Greg Bro w n
on 10/13, Jo nny Lang on 10/15,
So nny Landret h on 10/20 and
Funk y Feat (featuring 4 members of
Little Feat on 10/25-- see more shows
at their w ebsi t e .

The Greenw i ch Odeum , hosts Jo rm a K auk o nen on 10/4,

Marc C o hn on 10/5, Av erag e W hi t e Band (remember Pick
Up The Pieces--uh huh?) on 10/11, Jo hn Lo dg e (of the Moody
Blues) on 10/21, Al i ce' s Rest aurant w i t h Sarah Lee
Gut hri e on 10/24 and Bet t ye Lav et t e on 10/27. The
Odeum also has some fun films lined-up, ro l l ' em below.

Windlass Creat iv e:

cr eativ e content:
+ g raphi c desi g n
+ l o g o s, i dent i t y
If interested, please click to em ail m e for m ore + co py-w ri t i ng
inform ation. + pho t o g raphy

custom mar k eting:

= w ebsi t es
roll 'em = e-new sl et t ers
= adv ert i si ng
Jane P i ck ens Theat er has a slate = co m prehensi v e
of scary and inspiring films in equal brandi ng
measure... but for very different
reasons. One-off screenings include contact us +
Heal tonight (10/1), The D ev i l W e
K no w on 10/2, Jul i et N ak ed on
10/3, Li v i ng i n Fut ure' s P ast on
10/9, W o m en' s Adv ent ure Fi l m
To ur on 10/17, Li v es Li v ed W el l on
10/22 and The Bi rds Hal l o w een
P art y on 10/24. Fahrenhei t 11/ 9
will run from 10/1- 10/4 and C o l l et t e
opens on 10/5 - 10/11. N ew po rt
P ubl i c Li brary continues their bee branded
Hitchcock Film Series with Vert i g o by W i ndl assC reat i v e
on 10/12 and Ro pe on 10/26. At the Greenw i ch Odeum this
month you can catch some classics including Bl az i ng
Saddl es on 10/12 and The Ro ck y Ho rro r P i ct ure Sho w on run along
10/18-10/19 (please note: N O BYO t o ast o r t . p. - prop bags
will be sold at the door for $2/each, these sales help the cast 10/ 7
cover their expenses, so purchase 3/$5!) A Halloween
Spooktacular on 10/20 features a double-feature of Ho cus
P o cus and The Shi ni ng .

N ew po rt Marat ho n

10/ 21

C i t i z en' s Bank
P el l Bri dg e Run

paws for
10/ 10

Check out W indlass Cr eativ e photos of the

r ecent 12 M etr e Nor th Amer ican Championship.
Pr ints and other items ar e also av ailable, photos Al es fo r Ani m al s
mak e gr eat gifts!
10/ 14
way-back m achine
The N ew po rt Hi st o ri cal So ci et y
hosts their second meeting of the
new Brick Market Book Club this
evening (10/1). The October selection
Go d, W ar, and P ro v i dence: The
Epi c St rug g l e o f Ro g er W i l l i am s Heart & So l e W al k
and t he N arrag anset t Indi ans fo r t he Ani m al s
Ag ai nst t he P uri t ans o f N ew
Eng l and by James A. Warren.
Check the N HS w ebsi t e for subsequent reading selections, green scene
meeting dates and to purchase club books at a 25%
discount! In addition to regularly scheduled N ew po rt Hi st o ry
W al k i ng To urs throughout the month, interactive and history
space events include P ho t o g raphi ng St o nes & So ul s in the
Common Burying Ground on 10/20, A C o l o ni st ' s W ardro be
with Dan Rosen on 10/27 and C o l o ni al Surv i v al & Mo dern
Rev i v al : N ew po rt i n t he 1960s on 10/30.

10/ 5+ 10/ 12 + 10/ 19

Gardens o f t he W o rl d
Seri es at Bl i t hw o l d

10/ 7
Garden w i t h t he
Mast ers at P resco t t

10/ 7
Great P um pk i n
W ei g h-Off at Frei chs

10/ 13-10/ 31
Tri ni t y C hurch
P um pk i n P at ch

10/ 23
Edi bl e W i l d P l ant s at
N ew po rt P ubl i c
Li brary
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Creativ e
v i si t t he
lemonade st and
(archiv ed news on ice)

squeez e i t fo rw ard

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