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816.95 USA (81.915 CAN) manhastcwut .eem

1 CONTE NTS holiday 20091



e APUDDING ..... 64 li~


r--·a e ATART 80

TH'E' LIT'IT""L' 'E' -I 0···· 'N"'E'S"

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- a . e A FESTIVE FINALE ....

m XAND MATCH ... ll2

WELCO M.~ LETTER _ .. 2 T.EM Pl.ATES AN D Cl.IP ART. __ , 16 a In nE ... ~ 2 fJ

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EVERYONE LO"Q':KS FIQ'RWA,RDTO PilE", oarticularly on Thanksqivino Day Family and friends eagerly' anticipate the first bite, and bakers rejoice in one of the season's

most rewarding and laminar ntuals=-the assembly. Consider the crust: Preparing the douqh ta kes lust minutes, and there's pleasure, to be had in romng ~t out and transforming ,(3 mere lump into a smooth, malleable round. P;erh~,ps a plaln pie shell is fine the. rest of the ye,ar., but one that i'5 crimped. latticed or otherwise ,emlbefHshed feels more special. Take advantaqe of pie' dough's glood,-,fna8'zing' quality and dedicate a day eady on to preparing 'it so' a:~1 'that's ~,ef't to do

ts "filII! and bake (or, in 'some inshilr'iices. bake and "then fill), Wiith their holiday flavors! the pies that fallow wmgive everyone+lneludmq the cook+somethinq to, celebrate.

SEE: REGu:n~:. PA:GE: 116 Crimson cranberries l1Iind sliced r;l'ears pee . ~hro'ugh a lattice crust cre'ated

by ,cutting squares hom rlolled~'out dough (rath,er than by weavi'ng i't in strips). When appliedaround the 'e!dge in a ring', the cutouts fram~ 'the pie bealdti'~lJny.


A nel!d~y st,andb'Y-pecan pie-becomes a stanijout when partnered 'w'ith cnotoial'te, in botl"l tine' fUlling and t~,e en.lst U tlswt~ter'!ed wh ",peel c rea m keep:5i the pie from beingthe',lealst bit doyi(l~g,

CHOCOl"ATE' PECAN PUl1 » MAKIt;S ON [:; Q.I ~CH 01(;


~ €:l!IP 1~!fiI:ht: '!:orn '5,YfU'P

4, O:!i.lf1I,C:i~S SemiSW1€iet ti1eczol·ate,fii1ely

c~gpp~d .

2ib.abi!e~~PQ~:ri.s U",!l~ Itedl:'luH~:t

AJ l-pu r~o.;1;l nOY'l";for d!:il5ti!'l~:

Ohoc-oll'atre: Pie: Doulgn (recipe fol~oW!i) ;3 ~arge eg951

1 te\i'itSpOOil pure. \1:aI!1i~II.i::!J e~h'act

1~! CUp's. pecans 'Ca'~ut 6'QUIl,C1€,S) iLJns,wee:tJeraed 'wl1j:P'fl~~1 (:!'~im of Cl!'iemi1l fr~~he",fQ.r·~:el'v11t:i!g

Fresh 01' d~'led IWIe!filchar; fOr"g~rl'il'ish I(Oipti (11131) ,

Vege!~ab'~e··o'i~ Qo·Q,king !ipr,ay

1. 'Bri1Ri9 5Ug(!f ~nd E~:rrl syrup to- jJ b~~1 in

,;3 mediu:m S.:llillCe~iiJl1 OV'e'r m,eouum .. nflgh heat ~t.iwrilflg te dis.'Sol!i;l'~ St!Igafr-: reduoo, t:J,e~t te IQw. 3nd $im~l~r 2 mh'qljjt~5, Si~irrhllg oc:c;as~'~f1aHy. Let cool comlJiletely (mi)l;tul'e'wUI thkken).

2. [In ~ healpl'f,lo'f IpQwI 'se~ over (no~ ~n>!3 pan a,r· .5~mmerlng w,a~er, Jh.eiJlt' InM t heGh'~~Qla~e WVUl the but:bel' L.In~i,11 meltedl, s11 riding until 5tn~oth :al1ld r:,ombi:l'1lifi!d.lL;et tacl

3:. Ptl1!liNt ('Ji\i'en to dOJU~ On a Iigl~Utnour.ed 5uda,ee. rell "til ~ !':i,e dQugh to' a '1'3-11110111 r(l Ufl'~. abO.lit Vilinet'! thk~. L~9 Mt ~y :CiQitli'tal SH nch

piEi platt'withcotrki,r\g spra}),. Fitdo~gh into pan; cru IT'! p .edges, as desi:red.(ihi I~ 30: mn UIutas, or UP 'ro overnight

,,' ~n .iil laliQe bClwl.lbeillitegg.s until foamy. Add .c::hoco),a,t.e. and CQI'.n"-SlIIl'lil) m .... !tiU'oo];, ;snrrin~; to' . ,c(imbiJru~; st ir .lin \l'anm~ ~n:~ petii!llils.

5.l'our '~min:g tnte pie 1S.11'j;l\U. IBake 20 minubi!s, iRed~~ oliel') ~o 3;5"': bake·un~iI fiilling hals s~l, .about 20milf'llibs more. $j~~inkle~Hn r'e:mllllinin,g c:hIllCoh;lj~,lel: bske 5: mIl1Iute5,~ lrander to a w~r~ n!lr(,k to too~ almpletel")l", S~e with whi~ped cre.il!i"!'l;garrl![s;n wUh lave·nde,r. lir-,d,e5~red.

(~Mcoil~ Pm. DCflill{llh. i:;NOLJUH ran ON~ 9 fNCH PI~

n/~ c!J ~·sal~H)l.JIrlPos,e Hou f

lt3' CU,P' Sl..!i~'af

. 2.. Mill Ire SlPoGn's u n sw~etef!le:d !!OOO'3 p.G'wdier ~ te~Js~!c;aQn~l;! It

,6. ~3bllE:iSIPOOII:lS cOlll~ unsa~te'd butter, ,c.~J't'ij:!iI'rO 5maU ,r,*~Q[~ 3 h;II'~,E!.,egg yeillks" 11[9;htly b~iiJte:11

"* ~e\iil!spooh pw"~ ¥~Irl!ilih,'! 'e;;:fr:~f~t

~rn~o.a ~.mrge bGWI. sift tog,e:therf~oull'; S'!iJ.g3f. COCOilJ, '2Ind s,i::Illt, R",'b in blUttel' wi't~ !lOur '~ur:r,gets: '1.1 nt H mh:; lure U!!. tl'tlmb~y. LJ:s,~rr!Q ~ 'wgbd~f!!ll,pOGln,.stittoge:the.ryolks .trind" v~nu~I~; .1dd to

.~ 0 tJj:" ml:.t:l!.lf'il!!.. Wi~h a Tor.·k, Ibl,e:.,d u nUl mi~~lJiI'e for-ms, Im~R5t ,crumbs(tlio not ov,etwork). Tum out dough'onto, a WQ,rk. SUffa~: ~J1~<IId urutj,l, smooth .a'bGl'i.JIt 1 nililliute. F~rm [ntol a dis~j wrap h'ft" pllll.s~~IC.. (111m 3:0 m~nutes-. or up 00 av:ernighL DOUl!Jh can .lilefJ!'i~lten ,up t~ 1- mtJ'I1~I1: thaw! I'! U9Ie refrJ,geraloor Il)e:fore usi rag.

(;':HOe()JL.ATE CREAM .ptE

MAK~S. ONE 8~INn~ m~

]2 OUf'!Iic,as: (1 to 2'bo~:es:) ch~,~~~atewafe:l".s" mlne~:!1 gl~ournd in a food prilC@!:iSQII'

., itab:les~ ~o_ns-'ulfis~d~ed bun)er~ melte,d 1 ~e2ls,pooll'l IJ n'n;~n,rQ"ed 9Ie!a~ri:n

V~ eUIHin'!111 k

1 CUI" heavy c:w-eam

3Ai: cup P~i.iIIS:2 tabl,espC1ons SU.gIClr

,B f}U!n~~,s.m'i~:k ell1oeol€!~e. fi!i1e~ly i(::ho:pped 1 ~lf,als.poo:1i1 pure. vanllla ex:traic:t

4, i~i'gee9gw hlte,s

~. Mi:t( t!)gether gft!! unci, OrJokl:e >r;:riUlmbs ,~nd melted b !Jt~er un tll eve nly m.J;)J'5ten Ei:d.

. Pn~!s 1"('iI'~o -an ·a-inC:l"Ispr'ing fCir'ni pain. q;:i'.!'N n9 tQU!lm and tl'lrefhq LlilIlrhm; 'o~ hhe way up s~de:s, !CoVer witi,: plastic: wm~ c~m ]0 minuWs .

2, • .spr~!1:kl!ll ge,rrann Oil,er mint~ let :S~,ftei'l 5 m1nuL-es. Brli'il:9.'~hl! 'Clf'eam ah~d 2 table.s:~oon ii SlIQQlr t~, j '~oi I' in a sm~~11 'SauCf;ipanjsUrring to !Cii!SSo~\i'e si.lg~r. Add ,gel;~tifl mL:dure, ancl :sUr to COfl1blne~ iRemDvefrom he~lt A,dd (:;hoQctl'i:llt~ and 'lI:i1llililii:l; cover, and Ilet 'sti:md :3 minutes. ·!mr, U:fllt.~ I tl'rOljOlliQ h Iy CClmb i rile ci.PaoS's rlili I:lur'e"' 'ti"lrOL! gh ~ fine s1eve iil1~o. 'pltl'P'a1r,ed cookie: t'r!1J'St; d1sc:a~d any Lmmeited clmcoiate. Ch,iI~ until

mHng ~~. set, ili bCI!;H 'ei h6iJf~$ Oq" up to gV~r ntgiht .

3 ... Hea t eg,g 'w. hjf~ al'1ld1 rel"'Jll'ai l'Iing ~~up·s~ar in th~ h~bIil'~roof bowl. or an (i!,ledric ml~.er s:eto~er (not in)" a p~~ 'of slmmel'in!ii Wiler, sUrrl~ U"'W wh,ltJes: ~re Wal'm

to the ~~f;!ch' and sugarr ts di.&50Ived, Atta,.n bOwl 'to mi~er; wht~~ Q~ nTlooiuTiFI siP.cede untU SC)f1: peil'ks 'hZlrm. R:aliS"@ spee-d to 1l~Q!h, ,ilnd beat. JUntJl peaks are: !iun and ~lrJiS"sy but not dry.

~. USing al flel.o\ibh! spatulla, 'top~i',e witfl merrng",e, 'liFtirrgl to o!!'i1"l;l'!'te jD"e~G- Use a 's;m~UI kltcnEM'I oon;h t{fbl"Q'I'V"n .merl"·g~jl! {G(pla~oo l:I!1ider Ibro~ie.r, waktrilnge~"efuilly. -a~ ffwHI brQWI"!,qll,ic}::IY). Refrig;erarhi! ~r'ltH r~~dy to !i;~r'!l~! up 'tQ ld,!ii't.

oveeibn .'.leS, 0 ,1119 Ingtle an, CJ ,Itlg. t· err, to oerl8ctlon,

1'-- ~ T ~

« SlIOOFLY' pm

Mil.K~5 ONe o II Kif PIL

1 C!.III:) .all~p:UlrpQ-~e nour~ pIU~5ml(jre: f·~\r dYst'ing

.~ re'fiipe p·ate SrI 'see. (p"Sle.17) :lh. cup pacl!le,d ng~t"brl~wn 5u~li!!,r

1 'blla~POOi'ill grolmd dnll1~ffll)n

IA t~3!SpIl!On 'f!"Flislrdy glliltl'di nut:mill!g ~ b~ilIi~PQ ~lF!IsOllt Ip ~l.IIiS a lP~riliC h

"6, tab! es,oon:s' coQ~id1 uns,a'l'ted b blt1e:f, t:~,t ~,n~o smalm piec,~,

1 cup boUingwa:~er

.J,4 cU.P'_'u nsu Ih.H:~dI m~;:dai5:ses ~, cup :tigh~ 00 rn SY·I'Up,

1 teaI5:p~on billkifll!;1ll soda

1 ~!lI!'ge i!!gg. ]ightlly be:at!!rHl

1. On a 119 htly "@ufied SM r~ee., roU QUIt diough to abQut ·lk 1 nch thidc fi'l dCIIJgh il'lfO' iil9-ililCh pie pl'ah!: trim'edges ~o leaw a Hrnc:h overhang. Fold ,edge's tUFlii:ler, ,i!nd t'r~mp wfth yourfling~rs.. (111113'0 mir'iut~~! 6r up, i~Q,~\I'BI~'f!!~hL.

2. Prehea't C'II,e!n to 325°. '\1\1'" isk tt..lg ether flali!r, :br,(lWn.5Iug,alr, IC fnnamofll, 1'11,1 bl'u!,Q. 'a!"li~ ~h~aI5po~n san in at b~wl. Ad~' blllt.ll!~:r, .and nib mixture wi'th voud'~nge'rs until! it fo:rms ~iflle Cn.:I'mbs"

3. S{i If !Qg,eth'e:r Ul!.? boill rig wa ~efj mo:Ji;rs,se s, and 'corn, syn,lp In'ii:moHie:r ibow:l, 'Whi,sk in bakil1lQ soda, e~!!ll, and r'rs:maHIiI,rl'llg pinch Clf salt. P'OUf into p,les:heU Scatt'er crumb ~oppingJ Cl,I'eir 'rillllng.~]ace 'pie 01"1 a: lI"imrned bak~n9' shelait. Bake b1F1tll 'fi U ir'l:g I.:; ~~t aim d, t,[1l,PlPi ng isde:ep golden b town. ,3 bout 50 mi rn,lle:s. trai'lS·f·ef to a w~fe r;a.!:::* to cool 3t:1mifli[3!tes. Serljl~ Vli3Irm"


MA ss r._ M~: IJ-!~~rl-I DOUAl [-CtWST 1"1£

All purpose Uour;, flor dusting

T I'eciipe' lPa,t& Btisee ifpa1Q,e 1n

-4 ripe ~arHett pea'rs, n~ pcmnds; ,BOSI; er AlJi'ljjOL!CillIi1 be s:ubsUtuteld)

4" clJ1p:s~r:esh Oil' fmze:r1 (~t!h_,a,wE:di) 'c'rillnibi!!!'l'r<ies (16 ,olunces)' '

% ,CUiP paclre:d d,i1Irk-,ibrowl1 s.U',g,~r 2. t;alblesp,oon,s ~omstarch

1 teaspoon (l)oall'se-s.aU

,2 talb lespcfoflS co,ld u nsa,It:f~d IbutJ!:er,

cut il'lt,cu'm'a~11 pJec(!!> '

1 large' eggyollk

- ,

1 ta lj'lespoi)i'l h!'a\a\ty CfI'S:aJ!tij

':Mi, ClII,P ap,rlioo't: Ipre!lJe;l4r.!'es

tan CiI, Jllgh'~ly f~,oi.m~'d sur'!ace:, rolll Oli~ one: dlsik Qf dOU91fi' t.Q a I1t~Hd Ml inc" hie ,'fit i n'to a 9~inth deep-dish pi,&! plate; trlrn ~d'ges. 'fh.l,sh with rim. Chill 1 hOil!r~ or up tOI overnight

2.0111 a plece of Ilightl~ floured pa1rchmenllPi~ Iper n:l,till out: remain,ing dl:sk a~' daughr to ~ tnch thic~. Top wah a'n inverted 9~in'i:h pie l'Ja1e'. and, g'enlly press to make al1ght ind,en'ta'llofl (lhls wT11 be yQlll' guide f'Oor ,cuning the lattice to frl the pie)!. USing a' Hnr;n sqUi:llfL;! ,~un'er.

cur a lattiee patEe>!'n out 'rJf the rc'Unq.I,l!;aj,ljllg ,at lea'S _ '!Q rn e~'1 I>etw,een cutOuts iI,nd edge of rOlUnciL Transfet squares to a· pa chmi!Ot~fRj'iI~d baking shed. To m,i:1lke paria,l !iCliuares where the h:lttid:e meets the r;(lundediedge, make i\'! very "'ght indei:lti.l ion wit~ the cuttet: tt,en Cut (,UJtlllle portion 6f t~e square th~!t is ~nside' U1f! r"OlJI rid ~~'~h, a p~ rfng k:Ii1U'e,

3,. Usine a pawIng ~"rfe or a pizza I!:utter, OJl ou" "he round. ieaving, an :iilddUional \6 fnGh of dough beylJfld marked cird!:!'. Rero,llscr.,ap:s;

cut out as many addIU~";31 squares as possible, and bl'~,nsfer to b~king she;l!'t Transrel parrchmeo' wih he hrtti,e~op tQ another billki 11~ sheet. Chin lattice and squares, 1 hou~.

,1'1. pu;!beat OW'fl to 37:5(1" with t(l,t:ks, in mi'ddle :~md Ilflwer posj,tioi"is" 'Peel and core Flears. Very thinly slice 2 pears l~gthwiSte,; cUll n:!maining ,2 pears ini,ol 8 Wlacges·e3eh.

:5,. To<S'S, tog,elner pears" (ranherrre"~, ,DrQWfl suga~, cornstarch, and salt POUrr in,'lo pie "she'I~: genlliv pre&s te ma~I;lI'e@l. ,Do, wU:h butter.

'Et WhIsk llOge.met ~gg yolk and cream fOrr the egg: wa!sh~ ll'ig !'Itly brush O\Iet edge oJ me ~hell, Remove latttce crust and squiires from refrl'9= era tor', Gently plaoo.anothe:r ba,kin,g sheet

on 'C'Fl' of' lattf~e; ci1r~'fUl~IY'in\I,ert. Slj~e I,attrci~ on tOl~ ,ot 'rnlq n9; rerneve lPar,c::hment .• IGen til press edges (;l'f tfiJs'tto Ii!e.iill; trim edges of iat~i€e If lfletteSS,8JI'Y,

7. UghUy brU5h laWcewJth eggl wash Amling@ dough squares around edge ,Dr pi.e. overlap· ping them slig,ItlUy. lifj'hUy' brush tiC'ip cifeac:h squa~''With ,e~g !.'Jlllis.h as yey work.

5. PlaCE! a foiHin,l;id ba king she:et 01"1 l'OWe'F iD~n ra~'k to cattn anJr Jukes. Ba'ke' pie on middle' r.~u;:k until CJu'51 liS glolde:n brown ,and jurc.es aI',€: bubbUnglf,abauf '1",hoUI'5_ Tent wi'~h roil if CHI'5't Is brO,\I\i',r.ling too ,quickIV. Tfanser to iii wille rack to co 0:1 5 minu~es,

{t Me'anwhile. heat pr'e!lel'v@.S in a s3,tJcepan over rnedlum untl~ Warm, Puree In a Jood Iprocessor until smcath, Pmss,thl'ougM a fine sieve ~ntg albtlwl or another saucepert

m hie'tH If' ntiioCe-s:sa~~ .. BIlHifl W<lJr m pie wi t n a ge,'1l:lfOUS amoun'[o'J ,apl'ioo't glaze. Let cool c¢mphid,e1r 0 n ,al w ilre 'rae ,

SF! -', D APP'LB P'lE

MA, ss 0 s e, . D.JUBLf CRUS ~IE

:~ (UP ,aml-pul'pose'f'I'QUf.plus, mor,e

for d IJS,ti'fI'9

] mcjpe lP,ijte Brisl'!ie (re"il?e follows) 4, POlO nds Gran1ny Sm ith a,p,J:I,les

11 tabh:,spo on 'f~mE!ly gra~'tiE!fij IIe;mon :Z:e'5.t: :plus: 2 'teaspoons, fr,esh h!!;mon jUI,ae

% ICUpl patk!f!ld lia!htii!b1ro'wn suga1r :IA ,tUP gr,anullatJedl :5u9Ii'U'

11 teaspecn coarses'C!lit

l' 't(!ClSPOOI'l !J'r.'Ciund cirlfli'l'iiin~iQn

'1' teaspoun freshly ~'I',ab~d nll.!tJ1leg J l'abl'l!spoof1l's co,'ld ui'i,sillfited blUtter,

I~U~ 1 n'tIQ'SI'~a}1I pi eees

'1 '!aroge eg 9 V(l~1<

1 h,bli~!POOn heay:v crei m

HRe sand ingl ~iU~'i!il:·. fOil' sprinkl'i "~l

'.0" a ,lig'hUy 'rl~ured si"irfat:tl, roU I;JIlJt One di5k of dough to about ~. linch thi(ik.lFit into, a '';HflCh deep"'idisn 'pie plat~ Tfim edQes "Ii.LSh W'~th rim. Cf'liU 1 hoUtr. or up to ovem~gtu.

,~t Rolli ou t rrema ctUl'Ig ~ ~sk Glilr dlGugh to ~ Irtd'l ~Mr;:k. Usfng ,211~miFlCh flutEd I'QURd curl.tet;

cut aut ,about 70 rounds, t",eroIHng sCraps U necessa y. ,Place rounds ona p,lIlrchment-lined ba,king sheet and chili 3,.Q minutes.

,3,. Peeliimd core'apples. Thin'ly sHc;e ha'lf; cu rem,alini.1Q apples into, 'Hnch pieces, Toss to!l'l!ther appJes, lernon 2!l?5t and jUice, blown and glranl~,Jllated> sugar's, Hour, salt ctnnamen,

:1i ildl 1'I1.1'1,me,t;; iln a bowl. PO!.! II' fl ~liln 9 Into ph~~ 'sheU, mau,ndin,g I't in the cent.e~~ DO't with but.ter,

~. 'W1hisk togeth'~r'eg:g yolk and cream for the egg wash; Ugh'Uy brush ,O,viln edge ai' crust Ammge dough l"olJnds over 'Flillill!_l; work,jng ill

t.1AJtU'!O UEC.Oru rrvs truJ'8TS

l'ouwiU ni~€d. a l~:inch sqUC!:T"€',rutter Jor the pea:r-cr-aooewy pfe (1M a 1%~inchflu£!!d rm1.nil rur.1:er jrJ!r :tM spiN!tl appti!!' pie,

Plli:i1l'rt" 'JUNltERBY PI v:

After l"!'li'irkl'fl'9 th~ dQug,,", wlllh a 9-iru:11 cil"-tie, hegrn t:JliM:ill'1g ClIJ~ S:qjUOi,ro5, wor!dp1g from' th:!! (en~f out to rrqake well.

Be.~Cfe attaching, 'he culeu sq'uares,IbFiush 'the e.411e 0 'the hl,l1i4!::e c.1'!J st light 11 wl:th egg wash; do Mt u.se too much or ifwHl POQ~ around Lhe,rim.

Attill!;:111 '~'he $,(,jluares III an oyeFl.apping ipaUem, bru-shlng bop cri each wi 'I; eg 9 w'a~h as'lCiU go, re "elip tihl!m tidh~~

to e1aich e,ther, -

:, 'U~';t~()M>P]~ PI ;

A,t ath fluted ~OIJ"d's ill a spilr.al patter'll ~la(lng a~aliJter edge and ifi.ghtl~ tilnishin.g top ~f eath with ~gJglwash to I:lelp Ihem 1H:lhere.

ill' ~'Illral kom the o~[s:ide 'In to the center, Q'IR;l'rlapping them s,ligntlV and IightiV bl'ushll!lg top rJ'~ .etl!:,:119 round with eggl wash. UghtJV brush enHre top of pi,e wrth eg'g wash, OIj!I'I'sl=l'r~nlcle wUh ~j;I'nding -sugar, (11H1 11 hour,

5 .. Prehea O~" to 4(l10P; w1U radts tl'l middle and IIJwer j305i.tions, Pla~e a f\'Jil-I'jm'!d baking sheLU on lowell' rack to. catch alin.y]lJlil:e5" Bake pie 01'1 mlddJe rack ul"IUI trust be~ii"ls to turn gold en b'ra", n. a:b.ou t 25, m Il1ut es Reduce (;Jlien to l75~ :and bake lin II eru t [5 golden br'Qwn tI~d juice.s are bubbling, about 10 minute-iii more. Tem with fo~.I if crust is browning toa qlJll'ckly. Transfer to a wire rack to cool comll!ete1y,

PM" BHSt:l;';

M .. \ .-~ t:r-., It ,~I' PO I r) OR I "IN l.~ 1tj ~L' [ ~~Ih r I'le.

a [lJlfJS a.llil-pur pese flou r , teaspo,onsa'il

1 tabl'es POD" su g,~,r

1 C:IJI'~ (::2 s.U, ~:s) plus 2: 't,albl,es~oQfnls:co,ld IJlJs,i)lted but~er. cUlL Into small pi,~ces

'IA "to .lh (UP tee wabillr

PlJl,se flcur, saH, and 'sug~r j" a foo,d Ipr()Cessor' t(n:,ombfne, Add bl.dUelr: pulse unhl mi;i:l;t!..m~ resembles eearse crumbs wll,h some larger pJeces remainifll]. about 10 ssconds, Evenly drizzle :IA cup 100 wa CI' O~ r mi ture. Pulse unttl ml~'ture j,",st. begins to 11Qld together Ot should nc] be w~'1 0" slh::ky). If 0009.11 Is: too dry. add more water. 1 tabj, spoon at a "time, and pulse to combine. Dhllde dough ill hall. Wrap eacl, In pla'sliI;;; ~hipe i,mo dlSl s, Re-

r rig e.rate 1 ~oll!r .. or up to 'Qver ni ght; treeile up to 1 rncnth (thaw before using).

AI ''ORN _,SQ' sn PtE:

M.~~r.;;:-, ONE K II lell rur

3 stl'laU acorn squash C4lJbout j pounds) 1~ tI.J1P5,all-p~rpGse flour. phJs, mor'e!

'fo'li' dl,J,s,ll·jlr1<.g

~ CUIP y,eliow [~r"meat pteferilbly

stone grou nd

!h cup sugar

,2 !teasl~oons. salt

lh ClJIP (1 s,tkk) told ~nsaUed buder. (1bI~ in'ta sma,U ~ei.ieS

4 l'CIrge' Pilh a Ie· 1il:!'!:).!;JS. Ilgih tly beat.e":n"

plus 3 egg yol,"

:3 'to 4,tablespoons u:e w,al:er " ICl]JP h~ne,y

:tA 't'€:i:ls.paolil: grQUI1I,d c'tlililliunon 3;& t~a~pOOf1l, ground gling.er

* l:ulP plus. '1 'l,a,blespo(!u'I mHk:

\/I(!'Q~eti1lble:-oi I oo(lkhi,g $prilY

I" Halv,e' squash h::ngthwuse; remQv.e '511eds.

11'1 a lalrg'e IPo,t l'ned with CI st.@amer ba.skel 'GOlF I:o.lander). brh'lg 1 inch ,of water 'to a boU. PIII(:~ i)'qu.ash ,1''1 b~sk~t: c'Q'1,I\&r oil ~d st.!;l5Im unUI

tender, 20 it} 30 mlni.l:te.s, ~

2" In a lilt'ge bo\,yl. whisk 'toge:her flour.cGrn' mea,1 s,-ug.af. and' 1 'teaspoon saU.IRub in butter with vour fingers until mhl'ture ~s c;:wl'I1bly.

'Lightly beat 2: eg,g yolkiii with 3: taol"esJ.,ioons ice W8Jter: paul" I"tollowf mi:!(ture and. with

a 'rC;)f~, mi:( q,uickly U, .tombine. 1K'ln,e.ad lig.nUy li'l bowl't:mtil dough lust ho~ds ttJg~ther, .add" ~nrl up ,,1 tabh~5P'OM add1th::lna~I'ice watei'lf rmxture is tOG crumbly. Si,a,~e into a.dtsk. ilind w,railifl plastiC!... Chl,lll hour. or Up' to "Overnight.

,:t Meanwh le, screpe 'I~~h from ~ooled squash, and puree. in a· fM,d processor Il.d:iI "!;moc,th. Add hOfley. c nnamen, ging~, end remaining tea5p~n sal: , U'ber1 add eg.gs,and If.!, !CtJP rnllk, Puis!=! un,!! thOoFi)Ughly mmbine~,

~I. O'I'I,gJ l'ighUy nQ~II'e:d :\!j,urfa-ce, rell Ol:l't dough

. 0' abeut ~ inch thick, lighlly' ceate 9-·inch pie pia e wi'thcoaking SJlT!:!!!, Fit ,~[lu~h Into pan. tnmmiillg e:dg~'S flush with rim. To m.ake· a ctlisc:kerboard ed:_g'e!, cut edge or dough ll:! Il1c~ deep ~1, %~ir'lc~ ~r'I'h~(va,lsi bend ~,rv other section back overfilling. Wh~s~ toget:~'e'r rem,1!linmg ~gg yolk and tablesaeen '!iul:k for the egg washi lightly brush over edge of crust. ChlUl hour.

5. Plreheat O\iI!H'I tOI 42S~, with rack. in lewest POSI ion. Pour fiUing i!"1:to pie sheH. Bake 10 min!.lt'!i!::,i. Reduce oven to 3501:1,' and COl"li!iI.lC W bi'Jlke 3Ct tc .0 minutes mQi111l1 or untUfillIng is bareJy,5iEit (it.wlll ttllnlinue to firm as it coo·ls). I'f c:rus\'is. browning too qutCk~y. (over with a rlo'g 0'. aluminum fl)il. lra.nsr~r 'm iii wirre rack to coo], Serve warm, at rO,om 'lempe,ra' lure. or cold. Pre C,ill be rtl~de up to 2 days ahead: Ie cool (Ompieole!llI' IJif';l'I'ol"E! Ire~i'lg'llira'tl'n1g_ cOllard, up 02 day'S. (FlIlfng wUI separatte (r'QITJ crust as jt,cools.)


PIES, r ,- .

~'1A~ ~Il

.1fTJou.can'tftnd bl"mi titangcs, -u,sefegur'!:lT tiM fIlfe~:ftnth(? Se'st a rtdjl1~te.

AU-PlJlrp(l.:S~ HQUlfo, for dus.ting

1 recipe: P~te Sucn5e. Citrus V,ilil'lation (redp:,!~ foUow~JI

30'", ,c;U~p!Si f,i':esh Q~' 'h'OZ~!'II CU~liaiW,e:d)

'crall1betr:ie"s' (12 ounces)

1* ~ .... p.iS ~ugar

,%. 'C~p5·W';pterr plus more: ,a~ n,eefi.l!d

1~h b'M;S'~Ctlfij.S 'tim!I'!! IC:IlOIPiP'll!:dll'~mol1lil!·e:5t 11 b;"!a.sjp.g,t'I!i'i1 'fiirnei'y 'chc,ppe:d blci~do1t3M'!1le 2Iest', plus 'MI (:II!.IP bla.od. oi"anQe' ,iluiGe

~te',aISlpflOII'l salt:

'MI,. teaspoon 'grc'lUnd lcinnamon finch I)f Ql"oikltld ck}ves

:3 ta b,I~S,PQons. co, lJ:sta reh

,3 Sa.rge 'eglg 'wh irtE'S

:Phn:::h of ICJli1liUl1i C'fi 'latta,r

L "reh~<i~ O'l,elrf to, 37S~. ,Or; d l,rg:hUy flolUred .stJrtac;e. oil! out douglh to aboul1h nch ti'm:k. Wid, ::i! 4!4-iii'l!l!::h lut,ed biscuit cuUer, e,u o!.d· twelve -roIJrds; fit lnbJ 'IZ CLIpS of a stano.;ud fIluUi n h 11 (r,ot 11 olls~id): Prick a~ ~ over bottoms of .. dough with a fork. Cliil130 mfnutta!s.

2. Line ,each sh~1I wjth p€lfchmerBl pa,er. and fill ~ith I~ie wei~hl5 or dried beans, B:,lke.llrl'r.i~

Ii gh'~,ly' solden a rou nd ed~es; ,abcHd 1 S ml~n U ~es.

Remove ~:alrc:hmen 'and weigh ::;, R.'etUi"f'! te o'\l.@nj ba,e untll centers are ilJSt lvrning QlQ.lden. about 5 minut~ mare. Trilnsfer Ie wire racks bl coa~ 5 m~"utes, R:'emove '5tu.3~ls 'h'Qffi Lff):S; li2t '0;)(;)1 cOfllple'te.l!(.

3. B'ring 2 'clJpS cranberries. 1 cup sugalf. ;and Hi CUp,S water ,to a boil in a medIum saucepan. Reduce beat; simmer. s,t.inlng ,occas.ionaUy;, UflW crenberries ha)i!l':! burst, about 5 mil'l!utes, P'ass through iJ coerse ID'evet Hu~rr a fine :SleV'N: discard so[ids'.(YolishouJd ina\le abolJ'll% c::ups lLik:e.; if Y.QU have less. add mort wau~r.)

It;. Br [MIg. st r~II'I'I€!d cranhe,rrv luice. JAi C u P s-ugij,r. the zests, sillt c:inl1-2!mr .. m, c:lov~. 21~'d remain" il'1Q rw cups eranberrles b:l a bClljl in a m~dium saucepan, stll"ring ottcasio:.r.HJlly. Reduc:e heal: simmer. 51irring OC:CtaSII:mally. untll rranberriss are $Q"ft but ~~a~E! '!'TO ',burst abeut ]·minu~~.

5. Stir tQ'getneF corns arch, blood' orange Juice, and remaining ~ ~up wate : wh~s irl,{.a eranitlerry mi~ mre Elf Ing '. 0 ,ill b:c,it s'tirriniil COI'I..stan' ely C~ok 5~irl'inlQ. IJ('!'M t.riJl1!$~li.Icerrt, about lmfnute, Divli:d"~ among pi,ei shells. ChillI un~M set'. about., hour, or up to c.We,r,niight

16. Put eg:g whit~ II and mmEli !'ling % ,~uip 's'ligCl'r in'the' he.~llfl.l':o~i bOwl 0'1 an, i!:lactrit:. mb:~ set over '{not ~l1ja !J,an of simmering wat,er: wl~sk until whites are wa'rm to' the touch arid sugar ni315 dlssolved. Attach to ml:x.er; whtsk IOn medium spee'd until iQ~m.y, Raise speed to l1ig!1, Add cream of tar1ta,r: beat Ui'l'm medILlm:-sUn. gl:oSiSV j:'lea~s 'fern; (do not oyer'ibeaU, U:s.IJilI!,lI

ill smcdl spatula. di."ide me'llngue amOI1Q pies. IIfti I1g toO erea'le peali::s.;.

7. Use a smi:'ll ~ k~t[;hen torch to tr,I'"Owrn lops

of peaks (01" plate unde r broii~r w~tcl1ling caea'fl.dly. as mel'in.gl.le' willi broWn QUickly),

~M1e. Sucp~~

NlAKD ENOUGH FOR 12 "\lt~1 11~~S.L. ~ ON[:; ti OR 11 IN :J.I TART

lli4 ,cups all~-ip'"l'i'pos,e 'flo:!Jt 4~ tesiSpMnS!i'iUga r

~, Itenpo c n :5id~

lh cup 01 stkk) col'cll unsstted bUlt'ter.· rCult. into, sm~II' pieCfHj

, 11~,rg,e egg yolk, ligl~l'ny beaten

,2 'l~lbh:'!:sPQ·o ns ite 'water, ,plus mQre

if: ne,eded

Pulse flo,ur. 5ug,l1lr, and ~I if! if food process.or to combine. Add butter: P'!'"Ocess, un'm mixture res'~mbl es COli3,rs.E! cru mbs wi'th SlCH11e large r pieit-e5 rem2lining'. abour 10 5ecoAds,. Add' egg yolk; pulse to Q'Jrnblne, Wl'I'r, .mac:litifle' IrunnlnQ, add ice water 11'1 iii s,low. sliea:diy Slr"eam ·through feed tube until dough Just holc:s; togetl1 er '('iIO Ilange r l nair! 30 5e~D:md::'i)'. TUr'li"l out onto·a work sudace. Shape,intlo a disk. Wrap in plasie; .chilll MUfl or up t,e overnight, or rT'e:!le tip' to 1 mQJiI~h I~thi!l~ bl'!foO(e IJJsing').

,.~.~_~ iii" • .•

'~'.It!l.S' :vcU'il:fDlUOn;~

Fa,llo:w aoove recipe, .addi.n,g , teaspoon grated oral'lge (blood 01:' reg.l.llar) ,,Zesl.and lfl teaspoo,n 9~~md' remon 2"MtO fl'QtJi' mi>;l~ui'e.

'WITIHI TIHIE~IIR iFAJRY--TALE 'O'IR:~GINjS A.INID! .!e_n:c.hant~ng·. scale, g]ngf~rbread houses appeal to all ,a'g_!es.. Here you'll fmd everythinq you

fM2:.ed tal create a confectionery dweUing .. ln-miniature: (even If you"V@ n·E!v,er·atternpt.ed te construct ene before)jincludiing templates amid assembly irfs'ttucHoif"ls W~ilh step'~b~r·step phot'o,~, I'~: all b:e:gins with a flo,olpto.'~r'f redp!! "m'r gingerbr:ead'-:c90kre do~~gh that's hardy en-ou9,n

to I~e cut neatiyandlr oncebaked ,and ass@lmb~~ed, wiH hold up weill over tlrne. (Tlnlle same douglh can be used to produce wond,e:rful~ly crisp, su:bUy spice.d cecklesthat are illl joy to .eal.) TheQiI1Q,erbre;tHjl~cakJe '(yes., eakeO cabin on p,a.ge 22 WS sure '[0 dazzle; U:r;,llik'e_ the.cookie-based houses. it doubles ~S ,CIi de'~rldous dessert,


5~~ f,1~crpri. PAGE. 24

~. Sw.eet d:et~lil:s Ilike D'iped kides.

DOIlJI_ghs. ()If gre'enrerY,a nd .a ei:n~ni!mon~st~ck wQOdplle lend r,e.alis"tic r(~E!rn1 to a s~mp'le Gotta g'B. A. Hg ht d ku;tl n9 o'f i:orl'~eC'UQl1ers' S4Jg·ar mlmtcs 'freshly 'falhm OOIOW.



SoE.!;, R,ECU:q;;. Pll,l:;,j; 20d

Tih:e caramelilecJ:~5yrup windows 0'1 tnis eoll'cnral hOU5:1!' a~e'lit 'from within by a string or ho'liday bulbs,. which flicker (1lnd gt,ow lilke Fir·eli'ght. II nbica'~e" piIped~i.cing detaijls reHect the horne's period: CIOOK IE! trees and 'evergreen shrubbery (prUS.8 trny wreath) (Qmp,lete tne scene,


S~E IR~¢IPIt:. ~PA-G:E 24

Fer, ne look ,fI'! a gingerbrE!'ad IUlUIse witheut 'the 'threedirnensiona~ conslructton make a 'facade IriS ead. This one ls based on III phstograp~ o:f the If!Iouse in whkh it is d'is,pi;l'Ved (see how-to, pag:e 25). Two stJpp,ortsr cut 'f'r~m ging@rbread and ,attached at the bSttk, keep i't upright"

.......... hether creatin· a tiny cottaae 01 aril e a ! ate

Ril leJt C LJ 0 t (1, L n

bu, d a hOLise


M l S 0 !;" I UU$I;:

Use a:u~ tenQliutesclA pages l1.61l,nd u7 to. make thif? bOl(5!'l' t.:l.'nd ,,'limrwy.pte'Cle~. (1,$ dire-aotet! t'ut aut l'I.rJP 6-%.-bY-7ti--inch piec€~ aJtjwug/t fIJ'" ~he ["Qf)/. [/.'le .. a. (Dokie. cut,e:(!r

to CU~ ,I.')U~ ,a, ·tree. cif,d~',dr-ed,

Alii PlJr~h!ls,e'flc'ul', f,o'r dillls,t,ing

Mo las:5es-G i ng'li!rblread 'G"e,o.kie'O(l,ugh C:rle..ci,p'llli Ik,:llows)

C,arame'l S,yrulj) 1(il1e.eipe folioiNs) Royal'ldng (r~eipe foUows.) Conf,ect~flJ'leirs! :5,ugar. tor'dl!J:Sting

~ . Prehe!ilt oven,"to 3:50°. On.a Ii g ht I 'i fh~1Jl r~d lurfa~el roll CUlt '!Jl'~'''ger'breli!ld dOLlghtc! about,

Wi mch thick C:hn~! until Rnm. aboul1 ~OiIr. Lignt,ly dus' ~op -o~ ~OD.l9h wflh il:OLIl'; PI'~'Le tempi .. tss

on l.op and cut out sha.p~s· wi'lh a -paring·kni'f.e. (Use a smalluUIRy knife to cut o,Urt ithe \,v ndows,) C u a.ut Iroor Piflces (and tree. if de~],rl!~). Transfer sna.pas ito pal"c.hment-Hned baking sheers. B:i1l,Ikie. rotdilinQI sheets halfway through, unNi just. I:!eghmilllg to, b~OWlfl, aibolJlt15 m[rIutes Let soo'I'. l:ofl1'ple'te I~.

2. Ma'~f! cal'ame.1 syrup. and as'semble h,:noll,a 'see hQw,·'t~. pages !6-21),

3. Pla-ce rOYil11 king in a pas fY bagl. UUedi w'th a medi,um 'plain ti:P (#5 Dr #6.). 'Pip,e to ouUine wmdow!i. doorvli'.ay, and'edges pf chimn,i'!y. in~ eluding t,op and base, Outline the foul' joining

J) oin S C fh 0 IUse, !iii,des, i1J n d, t,ol' of ro of. D~o~ I'a'le rqQf~ Stalrtinga~ the top, plpe ali hioriz'Ontal Ime of ic~ng' In a 5.Cid~"o'p p~th;:m, m;;kTng C,1JI!'V·e.S in everl i,fj'terv,als: pfpe another 5,;;:~Ui;Jpedi !ili'l~

SlO "the peaks ioin the scallops aibov.e 'them ~,n die, Il1Ild,Ue. Pip@ icicl~!!S amlJl'ld edg:es. Oust I'oof i(IIlth oO'n'fectienefS' 's,ug~'r.

M,o~o:sses-Ging®rb1JlM_d. '·'0 .:lde. Doug'"

MA, 1{e, b~ ~ UGH ron Q II~ HOUS£.. -

[11 LJ<.;, H"'jjElUS.t-ffIJ[NTS

1~t1i (UP'S IP,arck:ed dalrk-b!r,own s,ug,i!ilr ·'4 t!JIP !,In~YlI'h1ro~ mohnsses

:v.z [UP' (~ stkk) 1jf!$"(J,Iti@d butte!i" 1 ~.abllespaon Q'fOl.md tJ,nnamon 1 tali:i[espool'1l ,ground gOinger

Jh 'teaslPq.ofll qOilrse: sa It

1 lA, If ups mM k.

1 'tilibJespo;l1 b'alk~l'iIig powder 16lJt.1 c,up:s allll-ll!:luI"'pa,se nOUIr'

I" 'Combine brown S"U.921r, mO~'i;ls~:li'i!~, buUer, spu:es. and 'Salt m Cil medium sauoe,pal'l' over low heal, stii'ring wullh 81 wooden 5,[,00.1'1. until sugar Is.diisso,lve·o • .about 101 minutes. Stir 11'11 milk, Remove ifl'om !'lea , andlle.t ,cool.

2. Pour n ilk mii;! Ufe lint 0 91 mi~ing bowl: a.dd baking pllwd~r ~'lid 'flour. VVtth.::iln 'eledrk m~~c r. and btlginnl'1191 oJ'lllo'llW .sp~ed and. increasing to m,€rllum. be:a't 1!JI1UI weill combln€l.i!lIl,

Dh .. jdJe dougn in half; 5ha~e inh'Jt disks. Wrap in Ipla-:sUc. :!lInd 1"efrig~ra e overnight D:oue·~ can be fro;:oen lip to 1 men 'h;haw in the 1't3- frigerat'o,r [bemre IJsing.

I~amel SlilA.Lp Ml'I ~s I CUP

'1 % ItU:P15 Sld gi;3ir ~, e IJ!P' water

Bfingsugar ,ru"ld wal:'el' 'to a boj'liin a sal.l~e,pan, Reduce hea' ; simmer l!11fI'UI th,i,clcer1ted and li~gh brown. abCilut 10 mini,lle:s. Use imtll'ledia 'el~.

&Uol [, iltg

MA,K[S ,"BOUT 5 (:UPJi

2. pounds: t1~ i'rf·ecUane:i"s,J !1i'u:ga,r, "lUted :" cUP. IP~I!.!lS :a. tablespoons merfngu~

'PQlwCie:r (-S~e t'hl~Gl;Ji:~e') -

$ca:I1't.l Cu,p' waoter. plus mo're f n ,edt!"d

'I. wan an E!,lec ric mixer Qn low sp.eed, 'bea~ Ingredlenb 'Until frIJ,ffy. ]' tv8 mlnu:t,e's. U.se imrnedfiililely, or tran.5fer to an ~,irt.lghl c.oota,tJltlr ilmd ,I"@·trlg~rate up te 1 wook. 51.ir lMeU with

a 'fie:d'b~e s.pa!tu~a b·~f(li.l"e IUrsl ng.

:2::. Thin !dr'lgas l111eeded by st'irrJ1"IQ in jit'ddirtiQrtal w'ate.r~ a teasp-oon at a 'Ume. ro,r plp'ing de.s·gns. add just eriQugh water th~1 icing . 'fS flQ hmg'ei !Stiff; kw floo.dw9rk, acid water

i.Jntil idng ,i's the C;:Onslst~fI'Y Q honey.

GINO'BaUMAn '''J\,c,iJl '

MAI(~S ON[ ~AC:Am;:

r:Q~" 'wll! n~'er:hJi1b~ding ~'~\!I(see t'hrJ. 'Glti.d'e} ~'liJ make 'Wi~dQ.wP<rMs. tl~,e·wi~td~ni.PPQnrl'.~ (is ~,dDR ,eu ,PlJ'ssif.ile aJi:et m!!iki-.rw: them; ifri!'il~

hey betome'w~8"u,Ze to wi'rk wtth. Make

the caramel S1JruB'once tlte nlO«U 11fti:' relld~.

MQliillss~51-Gingerbre:ad COQki e 'lJo,ug h '(I11'1~eipe. a,!;it!\'-lil)

A.I ~- pUllI'pa,;.e "loyI'; for' dU5t~n,g1 Royail king (,r!i!iCl;p~·,;albove)

'1 ~~nge e'5H':I 'wih1te I ghtiy bealte,n "With 11 tabl,espi::HlIi'i water. f{):r egg WiaS!:1,

While 110li1P.a'ren.~ 'Ilr :&alrlldil1'~J"sugi.'l:r Caramel Sy Uip (recipe abov.e)

'I. Make templa'hl (sell ste'j) 1 Q:f hQw-lQ, oPPQsite).

g, PiI'ehea oY~n"t:o 3'50". Roll OU'[ ginge.rDrea{j de!;Jgh on a Salp'ait 'to about % inch thick, .Chill untB firm, a,bru~ 1 hfHJ.r. Lightly dus-t top of dO'ugh wuh 'flour.. Place tempJates.on

~~p a,nd e.l!.Il out shalP'es. (.See s ep' 2 'l:.I·f I1qw-to, opposite; also cut out shutters and supporls,). PI,ace Sil:Piillt with house pieces O!'l a !:ta,king sheet. Bake. rotating: sheet h,alfway through, until just beginning to brown, aboulla, mi1'1~ ILltes" Let 10001' eo;mple.tellY

3. P~ac:::e t:emp~ate C\lIilIF baked gingerbread •. USi1f\g ~, Litillb knrfe. r~ghUy $EQre i;dong ~e~

lines. sh,ngles and door no ssrve as gluides; Whetli piping); Gin.gerbread e,an be st-ored (In baking sheets, cp\lan~d with plastic; w,rap, liP to 1 week a' room temperature,

.(h DeC:Grate racad'li! (se~' steip] of haw-to" opposlte), DecoraLe shutters as desired.

5,. Make. w~nciowpane rnelds: .Roill CI.ut: rrnoh:HI1Q day ~ Inch tlilil:k on a Silpai. M etllSUre w1 ndQws of house; add ~ inch "alii around. With a 'uti~ !ilf kl'l' fe, CU" Qutmolds. fr<lm 'da!/ t.lSi'1.g meaSUf,ernents, Make the t"aram~1 SV'I'LI .• and 'poi.lr into maids (see 5 eo -401 how-to; oPDosite)r. Le.~ sat, then use royal icing; te glue onto back of facade (see s.te,p 5 oJ how·to, opposite).

6", LighUy br'u.:s11 some 1..I0~ltJ!!d al'lG:as gf{ ginger~ bWBad w~th ,egg wolil'sI1; UberaU,y s,prililkle non!pal~eUs er s-andijng ~!;l~r ov€~rro,~~ (\Ne'rk (JlJlidly. as egQl white ,aries rapidly,) ILe-t sit 20 minutes, then brush an ali1l1 excess.

7. A,uilch Ihe shutters (see :dep 6 or hew-to. epposlts), Once Ult~ shutters are set attil,dh supports for Ule' hOl,l5Je to ei'lhet end! ~lOe icing ~IMg the'angled edgeQ¥ supco II using: a sma'll p"ain tip (#3). 'I--told "Suppori. nan·ow end up. flush ag.iilinsl one .s~d;eQ,'1r the house ul1til set. Repea~ '€In the ®,~hE!r s;ide 0'" the Ir!OUS'E!.



MAl< S N ("'! 1S,J;

Use: ~he t,emplates, oltJ1ag..e Jl8.(0 mak's' thli! h.ot(!,5'e; and ~h:i.mnID.I piiNit!s, ,~ d~re,ded.

Cut OtC;,l t two'la5k-,bY'" 5a'I8~in.ch. pie,ees of d~ug{t, /-ot ~h t m'¥Jf, YQ!U will n~d ~ a m!lhe Y'our

own .£,ernplateS:/I-'Jr the Christm,a.,~ tn~;s. oruge OJ fre.e'·:;llaoed cookie ~ ~~~.r. Ortce baked and C'oc,!ed, cut ,emil rookie i~ half,iJengthwis,~. Tojom~ ,each tl11'e~dlll'Wnsl,onal tree:. dip otd edge ofJo'u;r hah.li1>S tn .f:wrnp~ ffum.joi·n together at 4s-degree 'llJIgle.$i pre.ssmgjinrd!Jl' ,ro' ~e~.

AU-pl.!rposetiQlJf, for dl.i!,~tnfilQ Mor.asse.s, .. 6il'!g'~rbl"aa:d Cookie Dougli11 (recipe i!lbovle:~

Roy,all ~ el hrg ,( ,,~cj p;e abo~,e) c:reslr roclo: candy

Ca,ramel S~fU-P (r,e.cipe ~bove) Sa'ncli"ng s.ug:alt

'II. P'n:!heI;Jt ov~fn to lSOcl, 0 11 ~ ligh ty fl.oured sLufac'e, roll ou~ glngefb~d dough t,Q about ".Inch thick: Chill' urnil1florm, about 1 hour. .Lrgntl,y dust top (I'f ,dlflU!lJh with 'flcur. Plate !'I!mp~~ites t')J'i l.op, alld (;l,iIt alit sl1a'Plii& with

a paring 'knHe, (Us,e ii, smiilll ulili'lJl' ~nne to cul 'Q.1lI\ t"l1~ windows.) Cut 'out IFoof pieces (and trees. i'f desired). Transfer 10 palrchment-U"ed

bal ilnglsliee'!i_ Balke', rotatingl sh!::!ets 11"I'fwaV l'hI'Cll,lgll. un'til just bli!Qlnlf'lirig t~ brown, abg'1.It 15 minute.s. Let c'i,)o~ complete:ly,

cl~eating the tacade

I. US'II'').g a pho' ocopier" 'Imla1rge to desired 5;~e 'he photcgl'Cllph or .drawing of 'he bUlllding 'you would Ilike to tr'~ruler' il"l giil,gerbre,ad. CMak,1l:: sLlr'@' r~r'!derfng w~U fit en your l,!':Hglest baking sheet)

PI1lte a ~l1J!lle( or tr-ac,il'1g pBpel d'i;ttlr eo~21rEled image: h~c(} It &:! ~u'!'~

to indwde el,1I the e:!\:'Ie. iOf ~~:laUs and fea,lures ol the hOU5~ dbo,I'l'l, \!,i~ndows, ~ves,!il u tars, ~l1fn~Ia:s~o you ,[an outlJne

wi h Jemg lat r. Cop)lllle- traeJng QII1I[O ," she..e'~ of card st'(lclt 10

m ke ill t€01lp'iate) cu~ it 0'1.1'1'. To rna e U'IIniuworls. e.nl;iirge 'l,e:mpJate

to ~he he1ghl '01 t:l,e Fa:c~rje. Traic;.'{! O'n:~o ~ard ~toc ~i ClJl CiU t.

2. Plaoe 'fac';;Ide t~tnp1"lle ~\bl!!r chmed dQugl1: wl OUil wfln a pa~~l'Im knif,e, Remove eli'cess dCJoIiJ]'h fmm arntlm:J t~mpt8tl!! i(~5er'!J'E!). Curt aut wind.ows-from facade w~r~ a small u[llIi~y knif'~; GaIn togr=t,hwand roll QIJ s~~of d_pugh; !;Utt

lOut two ~hlJ:l-te~ ~'nd ,wo !:upPorl'l'S. Biill(,e .u1Id 0001, a,~ dIrected 10 rel:lpe.

,:~. Us rrlg a Pijlstwy b:ag fitted wJti"~ '!i1['If1'r!11~ piiJif'l tIp (.#:2'), l)i:pe'1C'og t.O CllInprl~ (my &1r!2~S 'lllOU wltSh to cover completel)", 5tJ,I!;r as ~<ii,1jI'1llS Qr l!,lIl"fJ;'ts (use scored lines aS9uid'as.),; let

set 5, ' 0 lO mi't.Uo es, WI1'I,Ie it se s, ~.dll'aw" shll'lg(es by piping allong

SfOI'e4 lines. ,!)sing 'the same tip. l'him. wlh a p.lstt!)d:Jag JiUed "h&! .3i"1otJn~1I' small plain tip H/3), draw bght llglags wrlhm t h e' oull 11'1 ~d .afea~ tQ fllf in WJhi is 1au.1wn <IS fllQ.Qdil1.g). WhHe tdnfl is stlll wet. ~prainl e:v:I!!fllv wIth a'n oHsel

spa: ula. Whe.1'I i(Jfng is dry, use the IiIl Up to pm!!! d~:c.o!'<!liv{! 1i1"l!S ~n flocded areQ~_

'I. Make cal'ilmeIS~rLlD~ mmlilaul y pour it Into ~hE molds Let s 1,11'1 mold's until corrUJI~tely dry, ab~'U1 '1 hOLir. CilIt.efully liri day, h~'a~IIl!il

w'i Ii'IdO'lo"'Piii!'!e$. beh i nd

,i. rl.l rl1lt,a[ad-G! 'O\i'i!t ~ ~(ru C(Jirl W(;lIft: hom 111!~ batk. ~(]'II!!~" p~nt!S Into window bilme:s~ Outline back or frame with Idng by piping a Ine V-t IIlch 'from edge of hame. Press "gl![l,S:s" mlo, place. Le· icing dry C'Om,pl~tefy. ilbQ~t I hour. Turf! i"lC)~e ftgnt sjde up. BnbeHls~ windowS' wi(h ~ci ng_, , rr d_e:5ired.

[It To attach. !Ohlltb!fS,. ri'pe iii ver)l 'thick 'line Qn:in~,al'orlg tl1t:!'efiges of the wl[ndOW3. ,:Whde sf Iii wet. i1Ua(h shiJltler~at Oil, slight angle.

I rl(::~sa'1"l l=lro(.:l L1(.1 snl,lUers

wi III ~ 1fl·inCi!i piece lJ:r IQIlI'l~pic; or r:nJmpled papeir lciwelIII l101d lliem s:lighUV away "'rom Iront 01 hoYse,as !,tfle·icil'lg dries,

FQUoW fh:!?s~ ~ ~8p.s: ita In[~M the S~wedts,h Gilweri.lr>eud Howe Ofl:page. :1'!f}. You een ~l~ol ICllJpl.P:l ,th~' b~$ic m~,thods ~o c·onstroct ~ther h()ti.'H~·S. incl~d'(Mg the SIi!.(lw-8!.1.1ell;l!;~ Ginger!ilr,eaa Catt~ge .onp~p 2l.

Once~ you:'ve i"Qlillled. cui, a:nd baked a cookie h,~t!.~:se"s wai:ls. roof, and other detaUs. a cali'amel syrup serves as the "gli.!IEl." To assemble: DIp one shorr edig'e! ofkom p~ece lncasamel, !::lInd aNew e)«;ess to (k~p ,off. {oart c.nly I~he ledge that wm be]o,ined.

llrnm,ediatel:y attach roof pieces 'to the.r:oated si(JLe piece$~ ITIaking sure they are centesed and eV1en~y a~i9!rJed.

Wor:~~'rrlg quickly (beforle~ ceramel hairderi,S)I ]olin coated edge of front pleceto a s~de p:iece,; 'fOllrn~ng a corner: !press '~irnl~Y to adhere'. R,epea(t with fiemaitilfng sidle! pi'e-,ce .. Dip beth short ledges of back piece in caramel; talttach te side p,ieces.

To CCH1$tJrtH:t 'the' th~:rtnl(iy, brLY.5rrn edge e,f ea(;h piece with caramel o.l:i'~at a t~me.~h@n ~Olt'll together. pressJngnrmlly and holding! over pan. to arHow excess to drip on.

Once the"ur wallis are attach~d, ,quickly brlJsh 'c~ramel: over exposed edges of both side pieces, (U' caramel in pan begin,s to harden at any Urn!!. wa,rm bl'ief'ly an the steve.)

Dip angled end of cnlinmney In caramelthen aUathto roof" hol;dJ~,g ii firmly in p~aGe' ~nW secure. AUacih dlOQ'r by dipping] one. ed9! ~n caramel and ,affbdng to openjing an one g,jde; se door'ris aljar. 'holdilng ~t 'filrm~y in. place uIIlIUlsef;ure.



[lse ~~,efont);wtng "rUlrma~' a:nd fe,,'hn~q!1p.$ to eU1l1u~msh any girtgt:rlJ~ ~me. B,e}()repfpi~:kinig cnt~ th,e lfi'Wl!rbreail. . use Q tUtiltty knife ·t~ light;~ $C.CJn! lm~5 ,owllaUems. ,POI"'OCIhet'l! tCi find ~h.e ei:mdi't1!~ used: below~ s.fN1!'h~ Guide;

,FtoeN,I]·'~n~~NGL~n UOOF 'Roldnd white eal'ldy 'war~rs app,1 r~d 'i n1!lln ,ov,er I<lDPi"!ji jp.!!ltttlil'll siml.lllateroofi'op shingles. t~ipra a dati' Ciifij~ fng onh~ l he bac I;:

of e~c:h 'WOIIfer aflldYoIOfk in

~OWS\. i:le,ginning at~he boUo-rr'l and wo(~i!"lg yo~r way 'Up.

O\1!Utll! ppi I1lg silight,l y 1M you go.

SNUW-ICOV'I~'R ~1]ICJ:C:l~~S USi!'1g a ~ast rv bag Clnda medium ,plain tip (;t4), pipe Oil thic~ Hne' o~ icing oilCtOSS tile t'Op. Pjp Ill' lcil19 !Into khc:le: 5hapes below line. S~~fll'lkle with~af1ldi!"l,9 SiW!l,1!I1 whilile "ich:I~5!' [Ire .:s,~m

Wti't Le'~ riry; brush of'r E!Jii(:ml$,.


,Pi Ilow C(III1 diesa~tf "gliU,eC" w.i th lidfil9 ilil1·o lioriZ(:i!ntal f()W:!l ,to, s;jmulat!!: bric 11$. (Whitefarull~i~s, ware 1J:6iQ!d herll., bulyo'li c'all1

lise other wiorsJ C~nd"v","eat€!d pU::(I;!S, 'O.f c:iI1,~Wlfl~ gum p:roaLlce a s'imilidir er~liiict.

1JUAN"(~ in, JUt ]iOOF' PAl"lT£nN

US~rlg a pas:~ry balg <lnG a ~!'lI1 <11'1 plair! tiP (#2), Ilifle a ser~e5, @f hI'-ltliZQfiltallin~itI:TQ:li~ th~ roof Pi'flll! irii;l119 res Ih~t!:'t!I'I'''Hec't tile linu. fE!a!\,i'i~~ cpe<IlI trriilf'llgtes Irl ~-etweoo. Spti rl'kle s.and.l Ji'l9 SLlg~1' owr wet, icing to, ;:ldd Sp;!lrRly detail, lIN' d'r~: brush ,on ,e.x!Ce:s's..

.sD\Ii...LiOll-PJIT.f.~l'l:l'tNE iJ ROOF\,\fITII 8.NO\V

Use a I"I~!S-'l:ry b!!iIl :(! nd .i1 s'ma~1 plilH'I tIP (#:2) to iNlpe curved hiles r:rorl1 tOil) 'I~ b(lUoJn. Prpl:: horizofitalli"~s ina !ii~alfop IllQ:Uem. !,;Ising, iii ~arge.r tip (14) rei' bo'l.'liom lifleiil'r'lidl· :tI2 for top. '5p rinkle wl1h 'SaJi'ldir'!!g sugiil,r.

~mlNGUll::r) ROOF WITI']' S.NO'WlilAl.LS

MiiI~'a rt'Hlnd,shi'ngledrt)ct wiltl'l checoiate i'lc!Opa~1 caodi!'!E..

"!GIlle" them In pl!,:lleil!'! wilh ieing. 1Q'l,I'lZrlapping: sllght'ly: attach

b1iJ'U ,cao(liies between n()F.lDar,~il5 ,~ "m!:lthoell' det:oiilt~v'E! :elernellil~

2. Work,irLg with one Dlleoe .at atlrne, frost d'illmnl1!Y shapes W~Ui royal idng;spl'inkl,e wlill1' mek (hndy whille! sUIU, wet (1e.a,V9 all ,bul lop ,paf~ ,of "bi!c:~" :pi'&e t,~ee for ;:tt:acNn:9 le nQLIIse). ~Set aside to dry.

~t To ma~ W!fid't,lWS; Hne:a ba'kingl sl'l~el wah a Si~pat. Make caramel syrup. Plane: a gingeJ'b read secf 0 r!I on tpmJ)a red sheet, expos,@d sid@ dawn. peLl'r car\\W1el syrup into wln.d0W spaces. ,Lel synupooo·1 and hail'den on baking :s!,he>!:t before t1Jrni~g ov,(:!'r and der.:::of;aUng.

Ii. U~Ir'lg a pastry biilQ fitted wilhafii1'~ plain '~ip (#1), pipe roya'i krn~.i:I~oYnd windows and doors and down side. edges of house. Whll,~ icing 150 stilll Wl~t sprin,kle with s8l1'1dingsugarGenllv ~l'Iake :O'1'f ex cess ~!Jg;al', ;ilfHJ ~et dry,

,5" 'Pip ~ wtflldCliWpanes.. door- fr2;i rn ~ det,a ils.. and Ciuistmas-i ree edgingl. with the #1 lip. $wik;h to. ,al1 ope"!1~.5l-a1f [1 ~ (~~'16,) te accenlt he ~'(nfl~'~ or the w~ndQws i3tnd ~o(lrs

I~,. When decQ',~IUOO5i have d~ied.a~~'Semble house, roor, and ChumDlGly pl,e,ces. f-olloWlng. the: l!l:SU!JiIj~iol'1!s ,on P~::lIe:s 2.6-17.Wh~f'1 assembllng chimrley, alta~h Iwo s:k:~e pieces, to "t'I'Ql1l" at toe bi:l$~, 'Ihe.n attach .~I()ped 5i,dle's,~

I1nishwi'th '~op 'two, s~de ph;eces,BI'!.!s~ edgle's at ~op 'of a5~f!mb:l~d (:hi<l11!leywHh carllm~l; secur-e[o,p piece ill pla,ce To attach ct,iml1ll'l),. pipe icIng on back p[e(e; qukkly press ant:" hQIJI!le" holding fi'rr'rld~ LmUi sel, ,Us~ th,~ #16

tip to c r-eiii,te sh ~filgl,epatte1l:"11 on reof and eQi\ff s,

'GmUBRBREAD-G}utB' H()USE sr t(vr ) 10 TO 12

Fa,r where ,~a firt;d the ,c.u~~'er.ll and o~i'ter ~oo\u; .. see ~he Guide.

Alii ~purpose: 'ff.!:ll!ti', fcrdlu s:t Ing Molasses,-G ingle rbl'€I~d1 Cio(lk~€: Dou!Jlh

(page '24) - -

Roy,a~: ~Idn.g (page 24)

5alnoing 'SlUigal'

'G,ingef'bllead C:aI'kies (recipe tiO'~~01WS,) Onr.u~ol~~eButter{;J;eam (r@.dpe fdiows) Me Ite,dc:h OC'iJ late" fortree::$ Cfllr1l'ls:t:air,11.~Oll' dus,'t ing!

Fon,dallllt (see ithe :Giu id~)

Oran-ae and red g,e~:-par5t]e ~ood c.c]or~n:9, !FlOr ':snOW'flen

Bila,ck I ko:rice alli!d clnocolate: sp rinlkl,es. ~,@Ii' S!l10wml~:nl

ll, M~lkec."Ookie decor.tlhQRs: P'tehe~t ove,l'l ~Q 3.50°. Q:lfla lightJv nC:j,t.lred \>urf.aoe. roll ou~ gifilgerDread d6U1~h to 'sllij,gnlly l.h,~fker thai" ~ ~ntCh tl'iick ChiHI ullilU f~n'ril, fl,DQ!.:II11 hour. CUllQut-shap~s<~e h9w-ta, below ~eft). using nuted squs.l'E::cookie cutters and al'lut.ed pas[If'Y wheel. Tran:sJ,er ~o p;:ll'chmen'i·lined ba'k~ng sheets,; (hi~1 3,0 min!1Jtes. Make de(Qf:altivl~ hol'es wi'lh a skew€!i',as:s,~[IWln.

2. :8ake, rotatiogsheeit:s halfw,av through, W1I!!1 [us.t beglill'lning tOI brown. about 1.2 minutes. Transf'e'r on pa.r,ehmen:t toa 'wir'e rack to COCl! comphate:ly.

3. Decor:Elt,tl'windo~ ilrqd dOOfilreces 'se~ liow~tGJI, below right). 'let idng drYi:JJt least 3: Inou r.s oe,fo,re' assi!mbl ~ng house.

t", COlllstrLu:t, the gi'l'1gerbw~ad-cake house €lind malk1lll· embeJ:R5hmeJ11'5 'U\!I!!~ how~tlJ,opp~site).

G't1"y,e;,·Iil. ~t CCl\tes MAI.{t5 nN( Q·INn.I ,- ,6,JU;

The c-ake~ een be baked up to' two a'ays ah.ead: .t!1l~ cool oompi'de~~, ,~hen. re:!rigertue wropp€d well' in p'las~fu.

lO~ab!~!!liPoons (n'l!4 sticks) ufilIs1!Itited butter; :softell'led, pll'us IrTIJolrle$oll' PiatlflS

,31~Cl:!P~ .ilIU-purposle flQur,. p!YS.Irt!Oi!'e f.oll'

d!J1~Hng .

1lh: tMs"p OOIns baJlititl'lQ 'SIC d'a Phwps bQ~ling w~tli!lr

4 teaspoons .gro'md 'lilinge,r

2; t'e~l5! ~ oons grolHl,d ciilfl:nam Q n %te~s,~ 00" 91'oun(1l1 ckll!il'es,

~ tea15poQrJ .~:shly gntJed i1IlJIftme!!l 1~eas'p.oarn 5a~t

1 ta~!~e5pOOfl! baking powt;!:e;:=r

, :e:up p~cl<ed d.arik-brQ<wn s,y,g,ar l'hlcups IL:lns,ulfurlrlJd molasses

3: 1~r'S~I;!' 'eglgl~" rooml ~empElIr',ifll~ll!l'e

tPrehieat oven to 350°. Butbll!<f two '9-Hlon squara pans; UIl1'~ w~tn borUoms \llIal'l parchrnent, IButter psrchrnsnt and dus,t pi~n,S Wtt:19 f,lour; 1"" aeu t exeess ..

2. Stir togfdner baidngl soda ,afnd tnt! bomng w~lter. ~,fi iJ med1ium bowl. whisk 'h:.!get·hel'f.l:tH.!II'. 5Dices, salt, illJ1ld b~king IPowdler.

3. Wi'l III an eltl'ctf Ie m~ xer 0f":I med~ w m .sp:e,ed, Icre~m btltte.r Qrlld br~ SU~~ r i.!n"ti I palle and ~Iuffy. Add tmol.~sse.s andregQ:siillilld heat ml'~il (n::!atwr~, aoould minutes. ~c:ra,pjn,9 down sides

Q:J b-tJw~ ,il,f.i needed, Reduce speed b:l' ii()"W. Add Houll' mb:hi.r~ 11'1 thlliEl~ batc11es, allenli:l~ing with ~wa batches of thti.! :[ja~ing-:so<1d mi,:d.utl'e; beat I,J!Flt~~ l!'1cQrpQrated, Raise speed to h~gl,~ mix unt~'1 ill,1I in_grecHerlts aile waH combined, ebo u~ , 5, 5~0;1!1 ds, 5th' baUEr severelt lrnes with aflc:dble spatula, '8C'I',Elpil'lig 8iCOO!is.DoUom I!j,f .boWI, to ,eflSllm it i~ (;onl.pJet(l'ly smo·oUl.

"'. Oivide baU~r betwMI'I erepared pa[J~. a. U rill! ar:,ake 'te:5:terinser~edinbJ centers ClOmes '~Liit dean. aboui40 rnitili'te:s (do not OIPerJ Olffl:n deer b.efor,e35 mllflllJteij of baking)- Trnn5;h~r pariS to wi!:f!tra;cb to cool 20 minutes. Run i'! -sharp b'ltife M()'Ul'ld .side~ O'~ cdikes, th~n Tn\l'~rl Orno rac:ks. PeeloU p~rchmeml. Le,i cool comple~ely.

C'll!Q(jD lI.;L J Bu:1:JL JJI' ·r~wn. MAKES sr/1 cur s

The butJlE!'rcredm can b~' .... ifrig-e.rotedup to' tJ\tl"ee' daysi/t Q n ~ut:ig'1U I!:d'nN~iJ!,!\':t. .Bri1il;g'" ~o 'worn t!1·'l1pe,rn1ure, t:ma' 1:Jetlt on lQW .SpiMd ;uc:nt€[ ~mooth:

6 ounees semisweet chocolaJ~e. rin,el~ chopped

'111: cups sugar

~. ~·a:trge eggl wn ~hi:S (~.r6 eunees wt-:lippin~;;,qt!l.!a illtlf pasteul"if2~d ie.g 9 wnites; see be!l ow)

11 pound (4 stncktl,' uifls:allb3:d' buUer~ (:U~ in~o~ab ~~ spoons. sof't!ellled

~ teaIS.p;QQn pure \i'an~ll.ael(b,ac~~

I, Melt!:::f;1ocolale in a heil!tp'~oof bowl set O¥i:;!'r (not ~n),~ pan Q~ s·immerfng water. :5~'irrmg IJl1t~~ smooth, Let cool.

:2. Co m b me' 5ug,af and ~gg w h rles, m iii hre.al.· 1D10of bow~ of an elec1ric mixer :s~1 oVt!r (r!O~

.. 1) 81 if!af'! of .s~m'me,tl'!"1g water; whJ..sk untU ·s'u'gaf Is diissolvM,a,bout 5 minl,l·t,es.

~t.. Att'a'l:h bowl te mi):)eJ with the whisk aUath~ me!1L Be.;lt on moot!.!ltl srreed. !.UnW shlf pea '5, form and mlxhJrre hi com~letely cQ!)led, abo'~.d 10 miti'lIJi1@~,

~I .• Swi~ch to rhe p~ddle aUachment Add butter. ~~I few 'l~b~esPQons at a~ime .. lbeaJti!1g UlnW 'C(lm~ binee lle:k~:rili eaeh ~dditTonl. IReduee speed to low : add Va 1111.!3 a nd me~~ed [;~ ocolall f!. IBNt until Tnfx~'l.!re is smlooth, about, 5 minuiles. NOIJ'E: If sewmg to pre~M~ women4 hobie.s. ~Olmg ,dtirdrtln, the elder~y. or ~.·I1Y~~.ewho·se J~if?;(l~t"i'l is; compromised, use pastrumed <egg' wM~-e.s inst!:lilad oJ",<1pamt;i'W011ll' e!JC$ yD'I1ntll!~

FURM ('OOltJE SUAr'!::s, Us11n.'9il l·~·~nch ~lluted 5qqJ\iiln~: coordeculUler. CU.I QUit, S:O pieces r'O'r flO of, w..alkw1!YI,~!'iId ~mall w~MO'Wj us~ a l¥.!'inclilnLlt~d sQulii,re cOUer to, mak.e [lovo pieces~or Ii:lrge~ wl:ndows- Using, ,i:'! fluted pastry wh!;~~, ~ ut a~lt a'l,ght, PI€(;M fCir

'I rim (~ by ~ rich eath), a 3~by· ::HI'ilt"M docr. t:~·o'IO ~Q\J[lr€!!i (2 i.r!:cf1iHS etl,ck) fiu dogholJse rIlof, and a Hncns rchlld (JOCf fo r d OQIMu'se, ~efrig,e rate 3:0 mi !"lutes 011 ~jl'! ed b",ki ng~eb. then use a woode r:l shwer i[o make nolc:!s, ",long

edges Oil' trim, doors" ant! windQ<"¥JI"S;.

'PI FE I1HT"U ~ .• S

C:l!oor:aJh;:: ,b,almd. ~Ied Wll1dQ'W a~d cloer pieces' RII ,;ji j}ast"y bag! rilU~d wi'th ~ smalll plain

Up, (#2) wl~h wyaT r~iflg, a!'ld USA:! R to draw details Oitlo 'cookie plece'~; ~,s d,e-sired, Wh~h;: icing IS. $,li'lii wet. spm~kle :WI;~ ~i;lrl:GhI!19 i$ug.ar, OlInd IgenUy tap CJff exC!e·~, Allow In ill icingl d~9n~ t'CI dt~ bRl:ote attilc:h~lI'1I.g co()!kie;:, to f'louse.,

::-r o

MAl"E E~mF. tjL~[RH M.J~ N'Ii'S

DOGHOUSE: Cut doghouse s'hapl[! t'rom e' Ira GI'ke triall'lglo (n@ar rig Itt) , fl'os-t andl COlnlb:

add coorde 'rtlO'I;lind deal as, lMitnlicU3d above.

'l'MI!E:S;, WIU, a'-5ma~1 br""~n, CQilll' cd~!iI ~ree bral'1ci'le:$. wHh l'I1~tted c.h'ocdilal'l! (m:ldJtU~). PlaCe' om par'ChmMt c.l1llJlo !i(lt

SN 0\ '~mE' ': 0(1 aJ cornsra reb-dusted surface, rcll bills o'r whi'te tondlfllnt ~,OOfm snowmen

Cfar right), gluing 'tQgeth~r balls, wilh rQY!)lllcin~. if needed. Us.e eed colQring 'c ll'l't!) Iliny bit 9" 'ond.afll oriilrlge; 'sh~pe [nto canot noses. Tint a s-maU amou!1l red;,roll Cl,.lt V'!ilr~ thil'1 and ShiPe.

inti:JI SCilWes" Mt!'~e too:tlpir:1C: limes for lIloses..ey,as. lIri1Q bwlhms, il1.'le:rt carrots and s.p'rid'1ld~s, Add s.~me$r hilp wftI111i:Dr'h:;e nf;i'ts.

ro"\s n rr : norxr;

1. Stll I wnh MO !lquanuJI PlQcr· bread cakes -e , Cui one ~<lke. ,on lhe diagonal. into, lOill( lriangj'e-si halve: 'Ire, Qlll1er C:<Ii~ to make 'I Woo fec~al'i~I!!S.

2, Place one riKlangle on a al-le board 01' pj,;rtfl, fl',o~t lop. Staci U1f! otlnel' on top; frost.

3. 'Ol:ll a f l(!Ii Wo'rk s I.! di!.(;1f!. 5lac:k three trrangle.s, spreOl.dmg 'rros[~ng be'tween lhfd~yers. Set-the st-al;ked

"roof' on he C.<Ike oilS, shQ'WIl. hen (~Irlgi;!ral~. cQl"ltred, 15 miinIrJ1'es.

I" II 1: 1 ' I or It

Ii. Apply.a lhm ~c;ru rnb c'Oa't~ ,of f rosUn~ whn::h seals' n str r.1y crlilmbs I':ll1rJ ensures iii ,,"frlOd-'lI1 surface: ~1i1'igelat~ cakt! 2'0 rninu tes '0 set,

f;. Ff"o~t l1o~se with ;i:ui1o~her, lhirkQf layer of buuereream, s.moothing sides i:'Iod front 1MB e a: log Ipa tern by un",Tng a decQ1'Dling f,omb wh a scalloped edg'lli along-he rcnl, baok. and Sfdill>.

6" Using lWo ~ag;gj!i! sP'i'ttllas. 'ltiH'IsJsr Ctlj~ to'a ~iI''''ing ~1jJ;Ule • refrigl3raH! !CUl'~rl r@ad~ to decorarle.

, l I IU· j \11 :-:

'i',. Press fjuled Ir m onto rQof edgEs, culting w,lh a J1n1n,g' n.fe n.lf1,ecde"d arid match.ing Uti comers, Press 5hiflg~13 5 onto I'(]O", 'ita:~ t ing at Lhe bot tom and 'OllerllllPIlI'f'lrg 'iibgntly ~5 YOU work V.CI1.j( VIi'~y UP., ,",ran:;~ mm' Or! ~~p or rOCl'r;,

8. Add dQc;lI" Olf1d Wlll dQws. (u ' re.nl'l1 i nlng trim pi !lces to' fit bottom edges of h()IlJ'SB, j:lms~ jI'1D'O place .

• • :RE!'h"ige~ti:! caj(e_,OIll'fl<1.st. 20 minutes,. or up W 5 hourS'. Jus before 51ervmg. pipe r(ryal1Clng

"'kic;,les." usili'lg flI P'as'L~ b;;lg i ted wI! h <lI small plilin tirp (#),.), ~rollln'f;:hClqf ~clge.· .

~TIIS THE SEA:SION Tal IHI'OIIN,O'RTRAD'IITIIONI" but that doesn't mean you have to follow

it to a T" i nstead, tweak Iami I lar desserts, to create somethlnq new and unexpected.

With $UC~1 merrymaking tn rnmd transform a. Tha nksg iving, sta ndall"d into ~ndh!i_dual tarts w~tJ~ a surprisingl '[wist (hint the ~lfrIIUngrj ls aetl!lailly pumpkin .. flavored 'U,an), or ehecolate m,QU5S'e, into exquislts clfdebra,hJ1i'Y cakes. OUH3:F favorites are turned upslde down or lnslde out, and egi,gnog is served hil ~he guirS,€! OF .2)' "pie' ina cup. Sometimes it's just a matter ow s:wappi,rrlg out the fla~o'irs with seasonal specialties: 'for example, gling'erbr,ead is. put to good use in the: linzertorts on pag,e 33. Even the staunchest holiday purlst wlll find It lmpossfble to li"es~S't these insplred lnterpretatlons of the classics,

GIN(iERHR.E1\ D , EI o~rI

SEI;" ~u;c ~ P[, PAGI~ 35 A" stun~jn~1 iee'box cake

, Iscne part raost-algia, one (big) part Uiltram,[)der'M, H,om,e made gin geil'b rea d coo k ies stand in feu

bn-e 5tcre~bOughl chocolate w,afers, i nthe wel!~klf'!own

ve rs lorn, ,jil rtd a re arran ged

hf.l freestalfJd,~n,g etreles

rath e r t hl1tn i n a ioa f shape. A, swee t-tart cutrus topp,i ng provid,e;s ane,ther 'rniove~ spif:l.



S'~["R~CH)£", PAG£ 39

This enthr.ing' vartattlcn ,C!lli the poplIlarAus,trian dessert 'features a gi'l"!'9:~r'b~ead erLJS ' ~nstead of 'the usual] nut~rit;h QiFij,e, blit keeps'the ralsp'OetrY-]SJITI filllinQ. A!Ul fl(Jliday~'w'Crthy a Ih~rn ~,ti'lle to th e custo matry crisscross, strj:rJ5·of pei$try, s.(1owfla~e and dot shapes ar;~ cut cut from the top.


- -

FO·RE' '- ··S'T- ·CR'- ·-'E'

. I ~ - I. t2 ,-. I ." - -I

' .. ' _ .• I _" ' .. ' 1 ' __ , ,.

1~la: A-IECIP"E. PAC,ri 391

A. 8a:YiJr~ h' E las-sIc. B:lack 'F1erest (talil{e is"lllIslIlalI'Y"!jsneroYsJy frosted w',it~ w~iIJJ»edl (;'ream and: g,amishedi wilt" chGt!o,lat\fi shavi:ngs ~q,.ihe, Ua(iJafS ate cpncea·IEtd. He~ theiJ 5"f.l:Q' :9V~5W.or.k jnvolv,d;' E:ie,~ ,dle:ljcie:~s oomIPIJ,ner1~:-m'otsl ~dlo,~ol'a:te ~.a,ke, 'S:itk, ~astr~~~~m'l:r an'd kirs!th;,:5}la~liGUr 'll:he rr:ie s~'iS' de:t*S hf"fui~~y appar'ent.-A '51i!~k lof sl~iny thrGtdla'b_ '9an:ac:nf! rdfi'al• tHeito,PI


311 UJ1d -'itf! tH:I:iE!~-sie' ~f_~\:R1'nA~'r'Y\~ Ill. ~O'll


The same kind of cup used 'fior :the beloved Christmas dr~r1k serves ,~s an ov,el1-'to~'tabh! baking dish

icr the pas~ry sheil, which ls [then fihed withchilled eg:gnog-~~2MJOI:'iEld custard, The rum is reserved fII:r the w:hipped-cr,e-am gamrsh '(,al~h'ouglh yo,w could ahso add a splash to the custard mixture b@fon~ it sets).

~~EOG,NOO CUPS, ~E:iN[S I.t"

l!!I(J1u'rr]' not SUfe ifYO!!.lf cemm~c C'U:p,!; ate . ovenp:roof.we omilt(!:ry ~~~unee ,CiILS!ttlr.a cups or T(ilngk~TtS.

7 la,rg,eegg lfol~s

*, OJJl ~9rafll'U leted ~,u~g,n" 2tablesj)oOI"MS aill,rpurpo,.se flour. siUed,

P~,!.!IS mere fe" dUllSti!l'lgl

2: ,cups l11iilllk

'k \!IO;Bni~l~ bean, slpllit~e!i'l~~h:wi5e ~nd seeds

scri;llped 'to ~oose:ij

1 t,ea~poonf,Ii1~s.hlly,gl:"ated m.!tmeg 1 I~e:ci:p~ P;§'tt! Br:h'l,e:e(p,fiilge: 11)

1 C1UIP p~:U5, 1 tBIb~HSfH)On h!l:kavy [ream

:2 '~a bles!poons 'l:liJ'n'~,edi:o:ne rs' su gillif. silbe:d 1 taJb,I@S.~IOOf:!l Hi! In

I., Wit~ an'Elieel:r1c mi:xk!r Oil higl, sf(leed, willisk ,6 t.~9 yolks cllild l·he grB'I1ulaIt!ed :sugalrlUnW ~h~ck ilnd p~le, and .ar Jt'~bbQn 'kHrns on the surface when beat.er.~~'re lifted. Add 1'1'olJl"; mm until fU1.Iy Incorpo'tated.

2., I iii a rrU1!diui1'i sauoopM. 'bring fiI1ilk, 'valf:liHiEI~ b~alf''I seeds, and l'u.!lmeg to. ,i boill o'V.eJ'medlumhi'gh h~t WiUi mIXer ~lin!iil1g. P(HH~tiO~'l oneYqu~lrtil:r i1ot-milk mi:d,urE' into, egg mi~tut'!.l!. then s~lDiwly ,add em! mixture to saucepen wltl-i rema,iI'lJrI'gm1iJk_ Cook OVr.:!'r m.edh,JI1'fl heat. whisking constantly. lHlm mi:dure lhk.kel'ls :tlnd bubbles i n Genter. 4 tc)S nfm iJ'ti';:S P~I~, thwoiJgh j. 'linesi,~ Into a bow~; diSiC1Hd scllds, Co,ve r wl~h pltasUc wrap. pres$i ng ~t dl rect ['I O!ilto surface' of custard to preveP'lt a skm lrem forming. ,Let cooi. 30 to. 45 minutes .. clhm 'UntUi set, at ~eClst2 hours, Of Up to iD,vemight

3. On a li.ght~yfloured surface, i'o,lloLJlt pru'e b1ris,ee to!ilbo'!.l'~ "Iiild! fhick. Cut 01.1'1 eigM 6~ilil,!;!h squares, Pli1llce ~ql1~res ~1'11 O'rIenproof ceramk: cups, allow~n9 ~cl(cess 10 drape' 102 inel1es ovtEr edg,es,

il,. Wl1~s:k tog,e~h!'!r r,em21.H'lmg egg yolik arrd 11 la.bh~s'po-o:n C(~m fo~ egg wash; bUJsl, Olofer Sl!irf~ce of ~'O\,ig~l, ChiUI ,aJt le~:;l~ 1 hour, O'r up tQ overnighit.

5. PreheatO¥fln h], 3S0(>.Pla~e cups. on >II biak,ing sheet; genii,. prick bottoms or ,d,ough a.few time:!!. 'with <lh::ll:"k. Bake un'ni edge~ are a deep gD~dm:l. 20 tOI 2:5 miru,rt,e,s. Tr~nsfer 10 ~ wire rack t.O cool c~mplete,ly.

!~ .• WitMan il!'I,edric mi;Ufi' en med~um-high $:p~e.d. whip I"eirliilining t:1JP-I' erearn, Wl1et1 cream slsrts tQ thlc~!!lrtli3dd (;Qnfec·tloners' sugar,

and mix unti[ soH pe.~ks 'form. Add rum: wl'up ullm 9.olt peaks. relUff1li..

7., fiJi, serve, SpOOr! v.c cup ctiililed r:u1>Mrd ~nto e,i!ch (ooled ,paslrv shelll, Garr:M;h willna doUop of wll ipp~(::h:l'\eam.



'YouwiH need' a ,;a"k-inchjlute:d round p~tnI cut'ter(see thIWG!1.ide),~ra~tand(u',:d rouFlia (;:ldter. Yau, C'lln J1:1l(lke the cake in advanc,e and re~rn te- it oVI'l'rnigkt,: the Pl::1T,ttf.iR oJ each c(lIQite lCovered with, t'renm, wW :5oftlETI. making the ~nke eas~ Co slice"

AIII~purpose ~Iour" 'for' dlU5'~linQI

'Ih fleel pe MolalssE! s- Gin.glE! rbreald, C 0'0 Ide Dou,gh '(page 24)

,4 CiUjpS, heavy ereern

IWI, ClUP ,c:on~ectione,f''S' sugar. ,sifted " teaspoen pure vl:lnillJ,a eldrclll:~

Syrupy B,loo-C!: Oiranges (recilpe Follow.s)

']. li'rehea t oven to 3 5,O~, wUh racks n uppef ,s,nd lower pOSJt\OIlS, On generousl,)!' f~oured p,iecGs or parthmlmt paper. roll (Jut dough to ,abou 'VI: inch 'thick. B'rush on I!!:.:i(ces,s flour', Slide dough and parchment onto baking! shee'ts. and free2 10 minutes.

2. Using a 2%-mchfluh1!d cutter cut ,out rounds, li"erollii'lllQ scrans to ,ge'L a total of 72. Transfer ~o pardlmE!'P'lt-liIflJt;!,d baking sheets, Sind f(l!!€!le 10 min-lUtes,

3. Bake foof,;~es 5, minu~e:s. IRem,ONe sheets '(r,om o\i1en; lap "ans fI-rrol1y on COuiii'ter tJQ, 'flatten ooQk,ies, Retulrn- 'to even, Jotil'ng sheets 'hom top to bottom and front b) back; ba~ until coo ies are set and ed.g,e:s h;:li'tl€!~ darkened sDghuy. about 5 minutes more. TiFarnsI-e1' sheets to wil'~ I'iU;;ts ~to eool cornpletll,ly.

~t. Wi'LII1J an e leet n'LC m ixer on med iLilm :speed. beat. cream, confecti'onerrs' sugar, and vanilla

Be.{Jljn by i:iHiil"1ging seven' cookies, side by side. in, a circle. PlaCe: ~ilother ccokte i'fl the center as 5I'ilO\MnI, U'O!e an o:H~~t spatula to gently spread w~IIPlJed cream oVter coo ie$, ~eal\ling the i)lJter edg'es lInC:Q ... e~.d" Repeat to make nine laYfll'5

of e~ch, ending wiM"I1 whi:pped cream.

just un-til stifT peaks form. Arrange 7oC:Dokie:s rn oil drde on a cake stand or a sel'lJ'ingl pialte. sJd·es oucning; place 1 ('Dakle in center (see below). Spread~, cup wniplP'ed cream over cookies, ,Ie-ailing a 3/i!.-lnch ,,,okj,!!! borde. Repeat, making 8 more lavers €'ach 0 cooldes. snd whl,p,ped triBOlllT1.. Chill at ledlst '1 hour.

5. Just b~fme servmg. SpOOf! seme of the eranqesand tlheir symp over ~op, Sel'''ve: re~ ma,lning ,oranges on the side.

~la:r'Dra.~, elm. be US!?..l fm tead ,a/blood Qm~18es in this fecipe.

,4 blood 'D'r'.llliglflS. \i~ry [llh~nl~ slic~ Into HI'L! nds

2 CUlpS :SUQl~l'r

2 cups. water

t Bring a larg:e pot iQf water '~O a boil, Add Of'an9,e sllces, and rook until semltrsnslucent, about 5 mlinub:!sL US1F1g i1I sloHe~ spoon. transfer tea bakii'iQ sheet.

2 .. Cut a (olJJl1d or pilJIchrnent :p.aperlo riL In a I:a,rge, 'shallow saueepan, Bring sLIgar and 'tl1e w.ab~t 'to,a1 boil, stIrring vr'!'ta 5!Jga has diss,olved. Call'efldlll~y add orange sllces: plaid!:! parchment drredly on surface. Reduce heat and s.lmmer gently I1fIlii oranges have softened and liquid is syrupy, aboul 30 minutes, Remo\1l'e frcm heat; let OrClI1Q€!5 eoel in syrup.

~. Halve or 'quarter seme of the orai"'ge sllces, if desired. Ora F'i Q-ts, can be t,ehig,erah'!c in syrup IWp to 1 week in an airtight co:niaine!lr; bring to room tem,pera'Ulfe be'fort! serving.


.J!you donJ[ us€' pa;~s in the su:'es called/aT

tn ,tMs n~ be ~U~ pastl1l sheTls you

rnM« arB . . t~~' lu~r than ,tiltefl~.

2.~ cups's u'Q,a r

1 CIUp wai~e I" 2~ (IUPS milk

,* cups cal"ln.!!d tlnSWe,ebllned pumpk,i'l1I pUrE:'e (12, ounces)'

.2 teaspoons f:inely gl'a:ted pee;lled

fr.e:sb g~t1)ge,n'

*' te!i!lspocn groYl'ld l~inli'iam(!,n

lA ~easp.o'(Hl 'iireshly grated nutmeg % ~easpoQn s01lt

S hllrgel whole l@lggS, phm 2 e'gg yol ks

2 ~e,aspoons pllr~ val1il'hlll ,extract AH"'pul'pose flow. for dusting,

1 rec j~e PiI:te Drh;ee ICPiI'!':Jlfl 17) IUns,weetened whlipped cream or cr,~me tlr~:kh,e. fOIl" SE! rVii'Rg! (opUon.ail)i

1. Set a ~arge bow~ three-quarters ful'l of C(l~d water f1lear sto,ve. Heat 2wIPs '5ugalr and" (UP water in'a small s.au~p.an oller mediumhighl, stirring, untill sLigar dissol"Je.s. Bring to

a boill \I\Ii !lout stirriing, occash;mally wiilsl11ng down sides of pan WI' h a wet pa$try brush

to p'revent crystals from forming, Boil ul'I'til ~.)lrup turns deep amber, s.wirliJ1g pan to celer evenly Immediately immerse bottom of !,aill i'lil [\o!1 d MI ter~ remove,

,2,Quh:k,ly d vide ca'ramel among eiglM 4~lm:h piE' plates or ovenproof dishes; 5'Nirl to COiJit boUoms..let cool ,C' h.IS can be done several hours ahead. keep ilit. room temperature).

3:. Flt'eheat 1()l.!,el1 to 32.~t wi' h r ,d in cente,r, Bwi,!J>9 mllk lust. to a boil in, a smell saucepan ,Dver hi91h I;e>at~em()ve rroml h~at. lin alar_gE: bowl, com b1 rae' pu mpkin puree GIld rem a:inin'g 3Ai !,:'II,I,p :sugar with the ginger. s.rlll:es.. 'Salt. whole ~ggs. atl'id Vo1ks Mil( in "'flrrillra and hot milk: pass hrouglh a fine sieve into a 'bowl. discarding S/cillid!>. Pour mixture Inlo caramellined piepl'a~es, filling each two-thirdis oJ

he w.ay. 'P~ace p~"e p'iates IIiI EI roasting pan.

It. Place 'foC'llstring Ilan in ov-en~ c:are.fLtI'ly paur bOlting w,atiaJi' into wOiiistm'9 pan to "each hatfw,1l,Y' up sides af pi'l! plates.loosre:ly lent ,il pieoe of aluminum foi'l over ,op el i'oosting pan (do nol crrmp or seal ~dges). Bake= unt II flans are nearly set (a SflaJ"l) "01 e Inserted

In eemers should come nul dean). abcut 1 hour, Transer toasting ~a'n to a wlr;e rack

[\0 cCJ<l1 completely. !Remove pie plates fforn water bath, ami dry theill' lI.nd~r's.ideSi; refrig:· erate ClliE!fmg!ht. covered with plashc ''I'lI'rap

5,. 'Pnllheat oven to 375". Plac;e eigiM 5~inch Ilan nngs or tad pans on iii: pall'c:hm@nt-~ined bailIng sheet. On a lightly floured surface, fOU out palle br isee 0, about ~ !leI'! thi,c . Cut au etgh' '-inch rounds (use a plate '01' an inverted bowl as it guide), fit dO\,Ji_gl1 mto flan rings: let e)(C@S$ dra,pe over top~ Work: dGugh lrom lop down, not center Ollt US,j ng k nudl es to ~~t nto I:i(lUom eernars of ril'i,95. With a romng pin, roll overdngs to tr~m d'o~gh flu'!ilh with rims, Prick bottoms of d'l,)llgh several time5 with if for~; chilli a'~. least 30 mmures, or up to o\l'en1right.

'6 .. 'lme shells with parchment ptlfler, pr,essmg nto corners: 'filii each wi'lh ,pie. welght.s or dried beans. Bake 20 minutes; remove p~rd'me.r'1t Balke luntll shells, are ,goldoo browl', .2 te 4 mill1- utes more. Transfer tc a wire rack t,o coo'l

Oil bou t 1 hou r. R-e move horn na n ri rig's,

7. To 'I.InmoJd leach nan, ~~f'e'h.dly run ,til shsrn knit,e .a:round edge to loeserr, Pla(.~ ,<9 cooled pastry shell on a pla'te. Inv,erl rlc111 inlo sheil, 510' [,t hi in he center. w'h eeramel sau.c:ellli,ng

he edg,es. Serve wfll:h whipped cream or creme fraiche. as desired.



21A CUpS ,a'U''PUrpOlie fkrUlr:. plU$ mere for: dust'~rn 9

1* ~e"H;lr,)oO.nS baku n'g p,owder' 1 tealspcmn grollind 9 liIQ,er

1 te,atSpOoll grQulld cinnamOl'i1 'h teaspoon 9ifi'Ol!lndclov,es,

'lh It'ealSIlQOn sa~lt

iAi teaspoon, frr!!!:shl,}f grClil.Hld fUilp,per ~ If: u~ priliilcked I~bilrrk,-brow:ll'l 'S ugar

~ CliP (1 stick) lUf;lliid,t!!d butte!:':, SloH,ened II,] rCuiP lIIrnsul'fured metasses

2 larg'!! leg,gl yolks, 1!'lus 1 ~aI'9e. egg! white 1~ tU,Ps Raspbeny J!:IIm (reci,pel "toUows)'

or be:s,t-lquaUty stor,e-iboug:in,t jam

L Preheat oven to 32515, wrlh rack in lowesl ,p.osi~i(m, lnto a mixing bowl. 'sin ~oge'lt'ier flour. baking powder, 'S'~li'~. salt, and pepper Add brown sugar, with an e'~ectrii: mixer on rnedlemIo<w speed, beat unlU combmed. Add b'utter: mi until im::ol'po,raled. Add molasses and egg yo~ks: rni)( untill dough just comes togelier.

2. TUHI out dougl1 onto (5,llght:1 floured surIace, Roll'iliU~ t~o-thifds nte a 12- neh rQund.

bout ~ inch thia:k. R into a 10-inc:h tart pan with i1I removaJlble bottom. Spread jam over bottorn 0:1' shell; chUi until c:dld, .. hou't30 minutes"

:1. R(l~1 out r,emain1ng dough between pieces

or loured parchment p!lllpe~ lO i3 lO·tl'llch round, VI 11'1"1 thi'ck. Transfer round with parchment

, 0 iI baking ~1iee:t; chili until, 'Hrm, aboI,Jl30 minlutes, ClJtPIJ shapes f!'Om reund wi'~h mini dot and snowfla,k,,@'"'sha'P€: ICOO i'e cutters. (If destr,e,d. reserve snowflake' (tJitOUl~; ba e 1'0 minutle5 at 350il'. tMen spr~n'kle with ,conlediol'lers,'sugar.) Tfin1s!\erro,Und ~o ,al baking she~t; ,c_hllll.J_t'it~ hrm. aboIJlt lOI mlnutea

til. liglhtly beateg'9 WhitE; brllJ5i1l 'OVler ,edge of tar~ shell Careful'~y slldedouqh round O'fler sh@ll; press edQ!es to ,jJIdheI18. Chill un'lil ~ rm, abou 1 hour,

5, Ba'ke unUI crust Js. go,ldM bl'OVIIr'1 and tiBingl is bubbl rig" :SO te, 60 mjll'lu~es.lrans:ref [0 a wire rackto cool romp ~etely,

Ras'I~~n,,,, Jl,'un r~AK[S ABOUT 1. CuPS

4 I!; ups, ra.spbe.l"ri,e5

(,three 6,"'QURCe. cOI'l'tainersJ

2 'ClJpssug,arr

'I. SUr together 3 C61pS. rsspberrles and the sugar In a rnadlum gucepall1 (off r.eaO.lel ,S,tanrJ 1S to 20 minuil:es. stirring occasronally, Ulltil' berries, beg~r'1 fa Q,ive QH tihei'r 11J~(f!s.

2. Eiring mi)iill.lr,e :to a boil over ml!diiJm~high heat stfrring OCl!.:I;sionally. Skrm oU foam. Reduce heat: simmer. s'kltmmmg off foam. urH111 slightlv 'thickened, about 5 manures.

3. Stllr in remilimng 1 CUIJI r'aspbe;rri'es,; 5~mmer lust unt" berrtll!S br!!'ak down. 1 to 2 mlnut.es. Lei coo~ compiete'ly. Rrer~rigelT'a,te, covered. iil,t I.east 4hcurs. or up to overn'i,ght


:StRVr!.S 8 TO 10

Use nny fU'P.(il of.proeseroed s'o ur cherries. MoreUo £8 one uariety that is genera:Uy 4tiatlable year-rou7lid ingoun:net stores.

1 CJUP 1(,2 'stieks) pi us 2 tabllespoons un,sa,lted butte.t. softened. IP'llus mol'll!' if,or pans

,2':ihCl.IPS plus 2 tab'Ie'sf;,IOQfni5 alU-pUirpose €lour; ·plus m.o,re for pans

1 ICUpl plus. ,2 'tabl,e!poon:s UIIn,sweetel!'led :Chl'h::n"proc:ess, IClOiI':(,la, p~'wder

:2 tea 5:13001'15. bakingl soda

"' efJ,spOQ!'I !ndt

11 cup gll'amllilate,d sugar

'1 CUIP 'p,alcked dar:k-b]rown $Ug,iJlf :31 I'arge ,eggs. room bi!IOiIpera ure'

3Ai c:upsQliJr cream '~~, cups butterm Ilk

1 ,wall' ,(12 ounces) pre:sElirved seur eherrles {40 t.e ,S,O}

lh. ICUIP kii,rsel1 (cherfy,-Havared ~iQl!oeuf) PMiry elr'earn (rEicl,pe follows)1

Shi ny Chocolat-e: G'anache,

I( f\(!fi:pe ia,iII,Qws)

II. frelieal oIJen to 3S0ao Butter 'three' 8~if1c:h rOLlnd case pans: Hile boU:ol'l1s wrth parchment pC!~er.BLJter parchment. a1l1d dust wit.~ flour. lapping out e cess. tnto a ]arrge bowt sih together flour, COCOai. b-akil'ilrJ soda, and saU.

2. Wqtl, allil electric mtxer all medium speed, cream butler ,lind gral1l.dated sugar I,mtil nUl Jy. Add brown sugar~ beat uotilll.uny. Add eglgs. one a~, aim!!!. beatinfl we~1 sfter eathadditiron. Mil< in sour ereern Redwt:l! speed to low, Add floUT mhdur in three: batches, altlfl'rnal~ng with' 'the but~e.rmilk and b€girinlng !:IlI'Id ending

with the {lotH',

3. D,!I/ide batb~l eVBnlly ,ilimong prepa:re,d pans, Ba~e. rotating pans halhvaly throlJlgh. !.Intll nrm to theoudl and rEI tocrhpl.ck inserted in

he centers comes 'out dean, 25 tOI 30 rmnctes, Tr(llllsier pans to wire racks. to cool romp:11etely. Run til kni'fe a~und sides tel loosen" <hen re-

m ave cakes from lJIilIllI5.

It·, Drain cherries, reservi,!"!g " cup plus.2 t·ablesp(lons rU~(Je. C(jimblifH~ [uiee i,nd Ikirsch. With a s!:mat,ed I<ni'fec trim tops 01 ca kes to make ~eveL Brush 'top oJ each wifh OJ"ll,e~thjrd ki!"5:en mixture, PlilICi@' a ca!ke layer on a cakie stand or serving pl"OO:. Spread Ph eups p~$'Ury ICT~am evenlYOVIlr callie: arrange 15 dralined eherrles on top. 'P1.arC€ a second cake ~ayer. briUsi1l~d !ii,ole IJP. 0 n top. S ~ ne'ad with rem(l.in~ ifilg Clre',~:m: 'op with 'l5 mote' cherries, Top with third take layer. brushed side ck:w~rt CaKe may be covered ,loosely in pl'8l5 ijc w~ap' ,and re'frigera e:cl up ttl ,4 hour!!.

5,. To serVie. warm t~lrI: gdn;!J,~he In iii bOlwl set oll,er (lI1ot un) a pan of simmeringl water~ iU5,t until, srm~.a,rtiI,ab,I,e. Pour om{)1 rniddlle c~f top, cake layer, and spre2l'':;! evenily with an ofhet spatula. Glam Ish W !,t h :ut'!m a,i nlli1gch eaies.

~tnl . 'f"W.m. MA .6..5 ~ UP

2 large w:!lo[e egg::; p!lus 2: e,gg yolks, ~ ~tlP sugalr

'6 Itablesp 0 ens cernsta reb 2 cups mnil'k

3 !ta,bles,po{ms unsslted butte.r. cut into'

smaU p ie1ces

1v.z, teaspcons pure wnflliiil extlrad

1. Wlith an eledric mixer on medium-nigh speed. '1111hislk whc~e! ,eggs, yolk-i. and \'2 cup SJiJClll~f lJntilllp'a,le aii,i:I thick. s~n in corllslar<:h: whrs·k; on medium-I'ow speed until C:(lmC ned.

2,. Meanwhi~e, lprepare an h:r;:awa:t'er bath. Ehil'lg milk and remaining % CUI) sugar to a be I in a medium saucepan. Whisldngl COI"li'" St(;!I1'ti .• slowly pour hailif the mUk mhctU!r12 OlD 'line eggi mixture: whisk until smooth.Pour mh:ture' back in "10 saucepan wllh '~m.(llinun91 millie whm:;,ikover medium heat lJi11.U mixh.!re reaches the consistency or md'yorlnaise. 2.l!o:1 mirlu hi! s more,

3~ PJlSS throug" a 'Fine 's~e\l,e intOI.B larg,e bowl: discard solids. ,Add bu te!,.;J few places a ill time, ~tt!"l"ing lijntil mel'ted iI'fter each addi"Uort. S'et bow II in ice··wa'ter bath until chilled. 'Stilr in vanilla. Cover with p~ilshc Wnlp. pressing it durect1" 011'1 surface o~ pastry cream; chill until set. at least 2 houts, or up to CV!!rr'!'ighL.

SlltbQI Gh.orollale. (,()t'l1iJOOlm Mh,~!;~ 1 IJ

5 ounces, semisweet 'ctH)I~o!llate lh t:Up heavy cream

1i ta'bles:pool1i honey

Ffl1i:'ly chop chocolate in' a Iced precessor. In a small seucena 11 r stl r taget her crea mand honey: brrh1iQ ,~lIst to a boil. With machine lfiunflin~, slowly pour hot',Dream mi:li:ttUe' I~h~ough the feed lube: proCPS5 ulilm c::omb~ned.lransfer to a bowl, and cO'ller with pha,stic wra.-p; r'eff'lgera e at I'east 3 hours, Qr !JIl' t,o 2 davs



% cU~' aU-pllu'poseViour

~ I!::U~ unsweet@ned Dl!rb:h~p,roce5s

OOcCIO ~I powder

* 'elll PI :>i.Jg:i;iI1r

~ h;!~'5P'[H31'1 baking soda * le~s,pgQ:fI b(Jkin,g p,owdel" % teaspoo.11 salt

~I I ~iI'ge egg. room ~emper.ature ~ cup milk

:31 ~;ableSi,pClo!i'lS saUlow-er c~ other' !iI,eutral-t,aJs:ting v:egetab~.le oil

:% teaspoQn pure vall'lilla e:dra'c.t % cupw"tiEl

Chooolaite MQu~ses (Iredp efon01NS,)

2. ounces sem swe.et choC!olate Vegeta ble-oil cookb'n191 :::lpralY

L Preheat ,oven to 350°. Plaice leight 6'ounr:::e (3~/Hnch diamete:r) f~mek:ins. om tJ r'ilmmed

bilking sheet and cOflil with cooking spray. In a mixing bowl. whisk together f~OUf. cocoa, SUgiilil', baking soda, baking powder, and sak, Add ,~ggr rnH,k,(lit vanmar and Un~ wat'er; with .all' el'edr~c mixer Q;rJ medium-low' !ii,peed, beat ~nt I smooth and comlb!Fled.

2. Div,lde 'baUel' ev~nly among pre.pared ramekms, iBake untU ra, caketester inserted In he (I n'Uu:s 'comes OUL dean, about 20 min-

utes. Transf'er to iii wire ra,c' to cool compleb!ly. Run a IkrMe around sides of cakes to IOQ5EWI beJore tlnmgldil1g. Cakes can be refrigernlt,ed, wrap,ped 111 ,pllastic. up bJ' 1 day.

3. T~lm each cake 'to a l-inch heiglh't wah a serrated knrff,!. Tr.an~rej' to a parchment-lined

ba ing 51'leet Cut out eight 4·by-1.1-irn:;h strips of parchment: Wr3:p, a s"l"lp around balse €If each cake (keej) bottom f11.l5:1 with sneeOto make a collar. Secure collar with tape.

". Transfer bHt,ersvljreeH::hocolate mousse to ,a, p,ashy bag fltted w~th a ~'lIrge rOUind ~ip, (sUch as At'e!:o n8.0S) .. j)j'pe a Hl1cl1 lay~r

,a;f rneusse into eaeh parciimel'lt c,e:Ual!". Chill u 11 tfI set abo ~ t 20 rrri nutes, Re p eat '\I'll' t~ h mjlk·cho'o~arle mC:)oIJ'S&e. pIping 011 'top or the bUtel"sweet-chocola e mousse. Chill 4 hours. ur UIP to overnlghL

L,' M crowave 'seffliswe,E!'it chocolate 1'5 to 30 5ecorld~. I.mtH:slf{ll1iiV W,ilI,rm ,~ut r'l0\ m,eHed. S.aape at a 4S~degree angle wi'~h a veg-e.table IHl,eler, fiorrning {;IJf"ll~, To serve, ,['iema""e perehment Clollars,: ga'mi;h wi1h chO'col~t,e curls.

.' 1''' I n J:lf.-! I} c Ah

7'his re.Clpe mil.k,es two types a/mousse. To melt .alt~ elwcotates. fi.nel'y chop them. then .plU't'f ill separate bowls: set each

bowl ouel' (n.o t fn:)· g: pall oj .nmmenn:g wate-r:. a:n"d s~ir'Un.ril smooth.

],~: (,UPS hetlvy Cfealm

8 I~Jrrgle e{J!!1 yolks, room tempera,turf ~ cup 'sLigar

4taib!1 es:pool1llS !I!glht ClOrl'11 syrup 4 tabl:e:spoQl'IIs. w,aie:r

7' ounces Ibftterswsec chGcolate. melted ,2 'h!C!'sIPoons, pure v,an lIa, ,e:drad


7 o'lUnces m~il k ,dnn:o'h:lt,~. m e~ ted

1. With an e:1~ttcc mix_~ en me£Uum .. high speed, wh~slt. cream IlJlii'ltrlil sof pea,ks form, Oi"ld-e between 2 bowls; 'chill 1 I, our.

2. In a de-in ml:<ing' bowl. and with a dean whi'sk, beal 4yollo;s on nigh speed !.Hl~il' pale ,and h"Ot:hy. Me'.::lnwlilie. bring Vol (UP Sllg,1!,f dnd :2 teb~€cspoon5. each CJom syrllp ~ nd wat@~ to a beU in ,iii sma~ll, he,allvv 'SOElUc.Ei'p,a'l!i 'OlVer 1'1.1:9:1'1 heat. 'S~·irring to di&~Qlvri!:&~gtti'. Cook IIJn~H bub~1es form, about 1 mirll.lte. WiUl mixer on medium~ low speed, ',~retlJlly pour hot !iVI'Up do~1'1 :side o-r bowl . .Beatol'l m,edium-high ~peecllJi1li1 .siligh'tly thickerliid. abou5 minutes. SUI' In biU,ersw .et' cho('ol,!lle, 1 tea'Spo1Jn v,anill~. ~ifid ,a pinch at sjJlt w ih a Uexibl 'spatulla.

::t_ Add on:!fl-l h ird ot b i'ttersw eet- c:h oco la,te m ixtumto on e pm t I 011 alf wh I PPH:l:d ['!1!~~m;

whisk to combine. Add mmaining! bjLf!ffiweelchoco~a;te rnlxturs, whisking until comp~ete'l~ combrned. Pass through a coerse sieve mto a Ilai"!:j,e bowll: discard ,allY soHd's.

11. Rep.eat staps 2 a!i1d 3, usingl mi~k thotola~e [nstead Clf bitte(~W!l;it

NOTE: The,eggyalbin ~h.fs mi:'ipe'Qre PlO~ ftdl.9 c.ook,ed. I lSMUld not be prepared Jotpregnmtt ~n. babies, lI'Dung.child1'en" .the ,elderLy. or ct1t,YI.:me whose·, ealth ts

tOmprC:llfi'ised. _

APP'LB ':n~,

UP,SIDE - nO'WN· ILlHiE ~IN&:\ h. T ) l/

1llA CIJIPS (2¥.! sticks) ILHlsalted but.ter. softened. plus lilnOIIlle: fol' panl

,~, cups packed Hgh~-b'rowfl' sugar

.3 talbl,!spacons Calvados or other brandy Salt

:3 dfll'l'iI'a;m'on sl::icks

l1i appl,es" pre:f'll!-r,i3ib~lI iBraeb'ul'll or Mc,llntosh (abol;rt ,2~ p'ClUnds), ~eele,d. cQrEll;tand cut, into, ",~i"ch·~hk'k rings

20/4, cups a~l·pl!l!fipOSe flo,ur

.~ tcaspo'(l'f! 'blalking sodal * ter:JIspoo'f! b,1!lk~ng p,owder

l/~ te,aspoo'rl 'gr'iiH!!i!d c;irnnamol1 1lt1 ttl! ps 'g,r!l!lnuhl'~~ d sugar

31 I arge: 'eggs

lJf.i tMs,poo.1ilS pure vaniUaJ e'xtrillct

\.1: cu,psour cream

II. Preheat oven to, 3,75:". Butt.e:r a 12' .. by~ 1"'lI1cI'I round plzza pan COIr use a 12,-II'1,(n l,af'! j;lan)line boUoml will' I:lardlmen pal~er, amll buUer pard'lment With an electric mflOOr on medilJm~ highl speed, be,!;l,llh cup butter wIth the brown sugar. brand)l, i\l1i,~. a ,plnch or sal~ ul1ih~ pa!~alld 'f~uffV. Spread mi)(l:uJ'€! e\;l'e'n~y in pre,parm:l~ pan, Ai"i'a "!leo cinnamon sti(:ks OM top. layer witl, ap,· pie dl1gs, ~;lJ'es51I1glhem g{!!otly into mixture.

2. Iinto, a medium bowl. sifl'ogeth ~r 'flour:.

ba hlg SQcial, fl:a~lng powder. :JA teaspcon salt, ;and .g1l'oul11d c:inrnamort 11m a clean mi)cing bowl. creern remilili"!,il'!rg 3A cup bL!~,er and 9lrarnl.dat1ed sugar on medium~hlgh speed LmUi pa'~e ~iI1d flurry. Mi Iii EggS. one: ata U rna, and vanilti!JI. Reduce speed to low. Add 'flour mill:'tUre In

, WQ batches. alternating wi'~I, Oriii! addiUOf'I (If sour ere; m. G el1'Uy spread batter ove r appl es,

3. Sa e un il cake isgoldejjl brown 2in,d a cake 'eSi\e inserted in center comes out c earl, about 4S minutes. TI'onsfer 10.a Wu€ rack: let eM,r 1S m,inu'U!S b@ta'r,e inV',erHng ant·Q a-sel"l.i"IFlg p I ate. Calc,e call be .storJed u p '~o 1 dary, awerle~, ~I't r,com tE IT! pe~'lure.

j, PillrP[{,1N' PIlE' Y! CHEE:t!j,E' Ii.E

Sl:: Y 1. T{'1 1.-1

t'OIl l'H~ I ~lll sn

6 'tablespoons unsalted butter, soU:l!l1ed ~ cup sugar

~ 11,liIlI'iQ.(Hlggl yolk

ill te,ilIspo:~n p!i.lr~ v~nill9 e')i!irad

11 cup 'i1!!H·purpo'se 'flour. plus more 'for dustillllQI

Pinch cf salt

Fon, ·fn Yo :F:II ~,I, I NO:

.~ small buthHfH,Jt squa·sh (13.& pounds)

UnsaJlted buUer, ',o'fp-arc.hmel'1llt, and pan 3,.4 teaspoon gl!'ol.ll1ld ,t::ii'11IThaffiOn

~ tea.spoon groundl'ginge

MI teaspoon ground allspice

Wi teaspoon 'f,reshly grated nutmeg 2~ p'ouillds cream cheese, 5'onened l~ eu peS s;ug~lr

~ e u p ill 111~pllJl'pose 'flour .3,4 cup' S,O~Ii' C,r~am'

1 ~ tea spoons pure vanilla '@IlCtrad .IA teaspoon sal'l

5 large eggs.

~ . Make the crust: With Ziln electric mixer on Il'iledh..inl'll speed. Cl'Bdlm b.tirU,er end SUgiU I.mtll pal,e aUld nuffy. Mix illll:l:gQ yoU" and 'lislniHa. Reduce speed to low. Add llour and salt rrux until dOLJg~ just COrTIf:5 tog,ether. Turn out doug,h c nto 211 piece oJ·"l as lie VIi rap: shill pe 1 n'bo !3 dis: . tlhlll, wrapped igl1tly. at least 30 minutes. Of up to overnight.

~. Meanwh~I-. make the. filling: Preheat CI'I,l'iI3n to' ]sOp. Cut squash in half ~enqtl1wise~ remo\ll! seeds.Place squash, cut sndies down; on a baking s-hee'~ Uned WH"!l blJUe:red panchment paper. Bake lm11i ~endef.about 45" miruJie·s. Tral'l.shu sheer 't:o' a wire rack EO coot

3 • .on a lightly· loured surface, 1'011 ou . dough to alO-inch round, a scant I~, l,nch lhlt .. Fit into bo't,om or a lO-inch springlo,m I'al'll, ~ree2e 15 minutre.s Transfer Col oven. ba,ke l:!iltil trust

is f,irm and pale gold'en. 12 ~o lSminute:s, Tr~ns~er pan to, a wire rsck to cool (omphd-ely. Reduc~ O\I'eil'1 to 3250

ll. Scoop squash ftll!!'sli lntoa food processor:

P'ffiCS51Jnhl puraad, Tral1'sfe;r 1 cup puree to

a medium bow~: reserve 'remainder 'rO.5Ii1"iothef use. SUr in 'spices.

5. Wrap s des and bottom Df spring[oll'm pan ilr'i <I' dOlJlbl~ ,Iaye.r of a lurninum fait Boner in· sld€!s of pan. With an elJ€clr'llc mrxer 0111 me.dujm .speed, beat cream d1e:ese Ut'Itil1 fluffy. Gradu- 21Uy add SLI 9 iZlt Oil II1d flour. m ~Kmg UI' ti I !i.moo~ h, Mi)l: If'!' sour cream, 't3l!1illla; andsa~t Mi>; in fl'9:gs. one at 81 time, tHibl lust combined; de not ov@rmix.

6. StIr 2 'CUP5 cre.am~chee~e mil,ulr£~ Into squash mixture. Po'ur remain.ing cream cheese ffli:ttUl'e In prepared pan. DoHop with squ!lSh mixture; gently ~wi(1 with;] buU,er ki'iilife.

i. Set springform h'l if! roasting pan. Trall'ls.'f.er to O~, CarE!'r~lly pour bQ~lIng wa,ter int,o t'Oa5Ung ~'ijI11 to (:ome' halfWi:l'!( LlTJ srd'es o~ sprlngrorm. Bake UI"IUI cake IS se~ bUl sLit! sl~,ghUy wobbly ~" oC6l'lter,. SO to 60 minutes. Turn 'of· o\l'en; Ie 5'[arld in '!.'lven with door sl'igh ry ~Jar 1 h,ou'r. Tl'dnsJer 's-prrngJormo a wire R!lck fo cool comDletely, Chili at :Ieas,t 6, hou,r'S. 01' up to ,overn,gilt Run El' kni'le around s[des 10 loos-en beJClre unmot~in'g ca~·e.

COi'O'KJE:S A,RE A SWEET IB'OO'N T'O TH!E busy baker, Not onlv are they well-loved holiday svrnbols (imaqtne Christrras without sugar-cookie cutouts), rnakinq a bunch can

bean ,2ilfordable-"a nd entirely en}lJyab~,e~way to take care of' a lot o,j gifts atonce. IM,Cliny dOlD'lghs can be convenlently frozen ahead. ,Of course, everyone hats, a fa'llorrf'te flavor and texture, sc hedge your bets by p,reparing an assortment Spritz, thumbprints. lacies. and spijra~s. (among others) wHllI pII,eas.e 'fans of the classics, whi!,e kids 'Olt al~1 age~s wU ~ aplPreda~,e old-fashtcned candy'-c,a,ne cookles, Chocolate lovers, too, have plenty tOI celebrate, lncludinq black-and-white cheesecake bars with, a modern spin, Whether disph:ryed QrTI a 'tray Oir tucked '~nto boxes. as thoughUu~, presents, cookies an! the most de~:i"dious way to share glad tidfngls. JUS'[ be sure to save a Few for Santa.


st G \R-


SE r p [C II P~., I!lb"v.!S:50<

" Chdskmas bejls sparkle, '~h~mi~ b) gl iUed n 9 sand~n'g sugar sprrnkled en top; dac:o·r,aU ng ,them ln a sll~ctrum of one shad'E! resul't:s If'!

a styli:s~, prfSient;:l't~o,I1'. Assorted cupcalke liners in cocm::iinatim)g COICiffi eccemmodate cookies in th reesi zes,

Twfsted ~ed:-aln:d-'wh tie: I!:,o~'kwe: canes evoke their c,andy c.ounter'Parts~these ~a:rge-s,c:;ale versions are fandfull and fun. 'Ctu:I'coJate salnrdwich ,eQ'Qldes, 'With a, varje't~

of flavoriul tiJlings,lcre·ate boldly' s:tripe.d.'pa,l<ages wfien lined up neatly and wrappe'd ln celiopha,i!1IB.

SHi I1:I'C,~I~E. pAiG,r 5l Be~alusJe they an! baked none l3,ill9lock. bar oookies aile es:~~daUy ea5~ b:;)1 ma~ .. Mere, sQft dleeSec;l~e bat 'er' ~QPS ,ii ,d~nse ch'Geo,la~e~,coatt9 srus

The pipoo-~atn(e patt,em 'is made· from the Sfln1,e choc:oJ,al'$_.d(uJ.Qh ,(JslFie mlalse; ~DilJ can sh'f!lply cr~mb~e the iJou g:h' .on [DII1IJ,,1I' ill :~B5'5 formal ~li'lJwsh~




I ' J -


A fc6ki!!i press. or spr~~l. mal~!'i Cl1:ui~h, wgrjk Glf shap~rng dougih into dozens or ultilif~'Nn'ly a pp'eia I~ng 'cook~es. Pip the: topiS Iff! a simrp~~ gll'~zej then fini:s.~ witb 'colored s'Prllnk~es or 'pip,ed dots. Enclose 'the cookie,s~rn small :sq;uare dear boxes, them strrrli[litiny beads ora a thin wire and tie ~nto i31 pl;a]yf,Uilb~w.



Clockwis'e 'frOm tQ'P rllgh~: ruqelach (w1ra.pp€d in wa,>ted ,and tissue' papers), hazelnut-driedfruit :biscotti, c:hocohi!,te ~ dl IPP eel cocon u't maca roc,n l rees, G ree k

a lrn 0 n d - an ise co {:) kies, and ot'I':;l'nge ~l1umbprins.

cont astn'i,g u.vors, teJtttJr~, a'ntt;5I'LaDes'1~l1

apPS'tbing' assortment, W ite rill ... ;.,ro-

'Cups, and tlofe pale wa-ooen bex continue the

S~E IIQ~CII¥E, ~:AG~,5l

A homemade: versjoA of he G,irli5clu,1 cla,ssiE~ 'rriinty ~t\~I;~hJlte-co teM ml!Jl~ rJ:~ are dres~e d up for thee lhtlilctarys wltfl ,rfngfS af w hj,re nonpa,r.81ls. ,tS'o,n:e ,a~ IE!'f.fpl,a1:n h!!'F'"a m~f'\e' ir1~r~s: ;j~,g drIp lay.}~betco.~e:s~' JSt1lEl'lle and' ~3!I.~e mj~ke them easy';to gin wlt'ap (see ~ge 44 'for on.e itle4d.



'the .!iecr~t to cti&p,..lookiing Ou: lines: is to, chmtM dough beJor-e' and afhu' C'U tUng out the sh!apes-. The rookies shown WiI!Jle' m.ade' wi th bln~sh.aped cookie CI:!.· t,efs'tn

Ul roe dUfe-rent sues (~I,.£,-, 2~.4 -. and 3 r4-int!'1l:: .~el?' t~!i' Qu,! de), b(f[ yo,~ f.lo:ndd use ju st CilM e sue, ·r,l1i~ dough also works wel! wEUI,otner falJ'orUe ho ltday schapeR. You can allS,o sprfnkte the Mcik~€'.s with sa:ruUng sugar ,in aifJe' ent rolo~ ~fuVl. the ones l'ided b'elow.

1 cup 1{.2 sUcks) unsalh~d butter, softened 11 tLl'P g.rClllil'!L.llllali!!di sug,i!)r

~ teal5pOOli"i sa~', 11 hlllt'g@:~gg

1 tea s,p 0 OJ'! IP1Ure vafl1!II:;a el(.tr!lii;'t'

3 cups a'll-IPurpOlse UO!.!Ir'. pl,ys more f'Or dLii 5,t ing

Whibe, pin,k, ,and red sandin.g slugar. 'for decQra'Hl1g

1, W th an electric mixer on medlum-hcgh speed, cream butt.er, granulated !5ugart and salt untilligh.1 and, nufry. Add egg, anfil beat well

to combine. Be,:1'i. in va;nilla, W~'th mixer on low speed, add ncur and mi:.: jLll5'~ I.:mUl ~llIcorpo,ral,ed (do no[ everrrux), Otvid,e dOl:J,gh 1111 h~tf: form il110 dish. and wrap, in plsstic, (hin IJf'lllI firm, at least 2 hcurs, 01 up to 2 days. {Dough (an be 'frolen up to 2. months; th~w

in the refrigemor b(dore using.)

2. ,Remove one d~s.l(of dout9hfrtlm refrigera'tor; let stiLInd UI1'W50f't enQl,Ig,h ~Q roll. S to m rninutes, RoU out be-tw@@'n IIg;htly flou1I'led pieces or p2lrchIT'H~nt paper ~o' a uniform ;11~ to lA-jl'lci, hkklfl'ess. Place on a biilking sneet

(5 ·11t! sandwiched in p's,per) and chin in firee_~r until rm, ~5 to 20, minutes

:t line balking sheets with parchment palpe!". Remove one 5i1€'€t of dough from rreezen Peel paper ftom top; teossn d.olJQlh [rorn bottom paper (to ensul'l2easy removiI,l a~b:l'r c:,uUin'g). U'sing b~U-s,hil:p-ed cookie. tut1er~, cut cut, shapes, drp'j) I n 9 c utte It III to' flour ea ch tl me and tlransiernlt'!9 shaces to prepared Sth@ets

(2 filches. apart) as Vou wotl( (If dOUglh baeemes 00 5Dft to work wi 11. chili ag,ain

and C:Qnl'ln~e C:I,.JIUin9.)G~rher tQQ'ether s(:lraps: mil. chill, and: cot Qut more shapes, C,hn~ ill lreezer untll hrm. 15 be :3:0 rrunutes, R@peat wit i'J l he ether rusk: of do u9lh-

,~. 'Preheat o\!'~n to 350°, Ba!lf!e, rotel~mg: sheels haHway U9rough. lmtU (Joo~ie5 iue ibarely gold· en a'<llJnci the edges. about 1f4 mlnub!s. ~I"ansfer sheets to a wire ral:k 10 cool 'oomple'teiy.

,50, To decor-a'le. brush lop.s 0'1 tookies lightly with wa €H"; Sprlnkl'e with sanding ~uga'f, a~ desnre . tap olf excess. C.oo'kies· can be sb:ll'ed up to 1 w~ek IJ1 iailfU,rgnt cOf'1/l~jner~t

'1 CllJP 1(2 sticks) unsalted 'butter. softil!.n'l€ld 1 cup sifted ,fJonfecUoners,' si"I'gar

~ ~ rlil'ige ,eggl

lI.J: teaspoon pUiIi'I! V'ilIfililllla lel(trad

% ~eaS,fui()<.I1 ,puiJ'ie,al'mond '~,r pep~ermi!'l:t e)lt,ract

'A ~e,asp-o em sil'l~

2,1;2 cups all .. purpos:e fl,OUI'. plus, more f'Or ,dusting

Red food coloring. pre'fel',ably ge'l~p\iiste Coarse 5<l'llndini!l ~\.IIt:lI~r, 'for dieeoratili'lg

I. With anelec~ri'c; mil<enln med~um speed, Q"eElrm' butter arid ,oonf'ecti'of'llt!lrs' slugar until light iJnd fluUV. Beillt in '~he ·egg,. both extracts, and s.allt WUh mixer on low speed, add Hour, be~,jlig ul1I'lil,[iombined. Divtde dough in ha~" Knead food co1!Q'ring into one hal untiW de-sired colof is reached, form dough ina d~sks. and wrap in p~a,she. Chilli 2>0 mlnute.s, or up 'to over,nig 1:11. COo ughl I~ n be frozen l:J P to 1 month: thaw in 'the refrig:e.rator bef'OI'El us~ng.;)

,2. line ,b'ak~ngl sheets wHM parchmer'fl Ipape,r Divide lUntirtted d(llJgh llnto ,6 pieces. Or'!

al 11 g,htl 'I floured s urfa tie, s ha pe eac n rntp._ a 12-rnch~long log. Chltlll0 minutes. until lrm Ibu( pliable:. frtep!!ilt wUiI1 tin'led d.ough. TWI5t a , in'ted ,and an untinl!ed piec.e 'together: bend one lend to, [crrnatane, Re'pea!t. AI'I'ii'lnge 2 [nchas arpaTI ()<11 prepared sheet's, Chin 1 hOUT (o,r up to ovemight. covered in plastic).

3, Preheat. oVe'11 'lo .325". Bake. r,o~ating' sheets halfway through~ until coo'kies s,r'te! firm but not 'taking on ,anv ,eo~Of~ 20 to l4.minutes .. Transfer sheets til wire racks 1-0 cool compJI'e'tely,

III. Brush unHnted stl'iPM of candy cane'S, wih w,a:ter, Spri'nkle' wi,h sanding sugar: tap oU excess. IC'oQkie's call be stered Ll!iIJ' to, 1 wed at room t:emperatur:e in an .airtight container.


MAK!;S [5 ANDW1Clt[S

This nil-purpose chocolate dough ·is 'Il; ,!tOod' optionJormakinganll rolled and cutout cOQkie. il'1cludi~i the gingerhread shapes that top' thecu.p(;llk~ Q'npag;e:'9s.1tCQn

lle roUed' ,o~,t multtp!,1l' times, andproduc:es dark al1;d' delidotls oookie;s tha~ 1ce:erp wen. chm "he sandwich cook1i,es thof'-oughlJjl; .1?"Jero.bl!j overnight, be/ore: 'wrapping ~h em: t'h:f.s: wHZ ensure O!'a:~ thi!"lr sr:if~ c.e nters he-tome nice cmdftnn.

lA cup all-pliIrpos.e 'flolJ[, plus mOire for dusting

.Ij.i ClIJP !IJ:lilSweetened D~t'l;;h·'process, cocoa powder

·Wi. te:aspOQn ~'It

;5 tabh!s,poons, PA, sti,cl;) lLIDs,ailled butter, soft.,ened

3A, cup c:onfed~one:rs' sugar" :si,nedi 1 li!lli'ge eg'g

\Ii teasp,con pUrre 'lI.il!liIilhl e:dll:,act Filii 1'1 g (recipe Telhl,ws) Ve:gelaib,lle·'D'i.I: c:ooki'ng SP'MY

t Line ba1cJTng she,ets wUih parchml'lr'll p:aper, lightiV coat with ccoldl"l'g ~pray. Whisk tiO~e her '(Iou,!'. eeeoa •. nd salt. WUh ,;11'1 eledde niler on medium-high speed. crearm butter and cen, !;!!c'tkmers' 5ug,ar untll pale and fluffy. Bea' JI1, egg and vanilla, With mi);!eJ" ofllow s'pooci. graduallyadd nour muldulie, beallnQ,to I:ombir:le~ Di'lIllcI,e dQugh ln h~lf;ro!'im ir!lto diSiks.ind wrap in plastk, Chl,ItiLJn'lll fhm, at least :2 hcmrrs, or up to 2 day'S. (Dough can be fr,al-@n up to 2 months; thaw In the refrIgerator before' L1!;;ingJ

2. Worikin,g with on'e ,disk at a 'time. lroll OUI' dough to a *-inch Lnj'ckness 011 a llightly flcur-ed suirf'ace. Using a '~-1I'lch sCltuare biscu t QiI' cookie' evtUer, cut cut shapes, 'lr~nsferring to preparedsheets (1 inch a.part) as you W'Ork, Chill' inr-lteeZE!F L1nti'1 rirm" ~bout 15 rninutE!.s. Bru.sh oU excess floor. Gati'lew tog,ether sera,ps; i'(lH, (hin, and cot oul milm Shill~f;5.

3:. Preh~iaI . oven 0 325°, lS'ake ooot.:i es, rotatirlg sheets hal'Jway 'hfOUgh.; until edges are firm. 112 Q 14 milUJl'8S. Iransler cOQk;ies, {In PiJI'chment, to a wire rack to cool cempletely.

(I. Spread a small arneunt 01 mUng on hal,l the ,c'odkies. Tcp w~th remaining C!ooKies;. geli1'C~~ ptes,'Ij, to ,adhere. Assembled fOok-~es cen be' refrigeJratedi up to 1 daysi tn ,an oliFt:lght (-D!1t·a'ifi.~r;


j'I;1.6K~ II.,...UI ([::NOIJG I r·oQ 15 )flNDWrCI COOl( IIiS)

7bmak~ mo"e thtmol1e.:fkruQr q{ ji<Utng. diLi~de £1~l2' bu termL'(tt.lre ·a11i.ffflg' smell I bowl$

(Cline /or,ew:hjliJlJ'or) ana reduce fheJkwonng '~n:gtedie'lts accor4ingly.

6- 't'C!bl~,pooniS\ (% !ltic~) li.l!ilis.a,I'ted Dutte,r, sof:t,eJIiI,ed

2. (;UP5 confectioners' 5!.11g!~r. :s~fb~d

IffavoF1tiilg (Se!Ii! be(ow)

With an electrlc mixer on rnedlum-hlqhspeed, beat butter un II smooth, Add conlecttcners' sugar. and beau unUi nght and rlUtffy, Stilr irt one of the- flavo r rngs. US~ irnrn e d:habely.

eIilOCOLJ\TE~ FinelV ,cl1tl,1' 5 oum::~5 semi· sweet dloc,o~atte: melt 'if1l' a hea,tpr'oof bowl S'c!l over (not in) a Il'a n or ba're.ly 5 imme ring w,ater. 'stirring until smooth. Let £:ooL Sl,lr i!l ,0 filling, along with 2 fa'bl,l'iSpcoI'lS milk.

M1N·J.': StH ~ to 2 drops purn mlll't ~:dl"ad and 1 drop mlot-greool food coloring into flU rig.

n:~\.SP1U~RJt'Y: Heat ''12 ,cup raspberry jam, the'll strain hdo fijillin~. Stl,r to ccm'b~ne

(OF'FEE: St~r tn It,, tea,spoon ,coUee extTdClI: (Si'fEli the: Guide) into, tilling.

PF.ltN1J'l' BU1'T~R: 8ea:t *' cup!;;moot'h 'pe;af'lIl,1t l;iu·Ue.r ~nd 2. tabl~$poons mj~k Ifllt,oilllill1g


MAKI::S .:'Ie

2 cups ph.l,!; 2: rables:poQI'I!S aH~pl1ir.'Po~H: f~Ol.!r

~4 CII.!PIIII!115,Weel!eril!ed 11D1ij~ch"plr!Ocess 'coC!Qa: powd'er

.~ 't'~5po,on b~k~n.g :soda. % te:a:spcon :!l.i:llit

l~euiPs (2lh. ~t~ic:f:(s) unS'a]~ed!H.!'t'tier. sof~efled

2 eu PS. gTan!:illa,ted SU'gallf 31 largE! e,ggs;

2:1;$ b1.:,iits:poon:s pure ~niUa e~t ~I(;t 8: ounces cream, cheese. SiOUE!ined, 'Ih cup (Ofillt@,ctiorrcer:s' sligar. ~ined

Veget~ble~oil C:QC'~,iifig sIP-fay

'I, Coat a 9-by-ljHr!c~ b~king di'S,h with ceokullg; $;pra~. line! d~'sh w,~tl parchment. ~ea'l!irlig

a 2-inch if,l\l@·rhang on long 's~de:s. the.r'l spray p1arcnmeI1'l

211n~o ,aJlarge bDwl. sin togethe~ f~Ql!lr. mcoa. b'akil"!g soda, and salt. With an electric mirl<ier em rn ~d1lJm~high Sf) eed. crea 111 bulle r .iI nd gtanl:!~[!ted sugar until, smooth, Add 2 eggs and :2 lea5;1J)601'l1S "ISlni I~a~ and beat untH smooth scrap,rng down side:s 0'1: ibowlas, needed. With ffllx:er on low 5:p~ed, Qf,tidU.;Illy add flour mix.tlue. lncrsase sp,ee·d tomedl~m; heat ul'lltM lncerpcrated.

3r,. Pr-eheat o'rl'efl to 3:2S,""~ ,F!e~~Ne 11 GLfPof doui;J_h; c,over • .and reh~9't'1'r,i!lte.l?l'\€:Ss mmami!fl-Q, dough inl:~) bottom. of p:reparl'E.d dij5h .. ChUI ]0 minutes. 8,\1Ilke unHI ~t!se ts s~'l and edges are puffed, ~boot 25 minutes, lrans.rer db!, 'lo ,a, wire rack to cool comD!'~le:~y.

I •. Mh; cream ,cllecS!!ii, c:oli1~ediol1le~s' :sugar, and ... email1lflgegg.and1h.lea~pClonvanilila.ln a medium bowL Spm;lilc1 oved' coered base. Usln.g a p.as'trybag fitted wi~h a loa !'ge pll ~fn tip (slil::h ilS Ateco tFB02), lPi'pe r,e5,etved dough on~op., (Let ~Qrten '~lightl.Y r~ i~is 'l-oo halid to. prp~.) StarUng .[!l one corner ,{l,nd' wOl'lklng

In ell,ell 1111 til;! r\l'~1s acmSO!i; pipe diag,oJ1t:1I ! in El'S ~n gn~ difed iOrl, The n p<ipe diagona ~ lines pE!rp,r;mdLtU!ar to' Ulle' first s:et.

5. B~ke untill rmill'li,;J' is se't, 25 to 30 minLJle~. Let 'r;oolln dish on wire ra(k;, then use' Q\i1e,rhang, to lilU QlJlta Trim Bdiges, Cu'l1l'110 20 bars (1 ~ by :2 \i2 ~f'I"nes). 13 ~ If.s cain 'be' ref,l'il rJ,er.c:ued up, :~o:3 daY5ifllairtighl [;Qntlfl~rmrs,

S·PRJ'TZ ,SUGAR. COOIUES Ml\1--. :...d uozu-

U~lns (i: cookie press i:: _jm;,t tike ,squeezing Rr ay- D()kfhrlOug~~ 'un ~:xti;!2dffr; FiU tne: cyUn:d~r wW~ dQugh, qM pap Glut dozens: q{,~ha,pes in a T:I1a~.tff.r qf rn;iru..I.ce.\5; 'Th~ .spri~z ho:~ a variety ,(;)/ d'fs/U to cho,[.}.se/rom; a;ftlJe·pet,dftow~r Cl:iSkWWl used here,

but wrea,h~ 0:1' (iI~h€'r ska,pe,s a:r:e leqtulUy cll.arn1i~ Onee t"e cCJokie~ (rr1fl DQ:k,sd (utd coole-d; they ca.n b~ ~~ted W'Lth-arimpl:~ S'~a.rgla.:Zi;?b~JQ-ffl drllC'GJ'1atingwtth co!cr;nd e>,;nheU'ishmerl: ts.

1 ,d isk SU:giU' GiDo:ki,e Dough (p!lge $0) Gonfeetio,ners·' s Ug,iil'l' G]aze

(recupe: :foHow:s)

R.e,d !n(lrlpal:le~cl~, for d'ecor,ating

Pinkand 91re;en f;~'od eolcfilng. pil'~~erabl¥ ~IEl'~-paste! 'rOt (i&;II'l,r-atilng

II. Line ,baking sheets wit"h p:ardimBf'!l paper. Hll:Qokie press witllfi'!ffl:l!l-etal nQWe'~ disk. a,lid fili wilth doug,h. Press OL!t shapes onto prepared stlee'~s (i31banJt :2 .~I1d1~ apidrt) Chm until fifm. a'~ lelilsi '~ hour, or ,up to over(light

2. Pre'heat ove'nt-a 350Q: B~k~ .. rotating s~.eel'S h;a.~lw~y '~hi'j[i1Jglij wntH bi!lrelygofdan a:roulfld lhe edges, 10 to 14, mlnutes, Tran~f~r 5he.~hto wire ricks to cool COiflll~letel;y.

3. Divkle gla:l:e among three b()W~s, teeve on~. untifllted. With 'foodcolornng, tint each (rf

,t he others p-ale' pink or pale green.. Place g~~n glaze ,h, a 5ma~~ ~astrr' bag fitte,d wi'tha sma.lll plaiirn 'lip b't.!ch is #3) or iii!r pan:hment corneL Dip tW'o~'thirds of the cackles in white g~aze; 'spri:hk:I,e hatf witI'! rad rlIDnpaJf~.lls, let the.ether Ha ~ir :s;et. tl9 en pipe agroon ,;]rOlt Of] e;;!ch ·of

tITle p~l':als. T'I'ansrer lIemainingl Ij,ntiltted gla.zE! to g]not~~r pastry bag flUed wlth a #3 Up. [lip re:mainingr cookies !H pink gl~le: p'il)ea

w hUe dOlt in ,each cemer. tet Si@l, at I~.ast 2- JlIo~r5. ,Cooki.es CiJil"1 ba.stored, belw~en l;ayers or p:E!l'Chm:en't" LIP to 1 week ~t tOGm tempeiJ'a~ ture' in airUgM c'Qotainers"

C~(l"n.ref;t;i.nrue1i'8' S1J!I{I~I' G1Um.z!!.

'l cup '00 nf,ectil!)ne!1's:' 5UQ ilir;" 5ifl~tl!!:d :2 Ubh'fs',pom'ls wat:e!!"

Mix C'Dii"lffctiOl'i'!eD'S' sUil191r .:lind the waterlc i;!Irchle.ve an eas'/,-to·po'U( consistem::v, afir:Un-g mo're water ;a~s M,eS~aiIY, Use !mmediately.



1 ta'bTespooJ1 unsafted bl!Jtbllr ~i cup 'sugar

2 !tlIrge eg,g,s

-*-. ~e,as,p@@n IPUlt'e v.i!,niliia extra1ct

freshly 9N!itedzfHlt of 1 lemon ~ 'i:.e,aspc 0 n s al~t

2 teaspoon:;; baki'f!'9 iP(lwiJ;er

, CUIIl ()rld-ifar~hkllil'ed ro;~!ed oats (fllot ins~~'nt or 'quicl~~icook 11'1:91)1

V~:g'e'table~Dil c:o'('jiki'!'1g flpray

1 a, lilir'ei1'@'dlIt QV'(!11 to 3S0~. (c:at b~~d n91 sh e!eb with (Qo'k~ng :s'[)ray; liRe with pal"cI'1f'll'l€!nt. af'i'd !i'I'l'av p~r:clnme nl

2, wm~:an ~I€!!ctl'ic mi:Jl:i~r oi"ll1'!!edium, speed, beat butter ~nd sugar .un.~iI cn,lm.bly. Add fil.ggS. iilanmoi:!!, aest, an~ salt Be~'t 'Until palle·and smOQtli, about 1 minut.e. MUi in baking ~owder and oats- Let !iil.and 10 mtlllJlte!'i.

:1,. Drop batter by theteaspoen, 3 I riches, apart, onto prepared 'sheets. !Press eacn Tnto <;! rou rid with tflE! back ofaspoo.n. l3i1.1ke UI'lW QQ.lden, abCliJ~ 9 niilf'!ules Tran'!ii.f.er ,cookies (stU! on paIThrnenn~Q wire racks tc cool tom-

,p tat@ly. Cil1refu'lly remove from p(!lr(tm~eJ1lt with :3 spatu!3. Co,oldes cal'!. 'be SWr(id up r,o"1' d!1!lYs at mom~'e"mp@raJur'r! in air'~iLlnll cOF!~.alrM~r~,

e,u~a'C01J\TE"AL~IOND S.PlltALS

MAI{1 ~ sc

~,~ CIIdi,S (2* sth::ks) '!liIf;lSa~te)d b!J't~er" s~ftened

~* !C,Ups sug,!lIr

:2 Iia r'gce w hole eggs ph.l sl egg white 1 tentf)ool1ll sai t

1 tab~espoo!'ll ,plJre Vi;lin ~lIiIll exbad ~ (upr rni~k

~ ItuPS ilI,lI=puI'POSI@ noru~. plus !if!'O~le ('or dus!ting

1 c.up t,ln:sw~et~ni;"!:d 11;:0(03 p,owde'F

AJ mOoi'll d' Dou gh (rt!,LiIP@ follows)

'I. WiUll an I!~edric m~~er en rnedil.Jm-higl9 speech cream butter :~nd s,ugar untll p.alle: and ~hdfy. 'Beat 110 whogle eggs, and 'salt. Add lIanflii\ll, mllk-, flour . and CQC©~I: m~)( un:lIllneol'por.<:!,red.

2. TUrri Ulu't dCI'IJgh onto i1I alece oW pla5Uc wrap, snd shape lnloa recta n.g. le: wrap. Cihlll LJII'IW iirm. at ~ea'S''ll ~10LJr, or Up lo 1 di!.lv.

3:. On ,a generou!i~''i!!' nOiU .. ~,d12 -'by~ 26· im:'hshee! 0:( par'hmi!n~ I)ape.r, rclll cu~ cnflootlitl[e doug:l, to an 11·by·24-inch n~C;ld!1gl~dl!.is.Hng '\j'Iftil'h f~our es !leecfed and ObUli5~ol1laUy liming doug I'! with air! oHset spatula to pn~~ve.rtit stu:kmgl. Chill .;Iga'~1l!

'1- .. On another genern~5l}1' floured piece of p~chmeli1t, rnll eut a~mand dough to a 9'¥.i,-by- 24-inch I'edangle.,;a:$j described a'bove.

5. Ughtly be~t ,egg, while: br'us'h glil!.r c.hoco~ I :9ltesougl1 ,GeM Uystack: a ~mond dough (!tl top, a~i9nill1'g nU!ihOif11jti~ ~Ql':Igsid:~ -etlier€! wHi be a "'n~lnd, Separn 0111 the o'!,her long side), CuI slac.:.k crosswis'iE ~n;to t~urds to m.a~e ~h~e,e g-iIly~11~inch rectangle5-~ S·tart~rtg with rn~ short sicll2 wne:re tnE!e.Gig!1!s ar'l~ nush. ro'il doU'gns toge.ther ~ nto i log. g,ent ~y lUting'

pol rcchmenl as lI'"Q1Ji go. Ug ht~'i DlI"ushll:ld,ge with egg wlnlle: SIil:<!1 !beam 'by pmcilingl Elnd press· ill'lg gently" Wrap log In pa ~C:h me fit or wa.x.~~ p.ape.i'.Repe.at w~,th .re.rrnalninQ! two stacked reda Illgie s. Chi II in fna.ezer until 'rirm. abclI.d 1 Y.1 h,ow r5. Q r UP ~o 1 malll tho

6. f~'h~'all oven to 350~ line balking! sheets With pan::hment papl1;!r. ~Il di~l'!iJgh stand a~ l''.)Offl temperature 110 r'I1inut~ Using ,"I 'senO'd,· ad ~!fIrfe, c;ul leg in~o IA-iru:h-Ihick, rounds.

rot~tif!lglQg 8~t(!r leach (Jut to kEN~P it round, lr~"sfer founds, te sheets, Ba~e lJntH 5oe'l

but net t,,;jiking QI'il any (0101', '~nl) 20 fli!f~ u~es" Trans.fer ,t:,oc~k~es (:still on parchment) to wire racks to (OO~ CDmp'let'eiy. COQ·fo;:~e's :(;i;;lrl be s,tor~d up to 5 days, at rcom t,emp ~r.atL!!I'e fnl,ijij!"tight !:lOntainefS,

Abnll'fui D(H.llh

iY,Ai': 6.~ l'IQuGr. ('H· 3~ ~I~II~ALS

1 cup.b ~a,n,Eh,edl w,h 01 IliaWmOllldrs (4 ou fll!Z:les,)

" CUpSl\lg~T

'-I cup aUmo!'il.d paste (7,c,uncll'!$)

'1'¥Z CI,ilIPS aU-pll.uPOS@ flour

Dh ~e;al!i:p CHH'! sa I~

\Ii cup (11 stkk) unsi!II:~ed blltb~r. cut fntc sm.al~ pieces

.2 I,ar,ge e'Q QS

:16 te<il!l.poo:n pure \!'alrni~IIB extrac:t

I. Pmh.elat O'iJell'l to' 3S0~. 5preada~monds ln a .5lli'1glle j~.yelr on ill rfml'f!~d baking sheet. lO<\'ls;l rn oven .tessln 9i octasfona~~y, unt i I dafKeliled ,and~ra:Fgr.flJ'lt, lObo 13 mlf11ubil.s. l~t, (001.

2. IP,ul,s,@ ~Qge'ther 5\Jg!i'!'r~ illimOfld paste. 'ilour, i1Md s.a~t in a ~'D6d IPmC~!>!ilor until 'rIer<y flnlii!" ,Add hJ!a'St@d nuls; process unt.iI .firu~ly g'r:Qufld, Add but~e~, e'~ElS:" ;;'i'i1Id van,jl~a,; pulls'e lmtll Ir;ombi:ned. Tum out dough onto i;I~iere of p~as~ he wr~p', and shape into a rect,~llgl~; wrap'. Chill untll 'Iirrn. a~. le'Bsf 1 hour. !!Ir up tol .d~y.

DO"fBOY COOJtm:s MAKI=S ABotn ~ OonN

;rhe' origin o/th.e na.me isul1dear. btd the ""~okies do seem heart.1,! enoughjcn' NUl M~d'W.e's t. ~rh~,!l have a soft chwy teNtl:4re: a.U :~h~il" own.

:JA ~up PIIliC"UliS (3 0 ulillces) :2 cups a~li -pulr!po:se 'fll)U r 1 tealspCl!O'1'1 ItJlilJ1ki'filQ seda ~ teilJs.pe,on s;a,j:t

% te~aJ~p();oln bakif!g~H)'wde~

~ cup (.2 :stfcks) Ufils~~te:d blJ'th;:r" sof1t:ened % r:upg 1"i:lm1ul.ated £ ugar

% ~l!I P p~(;j;;ed ngll'lLit-bn;:!"w'n' ~sti9!)l r 2 I,arge' I@:_ggs,

'l, leas,p!Do:n pUirel v<JoUla e,xtr,arCi:t

H1!: Cli!.ps, o~d .. fash ioned oats (no1t i n:s~anrt Dr qlllidt~(:@o1O;jng)

15 'O'l,u,ces· 'Semi sweeit d~'o(Q~at)e. cu t i nb~; ~~i~l'!Ich ,~hulI!l<s

1h cup shredd ed L!I flswee!bilhiilelJj (;0 00 n,ut

Vege't;abh~H)'il~ '~i@o~i'rlg ,spray

1. Prell'eat oven to. 350°. Spread p~.e~n5 .l1r!

a single' ,I~lt,ef 'on a r'immed e~k'in~ SI1e,ilH, TCi,8st in O'il~n., to,sSlfII9 oCYlsiona,lly, !iJi'il;i~ d;ukef'!edl and h'agrant HJto 13 mlirl'! .. 'le~, Let c'o.OoI. then 'coal"s~ly (hop'. krto a 'b owl. is itt t'Oge'thl:!;r fl.our. ba,klng soda, s.!!ltaind baking pawde:r~

2. Wi~h an ,€~edric mrxerofll iiI1@dlum·hlgh 5peed. C:fe!f!m b!.D:tte rand .both sLJga~ uflltil pal'lE!

ilUld fiuHy. R:educ~Sipeed to medium . .Add eggs, Ollie. at a time, bea'~i ng well ahel" each ,addilHo-n, aea'~ in vaniUa.

3. Wfth mi'.(lT:~' el1 row spe,ed, gradually add ftolur mi~lure. beaUng untill ]usl incorporated. I3I€Tat in ().:ail'S. ehecelate, pec:a[J'n!S, and cacortu.d until JllI!i>t combined. (DougtJ can beoo\ll!2re-cl wiUlI pi 81sti cand we1frig ell';ah'!d up till 3: days.)

ii,_ Co,,'t b.il!kifllg sl<1~eu;. wil~h coOking s;p:ray:

Une with ipardimen't a!,nd spray pa~d'ment U$ing:qil H~~Tr;c.h i'~~~r:e:;lrl1'5coop er ~ tablespoon, drop ,d:O'Ligh ont.o prepared sheets, about '3 IIIm:hesapart.

5. Baloo. rotatinQl sheets halFway ~liIfOugh. uf1lt~1 edges !:llf cook1es begin bo bmwn.16 to, TIBminutas, Tr,i3!I1s:1t!f she:e'ts ~Q w[r,e rack's to coal 5, minlutes. Tran:slier ciDokfes ~IO' racks 'to coo! cornp~etely, COQki@'s ~'fl<ll be: :sh),I'~d UPI to3 days

,a'~ IfQomtemper,@lture: 11'11 al~:tigh't contajners,



The URcut ,ibaked l(}g can be stolieti up to onew'eeilr a:j r-oom ten'l:pemt~·ro~ in an, Gitr~igM ~(Jlllt:(rtn~r, SbJr:e j!:t5,~bdoF€ ,ba.m.n,g" ~i'l'l.,

,r:a.l,~ unblanehsd ha,t:elnl~ts (4 Qlmc:::-es,) ¥.!! ICU,1i' n stk~()' uns.e!lltl!;id bUiUer. sdftl.l!ned

llh ICU,P:S su'gar

:2 L~i'I:s:p(lQn'!il 'fi 1'1 e~!ygratsd I !:!mon .2i2sl :2 larg!€:eggs

" M~iiiI'~poon baldn-g :srodill

% teaspeen bakingl PO'II,,~h:l:r o/.ti'~ei:!spoon cOlLlrse sa H

:3 cups .a'lli~purm]ose U®m, plus lTI!ore

'f:or d uSi~I~ngl .

% (;:up c;h.QPp~d ddedi ~p:riil;;Qt~ Ml cup d:riued ,c'ranbe .. de,.!>

'12 ounces. whi't~ th,oc,'Ola:~e! finle:ly ,chopped

L Prene\atove~ to 25()'''. Spre',!'l,d hazelnuts fn a Slnghlt layell'M a rimmed b~kll'lg sheet, Toast ~n loven,st.i.lI'ring halfway lhr,ough. unUI 'rra,g,rant ,a,nd s~_ijrit$be.gin ·~~(:.r~ck, abo~t20 rninutes, R-emQjf,e fnJmoven. Whil~ ny,ts are s.ti II 'hot. ~ lace j n ,iI k~tche n towel: rub to remove skins (some m.a:y remaIn). Lex e:OCiL

2. Ral:~!!:! oV!E!in to 3i2:5°"L:ine baking :sneet:s wah parc;h'ml!nl paper. W~~,han iIl!'I:e:ctri.c mi:@ron mediwm-nl.g:h ~peecl, cream buUer. 5ug<ar. and zeSi,t 'until pa~'e ,and fluHy, Add eggs" one ,a;t

a hme, b€l~ltingl ulI1'lil mcol'porated afh:.r ea·t:h. 511ir nrn baiklilllgllod,i3i, bak~lI'lg powder, and ";lalt wU,h a wooden spoon. '~hen 5'Ur in HOIH, nut:!;, al'1c dri ~·dfj'Ufts: lIInti I weU combined. Tunl1

~)1lJt onto a Hg hill y- trOUlrr'ed .!!lurvace; roU into a 3!.4,· by-1.5~~ nch~ IlOg.

:tlr<ilJflsfer tQI a prs:piiJ'rlE!,d sheet .and bake. rot~ltiflg sheet. ha.ifwa:l tlilrou,g'h, until gQICll\~'1ii bwwn ~d ~'Drm, about 1 houll'_ TritllI1~5f~ :s.n.Be:t toa W~f,e rack tiD cooll abQul15 rrnirl1!Jlihts. Transfer I:og 'lo a cutting bo~'rd; using a :serrn:ted kn~fe! ,c.ut inl-g a iliWe la:rg'~T than :!A-ln(h~wide s~io€:.s, Ar!'.arng€ .. cut sides down, on poop.ar@;dl' '5he.ets; b.l~e. rotating ~E!ets haUway ltaro-ugh,

unUI golden and Hrm, abo.!,Jlt 23 ml!U,.1,les. TrafJ~~ fer :sheet!i: to< wire rat~s~·o cool C(lmp~et,ely,

~. Repla~.e p.81rrcl1merrt on baking sheets. Melt white chocollate. in a hecaltproof Ibowl $'et

IOYler (not In) ,mJ pan ofbarnly .5immeriflg walter. stiHin~ Or1W smooth. R!emoVerJl"OM heet.

Dip H,u:h bi~cot~,i in chocolate: to coal n~lf. then [1Dlaice 00 pr,epare:d s:hfli~ts. Chm ulltil dl0C,ol~1te ~s; set. about 30 milllut,es. IBisc:otU ,can Ibe stored, betw~e~ h,ll~rs of pi1l'~c.hmel'lt

up ~Q 3 da'ys, ata ceol rQ~m tem perillh" rei in

a ilrUghl cont.acin\!!:I'S


MAHS A6'')UT -4 D07FN

2 cups . .all H~ DJlrpo<~efk~ IUlr, plus more h:ll!' dusting

~tea5PQDll'lwa:rs!e s i!l11't

l: cup (:2 stkb), unsa ~teld DuUe.r, S(lfI: e rN~d

,8 Old ncescraam chee: se, softeili'led ~ fUP ~I,Ui!ll~ilir

m:~ 'tea,slpoons glr'~Uflld d 1Il1l1i1 m01'il1

~ tealsPQo.n ~r,e:s;h'ly' gr,a,t'ed t'nfu'lmeg ~ 'Cy po alpd~C!it p'!'I~lenle.s

1 cup fil!1e'l~ Chi(l,p'p'ed tQiPlsh:::di wallln!J ts (!;;: olmces)

11 fU P' cwr.l'a_fl!~:s

\& tU~' gall d!enm~ Ii ins, G(llarse:~y ch ®l)llIed :3 t:ab~ eSpO!;N1S h,elMI'iJ cream.

1. Whisk logdher floLi r endsa It With an electric mfl!:er 011 rnedlum 'spe;ed. bea~ b!JHl!f and cream t:neese fJir1fUI c{)mb~n L\l,d_ 'Reduce speed to low. Add flour mixture; beat to (lOmE ti,ine. Turn oul, dougn o:flh~ a 11gtU,lyflourelC.i :fj'I,Iff,IJC0, R(l,U intQ.;I ball: wrtlpln plastiC. Chll:1 YF1tillirm. abou{ fj,hQurs, OJ u@to Qvernight.

2:. Preheat o~eril"to' 3~51li. Line a bakilft~ sheet with p8ln:::lim'eTlt po1l!per. Whl~'k tQgeth~r 5ugl(lr. cirlinamiOl1, and nutm.eg, . .DJvll:h~: dli:lLlgilll4ito qlH)lrters. Wor~ing with one~tec!l! at a time, I'(lU Qi,lt dQug!; on ,(j Ughlly flol,jli'·ed )!,IlrfacE!!

to afil8-by~12~~nclhl redan'gle. WiU~ ill 10111,'1 side: iQ(11 fig y,~LJ. spread with, 3 tabl€.spaofnls pi~ese,r\l'es,~eiil¥iog, a '0I'·lf'ltb border. Sprll1k~~ with ,~ c u p ea cn wa Inut s a Ilid c::una nt s, :2 tabh!" s:pooos r,~'is~I'5. ,ill1Id about ,2 ~,a,bl'e!ip.oons sl.Ig:af m.i)(;ture. S~aJrU1l9 with <3, rony 5~de. Hg'h~:~y ffil~ CklUgh in'~o~1 ~og: place. S(!~m 'SIde down, 0111 p[l!paJ'led sl1eet Repeal wUh 'rJ;!.fTl<!iU1U'lg dQugh.

;t Brush e<i.ch ~og 'with cream; spri I1'Ikle Wirth

1 t,ei3spoon sugar m.i'x[un~'. Bti:ke I!JIntilllgo~defi! b'Fown,abo!Jt 45 mli1llues, Transfer ~i) a wire. r,£l<I;:k fo t~o115 minutes. Slicedll!'lO l-indn-thk:k pJ.ect:·s. RUQtelach Cdfl be ~h)r,~d ~p 'to :2 dial}!'s "It r,oom: temper2l1lHIl! i.n anrtig'M contili,i1!trs.

ORlu"lO:E 111UMBPRINT,s,

1.M,.r- A!1.{IIJ JrJ

FOP "m:, r){umu

1 (UP (2 's,Hc:ks) Url!iaUie:.d bU'ttf!:I~" sioftened ~ cu p'granula,te:d su 9,~lr

2: I,~rge I:'!Q91 JiO~:ks't room tE!'l11lp~lraltur'e '1 tea<5tp9.o'fl ~ur:e l;I'an~lla el(tr,ad'

21h el!lll)s al~"purposle llour

1 t~,~m!L)on Ciliin'se sa It

]liOlt 'i I m [.;'n.U!iO

\i ~up glr\i:ii'fB.lI!a'te:d' :S'll!Ig:liu'

1 'table~pMnO'lIII~purp~)s!!: 'nour 1 ~avgle: eg'9. Iroomtem1[t1er'i1t:!.i~

TI: te.-asp:OOIl'l finely gra,ted ,or<llfllgie, 2est. p;~U!5, 1 tab1Iespoonfrl€!:sn oli'ang'l! jUHcJe

% tea:spOCI'Iil ~C!~r:s,e saU

CO,f!fe{:~t~Q."ers,· ~t!g,OO'~ f,or dlitst~n[g,

l. Make dOlJgh WIth an ,el'(i!~ttit mb:erol'l me:dlum~h!gh speedi, cream buUer ,i!!nd granulated 5ug:~r unW pair/! and fluffy. Add yolks ,~U'l,d vi\'!!liHa, and be!!l:tl mi rmh!.Rie.d uce speed to 100!iI' l?eat in flour ,alnd. salt until corf1ibJn€!d~ Covel' baw~ with pll astic 'AI ra P. a,nd Ittl i~ I ull'lta firm, at ~east 1 hout. OF Ur;l eta, 1 day.

it Make nm n g. Prehe~'l evE:! i'i te 125111>. Li n e t)aklng sll1eet,:i, wHh piill'thment O~' wa:>reQ paper: ~ightlY' (Oat. with cook!I["[;g cspTay, Wh!sok tJCIge'thelr granul,ated !HJgall', flou!', and egg. Stir ~n l!~t. )uiGiil'. and salt.

3. Form I::leills of !'llo.lJi.gh ~eiCIch equad to' 2 tela~QQM,), and p~a(:e en prepared sheets, about

1 ~nch alpart 'With t'he handle of,a wQoden spoon, press genUy mthe ('eNter or each tit! ~ ~te an ~l'Identat;aM, B~ke '10 minllJh1!!i. Remove hom even, IPr~!li-s e~:Nlteffi ,a'gain If iodental'ions lese defijifiitlon, SpOQO fiHhi"lg intGi eenters, COnUI1Li'e bakifilQ uoW !l'.:ooldes aire lighti;lrawn i!1'"OUl'ld edges. ~o tg 1,2 minutes more. Ti'iIf15- r,ar sheets to wi re racks to cool mmpielefry beicre dusting with wn1eC"hMe~:S.' !!lugar, U10~~ res [.;;IFI be stmred Up 'to ,2. days- a~ ream 't,Elmperature in ,ai'ftlgM c:ontalnerlij"


M~HS ABouT .3 DOl!;N

Coo,bed J:n 'C'O'I1Ji:'lC~:iOll;C"~$' ,;;~gal' ~:nd wrth 0: .,s:hOl'tb.roadUJbe text~re, ~he~e "Dak~esa;~' a lo,'W~tan:dil1g' Greek nolfda,rJ tradition..

3'h ~'ilIP~ a:U~pl.iirpGs@ 'nOUIf'" plus more

for dustlng

, 'teasp mJ1'iI1 '~alki fig pCfwde I' ~,4t!e:asp'oon :sa it

11 p o~n;d (4 sUc~'S.) unsi31lted butte:r, .so~tt1!Aed

.22,lSc u,~s tord'e,~tionel"s ::Il,ug.a r 2 18rg,eH~Qg' yo! kos,

1 ~ea'spcGnpuli1~ vanililai extarac:t

1 C"up ~ili'lE!IIY ,ch'opped almMds (5 ounc.e~) 1¥.J ~@oilspoa'n's: afl~'5e :seed

l. lnto (I me[;HuITI bawl; s~n togenLe~'flo!JIl', b~jlig powdm. i'l!fid :salt, Witl'1 an E!,I:i£![,trlc: rnlaer on med,um-hign spe!lld. be:alll.'ujttE,!:, Llnti~ n,ght: iJ'l"!d ~hJf'fl' Add ~. li:,UP ,coll1fection,ers' sugar, yon;;::;. and IJa n I U a, and bei:it 1;.1 ntEl cQ'rnbin e: d, With mlXe1r OF! low '5,p~l:d. beat iF! flQu~ mix~ h.!re untll Dflnthln~d, then mix in almonds and anise :seed

2. Lioe b.aking sheets wf:t~ p!;Ir'eTIment paJ~er" [Hy~de dough in 113~f, 01'1 ill Ilightly floured

su rfaee, roll 'one: p-Gl rtion Into illI H1:~~ nch-~M~k, log- With the pa~1"I1 of' YO,iJr :hand. slight1lv rla1tt!!8I'1lheiop of the klg. PLao€' O!il iii prepared sheet. and IEi'HU until fJ:rm, about 1 ~ou1

::t Preheat QI.!€!n to 350~" Using a sharp knHe. cut off rhe ,end of the leg !It an angil'i!!. Ul,l~n conturilJe' ~o e!,i~ fnto Ph~~ru:h-thiclk diamon!:"i'!'!, Pla~e on Pf,~p~lf\I.:!d shee~5.af:!d b~ke, rotating sheets halfway tl1ro!Jgh. 1II11ti'1' light}y go~den 0'11 batrom. ~bolfl ']2 mtl'lUles.

il. lfMi'I!iit~rsh!i:hets to a wiJl'e. ra~k to cool completely. Plac€! remaining :2 cups {OnfeICtiQI"IEH"S' s!!J'Q,aiW it"! a bawl. Working in batches. drop

in a 'fewl[!;Qij<kles ,~t:a time. oturnim:;llo CQSit 'thcro~,ghly with S!JQa'Jr. Coo~jte.s, can be S:l.Ofied, between h~yer:s. or parchment, up to,S days at ~oom tl!;lmpru.5lbniS il'la:if~ig.nt eentalners.


M A ~!;i~ ~Mlq .2 ~OZ[N

8 largli;!: '!;l199 whit.es 2: cu ps sUg'a.1"

1 ~ teaS~~Qons ,"oarrsE!' salt ~ilhte'3spoo:ns plu'e \ii!;lnu!la extract

1 CLliPS 'finely shredded Lmsweieh'!'nl~d cO!oon~1

a ourices b'~tt~fsw~·e~ chocola;te, 'fi nelychopped

Vegl~ta b:le~'Qn ,clOoking spray

t iCombine egg whites,. 5tig,iilr, and s.ahil~

i1I he.m:proof bow,l!et over (,n·crt ~") a If)af'aol :simmering w.alt,er. Sit! rrtf1g y "ti I lh~ Sll\.lg~r is dissolved and rni ... Iure tswarrn tcthetcuch, Remove frorn neat i:!dd valilii~l!)! "lid coconut. .stirring to c:ombIrue'. let mj:o;,ture t:O{!!' cornplel~ely. about 30 m~nl.l~e5 (or up to cve'rn~ght in th~ refrigera'tor. ·(Q·ver,~d with 'phisU,e wrap_).

2_P .. eh€ia'~ m.lifin to 350!i!!. L.irH~ rimmed bakfn,g sheets wi'th waxed pape,r. CQat~Y.l!'·inr.;;h"t1.iln tree-shapec,eold,e cll.IU~rs with cookin~ spn:IiY, PfI!l:SS eo c;onu\ mi):tl1Jfe' fhtO CIiJ tters, packing frrmly. Llnmold calfe'funy. kee~'ifilg shape ifltad, on'tO p~~~red .sl'1it}et:i:, Eta'ke. rotatingl sheets haUwaI,Y through, u:n"tH golde,'n bW-OWfil In spots, "5 to ',9 mil1lllb~5, 1r,u'15~'e!l"lo <;l wife ri;ld to (00 I com pi:et ely.

::t ReplacB parchment on ba,1dng sheets. Melt chocolate f[1i ,all9eatproof bowl set O\I'er Cn6't ~r;I) ~I pal'll Q'f "S ~m me:'i'ing wat,e~r. siilrwi ng until 5Ifl1oo,th. Dip bOU~Hfl5 of milfaroons, in cho·C"ola'te. then place un prepared sheets, Chill untill set. abo~d 20 l'IFIil"lutE!:~. Cookies l~an bE! stored" b@tween i~yer5 Oli pa:r1chment. up to .3 days ,;:}I't a 0001 lI'(iomlj:HI'1peratiJil',1:; in airtight cOliitainers.


!v~AK E.S MlOIJT so

Chill the cl'J'okid,s :010rou,gMy. :prefembl~ aut'rnfght b~otp wI"Q.pp!ng'~11em as gifu,.

, (UP an'·pl;Jirll:Jo~e flou'r. plWi mQre

fOir dl~sti ng

~. (UP 1J1l:!>'Weeteneod cocoa FloweJelf' :IA teaspo!)n ba,k!"'9 p'o,wd!e r

Vi! teaspeon 1~]0Is MI teM.pOOil'l salt

6 tiilbl'li!:spoons uliIsiliIUed I~ut'l .. ~r; :SQftiell"l~d' .lI.l cup Slj~illr

1 lal'lge e,~Jg

.!ih. :teaSPQOIi, pure vaniliial e:xtract

12 o:lJnc:es. sern ~sw~e1 or 'b~ttersweet checolate, ~in~ly chopped

'A, 't,ea.!ii:poon. pu re pepperlil1li n't edract Whit'12 llen:pa:reill,5" f.c,n d:ecorating (optional)

1, Whisk togil;ltha.r ncnlr, eeeea, ba~~ngl powder an ~ 'lA teilspOOfil Milt.

2:. With an elHctlr~t .mi'lH~r .01:'11 m@dll..!m·h~gh -;;p<IJ!ad,u'e-;;tim bun@r ~'f'id sug,ar urnfl pale .;Ind fluffy, Be,at in i;l:gg ,glmjvarlilla. With mixer

on low speed. gMduaUy add Hour mil!l:ture; mi); just LlntTi c:orrmiru~d" (ove,r wlth plill,stic WrOlp, arui chill a1 le,ast 1 hour, er u~ to OVl!mi9~·'t (dl:)'~911 wm be Vf!uy :;.ofl).

3. Prei1eal oven to 3500~ Un~ twO baking sheet'S with parchment pap.;;:r Form 1;~1150 of dOi,Jgh (e,i3lch eaual '10 11 ~e,!;Isr;ilQOn),an.d il~illce on ~repa red 5:neeis.~ 2' inches apart Oi p the bottom oh.ll g~;QSS in'rtouf. i!!ll.d fLau~1'1 baUs ~lito llr'i""'ll'1d~ rounds (about ~ ~nth lj'llif.k) Bake. rotatlng sheets h~Uway thr¢ugh. 1J'1'~jl sligl1Uy flrm to the bJ'L.lch. 8, to 101 mi'l1ute~,.lmm'ffidiatelyban5- fel'" cookiestc a Wil""l1! ratk to coot completely

1lI-. Combine checolete, peppelfll1'lillt extmct and rem.a ~!'I,i 1'19 WI ~ea5"pGl(H"II salt In ill la rg E!!! h,la!tproof boW'l se1 over (nol in) i:I pllri L:!i simmering w;;lter. Hea't. sHrri,ng occas,ionall'y, !;Intil smoo\h. ,2 to 3 rni nete $0; remove r rom h e'tlil

5. Rephl,e parchme:nl on ba,king sheets. Hold i I1g each, (ook:~e aeress the t r nes or ~ 'f.g rk, dip Ilnr:.'noc:alate to Win mmplet~lv. {hen t!!!P un,de.t',side ol'iork en s1de of: ~nebowJ to allow e:U:~':lJi 'i:hocola:te, to drip oftPiacll!! IOn prJ!ipared sheet.ar,d ~epeat lmtH alllOOokies are (oal~ed, Demmte with 1100000parells, if d'~5Ired Rehigenne until ChOCD!<1te has, h:aJl'de'lfI~d, at least 111o.ur . .(!:Jolk:i~ e~n. be fL\!ffigenlNlI:I ,up

to 5 diilYs. b~tween' la:rers IQ'f pa.l'chment, in !:If!, aift i Qiht con ~a In er

TIHE vuu tOG liS BELlilEVEDI TIOI HIAVE orlqinated centuries aqo as part of a celebration o-f the winter solstlce. where it served as a symbol of warmth. The: most

classic, bache die Noel (sse opposite)! relies en equa I prart$, arUs'~'lrY' and basic bakilrllg skllls to transform a rolled cake ~nt() a woodland de~i'ght. wHh bhe most common ga.rnish,mer'inglue rnushroorns, adding to the effect. More modern versions d lspense w~th ceremony and maY' be simply dusted with confectioners' sugar, as is the' cn:a:n'beny jeUy 'rc,~i on pagle 57. Yu~,e Iloglstyp]c.aUy be'gr n with a sPQ"'~9'e cake, which, thanks to beaten egg whltestolded irilt:c the batter. bakes, up, sturdy bi!.J:t i~lexibleand ad rnirably h~l)illds its shape, A,fter that. rltjs j U!S.t a matter

of f]IUng~ roUingi" and decorating as desired. Ybur.guests w'jU Hk,e;]y '~lrnink your creation too pnE!Uy to eat, but they'll be so ,g:~,ad they did.

S~'E RE:CIIPE, j)'AGE 00

• IFeatu,ring a triplemchocolal',e rou lade (cake. mill ng. and ~rosUil'1lg) and eccca-ousted merilf1l'9,u.e m llsh re oms,

'~h~s dessert doublesas

an enchant~ng c:ent!e.rpi,ece~ Chocolate shards. are SCdlttered on top to resemble ba rk:~ he "tWigs" are su:ga r(0.31 ted roserna ry s,pr igs.



:SIE: Ii:: IR ~CH~:~. i~.IGE '·61

Faux bl?Js, ,one ,Ott Ma!rlha's favo:r.ne d'es~gn mo~;i'fsl pr;sv1lde s a -,c;alp:t iv,at iJl§i d~sg1!J~Sie for ii' frc:zen

cake log filled YIlUh:'plst'i1!I~h~o lee c:rea1rfrt To mal«!· the "bark'" a graiOlingl ,rQ~ker is U:5,e,(I til' :Impri~:~ wh~t~ chocolaJ~,e "'knots'''' 0\f"11 ,al smooth sheet. o~ fJiaJrt choGGllai~e,


SEE, R'tCIPi;. P'AG.E 63

Wh'GlI1wo,uld a sel~ction of Christmas·sweets be without the aj;;"Jpearam:<e' 'of at candy cane? Here 'red velvet cake., tlulffy white 'frosting', and ,c.r:us1he.d peppermiil1ts aili'e: ill,5s'em'bled lnto a ernwd-~,Ieas,ing yule II~g. A litUe ~eppenl1irlt mous,e, lends a touch of whimsy.


sss R!!;,ClP'. ,PAG1~ 0,2

This roulaa1e delivers noHday spirit in every s'lke.

Bra'ndv fllavo:rs the cus ~rdike ·rilling-an Itali.lili1 spec:iaHy c;alled semif{,eddQ ("iJarUa,r~y fll'ozen") ..... and hi9h~y spiced gingerbread Icake by way of a 's,imple syup brushed O'IJler the top before it's lined and 'f'oliled.


The meringM m~hn.n}m,s call be made up to C-wo days in ~dtrnnce. and ,the g~fiOise ,a.na mOU,4j$'f]' the dqyb(!{fJJ'e I1SsembUJVf,

Chm:ol'at'f! IGenQise' (reci,pe fotlows) C hoeol ate Mousse (rec-ilj!le foi loW's) Oho(ol,at@' G ilna,ttl e ,( redpe~,o n DWS,)

4 eunees bittersweet: thoco~'''te. 'fili'lely (hoppe d

Meringue Mushrooms (redp@ ~oUQIWs) Sug,alred RosemiSltI'y, f"or g<amish (page 63) CCi<I'Ifedi(Ulll!:tS,' SlJgar; fOf'dustil1,g:

Cocoa powder. ~or dus,tinQ

1. To, ,assemble log, iJr1 roJ I genois,e .a,l'Id p~ace, ,suU on towel, Oil a b.i31k~n!Q: sl1eel. Gently sprea d checo late m g usseeeen IV over calke, leaving a 2-inth bord'a on one ion9 sIde. ReroU ca~e (w,ithou~ lowel). s'tar1'1111g 'rl'Pm other long side. u!iing ~owel lo hel1p roll, Cover Ni'lh pJa.sltic wrap: chilluolil flil'm.~bout 1 houl',

2. 'P19Jce log . seam side down. on a servlngl 'platte'li"; 'tuck stlipsof Ilarchmerrt under the e£lges to ke~,p pjli'liter f1e~rq whlle'de«lfaling.

l. With an eledr~c m~::<eron medium sp'E:ed, whip gaoacf1llJn~ii it ls Itlle cons~~tenty o'f soft butter, Using, ,1:1 'Serrated knife. cut a lB to 2-mr:::h wedgoe- 0,1f each end ~,.f log at a l1IS-

d gree angle, lor I:Jranctles. Wilh an ofFset spatula.ge.ntly spread a thin hlly,er of ganaehe over log'. At' ach one branch, cu't side UP', to' top of Ilog and one .0 ~'ls SIde. G,ently spread ganac:he over ~og (including br'anchesl, using the !i(latu~aJ to form bark:llike r,ldge5i. (I,nl.

Ii. P~a(e bIttersweet chocolate ln 1;1 heatp:roof bowl set over (nO't in) ,a pan of simmer~ng "later, stirring Llntll melted and smoo'th GenUy spread melted chocolate iAI inch l'htck over 8, pa!chment~lln@d bakrililg' shea ChilllJilil1lI' Ceo ld, 10 to 15 m 1m! tes, Roll pa.n::hmenl back and for h ul'1til clioeo'ate spUnters: sprinkle evenly over log. ChjU "n~il ready tose;rve"

51 • .Befo;re serving, 21rr~J1ge meliingue mushIroom.s and !iugared I'fisema:I'Y 01'1 and ~'lifo:und log. Dus,l with con'f,ectioners' slJgal" and COCQa.

C11.Oc.olW.e G ' IWi:;;, ~

l KfS ON[ 12 B' 17'lNCH CAKE

71~e cak.e oon bel'OUed~ wr-apped' in pr'l'l~tic. Inad bpt oJ. ro~:)'mtempemture up to a dqy;

5, tabl'e!sp(lO:n!i J!,iIr'is!Jl'bl!db!l1t'ber, melb:;ld. pl'us more for' pan

lA c up sU~ed :l.Inswee~e ned cocoa powd,er, plus mene Illn dustingr

\§ cup s~fted cake fl'our (nc,'t' sIelf'risingr) PinC:h 0,1 bakingr soda

1 large' e995

"/~ cup sugar

:2 ~e,aiS,pDonSr;iUre vt!nilll,a '~::dll';act

t Preheat O'V13.i"i to 3S0Cl, BuU,er a 12·by~17~Tnch immed ba~ing-sheet-: Line wilth parcl1ment paper. B,uUe;r paf),e,r, ~11d' lilIust wiill'i (oeoa; lap out e. cess. Into iii medium bowl. sin 'loge her

IOIIU, cOCOaJ. and ba,king soda,

2. Combine e'§j,gs, sl;gar. and vani'lifil. in a mix, Ing bow I' set OV€.f {n,o,t in) ill, pain of 51 m men I1g wate'r; whisk until mT'J(ture ls warm tD the ~ouch and 'su.galr has dlissolvetJ. Remc/!,I'e 'fro:m heat. With ,an e:"'~:c.tric mixer on htgh speed, whisk untU rni:duli€ IS t~kk. parle, and tnpled In volume, about 6 ffimutes..

.3,. In three batches, sift IOlJf rnlxlure over 'egg mixture, fo'rd~ng in aft@! each addltIon. Whhle. folding ill lasl adcHtioo, pour in me:'ltedi bUUEii": fold in '~hoa"ough~y"

lj .• GEl!I1Uy spread batter evenly In imlpared pan, smoo'lhing top with am of:fs'et, spa tufa. Tap pan a'ga~J1I5~ counter t,o remove air bubbTe:s. Bike unW cake is sprlr1Q,V to the touch, 1S

to 20 minutes. Transfer pan to a wire. rack to ecel S minLi es,

':-" Run <ii, sharp kniFe around the' sides ot cake. and 'ni'Vilirt f.lfi'io~ klt~Jr.~1"I lO~l!iel dU$led with

cocoa. Starting a'l a long, side, mil ca~e into iiliIlog, incorporating ttlwel. Le't COlli I completely, seam side down.

I' h,()ioo\aJ' ,MOU,:Uitt


4, QunOes s'l:tniswe-et thecal iie.

filrile'ly ("hol~ped

4, t;arbha5.poons I.!1ll1Isallt:ed !::ItlUer. e ut n~o 'sma n pieClf!5,

4 'large eglgs, :separated

Pindt o:f cr,e.mn ,of t;~'rMr

*' cup he,3vy cream

'I., Combine chocclete and butter In a, heatproof' bowl' set OV'El'r (not in) a pan of simme(z ing wa'ter, !3;tirril'lg OCG:istl]lI'I<:lBy, until melted a,nd smoo~h. Ir.a~sfer mrxtUtle lo i lirg,!! bQw~. WhIsk in egg yolks. comb'Jilffllg welt Let c:.ool to reorn l,emp-eraullt'e.

2. With ,~n elec .rlC mixer on n~edlul'n'nllgh speed, whi'sk: egg, wl'liles with rresm or taflM just until stif' peaks. torm, Whisk one- 'Iiird o~lhe whites nlo choc~I!Jtl! mixture; gef1tly h~ld in remainder.

3. Wi h a ,deiln elecli"ic: mi:.:ie:r, whip 'cream urn'til sof1 peah. forrtl, end foold lnte chocolate m'll:ture, (over with 'pl.astlc Wr'dp. and 'Chm at least 1 hour, or up to eve migl1t

NOTE: TJile' egg yolks 1,1'1.. rhis recipe are not ftLU:U c(loked.lt should n,ot be prepCl,red

jlJr pregmvu wome1l. lxlbie~. ~oul'Ig,childTen. lhe eld1!'rly, or an1lo~1ll wiWse h.etdth is ~ompromk~d

Cl~oow'l)(!, (li ru~w,c.l~

MA ~'S bN .JUC;r11 I.. ~ N~ 1 ·1r.1 .l-Il0G

(3 ounces b,itterswee't orsern~swea1 chocolcrt'e, finely chopped

1 cup be,avy crealffl

PI~ee' (hocQ'ate In ~ bowl In a small saLlc,epan. heat cream un'i~ stearming and bLJb.blles begin to'

p'ipe wu'!ringUi: into th~:5liap.tf!s of the taps. andl stems, placi!n'£lI each allOlLlt M iodl ~part. B:ab 11.5 dil'ieded.

Spte-ad dar chc c.olate Dri tc

he und e reSide: of tlifl ca ps, ,'tJen cover wit h wh i te dlGoCOJ ate.

Use a tootnpick 'OCaf'll-B lines h'l ne: choeolat,e to r~'S:IH'I'Ible the ~lIIs. Make a hllie im csnters of caps. with~, sh.atrp[(nifa

70 atlarh 51'ems, drp t p of each into white chocolat:e, then :securi,!l to hole 'I n center of tap

i3ppear aroul"ld edg'E!5J: pour over chocolate. Le.t stand 5 mif,ute:5, then st~f until smoQ~h, Chill !,ll1l1l told but 1"10' solid stirring or;G!slona,lly.

MeriAl.!!J[U!B MtJi.lii.twlJ rmw MA [ AHOIJU

Par mo~e instructioru, se« t1~e hO!.lHtl on ~'he tfrppo'site' page.

Sw;ilss Me1ti.l'l9ue (recipe follows) .2 ounces bitte r:s,weet 'ch'o,eo'ilate, f~nely dflop,fled

:1 OUI'iIICe:S, wihU,e IchOCiOlab!. nnel~ chopped

[, Preheat O\l'ln to2001ll L~e: twa bakin_g sit-eels wIth perchment p(Jper. Using alai !;I'e pastry b~g fitted witn 6' T;a,rge reund Itip (sm:h as Ateto #806), pipe me r fn.gufB' onto parchment. fOjl"mf.,gllcfQm~s 1 to 2 inches in diameter, Pipe a s~ern shape fer each cap separa 'elY'.

:2. Bake 1 hOllr, thul' reduce oven to 175;0. COI1- tinUie baking lIntil meringues ara c,omplete~v dry ~o the touch but still whi(e~ 45 to 60 minutes, mera, R.em01!.i"El fmm oven, Let cool,

3. Place bhtersweBl chocolate In a neElitproor b()cwl set O\l,~.I' ,enol in) a p~HI of 'simmering water: sli( occ;as,tonaUv, ulnW completelv meit~d. Using.an oUse! spa'tula, genilv spread bottoms of caps with chocolate: let '~et

~. M ~lll whi Ie chocoia:te: In ~ fliot he r 11 ealp roolf bowl in the same msnne • let cool slightly, GenUv spread while cho(ol,a,te O\I'E!I" dark checQ!at11l. and usea 'Loot'hpkk ,til,) crl!ate lines irom tenter of -="IJ' ~o eQig,es. Let set,

,5. Us.fOg i:!: s.na'rp knwfe, po.ke a srna III nole in tenter o:f each, coated rnashroorn cap. Dip poin ed end of each mushroom stern in melted whUe choco!at,e (rl!:!ltu!at over simmering water, if rlecessary); ins~:d stem into h{lle' in center

of cap, ILe' se , MushfQQITIS should be k,ep . in a,j'l.curtrght cOntainer in a copl. dry ptaC'e untill rie,ady to use. up to 2 days

SUW;,s l\ierir41ll1l!. MA I\' rs .4 \ !I~

4 largeeggl whites 1 cup fs,ugar

Pindfllof eream of tartar

Iii teaspoon pure "all'l il:lal i!:x'h",ad

1. Co.mbine~ggl whit.e:s. Sllt]ar. and cream of l"tJ(lar in the heatpmof bowl of an ~j€dl'ic rrnxer set over (not in) a pan of sJmmermg water. whid~flg cons.ti!rrUy. until 'sug,a'r" has dissolved and white's sre warm to the touch" about 3 minutes. Rub nu lure between YOIJf fingers to test, It sholl'ld be comphi!t,ely smoo~h.

2. Attach bowl to mi~elr_ Starting on low speed and gl'adlJl'IU~ 1llOe;asillg to high, w'hi_sk until mefjngulE! 1.5 ceol artd st~n and glcs~V P€illl<s farm, about 10 mil'lole!t. A:dd v.liillilar mi' until, combined. U~e ImmecHatelv.


~ A "GS 0 t L~ INC'"! LCtC

S '~ablespoon,s, a I hp!i.!f p o~efl(liIJr

5 tables,poons IUnswe,elened 'cocoa powdelf, ,plus more for dusting

, teaspecn ba'king, powder

1A teaspoon sa It

50 la,rg~ egg~. ·sepa'!!',a!bl!,d, ro,om te1mp(lli.altu re

lA, ,cup slI!:li!lr

1 'tea;s,p,oon pol! re \I~'I1'i:Ua '1l!Xb"a d Vege!tabl:EHlll cooking s,pray

3 pints pis'l.i;lchi,o lee craam, b.eatJen I.mti~' Sif.,lteada b Ie

Cho<:olate Woodl-'GraliJl"!J C'rec:ipef.ollows) Chocolate L,eaves" for giarnish ('o.pti,oJ1a,l~ mi!::ipe follows)

'I. Preheat oven to 3S0~. Coat a 12-!>y-17Elnch I:'~mmed !bakin.g sheet With cooking spray. line with 1J)<u'chrnerd paper: spr.1!,Y psper, Dust wiln C'ClIro~: lap QLJlt eXCJess,.lnto a sma:IJ bowl, sin 'toQreth~r flour. cocoa. ba'il1g po~elt, land sal~,

2. With an eh;dricmiixer on med'iumspeed, whisk yo,'ks, and hal] the 5JU9'tlr ""1'111 thick and pal.e. Baat in vanilla, In another mh:nlg bowl, with a dean mlx,eJ. wl~isk egg whites until soft peaks f,(),~m,Slowly Jdd i'emal,nil'llg S,U!:lIlU; Ileal an medium-high slPt'!ed un il s,tln peaks form.lFa~d eglgl wi'ljle5 mto yolk rruxture In tllOO:e' ba:t[:hes; add flour mhtlure witl1last batch,

3. GenUv ~P'e.a,d' batter evenly in prepared pan, smoothing, lop with an onset s,pa:tuloiit TSlp pan against eeumer to rel'(lO\ile :aIr b,ubble. Bake untll QI'ke' lis spring,y to ''he' toy!;h, 15 le 2,0 rmnutes, lIir,C,)losf,er pan 't{II a wilre rack to 1(,'0015 minute'S.

~ r. Run iJ :sharp 'knife around! the sides af HIe cake. and ~n",efl onto a l;itchen I.oWe] dusted with eecoa Stal'Ung at a, shert side, ~olllf'll'o a log, if1:c'orpo~ting 'hil/Vi I. Le;t coo,l completely. seam sidle down"

5. UnroU log: gently spread ee (!',earn \reilly ![liVer cah, leaving ,6 lI..!-inch border on ,all 'sides,. Remll (Without towel~, Au~ng:e. seam side ,down" on a pan:::'hme'"t-Hnea ba!<hngl ~he,·t; fr,eeze until ice cream is nrm, 3'f leas1 ~ hour (or up t'c ,ovemigll1t, c:averedl wi'lh p'l.Q'stic

11me the: pre'parCHio.n ofth.e rho~olate wood-,pa.i.n so U t~ ,~ady I\d.he~ U,ClU n;;7notJe thft

ic,e qeam~ft1led ookefram thefttie~e'rbt .step.si;co/the pittl1chic-choc,(,fale' w1e logr;ectpe.

[oail gmmlng 'FgCkt.'l' wUh melted while- chocolate. tlhen Ip~ifllt ~t'ripes on a,[!!tate (top). P-ou b'ttersweet ['ho[olate ever ~11illl!d white lcihocolalte, tilen ,~ .. dc kly bilt geJ'lUy :5pfe.tld with ,i!llfllloHset spatlJ,la" 'keeping whit.e chocolate in'tact (bottom~).

Begin by tucking one shor end (rl'~he l!toiJmd acei~3lE! unde'r the 'fr,e,zenl iog, W'i~h tln~ eheeelare S'idl!!l faCing cake.

Dl'ilpo he 3cet,atJi~ over rne' 11091, mi3Jk~l1g sure it eovers ihe log In a s.,nol'l~h layer. Fifilish by t'ud·, 1119 othe.- end 01 acetate under.

wrillp). Run a serrated Im~"e under ho wClb~!r. and pai drY' nor neat !;licillgl Trim 'ends,

B. Wta p log in choco.tafre \i'Kl ed- gr~lj n (fa r more tnstructtons • .see pag'la' 61). With cneee- 1 I<!lt,(!: 's1de facf ~g lo~ tuck one :5'11 ort en d or ,c.hocolate-coated acet,lllte under Il)g whlle lifUrlg other i2:nd LIP arid 'over log" being care'ful nor to leI ,chocol',ate touch .he log unliT

Ithe sheel is, ready to be' !tucked under;at Dther side, Rieturn to freezer, Let sand unbl the chocolate has herdened aboU'l10 rn nutes

1. When ready to serve, remove log flrcm l're~~eTI C"~{'kJllly ~ee~ <rff acetate: gently break on ends of chocolate wrappmg to lim~ up wrth ends 'of log. Ga rnrsh with choco.l:i9il,e 1e.;5P!.IRS, I f dll!silre~ .

I 'hoco~ \Vnod.-OrniIL i 1\1, 11- )U(;.H 1 t)V~ 1/11',' I V)G

You wUl n;tied a.gndningJl'Q!;!ker;1l deco:l"ating ~'O".lll"fOOto maiejfl.ax bois, and a tMn - shesL ('jfacet(J,t~. Both ar.-e illlJatlnble u~ mos;! .Ium1wa:n and p!!Z1 ~hsup'pl!l .dor£s., F[!I(l' more '(:m'trtlJCiwirl.$. .se,!'!' the h.ow~ta, [)lil PatP 6'1.

3 ounces whib! ctil,ot,ola't'il!!. finely,ch'OiPpied 6 oUfu:::eslbftUerswe,et chocolate. 'finely


l, C U'l a thi i'1 piC!ce Of ;3(etate in~o 11 13Y.d,y- 16- ~ncheclangle. and place on a boa·klng sheet with a long side· r~dnl!'J YO'IlI. PlaQewl,it!e chocolate In iI. he,a'I:proo't bawll set' wer (not in) a pan ,o,f simmerin!;l water, :stirring until mel~ed and 'smooth, Coat sueface of grak!iog mc.ker wen wi'th ,3 thick 1ayerof whi'be ehecolete, StartIng ilt UII~ right stde and working ~rom top

to bottom (iff acetate sheet. 'Dele; [:oa ed tool bad Ind forth vihile drarH)ilng ll in one swirft motion 00 ma~e a verUcal strlation, (onUrrue. n"aking ~triaNons, unttl elil,tire sheet is cevered, 0, ill !.II, t il set. 5, ~o10 mi nu les,

2. Meamlllhi~eJ 'tlfimper bin~r$we:t:t cn(i(olalG:

Ileart lwo-l'hilrds of 'the choco,lat,e in ,afH)th~r h alproo'f bawl s.et '(lver (not in' a pall,!Of b::u,ely simm.ering watter un '11 it register's 118° on a candy I hermemeter, Remove be "I il'om hei'llt, dlnd add l'emall1ing ct'locQliJe; stir W~t11

a 'flexible sp'atula(iJlvoid using a woodefl

!SF! oon, w lneh ea n 11111 part ot her fl avors.) u nti I c.hocQllat€!, cools -toB4.CI~ Rrar:rU;;IIlIEl: unme~ted pi,eCJ~S: discard, Re'll,JifIii bow~ to ,p'an; stir ,unW 'I!hocolale reac:hes aSI) ·to 90""

:t Peur bml2r.swtWl cl1ocola'~e ovtr chilled whi e cho-co'late. Quic.kly and $len 11' :spread evenly over @ntire sUlface wi' h an ,onset spahJlla, (Do not spread Utoo much, or whi~e l!:irlot:oi~lle willi smea,!'".) Use ~mmediiEli~ely.

C'I tt';leoto.jh.~' Ll:!.Wi eS Mil, I:S.ii!oT(} I

Lemelin leoQVI].;; ,are aoo:flable a:~ m~tJW.,"~t$~ '1''he choco,lr,ua leCllles ,can. b~ rf'fl1gi~:rnted up W one day.

Bta 110 :pes:tidde-free I'emon l,ea!V,e's 2 QIJI'IiIC!e5 oi terSW't6et chocolate. finely chopped

1.Ge.hly detlin lemon l@aves with a dl1IDl,p p~per towel, Let dry on a balking sheet,

.Z .. Temper chocolate: Heat l"Wo-l:hir.d.s of the chocolate in a IT'leaiproof bOrwl SE'i O\lleJ (iiot if.) a pan'Clf bIEm~l~ srmmerill'lQI water ullUI rt regis'l,ers nBI;!<,oo,~ (am;ly thermometer. Remo~,e bowl Jrcm heat ,:!Iod add remalinlng cl1ocolate; stir with iii ne_lil:bte spatula (,al/okl .us'ing a wooden s:poon. Nhkh cg'l1 impar 'other Flavors,)' unUI chocolate ,oQ1s to 84" Remove unrneltad pieces; discard. R:etuf!1 bowl to p-3n; stir until chocolate reaebes 889 to 90"-

3 .. USing a pastry brush, paint vemy underslde ,o'f I~ws genli!r'Ously wnJl eho~olate. COVEring; .enl ires ur face. Place paJ nted j eaves! eli ocel ate '!3ljd~ up. on a pal'chm~nt~lined baking shi!:~t. Chill un'lil chocolate Is finn, iiilbout 110 mInutes.

t •• Startling f em :stem oods. caref,!,Jlly rJeellemQn leaves frem clhoOOllale. and discard, Trans.Fer eheeelata lesves t,a, a clean parchment-llned ba'lk~ng s.heet. a!nd chill until ~T'eady ~o use,

, " RANB,ERRY JELL YRJOL1, ,. A b<i Nt. ~2-IN I-! I )!,,:,

:~ CUpl ,p~I,jiS .2 'lalblhespoon:s 'slUed cake 'Hour ('Ii'IQ~ 'self-rising), plus more 'fordusUn'QI

;3: tab~espoo,ns, fiMe,ly !!I'ro,und toasted blanched a'hl'lOnck

~ teaspoon san

.3, larg:e w'hlo~e 'eggsp,lus 1 egg yomks 1 'CY,p Qlialfil,lIIlal~.ed s'Uga,f

4 t;abl,espoo!l'is u nsaUedi butter. me Ite,d 1 CliP 'c'onfec'lionE!l's.' swg.ilIF. sllfted.. plus more fDr dl1fsting~

8. ounces fl',esh or froiZen (unthslwed), cranberries,

1 peundc rea rn e heese i seftened

l ~ealspo:o'n 'I) 6,lre V~Mma, 'extrad Ve,ge't:alble~lOi'I,c)O eking S:P,Ii',ay Sl.i9ilred CnHllb~rtie5. 'f,or g,ar!ilish (page 63),

I, Pl'eheat oven to 400{l, Ughtly COOl. a 12-by- 17-inch rimmed b€ilkm'Q sheet wltlh cookmg sptay. Line with parchment paper; spray paper-;, Dust with Iflour; 'tap Qui e'loI(ESS. lin a bowL whlis:k t:oge'U1er flQur, ground almc,nds. and san.

2. Co,mbjne ~.ggIS, yQ~kS, and Y: C!,IIp 91railnLdilfted suga]!" in a heatpro~rf mixing .bowl set, over (not in) a pan a,' simmering w~ter: wnisk until !Oug,alr j"i!tS d isso,llIed and I'nli :<tlUre is wa I'm 'to

M louch, Remove from heat;. with ·an eledric: mil(er Qii! medium-highl speed, whisk 2 minutes,. Raise speed. to hfgh; whisk until mi,;ctur,e is palle and thick. about ..q mln'Ut~s more.

a. Sif . 'flour rn Ld uro O'!,l'Elr egg m 'X'~lUlre; careflLIiUY fcld W'I,th ii ~~rge i1exible spatlJl~. When .~rmost incorpc:rated. POUt bulLer down sid'e ofbowl:,gr:n"U~' rold to combtne.

'I. Gentl . 5:1:m~ad batter in prepared pan, smootnill'lg top with !lin (lff~~l Sp'~ \Jli,lI. r~p p,an agains, counter to l'emove: air bLlbble-s. Ba,ke' until g'o,lden brown and sprlng,)! to the t,o,w:h. 7 to, 8 nni,nLJtlll5. Tri1llnsfer to a wire rack to 0001

5 minulls.

~;.. Run a sharp knife around sld~:s of cake, and invert ,onh:!' a itcnelilltowej dusted I.'lit·h conTecioners' sugar Dus~top of cab! wi~h confectioners' s,ugar. S'tarhngi1l,t a short side. roll cske into a log, inmrporat:ing towell Let cool comph;~h;;!ly, scam 'side fJOWfL

6. Me'anwrnle, rnak:e the jam: Cook Cr'.anberries. and r,emaining Ih: cup .grai'l,ullatedi sugar in

a ~mall saucepan C;V,ff m.ediL!m heat, stirrif1g !JirUU sugar hill'S dissolved. CooHnue to GQQk untill cr,iilnbemes have cralbn down and liquid has Degun to eveperete, 5 to 7 rnlnutes, Lei co.ol S minlutes. PWII1iI!!' ,in <I food pr()f:~SS.Of· !',JIn'til SIT! 'lot h~ I~'l OOol'cM:;nnptetely,

7. wn Ii1 an elect -[c. 1m ixer (J n mea i Wirr1 - high speed, bea'l cream cheese and confect criers' sugaw IJfI'til Ilghl and fl~Uy; add vamna. and beal30 seconds more_

, - Uniroillog; spread wl~h ram I@aving, iii ¥.i-inc" border en all sides .. Spread cream-cheese mixty move r j.aim.. Rieroll ti'lke (wUhou tQwel'): wr!il:[J with towe~ t,o' ('Over; C hJ it 30 mim,rbEls,·,

,ow up to .3 hours, lirim ends with a serra t eel knife, 'Befowe ser\l'll1g, dust with (jIDnfedioners' :W ga r; Ga rnish wrL h sug i3it·ed era nbe·tries.


Mil ~l O.,J 12 INU-4l l-

6 ta~II'e:sp(),Q":5 u n~~ 1~mJ. (;J1l,IU:e~, IT!'elled, p.~UlS more 'for pan anill: pa,i'clim,ent.

1'~ cuP's ,an~purpo,se 'flour, Ipll'U5 mo\n~

'for d ustinQ

11k le~.sPQO.!'Is grolJl"ld gi!1:ger

llJl beaspoon!s Qll',oulId dllll'lilffilOI'll JA teaspOQ,n ground doves

~ teaspoon ~reshly grat:ed nu me'9 1 cup paclked dark-brcwn sugar

6. ,lar~e eggs.

'1 taJbl,e:s,poQI'I I;msulfulI'ed molesses Co,nfecUoner'S" :!iUg,i:lIIi;;, 'fOil" dusting C,a~l;I'ados Soitking Syrup' o(lre:c'ipe If,ol'I,ows) Semifredda, (recip,e_ foll!ows1

Sugared Crall'lbe'ifi'l,eS and IRosBmarll.

for ganlish (lifeI!lIP,e Iollews)

. C mlobe rr:y Sauce' C recipe foUows)

I. Preheat oven to 3.50°, BtJUIH a 12·by-17~ iil~h 'nmmed 'baking shee1; lilFlfi!' win] p..m:!uTlenl paper. Butter par(l.lff1Q>nL aM. dust with fleur: tall" Oyl eX«lS,- In iill bowll, Whisk toge'tl,er nour, ginge'r! cinnamon, dOVles, and nu'tme'Q.

2. Combine bro'W[1r sugar i:lnd·e...gg5 in a mixing bowl set over (not lin)ii piiln of slmmerin wat{!r, whisking untlll mIxture IS JUSI[ wa·rm to lhe touch, aboul2 miJ'lul!@$. RemCl\l8 rrom heat

3,. With an el'Falclrk rni~er on higi1: spee,d, wn isk uotn miill'tum is, 'I'hick ,iilndi pale, 6 ~o8. mim:des

Tralns.fer to a !arge bowl, ro.ld in 'two-thirds

of the lour mi:dure ill two additions Combme bu ,er and molasses; add in a 'Stead'y $trea;m while raiding in remaining riour mhrtulI'e. Spread evenly in pre~par.ed pan, smMII,jr1lg 01' wi h

ail off5e spalulilli.

4. Sake, ui'ltil ca,ke is s[:ulngy to tile t'ouc.n ;and. golden brQwn, abO'!il 14 mirUJtes tralnsfef

to a wire tack to coel 5 minutll's. Run a sharp knife around "Stdas 01 cake. and Invert onto

a kttcnen t10wel dillsted wlth conlectleners' suga" S'lartiln_g at ij! s,hot side, roll caire io'o iii k)9, incor.paratnng , owe!. Le cool t(JmpletE!'I~, 5~ m side down,

5. Umclll,og; brrJsh 9Imerou:s~y with CalvadQ!i syrlllp. Ql.lid~y spread serrnlreddo mixture Q'Ve( Sur lacs to' withi i11 irLl.:h of 10 r1g sides.Reroll (without towe.I); wr~1) in piastic. Freez,e

u nUl firm, iI'~ le,a st5 hou rs Of up to QVernigtrt

Ili. Transrer log to rfl'rrrgera'tor to soH1:lJ!1, about 15 minutes" !Remove towel Rul'l a '5·~rr~ted krllfe under flot WilIEer. al'1d Pi3J~ dry (f'Qlr neal srldlllg). Trim lends. Garnish wl'l, sugared aanberlies and osemary. Senl'!!! wirth cranberry sallce' aJongsld

etil:Loadmi, SmLl'~1 Sypup

MlI.K s I c UP -

% cup sug'iir

~ cup water

3 't.aJbl,es!pCiMs Cal va,d,(li$ '0 Ii' other bra ~dy

Heat su:ga-r and the water in a small saucepan overr medium~lfu9h. stirril1g O'a:ask)nally,

until sug.a:r is. dissolved REH1'i.O\l'e trorn heat let cool: s'til' 111 Calvados+


MAK -5 ~N0 1< ~ I ,j), ri 11 IN ! LO

15 larg'le: ag'g yolks

Ii;§ cup, stigall'

~ cup, ulvados or othe.r br,aindy 2 cups h·~avv ·~ream

I. With an eiectrlc mixer on high speed, whisk VOU~5 until pale and thick. 4 to 5 rn nutes, Gradlu,aUy add ~lIga'r; be.el't until flLlffy. Sh~wly add C,alvados. bei:!tiog to combirre. Set

bowl over (not ill) a p.aJl'II ,of Slmmell'lng ·water. Whlsk .ElY hand untll shiny and thiCk. about

8 minu'tes. Return 'h;), mixer; whisk 01'1 rnedlurn speed unW ICOOI. about 10 minutes

2. 'in i!I dirl.led bowl. whrpl cream with <I dean eleelrfc mixer until Slott peaks form, Add onerOlJrt~h of the whll,ped erearn to ,e:gg mHdure; w.llisk 00 comblne. F(l:ld il'll'F!1!mai!1ling whip,ped cream.lrdl'!l~'re·r to a 9-bV~n-inch metal pall. Cover wnh pla~Hc WfiJlj!J; ~'eele 3 te 4 hours.

S'U9,'"U-ed ·'r:unherne.s. nnd R.oISeIDW·U

Mdt ~S [NO c:. .. T ... ArH"'I':.~ N[ LO

J~ e I.IlPsstig.a~

1 'WIP watler

*' c;u,!l ~n~sh cfanberrie~ 12 s prigs ~olll<emaiY

l.ln a smillil 'sau.c:ep:an. bring 1 cup, sugar and fhe waller to' a b o,jll o\!'€ r med i Ulrn -hi 9 11! heat sUrfing until sugar disscl'lfes.

::L Pou 'srmple syrup into a bowl; place r'ema-imlngl ~ cup s UgillF i rq O\Hlo'th er one. hl~er~

a toothpick hno a Cf;;Jlnb,@ll')I. Dip ·cranberry into s.yrup, tap eU any ,eXCI2SS lifl.Uid. and !'Io.!! in 5.1,19.;111'. Set aside 0(1 pilrchmen' "dry: I'emro\le toothpick. Repeat

3 .• [l1p ill rOS{lm~rv sprig 11115y1'UP; tap oU' any excess liquid. OIllJ Into sugar. and 'lap off ex<:e~~. Set illS ~de en pa1'l:hmerrt to dry. Repeat

Crunb !?lory Sa.u.ce M~,k'f~ 1,/' II'S

8 ouncesfresh Of~I'Ozen '(iUnthawed)


Jh If Up' pl!l..lS 2 bJ,ble~poOl1ls' slilgam-

2 's:('i'ilPs n'by-SHnch) olfang~ peel 1 cinnamon ~Uek

H6 eu ps wartE!r

Bri.r~g a I ingl'edlents to' a boil ina :$r'Ii1all saucepen 'over hig,h heat, stlrring to dlsso:lve sugar. Reduc:e Irll:!,at to m ed iu rn- low~ cc ok u nta era n ~ berries burst, 8 to 10, rrururies. Remove and dtscard orange rpe,e.l and dnlrl,~moo stick. Pass liI'Ii!l:iure 'lhroll,J:g:~ i!Ii tcod mill, Ugen ~I'u'().~gh a, fine sleve, pressfng with a: fl(!)(llble sP'<5'Iltu'lato remove as much Hc!'!.a!d! as pcrs.sibl~ (disc~Jd an:t50~lds). Let cecl C()ifnpilete~y.


Tb nur:Ke ,the plrppermi'n~-"m.OUS8 gurn;tsll. see the' hOI1.H~. br.l.ow.

'lJnsaUed butter, flOr 'p,an

lh. leup all-plirpos'e 'Holllr. Iph!!5 more ~i!ll"dusbng

6 larg:e eggs. sep,arated l!4 eu p sugiir

"~albllespoon 'lied fa od colo!!i'illfl9

~ CUll) unsINeetem:!d tOCOiia powder (.IH3t Du t~h pro(:@,ss)'

IPeppeil'mint Fro's~iri!g (recipe fol'!ows) Crushed pep;permint ,candies (about ,25 Sirnall found ,o,n'~s), for spi'in'klingl

1. Preh ea-t oven to 400°. B'uUer a 12- b-Y''' 17- Inch rimmed baking sheet: Ime with palFchment paper. BruUN p.;l!l'chm~n\, and dust with flour: ta ~j eu l exees~,

2. With an electric mi>:EH' on high speed. whisk yolks .. mti'I,p~le and N'iitk. 4 'h:l S minute~. lran:sfier tQ a medium bowl.

Join small and 11Irge Ipeppermirl\ !bailis with roYill

Ie ng (see' recipe, page 2,4.). FQre.ars. him two cinnamon can dlies usi II'Ig sm a II 5cillso:rs; attac;ill wlth icln~, Use a 'smallle'i' cinnamon (and)!' ior tiln:e nose:.. For :tad. hold a miJ1kandy It ane li n'g,e'r W;<Ilrm rUin· 'niog water t.o remO\iie 'he .stfipes: ii, la~h wrt~' more

lei ng. let dry Z t:ioulrs,.

:t Using a cleen bowl and mixer, whisk egg wnUes on meciHw-n 5p~d until s'oU pea:k:smrm·. ,Raj!:'!! speed! to, medium-high. Gr,aduall'y ad,liI sugar; beat until sUrf pe.aks Form. Ge'n 'IV whisk. in foo-d coloring py h~l1Id. Tr,aJRS'f.er rnixlure

to a I.arge: bowl.

~h 'Rlld b,eart.'en legg yolks In;lo egg~wh,h,~ mf'lt~ lure .. Silt cocoa snd rkilJlr ov,er top. and gently' fold: to 'f:ombine. Spread in pfepan~d pan, ~mQothing.lOp w~th an oHset sp~lulsl. Tap pan i;l,g.aiinst counter ~o remove ;!lit bubbles,

5. Ba~e until .t.i:llke is springy to the touch, about 10 minutes. Transfer 'to iii wire rack tY1 ,=Qol S, mtnutes, Run a sharp knife itlll'cH.m~ !iildl'?S or UI'ke. and! I'Iverl onto.' Idtch1l3on rowel dusted with COiLCiEl. Sla.rtil'qg at a short side. roll ca~,e fnb) a log, irm:::ol'pol'a UI1 9 lowe·j let cool CIO mplet'ely. ~eam sjdlli= down.

16. Unrolll'og; !JSJl'lg an of'!set 'spatut~. spread with 2 cups "rosth'lQ, leaving a "A,-inch border on .11 side·s_ Remlll take (without 'tow-eillinm en dis with i'J senatec:J kn~fe. Iransfer, seam ~tde down, to el' ser\i'~ng platter. 'Spte~d wilh rema'ining 'fros'ling. Sprinkle with crushed ,ciu'lIdv. Cake can Dl! ke~n' ·up to 5 h~)l.Jrs at room tempera turr~ befot'e ser vi ng.

Pem~@;rm..utl~ .F1·O~'(llll MAl..; E'S lI.80ll1 SUP:.

1% cup~ !luger

14 cup W',ater

2 ~a blel:i!r;loons, 'li.Qlht corn 'Syrup 6 large 'eggl whibliS

.~ '~eBspCi,o,n pure p eppe:r!lll~nlt ,extract

1. Combifili! llih cup,s sugar wi h the water and ~m syrrup iln ,Ill !ima~11 heavy 5;;1ucepan. Cook QI\Ii\~r medium he~t. '5~ining ~n;::Que'ntl\l'. until sugar has dissolved and mi>::wre is ,deialt. abo u'l4 m imJte s. Wi tnol,J t stirrh1 g, bri ng. to a boqlO\l'f;!!1' high ihe~~, '~(:cas;4()riall)' wa:sliiFbg dawn sides of pan with a wet Pillstry brush to ,prevent crystals 'from formIng, ContmlJe

to bon urrnl S.VI'UIJ' wegisters .l301'l on O'!I coi'lrid~ thermometer. about '5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile. wi'!h am e~ec:trk mixer on madiurn speed. whisk eg,~ whib~~ until sen pea~s form. With mixer running, gradu:ally add remaiOl!1g ~ 'Cup sugar. Red'uc'!i: speed ~o IQw, calre'[ully POltH' hot syrup dow,l1 side O'f eowl, Raise speed to medium-high, and mlK until coCil,lhi(;;~, .;lIrid s.hiny. 1.2 t(l15 mhllu~·es:. Mi itl peppermirllt e'xhact Use irrrme~Hately.

OtDI~FA,SH~ONEID ENGIL~SH PUIDD'~NGS H',AVE long been a rnainstay dur~n,g, the holidays, and for joHy good reason: They're uncommonly delicious. Unlike their American counterparts,

these :plIddings-,typicaill~tsb~¥amed in a sealed PDt or baked in a water bath-turn out c,a;key, a~thaugh they're just as luscious and moist 'W'rflve tak,el~lafew Uberties with 'the terml byinehJl,ding ,(.1: tr'i:f'~e (a rlother Brni:sh concoction) and a mousse, both of which share ,a cre;amy c]'):ns,[sten.c:y. So, alolili,g with alif11 excellem examp,~'e 'Of the Chrlstrnas elassic (see opposite), there's a bread pudding on page 66 'that is chock .. a-block w]ltrh drie!d fruit. as well es ve~ve'ty caramel pots de creme. Wh,etner cakelike, :si~ky smooth or some combination of bath. aU of these "spoon desserts" offer dalicjous comfort ~n ,ev,ery bite.

'SEE RI::;C~Plb. PAG~ 70 Ths version has become ,a Christmas. tradltien

iin Am,ericaJ as 1/11)21,1 as in Enl§:1 an d, wh er'e it orig'na1:Eld. T~,e simpie gam ish ,rs. mad E: by dnl'ing s:~~(ed persimmons to resemble f1.owers.


5 Ii IE R E:C l)iEc> I:1AG li :76

Martha' is known ..... and eel ebJr,a11eti-- fOr sendi qg: ear1heMw,a,r!' bO,wls 'fi'llled with thf,~.fluffy bre,ad Gutlldinll to frleRdis

far and wide'for Christmas. ,ailccampanied' by jalr5 of 5EJUr lemon S:CI!JC!B 'jot seJl'vmng 'tdo",g~,ide.



For a refre.shing ,change of paee (rom the w.arm desserts of the :sea:son, try a cool,air!t mousse. ~ecaus:e this "me is 'frozen, you can p,repate it anlea1d o,t \,ime'. To mak;e them fe.e'l ex"tr,a specj,a,I .• t:QI' the $,ingl,e:~serve "pudcl*ng's" with ererne fraic:h€:' and candied lemon rest




ii c

h ~Ires oonlet~'illg



SJ,E! R sc ~ P,~. PAGE 71

AnEng~ish trifle is a de'fgi;lUu~ composition elf Hav'ofs and 'iru:tur:es .. , This on'e layers lad:,!l'finge.rs with r(lspberr,y jam and

a brandy-in'f;u'5ed pa,stry ere.am; ICl!'U!mbled ;;t;:::;;;;::::._-====- arnaretti .Cookies and tcasted s'I'monds make novel. crtll1l:ny additions.

I r


S~llV ts 8. TO V

1 cup peCCI,AS '(abo:y't 4 ounces) 4!4 'C;ablespoi:ins unsalted butb~'n', saoftened,plJUs mO,I',efC:IIIF mold

2. leu P'li, a:llf-lP:ur~o!iie flour

2:~ 'teaspoons ground' CVnl'llamOn

~I lieaspoon 'flresh~yglrah~id Irl'llJ'lim,eg lA, teaspeen eearse 5~.It.

¥.I, cup, Callv,;ados o;~ ethe brandy lA, If:Up ,gold@:n f,11I:15,IIIi'IS

3: 'io4 very setH Hech iyalp el"sii mmons

I(see ,t he G~i d'e) .

1 cup whol~ milk

'liJ, cups s,ugOii,r

3 I;a:rlgl~ 1~9,9s

'I'!n~ea:spoans 1m r,e van m a le:drrac~ 1 It:ableslll'OOn. '~!'!esh ,Iemoll'! .lluh:e n!~ ~easpoons baking soda

11* II:a,b~eSI!)tionIS, hot waiterI'

It:. ClI',P' fillile:ly ch,oirl,ped' can dliled gingre:r O~erH)r.e,d PiatsoilmMloil"l Slice,s,

'for g',iill,mish (()IIP't'~o!'1laID; 'redpe 'fnl:lcws)

'Ca,lvados (nr~almi fer sler-"in,g

(redpe 'i,oUo'Ws)

I. Prlsneat OiItel'li til 3501;1, SpTa~dI pecans in a single layer on a rimmed bakiln9 sheet: toast In oven until darkened and fragrant lossing· hal'fw8Y' through, 7 to lO minutes. let 0001: c:oar:selychop,.

2. Fjlll a larg:e pol fillted with is! steamer ins1::!'I't. wit h enough wa ter to come halfway U,p' a 12-,c:'up p~L)dldin9 maid (test 'this with an empty mold)" SliU€!( 'thEl mold. 'iinto a bowl, Sift togather nOUf, spices, and salt.

3. Bring Calvados and raisins to a simmer lin

sma'llsauc:e,PciHl, Itemove Ircm heat: :Iet stand 1.5 m!IIlULe5. Df<ll'1I1 raisins: dlscard liql.!ld,

it, Meilnwhne. 5JJ,I!::,e: lops, off ,per:simmorl,s. Scoop out flesh, and pmss through 31 si'eiv,e il~lt9 a bow,l (you '~hot.ild heve 1", c:ups ,lJuree); dis.card skins. W hisik irn m j,I k.

5. wah an electril;: rnixeron me<dlium speed, cream butter and s,ugar untl] pale iJnd fluf'iy. Mi'l( 1'1 eggs, V.3lnillat end lemon juice. Add persimmon mhdiJre ,In tl.Ml bdh::he'5. scraping ci'own sides of bowl af1'E1(' ealim addi jtir"i. IDis!oolVi£! ba'king' soda ~n· i10t wa,teJi'; mix intlQ butter

m lxt u re. Ad d~1 ~NJJr mb;li:.ll'ej beat IJInW just conmbrned. Stir in pecans. raisins, and ginger:

Pour intol prepared mold; cover wiith ibuUelf"ed parchment (oralUFn "U.im 'foil) ~lrl~ljd.

6. Bfllng wa'ter in prep\i3l'ed pot '0 a b.Oill; ~edlJoe he'a'Q ii' s,immer. Carefully lowe'i' mold into steellmBr; Co'Lfer ~ot: steam until a calke tuter mserted in middh~ of pudding comes

QLII t clean, 3 Vot to 4- hou rs, checkingl 'occ.as,ionHay to rneke sure water I~.e" is, maintained (.add hot watel as, rr~eded).

7. Transfer mold 'to a, Wille: rrad; rremo,ve lid Bind parchrnent.Let cQQl15minutes. Unmo:ld pudding onto a cake stand or ser~ingl pla,~e. Garnish Wirth dried pers,lmmml slices, U desired, and S}E:l"'II'e 'Wilrm Of at roorn 'Iemper,ah"me" w~th Ca!vad05 e~lm~lom:rside.

Onen".Dried. ~nimJrwlt SU..ces MAK~S 24 UCE~

6 firm fuyu pC'it'simmons, (see 'the G'U~de)~ stemmed and cut crosswise into :!U.-inch-t:hic:k sikes

Prehl!!:a't oven to 2501lo_ Anrange persunrnon slices .n a !iiing:le I.aVe!' on two ba:kt.ngl sl~lE!.:.eb, rin'eld with Silpa'ts. Bake' unW centers ,are dry and edges begin to ciJrl~ 1:1t2 to 2 hours, Let cool compietely. Slices can be ref~rgeril'ted up to 2' days lin an ,autlght: container. 5-errve at room tempeii';li'tUf'e,

Coloados .• , 'emn.

MA S IJ.BOLil 11 CliPS,

1 (lI,P' heavy ,cr:eamr

1 tabhilspoan oQJi!,fe,diQ.ners· ::!I~giU'

.2 tabl'E!spoo,n$ Cah!'ados or ,o"~ h er br'iilndly

With ali electric mixer, 'whi,~ cr~am and CQnf~clioners' slI'galr until soft peaks form. Stir iln Ca!v:aldQ~, Use'imm.edi,aile'ly.


MAI<[S 7l Itew 51:: IW!;S 6

T.,. 'Qu:t~ !!CUl.iU'o: S'l!!gQr, place itlan~Ua.. be,ctm and .s:ugar·in an i!:r.irnght ron~Hil1er; let ,stand one week" .shaking QCctlllOn(lUy.

UnsaUed bu'U:er" ·softened. for bow'lso lA cup \t,aif1iil'~a sugar or grim !(dated slLIgalf. plus. mo]'",e' :f()i' s$lii'i.l1:Ulng

1 ~ (YipS Armag nee cr o'tillc'r bra nd~ 7 ounces assorted driilE!d finui'l"

such as, Ipeacihe.s'l aprkots. and pliNllrs

7 cunces p~Ued prume5

5 ell ps heavy (:re~m

2: cups half-and-hallf

2 'Cllnrnam:ol'l sticks,

2: V.i1iIniU1a beans. s,pU~ lengrthw'ise and seeds scraped tQ' !!oo5en

Fine Iy graJ~e.d ,ze.st of; 1 coral'll!;].!:! 12' I'l!:rg:e ,egg yo,lI!;:s

2, 1~l'r,g!illoav'e!io day-old brku:he

(11 potl.lnd eac:h),.ci,ft into l"A-ilnc:ih (:lIJbe,s

Sour L,smon S~nllce. 'fO'f serving (redpec follow;)

t Brus.h 'two 1'~-quart o'!lenpro-of bowls with

~ ut ter. a,nd :sp rin kle wi tl! va nilla suga r; tap out t!;;(ces.s. Bringl Al'magoac;, dried 'fruit. and prunes le a simmer n a medium saucepan over medium-low heat Cook, 'Stinlng occas;'ona'lly. IUnW fruit has softened ~nd i1Ib5QvbedUhe liquid. about 1'0 mjflu~~s·, COMS@~y chop rl'u~t

2. B,ringl cream, hal'f~.tl;nd~hi3lllt 'IjI'al1lHa 'sugar, clnn.~mon, viii!11i1111a beans, and seeds. a·nd ze:s.l t,D

a boit il'l·a I,awge saLJ~epal'l over medl1.1 m-high heat. stirri,ng ooca,siofllally. Remove from heat

3. Lightly beat egg yolks in ,a' medium bowl. Whisking constantly. gradually ladle half he hot-cream rm lure 11!'lt,O the y'Olk$. Pour yolk mixture iII, '0, saucepan wllh rem.ain:il'lg cresrn mh::;lure. Cook ,over medium heat whisking ()o'r'lstan't~y and $lC'rap!liI~1 ~,Ide$ of pan, bJrlUI mix· ture is thick enough to t(iat the 'bac:kof (il :SpOOI1. about S, rnmetes, Pas.s cusltard thll'ough a finre sieve nto il' large bOWl.; dt~card ~5Qlld5.

tit Preh dt oven to 3500, In another I.arge bowl, combine brioche (lubes, ,arn:i cho,pped fruit, reserving * cupJrrui ~ fou, lin custafd: toss 0, ccmbi ne 0,1 v'ide, br-ead mild DJre bel we Eil:D1 prepiH'ed bOWls. Top each with haIr t,he- reserved fi"u~t 'Sprnlilkl,e w~~1'1 SUgiR Le~ s.tand unttl bread has. soaked up liqui,d. i,bout 20 m [iii iJOOs.

5 .. 5er bowls iII'i a deep roastin.g pan. Bush

two pieces ()f pa'vthme.l'Il paper wi'lh bLlltter; Ip~an", hI,! te, sfde down, over bowl'S Cover 'tightly 'With aluminum foil, Transfelf pan to oven: addenouqh boil,lng water 'to come 3 1I'!d'le5 up sides 'of bowls, B~ke 1 hour. Uncovel;' b..ake' u nUll set about 30 rnl l'UJles mQ~e. .SeN,e< warm or jilt room tempera lure, w~lh sour lemon ssuce, 'Puddings can be refngeraL<ed lip to 3 diall{sj let ccol eom:pleltely before cO\lern'g wHh pLastic wrap.lf desir,eo. r,eneat j'!1 a 350Clol.lcn. JUiic unil w!J'rm

S'l)w'll,JliWIll S'o.uce

AK 5, At:! U 1 JI s

lJh' cups sugar

l t~bl,espaOl,IiJS pilUS :2'~e.!ruS,PQOf1i5 cornstarch

P~rnch of salt

2'* cups w,ater

1 fa,bles:p'Oi)ti5 Ur'!I51111tli!d !!lutter. cut http stl'i13'111 p,j'i!;ces

IFinely grated :zest erF 2' l,eriiUJin~. p,l'us ~ eup frash lemon )ui,ce

1. Bring 5l1g'tif, [IOfnstalrch. sall'I:. a nd 'the watell' to iii ~,,]a ~rl 011 mediUlrn 'S'i'!Ilu'J:;e.pi1ln over high heet, wh~skililg conshmtlly. Cook, cOliltinulng ~o whisk, 1.I1!1IUI rmxture thrckens . about 5 rmnutes,

2 .. Sti .. illl buH,er lalld l,emOIl zest' and jwc,e:. Cook. whis.kiI'1IQI, until smoG,till, 2 to 3: minlJJ[e's more. Remove :from heatrransfer to a bowl

to 11;001 cGmp,lete'~y. 5i'1Yte c.an be r~frigera'le,d up to 2' weeks in an i irtight.rollitai net.



Ring molds mr;r,y b,(! pu rch!~U'd at speci.(dty['oakWGJ"e ,g,tOF1!'$, You ooon at~D use an ~lght,~

i I'lCh :;plr~'fWf'(Jrm, pan ;~Or ma,k'e a lcvger tk:S$er

B bJ' 10 lemcms

2 cups .s:l!Jgiur

2 lal'g:e 'Winole 'eggS'; lP~us a egg yol:k:$ 1 ClU'p,r'2 sticks) unsa~ted butter;,

cut into small pieces

llfi CrLJlpS plus,:2 'tabll~s:PQQn5 cold healol'Y c;r,eam

'Candied Lemen Zest (recipe fion~ws)

,8 rounces c "erne 'frakh e ('1: cup)r

1. Prep.1l~e a I.ar'ge lee-water baHI. Juu::@ i ramon; reserve ~uke. JlIice add!i'tionallemOI1'5 to yieki 1 ~1IP.

2. Make lemon curd- Piat:e 1 cup lemon IUice, s.ug2lt whol,€! eggs, volks. and butter III a medium saucepan. whisk, to' OOl'll"llbrllf! Cook O'lle,r me<lium heat, whiskil1g,constan!1 , until. mi:-.;ture begins.to boil. aboullrO mhl!Jt'es,

3,. 'P,e~'5 curd ~hn:l,gjgh a 'fine .si'eve ill1'to a bow~ set In t'bs ite bath. Stir Tlerioditally un il com pl@tely cool. Cover wrtn plastic wrap. presslnq djrecU~ onto surface to pnl!!ilel"l~' a skin ~rom forming; chili,!!. least '1IIlour', iJr up to 3 days.

~I_ Wi~.h an e~'adric mixer. whip Ph cups heavy crea m until 50ft pe'a~s 'Form. Reserve Yl cup lemon curd IfOlr sauce'; add f1emah'lling lemoll1 curd to whipped cream, 'Ioldfn'g gentllY imm w@JI cnrnbl ned,

- • Place B nng malrd'S (.ei:licn 3 inches in diameter and' 21:.iJ ij"l1ches l'ligh) 01"11 aJ rimmed baking shl'!et.IDiv~de mousse among molds, rilling each with about"% (:up. Fmitze until firm. a Jeas~ 4 houss (QI' !diD to,:3 d~lIs> covered ig'~'tly wlith j:JlastiC' wrap),

G, Drain candied lernen zest; rsserve SVI'IUp., Ma,ke the ~iOJJuce by 'Wh~s,kln9l1h cup 'syrup with lhe res.ef'1!led *- cup lemon curd and juice

af 1 lemon. Plac.e frozen mousse ,Olli plal,es: let sit 4 '~o 5 minut£s· before removing mQlds, MeaFliwnilil!:!, wi'th an electrlc mi)!)er. whisk 'feme fraiche and remaining 2 ta'bl'~spoons creern Ll!n1il soh pe:a~s form, To serve, genUy remove molds, and spcen lemenssuee around mOLlSS,~' tOil with rC'feme 'flr8iche, and ga.mi:sl1 with candled zest.

Cm,1ILdiBL J D'mon. Zest

MAKE: ~ )lJ ;:01-110 GA fIJI f.( S'!i:INI GS

4 lemons, we" scrubbed

:2 eu p;s, s1II9:ii11"

l' cup water

t R.e,rnove zest from temens w~tn i:!1 wg@'ttable peeler, keeping pieces long (see photo. belowJ\ Use ,iii very sharpkni're to remove while prtl'i. .nen c:ut zest ~nto a Jine juUenne. Place juU-

ennrl!d zest in a 'Smalll ,bowli; cover with boiling wate . let stand 30 minute's: dra.in.

2" Bring .!iugar andl cop watlU 'bo a boil n a small saucepan o'!!Jer .medil.uTl,~.high heal, snrring untill sUI',i'ar ls dissolved. Add julj,enned zest; redlJJce he:i\'!u tOI medium-low. and coo:~ 10 minllt~s.Re'IiI'10veh·6m heat. GC'Vf!r. and let stand o,vernight. ZIU[ can be n~Irlgerated irlfl syrup up to 2 weeks fn an ~irtigll'll contaj.nr~r.

·AR.AMEL, POt,s DE ·REM.E 1"'1AKE~ 6

%, cup sug:ar

llh cups heavy cream 1 cup milk

1 'Vanillia bean. 's,pli't I,engthwi'se and seeds Slcr.alpe!d to loosen:

5 I,arrgra: egg JI~ Iks 3A tea-spoon :sal'l

I. Preheat oven to 300°. Place 5i ~ 4·~rOUI1i(~ r,am!:!kin5 or cus~ard cups in a roa~;Ung pan.

2. Coolk * ICUP suglar in iii rnedhJm saucepan over medlul11 heat. wi hauL :stirring, untrl sogar 15. car,ameli~ed and golden brow." about 3 m~rnute5, Swirl p.an. dlsso'lrving unmelt.erl ~l:lgar; reduce heat to Jow.

3,. Slowly whi:s.k in 1 cup cream alfld 'the mBk: -add \!lalrUI,'! been ilnd 's.eeds,.lrnc!I'eas,e heat

trOr rnedtum high, and bring to a DOli!; remCllve pal'll 'i'rom heat

~" lin ,!Ell b~'Ii'1. Wlllsl the f.emalinil.lQ ~ cup' sugar wlln the' eglgr yolks and salt continue whiskil'i,g Ul1lil p~,le yellow. Slowly add he het-eream mixture 'lo the: e~g rrni;;;liLlre, whiskh~g (:,00- staoLiy Pass, custard through a fine' sieve ~nto a laJ9~ II!qUtci m~asurjng cup: discard 5'olids.

.5" USIng d tablrl"!5pOOn er (J 'small ladle, skim the surface to remove any BU" bubbles,

Pow' i![lout ~ cup ,liquid int.O! each ramekln.

FDa MOI1SS'E: Sal ring molrds on. a rfmmed balking sheer, 'tiler! nu almost

to' the top with mousse.

].lOn.OAIUHSml:: U5lng ii, 'I(-'lylj;le \lege-tiillh~e' peeler. remove lemon Lest in slrups, learvlng b ter while pith b;e:nlnd. The!'!' w't QQ1't,o verv fine striJls with'~ shtitrp k,t'1lfe?

FUI rOl;!stif!g 'pOlIn with boUii'l~ wllIber to within 1 ~m:l1 Cl'f lIamekin tops, CO\fier rO';;l,siJr'lQ' 'pan ttghtly wilh alymlirll,lmfoil, and 'poKe 'small' holr~s lntwo oppos.ite comersfor vel'!'ts

~i Careful~y transfer pan to 0¥1el'n7ibakfl LJntil custards ililre 1ust ss t.about 3.5 minutes, Remove fol!l; b'an5l-e1' famekil9s to a w~re rack to '~Qol CQmplet,ely. COlier 'Nih ~li:I!5'tie wra,p: rn'frigerat~ at Ileast 1 heur, or UP' ':0 2 days.

7., W him ready te, serve, ~$'e:~,n 61 ett ric 'ill i )(,I! r to whip iI",emaining * CUi> cream 'Uln-UI sort peaks form. Add a dcllop '0' whi,pped cream b:li ead~ custard ..


s Juts 10 TO 12

TO'tlist s~:k€id rd'mond.-i on II 'rhnm,€d bald:n.g :sheet in a: 3:so-degr-« ~ll'en lIl.l1~1l iightgo~d~1l, Jive to ,eight m.iI1Ut.eiSi. toss 1W{U,{C,I;?

:3 cups mUk

9 h1r'ge eggl Y(l,llks 'UI. cup sugar

4 r~ables,poolns 'p,lrU'S ,2 ~e'i!I:S,poP".s ,alii =purlPose no !J.'r

~, teaspeen ,salt

1 bea'spoon pure 'y;al1:iUii!I e;lItmc't, 3, tabllespoons brandy'

1 cup, heavy 'I;re.a!m

'1'4 lardyfili1Qlers. hailived lengt'l'lwise % cup ir,~p'benry jam r(9 Qlll1lce:s)' 1 cup Cfea m :s'l'Iarry

, cup s,]ic€d almonds, b)'i:lIsted. plus 1tl! CUIP morefQl1I' topping

16 am'aretti (It,alial'll' ~lmiClnd ccoki'es"

broke.1'I (a'boll.!t H4 C;:lJIps)

I. Prep\are aiil ice-water bath. Heat milk rn iii Ilarg,e; S.iilluc@tlan unti~ scaldmg; remove from neat. Wi'th aneleetr c ml er on medlum~high speed. whisk yolks and sugar unUI millture'

!.$, palre' and thic:~, o~ ~ow !peed, whis~ in 'flour and salt GraduilI,Uy mix in half he warm millk. l'\)ul'1/olk mixture Into remaining rnllk In s;5Iu.c.epan. Whi:skirt9 'l!:.ons't..aruJy~ bring to a

boil over medium heat, Cook. stirring. Uflltil thjt~ened. about 2 minutes. P~$S iPlil5ll')' cream lhrough'dI 'ffine sieve lntQ a b.ow'l. Twan:der to i,ce~wa'kel' bath; le~ cool, stirrin~ o(:ca.'sroJ1laH)'~ Stir in vanilla' end brandy. Covet wlth plastic W,t'3Pf presshlg direi:::tly onto '!i.lJlrfaJoe tJO ,prevent a skln fromforming;'ch~11 at leil,st 11 hOlJl', QI'

IUIp to 3 diiY5.

2". Wlth an electric mi;l;e~, wMsk c!UIil'am just until stm peaks term. Forld into pastry ceesm. Pace? 'advfinger nalves in batt,om of,~ 12· (UP trine drsh~ spr,ead with one·qr!Jalr~er ja<M, Dri-nj,e iii'! one-quarter sherry. Spooll1()1'le~ quart'r p"j;lrsiry cream ,011 top'. 'Sp:rinkle with ene-third eaeh almonds ,and amareUi. Repea'l layerln,g 3 more times. S'prinkle lOp with reo mah,ing '~CUIP alrnond·~. ReJi'ig,erat:e, covered lightly, at hiast 3 ho'!.!rs, Qr !,Ill ta Qverl1h"ihL

MiilltTitA511"t)WA,B.:r.c O~I I make a pudding 7~

'T'H E H 10-' L ~ ID-"A'-':{'S-""- M', /1' t'A,·' '",NI' 'G.': 'I iF' 'T'-S~,G,-'A'.~', ,IL'Q,- -R", ••• ,· E~'

,_ - __ - - ,'_'_ - , .. .I " "Ii:., ',' " 1,-, ' __ ,-,_"-",,

U you're lookinq to qive so nethlnq extraspecial, consider creat.nq cand.es Irom

scratch. 'Iruffles, pralines, ,~;imd ether scrumptlous eonfeetionsare so rich an~ indu~genm" even at srnatl ,am,e'~ .. mt makes a !:Irg im!pres:sron (whether wrapped up as presents or served ,GiS p(Gl,rt of dessert). Most candies ca,n be produced ~n large ,quantrNe:s; the recipe for ,g~ngerc bread caramels should y,r,eld enough to sat,isryevleryoneOlr1 your ~~st. A 'f'ew, II~ke the chocolate bark and nut c;h.Jsters, are s:uprem'E:dy 'easy

'to prep,are. AU the candes that, 'foHow are a cinch to wr,aip: Use' p'retty paper rlbbons, ,and cupcake, llners to dr~ss U1P the boxes and bundles, Or fa shl on paper into cones or envelopes to custom-flt each batch. The re:sult~ng pac.kl@:g.es make memorable-and much appreciatedgifts for neigh bars, COWOf kers, an d ,i';iiln)( other ~ uc!ky red pi ents,

Sj;~ n[c~p·ISS. P'AG~ 18 Three different FlavofsCh.ampagn,e. bourbcl'npeca n, and I rlsh cLI'~f!2·emake a eh~~iglimjll set

To create' ~h~' shHwe5, wrap lwo~,a:y.e-rs of 'tissue'

pap I~W (patt,emed and

so IlcD a round a dealf box'; then 'fold under edges; secure wilh a ma~c:h[,ng ribbon, and tuck ina spr'rg or art'iF,vciall greenery.


. P···E'.AN·:·ur'··· B.·~.L·"'.';··

.. ,.. . " . I' ,"

_ 1 _" _, '_ ,_

S,~!; R~CIP'J,)AG·,'~1a

Shards ,o;F d~r:k·choc::o,late 'flecked with cfl,opped p€:fJnuts and oralngie zest fill ,al gi'ft t~n. 'p,srchm"mt papat edgecl"wi!th pinlking shears serves, as a sim[}i':~ lin~ng; addiUonal sMps of pan:hment he'~p k;!elP t he '~yre rs se f.)(l.Ir.a'te


Litt e packages ot h:o'menlade



SEE 'tfECtIPEI. PAIl:'l 1{1

F~la~o~d1 nlJtS;Qlfll;! a nal~~rar choice a:t 'holiday tiime. and here eire three: . deUr::ioU5 vi!lria'tion,son the. theme. Plla~n ~eIIQph.alne b~gs ioeaame 'h~s ive with wide s.'Cl'Unrlbbens or d&erative ,tu~c:akenlie~s; st!cu~ each one ,at the top with tWine (lInd _a handwritten label,.

aIN-iG-- E' RD··· ~··RE·.'·i'-AD- .,.

u_··_: .,1, .. ',1",·,

C.".· n ... i\ 11 .. 1" E'· LS.··~.·'

~UU'l i.. -~' I

'5E~ ;R<ECU'JE. P'AGS ""9

A fraVo,n ra s.torre .. bolJght ca,ndy is more su'u~e-d 'tD the

:sn5efrl when it's mr~Iif:J,~ by han¢! and flavored with

. .

gling~rbread spices, The 'Eones, ~Iild mibbons, air&, fa~tiiol:led fmm red'constr,uc_th)'n IpaJ;ler and aff:lrxed WiUllrl,I3:Sltallg~c clilp-' -a rt [a be Is, ,(page 1rlI9).

::_]ge t l



f\.llol(~) 4Bot r ~ Ilc.ll1::N

* eu P tn eavy ere;('llm

8 ounces semi:sw.~et Ichocohl'te. 'firM:!:iy c:h.c,pped

1,4 eu p pliIJiS '11 'Mbles.poon 'C:ba'lI'Ilp:~gl'.'lle 1 t:~bll e:~poo,!'i! CQ9!i'!;I(: orr 'Dither bT.~i'illd!y

'COi!!I~:se' :s~ndi!ilg SIJQ)i1!Ii':. ·~o,r romng

r. 1m IllI small saucepan bring ~;he cream '10 i3 bOiL Immedr~'tel}l pour hot tl'ieZim. over the cnot'c~~d~ if'! a. medium bowl: sUr until timoo'l:h. Stir in the Ch,ampagne .amilCogl1'a(:. Chili

l! nt II thick iI!1d set but s.lille II alDie. ;!l be i.Jt "2 hours.

2. lin e rl mrn ed b~k1ng sheets with parchrnen t Qr waxif;ld paper. Usmg 21! Hneh melon ba,lIe r er k~·oeafl"l scoop, fQr:m m'I){Wre m~o balls, lirans.·· fer "to, p~epa reds heets, C hi'II.15 m~nutE!s..

a .. Place s8fl,~lng sUQar in a sh~l~aw Mwl. Usfng your hands, ~oll' each ball unltil Qi:I't'fIip,liete,ly Si'mOO'tll'1lr l ne n ro II in ;sa'r'lcl'ing sligar to c:o~t

(U tnuUles become too sof~ to roll. rehrrn to mfrlglersttll' unliIFirm). Returll to baking s.h~Ll!ls (replace Dl2lrcl:imen'l papied, (over 'rt/ithr pla5Ni: wrap.il'Hld d,IU lm~fllrl!fF-le5are set,

~;t l'e!ls:t30 rnl III l.I ties, or llFp to J da ~s,

BommON-p'E'CAN TRUFFLES MA K! ~ £\81 HI r ., DOl.nl

.~ cup h@:ill\ly em.am

10 Qun.I;'BS .5i1;l!~rni'sw·eet !l:·h~.t~I!~l'te,filne~y chopped

:2 ~a'bl~s:pco:ns lHHubon

11 cup 'fine'IJ" c'ho;p,ped perCa!IiIS, (5< ,ouncesl' ~ . hi ilii me:d~iJm saueep'1!ln, bring the creaml to a boll. Immed,rate,iy pOlil'r hoLtream over

t h'E (:h~ wlale I n a lin edusn !bowl.: sti r un U I !H'IlOoth. Stir Lf'! bourbon. (llHI!Jl1tjl [hid and s'el but sU I Ip I i.alble', abt;) ut 2, hOl:! G.

2:. UI"'!B 'dmmeo bak,tn9 sheets whh pil~hment Qr wo!"M~dpa.pi'!r. UsTngl iii 1-il'1 'h mEllon [iaH~r or ke-cream ·SCOOP. r'Orm mi:dun! into bails,. TrnifiS('eli to pr,e,pared '5ht;i~t:s. Chill m Il1lirn.Jlre:s.,

:t Place pe~E1n5 ill'l iii' sh~~k~w !bowl, Using 'tOw hf)nds. raU each bi9JllurlUI comp~e~~ly :$.mooU1. Ith~f11l'olll rn pecans •. pressiif'lQ nQh~ly to adhere tiJ Ilrl.lf"~I'es be·ecme loo 's,ofll,o Iroll, 1~etLitn ~o refr{geratot liIi'iti~ firml). R.ehJlfn to baking :she'e~s (relplace parchm.ent Illol~lf;:r) Cover with pl.;l~Uc Wlro6!.p, and chin lU'I'til tfufffes ar~!l;@1. .it I'i!ast 30 rninutes..

o·r up [0 3 dElYs.

IlUSJI-COFFJE:~E 'TltUFFLB,S MM • ." hROllf ,t [1C ZF'"

15 ounces biUeil's:welli!i!t.chQco late·. 'Ul'1le~y c::hoIPpe'~

" tabl,es.~oo:l'ls IjnsaU!:'!d b:u·n1E:r.c:ut into[! s'ma:lllf&l~eHi:@':!1i

'A, ,!l:U,p' p,lus :2 ea b ies::paotiils: heavy Cii'i!tli m 2 tilb~'espoem;.lIrgh't ,C:C.r:'flI S)fr'Up

2: t,<lb~'espool1!! JP·I!)ls, 1 M:te~sp cons pac:ked

,d:~I!"k·bmwl!1 ~1,U,g~r . -

Z ta rg.e· eg.!,], yoH(s

6tilbl'espoonfi I'ri:sh whiskey

1 tablespcen pure cone,!!!: e:dl'act CSi€!;e the

Gu~de) "

". t:easPOC!11I co.alrs!::! 'sa It

,(3 0 o·d-~lu:aHt:~ unsweetened ,OOC(l!o;!l. powder; for :r,01~ing

VErge~a bh~:-oli I (;ook ~lFIg 5DI.ray

'1. Coat a S-by-9'~inch loa' p,~m w~th coo~ili'1g spray; lifii@ Wah pla:stk: w.iap, ~ei'!ViFig a. 2·inehl 'QVIl'hJl'1Ig ,CI'n 10ii.g sfd~s. Phice Il:l'iOl(;olate:i;lrid butleif'rn a I~ij'ge heatpfolJlf bowl set C,p"lier (not ill) !l piiln (II~ 5Hmmermgl water: stir !.mW m,el ted. Re,mllll@: fr·om h@i!.lit

2. '~l1Ia :sma·11 sa'IJGepal'l~ hnng cream. com syrup. and brown sug~rr to iii boil. sll~rjl1g. U!l1til! '!;L!~,af ha~dli!5:!!iol.\lad. Iml'f1sd [a:te'ly pour o.\iI'e;r d1omb::lke. mli x1.u:r.e; whisk until smooth. WhilSk ~n yoll~s. whiskey. ooflt:ee ~~rott, C!lnd salt Pour mto ptepaired p.an. CC'IIer with, pi Bsli·(: WilCdip. Ol~n ulilitH tl:'licland set but p]iab:te, about 4, hours.

::1,. Ui1e· I'immtl d ba~ili1g shsets IN ~th p~fc:hmMll Of wa>:ed pa1pfHi'. Using a li~ill'lcih me~o~ ba lI'er 0.," h:e"IIt~~alm' scoop, 'OOI'ITI miilltlJl"e into balis. Trarts'fer to preplilmd slhe;~ts, C!hiU 15 mm utes,

l~. !Place COCo.ilIl ina: shaHow b01f:iI. Using your hands, rollle!ach bal,! until li:(iImplel~ly 5moo~h. fniE!11I roll in eecoa to ceal or truffle!;; Dfi!:C"Qme too 50ift. to ro~~. retuen te r,eJ'[J'[g'(Hator until 'filrm) . .Return h) baking sheets (r-epl:a.~e parchment paJptr), C~e~ with plaetk wrap, and t~ill until tmffll'i:!:S arE! set, ,i11~: !,eafit 30 rrnnutes, or up to :3 days.

NO'll: ~ The ~ U1 ,thb: rectpe lU',~ .1'l:O<t,I'UUy ~:ok~d.l~ $.houkill~.t be pre,PcmldJof pregnant won'Um·. bab~~.'i. yow~ ~h~~d'r(m. the eh,\!et~. OTi(!·rtyone' 'WMS!/: he(d~h is G'auwromis!?d..


MAK~~ ABOLJ T ~I:-; IHN 3 lNCI~ rlH::c.l,S

'1 n.ave:~1 o~ nge

'1 pOllJnd tbmtters,wee,t dr ~emis!ll'ileet c:h[D,c;:o~abar 'firne.riy chopped

Pili 'Cypllli cQarsely chopped unnliited

pelan~bi; (~b9~11~ 5 .Q!J! n'l!:es.)

%.t,e:aslPoon coars@s,a,lt

I. Lijn~.a 12-by·17-1nch flfmmed ba~in'g sl1eet with illl.l'minum foi'l;chill. WUh a 've:ge~able pe!l3,ler, remO)lif!' llllSt fr'!Y'!Ti ItH~ (Ui;U1Qie In IQng pieas (r~'SeNe ,orange I~Qr another' USoE1).W~n~ a s'ha rp knife, cut .t!e~'~ i !'lto ~f;!ry nl9 e !itri p s. ;ab" ut 1 In[Jn 1011 g.,

,2-. ,Plac·e cho-colatle un a large t'lea~.~rOf}f bowl Sial '~V€!'I"(r'lQi~ in:) a p;ii'l of ~imm~~fJlg wa:t~r: hGat,

st.iri'ililQ oCfas.ior'1ally. ul1'lU rM'!ii'lt~d ·~nd smccth, M:i:w: h1 han the Hlst and peanuts. ~mme;dlatrelv 'pO~1" errto IPl'epar,rad sheet: wilth'a fI€:x.iblii2 sp~tula, !'iplre~d into a 10~by·12:,im::II'I rectt,omg]e, about '!.4 i,nc:h thick. (10' h·e:lpspread c!'loc.al.ale. rm:ik bilking' 'Shee'l back and ~orth.> Sp~~tlk.re with remiJli![l]!liglest !3nd nuts alma the' salt

3. Ch~l! Ur1UI firm, about :30' minJt,lte~. To serve, Dl't.e k il1~o pJ·J:OeS. Bark.. cen be rerr~'Qiera~d '~Ip -to:3 clays. betwr!!~n I~y~rs of parchment. [nilirHg:l'1lt. COfJtaJne!:!\".


',\1I1{ ~ ~ lIf.!L UT ;, C JPS

'Tlus rE'Clpe I;naJnM' tra~iUa:fl'a;!.l'Qrod oandred' nut .... Se£ o~,law JiJr ~pn;'S5~ ?JQ.ri(lt~on.

6, ,CIiJIPS unMiiHldlll!l!d 'ha.z:!l.!lrlJu.t,s (abo'll.!t l%potillflds.)

¥,anillll~ bean, sp'll~t leng;thwi,se' 2 c ups sugar

>4 Ilar,ge egg wh iies ~! 'teaspo ~n sal~

2 tablespoons (,oUee~:fialjl\oJiie:d' Uqll!ielilr. ~Uc:hiJ~5 l1\ail'irllll!:1

I. Preheal~ OV€f1 to .2:50,c!·. '.M1th racks In upper and lower pm:ftlQn:s. S.pread hl1~eImJts on two nmrned b~kiJl')·gs:h~M!!'t~. Toast in oven. r;tjr,lr,[ng nal h''IIay t.t~'J'lCiugli, unUI fragrarlitand skins beg~n to crack .aboul· 20 rn~n'IJleSi. R:em~ fmm woo. Whille nuts illle stiU hot pface lin a 'khme:n lowf!I~; rub te remove skios (some m.ay remain). lJat toot

2. Sc,r~fl~ vanil~a S1ELed~ lnh:l. a smaH bowL .Stir ln !itiga~. W~th an eledr'Jc m'i!4er on. medium 'speed, whfsk egg wl1il:esaiiid sail un/til ~fothy. Pour 10 sugar rnixture: whrskUlrltillhick and foamy. Wf11'5k In liqueur. Fold 11'1 !1l.,!t:s witn

a l'lv:ible spah!~I3- Spread Q·n lWO Sllp~t·nrned baking sheets,

it Bake. sUrwlng :aM rotating pansfrem top, to< bclrttom ~very 10 l1'I'iI,uh~s, Ul'ltii~ ,fUJI!:!: at'~ gotd:€:r1, abQJ:.u SO minutes. let t(lo11G rniru..I'le;s, [heflltr-arn.sfe·r~Q anotnel' ba~rrilQ sheet:: let ceol c~I'fI;j:)Mely. about 6 hOUf:!5._ Nuts (an be st.ored up to 5 daysa:t mom~emperah.!fF;! lt1 .i!l,irti'gnt cont-aj~ers

E~p~'e:s:S(Ji \r,u.:~·ialil)li1l:

To ma ke espresso he~ell1 !.Its, 'roldin ~ ·cup ,ilus ;2 tabh~.spoons 'fresl1i)l' grrfiund e'lJ,~Hes'iiO bean.s just bli!:~ore a.ddll1g nal'ell"llu't:s.

'\llnTE~!CflOCOLATE CLUSrfERS: 'I<\4K[50 20

~ cUi'Passorled duri~dflru~~. sIJu::h <!li!'il raisins. chelrri es .. crain b er,lI'ies. ii:'Irlirnic:hc!plped apr'lc:ots

~ cO ptCl'~~led ~'$O r~e'd IIlI!i ts, Sti(;~1 ,i!I~ allrnQnd$ .• IPt!C;(:Jll"ii!i, walnub:;, h~~.jjilnl!.if~" P]s,talchio.s, . .:lin.dl maiC:ad,~mi.~1 nuts

1'2 'Cl!.I!JIIIlCe!iii wlil H,e th 0 c(lil'arte·"Win.ety eli! oppe:d

L line a rimmed b~~~ng ~I'q,ee'l w~th wa')(ed paPEF. In a small bOMl!'I. ,c;ombine asso-rted dried lruh illntlloasted nuts.

2'. He~lt wl1~te cnooo!a'le in iI heatlln:r.ot bowl set over (not inJ iii pan of ~umm ring water. strrring until srnee h,

3., Droll' level tablru;.poons Of melted eheeelate onto pre~ilred she_to 2 inches apad_ Mound kUd' • nut mi:!dl.l'r'e on o~. pres.~in9i in gently. Ct, HI until set, IS, to 20 mimdes. Clush~<rs can b~

ra rlgerat~d up to, 3 days. between layer'S of pan:hmsnt il'l alrUght 'CQl"IlaiMrs

c REi ,II PRAL1 ]~,S IIN( u J:l( M1NE

2 t~bl,es,poon s u nsa lted butter'

* cup 1P~U'5 2 talbh~:spoons g,ran!JI~,ted sugar

* cup p'lus 2 table~PQons packe,d dark-br,own sug,alll'

~ teaspoon coarse 'salt

lAt, CIJP pilUS ,2 't.aJbl,espoaf!.s, 'sour emal'll'l tablespoon bourbon l!1.!tea$p,gonspuJre \ilrilllniUa ti,xtr,ad

rn eups pecans (,about S. eunces). toasted

I,. l'ine a baking sl1eet with ,pare~men' paper, M~H butter i o1!J 1l'Ul!dium saucepan ever I'ow h@al. SUr in both sugalfS. $('1 It. and sour cream. Ra,sE! heat La, medlum~low. ~l'Id cook, whis.k~ rilig fr:equef'1tIY. until sugar has, dlissQll.red. Raise heal to medlum-hil1h. Cook,. slln~lig frequerl 1'/ and scrnlPin g s Ides of palin wit,h ill hea'tprOQ'[ fl.e>::'ible 5patuh~. until' mixture reaches 240'" (sooft-ball stage) on a cilndy 'therrnome'U!It'. 10 ~o 15 minutes

2. Remove ham neat CareffuHy stir in hourbon and Vi:!ll"!lIla Cfru·h.ill'" \III,ill spa1tt,er). Le < cool. w~tholJl sHrril1g. 2 minutes.. Add pecans, and beat vigol'Ol.Isly with a spoon unHI s:Ughtly opaque 'but s'lill creamy. abou 2 fllll'lut,{:s.

:J .• Dmp :spoonfuls 1)l1tO prepared sheet ur milure in pan begil'ls to nardan, stir in 1 h~aspoon hO'l watelr, a~ oUen as needed, II i becomers runny, slir un'til firm.) Let 51:and LJll'I,I! set.about 30 minutes. Pralines tan be stored, up to 3 d2l)l's. b!.:!lween laY'l2'rs of parchment.

at mom tem,fJer.ahm~ in alrtlgh'l contiltl"l'@.rcS.


,'.,.,0\1-" liB! LI I~I ( ntl')

The caramel cools quidtJ~. ~o it'$ bes~!o cUII ide the- invedicrlJs i~l M,V,and prep.«re

the pralines m two bQ['(:"he.,-. WeQ,rpro'l'€cti'lle gloDes whiZ makingir.Jlese'rondi.es,

Vegetilble oil cup sU9lel1i'

~ Clip wat,er

n~ '!i:1L!PS b~:a,"I,';h:ed h~2)BII:fIIuh;: (6 ,oul'lc,es),


I. bgl1l1 Y ('Dat ,Ej 'Si.! pat ,() r a pietlit of parchment pEl'per wirth 011, ,cmd p~aC!e on ~ heaiprQor SlJIrlac.e. Bring SLJQljU and the wtl'ttertto, a boil in . I smaH ,s;aucepan O\ler medium-high heagren-

lIy swlrlin.r;J pan and wash n9 d,owl1 side:s w~t~ Ell wet plistry' brush ~o pfeve"~ (;rystals from forming. SoU, wH'houl stirring. unW mitlJre' tum's pele llImb~r. about 8 mlnuLes.

2.R.emQlJe 'from hea .end stir in hilz'elm.lts. Pour unidure onto center or prepared surface. Woddng quk:ldy and usu'Ig gloved hands ~lghUy co ii!it ed \lli'l t h oi~. 1'0 II ea eh FlU t between y(:!t:lf palms unirl comple~.E.ly I(caled and smooth. let 'G:oQI c'orll1pletely. n~ caramel mi;.:tine hegins Ito liJ,ai'dielll belorevou roll all

he' hazelnuts, LlrBrJ.sfer mat Or parchm.ent wilh mixture 110 ~I baklngl sheet; place in 337511 Cl'Yen unW pliable a9'a~l'!, 'yDU il;an do this, cn~y once.) Pralines can be 'stored up to, 2 wee1o:s, between laY'!;i!rs e,r parchment .• a'l room temperature 1111 ail"Ug,11l c{intainers.



- . - - - '. -

M ~ l:- I Wt.'ar prote,cdtJe gloves ·wh~lf' m,a king It~5e .candies.

Veg,etahl,e oi I 1 cu p' su.ga r

JA cupwater

'% CU.pl raw Marcone! almonds (4 o'li,lnce!S)

or f1e.glulaif' oQ'lanche:dI a1mol"!l!:b

1~ teals.poons Ue'Ur de sel

I. U:ghUy ccat it SUpa·t (l!r a piece or parchment piper with oll, and pllaci!! on a hea 'prool' surhillce, Bnng sugar and the water 0 d boll in a 'l5ma.U saucepan .over m'Bdhjrm~li:igh heat g:en-

Iy s.wirliing I>ao and washing down sides, with a wel paslr);' brush ·~o prevent CiI'YS' als tram 'form~ng. Bo,il, without sUrr~ngp until mixture [urns pale amber. about 8 minutes,

2. R:emov,e from heat, and stir in almonds.. iPoLJr mixtur,e: ante ,center of plfepared surlace, 1'.IInd sprinkh3 with f1eur de 5!a1" let standi just U IIltil . he ,edges are coel enough to handle. Working

q I.II~kly :a nd us.~ng' II] f!I:)vlild h~lnd.s. U 9 ~t 1'1 coated wuth oil. puH cIeces of rarsrnel andl almonds away from the center until cnramel starts 'to h.a rden ;and you are able t I;;) pull 100 g. t 11 i n 'l':freceJ.s before 'they break away. Tr-ansfer 'to a parchrrlenl-~il1ed baking shee't to ceol complete:ly. Of caramel min'l.lre begIns to ha~den, transtar mit or palf,chmelflt WI t:1l m Ixtu re to

a balking sheet place in a 375." oven until pli~ able- ag.fllf'I, You can do lnis OI1l~)I·om::eJ '~r,alin(ls can be s~ored up. 102' weeks" be'twe,eti layers ,o't parchm~n p'tiJper. at room teil'l1ller,ail!Jr" . TrI1 aIrtight contair:uus.


j" 1. A I< I='~ A ~OLJ r H liP tv ... INn~ S.QUAfl'~ 50

Ve.getable '0 jill

2 c:upss uga'r

Wi cUiP WCltei'

2 (l,Ip!S :fillilely ,ch,opped !sheBed Iraw' pis:hiIChi'o,~ '000 OUi'!!Ci€:S,)

~ tea,spoon co,p~e' :sa It

'~I" llgnU'y coat a '9-by-U-rl"Jdl rimmed ba~jnQ sheet wiU. oil. linE wtth parclhm~nt pa,pe:r.

leaving a .2-lndl overhang on long 'sides, Brlllg ~lUgar and the "''Ir.1ller '10 a boil in a small 5i1UC;e:a p'iin OItlQr med um~hlgh heal. g nrly sw rlingl pan and waoshiog dt'1wn sides w'th.ii,l wel pastry brush to prevefll crystal,s iJlQrnforminQ"' Bo,~I, withoul:s' irring" until mIxture tuns; rned urn amber, lOo 12 minut.es.

2. RemOVe! from heat. and s1ir il"lllpi~lachlo'5. and 521lt Pour mil<lulre onto prepan:!d sM,!!:I,nd quickly spread 'e'VMly wit!; an offset spal!!!~. Let (OOllmbJijlJlst s.et bot stiU soft, aboul2 m~nutes; L fhl'lg t by the p~rchme.nl overna'"g, IInV~l't warm Ipr,~Ji'!1e .onto a cut.hng board; use a sluarp kn.ife to too~e!'llparr::hm'ent. and remova, Immedialte'ly cut p'ra1lii'le into bilrs us.ing a serrated knife lightly coeted with oil. Let (;001 com~!ete- 1')1. Bars can be 'stored up to .2 weeks a~ room Lempera'Lu re In a rttghl eontainars

IGINGERBREAD:·~llAldELS l\,~ :\ t r AB ut I ) 1 N

Cam:me'!:; shoufd be i.ndftll,fdua#y wmpped i'n celCop}urll:.e tse« th'l'j' Guide) or waxed pa.per to pTirVent the,rnfmm s tickiil1g h) one cutother.

4 CI[;!I~~ hea~y cream

2 ICUpS li'g.ht cern syrup 4 .cups sugillr

% c.up nnn sticks) ul!1sa'llted but~er. fUit inlii)1 small pi:e,c,ll!s,

lh CIJP l.!IliI.sullfun~:d molasses

1 teaspoon pu,l1e vanml!! e,dract lA te'.aspoOin. sal t

11 teaspoo'" g round ci nna m (I n ~ teaspecn gH!'!.md 9 ill'!ge'r

3M. It,eC'lsPQon freshly gra:t,ed nUrtm~g

:l.;!.·, t ...I' I

;r~ ',e.aspoonl gltOUlf'l,d C eves

Ve9let~,ble~oiJl cooking 5pr:ay

t LlghOv coat i!I 12-by 17.iru:hI rinlmed ba1m1l9 s.ne,l'!!!t wi'th 'too~ing spra)l. UMe will, plarclhm~nrt paper, teavirlgl eI: 2-inc:h o,ve,rl,ai1:g on .shoii' sides; spray j)Ei1J)er.

2. in a arrge po:[ {l\lie;r hI,igh heat bring rreem, corn syr14P, 'Sug2lIr. butte . and molasses to a boil. sHrrtng 'u,ntij 'sugar has dlss"jved. Con~iJ11li1e to, ,cook O\jBi medium-high heat stirring frequrunly, 1.,111 il rni :rth.H'e. it~ac 1e5 24 So (,firm-ball stag e)

.tin a c~l1.dy '~hermomeh;!r, ,about 20 mtnu~es,

3. Remove from heat. and sLIr- n' Vj;j'r'ljUi!I. salt and spices. Immediat,e,ly fJour onto prepa'rnd sl1!:!et, wi'lhou'l sCl'ap[fIIg poL Le't stand, Um::'Ory~ el'ed.24 hours al r{lon'llemlP~:ratu(e (do not move pan).

JL Giener-ousiy' (Joat ill large clJ'tUl'l'g bo.a:rd

wi n cooking spr,ay.liUing i' by' he parchment o'Verhimg, invert caramel onto the cutting board: L!:s~e a sharp knr~;~ to Iloosen pan::hl1lent, arid remOV,B. Cut int(l15by~B4-inch pieces. Wi'.1iIP ,e.ach in ceJlojplul1f1e (U' wa)Ccd paper. Carame.1.s can be' sloted ~p to 1 month il"l airtigtl~ oonb;tinelrS.

IIF y'O,IU'TIH:INI,K OF A TAIRT AS A PilE WITHI a low sleek profile, It's easy to Imagine _ its role at the holiday table, The process for

making them is the same (and, ~n some cases, ,eV8[r]1 easier fer tarts), w]th a 'few simple rnodfkatlons. Mast often, the tart pan does all the work in cr'eatin'g the characteristic fluted edqe (see oppesite); 'the parr's removable bottom also allows for ,easy unmolidmng arid a more refinedpresentation. Exper'iment with pans, in various shapes and sizes: A n:~ctangularp'ear tart is. a preUy hollhjay~dilFlner dessert, whlle the tiny chocolate-caramel ones on page 87 might best be €!'r1:j,oyed on New Year's Eve. Or forgo the pan enti!e'~~{' and construct atree-form tart like the apple-cranberry version on page 83; it's a s'trikrng example of how atart can showcase flavors

- .

ina wa.y no dQUlbll~-crust pie c'Oul,d do.

SIJi~ R:r;:C~P'E, PAG~ 88, Slice ]nto th~s g,oiden dlil"l"ip.lle.d t;:lli"t ,a!'1ld~v(),i:ra!you'H d~scQ~ler a layer (lif ch oGo~:al'le hlSi de. The

ahoy Wiling pun-s.Upi aro'L.md the rnacadamla nuts

for- a ·cook [,eUke resu~ t. n.'s rich. deliclous, and certainhl memorable.


- j'ti'us makes a ibrlghit-,an:d seasoff,ally a~p,oprlal e,-cJiloie.e , 'Illl' the he. i~aY5. Hel~e" t f~avers a gllisJ:ening tllrt iin whhsh

a ooatof EngUsh, maf";malade studd.ed with"Q'r~InQa p,~~ tops off III baked l~mCln-~llJd-Ql'lIll1rge',cl:c!s:tillrd~

AP'P:L··E'_'C···.''D 'J .. ~TIlj '··E' RR'')' ]'IV'

- - _) _I "_ £litU,n I , . - il'1.


$E,~· REC IP'E. PAG,~ 88

~n: this utterly modern tart the- Crlll,&t is ,qll~Ckly 'farmed w th store-bought phy'll:o dougli"l. and the appllB slices' arranged jUcStsa.

Cranberr:i:"es. of en pai~d with -~pp.les, add ,burs:ts ,o,f 1~IJIQr.



SEE R~r;C II'!;:, pl\SE fir',

Th~Elrr s,up:tl,e' :swe,eb'l($1$ ~Ad: affiniity ,f~r SI:iu::~5 make earrets a iI1a~iJraJ chck;! ,mif b,at~if1ig m,or,e.thaJ~' just ta~.t!s,anl!l mlllffin'S. ,Here 'the., ptavrde ,~n Un&MPeo~le:d n~.~or fair tar:t.s:that,offer alni;M,h'er' sJ~pri5:f: ·Crl.JSh@Qi g~nfJers.naps j'n the, pastr}i"'&r.IJ'5 J


rAM:'[S; I~

'If you CM'tJin;dfl-ifllfT dl' .$61. Lls,e ali()~her ~rJP~ olsea, s~lt, .~i1eha.o; Maldc:l'!.

,fOR 'rlllll?!"~\I,t1; 51 W Ii: M,S;;

2~ cups, alll~pI.Jrrp.o5e flour. plus, mO:JiTe


%: ,c.l,Jp un5weet<ll:ned eeeea !lowder 'iI,i cu,p 5>ug<l r

~ teaspoon nel! de sel

sa Ci.lIP' n stick) cold urrsa l'ted Ibutte r.

Clut into, srn all pI eeas

3: Ilar:g,E!i eggs" Hg'h't~,y be.altenr

:l'On. 'THE 'F] LIUNt)=

1 (;UP sugalr ,~. cup wa':e r

J:h (; U,p' healV)( cream

3, talblesJpo.ons ruby or 'tawny port

2: tab'lf!spoons ,e,old lms!i~ted bl,JJUl:f. cut ill'lto smaln pleces

1 ounce bi~tl€!ts,weet ch;or::o~:C'!'te (~:lf"eJfer,albly 10 percent eacae), 'fin,ely ehQipped

1 cup,.salbr!d M~rco.na ilIllmands (4 Olll'!1I.C'!:!:5: or masted salb!!d blanched almonds). 'fliln ely di:lop,p,~d

Fletlrde: SEll" for sprinkling

I, Maft~ 'tart s.he~~. h'll is food proceSS/el'. pulse flQur, ooc.(Ia. sug,af, and Beur de sel LJrnUI combined. Add butter: puhie IlIntil milo;ture re-sembles coarse meal, With mach~'l'Ie fLlnnmg', add eggs U1rough the feed tune; precess jus;L until dough toml!s-tl:lgeth~ r, turn out dough ~Hli:o i:!1 wor'k surFace: shape!! [r!'lo'a disk. Wrap in plas;bc. l(hi1130 mrin!.l~es. 'or liJiD to O'\I'emigrh'L

2:.011 a lightly floured surface, rollout

dOlJ,glh to ebou ;.s illch Ulick. USing a 3~Hlc:h to{l~Ie culler. CUL 10 I'Dunds 'Irom dough. Trans·h~f remalining dough '~O a '~IOI!JF-dusb~d baking shee~; chill.

:3.. Fit dough ,founds ,into, .ten round tartlet pans (eac~ 2lA if1l;hes in diameter). Trim edg'esof dlJugn ~'ush with rims, (Chilli scrall)S on ba~ing sl1eet.) Chill' she'll". 30 rnlnutes,

i. Prehest oven to' 350~ Prick bed 'toms, Dr dough aU over 'WUh ill tork, Bake untillirm. <1lboiJt12 m~nutes. Transfer pans '~O,iI wire rad to ''001 co m pl~lle~y b~hJre' U F1moldilil_g"

'7,. Working rn bQ!t:ches of ten and IJsing r,emainlng dough (rerollscra,ps), n~p.edt sre-p,S 2,3, and 4' 0 ,,",ake 40.sbens 11'11 all,

6., M,a~ c;aramel Wllng: Heat. 5ug1iilr (!!I'ld t'tl(:! w"ter in a ljm~1I seucepan c·veif' medium-high. stirring IJlfiitll s,ugar has dis50l\led~ Continue

to cook. withoulstirring, un iI syr!J1:p comes to a boil. Oc;:c,as90rna'ilv washlng down sfdes e'F pan wUh a we-l P1!Sfry brush to prE!v,ta'nt cry-s"lais h'o.m fQ~mih1g~ L.et- boil, swirling pan to «llor evenly. LlOtil syrup is dalr k amber. Remove' from heat

7. 'Carel[ u Ily stir in ,r;:ream and p or L (mi;ll tu re wPU s,pi!lliter). Add butter and ehecclate:

stir untill melted and rruxtura IS smooth, La cool un't,il sllghrlly lhlcke,i'1ed butstill pour.iJrblili. abo.ut 2Q minutes.

H. S,prifllkll~',aboul 1 te:a,spoon chopped almclId'S o,ver bottom cf ea:c;h t~rt· :liMell. Spoon ~al'a mel mIxture nto sheUs .: 'illing almost 'to the" op Spnnkl€ wlth remaining almonds and 'fIelLlr de sel, Chill until ready to serve, up to 3 li1ours,


. urr tART

MAKl:S iN~ " 1M H T Mn

This ta~t is be.d baked teu.era( hours in aWJ(lIu:e and all,owed 1'0 cool cDm:pleteb.j.

~, ~oiIJ,p alll-plJrSlO;!l,e 'tloU1r~ plus mere

'mr dUsting

, recipe PilleSuclree' '(pag'e17) :2 ~alli'lgle ,eggs

11 cup slUgaI'

~ tablespool'iil boull'boo 'M!: te:alspoon salt

%cup(11h sticks) unsalted bilJUier, melted and cooled

6 cueees sMliswe~l cl'uoo@'lalte~ finely eho'p,ped

,2:1h 'Cu,ps unsaU,ed We ha,le' Ima'~ad,QIlmi,a nuts


I'. On, a lightlylour,ed su rtace. rolll out pate sll,clref!' to oil ld,·indJ round, about" inch thkk fil into an 1Il-inch !'ound ta t pal., wlith a remO'lillble hoUQrn; b'fin dQugh flush wi'h rim', Chi II 30m i runes, Of up £'0 ovem nght.

2;,. Pl'Ienea'tt O!l.eli'i to 40QU. 1'11'1 <l' large bowl, whisk tOSieU1er eggis. 5u9:;3II'" ;:l,nd bomliJem until] cernblnea, Whisk in 'flour and salt, then w'h~sk

1111 butter. SUrr i'i1chocolate unUI combined. Pour into chilile.d li!irt shell. Arrange nub, on top.

3,. Bake 10 minutes Reduce ,oven 'to 3500" and ccntmue baking until crust a,nd 'filling ar~' golden, about 35 minutes more. If tart is Cr.'oWir'l1ng tot) qiJi:d:~y, '~ent with .iluminl.!m [\Oil fran~rer pan tOI fl! wke !"a,e.lo: to cool c:omp~etely.


MAl( ~ NE ~ INC" ~ rl!,~n

This tart is equal{g' good cold ,or at room te'mp8ratltT~. Tocltfll.let coo'lcompletefy. Ot.e'n r~f~rate two hour~ MUpt'D lovernight.

AII·plJrpOSJE! (lour, fOIr du:s:ti:ng

1 re,eipe Pate' SUI!:l"ee Cpa'g,a: ~7)

finel!!J6 !gr,aJ~:e.d ,zest of' 1 Or.n:19'! (about

1, ta~ble:spoon) plus * C,1I.I11l1 fresh oran'g,!! JIIi.I~ce. (flr,om 1 to:2 or,ange's)

Finely grated zest olf ,2 lemons (about 1 'tab!lles:p,oo-n') p~us Y.I: cup fre,sh Ilem(m jllJje,e (from .2 to 3 lemons)

% ICUP' 5ug:ar

'AI, c D.l1P' p.lus, 2 tiflbh~5POQIl5' (:llfleme: Ira lche ,or sour cream

6 la r'!J,~ e'!;i'Qs

'1t5i. cup lorange mi1,lr1malade'(w~tlill ~ong !jb'i~p5)

I, On a Hg~Uy noumd surface. roll out pate !iUc:r,e;,e to about W inch thick, Fit in'to al9-ii'ildh round talrl !pan with a remoyable bottom; trim dGugh Hush with trim. Clnll30 minutes, olr UP"to <overnight.

2. Pr,ehea't oven 'to 31500• Prick Ibottom of dough allover w[lh a 'fCiirk, Carefullv ~ine tar' sh e:1 I with parchment paper, pressing It into corners; un with pi!! w@iglil'ts or ,dried beans. B-ake un ill Ugh' golden around edges. about 20 m ln utes" ReJTilo\i'e Pil rchmenl and wei'ghts; continue beking unlil ~U5t is firm a1l1d1light golden in c:e1f1lt~lr; abou~, 10 minut@'S rnere, Transf,er to a wife raek [Q cooT 15 minutes.

3. Wn'isk together zests, jLlior::s. and Sligar In ill bawl. Whisk ill ('feme ~raTche lmUi combined, Whisk lin leggs !Until weD blended. P'Oi.lF Into tart shel], Bake unUI nUif1fl ,Is, set, 25

to 30 mmue5 (do not let it brown). Transfer pan to ill wii'f! rackto cooi c:omp~etel~.

1;" Pis CIll' rna rrna lade in a sms II saueep 011"1:

SiU r over low heat. until melleel L,e1. coo! a f·ewl mi,lI1utes; the.., spread eVlM~Y OV€i'f UUng.


MA E 0 I 1 dY I ' INt ,. P

~ cup 1(1 sUck) lffiI,s.alted butter. mel'ha:d, p,lus more fer baking :sheet,

4 :shlil:et~s: ph!l~k~ 'kl!!llg~ (1E!:laJch '12 by 17 linchecs)1 'tMwed: if 'fn.'l,z:en

2: t,eaI5'poons 'grolmd clnnamen

S t.abh~'5poClni5 p!.lre maple sy.rup', plus mC)r<Ii! i,a," Sill -\.ling

4 ·t'o,.5 apples" such as Gala, '!Fujii, or IPink Lady., cered, halved, and cut into lA-inch-thick wedge~,

1~ CIlIlplS 'fre$hlii!:r~"bE!.rr~e:5 (5 eunees) 2 'tabl'espoon's sug,aF

UnS,"weetened 'W'h~pp-ed I!;tealm" f'Or :sel'YJlng

'I .. Preheat oven to ,400°; Brusil a baking sheet wrt.h butter .. lav I ,pnyllo she@,L on prep~r,ed baking sheet: bwsh wnh about 1 tablespoon butter, and sprinkle with some cinnamon. ~e'peat ~ayeri n g''ii'\i ll h remaining phy Ii g s heets and more butter and remamfng cinnamon. Bake urnW L:tis:p Bmd golden bro,wn" ii!lbOlJllO mifllL!~es" M,eanwhHe. core and hahn:! apples; cul lnre 'JAs·in[h~~hrck wed'!'les.

2. Remove p.hyl,J.() From ave'n; bru5!hl ,top genUy with 2. t~blespl)ons. maple syrup. Place a row 0" ,apple wedges along one short side, with rounded led_ges Ifacin,g out. Mab'~ a second row of apples r'le){t to; tl'h~ first row, (l'lll;!tlappil'lg the rows sBghtly and. .s'~ag:glerin,S1 the wedg,es se that 'the rounci'ea edges of the second roW' 'fall ,between Zhe rounded' e(:!g e 5 oJ the ftrs:1 row, Gut wedg~s as needed to 'ml gaps at ends

!Cd learn row. Sestter ct~l1herries 'Oilier top. Drjl~

Ie with remainingl butter and 3 tablespoons rna,ple syrup, s.prinkle with SiUlgU,

3,. Bab: until app~l'!s .lIre just tender ("hey snould offer litHe rE-sista!lloe when pierQed with 'the 'ttp of a sharp knife; ,a'nd l(;IF;;IflIberritrs h¢lv'e

softened, about 25 mh'liI.Jih~:~. Tr.)nsfer $~lee1 lbo, ,~wke rat:~ 'to coo,l 'sUghUy.

fl;. Cut 'tali" into SqiJlilll'es. Dr:iule wi h maple Syrup, and serve warm, VII,ih wh !JDd cream IO.J1i the Side.


Mil, E~ l N ~ I l!~ H TAIH

ll'U't nl E''ltUST:

2: IC.UPS haz'ell'mrts (9' ,~:lJ[,mCies)

13;l cups inely grolJ!luJ chccelate w;ders

(abcut 22)

-% tea5PO(l,:n lnstent-eseresse powder ~: teaspcun salit.

¥.! cup f1 'sUck) plu 5 .2 ,tiJiblle,spaolil'S unsalted buU,ar; melted and CiQ'ol1 ed

fOR .'[] ~ MIJUSSF.;

J,i cup Kah'lua (coffe,~-n!ilv(il!l'ed liqueur) * cup 'u'nswe,ebmed'Cioc:o~ powdler

2 r.arge legg's", separated

, ~eals,po.on ~n5ta;nt-lespre5S(i' powder Pi n(!1l1 of salt,

4, olmc;eslbiner:sw,eet c~ooolla'le, f<ill'Dely


-4 ta leJliespoon's L!I lisa Ited butte r t ,I;U p' h'ea\lY Cd''1earn t6,t,a'b:llespooil So 5 uga.r

I,. Makle crust; IPrllheul oven to J75,", Spflepd hazelnuts in a 5mgile hly~r 0.11 a rimmed balking sl100ttoBS.t until SKU1S s~Ut and flesh turns deep gQidi!11'I br,own" tossling.I'I~Hw.ay Unougn, '10 to 1:2 minutes. R:i1mo\le from oVen; ~l!du~e (lv,en to 3,25°. Whiie .sUI m'lml, rub nuts in a dean . it.ohen 'towel to, remove '5. In S {some will remain ',let cool completely. I en rine~y 9 rind in a foodplJ:'oCJeS501'.

2. Stir loge:ther 'glfoood nuts. cookie crumbs. e:spr€!ss.o powder. salt, <;Ill1d butter, Press, into bottom ,and up iides. ,of anll-lnch round tart P.i'l1'I with,~ removable bottom, Chilll30:minutes.

,:1. PI~ce tart pan on ,iI bakingl sheet ba~e I~ntil firm to, the: touch, about 20 mlnultls. lralnsrer to a w~!'Ie 'rack to c:ooII'compJ!1!tlely.

I. Ma,k;e mousse: In a bowl. whis.k tog,ethel' Kal1llua, cocoa, 1;99 ycJks., espresso powder. and salt Mel I!nocQlat and butter i(ll a l1eiJltprnof bowl set o,vti!'w (not in), a pan of simmer1ng water. Whisk 10 ~iq'Ueur ml>l.tui'€.'L Cook, whlskiiog;, !.Ifiltil mbrttu.re is, thickened 2IiIld lI'egi~te:l'S 16011 011 ·ElJrl Ilnstar:rHead thermometer. Let ceel forn,plehf!ly.

,5. With an electric mixer on medium speed,. eea (realm fu.st to stiff peak's. Whisk e'g19 whi'les and :suiga In tn'!!' hea ,proo bow'l !;iff

an electric mixer set Q'JtH' (net in) a pan

.of 'Simmering water_ Cook. whisk~ng. wntili sugar l is dissolved and! rn ~ rlfl:gue regist~l's 160~ 011 thermome:t~r.

15,. Attach bow I W kth m ering ue to rni>:cer W hl sk on medium speed until sof' peaks 'form. Ri;lIise speed to hig'h. and beat lint! peaks are stif" and glossy but nol,dry, and meringue ~s compl~eleJy (vOL USif'lg arlexlble spaitLlla'. gently but thoroughl fold chocolate midure into meringue, tl1enold In whipped cream, Spread levenly m cooled talift shea ChilU until set .alt I@ast 1 hour, or up to o'llE! r;lI'IIght

~RROT-S:P'l.' 'E Ti RTLBT'S.

'-1iJ.kt, ~I I I., Jl'Iil ~l A I:"

6 'graM cardamem pods

2 tablespoon,s unsalted bu'tter

" cup milk

H cup heavy Cre,I!!1If1l1

1 teaspoon tine~y gr:a1~~ peelled FiI1i!sh ,gin.ger

12 (llJn~es Ciurots. peel~d ,and ,cut into ~~~nch pieces (2* te :3 cups)

1, ICUP :su'Qiir

~ teaspcon ~O_M~i! salt

4 laJ,gle 1Li!lggS. lightly' beaten

'¥.z eu:~ fine,l!!, gfO,und gin'gersna,ps " r,edp!!I P,ate B,rise,e (~al!le -17)

Unsweetened Wbipped cream. 'for ser\l~'fIIg

GmUind cardernem, foil" dus;ting

t CJ'usJ, Ulrdam.om pods with the nal slde of a l!;If9,e ):nl,fe, jUiS'l 'LO :spli' Melt l tablespoon butler in i1! smaliSilllif:epan (I'\I'~f medium heat: add cnr.ihed tiIJrd~mgm, Cook unt II,ragranL sbout 3 minutes, Add milk. cream. ,olnd gin· gel'; b,rlng to a Simmer, stlrriflg; ~,CI combl,ne Redu.ce hea lo m~~ium-Iow! (o.o,1c 15 mirU.Jtes. stirring occasionally. Remove from "e~d; let steep 30 minutes.

2_ M~lt remalining table5PO.r:ll1 butter ~n a larg'e:

Si'!lJte PliO over medium hGat. Add carrots; cook. stirring occasiom.dly 2 minutes .. Stir in sLIgar and salt Covel' pan, cook unUI carrots are: tender When piercJe,d with the 'trp 'Q'~ a sharp, knife. abo~.rt :8 minutes. Fleur stee[JEI:d.-mil'k mhtture tl'lrougn ,~ fine sieve mto pan wllth c~rrots; discard soads, RemOVe! from nea:t; let cool ::;lIghtly, about 5 m'inut,es. Process carrot m~)<;t'I.Jre: in a· foo,d prutf:SsQf unUI COlTlplettelv 5mooth;t'rans~er t.Q a bowl.

3" Temper beaten ,eggs by whiskil1g i'n Lip! to 1A 'I:I,IP ,anOl mh:;'ture. 11.4. cup a~ a tlme, !.10m eggs ~r,e w.arm to tlie. touch. 'Pour warmed egg mixture Into remaining (·arrot mb:.tun~; whisk un;il thor,ou,ghly ,l::omblned. Let cool.

1~. Meanwhile, lightly sprinkle g.rounl1 gingefsnap~ on a work syrf;alce 'to form ,11 large 'rClt!l'ld. ,s'bout 18, inche:s in dfametef_ Roa out pat@: brlsel!!' on to,p ·o,f crumb';. to Mt in~h

. hick. turning OVe'r dOllgh occasiona'llv to co~t bot h sid'es wi 11 c.oo,k ie cru m b5.

,5. USing a 5-11'1(:111 clilokie culter 0 t.arHlng mold,cull out efght rounds from c'Qug,ll. Press rounds into eight otHnchtarUe pans or pie 1),lole5: lrim dOIJ,gh flu'sh wfth rim, Prick lboUam a'r dough allover witfl.a fark_ (11m 30 'mII!1lUtJ@!S.

6. Pre~1eat over,' o 375Q, Line leach li31rt shell with p!.ltchrn~'t'!t pape.r. pre.ssing I'nto comers; rilll, with pie weights or dried beans, B~ke urr il golden brown, abcn.d 30 minutes, lirans.'f·er to a wire fad;;.. Remove pte weights and pa rch ment Let 5he~ls coc' t:ompletely.

7. Im"jde 'fill nq ,evenly among sl1,_Ils BakiC2 unUI ,<11 f.r!iKe 'te-st!!f inserted in al.ntel'S comes au t de:.a,M.30 tlo3S minuh~s,. S'erve' ~ni~' w~th whipD€d Cl"€'am du)too wlth ground cardamom,


M.'lJ([S ONt J1 BY 13 JI\I _lllAlH

With t'h~iT co'orJ~1 skins" red Bartlett pe,ars ,rook es:peci{llly ni!C.'i! fn tkts: t~tl

~ CUrp wh,ole bliilnc:hed ,~im.i'JruI5 (3 C'U'I1ces)

¥.i ,cUp (1 stjc'f() unsatlted bu'Uer: s·oiftened lI.ii cup SU'!;i'!!llr. phJS more for sprinkling

1 ~a,r-Ig i! egg

:2 't'ilbl'eS'DO~JFriS hlea1tY cream

lA 't1easpoon pl! re a I:m and ,edra,et

AI mend Tart Shell'I'(lr'ecipe fo"1ows)1

, ripe but fiwm red fj;i1Il''t'leU or Com~ce, iP,ear. core!1 and C;tlIl~ i nte 'll/.iI-ifilich-th.ic:k s~h:es

Vanilla-IBean C:'I',eme Angicilllse, for serllililg (Irfl:cip·e 'follow-s)

I. Preheat oven to 3S0~- Spread ·a~m'Qflds in !ili single I~y~r on a, rimme.d ba'kingl 'sheet; b'J:i!r5~ until Hght golden and 'fr.;tgrant, ·tossi:F1g halfwa}' tf r,ough, 7 to 10 minutes, Let cool completely, the·n If line Ill' Ig,r i nd in 8J fnod processor;

2. 'With an electnc mixer on medium. speed, (ream bIJ1U'@1 alndsugalr urr II Hghtand flu'ffy. Add. ground almonds, egg. eream, and almond ex,tract !beat I.U 1I"l~11 weill iCombin ed.

::t U:~in!J a smiillil offset ~p3tUJla. spre,gd tlllijng, ln tool£d ti!rt shell, Arrange ,pear 'sllces;. ovet'lap~ ping them sUghtl'l. on top of filling'. Generously sprinkle wrtlh su,gi3Jr; place tart en a balking sl1eet B>al<ie mltfl flJlln'g: Is slightly puffed and ~iolde:n brown, abou,l 35 m~lnlJltes. Transf<er

Io a wire rack to cool. Serve warm or a: reem b:!'mp,eliatur€; with ()I',em·e aln'gh'llise alongside,

MmornVI1~rurl ~nooll

MAI([S ONf. ~ gv I IF.J.C~ 5~EI L

lA, cup whc,~e; blanCJhoo almonds

1 (;1![,Ip 11ll111JI,5, 21eas:pooll'ls ,allll~pll1npose flour,

1'10:5 mom for dlUs~jng

~tea.'jjpocl'I'1 balk~fIIgl sodal % t'i!aspoon s aU

~ 1!;lj,J:P' (1' s~iC'k) unsalted butter. sO!fl,ened

Jh cup, suglfJlr

1 lalrg:e eggl y,o'lk

JAt:ea,slpoon pure vanilla extract

t Preheat oven 'to 350°, Sprlead' almonds ~n a sing:le I,aVer on ill r~mmed ,l1iJking sheet t~ast lint pi light g:olden ,and ffalglr.:lI1t", 'tossing halfway throu-gh, 1 to 10 minutes. Let cool complete'ly, then ~ifll~l,y gfnlld in a tood plI'ocessor.

Z. In a small bowl, whlsl< toge1r.i1er tlnur, btl,king snda, and sau, WiUl ~n ehKl:rl'c ml:xJer en I'f'Hediul1f1 ~p-eed, erearn biJt.tl!i' and Sl!'g,;gF unLil light ilfild fhrrfjl', Add ,gl"ol.!!'ldakTlQnds. e\gg yolk .. and viU1lUa el!:lrad. and bei1lt unill weJll,comblned, Wlth mj~er ()in loW' speed, Ig.radul!IlI'y

,,;iod lour mixture, beaUng un iI jus,': cGmbin~d. Tu n out (l:nto a wo( sur'ace; pa'· into a flath~ned m,d i!11l1gh'l" w~~ pin pi ~5,tiC C hUI1 hiD IJ 1', or up to overf!ugh(.or fr,eet';e' up 103: months nhaw before using)_

3. On a Hgh'tly' floured surFace. roll Qu'l dough [to eli 6-by-16-inch rectangle, ilbout M! men thid. Fi'L lii'l'lo a 4~by-13-II'I'Ch recti.:ullguf~r tart pan w~th a removable b'ottom;'rim dough flush with um Piril:k bC'lttom of dough all (l!!Jef wrth a "orik. Chill 30 rrnnutes, Of up to ov@mn.glu,

~. PJ'e'hea,t oven to c]50~, PI.;u;J~' tad p.a r.1 on a baking sheat: balke untll trust start's to b[(lwn around 'the ~d9es. 13 to 14 minutes, (Dough will be 51iglh ~y p~'ffed in ~PQls,) Transfer ~o

a wire' r;ack; JoJsing ';3 metal '5pilt,~'a. g~nUY' press on dotigh untrl it us smooth and 'flat lei mo'l comp'le'tely.

VM·llit-BelWl!_. CI-eme l\nulais-

MAK L S. AS ]U I U~~

4 liar,g;e eg.g, yo'~ks

~ cup s.u:g'ar

Pinch olf 5al't

1 '1.1,13' mi1lik.

jI~ Cl.llj:l' hea.vy cream

, vanilh,b,ean. 5Pilii't: I,engthwise

t Prep,an! ~11 lea-water bath. 'With an el'edrlc mixer on hi,gh speed. whisk toge'ther egr!;i yolks, sug,a r, and Si~t until palea lid verli rnn-::k.

2. Combine ffililk. and cream In. fl, small S!'ILKepall1: scrape .In the vanllla se~ds. ,and add

Ute pod, IBring jmt to a beiL Riimove from heat; di scard pod.

3,- Wi~h mixer' on low speed, gradually POUf hal'f 'the ~ot-milk rnl tum int,g yaU. mi:w:tuf'El, then POLlf yolk FIlI::dure IlilhJ n:!:malll~l"Ig milk ill 5a!JtIGpalfL Cook o'll'"e'r medium-low hest, stirring ccnstan Iy with a' wooflen spoon, until thick enough te toal the< back, of the SPO-Or1J arid hO'!d a lime ,dr~Wf1 by 'four finger, about 5 mlnlllt,B's. Pass mi)(~ur'e through a nrH~ 5U~,\l'e jn~,o, a bowL Place bowl in. loe-wafer baitn. stirring Clc;(.;J,sionally. lHI"1I ch,illed Use immediately. or fe',rigera e. c-ov'ered, up to 3, days. Gen'll:y Whj5~ bllfore using.

THE. .MO'ST WO'N.DER.FULT'[IME OF 'THE year is especially so for children There's exctement in the a i:r, presents to 'wf sh for, and so many yummy thlnqs to eat. Why not

make' the season even more magical by creating a dazznng dessert. just "for them? What g,irl or boy wou~dn't beoh-so-delichtad by 81 cake shaped like an ig,loo. w]th ,a playfur pack efmarzipan IPe:nguins sl~:d~ng down its, side, or by twa 'favodtes (frosted ehccolate cupcakes 1(3'nd iced 'gingerbf'lEN3d ccoktes) combined ln one delectable treat? Arid because kids are a lso enthusiastic kitchen helpers, invite them to assist in buildit'll~l cheery snowmenout of ice cream and candy' (SEH~ opoosde), or to sprinkle s'piSllrkUng sugar over :sufgan'iyot (je'I:ly~'f,med doughnuts) fQlr a Hanukka'h celebretien, Mak[ng these 'Wh~m5ical sweets i:s so much "run, 'Y'OU might just experlence a little chlldllke Joy yourself.

s·[~ tI ~c [I P IE" " D'~GE 98 ~t's q uk'k wort: to make a,

. qu,artet of edible snowmen:

Rio~1 three di'ffererl'l:;~slze

be !I S OT I ce cream in ecconutflakes, st,f)ck tnemr and insert licorice eyes, mouthand buttons, AUruy rna rzip.a iii earro't .:!ltands

in for a nose: a 'toasted n1afs.[ljmal~cw cdOtp a ehocolete wafer cockle makes tlcle "hat"


S,'EE, R,ECIP"E, 1IlA~E 9,&

WhSlt to 'the'if w'Cui:d:ering eyes: sh~tIJl:d appeillr, but a 'f~t)J::~ 'c,f mar;z,irPan ~enguin'$, lHlingi~g :l\mUd,B'V cheer'!' this ia(klrable ~gh~)o CCII1.S sts 0f bt~.nffli'l:r,earn b,rQt:~$ Jljp~d I)nto ,i! otiotol,iI'teand-vaniUa ioe"cte'am ~ke, Dried"'cG'tollU '''snow' arid a, cakl! staind 'trimmed Wliith sug;iltr .. du5ted palPe~ i:cj,oJe$ co:mplet1i;:,the If)ol,~1 ~ an,dsc~pe.

Il(lds and cupcakes go hand in hand, and miniature ones are just tiMe right size. Top wrth tiny spice cockles cut illilto snowJla:k,e's and gingerbread men; try pumpkln or ,even tutkey shapes for Thanlksgiving!.

!~OL]T'TE~RED7j :SU'i(}llN]YOT)) MAKES 2 POlEoN

1j!lt;Yu''1'l! mGkiNg~t}~~l ~wn:d'a.ii!"c!'l :version,

of di.esed(')!ughn:u~s, ,tf.!du~~ ~J:i:e 'a~notm.t d1' Sdlt .to .:.ti, ;teO\Slpoan.

1 @Ave'lope (1 $i!3I1!t' t:ab!!i!,spoon:) ,j;!C'ti1i.i'e dry yleas~

~ c up gift! rH,I iartled su gar

1 c,up pi us ,2 ta:bles;pooi1iIS, wallim mll:1k or SlOy mUk (no'O)l

3~. CIIJPS ~I H~IIJll"pcS!~flour, p!~U1S, morn fordusMnQI

ll~ ~elasPQons clOa,r:Sil;lsalt

2 large tllggs., Ilig!htly' be~b~fi"I

3 tabl~espoons unsallted blu~~e.r er mi'!lrl" rj n e, fll"u.~Jted ,and ooolh:!d

Vegietabl,e oU" for bow! ,and. irll'ing 1~J cups cOfl'fe,ctiolllen." s,u,gar., sWf't:e:d

,2' lli.'::UP:S r,iI!5ptuUry jam:

Blue :sanding su~'a1r" fo.~ deco~at'i!1g

t Comb~li!f! y~a::st. g['aIl'IIJ~.1fted s.L1ga!, and] cup mHl(, Le'l starrd ilJnti'll foamy • .about ,8 m~liI.utes.

2. Whisk nOUlrand selt rn the bowll or a stam:li" il'lg mixer 'rj~tBd wilh the dOJ;Jgh~hook aUaenment, Add yeas,'l mhl.tJiJre. 12;9950 and! b:wUer, and best on medhJm-low speed! oli1t~11 dough 1$ sort but nat. stw:k~, .tlboul 9: mi nutes ..

3,. On ~ IlighUv n~)lll:red surface. knead dough ul'IllH 5lmMth MJ.d~Las:Uc, 3 to 4 mJooles.. Iransf~,r to ,iii I:arge o,iled bowl. and cOiller IOQiSE!ly witli pl!ll~~jc: wr~ip. ~~~ ~]5e in.a w~rm, dr·aft-free pl'ilJc~ IJII1~il doubled lin blillk, abou~ 1~ hours.

4 _ PUin (11 dl]w Jil' th e doug h. T ur J:1 oUlb::.nto ·aJ Ilightly flour~d surfaclL\;knea,d dough a IiB'iIII

li meso ~,nd rel ~ 0 IJlt I~O ¥c. i ntl'1 fbick_ CIO'I,!\!;lr wi'th a U'coon t,o.we~. and lett rest 5 r:f)inute&. Usi:n,g a 2-inl:h eeekte cutt'E!IF. CU'l out rOIJlnds"a'nd transfer to !iI Ughti" froured baklngl sheet, Re~ Iroirl S4::!"ilpS., and ICU'~ QlJll more reunds; Cover rounds with kikhen bowet il!"1d T~t rise s,ligiltly j'n ,a, 'w,ilIlrml, dMn-~Tee ptsee .20' minutes,

5 .. M~nwhi~e. heal 3 to 4 'i RlCIIll':lS [) il ~n J pOl' untUi it reafhe!';,:375° on 1) deerJ-fry or ,candy thermo,meter. tint a w'ire' (!!lIck with paper t>Qwel~, Working in batches of four or frv:,~. add! rounds to ,orl'. EHlIdl ~ry, turn ng onee, UI"I'~~'r go~de.n g!1 d pu:ffe d, about: 1 minute per ·s,ide. Using .l ~'Dll~d s;pMn,h·~~·:5J'Rr doughm.H:s

tc Ii I"U\N::i1 ii"tElck 'to c.ool tomple[t(~:.IY'.

16. Place fllfl~al1i wire r~tk: (in p~H'(;hmen~ p>a~er or iQI baklnQ sheet Spoon jam into a pl1ills.try bj,jQ 'WiU,ed w~Ua a pla]n ~-inch tip (s.uch i:lS Ateco :1#80.1,). Pierc@! 3 l1ol~' if'! tine .!i,ide of a dlJiiigllnut with the ti,p, and sq.uee,z,e in jam '~O 'fill I! (do nOlt ovadill), P!acf;! 'on r~d:. Repe~t

'"'I. Whisk ~ogelher cOf!t'e.r::th:II'1lers· .!Sugar iH"i(j !',em;:,!inrng ,2 tii:ibl1e~pocml' millk lnCil sh!il,Uow bowl. Holdiing nillecl doug,hnots by theirsides, genUy dip tops ln~o idl1g: return to 'r.3.ck. ~mmlediate:[y sptijnkl.e w'ith sMdin!a sugd1r. Su{g~l'!il{el are bes'l w~"!,en served! t~e same day (0 r store up tQo1Je,rflig M at rc omtem.~e,r'sture U1I .a!,irtrght cGlf1liill'llI~r5.}.

'Sumgai:'1:iyotare a tradrLioAat Hanukkalh, t.reat i-lt\lre:th~:y ar,€: Iced ,and spriiinkled with sanding ::suga.r to make s!piin:~lill1g 't'alke-home treats. Arrange them in c.Llp(a~e IIn:ers and package]n smalm oeUopl1alne bags: fo~d over Uee ~ops~ then seall with doui;)h!!-sideg tape' and finish with patterned p-aper tr~mmed w~th 5iGal~hJP'ingl shears,


Ml'I J

TO' make these .mo!wmeo.n, you wilt nee'd ice-

C'fi' am scoops in thT,ee dWm-ent sf~eS' (lJ",-, 2l4-, nnda' . inch). Shoe5lTi1:!gli~ori"ecut trtto stlU1H pieties ell" (;lIsa be lu'e,djar ,the' buttons. eyes, cUld .mour.h.

:2lh p,ints va nUI8] I eef;U.l,am

2 'p,aekages (10'!!Jm:es e'ac:h) s:weet:E!iIli!!!."d ~ihr'e_dcl!ed C:OCOI"!!!Jt:

Otang,e ,g~l-paste: Fo,od coloring 1 ItabJespoon ,marzipanl'('Aounc;e)

40 S'en-Sen licorice candles (s.ee the G!.!~de) 4 I arg@ mrarshma Ilows

4 chocolate w8fer eeekles

Conlrectio,j'lers' sl.Jg,a~, flO,r dust~1'iI9

t Line a bakil1f9pan that f:its in your fru-zer with pClrc~mefl'" paper Use lee-creem s.C:01JpS to r,ann balls o'f ice' crsem, ma,kingk}tn

01' ach size: p:lalce on ,pmpated pari, Chill ln Fre'e:zel' 15 minutes.

2., P[aCie eoeenut in 01, ~haUow bo,wL WOl'kirng with one balill al a, time, remave ice cream frern rl'ee.le!l'~ then 1'0,n ln cooo nut ~ 0 coat. Re· bl~' n11 to frE!'e:l:er. TIn~ rnar~ipa n 'w.i ltn or~n 9,e food co,llorlngl; lorrn into, small rarrot shapes. u'Slng, a lPar~ ng Iknife to ma'lo:.e ridges

~1,. Remo\i€ a small baO Oif ~,ce cream from, freGZet; usa I icorireFo'f Ie-yes a nd m euthand a m;rdpan carrot for the nose. Return 'I) free"ze ; napea'

i •• Remove a medium-size ball fr'Oi'n the: [reeler; arrange litoricl! in a raw d"Q,wn UII~ '~r.onl for bwtlQ~u, Re'tlIJrl'l to fl'eet!:.eir; ,repeat.

5" R.emO\i'ea,11 balls from treezer, and stack to create s.nowmen., pressingl sli_glhtlly to adnere, 'Re turn snowmen to lreezer,

6. 'fa make hats. rmlist marsflmalfo,ws on. skew,ers ,ove i2I gas-bu mer name., turn in'\} 'to co 1'0 r 'f'V,enly.(AU,em.a,gvely, place marshmallows Ol'll ;a baking sheet, under the bU'Qiler, raicl'ting ~e.ry fL\!W ·s.econds'; PI',il:lI;;e each tOij5te~ miJr~·I1- m.allow ,on ,~, chocolate' ~Ifer, and dust with ennlactieners' sugar" IPlace hats en S'!'1lt1lWmEl'n JUs'l betere serv ing.

E Uif1csalted Ibutter. for bak~ng sheets lJA. cups l!Inswee~emld Du'tlth-pr,o(es.s

eeeea poW\d'!::l!'; pi us more' :f·!lir pa ns

2* 'cups alll~PlllfJ!ose 'fl C'OJ r

2* cu p:s $;lIra n ILl ~a'h:!!d su 9Iall'

2*, b;!a'Spoon~, 'b'akffin.g soda

n~, 'teaspoon,s baking powdler

1%, teaspoons sailt

2. 111.!Ill'Ige whQTe °'9'95 plus 1 egg yolk 11 ~At cups< w:a I'm wait,er

PAl. ,cup:s la'w~fat bu'Ueilfmi'!k

1h: CUII' pl,ln;, 2 ,tab~l\lspooi'ils !;Iege~a'bre' Qj.I llA1 teaspoons purevfliilllll.al ,extract

1 quart choooltl!te ice eream

1*, quarts vanilla ice cre.a,rn

WIhi.1t.e -Checol ate BIJ-tterclr~a m (recilp.e: follWows')

to ~Iailrge mal"sihma:llows

White, pa le- blue. and sllvE!'f sanld~"g sug~r. for deoe,Qratl ng

Marzipan Pengluilils (recip@: ;t,olilows.) Finel,)!" :shredded uflsweet,eli"led ceeonut. for decorat'iiI'lQI

Vegletalble-o~1 ca.oking :spl',ay

II. Prehea '11l,ven to 3S-Op• EhJiler 'tWQ 12~by- 17·irnch rimmed b[!:krng5ih~eb, Une with pan:hme:nt pape'r: butter parchment, Dust witl-i eocoa; tap out escess, Sift togelher' eocoa. fleur, glf"ilInulat'edi sugar, baking s-oda, balking ,Powder, and saH Into' a mi;dnQ bowl. Add whole eggs. rol1k. the WiilITJl water; buttermilk, 01,11, and vanilla. Mix on l.ow speecl,unlil SlFtlooth.

2. Div~de b<;lUer 'between prepared sheets. Bake untllar (oak!! ~,!:!s't@:r l,nSJer'ted in 'the (:enters comes out ,e~ean, about 1,6 ml~n[Jtes, Trall'llsfeF' sheetstr!l' wiI'Q racks t>l) (i~Q~ 30 minute!>. Ron iiJ sharp kn1fe: around edges, then lnvert onto racks to eecl c(lIi!1pletely.

:3... C03't a '9Hnch(9-cup) ovenproof bowi with '(JOaking spray. line wrl:lh pli!l.stic "ralp. I:eavllilg

a ,2~inch o!Jerhang. Cut one cake layer C:I'Q~S-

Even nOli ice pipeTS wmfind t easy tOI prod,uce ~he blocks IOfimstingo1t the' cake. You ,m.a.y wan.t to wear,gloves wilen tinting the marzfptll'1 withJoad c(.I,k.lrf1lg.

FOR c:;um: A thifl "crumb !;oa.l'· O'f rr'()sl:il~g provldes <I s:moolh surface 'For the ~ped-on frosting. Wor'il'1g 'flrorfi top

ttl boUom. and ~tnning cafite as 'lOll work, pipe "blocks" so

the:y ,o'Ver lap each ct n!il r sli-g hitiy.

wise into ~Hl1ich-w~d'l! sll'1~ps. and use to line bowJ (there should be no 9.apS). Cut a 9Hnch ll'OlJirldi fr·om r'em~iniil'lg cake Ii!,yer; reserve,

f~. One aI a' 'me, heat Ice creams wiih an electric mil(er just until smouth, Spread 1 cup v,~nliia fee cream over cake lin bowl,~ 'spread 1~ 'c.ups checelate Ice cream on top, Continue ~sVEdlig ice creams, ahi!rJl~Ung i'li.! ClIpS ,of each f~avor, stopping J...1 ~Iu:'h from Ir~m. (If ]ce ett!'3i1fl: be(O"h~$ 'toQ 110ft. free.r:'fl' cake al1~

the lee cresms until firm agam, about 10 m nutes; stir beatefl ieecrearns until smooth. if necessary.) Pre'Sis cake round ,r;ver i(;e cream. Wi".ap in plastFe.; h'f,eze: ov,ernight.

i.Turn ou't c_a,ke 'fUltO 1'.I9-fnch ca boa~rJ or

,a plat ;er. Fr,ee.le 15 mlflluh!s:. Spread, a 'Ihin lal/'i@F or buthm:ream """elf' 'i;',a,ke. ~nd 'hee,ze ,lJnUI

firm, about 115, mol Flu tes, Transfer' remaj nin 9 bj)! ttererearn IJO al pasril''f bag rit'ted with a larg,e basket-weave tip (5U(n, as Ate(1) #8,98), Wi'til smooth :side of tip facing you, pipe Hru::h rect,;angles, II Oller ,ake Cpict!l.n'ed beloW). If cake 'begins to 'Soften. freeze 15 minutes.

16" lrlrfTl' one rounded side of each marshmalraw to make nat; attach cut sides to cake In ,an

i n'!l~rted U.5 nape to ()utlioe- ,a, "door:' Using a smaller baskE.t-weavetip (such as AteCio #S9S),pil'le shorter r,ectangtes ~i;'er marshmallows. Sprinkle sanding sUgars all QVf'1 cake. f{@e~€ until reaJd'y to serve, up to 1 dEi'Y' Att:acl1 meu'zipan pengOil1$ to cake with toothpkks. alnd ,garnisl, with ,OOC:Ol'lut "snow"

_. ...,

" z.



\1\ll.Ue.-1 "hnooLate.llUt:ile1"1·:.I"'OO1l f tAlC J~ nUl 'I L U 'S

20 QUOt'e.s white d'ioC()liUle, 'finely- du:),p'pe.d 1,2 hugeeg'!3 whih~5 (or 1:lh cups whip'.l~,jng~· quality p'~st'e!.rrlzed egg whiles)'

1% cups plus 3 tablespoons sugar

2.% CUp5 (41h stich) unsalted b'r.Jtt'er.

{:Ul i ntc H Ilc'lll pleces, 5,Q'ft-e rN~:dI

11. MeH chocolate HI a healpruol bowl set GJ!vcr (not In) ill pan lof sfmmermg wa[e'.f. stlnmg Llnti'l smooth. Remove frem hl!t::!t; ~i!'P warm"

~.Combine ,eg:g W 1'1 it es aiM sugar in a heatp roor UQwl or a 11 e,h!:c l de mi· er set ever ,( '1 0 ' in) pan of simmering water. Whisk urntilsugar has diis:s<llved and mixture reaches noa. 011 a l:21ndy thermometer, Atta,ch bowl '10 mi:;::el' nt~ 'ted W Ft h the whis 10: iilttachment beat on ~'_igh speed unhl nuffy and cornpl tely eeel,

::t Swil-ch IOh'e paddl attachment With mixer 'In medium-low seeed, add hlJtter. :2 pieces o~ a time, beill'Ung IlJntrl comblned ,alfl~r each addttren. Beat ~n chocolate. Reuse' speed to hig,h, a'l'I1.I beat until smeetn, about

5 minutes Reduce speed to leW',; bea'[ 0 ei~li'I'ItniJle i!~r bubbles. BuUercfeam can be refrigerated urJ,lo j dil~s. or Jl'Ozt:f'1 up 'to 'J month. in an llirfight cOfltahne,r~ br1ng 'to reomtemperalure. and beat on low speed until. smooth,

Mo.ll'zii1pn~~ P ng ui1l1l,s nAKE:S 1

1 fI{ilJnd rnar:zipaili

B,lue. white . .fed, veUmlll. and blad\: !li el-pas't,PZIi foe d coloring

1. For each peflgiJin, form four' ~~~Is (l'f marzlpall; two go!lHJall1 sitze, one naif tha'l size. and 'th! mmainmQ cne-cuarter that size (see how~o, opposite). Us-e 'fcod coloring u) tint om! ~arge' b~11 blul;! anfi U,e o~t1er white. Tint Q'lediurn ba II r usl-orang,e (ll1i)\ red a n,d ve iii ow). TInt sm Ii baU black

2. Break of a pi'Gr;e of bluE! marzipan. and roll mto a \.2-u1ch bi;llil for the head: lPU"Ich to form a beak, USe black rnsrzlpan to make eyes: attlllcl'llo head. .5halpe white marzipan ball lntc ~ body (.;aboutlJA Inches long). Use Clrange m,)1fz~p~n 'to make ih-~m:h-tong 'feel. Roll ou'l remaining blue rnerzrpan to 'IA Inch thkk.

C!.It out slJape for wli'igs w~th iii pij,rit1g hlfe.

It Gel'l,uv press, head onto body: attachee.t. Wr,ap wing:s around b~d.!i.mooth seam at Inet k. IPeM'guin s can be stored up to, 2 weeks at roam temp~'Ha:~Lli'ie in a~'rtighl COl"lt~hHl'r5,


M'~ '":!. ~()

Pe!itsfOlLTS should be' serued the same dny theM ate dSsembleli

'10 t;~bli!:SlPoom OI~ stk:ks)lun:!!itlltBd b,utb~!r. s'oha ned" plI.llIS, more fior ,'aln

3161 CU,I'S; all·pliJlrp'Q5e' 'flolUf. plus more 'fo r dlls:ti !l"!gl

'1 \Ii i!"Li,p-:S boillngl wa'te i'

11h: ~~a spoo,ns b9k~n,.Q sod'(}

.3" cup unsweetened Dukn'·prol;ess

cocoa powder

4 'rei1lspoOl'is groound ging,er

4 teaspoon s girol!lll'll d clrmam em

1 'teaspoon' f'i"e'sMy gr<llted nuun egl

% 'teaspoon ground ·clove.5, 1 'teaspoon 5,l1lf

, h'bh~$PQQrn ba.kirl9 'po,wde:r

1 ,cu:p p<I,ck.ed ,dark~'browifi s,ugal'" Ph 'CU,pS UI'!Il\iulhned mclasses

3 largl! egIQ!i. r,oorm t@ffi;pef,atlUlI'e Whipp~d Bith'!,rswe,e:t Gall'lC!ci'lle (recipe 'fol iowd

2 red lieortce wh~el5' (se'E 't.he 'I],U!ide), unwound and cut inlo Vot-inch pieces

L'onfeetl'OrR,ell':s' :suga'f, Ifer dusting

'1. Prwh'e'ilt Qv~n hI 350"'. Bulter a 9H~y~ Bainch baking pan, Line' bottom with parchment, and buUer parchment, Dust W'llh flour: lap out ex,ces:s, Stii' '~Clge.tl1er Un! boilJng water and bakingl soda. 11rJl.Il bo-wl, whisk ~oge1 her flour, Clocoa, spices. saU, and baking powd'!a'r.

2. WI h an eteetrtc rni,X'er or; medium-high spee<d. ~J'"earn but er and brown sLIgar unil pale ,and flutfV, Add molasses and ,eg'gs; beat until creamy. 5crar,lJl1g d0wn sides, of bowl

as needed, Reduce s pee!! Ito low. Add Uour mixturE! hi' bree additi(In'SI a'I:,ern;;tUlfig wi'" th.e baklillgl soda miK1ur~; beat .until combined. RaHie ~,'Peed to medium-high: beet '15 seconds,

3,. Pour batter II1tO prepared pan, Bake u-nUI

a too hpick inser ed 11'1[0 cent,er 0 eske cernes out clean, abo LJt 40 mi !'Jules, (Do not Opel'! ov'en vef'Q,re 3S rninutes.) lransfe:r p.i!lf! to a wire rack to coo~ 20 ;m'inutes. Run i31'Sharp, knife around edg,es of cake: Invert onto rack, Remove parchmen ; reinven c:alke (top side Up)1 ~o cool comph:t,ely Cak.e can !:lIe wra p,ped in p1 il,stiC ,(Jf'!d r'efrig'er~,!ed ",pc ,~o 3 days.

li·. Uslng '" serrated knife., trfm edges Df ,,~,ke to! make. straight eu cake into 11-im:h euh s (at least 75'. Cut 25 cobes lnto trial1gles. Spread g.Emi!lcl1 e on kllll,g :sid es 0 r if I ang I e s. Place iI trjaf'llg"le IOn top of 'each ,remalrdng cube, f,rostif'llg side down, 're reels, Dus' .\0 j' 'h confectioners' 5ugar. ~11Is.efllic:'ol'ice in each reel lor a crumm~y.

¥.ndp~ ed m,;u.t!!I"' 5utel?!L [j,(MltICl\e.

MIl!=~ E\O!J 111 UOS

:s au nee!: bjUEn·sw,e~t ~hocol·ate, 'finelV chopped

~ I;liIlP' '~n~'a\i'y clream

Place ohooolate in i1I oowl. Brlng cream £0 a .simmer In a. smalll saluc@;!)an: pcur over elliOCOlate" and lelstand 5 I'1[ilinule's. then sUr 1Jij'!'lil smoo'lh arid <:ombined Let cool c.ompleteiy. Whisk. Uiiltll flu'Uy. !Use; immedi«:rte~y_


MA 1.560 MI'''!I cUDC Al(rS

F,cdCow :the ins,trucUonos i.n the Gingerbread lc,ebo.r Cak~ (pa.ge ,38') to roll; 'Gut und bak,e ~'he ,"oolde tCiPper5; with thes~ mod~focaJions:

RoU (ru.t dough fojust ll'tlfJ'ef 11;j, ,nct? thtck, dna w:e IJh~:int'h cookie cu.Uer~;tv rut old the ~hnp~ s anstead of fluted Fa·Mett).

lo/.i: cups !il,u,·py,rpQ(iJfi! 'fIIQiJlt

'iii CIUp U m:sweehl:n,ed Dutch-proeess eocoapowder

1* cups sugar

l!1h: 'teaspoons baking S1od." ~ t'ea.spoQ!1I ba!k.ing powd~i' % 't,aa,spoon salt

2 la,rg:e' e,g 9 5-

% 'CLIP buUermUik

3 'tab'''e'spoons ve,getl!.ble ,c,ill

1 teespoon j;ll,illre: vanllilliill e}Ctracl ~ 'cup 'warm w,ab.u

\2 recilP'~ Molas'ses ·mnger'[nread C(lok~e Do-ugh (p'ai9l.:l' 214)1

'Royallc:ing (page 24,"

F'IiUlUy Vanil!la Frosting (recipe below',

I .• Preheat oven to 350"; Lme rnlnl muffin tlns with fo~~ UnrelliS,. With an II!'Ied~ic mb:sr 0" medium speed. whisk together f~OUf. eecea. sug~r, balking soda, baking powder. and sal. Reduce speed to low. Add eggs. butbmnilk, ()~t va,nll:i,gl, arl d t Me warm \;WlIU~r; bea t urn' il 'Smoolh and (cmb,ined. scraping down sldes. of bowl as Jile:eded.

2. Divide bart er elJe"llv amongl lined cups, rillin.g ea c h "bo Wit 'two ~th r rd,$; full. Bil ke, 1'101 a 1',1 n; l i ns ha I:fway t nr'Ough, un h I iii ca,ke 1 ester: ns erted in centers comes out claan, about 16 minutes. Tr:a,nsfi!'r ins, te wire rae ,5 lcn:ooll0 minutes:

urn Cut c:upt:ake!:. onl.,() fadts to coo~ completely. CupCilk~'s can be stcred overnight ~,t room lempsreture or frozen up '10 2 months, 11'1 airU'JAl OOIltilln,ers.

3. RII a pastry bag fiUed w[th a smal' pl1am tip (sil.lch as #2) WiUl nJya~ l(~ng: pipe decGl'dtt'ons an ,oook'lll cutcn.ds. 'Folr snowna~e. pipe lini:!·'S and dots radiating ol.J'l each po,n . For peQph:~. pipe three dots down he middle. for butmns

i.,. Use ;::rll1 OifFs!1l,l 'Spatu!a 'to spread cupr;:ak"es; With a smooth lay,er of fro5bli1g. Plac~ ,t! cookie' ell teut upright 01'1 ea c:ill cu ~Gktt; se r \Ie.

Fl:lin'lI '\ urillnFrostutg I-'iM t. A6.J~ 1 .::! ·~IJP

11% cups, (3s.~1c;ks) unsa'i:te,d [m'tt,er, soUened

4 cups; (1 pound) conrecti,oners' Sluga r. si fted

*' teaspoon purevan~lIa, extract

1. W,th an electr'lt mixer on m@d:ium-1hig'l1 s[leedl. beat hU'UI:!i' until pa~e and creamy_ RedLiC;;~ ~pe~d ~o rnedlum. Add cOI1lI,ec:tioner:-s' s.ugar. 1,;1 cup a-t 1il1 time. bea'tin~l' w,ell iI,fter e,ad1 addition and 5,raping down s1de.s or bowj, as needed; ahu ~~erv tvilo, a_ddi tiOf1 51 •. rillse speed ,to high and bm,~·m secom15 tOI aerate f,ms1., 1n9. FrOcst'ing will 'be yery p~lle and fluffy. Add vanilla: be.at until 'SmqoUih

2. Ilf not USU'IQi tmmedlal(,ely. frosting can be ref.l."igeratM up 1010 da,ys in an aJr~[ght eoo~ t~iner. Befor,e US1t'l9, bl'fng h:l·l'o.om ten1p~r.!i~ 'ture; beat on low SiPc·eed until smooth i!gain,

AFTEIR THIE WH~RLWIN,DIOF BA,KJNIG an d Ig ift-,gliving Cia mong other activ.tles), there is still cause to pullout all the stops.

A celebratory meal, whether shared with famlliiy,

friends." or both, warrants a soectacalerflnale, For such an occasion. consider ethereal rnerinque: Once you whisk egg whiles and sugar

to a bil~,owy consistency. you com bake it into ~ayers ~n a dacquolse (see opposite). or pipe starbursts aver am lee-cream bombe to, produce' baked Alaska Or whip up one of our whimsical wQodla'Flld"insp'~red cakes. A. many .. ,layere:d pear terrlne-vand its accompanyin 9 caramel sauce=Is alsotru]y memorable, and w~111 commemorate this once-a-year time of reflection and rejoicing.


stE R ~CI,lpr, PAGEI,Q8

Crrsp pist2n:hio .. studded rn€ri ng U~, satiny pastry cream. a'FIId tart raspberry p!J1ree meld in~o a rrrultite;du~cland flavar~ric:h dless@rt. As i~ thatweredt eno:ugh, the IQHy dacquais€' hi, to PIped off wit h whipped cn~iilr:n. h'\esh rssoberr~e"S, and a du.st'llng of finely gro:und plsta:chhl!L

-¥:J. n.8T WAIlT 0 I creal e- a festive in ~ lle, 101


on .{. ss "OPPE·' RT' A D""S

-.'-~ - t, ,'" ..• .blA:L,J.,-

SJEE tl'ECltrE. PAGE ]f;.I9

Tine I ami'lusl~ llietro tne:k;)ail madre w.~th'.~FI1~Lde mefl~e ba,com·las ath!]rroughly modern .desse.rt ~n thlJl form'Qf indi~iditlall tart's. :E,at~'11'lr'E!atcol"ls~s.t.sof..a ~hO(:dlflt-e ~Co(:l~ Ie cr ust ~a~pea wJ.t ivl'l ilAltrla,~rltd n\O.U'!ise. tt's~ir'te.d ~p.tif.lrftota' ~~ear~~e'fl~