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Train Track Maddie Mulder P.

Unknowing whether or not my sister would live, I pulled harder and harder in
hopes of saving her life. I could see tears run down her face. I could not take this.
I had to save her. I wish we never went on this train.

Bored as usual, I sat laying in my bed browsing on my heavy and outdated

laptop. The aroma of baked potatoes filled the air of my home. It was almost time
for our family dinner. Today was nothing but a lazy Sunday night. Pressing down
on the keys of my old laptop, I began searching for the best vacation spots.
Obviously, I was not searching for an actual trip but, I can dream. With each click
my mouth became to frown more. I knew these saturated dream esk pictures we
are not something my family could have.

Ever since last year my family and I have been having financial trouble. My
mom lost her job, and my dad is just not doing well. He seems so caught up in
work that it is almost like he forgets about us. Now, I understand that he is only
trying to help our family but it is hard to watch someone you love slowly
becoming more and more distant. I hope one day he will come back to reality-

“ Reality, reality.” I whispered to myself.

While stuck in my own thoughts I found myself becoming more and more
stressed. I had to remember that right now all is well so, live in the moment. I am
aware this quote sounds like one of those you would find on Pinterest, similar to
those vacation pictures, but somehow it actually helps. Glancing over to piles and
piles of opened cardboard boxes waiting to be filled, I then remembered I have to
pack for my freshman year of college. Ah yes, more financial stress for my family.

This would not be such a problem for my parents but this year two kids are
going off to college. My twin sister, Ashley and I. I can not act like I am not
ecstatic about the fact that my sister and I are going to the same college, and
sharing the same dorm, though. Going to the same college has been a dream of
ours since we were young. I finally felt a smile fill my face. Understanding our
situation, I am so lucky that our dream is actually coming true. I quickly climbed
down the ladder of my bunk bed revealing the true mess of my room. Boxes
upon boxes we are sprawled out onto the floor. As well as clothes and
decorations for our shared dorm room. I began to slowly pack for my college
dorm. While scouring through my pile of dorm decorations I was not sure which
ones Ashley wanted for our dorm. So, I decided to ask.

“Ashley, come up stairs please!” I yelled. Almost surprising myself by the

volume of my voice.
“ One second!” She yelled back.

Within in a few minutes I heard Ashley and her shuffling footsteps coming up
the steep stairs. I heard the door to my bedroom open and saw my tall, blonde,
big blue eyed sister. So, basically me.

“Okay. Can I get your opinion on which decorations for our new dorm?” I said
with a blast of excitement.

“Uh sure…yeah.” Ashley said uncomfortably.

I was taken back from her odd additude. This was extremely unlike her. If
anything I thought she would be just as excited as I was. After All, this has been
our dream for years.

“Huh? Is something wrong?” I replied questionable.

“Kind of.” Ashley said seeming hesitant.

“Well.. what?” I said expecting nothing but a small problem.

“Okay, I know you will be upset but I-” she said as she was interrupted by my
mother yelling for us to come eat dinner.

Minutes passed and my family and I we are all eating a fresh delicious dinner
together. While I was taking a bite of my warm broccoli, I saw my mother and my
father looking at each other and smiling. It was almost like they had something to
tell Ashley and I.

“Should we tell them?” My mother said with her long pointed fingernails tapping
on the small wooden table.

“Sure!” My dad said with an odd amount of enthusiasm.

“Oh alright. Girls, you are going on an exclusive vacation trip to Florida!” My
mother said with great enthusiasm.

I felt my mouth drop. Butterflies began to fly in my hungry stomach. I could tell
Ashley felt the same way.

“ What, are you serious?” Ashley and I both blurted out simultaneously.
My mom nodded her head and continued speaking.

“Sorry it is so late notice, you girls will be leaving tomorrow morning! The train
will allow passengers to board around eight in the morning. You will then board a
plane to Florida. Get ready for a fun three day vacation!”

I turned my head to my dad. It was odd enough for my dad to be smiling ear to
ear but it was even odder to be sent away on a vacation with my best friend.
Dinner was followed by mass amounts of fast packing and rages of excitement
from my sister and I. After hours of packing it was time for bed. My sister and I
said our goodnights. All night I could not stop thinking about how my parents we
are able to pay for this. It made me wonder if I should feel guilty. Eager for the
next day, I decided to try and get some sleep.

I awoke to the sound of my beeping alarm clock on my phone. As I rubbed my

eyes I saw the time. The clock read: 7:00. At first I was confused about how early
it was, and then I remembered. I am going on a vacation to Florida! I climbed
down my laddar as quick as I could so I can remind my sister.

“Ashley, wake up!” I said

There was no response. This was very unlike her. I looked under the top bunk
to find an empty bed. There was nothing on top of it besides pillows, and
blankets. I began to panic.
“Ashley , Ashley, Ashley!” I yelled multiple tImes.

I began walking around the house in hopes to find her. The closer I got to the
bathroom door the louder sounds of whimpering and crying became. Unaware of
what I would see, I opened the door. Still drowsy from my deep sleep The bright
lights hurts my eyes. I saw Ashley standing in front of the mirror crying. I knew
something must have been very wrong because she is not often sensitive.

“What is wrong, Ash?” I said in confusion.

“Nothing, I am fine. Please, just leave.” Ashley responded in a depressed tone.

I debated for what felt like forever on whether or not to leave or to really find
out what is wrong. Being the non confrontational person that I am, I decided to
leave. It is not that I don't want to know or help, but in that moment I felt like it
was best to let her be. I walked back into our messy room to retrieve our luggage
that would then be brought down stairs. Although I could no longer hear her
cries, I could not stop thinking about how upset Ashley was. My mom yelled for
Ashley to come down stairs because it was time to leave. I heard loud footsteps
coming down stairs. Ashley smiled at me but I knew something was wrong. My
sister and I hugged our parents goodbye and we are on the road.

I put my keys into the ignition, my foot stepped on gas and we were out of the
driveway. At first it was an awkward car ride with Ashley. Something just seemed
off but I could not quite put my finger on it. To break the silence I began to talk
about the trip to Florida.

“Isn't it pretty cool that we are finally able to vacation alone, and to Florida?” I

“Yeah I guess so…” Ashley replied.

I was angered by her response. Does she even understand the hard work mom
and dad had to go through just so that we can have a three day vacation? If
anything she she should at least be thankful for all the money they put into this
trip. Without thinking I blurted out something I knew I should not have said.

“What do you mean? Mom and Dad have been working non stop just so that
we can have a couple of days to relax before college starts. Please don't act
ungrateful. If your upset about something, just tell me so I can help.” I said

Ashley had tears in her eyes. I watched her gentle hands wipe multiple tears
away. She then covered her face with her hands and looked out the window. At
that moment I knew I should have been so harsh. She is obviously going through
something i'm unaware of. She sniffed her nose and began to speak.

“ Listen, Lauren. I am sorry, okay? It has been a hard couple days for me and
for some reason today just has been the worst emotions wise. I wish I could tell
you what's wrong but if I do it will make me and you even more upset. I do not
want to ruin our vacation.” Ashley responded.

I accepted her apology and changed the subject. Even after a few minutes
once our small argument was over, I still couldn't help but wonder what was so
wrong. I felt guilty for my fit of anger so I decided to change the subject.

“Are you excited about the train ride?” I said jokingly while trying to lighten the

Ashley giggled, “Yeah I actually am. I have not been on a train for so long.
Mom told me we even go over a railway bridge on our way to Florida.”
“ Oh cool! Hey, perfect timing!” I said as we pulled up to the train station.

Minutes after Ashley and I found ourselves walking into the doors of the train.
Upon first Impression I noticed just how spacious the train really is. There was
windows upon windows, and large brown cushioned seats. Ashley and I
exchanged smiles and decided to sit in the back of the train. Once the
passengers boarded the train, the train was on it is way to our destination. I
decided to take quick nap to pass the time. That quick nap turned into an
extremely long nap. I woke up with a gentle tap on my shoulder. Startled, I
jumped straight up and turned my head, revealing Ashley.

“ Ca-Can I tell you something? Ashley said hesitant.

Confused with her demeanor I said, “ Ya, sure.”

“Okay what I am about to tell you is something you may not like to hear. I have
cried about it multiple times and please just know it deeply affects me as well. It
is not what I wanted to happen-”

“Ashley, just tell me” I said interrupting her suddenly.

“Are you sure?” She answered

I nodded my head ready to brace myself for the harsh words yet to come.

“Okay, so you have obviously been seeing me crying lately and I hate not
being able to tell you why. The reason is because I am not going to be able to go
to college with you anymore or at all.”

I sat there in silence. And tear dropped onto my lavender shirt revealing a wet
stain. Overwhelmed by feelings, I had nothing to say. At that moment I did not
know what to do except to just nod. The numbness in my body was unbearable. I
I could not believe it. Throughout my entire childhood, OUR entire childhood that
is, my only real dream that I thought we could actually accomplish was now

“Lauren, please say something, anything.” Ashley stated.

I did nothing but shake my head and look down at the tattered and scratched
floor. I couldn't even look at her. I felt my shoulders slouch and my eyes slowly
close. I dozed of in a dream filled sleep. All of a sudden I felt a harsh jolt forcing
me to wake up suddenly. My head whacked the back of the seat in front of me.
All I could hear was a ringing in my ear mixed with the screams of men, women,
and children. It was a terrible feeling but I decided to lift my head to see what all
of the commotion was about. What I saw was something I will never, ever forget.
The front of the train was suspended off the railway bridge. There was a huge
gap in the front of the train I could not take my eyes off of it. I did not want to
watch but I was stuck in a daze of watching people sliding out of the hole which
used to be the front of the train.

“What is going on?” I yelled with fear.

I heard a man with a deep but scared voice say “ Another train crashed into
ours! Stay calm everyone do not move. Or else the train will fall off the bridge!”

My heart sank. My own thoughts started to race, I could not concentrate on

one thing. I started hearing a word I could not make out. All of a sudden it
became clear. The word was “help” and I recognized that voice. It was Ashley. I
looked down at my feet. Ashley was slowly sliding down the now downward
ramp. Her face was filled with fear. I watched her hands reaching for anything to
grab a hold of, but there was nothing in reach. I ran as fast as possible but it was
not quick enough. She continued to slide downward until her hand was holding
on for dear life at the edge of the train. Her body was dangling above the forest
the bridge was passing through. All I could picture in my mind was her hand
giving out and my best friend, my sister, my twin, and the only person who will
never leave my side, could die within a second. Trying to compose myself of my
overwhelming emotions I tried to back to reality. The word reality reminded of the
time I was on my bed staring a the screen of my laptop, wishing I was wealthy
enough to go on a dream vacation.

A jolt of energy ran through my body. I jumped as far as possible in order to

grab her now weak and slipping hand. Once I had a strong firm grasp on her
hand i hooked my foot onto the leg of a seat and pulled so hard it felt like I used
every ounce of strength in my body. I looked at my sisters worried and scared
eyes. I could not take this much longer. My arms became to weaken from trying
so hard to pull my sister up onto the unstable floor of the train. I did not give up.
Within about a minute, Ashley was back up onto the floor of the train. I let out a
sigh of relief. We walked ourselves to the back of the train, where it was leveled.
The smell of blood filled my nose. I looked at ashley, just to make sure she was

“Ashley, your shoulder!” I yelled to her.

“ Lauren, do not worry I will be fine! I heard help is on its way.

Looking at her shoulder, I knew she was not okay. Blood was gushing from a
large gash in her shoulder. I knew I had to think quick but I had no idea what to
do. Ashley grabbed her bleeding shoulder with her hand. I could tell she was
panicked and trying to stop the blood.

“How did you do that, Ash?” I asked

I cut it on a piece of metal sticking up on the floor of the train. Ashley


“I have an idea.” I said quickly.

I took off my jacket and tied it tightly around ashleys right shoulder. I could tell it
hurt her, but I knew this would slow down the blood. While doing so, questions I
was unable to ask Ashley about filled my head.

“Ashley, why aren't you going to college with me anymore? I asked.

“Well, I was noticing how stressed you have been lately and it was really
upsetting me , so I talked with mom and dad. I told them that we should plan a
vacation for just me and you. I also told them that they can use my college
money to do so. Please do not be mad. I know it was pretty dumb of me.” Ashley

“I love you. I am so glad I have someone so selfless in my life. You care so

much for me and all I have done is be horrible to you. I am so sorry.” I said.

Ashley gave me a hug. Due to this situation I learned to always help the ones
you love no matter what. It does not matter what they have done, you should
always help them through whatever they are going through whether it is
emotionally or physically. All of a sudden we both heard the sound of a helicopter
coming to hopefully rescue us. Within a blink of an eye the screams turned into
sobs of joy. Ashleys arm was taken care of and finally stopped bleeding.
Firetrucks and ambulances filled the grown below us. Me, Ashley, and a few
others climbed down the tall ladder the firefighters propped up onto a tree. I
never thought I would be this happy to feel the rough and dirty ground under my
feet. Ashley and I were driven home, and were unable to finish our vacation trip,
but we both agreed to go home to see our family. Hours passed and we were
sitting at the dinner table as a happy family once again. My mom and dad
glanced at each other and smiled.I knew there was going to be another surprise.
“ Since you girls were unable to goon the vacation to Florida, we were able to
get a refund! Ashley you are going to college with Lauren!” My mom said with