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TrevEchoes | February | 2018


February 2018 | Trevecca Nazarene University’s Official Student Newspaper Since 1944 |

Increase in student-run Photography
Trevecca embrac- business pays
es the squirrels businesses tuition
Read how the friendly animals
have impacted campus. BY Ashley Williams
Page 2
David Weflen finished his high
school soccer season and needed
FEATURE something to fill his time. What
New chef hired, started as a photography hobby has
turned into a business that now pays
campus food is his college tuition.
changing Weflen, a junior at Trevecca,
spends his days juggling school work
Page 5 and David Weflen Photography, his
growing photography business.


It’s not too late to
join a club
Page 6

SPORTS One of Kent’s embroideries. Photo provided by Kent.
A weighted blanket. Photo provided by Durham.

Baseball and softball BY Anna Nail and Miriam Kirk
some point. Colleges are responding to
this interest. According to kauffman.
teams prepared for Brittney Kent, a junior music org, the number of courses offered
by colleges in entrepreneurship has
business major at Trevecca, grabs
season her needle and thread, her notebook increased from 250 to more than
Page 7 and her computer. She turns on the 5,000 in the past 30 years.
latest video lecture from her business At Trevecca, the introduction to One of Weflen’s photos. Provided by Weflen.
law class and simultaneously starts entrepreneurship and small business “My first year I booked 15 or 17
embroidering a portrait of someone’s management course taught by Diehl, weddings. It’s been crazy busy. I’ve
dog in Illinois. averages more than 40 students been drowning in schoolwork and
Kent has three orders to fulfill for per semester, and it is not a part of editing, but it is putting me through
her Etsy store, Thistle & Leaves by the liberal arts core. Students take college,” he said. “At this rate, I’m
the end of next week. She also has a this class because they want to, not hoping to graduate debt free.”
/TrevEchoesOnline business law test on Friday. because they have to.
In addition to traveling around the
“I go, go and go so much that I “Young people are perfect for country to photograph weddings,
forget how much I have to do and entrepreneurship,” said Diehl. Weflen runs an Instagram account
@TrevEchoes how stressed I am,” she says. Diehl said that it is easier than with more than 1,000 followers and his
Kent is one of what appears to be a ever for people to start their own website—
@TrevEchoes growing population of students who business. His goal in teaching the When he started, he knew a lot about
don’t wait until graduation to launch entrepreneurship class is to demystify photography. He had been studying
a business. the process and show that it is really other photographers for years. But, he not that complicated.
While there is no official way to wasn’t sure how to run a business.
track how many current students own Several Trevecca students and “A lot of it is kind of having to know and operate their own businesses, alumni have already taken the leap your value, I still don’t know to be
faculty in the business department and started their own businesses. honest. I just threw a number out there
confirm there are indications that Kent started her business after and thought, ‘Well if people bite, then
TNU Events App interest in entrepreneurship is interest grew when she started it’s probably good and I’ll raise my
growing. embroidering hoops for Christmas prices as I go.’”
“We have a very bold generation presents. In the past year, she Before each photo session Weflen
INSIDE right now that doesn’t see anything has sold nearly 50 custom-made works to create a relationship with the
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 they can’t do,” said David Diehl, dean embroidery pieces, including custom couple so they feel more comfortable.
of the school of music and worship pet portraits, quotes with floral He enjoys getting to know his clients
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 arts. patterns, furniture and clothing. On and their stories.
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 A 2016 Gallup poll found that one average, she sells her pieces for $30
“I’ve probably cried at five or six
in four high school students said they to $45.
FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 weddings this year just because I knew
wanted to own their own business at

Future of DACA students still uncertain as congress debates
BY Blake Stewart for President Donald Trump’s promised e�ect, an estimated 800,000 people were
MICAH MANDATE EDITOR border wall and crackdown on illegal protected under the order. More than 130
The debate to pass a bill that would give immigration. students at Trevecca and around 8,300
nearly 800,000 DACA recipients a shot at Tennesseans have DACA status.
One of Trump’s campaign promises
legal status is still at a stalemate between
was to end the Obama-era executive order In September, the Trump administration
both parties of Congress.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or announced that the White House would
In January, Congress forced a DACA. The program was created in 2012 end (DACA) in six months causing mass
government shutdown, that was as a way to allow young people brought protests across the nation and creating
temporarily opened back up. to the United States as children without turmoil throughout Congress.
The shutdown was in part because of documentation to be granted amnesty “This has been the most heartbreaking
lawmakers’ failure to agree on a solution from deportation, apply for work permits, political debate that I have witnessed in
for DACA recipients, causing them to get driver’s licenses and attend college. my lifetime,” said Broderick Thomas,
become intertwined in budget negotiations Since the executive action went into
Students marching for DACA.
with the federal government in exchange CONTINUED PAGE 4
2018 | February | TrevEchoes

Trevecca embraces the love of the campus squirrels
BY Diana Corzine and Joshua of marketing and communication, has Everyone was really excited when
Michel been working the past three years to
CONTRIBUTORS we got them,” said Holly Steinmetz,
integrate the squirrel in local ways on bookstore associate.
Biology majors Courtney Dyer and
campus even carrying his own keys on
Charlotte Sauter had just finished There are several local legends
a Trevecca squirrel lanyard.
classes for the day. They headed back surrounding the squirrel population
to their dorm room in Tennessee “Trevecca’s brand is a fun and its popularity on campus. Perhaps
Hall anticipating a chance to relax community brand and that is what one of the most well-known belongs
and unwind. As they reached the the squirrel represents,” said Toy. to Ray Thrasher, a longtime resident
door, though, the trashcan next to “The students enjoy it. It’s unique and of Trevecca Towers. Thrasher, as
them burst open and a squirrel came di�erent.” many students know, carries a bag of
hurtling out. It had been frightened by The campus bookstore also recently peanuts with her everywhere she goes.
their approach, but the squirrel wasn’t acquired squirrel stu�ed animals, “I’ve known the squirrels for years,”
the only one to experience fear. which they started selling in May. said Thrasher. “For decades actually,
Photo provided by TNU bookstore.
“It scared the crap out of us,” said “We were inspired to order the and they know when I come around to
stamp cards to portray squirrels in
Dyer. stu�ed animals just because we know come up to me and I’ll feed them.”
a tree and the profile of a squirrel
Dyer also remembers at a separate how important the squirrels are on She is not the only one to have fond drinking co�ee has been made into
time seeing a squirrel pop out of a campus. Students love the squirrels. feelings for the flighty creatures. wall art in the CLCS location.
trashcan by the Caf with a french-fry “I like squirrels. They bring me “People love it. Students love it. It’s
in its mouth. joy,” said Noel Wright, a senior funny to watch outsiders to Trevecca
Many Trevecca students can tell psychology major. “It would be cool if come in and order a squirrel latte, but
similar squirrel stories. we could build a little squirrel house for us it’s just fun,” he said.
“They’re everywhere,” said Dyer. that students could go into to feed the
In response to rumors that the
“But I love that Trevecca has made the squirrels. We could call it the Squirrel-
squirrel may even be popular enough
squirrels at the school a thing.” ban Farm.”
to replace the Trojan as Trevecca’s
Lanyards, t-shirts, stamp cards, The campus co�ee shop, 1901, mascot, the marketing department
stu�ed animals, library web pages, has perhaps embraced the squirrel quickly replied in the negative.
posters, co�ee and flyers are just a the most enthusiastically from a
“No plans.” said Toy.
few ways Trevecca is capitalizing on marketing standpoint. Since their
transition from Abba Java, 1901 has This is welcome news to some
the abundance of campus squirrels in
created two signature drinks. students.
recent years.
“Our Caramel Crème and our “I think it’s cool for 1901 to use
National Squirrel Day is celebrated
White Mocha is now the ‘Squirrel’ the squirrel logo, but I like that it’s
on Trevecca’s social media accounts
and ‘Albino squirrel.’” said manager just a small thing,” said IT major
and Trevor the Squirrel takes over
Logan Rodgers. “People love it and, I Josiah Magee. “I hope it stays local to
Trevecca’s Facebook from time to
mean, it’s just always fun to yell, ‘Hot Trevecca.”
squirrel on the counter!’”
Matt Toy, associate vice president
Photo provided by TNU bookstore. They have also redesigned their

Honduran students account for nearly half of international students
BY Hilda Elvir and Claudia Huezo the whole experience of being immersed in parents, friends, classmates all know about benefits of face to face interactions versus an
CONTRIBUTORS another culture, and make friends of other Trevecca and continue to tell others,” said internet search.
Every other weekend, around 10 Honduran cultures, so that’s hard sometimes with so Petty. “By knowing us, we can show people so
students gather in either the Benson Hall many Hondurans,” Recarte said. Rebecca Merrick, international student much more about Honduras than what they’d
lobby or the Tennessee Hall lobby for movie Maria Petty, international admissions advisor, stays up to date on international be able to read online,” Maltez said.
night. Not much of the movie will be watched counselor, said that Honduras was chosen for news, knowing it may impact students. Petty says Trevecca continues to recruit
though, it’s more of an excuse to hangout. recruiting because of a personal connection “I think having so many students from one from Honduras.
This year, 33 Honduran students are a previous admissions recruiter had. Since place is something that has made it easier “We are not going to stop recruiting
enrolled at Trevecca, making up nearly half then, Petty says word-of-mouth has been key for other students to pay attention to that students from Honduras. We have formed
of the international student population on in drawing more students in. specific culture. It’s helped them learn about such good relationships, not just with the
campus. “Honduras is a communal country. People what other countries look like, and it’s a great students, but schools and parents. I don’t
Before the 2015 semester, there was share their experience with others in their experience for students that want to know think we’ll stop visiting. We do intend to
only one Honduran student. Seven more community and that is how people continue more about other countries,” Merrick said. diversify more of our campus and we have
enrolled that year. Since then, the Honduran to know about Trevecca. Most students come Maltez agrees with Merrick, noting the looked to recruit in new places.”
population has continued to grow. from similar socio-economic backgrounds, so
“The fact that there’s so many of us
definitely grabs people’s attention. When I
mention I’m from Honduras they tend to
say ‘oh, just like so and so’ or ‘oh, another
Honduran”. One teacher even said we were
like the cool kids,” said Adabelle Recarte, a
junior at Trevecca.
The large number has helped some
Hondurans feel more comfortable in another
country. Arnaldo Maltez, another Honduran
student, was happy to have people to help
him integrate into the community.
“It’s made it so much easier to integrate.
I feel that when I came in with my group of
Hondurans it made me feel welcomed and I
was able to be myself,” said Maltez.
Recarte, on the other hand, feels like
having so many Hondurans on campus
has made it somewhat harder to get the
experience she was looking for in college.
“It’s a comfort to have so many that
understand your situation. Sometimes it does
make it harder to integrate though. It’s easy
to get comfortable with people that know
your culture, your background and your
language, but we are in college. I came for Honduran students gathered for a Christmas party. Photo provided by Hilda Elvir.
TrevEchoes | February | 2018 |

Student grows photography business from dorm room
CONTINUED FROM COVER creating a color scheme on his website can spend up to 20 hours editing
the couple really well, it was cool and creating a theme on his Instagram photos from just one session.
seeing them get married and being page. Weflen plans on staying in Nashville
part of the process.” “I’ve never seen him more this summer to shoot weddings and
Nashville is a growing city and passionate about something. With take online classes through Trevecca.
Weflen sees it as an opportunity photography, he is extremely “If you are considering anything
to build his network around young thorough, he’s very passionate about freelance or with the risk of it, just
couples. Nashville has helped start a it, it is something that he loves do it. There is no way you’re going
home for his freelance side business. therefore he puts everything into to know what the future will hold.
Through his classes in marketing it that he has,” said Lydia Soper, You just got to jump into it,” he said.
and advertising, Weflen is realizing Weflen’s girlfriend who helps him “There is no other way to know if
some of the steps he missed while with some administrative tasks for his you’re going to make it until you jump
creating his business. Weflen is business. into it.”
using his marketing major to make Juggling school and business
improvements to his work, such as requires discipline and focus. Weflen Photo provided by

Anthem Road born on Student releases single
campus BY Princess Jones
that I was good enough. All artist doubt
themselves, but the important thing for me
BY Brooklyn Dance Raquel Rivas remembers vividly the to remember is to not compare myself and
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF details of the day she found out about her to just focus on my craft and how much I
Three Trevecca students traveled best friend Auburn McCormick’s audition love creating music,” said McCormick.
to South Carolina in Sept. 2016 to to get a song on a record. Webb believes that McCormick has
compete for a recording package “I do remember very clearly, I helped characteristics of star material.
that would ultimately lead to the trio her pick out an outfit and shoes for it. She “She’s confident, she’s got a great
releasing their debut album. was really nervous, but I knew she had it in singing voice, she’s passionate, she’s
Jacob Lagesse, Brent Sharpe her to make them fall in love with her and willing to work very, very hard,” said Webb.
and Jason Robinson met through her music. I remember telling her as she To people that already know McCormick,
Trevecca’s PR group Redeemed. It walked out the door, “You’re gonna make she’s already a star.
was not the first time the three sang it, and they’re going to see the you I get
“I think Auburn is a star because when
together, but they had to scramble to see and they’re going to love you,” said
she gets up on stage and sings the songs
to find a group name to enter the Rivas.
she has written it’s like truly watching a
competition. That audition would land one of performance/show. She belongs up on the
“Because it was a spur of the McCormick’s songs on a new album created stage,” said Rivas.
moment decision to compete, we only by David Webb to help singers get exposure
McCormick is still the same down to
had time to practice on the road trip Photo provided by Anthem Road. in the music industry. McCormick’s single
earth girl, no matter how talented she is.
to South Carolina,” Robinson said. churches all over the United States “No Streetlights” was chosen for the
album. This is the first Nashville Dreamin “Humble. She’s super humble about her
“However, we did have a few song and Canada [singing southern
album to be released. artistry and her music, and most people
choices in mind before meeting.” gospel]” Sharpe said. “I was home-
don’t know how great of an artist she is
Competing against 24 other groups, schooled until seventh grade.” ‘No Streetlights” tells a story that
until they listen to her live for the first
the trio sang “I Believe in a Hill Lagesse has been singing southern McCormick, a senior at Trevecca knows all
time,” said Rivas.
Called Mount Calvary.” Robinson gospel since he was four, and too well.
Since the album, McCormick has enjoyed
heard about the competition through Robinson has been singing southern “It is about growing up in a small town
the thought of her music reaching people
Facebook, where other southern gospel since his junior year in high and how it could never compare to the city
all around the world.
gospel groups were advertising it. school. life,” said McCormick.
“Since the album came out, I’ve learned
To their surprise, the trio won the With several months of traveling Confidence is what Webb looked for
that my music can reach all places and
competition. Placing first place in the and performing, the three have only when choosing the 11 artists for the
all ages. I have had people from across
South Carolina competition awarded paid themselves once, $100 each. album. McCormick didn’t lack an ounce of
the world to right here in Nashville from
them a small recording package: “Financially, we wanted to get confidence.
80-years-old to 3- years- old jamming to
10 songs recorded with reputable everything paid for; to become “She was confident, she had a good my song. I have had such amazing support
musicians to launch their album. a business, royalties on songs, story. She’s passionate about her music and from everyone so far, said McCormick.
Originally self titled “New Life,” marketing stu� and for our music on she’s a darn good singer. And she’s a bit
Webb hopes that this opportunity sets
named after Robinson’s church, iTunes. [We] got all that taken care sassy which I like,” said Webb.
McCormick on her way towards a music
the group learned the name was of,” Lagesse said. Being chosen for the album brought career.
copyrighted and searched for a new The group is saving up and looking McCormick joy.
name after winning. A simple encouragement is all
towards the future, considering “The most exciting thing was just McCormick wants from this opportunity.
“We talked to guys in the southern putting out another album or knowing that my song got chosen out
gospel industry,” Lagesse said. purchasing a vehicle. “I hope encouragement for me to
of hundreds of di�erent songs,” said
“We thought about something with continue my music will come from this.
The three agree that Trevecca has McCormick.
anthem in it … we would text each Whether it comes from something as
equipped them with the skills needed. Even with confidence McCormick still
other names sporadically.” simple as more fans or something as big as
“We all traveled in PR, it gave us was uncertain in her music at times a record deal, I hope this is just one step in
The group learned Anthem Road the logistics side,” Sharpe said. “Of course, I doubted myself. I still the right direction,” said McCormick.
wasn’t previously copyrighted, and
Robinson added that his voice doubt myself sometimes. I doubted that
went with it.
lessons at Trevecca helped lay the my song was good enough, I doubted
Lagesse said they spent one 12- groundwork needed for singing on a
hour day of tracking, followed by two regular basis.
12-hour days of vocals.
Trevecca has booked Anthem Road
The following September, “This is for several events, which Lagesse is
the Moment,” Anthem Road’s debut thankful for.
CD, was for sale.
“Trevecca has been really
The group ordered 520 CDs, and supportive of us,” Lagesse said.
have sold close to 300 in two months.
Anthem Road is still a part-
Singing roughly every two weeks, time job, but the three hope it will
Anthem Road travels to churches eventually lead to something full-
around Tennessee to perform. time.
“Every church we’ve sung at has “I hope that it takes o� and we can
led to another church,” Sharpe said. quit our day jobs,” Sharpe said.
“We have taken every opportunity
Robinson is pleased with the
group’s success, but does not lose
The cost charged to perform varies, sight of Anthem Road’s mission.
depending on expenses like gas,
“I am surprised by our success this
lodging, and a love o�ering.
far. Winning the competition and
Lagesse does most of the finances recording package was unexpected,
and booking, though all three are and concert bookings and CD sales
considered owners. have been better than we hoped for,”
Singing southern gospel is nothing Robinson said. “[But] our hope is to
new to the three. share the Gospel and encourage the
“I traveled with my parents believer through our music.”
growing up, going to Nazarene Photo provided by McCormick..
2018 | February | TrevEchoes


DACA cont’d. SGA hosting campus cook-off
coordinator of student engagement and BY AUDREY YAWN
“The CCCU is engaged on a variety STAFF WRITER
diversity. Welton was hired in December
of fronts to help promote a bipartisan,
President Trump took to Twitter, SGA is bringing back the as the assistant food service
permanent legislative solution,” Greta
blasting Senate Democrat Chuck all campus cook-off event in director.
Hays, director of communications
Schumer saying, “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer February.
and public a�airs for the CCCU wrote Students know Welton as the
fully understands, especially after his Director of student life, Kelly
in an e-mail. “We have been meeting man behind reconfiguring the Hub
humiliating defeat, that if there is no Wall,
and communicating with members of Hall, says the event is inspired menu and the grab-n-go meals.
there is no DACA.”
Congress alongside other groups like by the TV show “Chopped,” with
President Trump posted on Twitter The participants will have a
the Evangelical Immigration Table and contestants from each on-campus
the next day that he is open to a path National Immigration Forum to make limited time to make a meal out
dorm or apartment.
to citizenship after 10 to 12 years for sure that immigration remains a top of surprise ingredients.
hundreds of thousands of undocumented “I will try to designate a person
priority. We have continually urged “They will be given a cooking
immigrants brought to the United States as from each dorm or apartment to
presidents to engage on immigration tool like a hot plate or microwave
children. issues as well, such as by contacting their
represent,” said Hall. “[But] no
with limited ingredients,”
With the government shutdown over, members of Congress and joining the more than eight.”
said Hall. “They should try to
Dreamers are still uncertain of their future. Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education Staying true to any cooking get creative and come up with
“My DACA expires in three month’s and Immigration. As part of the Protect competition show, Hall plans something interesting.”
so it’s really disappointing,” said Maria Dreamers Higher Education Coalition, on having a panel of judges to
we participated in the Protect Dreamers The cook-off event will be held
Robles, sophomore social justice major. critique each person’s dish.
“I’m almost at the point of giving up.” Higher Education week in October 2017, February 27 at 7 p.m. in TSAC.
“I’m going to see if Tom
during which we collected and shared
Organizations like The Council for [Welton] is interested in judging
accounts of what our institutions are
Christian Colleges and Universities, of the event along with other well-
doing. We participated in the iMarch in
which Trevecca is a member, are taking a
December 2017. We’ve partnered with the known faculty members.” said
stance on the matter and advocating for a
Voices of Christian Dreamers initiative.” Hall.
way for college students to have a path to

Phantom Tollbooth takes stage in February
BY MARIA MONTEROS The 14 cast members started
STAFF WRITER rehearsing in December. Since
The Trevecca spring theatre then, the team has devoted roughly
production will bring a whimsical around six to 14 hours every week.
adventure to Benson Auditorium “Everyone does such a great
when “The Phantom Tollbooth,” job that they carry the show
opens on Feb. 15. themselves,” said Andrew Hutton,
The story follows a bored young a sophomore, who plays Milo. “I
boy named Milo who comes home may be the lead role but I would
one day to find a mysterious not be able to do half the stuff I’m
package in his room that contains a doing on stage or even portray half
tollbooth which transports him to the emotion I am if it wasn’t for the
a world unlike his own, called the rest of the cast.”
Land of Wisdom. For Hutton, playing the role of
As Milo delves deeper into this a child meant his practice hours
peculiar world, his indifference continued even when rehearsals
slowly evolves into curiosity are over. When Hutton isn’t
when he meets a dynamic set memorizing his lines, he spends
of characters while confronting his time researching small details
challenges that teach him the relevant to his character, like how a
value of communication, time, and second grader holds his posture or
education. how he fidgets.
“It’s fun for kids and fun for “Not only am I supposed to
the kids in us,” said Jeff Frame, act like a kid, I’m supposed to be
professor of dramatic arts and that connection for the children
producer of the play. “That’s the in the audience,” said Hutton.
spirit of the play. It kind of helps us “I’m supposed to be that visual
recover our childhood.” representative if they were in the
“The Phantom Tollbooth” is an situation.”
adaptation of American novelist The circumstances Milo deals with
Norton Juster’s children’s book. reflect some of the issues adults
The show is directed by 2010 face. The play ventures into mature
Trevecca graduate Jillian Frame. topics like having difficulty finding
The February release will mark the a purpose, and losing the thirst for
fifth Trevecca play Jillian Frame has knowledge.
directed. With its symbolism and open-
This year, the theater program ended interpretations, the story
is focusing on book to live-action creates a different appeal to
productions. children and adults.
“The Phantom Tollbooth” is the
Cast members said they aim to really about just letting life take you
second literary-based show this
remind students to take a break and where it will.”
year following “The Secret Garden”
bring out their child-like curiosity. “The Phantom Tollbooth’s”
last fall.
“The play touches on curiosity opening weekend will run from
“Nobody has seen an adaptation
and overcoming the boredom of Feb. 15-17 and continue Feb. 22-24.
of this pretty well-known children’s
normal life,” said Zachary Vaughn Tickets are available in the Trevecca
book,” said Jeff Frame. “We’re
who plays the Gatekeeper and one bookstore. To learn more about the
always looking for something
of the ministers. “I think people performance or to purchase tickets
students will enjoy.”
will get a sense of innocent fun. It’s online visit
NEWS TrevEchoes | February | 2018 |

Student business, cont’d. A 2016 Gallup poll found that one in four high
“College is a great time to (start a school students said they wanted to their own
business) because your liabilities are so
“It is just a really fun creative
outlet, that I am shocked people are so low, you don’t have kids and you don’t business at some point.
really have to pay a lot for rent,” he
interested in, but it’s really fun.”
Over the last 30 years the number of courses
Josh Durham, a 2017 graduate, started
a business with his mom during his Matt Toy, the associate Vice President in Entrepreneurship offered by colleges and
sophomore year at Trevecca, called of marketing at Trevecca, said that 10
Weighting Comforts, which sells or 15 years ago it was much harder to universities in the United States has grown
weighted blankets that improve sleep start a business. Most people wanting
and reduce anxiety. At the time, Durham to start a business had to create a nice, from less than 250 to over 5,000 according to
was studying business management, expensive website. Now, all people have
was on SGA and was a student athlete. to do is create a Facebook or Instagram
page without investing a lot of money
“In college, it was definitely more
of a side job. I didn’t pay myself for into it. At Trevecca, 40 students take the intro to en-
two years. Whatever we made, we put
straight back into the business,” he said.
“Entrepreneurs have the ability to
jump in, feel the water and see if people
trepreneurship and small business class every
In the time since Durham has respond to their product. The ability to
pivot is so much easier and people have
semester, taught by Dean Diehl. It is not a part
graduated, Weighting Comfort’s sales
have grown more than 400 percent the ability to try out all of their di�erent of the liberal arts core.
and the company now has around 33 businesses,” he said.

New chef hired, students noticing change
BY JOSHUA MICHEL Welton was undeterred and proceeded Pioneer employees echo his praise. focus during the spring. His goal is to make
CONTRIBUTOR to take the job of washing dishes to stay in “He has a lot of knowledge, very the food at Trevecca more “cravable”, so
From transforming the food culture of the kitchen and watch the chef. that students will be excited about eating
energetic, and a good guy,” says Katy
Cal Poly, Kent State, and Sacramento State it.
“I was in amazement of what he could Baraentine, Service Manager.
University, to owning his own restaurants
do,” he said. Welton has inherited worse situations. Interesting dishes including Thai
and food truck, Thomas Welton has been
Welton has also explored jobs outside of Cal Poly is a good example. chicken pizza, pesto vegetarian pizza,
around when it comes to the food industry.
food. He worked in southern California as “I was amazed by their beautiful dining BBQ chicken pizza, seasoned hamburgers,
Welton is now the assistant food service Philly steak sandwiches, and even his
a concert promoter before he got married halls but shocked that they had horrible
director at Trevecca and has brought signature Korean Mexican taco burrito are
and knew that he wanted to make serving menus. On one wall in particular there was
visions of change to the Trevecca’s retail in the works.
quality food to people his career. a bunch of spices. I asked the director, for
and catering.
His youngest son, Tommy, and his whom I was taking over, what the spices Welton is also involved in all the food
“I want to keep people excited, outlets outside of the café too.
friends have experienced this quality first were for. She said, ‘So that the students
nourished and educated,” he said.
hand. can season their food.’ I was honestly in “He keeps an eye on the Hub, Cube, and
Welton was hired by Pioneer College shock. The next day I removed the spices. 1901. Tom is really focused on the retail
“On Sunday nights Tommy will have
Caterers in September. He was brought in Students shouldn’t have to season their side of things, we’ll probably be seeing
his friends over and they will play music
to work with John Hampton, director of own food, that should be done in the some nicer baked products,” said John
together and then I’ll teach them some
food service, to develop catering and retail kitchen. So, from that point forward we Ferris, Executive Chef, who has been at
cooking methods and they learn how to
locations on campus. seasoned the food before we put it out,” Trevecca 10 years.
cook. It’s really cool how music and food
Food and service has been a family come together,” he said. he says. In 1901, Welton is working with Logan
a�air for Welton. His father was in the Welton has also made a keen observation Rogers, manager of 1901, to change the
This is what brought Welton to Trevecca.
hotel business and Welton served as part of the people he’s hired throughout his meal options come January. Oatmeal, fresh
After owning several restaurants and
of the culinary teams at high-end hotels. career to make this food. breakfast sandwiches, sou�és, fresh fruit
experimenting with serving Korean
His hotel experience ranged from Canada cups, yogurts and parfaits, shaker salads,
Mexican taco burritos from a food truck “I’ve hired a lot of people coming out
to California included jobs at hotels such and more are all planned to be made
in California, there was something Welton of these big culinary prep schools, where
as the Park Lane, Ritz-Carlton, and Four available as a Grab N Go on the meal plan.
was longing for. they’re supposed to be taught everything
“I missed working in colleges. The about cooking, but I come to find that Welton and Rogers both believe that
The first restaurant he opened was many of them don’t even know how to even getting involved in some tours
students here at Trevecca are incredible,
called Go Fish in Ojai, California. It was a cook. The best, the very best employees or Experience Trevecca Day would be
very nice and respectful. You don’t see that
sushi bar and Japanese California fusion I’ve had had passion, they just loved something they could do.
at a lot of schools,” he said.
restaurant. food and that was evident whenever they
Welton has the same praise for the “I think people are really going to be
Welton’s interest in preparing food was cooked,” he says. excited about what we’re doing. I want
sta� of Pioneer, Trevecca’s food service
first sparked by a co-worker. He became Welton plans to throw a few new foods to do something with admissions, just
fascinated watching Walter, an older Swiss into the mix in the coming months. The be there and answer any question people
“Pioneer really, truly makes everything
chef, in the kitchen of the Park Lane Hotel menu will change with the seasons. Hot have, get prospective students to come
from scratch. They actually care about the
in Canada. He would stare in amazement soup will be a mainstay in colder months here, I think that would be a great idea,”
students they’re serving to,” he said.
but was repeatedly yelled at to get out. while a variety of fresh salads will be the he said.

New semester, new chances to improve grades
CONTRIBUTOR studying the suggested amount, which is studying while in your room, because ways for you to solidify and process the
It’s the start of a new semester and about a week before the test. Lastly, each there are a lot of distractions and if you information you are studying. You have
the start of a new year. Resolutions can night create a to do list for things you are on your bed you may fall asleep. to know it to teach it. Use all of your
take many forms, and the fresh start is a need to do the next day. Find a place you are going to study at senses.
common time to set goals for academics. 2. Read. Reading ahead of time helps constantly so your mind can anticipate 6. Practice test. If you know the
students be prepared when they come that you are about to study. format of the test, take a practice one
Listed below are some tips on how to
start your semester o� right, provided to class. If you do not read before class, 4. Figure out what kind of learner that is similar to the actual test. This
by Donna Gray, associate director of then when you get there, you are just you are. Whether you are a visual, will give a good understanding of what is
academic services and associate professor now getting the information, which may musical, hands on, or verbal learner, expected.
of academic support. cause some questions later on. There is you have a specific way you understand 7. Find a tutor. If you still feel like
a reading comprehension method you things. So finding this out will help you you need help in your general education
1. Prepare ahead of time. At the
can use called, SQRRR- which stands for to become a better learner and will help classes, the tutors are always available.
beginning of the year, make a calendar
study, question, read, recite, review. Use you understand the material, because you Fill out a request card and a tutor will be
with an overview of the semester, this
this to can help you understand the long are learning in a way you are going to assigned to meet your schedule. Everyone
shows the “big picture.” Then have
material you are trying to comprehend. understand. can use a tutor.
a weekly calendar of the upcoming
assignments so you are seeing what 3. Find a good environment. 5. Teach someone else the
is due soon. Preparing you to begin Studying takes focus. You cannot focus information. This is one of the best
2018 | February | TrevEchoes
Column: not too late to
get involved
Meet you BY Brooklyn Dance

social life EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

From Grandma club to Psychology club,

director there is a club for everyone. Twenty-six
clubs are open for students to join on
campus. Whether you’re a first semester
By Kelly Hall
transfer student or you never got around
to joining a club at the beginning of last
semester, it isn’t too late to get involved.
Hey there! My name is Kelly Clubs provide a consistent community
Social Justice Club
Hall and I am currently serving We do all of this work because on campus, and are a great way to meet ACDA (American Choral Directors
as your Social Life Director. What we want students to not only new friends or try new things. There are Association)
that means is, I have the pleasure have fun with their friends but to clubs for those who want to stay active Resident Hall Association
of creating and planning all of participate in events that will be and clubs for those who want to learn a Debate Club
the fun events that happen on forever held with their favorite new skill. Rotaract club and the National
college memories. Check out the Model United Club
campus throughout the year. If Student Leadership Society are both resume
you are familiar with events such TNU Events App to see what our building clubs that can aid in professional
Diversity Council
as Paintapalooza, Trojan Idol, next event is. This is the first development. Below is a list of the current Commuter council
FNL, Boonearoo, and much more, year that all events are free to 26 clubs. If you are interested in joining Namaste
my team and I work so incredibly students, so there is no excuse a club, contact Sarah Goodman, ASB vice Best Buddies
hard to make those happen for not to come. If you have any president, at
questions, feel free to contact me OCCM (Orthodox Christian Campus
you to come and have fun. As your
at Ministries)
Social Life Director, I have four
2017-2018 clubs Coptic Christian Club
wonderful coordinators who help
me pull these events off. I could Rotary SGA
not do my job without the help of Ultimate Frisbee Darda
my coordinators Sydney Wisman, Young adults book club Trevechoes
Rebecca Sweeney, Michaela Slown Psychology Club NSLS
and Nicolette Thayer. They each
Concert Team Trevecca o� campus
have certain events that they
are over and responsible for. Futuro Grandma Club
As a team, we meet weekly to Improv Club
brainstorm exciting events that Marketing Club If you are interested in starting your
we think students would enjoy. All Aboard Game Club own club, contact Sarah Goodman or Dean

Upcoming events in
Feb. 3: Thrift Store Prom STAFF
Feb. 10: Valentine’s Party

Feb. 16: Family Game Night Sports

Feb. 17: Trevecca Off Campus Online
- Chattanooga Aquarium

Photographers Copy
Feb. 21: Blood Drive Photographers
Nguyen Amanda

Feb. 21: Hub Show Narada

Feb. 23: Cook-Off Blake

Feb. 24- Service Project Ashley

Garcia Mary
Feb. 28: Hub Show

Daniela Hernandez Duque
Maria Lourdes Monteros

Feb. 15-17: Drama Production TrevEchoes

Feb. 22-14: Drama Production Contributors
for grammar,
TrevEchoes | February | 2018 |

Softball ranked fifth in GMAC “Our defense and experience is what’s
When the Great Midwest Conference going to help us the most,” said Tyree,
preseason coaches’ poll was announced, who has a 262-122-1 record as the
head coach Ben Tyree knew his team Trojans manager. “We’re not putting a
would be motivated by the results. whole new team on the field this year.”

The Trojans received 107 points, good Despite the graduation of four
enough to place fifth in the conference, seniors, Tyree has most of his team back
but the 11th year head coach knows his from last season and will lean on the
team can exceed expectations. experience of his squad for success this
“I think it’s right where we need to
be,” Tyree said. “It gives our girls a slap “Last year we had a whole pitching
on the wrist and tells them what we staff that had no college experience
need to do to go to work and hopefully to speak of,” Tyree said. “They were
we’ll have a little chip on our shoulders in their first year of college and that’s
to show we’re not number five.” what showed last year. Now they’ve
grown and improved.”.
The Trojans finished the 2016-17
season with a 26-25 (16-8) record, The Trojans feature two seniors: Kat
entering the Great Midwest Athletic Burbrink and Danielle Horton.
Conference tournament as the third “It’s been a journey,” said Burbrink
seed. who patrols center field. “I came
After defeating Davis & Elkins and in feeling like a freshman but was
rival Cedarville, the Trojans dropped welcomed by the team. Since then, I
a pair of games to eventual G-MAC have grown and developed as a leader
Champion Kentucky Wesleyan and while here at Trevecca.”
were eliminated from post season The G-MAC expanded and will now
competition. feature 13 schools with the addition
of Findlay, Hillsdale, Lake Erie, Ohio
Dominican and Walsh to the conference. assistant coaches.
“Traveling will be one of our biggest “Both are working on their master’s
challenges this year,” Tyree said. degree here. So it’s kind of a two and
“We’ve played most of the schools in two, they get to stay within the sport
our conference already in our pre- they love, and will be a good part of
season games the last few years.” what we do this year in leadership
With travel times increasing, Burbrink roles,” Tyree said.
is excited about the challenges her team The Trojans’ season begins with a
faces. pair of road games on Feb. 9 when they
“It’s definitely going to be different, face McKendree University and Lee
because we’re playing every team University in a doubleheader.
twice,” Burbrink said of the road trips. “They’re a really good team, we
“We’re going to have to adjust to it, played in our tournament last year and
we’ve already played a lot of the teams, we’ll find out really quick what we’re
but we’re ready for it.” made of,” Tyree said. “They’re real
The Trojans retain a pair of seniors similar to a lot of the teams we added
from last season’s team, Taylor Green into our conference.”
Photo provided by Trevecca Athletic Communications and Kaitlin Crumpler who now serve as

Trojan baseball showcases 16 new players
BY ANDREW PRESOTN Hillsdale, Lake Erie, Ohio Dominican Along with 16 new players, the Wiseman, Ethan Hurt and Ryan
SPORTS EDITOR and Walsh to the conference. Trojans will also introduce Chase Sain Shultz, all of whom Schmalz’ touts as
Head coach, Ryan Schmalz was dealt “It’s going to be better (having new to complete Schmalz’ coaching staff. only some of the leaders on his team.
almost an entirely new hand of players schools in our conference),” Schmalz “He’s terrific,” Schmalz said simply “We’ve already been through the
to compete with for the 2017-18 said. “Some of the new conference of his newest assistant. “His coaching hard part of the season which is the
baseball season. teams have historically been really pedigree speaks for itself. Coach Sain fall, with all the conditioning,” Hurt
Sixteen of his 29 guys from a season good. It’s going to get a little more will be our hitting coach as well as said. “A lot of hard work goes into a
ago have graduated or transferred, challenging to compete.” work with our catchers.” season, but also a lot of excitement,
leaving the sixth year head coach just Despite travel times increasing for Sain served as a volunteer assistant and we’re ready to go out and
13 players with Trevecca experience. roads trips, Schmalz sees the new coach at the University of Tennessee compete.”
“We’re drastically different this conference schools as a positive for last season where he functioned as a The Trojans season begins with a
year,” said Schmalz who has compiled his team. catching coach. Prior to the University three-game home stand on Feb. 9-10
an 168-98 record over his six seasons. “It helps our conference as a whole, of Tennessee, Sain spent two seasons when they host the University of
“There’s much more competition than they have a little more credibility in at Middle Tennessee State University Montevallo.
ever before, and we’re much deeper getting more than one team into a assisting with hitting instruction, “They’re really good,” Schmalz
than ever before.” regional, hopefully,” Schmalz said. coached catchers, and coordinating said. “We opened up with Montevallo
However, after graduating seven “The scheduling is tough going camps. last year at their place and they
seniors, the inexperience on Schmalz’ up north early in the season, but This season the Trojans will boast swept us; we played some pretty good
roster doesn’t leave him concerned we’re looking forward to it. We’ll be four seniors, Tyler Burns, Carter ballgames, but they’re good.”
about his team’s success this year. playing new teams and forming new
“We expect to be at the top of the rivalries.”
league,” Schmalz said. “We want to In the Preseason coaches’ poll, the
compete for a regional. That’s the next Trojans were tipped to finish second
step for this program is to compete in in the newly formed South division,
a national tournament.” something Schmalz says will motivate
The Trojans finished the 2016-17 his team.
season in familiar territory, entering “Pre-season rankings are
the Great Midwest Athletic Conference historically how you finished last
(G-MAC) the top seed after putting season,” Schmalz said. “Kentucky
together a 20-21 (12-4 G-MAC) regular Wesleyan won the conference last
season record. year and so they deserve to be first. As
After defeating rivals Cedarville and soon as the season starts you forget
Alderson Broaddus, the Trojans were the preseason rankings.”
eliminated from post season play when “We’re looking forward to playing
they lost 7-3, to eventual the G-MAC somebody new, facing new arms, and
Champion Kentucky Wesleyan and going new places,” fifth-senior Ethan
then to Malone University, 1-0. Hurt added. “These teams are very
New to the G-MAC this season is talented and we’ll see how we stack
up against them.” Photo provided by Trevecca Athletic Communications
the addition of five schools: Findlay,
2018 | February | TrevEchoes