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ASB positions
Dean Harris to retire after 39 years
BY Brooklyn dance
filled on campus Brady Ray, junior sports management major
Page 2 and TIA director, doesn’t know how he could
balance being a full time student and sched-
uling intramural games without Dean Harris.
TREND “Dean Harris has helped me manage the
juggling act of running intramurals and still
How dating is being a full time student,” Ray said. “He is
changing for mil- a huge mentor. He has always had a ‘door’s
always open policy’ and been willing to listen
lennials and give the best advice he can.”
Page 5 Harris, associate provost and dean of student
development, on March 15 announced he will
retire after working at Trevecca for 39 years.
Harris started working at Trevecca when he
Dealing with body was 22-years-old.
Harris, an Olivet Nazarene University grad-
image issues uate, moved to Nashville to accept a job at
Page 6 Trevecca to help with retention as part of a
grant that was only to be funded for two or
three years.
SPORTS “[The school] made clear to me and my wife
Sydney Burdge over- that they were not planning to continue [my
job] after the grant was completed,” Harris
comes injuries to set said. “I thought, ‘In three years I will get a
different job.’ ”
records During that time, Harris became the assistant
Page 7 basketball coach, the volleyball coach and
Harris in his office. Photo provided by Nguyen.

Annual Boonearoo back for year eight BY PRINCESS JONES

@TrevEchoes As final exams near, a stress reliever
is on the horizon.
Students can enjoy live music, food
@TrevEchoes and attractions at Trevecca’s annual
Boonearoo. “We are having a couple of games
and attractions and we are hoping to
have a rock wall this year and the bull
ride again this year. We are having food
and food trucks come in again and we’re
TNU Events App having merchandise. It’s going to be a
whole fun day,” said Hannah Polston,
Boonearoo producer.
INSIDE Some changes are coming to this
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 year’s annual on-campus music festival
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 to accommodate a growing crowd at the
event each year.
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 “We feel like it’s going to be a little
FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing. CONTINUED PAGE 8

Leadership club for African Student athletes struggle to
American students forming meet chapel requirements
BY david hancock BY ANDREW PRESTON

A group of African American stu- For Makray Odom, a sophomore
dents on campus are in the process of on Trevecca’s softball team, attending
starting a new student club focused on chapel is a struggle.
leadership training and networking. Not only is the shortstop traveling
Walden is the proposed name and more with the Great Midwest Athlet-
the students hope to become an official ic Conference expansion, but as an
club next year. Leaders said they plan to education major she hardly has time for
emulate Futuro, a club focused on en- anything other than school and softball.
gaging Latino college students in lead- “With my major it makes it real-
ership training, networking, community ly hard to go Monday night chapels
service and social activities. because we have a lot of night classes,”
“Walden is a group of African Amer- Odom said. “I have a five to seven class
ican students and people who lean more so I’ll never be able to make a Monday
Club president, Tynaisia Rush. Photo provided by Hancock.
towards the African American culture or CONTINUED PAGE 4 CONTINUED PAGE 7 Photo provided by Trevecca Athletic Communications
2018 | April | TrevEchoes

2018-2019 Associated Student Body positions filled
Every year, students are elected by the student body to serve as the All Student Body. The positions include the ASB president, ASB vice president, ASB chaplain, director of social
life, director of communications, the TIA director, the yearbook editor and the newspaper editor. Elections were held in March, read more about the winners below.

ASB president: Ivan Palomares ASB vice president: Luis Ortiz ASB Chaplain: Jake Beard Director of social life: Shelby Morrison
Hometown: Bells, Tenn. Hometown: San Pedro Sula, Honduras Hometown: Bradenton, Florida Hometown: Smyrna, Tenn.
Three goals: Three goals: Three goals: Three goals:
1. 1. Communicate better with the student body on 1. Establish an effective system of bookkeeping to 1. To cultivate stronger faith communities at Trev- 1. Further diversifying events for all different types
events and overall what SGA does for them. manage all of the different SGA accounts ecca of students
2. To better represent and be the voice for students 2. Restructure the current club system to promote 2. Empower the class/resident hall chaplains 2. Introducing a few new events that Trevecca has
in issues that matter to students the most. student engagement on extracurricular activities 3. To be the hands and feet of Christ to the student not yet held
3. Help make an environment at Trevecca where 3.Provide a clear and transparent link between the stu- body 3. Holding a successful Welcome Week and Wel-
everyone feels like they have a place. dent body and the Student Government Association. come Back Week to help students feel welcome into
our school community.

Director of communications: Ali TIA director: Brady Ray DARDA Editor-In-Chief: TrevEchoes Editor-In-Chief:
Birchfield Hometown: Old Hickory, Tenn. Maddux Reid Brooklyn Dance
Hometown: Trenton, Georgia Three goals: Hometown: Bourbonais, Illinois Hometown: Brentwood, Tenn.
Three goals: 1: Set-Up a long-term Organizational Structure Three goals: Three goals:
1: to better share & communicate all events on 2: Revise the Intramural Handbook 1. Represent all aspects of the student body 1. To run a paper full of diverse stories
campus catering to all students 3: Leave TIA better than I found it three years 2. Manage a staff that is well rounded and dedicated 2. I want students to look forward to the paper
2: to have a team of dedicated students working to ago. to making the yearbook great coming out and know they can trust that the paper
better the great school we attend 3. Create an inclusive publication that showcases will accurately voice their ideas and opinions
3: to provide representation & communication Trevecca’s past, present, and future 3. I want to maintain a level of consistency in
for all groups/teams/clubs on campus to further reporting and writing
promote support for these organizations

Merger with Easter Nazarene College will not happen
render its state authorization, accredi-
tation and the Tennessee state financial
The potential merger between Trev-
aid that students receive.
ecca and Eastern Nazarene College in
“It’s an impossible idea for us, it just
Boston is off, but ENC has announced it
makes no sense at all,” Boone said.
will remain open.
ENC faces financial difficulty and
President Dan Boone announced
low enrollment. For the past 12 months
last month that the process to get
around 10 Trevecca employees have been
approval for the merger from state of
flying back and forth to Boston to set
Massachusetts was not something the
up systems and make changes that they
university could do.
hope will make ENC more stable. Boone
“The Attorney General of the Com-
was serving as president of both institu-
mon Wealth of Massachusetts is the next
agency we would have to go through. He
Trevecca is beginning the process
would have to approve a merger of one
of phasing out all university faculty and
of Massachusetts’s public charities, with
staff that held duel positions at both
a foreign entity being Trevecca,” Boone
said. “The states laws would require ENC’s new marketing, designed by Trevecca marketing.
Boone said he is confident that ENC
that for the merger to be approved campaign … The list is long, those are merger have failed, we are grateful to
is now in a better place, and that Trevec-
Trevecca would have to be subsumed just examples,” he said. have been of help to a sister college in
ca will continue to support ENC.
into ENC, which means Trevecca would Students can still take classes at significant ways,” Boone said. “We wish
“ENC is dramatically stronger than
have to go out of business as a Tennessee both schools and the two will still part- them well. We will be their number one
it was one year ago. Trevecca has im-
authorized institution and come under ner for mission trips. cheerleader.”
proved their recruiting process, financial
the state laws of Massachusetts.” Boone said he is still thankful for
process, debt collection, overhauled
If Trevecca were to be absorbed by the opportunity.
their website, given them a marketing
ENC, the university would have to sur- “Even though our attempts at a
TrevEchoes | April | 2018 |

NAMASTE club showcases international students at annual event
BY maria monteros the Nations is grown to an audience of over the program— a fashion show. Norman ingredients she knows and loves.
200 so much that we had to move out of said she’s proud to wear a traditional “I went to Walmart and I was
For Namaste club members, the 11th
TSAC and into Boone this year,” said Roy African Dashiki dress while carrying a expecting my beans to be the beans that I
annual Taste the Nations means seven
Philip, associate professor in marketing South Korean flag to represent her biracial use on my baleadas and they were not the
months of preparation for “a little
and faculty sponsor of Namaste. heritage. beans, said Giron. “I try really hard getting
microscopic glimpse” of their culture
through flavor. Every year since its debut in 2007, Taste While the club has added new elements the closest [ingredient] as possible.”
the Nations has gained more attention this year, some traditions will live on. While non-members can learn a lot
Since the club began preparing last
from students at Trevecca. Last year, the Philip says the event has expanded its about different cultures at Taste the
September, Namaste club president Asia
event’s popularity became evident as they reach but its appeal remains the same. Nations, for Giron and other members,
Norman has already lost count of the
broke attendance records. “The idea behind Taste the Nations is learning another culture is a different
hours she spent brainstorming, rehearsing
her solo performance, filming skits, “Maybe a little bit over 300 people came to expose the students of Trevecca and experience when they perform dances.
overseeing the multicultural program and [last year] and we were completely thrown the Trevecca community to international “I love to dance but Egyptian dances, I
occasionally arguing which side of the off by that so all of our food was going culture and its various components. It think they’re hard. It’s like a challenge but
room the tables should be. away really quick,” said Norman. “The is also an opportunity for international I know I’ll do it because I like to dance,”
lines, they went all the way out into the students to showcase their talents by said Giron. “I think the best way to get to
“This year is going to be, I want to say,
parking lot. There was so many people.” singing, reading poetry, dancing in their know a culture is through its food and its
bigger and we’re trying to do different
This time around, Namaste events cultural context,” said Philip. typical dances.”
things this time,” said Norman.
coordinator Abbie Giron says current For Giron, the hardest step of the Some students said that preparing to
As Norman approaches her third and
members and alumni have worked process is the first one. With more host Taste the Nations can cause a lot of
last year as Namaste club president,
together to accommodate the crowd in ethnicities to showcase, gathering ideas stress and anxiety. But club members agree
she has seen the club reflect Trevecca’s
Boon Convocation Center. and setting up a theme was a tough that all the hard work is worth it.
growing diversity. In 2015, Taste the
“I want things to be better this year,” decision to make, she said. “I think I speak for a lot of international
Nations featured only 19 countries. This
year, students will be baring the banner of said Giron. “I think that Taste the Nations “You don’t want to overwhelm people… students when I say that I’m proud of
50 different countries during the opening is not only about sharing culture… it’s you have to balance out the amount of where I come from and Taste the Nations
flag march. more like improving on how you can poetry, dance and skits,” said Giron. is a good place to literally give Trevecca a
be able to get Nashville to know your With about $1,000 in the budget, taste of the places that we call home,” said
“Taste the Nations began in April of
country.” Namaste members say they want their Adabelle Recarte, junior exercise science
2007 in TSAC in a very humble and small
way. We had almost a 100 people at the This year, Namaste members will take native delicacies to be as authentic major.
event and only a handful of international the runway as they sport their native as possible. But Giron says Walmart
students hosting the program. Today, Taste costumes during the newest addition to isn’t exactly the best place to find the

If you go:
When: April 13

7 p.m.

Where: Boone

Cost: $2.00

Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.

Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
2018 | April | TrevEchoes

NEWS Harris retires after 39 years
the women’s tennis coach. “Some things I get to do are fun. I’m over ath-
“Part of the reason I was hired was because letics, so when I get to watch a game, am I at
they wanted someone to be a coach too,” Har- work or at play? It’s always been interwoven,”
ris said. Harris said.
Harris credits having several jobs on campus The role of dean of students does come with
as the reason his job got extended after the some difficult aspects. Part of his job is to deal
grant was up. with discipline issues on campus.
“I think because I wound up filling so many Even so, University President Dan Boone
roles, [they thought] we will have to keep him called Harris “one of the most revered offi-
because otherwise we would have to hire so cials on campus.”
many rolls,” Harris said. “I’ve never known anyone who has gained
At that time, the dean of students retired. Ho- such respect over a long period of time from
mer Adams, University president at the time, students. Even when he has to discipline stu-
asked Harris if he would take the position for dents, there is an appreciation in the process
one year. because he cares personally for them,” Boone
Harris, who was 27-years-old, was surprised said. “I think dean of students may well be
by the offer. He agreed to one year. one of the hardest jobs in higher education.
One year turned into 34 years of service un- For Steve to have worked in that field for 35
der three different presidents. His tenure years here at Trevecca is just remarkable.”
makes him the longest serving dean in Trev- As far as life after retirement, Harris isn’t ex-
ecca history. actly sure what it looks like.
Harris says the students are the reason he “My wife and I are going to Italy for two
stayed in the job for so many years. weeks in June,” Harris said. “I’ve got three
“I love working with students. The energy granddaughters; I’m looking forward to play-
that the students have is just a lot of fun to be ing with them a lot.”
connected with,” Harris said, “Their energy, Harris still plans to be involved in the Trevec-
aspirations, willingness to serve, it’s always ca community.
been a blessing. I’ve joked and said I still tend “What I told Dr. Boone, and this will sound
to think that I’m only 25-years-old. I don’t re- strange, if there is a job where I can hang out
alize how many years have gone by.” and mentor students, maybe become the TIA
But, being dean of students can be an all-en- director and help students… wait a minute, I
compassing job. might need some time,” Harris said.
“It does take over your life, but the rewards Boone says the school is not in a rush to fill
are good, too. I’ve always felt like it was an the position.
area of ministry,” Harris said. “I’ve done this “Anytime you have someone who has served
job long enough that I should be able to go for 35 years, the best strategy is to provide
home and not take this with me – I haven’t. interim leadership. We will move slowly,
[When I] wake up in the morning, I have a to- moving toward the next replacement,” Boone
do list on my mind.” said. “More than anything, we are taking a
Harris wakes up 5:30 a.m., arrives to work pause between now and the [next] school
around 8:15 a.m., and leaves around 6 p.m. or year to celebrate Steve.” Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.

Students plan to form a leadership club for black students from a Pearl Cohn, or Whites Creek,
CONTINUED FROM COVER fied as white, 32 as black and 10 as His-
panic. This year, 930 students identified or Maple Wood, or really anyone who
as white, 80 as black and 147 as Hispanic. comes from a Metro (high) school,” said
Even as diversity among Trevecca’s Thomas.
undergraduate students is increasing, Nykolaus Reed, associate professor
many black students said they would of Biology, will be the club’s sponsor.
like more support on campus. “I think everyone on campus has a
“I have always felt like I didn’t have voice. It’s whether or not others are will-
a face here at Trevecca. So, I always have ing to listen to that voice because in the
felt like Trevecca should have a group times that we live in its very easy to live
to where black people could feel like in an isolated bubble where everyone
they could come and have a family--just thinks like you,” said Reed.
someone who has the same background Club leaders said Walden is also
as you,” said Wadlin Cadet, the club’s forming partly in response to an inci-
vice president. dent last semester in which two black
Some black students don’t stay at students were drug tested after an RD
Trevecca all four years, according to the said she smelled marijuana in their
president of the Walden Club, Tynaisia room. The test was negative. The inci-
Rush. dent left some black students worried
The club’s officers hope a more about if the incident was racially moti-
intentional community will help with vated.
retention of African American students. Diamond Bell, the secretary of
“The year before I was here, we Walden, said the new club has made her
were at 36 percent retention for African feel better about being at Trevecca.
American students, last year we brought “This semester has been a whole lot
that up to 43 percent,” said Thomas. “We better. My classes are good. My pro-
are working hard to help African Amer- fessors are nice. I’ve made friends and
ican students become a significant part Walden has been a family for me--some-
of our community.” thing that I can open up to about and I
Walden club members. Photo provided by Hancock.
Thomas said Trevecca can be a very can ask them if they want to hang out
who just want to support African Amer- a school to educate themselves called different culture from what some stu- with me,” said Bell.
ican students as well,” said Brodrick Walden. They went from being Walden dents are used to.
Thomas, coordinator of student engage- to evolving to being Meharry Medical “Literally what I think of is Mount
ment and diversity. school and moving to the west side of Everest or climbing any extraordinary
The name Walden comes from Trev- town. Walden on this hill is significant height. Which Trevecca can be a moun-
ecca’s history. because I see Walden for African Amer- tain of, and if I can be honest, a moun-
“On this campus back in the 1860’s ican students as a root from which they tain of whiteness. We went from being
after the Civil War, upon this hill that can branch off of,” said Thomas. 90 percent white four or five years ago
we walk around every day, every single According to the TNU fact book, in to 70 percent all of a sudden, but that
day, free slaves came to this hill to start 1998 711 undergraduate students identi- is still a shock for someone who comes
TrevEchoes | April | 2018 |

International students face pressure to succeed
BY MARIA MONTEROS the Smith house and took advantage students that have a fixation on high marks expectations that you may never meet,”
STAFF WRITER of counseling services available. But in could even perform poorly on tests. said Pryor. “Your identity become wrapped
A few weeks after arriving from some cultures, mental illness remains a “If you don’t get a good grade that may around your level of success. Sometimes
Honduras, Luis Ortiz entered his freshmen taboo, leaving potentially serious cases mean staying up late or working late hours I say in my sessions, ‘If this is taken away
year at Trevecca with one goal: get a 4.0 unchecked, said Pryor. or creating bad habits that really contribute from you, who are you?’”
GPA. “It’s easier to say we need to go to to stress,” said Pryor. “Our body often will While breaking stereotypes may seem
“Being an international student takes the doctor, get checkups but we don’t notice the signs and symptoms of stress ideal, Vargas says this situation causes a
away being a good student. Sometimes really attend to our mental health,” said before our brains will.” minority student’s community to single
I’m not Luis the good student, I’m Luis Pryor. “Some students here don’t want From sitting in a classroom to talking them out.
the international student,” said Ortiz, their parents to know that they’re seeking to a professor, according to Pryor anything As students become aware of their
sophomore accounting and international counseling, they don’t want their parents can trigger stress. This causes students to psychological disposition, developing
business major. “I didn’t want to be to know that they’re struggling or that their withdraw, isolate themselves and feel very healthy practices becomes easier to
remembered as just another international having a hard time just to maintain that connected to their emotions. accomplish. Pryor suggests seeking help,
student, but a good student academic wise.” [model minority] image or that stereotype.” drinking water, eating healthy, exercising
“The fact that I did not know my grade
Ortiz has raised the expectations he Pryor said the pressure could come and I went to the finals not knowing how regularly and creating a work-life balance.
set upon himself, juggling two majors with from within a student’s community or did I do and just waiting for that letter “I tell my clients you don’t have to be
an internship, a job and a responsibility as family. Minorities often feel the weight grade to come in later, I had a lot of anxiety a ninja warrior, just moderate exercise
sophomore class president. But then came of having to represent their backgrounds and fear,” said Ortiz. which means a walk around campus is good
a test result— it was his very first C. through academic achievements. enough,” said Pryor.
Pryor said students find comfort in
“I didn’t feel so good about that “We live out of [stereotypes]. We numbers because it’s tangible and concrete. The counseling center located at the
because that [course] was what I wanted to function out of that narrative that’s been The grades that students see on their Smith house offers free counseling to
do with my life. I should be able to do the passed down… that’s how we view the transcript is a measurable progress that current students for the first six sessions
best in this class,” Ortiz said. world and that’s not often challenged to be they can bring to their parents as proof of and $5 for the following sessions. Students
Drea Pryor, a student in Trevecca’s right or wrong,” said Pryor. their hard work. may schedule an appointment by filling out
graduate counseling program specializing For Guillermo Vargas, junior “You kind of set yourself up for the counseling inquiry form online.
in anxiety and racial identity issues, said business marketing major, growing up in
feeling the need to excel academically is a a traditional Hispanic household meant
prevalent theme among minority students having to toughen up and brush off any
at Trevecca. While the diligent minority issue he experiences because he was told
mindset comes from society’s cultural “only lazy people” pay attention to that.
perception, minority students that pressure “I feel like if I don’t do good in school,
themselves into achieving the ideal mold I would have let my family down,” said
may face serious repercussions, she said. Vargas. “I also have scholarship from Equal
A 2017 Nielsen study suggests that Chance for Education and so I also feel that
Asian American Women are one of the pressure.”
most educated groups the in United States. The consequences of this mindset
However, for Asian American women age 15 that persists among minority students can
to 24, a 2014 data from the National Center either be mental or physical. Some students
for Health Statistics states that 23 percent of may experience anxiety or depression,
their deaths were from suicide. excessive worrying, loss or increased
As workloads begin to pile up this appetite, tightness in chest and stomach
semester, many students have gone to ache. Because of this, Pryor states that Vargas in the library. Photo provided by Vargas.

‘Hanging out’ replaces ‘dating’ for many students major Kelly Hall says that she sees sports management major Brady Ray. settle down and date.
CONTRIBUTOR couples all the time walking around and Not only is the older generations “You have such access to so many more
The term “dating” is used loosely in chilling in the Hub. confused by this but millennials are too. people on social media that they think, ‘I
today’s millennial age. Senior mass media arts and studies can find the perfect somebody’ and then
“My students tell me how frustrating
Senior early childhood education major Kip Kenerly said that he sees this is and how guys feel like they can’t have accidentally settled”.
major Anna Smith describes it like people going out on dates but it’s win and girls feel like they can’t win. I According to a Huffington Post article
this: “I think dating is when you like different. think everyone is confused,” said Bradley. about the most common relationship
somebody and they like you back so you “People start out by hanging out in a problems brought up in therapy includes
One reason that technology has
decide to spend more time together and group but then they start breaking off the fear of finding the perfect match, why
changed the dating scene is the use of
see if maybe you are compatible. and going on dates.” Kenerly goes on to get married, what does the text from my
online dating sites such as Tinder and
Millennials are seen hanging out in say, “It’s harder to tell who is dating who. Bumble. significant other mean, financially tied
friend groups, using social media apps to They [millennials] aren’t as open about down by partner, and why they aren’t
Users are able to pick and choose who
connect, and being detached from other that.” dating anyone.
they think is attractive and who they
people, according to articles by Rolling Millennials do in fact go on dates, but “I believe that it is innate to want to be
want to talk too based on looks and a few
Stone and Huffington Post on the dating the way they approach dating is different in a relationship. We long for connection.
general facts.
world of millennials. than the generations before them. Humans thrive in healthy connection. So
“I think people make it only about
“I hardly ever see people date. If you Amanda Bradley, associate professor this longing to find a romantic partner,
how you look when you’re swiping. You
look like at a yearbook, you see a group of psychology and department chair there is nothing wrong with it. But it’s
are literally only looking at how they
of 15 girls together or 5 guys together. You of social and behavioral sciences, says almost like we don’t know what to do
look,” said Smith.
don’t see a lot of people going to things as that she thinks most of it has to do with with it right now,” said Bradley.
‘dates’,” said associate dean of students Bradley explains that using popular
technology. dating apps such as Tinder is a
for community life Matt Spraker.
“Everything is so vague now. People representation of what we do in our
Becky Headrick, testing coordinator will just be texting and loosely hanging natural environment.
and office manager of the CLCS, says she out for months and months and no one
has seen a trend starting even when her “If you are with your friends and you
has any idea what is going on,” said are at a park and you are hanging out and
girls attended Trevecca around 10 years Bradley.
ago. you see a guy that’s attracted to you… you
Students also agree that technology do a double take. That is like a swipe.”
“My oldest daughter especially went has an impact.
through the “I kissed dating good-bye” Bradley goes on to explain that apps like
“Dating has changed dramatically this give us a “shopping phenomenon”.
era. You didn’t date. You hung out in
over the years. I guess the best way to It is easier to pick and choose what you
friend groups.”
describe it is that it has become so loose. want rather than seeing them face-to-
Some students on campus see another It has become a matter of connecting face.
trend. through social media and not really Smith said that social media makes
Senior organizational communications connecting face-to-face,” said junior it harder and scarier for millennials to
2018 | April | TrevEchoes
we are left alone with our very own essence. with our relationship with our bodies.
EDITORIAL & OPINION And in that brokenness we reteach Let this summer not just be about
ourselves our own loveliness. Isn’t it inter- changing who we are, but leaning into your

From the esting how we constantly are putting our-
selves in a cage of wanting to be somewhere
true self with love and acceptance - em-
bracing each and every inch of yourself. We
lean in first by thanking our bodies. We say
we are not or something different than
what we are? We allow ourselves to be con- thank you for “the heart you kept beating
stantly agitated or non-accepting. even when it was broken, for every answer

center: How For example, we grant ourselves per-
mission to be in a relationship with some-
you gave me in my gut, for loving me back
even when I didn’t know how to love you,

to combat one, but refuse to love because we know
when we surrender we could lose. That’s
what it means to put yourself in a cage. You
and for every time you recovered when I
pushed you past our limits. I thank you for
today, for waking up” (Wade, 2018).
body image are constantly struggling and fighting to
make the endgame different.
The next step to self-acceptance is to
stop engaging yourself in negative body-im-

issues as It’s almost as if there is a part of you
that knows it must shatter itself first before
age activities. You know those activities that
spin you into a whirlwind of self-hatred?

summer ap- allowing it to be shattered by someone or Instead, surround yourself with positive
something else – and we do this every day people who will uplift you and encourage
you on a pathway to physical and mental
proaches “When we can
Find a body-image activity you DO
enjoy. Hate running? Sure! That would not
By Shaye Pennington
Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
days get louder and louder. stop trapping our- be on my top list. How about walking or
reading a good book? Instead, choose an
Jump on Facebook and see ads for how activity that actually brings you JOY. Lastly,
I daily see the struggles that young
men and women face in regards to sum- to lose weight fast. Or try this new pick- selves in the make a daily habit to stop self-objectifying.
mer and their bodies. And quite honestly, le-juice only cleanse - lose 5 pounds this Do not think of yourself as an object to-be-
despite the jokes of this Nashville weather, week!
It’s nearly impossible to quiet those
chains of shame changed first, but rather you are a person
first - a whole human-beautiful-being be-
swimsuit season and summer are quickly
approaching. voices when we constantly are fighting
against the newest fad or quick fixes to
and self-hatred is cause, “You cannot love your body for what
you hope it turns into without actively lov-
Along with this season and the New
“make our lives better.” ing it for what it is today.”
Year, come the great declarations of get-
ting swimsuit ready. The declarers posting, But the truth is … you are not a mis- when we can be-
take. When we can stop trapping ourselves Pennington is a Marriage and Family
sharing, and claiming - “This is the year of
me!” “This year I will “eat-clean!” “This in the chains of shame and self-hatred is come exactly who Therapy intern at the Trevecca Counseling
year I will lose weight.” when we can become exactly who we are Center.
And one-by-one we see these resolu- meant to be. When we strip away our bad
experiences, the things we soaked into our
we are meant to
tions fall to wayside of unimportance as
the year dwindles into next. However, those
negative thoughts we tell ourselves each
core because of an unhealthy relationship,
or stop identifying ourselves as a problem

The importance
of recycling
BY Brooklyn Dance
Recycling is a relatively new phenome-
non. When authorities noticed how quick- Editor-In-Chief
ly waste was piling up in landfills, recycling Brooklyn
was born. The process of recycling is sim-
ply converting waste into reusable mate-
rials. Not everything you throw away can
be recycled though, and it is important to Sports
distinguish what can and cannot. Andrew
plastic. Cardboard can go in the paper bin.
Recyclable: Unfortunately, Nashville does not pick
up glass recycling curbside, but there are Online
Plastic bottles or containers
specific plants that you can take your glass Princess
Cardboard boxes, mail, office paper,
to if you are interested.
this newspaper The plastic grocery bags that pile up
Tin, aluminum and steel cans so quickly cannot be thrown into recycling,
Glass jars or bottles but there are special bins outside of Kroger Copy
Photographers CopyEditor
where you can recycle them.
Not recyclable: Uy
Nguyen Amanda
On campus, there are recycling recep-
Grocery bags tacles in front of dorms and most buildings.
So next time you get a package from Ama- Narada
Egg cartons
Styrofoam containers zon, remember the cardboard can be recy-
Containers soiled by food cled. Next time you finish a plastic water
bottle, recycle it.
Broken glass STAFF WRITERS
Stewart Abby
Trevecca’s recycling bins are divided
into three main sections: cans, paper and Ashley
Walling Audrey

Garcia Mary

Daniela Hernandez Duque Maria Lourdes Monteros

viewsof ofTrevecca.
A list of what can go in each on campus recycling bin. Provided by Contributors
for grammar,
SPORTS TrevEchoes | April | 2018 |

Burdge overcomes multiples injuries to set Trevecca track records
BY MADDUX REID time, and I wasn’t able to attend practices have on the brain in such a short amount lined the track during indoor confer-
CONTRIBUTOR or games during my recovery. My body of time, and that the likelihood of getting ence this year when I had to run the 800
Despite four brain injuries, a heart sur- healed before the start of track season another concussion was very high.” meters,” Burdge said. “They knew it was
gery and a leg injury in the past four and I was really excited for the new sea- After two weeks of practicing she was hit a huge mental block for me and that I
years, Sydney Burdge, a junior on the son.” in the head again which ultimately end- needed their encouragement every step
women’s track team, is healthy and com- However, by the end of her senior track ed her volleyball career. of the way. I still get teary eyed when I
peting at the highest level for the Trojans season, she was on crutches and in a “I am honored to have had the opportu- think about that race because I know that
this season. walking boot from a stress fracture in her nity to play college volleyball, and I know I wouldn’t have finished without them.”
Burdge is primarily a field athlete and shin. Forced to stay on crutches the en- that God has used the extra free time and Senior cross country and track runner
has set three school records this indoor tire summer, Burdge was unable to com- my journey for his glory, and that’s the Caroline Hampton has been alongside
season and with the outdoor season be- plete workouts for volleyball. most important thing,” she said. her teammate her entire career.
ginning this past weekend is determined “I felt like I was starting college athletics No longer able to compete in volleyball “The heptathlon before this meet did not
to set more. a step behind everyone else. I hadn’t been Burdge healed and started track season go as planned, so the team knew Sydney
But, without her bodies inept ability to able to work out or prepare my body in in the spring. She made it through indoor needed our support,” Hampton said.
recover from injury, her opportunity to any way,” said Burdge. season, but by the second outdoor meet “Each of us found an empty place on the
compete as a Trevecca athlete may never Once her leg healed, she started having in March, she was having debilitating leg track and cheered her through to the fin-
have come. heart problems again, resulting in her pain which resulted in Burdge being un- ish line. She fought so hard and looked
In Burdge’s junior year of high school, diagnosis of supraventricular tachycar- able to compete in track her freshman or so strong out there.”
she got a minor concussion while play- dia, which is an abnormally fast heart sophomore years. Hampton described Burdge as encour-
ing volleyball and was also hospitalized rhythm arising from improper electrical “Not being able to compete in track sea- aging, disciplined, and one of the most
for an undiagnosed heart condition later activity in the upper part of the heart. son, once again, was really difficult to loving athletes she knows because of her
that year. She had heart surgery two weeks before cope with,” Burdge said. “I know that dedication to the team and her Christ-
“During track season my heart would moving onto campus for volleyball and my identity is found in Christ and I take like attitude on and off the track.
start racing for no reason, which led to was cleared by her cardiologist the day compete confidence in that, but being an Burdge holds the indoor and outdoor
my initial hospitalization. It was scary, before moving onto campus. athlete my entire life and then coming high jump record, indoor 60 m hurdle
but the episodes were random so I con- Before the first week was over, she got to college and being unable to compete record, outdoor 100 m hurdle record, in-
tinued to compete,” said Burdge. another concussion that kept her out of athletically at all was extremely difficult. door long jump record, indoor and out-
Despite these complications, Burdge was practices and games for a month. I was still able to travel and be part of door triple jump records, and the indoor
healthy going into her senior year of high “It was really difficult to cope with the the team which has led me to some great pentathlon record for Trevecca track and
school and was in communication with reality of my first semester of college. I friendships.” field. She broke her own school record in
college coaches. came to Trevecca expecting to do well With injuries plaguing her past, Burdge the 60 m hurdles this year.
One week into her senior volleyball sea- academically and to improve athleti- was still determined to compete as a col-
son, she received another concussion cally, then I got two brain injuries that legiate athlete.
which kept her out of school for months. hindered those goals,” Burdge said. “The “My teammates, coaches, and parents
“I had to relearn how to speak and write,” Sports Medicine staff walked me through have been huge encouragements to me
Burdge recalls. “It was a really difficult the impact that four brain injuries can throughout this season. My teammates

Chapel attendance difficult for traveling student athletes
CONTINUED FROM COVER exemption because we see it as part of Trevecca offers chapel exemption For Odom, attending chapel is
night chapel.” our curriculum.” for students who are unable to attend something she would enjoy if she wasn’t
Odom was initially denied chapel “If you go to Trevecca you take due to their specific class situation. so stressed about the logistics.
exemption because she lived on-campus, World Civilization, you eat in the caf- “Last year we added a six-chapel “We’re late to chapel a lot,” Odom
the biggest determining factor in the eteria and you go to chapel. It’s part of plan for students who can only attend said. “We get out of practice and have to
exemption process. how we completely form a student and Monday night chapels,” Spraker said. run over to the cafeteria to try and get
“I was eventually given partial ex- a Trevecca education includes those “For students who can’t make it in the dinner before sprinting down to chapel.”
emption and Spraker told me to get to as things.” day, there’s at least six chapels you can “If we weren’t so scatterbrained in
many chapels as possible,” Odom said. For the spring semester Trevecca go to on Monday nights.” trying to get to chapel, I feel like we’d
“I factored in my observation hours for officially has offered 44 chapel oppor- Trevecca also offers a partial exemp- enjoy it more as a team,” Odom said.
my major, softball and class schedule. tunities. Odom and her teammates tion plan in which Odom and others “Our favorite part is the praise and
He listened and was very understand- typically leave between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. are to attend 12 chapels throughout the worship.”
ing.” on Thursday mornings, leaving Tuesday semester.
Trevecca’s official chapel atten- morning their only chapel opportunity. “In the past our athletes as a group
dance policy according to Matt Spraker, “We travel so much on Thursdays, percentage wise are better at getting
associate dean of student development, we can hardly attend any Thursday all their chapels in than non-athletes,”
is for all students who live on campus to morning chapels either,” Odom said. Spraker said. “There’s no chapel exemp-
attend at least 24 chapels. “Every single chance we get we take tions for being an athlete and it’s tough
“All chapel exemptions are a case- on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Our coach for them because of their road travel. I
by-case basis,” Spraker said. “If you’re an stresses really hard we make sure we get do work closely with Mark Elliott and
on-campus student it’s really hard to get to chapel because we’re going to miss a coaches in making sure athletes are
lot if we don’t.” attending chapel.”
2018 | April | TrevEchoes

Boonearoo back for 2018: new location, same fun
bit bigger this year. We are changing the location. The “We have a lot of connections with management
event will be in the field between Trevecca Communi- companies throughout the town. So, we go through and
ty Church and the library. It’s going to be bigger and see who they have and who the school is interested in
we hope more people come out this year,” Polston said. and we pick from there,” said Polston.
“Last year we had a growth in numbers, we had a little Boonearoo is April 28 4p.m.-11p.m.
over 1,000 people come. So, we are excited to see what
these new artists will bring in this year,”
Students can volunteer in production for the event.
If interested, students can email JLOsborne@trevecca.
Boonearoo 2018 lineup:
Polston does a little bit of everything and spends edu for details.
hours planning the event.
“I work about three hours a day and we go through Ian Miller
the contracts and the writers, which is basically figur-
ing out what the artist needs and wants for the day of
the concert. We go through that and make sure we have Madyson Williams
everything together,” said Polston.
In the current stage of planning, Polston is finishing
posters and marketing to a wider audience for this year’s
“It’s a great way to bring students to Trevecca, it’s
like a mini experience Trevecca day but with Boonea-
roo,” said Polston.
Ready for Rain
Levi Osborne, alumn and Terrace apartments RD,
remembers Boonearoo as a student.
“I’ve always loved Boonearoo since I started school I am Spartacus
at TNU in 2011. It’s a great way to take a break from
studying to hear some good music, and just relax be-
fore the chaotic finals week. This year specifically, I’m Steven Malcolm
excited to see students be in the position that I was as
a student—just really enjoying the event with friends,”
said Osborne.
To get artist for the event Trevecca relies on the con- Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
Colton Dixon
nections with the Nashville community.

Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.