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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"


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The Present to 2012 and Beyond

"From our Observation and Viewing
The Perspectives and Knowledge of Celest, David and Mark

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"


(Celest and David) To more clearly understand the times of

today, perhaps the people of the world should be able to see the
relativity of past actions and present consequences. One can
"see" through the power of observation as well as through "the
knowing." For too long everyone has been swayed or at times
coerced, into believing everything that politicians, medical
people and religious leaders have told them. This has happened
exclusively for the most part, because people have been
conditioned to NOT think for themselves. To NOT look within
the established doctrines to see what is really true and what is
not. Of course an important aspect of understanding and then
assimilating truth is that first a person should see what truths
they believe in and why. If each person can learn to understand
themselves better, then they will be well-armed and better able
to disengage themselves from the illusions of truth.

Here are some of our thoughts, observations and what we

KNOW as well. The early civilizations came quickly under the
control of the Illuminati; the dark energies had no problem
capturing the minds of the people because these energies did not
and do not, respect or adhere, to the Universal Law of
non-interference. From the early beginnings of this long ago
mind-control, each succeeding generation of people, regardless
of their culture or race, remained as firmly ensconced in the
“listen to what their elders taught them” type of mental and
Spiritual enslavement, as had their predecessors. All elders of all
races raised their progeny in this matter. They did not know any
better. All they really knew was to live in fear of further
enslavement if they did not follow the dictums of the
leaders/rulers of their homelands. Although the indigenous
tribes in the world fared a bit better because they secretly
prayed and honored their ancestral Spirits, they too eventually
succumbed for the most part, to the outright dictatorship of the
ruling classes and the rulers who so ruthlessly took over each

And so it has been for all these centuries, it was when the fear
factor was so insidiously instilled into the hearts and minds of
the human race as a whole and caused the human races to be
brought to their knees, like cattle waiting to be sent to the
slaughter house, that those who were on the planet to DO

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

SOMETHING predicated on their abilities to observe and to

know, came into the forefront of life here on this planet. The
worst 4 letter word in any language is “fear.” Fear is
demoralizing, debilitating and dehumanizes people. This is why
it was perceived as the one energy, the most prominent mind
thought that could be best used to keep people from moving
forward in life. As liner time wove the human condition deeper
into the Soulless abyss of the un-illuminated, humankind for the
most part forgot who they really were and why they were here.
They forgot that they were part of the Tapestry of eternal life.
This is but one reason why the reincarnational process is so vital
to the human race. Regardless of how you may each feel about
the Illuminati and their legion of dark energies, it must still be
acknowledged that the people themselves allowed this to
happen. It is not enough to say, “I did not know, how could I?”
The people of the world today have come a long way from the
early days of least many of them have, and with
that in mind, does it not seem to be the most ironic form of
contradiction that there are still so many who do not want to
know the truth? No one can hide their heads in the sand
anymore. No one will be allowed to.

All this brings us up to the present here and hereafter times;

these times that are life-defining moments of truth each person
must confront and understand. All present times exist as a result
of all past times. Think about everything you value in life; think
about the people or the types of people you value most. What
do you consider your priorities in life to be? Now stop and see
why and how you arrived at all your choices and decisions.
Everything can be traced back to the manner in which you were
taught to believe and the information you were taught to believe
in. People can change their minds about decisions they have
made and beliefs they have had, but realistically, too many
people are afraid to do that. People globally have even had
problems looking into the future times if they feel that there are
too many years that may, or can, intervene between what they
want to have, or what they want to have happen, and when
things actually will. When important events transpire, whether
of a personal nature or those that have serious global
implications for a better life or a less than better life, people
tend to flounder because they want specific timelines, and they
WANT THEM NOW. Basically, the majority of people in the
world do not want to have their lives changed drastically, they
did not in the past either.

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

It does not matter if all the darkly-inclined leaders are replaced

over the next several years. If the people themselves do not
change then nothing else will. If people change only because
new leaders have been installed, than that change does not
count. People need to change for all the right reasons. They
need to change because it is the right thing for them to do in
their quest for personal evolution. Then and only then can they
begin in earnest to pursue their personal-planetary missions.
Perhaps if everyone understood that life-altering changes are
predicated upon the actions or non-actions of each individual on
the planet perhaps, just perhaps, each individual would be able
to make 1 small change a day in their lives. It does not matter
whether it is a mind-thought of directing peace and goodwill
towards those of other races, or a thought of how the individuals
themselves could teach their receptive family members or friends
about something, no matter how trivial it may be, as long as it is
the opposite of what they have been conditioned to believe. You
cannot enact changes by utilizing violence. This would negate
all your good intentions. You can not make people change
because you wish it to be so. You can not use harsh or
destructive words to influence others. It is no different than
using a sword or a gun. All change must first and always and in
all ways be accomplished by educating the people, by teaching
them correctly. Give them an alternative to the reality they have
previously known. It does not matter what country or
environment they currently reside in.

Each person will and must of necessity carry their own weight;
they must live their beliefs, thus becoming their own beliefs.
They must be true to what they bear witness to from their
personal observation deck and stand in truth because of what
they KNOW. They can not falter, not now. This is their time to
shine and become as the midday sun. For centuries most people
have shied away from accepting personal responsibility for
anything they do or do not do. So if we look at the logistics
here, it took many, many, HUNDREDS OF YEARS, for the
average everyday man and woman who have lived complacent
life styles sans the acceptance of this type of responsibility we
are speaking of, to contribute to the morass of moral turpitude
and lack of true life on this planet. It is small wonder that this
world and the new, already begun reformation movement, will
also require a time that will be a seemingly long time to many
people, before this world arrives at the new apex, the new
civilized world in which to live and live well and happy.

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

As things are now it will take 100 years for all the changes you
desire to bear fruit. Change is not a speeding bullet, it requires
love, understanding and acceptance for change to bear fruit. If
every man, woman and child in the world could hold the
thought of love without condition for all other races, hold the
thought of peace throughout the world regardless of cultural
differences, form the belief in themselves as the true children of
God, then and ONLY then, would it be possible for all the
changes to take place and be in full force in 50 years. However,
this will not happen.

People who reincarnate here can not stay if they are contributing
to the malfeasance of Spirit. More and more people will choose
to leave the planet because they refuse to change, refuse to
honor themselves or other people. The pruning of the garden
here on Earth has begun in earnest. What can people gain by
changing their beliefs now? It can be the difference between
living a life or having a life of abject misery. They can earn the
eternal gratitude of the Creation process. They gain respect for
themselves as Souls. They can live on other planets and feel
good about themselves. They can gain the world. Other than
that, they gain nothing. Why is it going to take 100 years? Why
did the people take so long to change? Many people want
change. They want it and they want it now. However that does
not happen globally through simple mind-thought. It happens
one person at a time. Everyone needs to understand that
although 100 years may seem to be a long time to them, it is not
about the length of time but the quality OF the time. This relates
to all the different organizations of all types; changing how they
teach people about everything under the sun. History books etc.,
need to be rewritten. People need to be able to come to terms
with the fact that it is “they the people” who need that time
period to relearn what they have either forgotten or refused to
believe. People need to learn how to live life in a more simple,
but healthy way. It requires many generations of children all
over the planet to be “home schooled” in the truth. In other
words, the children need to hear, question and understand from
their family members how and why it happened that the world
has come to this apex of change. Children need to be raised in a
different lifestyle, one that is progressive, not the current ones of

As the world continues to turn and forms new land masses while
releasing many former landmasses, not only will the total
populations of the Earth change as well, unless there is a

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

massive reformatting of the free expressions and beliefs of the

human races as a whole, only 10 percent of the global
population will remain to be the settlers and caretakers of the
new world. It will be the actions, thoughts and beliefs of the
people that are going to be the final defining of who stays and
who leaves. This is not terrible news, you know. All this will be
the ultimate free expression, which so many have called free
will, of all people everywhere. The people who have entrapped
themselves in the old 3rd. dimensional plane will have to leave.
They will not accept the 4th. dimension and will be unable to
survive in the new frequencies and vibrations that are already
making their presences known here. Those people will trap
themselves in-between dimensional planes. They will leave
while others stay. Think of the glorious new beginning the Earth
and the new settlers will have. Those who are leaving and will
continue to do so, will have ample time to understand their
previous life existence before they once again reincarnate.
Hopefully, for the better. This progression of people leaving will
be from the present time to approximately the next 20 years
before all these people transition.

Many will simply lose their desire to remain here; they will do
so because they will know that although change is inevitable,
they themselves simply cannot cope with it. We are always
being asked how these "leavings" will occur. This is the way it is
and will continue to be; millions will be leaving everyday by
natural catastrophes, suicides, illnesses, the final death throes of
the endings of all wars, loss of their formerly held religious
beliefs, disenchantment with living a more simple life, and so
forth. Some people are simply giving up. All these things will be
brought on by the people themselves. Life is a wonderful event;
it is to be cherished, loved most dearly and above all
APPRECIATED. NOT for what it can give to you, but for what
you can give to it. Forget about wondering about “crystalline
bodies” and concentrate on the ones that you have.

People who have no children, perhaps no living families, these

people need to understand that they still can be role models for
other people as well as for many children. Also, it will be
uplifting for them if they realize that they CAN make a
difference in this world. Everybody will make a difference if
they only just try. People everywhere will arrive at a more clear
knowing of why so many people harbor pettiness, resentment,
jealousy and rage. They will be able to discern the true reasons
why so many people do not like themselves, why they can not

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

love themselves. It should not be difficult to accept the fact that

100 years will see the birth of many new generations of people
who can and will love themselves. The new people will see that
they can share feelings of love and compassion and expand them
to all other people, all other life-forms. They will accept that
when things are not right that change must first start within
oneself. Then there will spontaneously be good changes in the
home environment, then on to the workplace and the social
environment and so on. People need to be encouraged to
understand why they do the things they do, why they think the
way they do and why they envy other people.

One of the main reasons here is lack of self-confidence and

another is the fear of being perceived as “different. They need to
know that they are each unique and are not supposed to align
themselves with others who are of lower-based consciousness.
Many times it takes an entire lifetime for just 1 person to learn
about himself and then to enact a few changes in his life before
he passes over from physical life. So, if the changes begin now
that man or woman or child, can and will, be able to enjoy a
better life because the individual himself has made it so. It
doesn’t matter if these people believe in reincarnation or not. It
will happen to them anyway. People who refuse to change
without proof that they will have a better life, will not change
anyway. No one who does not love themselves can love another

People need to find the way to get out of their ruts and break
their mundane routines. Life is about spontaneity. It is about
“being.” It is about exploring options, it is about the experience.
It is about living in the moment, not for the moment. It is about
having a life worth living, no matter what it may be. People need
to stop immersing themselves only in their own culture; they
need to respect all other cultures as well. They need to be
themselves. They need to draw wisdom from all the experiences
of all cultures, all walks of life. This is what defines the real
you. People need to stop fearing other cultures. They need to
arrive at the understanding that they are all brothers and sisters
beneath the skin. No one knows too much about the lives,
heritage and cultural beliefs of other people. However, the more
they learn, the greater their own understanding of life will
become. At that point they can then analyze their own beliefs
and will be shocked to find there are many similarities between
their own and others.’ Words may be different but the core will
have a shared belief. It may be a minute understanding, or it may

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

be a large sharing of the understanding matrix, but at least they

will be trying to learn.

Part of the learning arc is discovering what pushes your buttons,

what your Achilles heel is. Your weak points are what others
will use against you now in their feeble attempts to hold you
back from being yourself. Think about what the true reasons are
that others may agitate you; how many complexes you may have
that are actually the emotions, thoughts or feelings that are your
own weak points. Then discard them if they are not and can not
serve a useful purpose. This too is a hallmark of personal
growth. Make every second of this lifetime count for you, after
all it is not the last. Not everyone, but most people here on
Earth, who have not explored the greater truths and realities and
all that they individually are, are in many ways still “children.”
As such there is only so much truth that can be shared with
them at any given moment. If too much information is given to
them at any one time then they would either turn away or cease
to listen, or it would push them over the edge. No one can or
should try to teach people who are obviously not ready to learn
and do not want to be receptive to the truth. This is a primary
pulse point in the learning arc.

The teachers of the future are being born today. Not only
through the process of rebirth. The teachers of the future, who
can not be the teachers of the present, can not be the teachers
of the future. One is reliant on the other. If they can not be now,
they can not be then. Every mentor should understand they have
a huge responsibility. They can not look at life though tunnel
vision eyes nor can they wear rose-colored glasses. Those who
refuse for whatever reason to accept and understand the need for
100 years to pass before everyone still left on the planet has
altered their thoughts and beliefs and are ready for the ascension
process, should not be teaching anyway.” Ascension” can be
accomplished moment by moment. It may also take an entire
lifetime. People who do not want to be ready...will not be.
Teachers who can not use passionate detachment when dealing
with people from all walks of life, should not be teaching either.
The teachers of today who only follow one doctrine, one belief,
one understanding of the concepts of truth, will still be the
students of tomorrow. 100 years is the reformation process.

Salude...Celest and David

(Mark Kimmel) Recently I have spoken with a number of people

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

who are experiencing relationship problems, abnormal

headaches, sleepiness, and disorientation. Some of the more
sensitive among us are experiencing physical problems requiring
hospitalization. We have been told repeatedly that this planet
and those of us residing on it are being subjected to several types
of unusual energies. It is these energies of transformation that
are changing all about us, as well as our own physical and
psychological makeup. Time is collapsing. We are unable to
achieve as much in a day as heretofore. Weeks roll by. You are
not alone, everyone, whether they recognize it or not, is
experiencing the changes that are going on. Does it help you to
see the changes in your life in light of these insights?

As previously disclosed in these messages, a dark energy

enslaved Earth and mankind thousands of years ago. It has now
withdrawn from this sun system in the face of overwhelming
light energies. While its influence is steadily disappearing, the
wealthy and powerful who would control the ordinary people in
each country are still in place. The structures and beliefs they
use for control purposes are still in place. However it is a house
of cards, ready to collapse.

I look at our government and I see dysfunction. No great leader

has appeared to save us from the problems we have allowed to
develop. I believe the current administration is purposely
demonstrating this. I look at our financial system and see it
serving the desires of the wealthy. Again, no one has emerged to
save us. I see our health care system, our religions, our schools,
our major corporations, our legal system, and our dependence
on oil as our creations of those who are benefiting the most.
These manmade structures will dissolve to allow us to create a
new civilization. How are you allowing this information to
impact you?

Our brothers and sisters from other star systems have repeatedly
said that they will not come here to save us. They will come to
mentor us, to teach, and to supply certain technologies for our
benefit, but they will not come to save us. We must take charge
of our lives, and do so as all that is familiar is disintegrating
about us. Are you on top of what is happening?

The energies of change are increasing. Time is collapsing. We

are all in a period of change. It’s going to become more intense
until people start to act, until you choose your future. We are
being asked to demonstrate our choices by action. This action
can be as outward as I am doing, or as private as a daily

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"2012 - From our Observation and Viewing Deck"

meditation to discover who you really are, and then setting an

example by walking your talk. What actions are you taking?

You have many ways to retreat from the on-going battle for the
souls of the humans of this planet. You can choose to dismiss
the information that Adrial and others have presented as too
fantastic. You can choose fear as a reaction to the changes. You
can hide in religion or spiritual practices. Or you can look in the
mirror and decide to do something to demonstrate that you
know who you are, and that you wish to be a participant in
Earth’s new civilization.

Mark Kimmel -

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