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Referring to time in the past quiz

A Complete the quiz with the correct words in parentheses.

1. When did (did / was) the Russian Revolution take place (take place / taken place)?

a. In (In / For) 1925. b. About 100 years ago (ago / since).

2. How long (have / were) computers (were / been) in existence?

a. (For / During) over 50 years. b. (From / Since) 1920.

3. How long (have / was) John F. Kennedy president of the United States?

a. (During / From) 1961 to 1963. b. (For / Since) two years.

4. When (was / did) the first astronaut from China (go / gone) into space?

a. (From / In) the 1980s. b. (In / For) 2003.

5. How long (was / did) World War II last?

a. (From / To) 1938 to 1945. b. (Since / For) about six years.

6. How long (has / was) the euro (was / been) in existence?

a. (Since / From) 2002. b. (Since / For) over 50 years.

B Complete with the correct prepositions

1. The planet Pluto was discovered ____________ 1930. Scientists accepted this ______________
many years but _____________ the 1970s, some began to question if Pluto was indeed a planet.
____________ 2008, after a long debate, Pluto was downgraded to a new category called “dwarf
planet”. ______________ that time, our solar system has had only eight planets.

2. Scientists found a new species of dinosaur in the U.S state of Utah ___________2007. Like some other
species of dinosaur, it ate plants. Unlike other species, however, it had 15 giant horns on its head.
These dinosaurs lived ____________ over 30 million years ______________ the Cretaceous period.
Scientists believe they lived _____________ about 68 _____________ 99 million years
Unit 0 Grammar Worksheet