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The methods and models for managing innovative and complex project effectively .

S5120632,7001ENG , Master Of Project Management..

Dealing highly complexity and innovation in the projects is difficult and requires more than conventional
management tools and methods as those types of project won’t be handle regular basis. Those complexity
and innovation should be tackle hand by hand. In this article, the literature review of previous work is
provided and then followed by detailed the research plan on managing complexity and innovation in the
project by the diamond of technology method and PERT model and future research direction is also

Keywords: Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s, innovation, shown here. Text should be single-spaced; use a leading
complexity, project management, risk management (which is the average distance from the base of one line
of text to the base of an adjacent line) of 13 pt and 10 pt
for footnotes. All headings should be separated from the
1. Introduction text preceding it by a vertical space of about 12 pt and
by 6 pt from the subsequent text.
This is a template for the final assignment in Paragraphs should have its first line indented by
4000ENG/7001ENG. The template must be followed about 0.25 inch except where the paragraph is preceded
carefully. Make sure you read the guidelines for the by a heading and the abstract should be indented on
content requirements of your submission. The both sides by 0.25 inch from the main body of the text.
maximum number of pages for the submission is six You can use your initial paper as a guide but you must
with an additional 2 pa ges for the Appendix. Make follow this template for your submission. Do not use
sure you submit this assignment as a *.pdf document one sentence paragraphs, one sentence sections and one
with your name in the file name. sentence sub-sections.

1.1. Producing Copy Using MS-Word 2. Literature Review

The easiest method of following a template is to delete The Boeing Corporation launched Dreamliner project
our sample text and replace it with the text of your own in April 2004 with a planned delivery date during first
contribution. We recommend that you keep an initial quarter of 2008.However, on September 26, 2011
version of this file for reference. Page numbers are Boeing publicly announced the delivery of its first 787
included at the top of the page for your guidance. The Dreamliner after 40 months of delays and spent twined
final pagination of the volume will be done by the than actually planned. The Dreamliner was launched
Publisher. with a vision of that Dreamliner was one of the most
If you want to use some other form of word- advanced commercial aircraft ever built to take
processor to construct your output, and you are using advantage of new technologies, including composite
the final hard copy version of these files as guidelines; materials and electronic controls, with an effort to
then please follow the style given here for headings, reduce fuel costs and noise level and as a strategic
table and figure captions, and the footnote and citation preemptive move to complete with Airbus 380 program
marks. You should submit your ms copy on standard A4 (Useem, 2006). The Dreamliner was designed to be a
paper. The text area excluding page numbers should be unique project in many respects such as physical
8.8 by 6.6 inches (225 by 169 mm). The text should be characteristics, technology, management style,
set in 10 pt roman with a leading (interline spacing) of financing, design and engineering management, quality
13 pt. Type the title of the paper in 11 pt boldface and assurance and assembly processes. The Dreamliner has
in upper case. The 1st section heading is in 10 pt also faced many challenges involved designing the
boldface, upper and lower case. The 2 nd section heading aircraft body using lighter weight components
is in 10 pt bold italic, upper and lower case. If there is a (Chemical components made from carbon). Secondly
3rd section heading then it should be 10 pt italics. used of new kind of avionics and computing systems
Authors’ names are set in 9 pt and in upper case. that has not used before on commercial aircraft. Boeing
Addresses are in 9 pt italics. The abstract, figure and has decided to outsource an unprecedented portion of
table captions should be in 8 pt. It is also important to the design, engineering manufacturing and production
reproduce the spacing of the text and headings as to a global network of 700 local and foreign suppliers.


Final challenge associated with the Boeing 787 Thus, to conclude in the research Method statically
Dreamliner is that they have put Build to performance by the CPM (Critical Path method) project
contract with all the suppliers. Those mention management tool and Diamond of technology
challenges have created issues such as redesign, part method is use for managing innovative and
shortages, incorrect installation, software delays complex project.
(McInnes, 2008) and even union strikes. The Boeing
has taken designs to deal with delays. Firstly, that had
opened a production Operation Centre to coordinate
with its tire-1-2-3 suppliers. Secondly, they had begun
testing Dreamliner’s components right away at original
manufacturing sites before shipping.

if they are kept to a minimum. The caption heading for

a table should be placed at the top of the table.
umbering and spacing
Sections, sub-sections and sub-subsections are 2.4. Figures/Illustrations
numbered in Arabic. Flush left all paragraphs that Authors are advised to prepare their figures in black
follow after the section headings. Number all equations
and white or colour. Please prepare the figures in high
sequentially and all references sequentially. resolution (300 dpi) for half-tone illustrations or
images. Half-tone pictures must be sharp enough for
2.1. Text and Equations reproduction, otherwise they are not acceptable.
Please preserve the style of the headings, text font and
line spacing in order to provide a uniform style. Table 1. First five normalized natural frequencies (kHz) of a clamped
Equations should be centered and numbered beam with internal hinge at four different locations. There is a consistent
monotonic increase in frequency with beam size. The frequency was
consecutively, as in Eq. (1). An alternative method is measured with an error of +50Hz.
given in Eq. (2) for long sets of equations where only A = 0.56 B = 0.69 C = 0.75
one referencing equation number is wanted. All (metres) (metres) (metres)
symbols in the equations must be defined in the text AB1 14.06 18.56 22.08
using the AC2 61.67 44.78 44.58
AD3 88.13 118.15 101.22
same font type as seen in the equation. Make sure you DB4 199.85 173.12 194.49
use an appropriate equation editor to ensure the DA5 246.78 255.94 284.66
equations are presented correctly and that all symbols
are defined in the main text. It is best to embed the figures in the text where
they are first cited, e.g. see Figure 1. Please ensure that
2.2. Lists all labels in the figures are legible regardless of
Lists can be used to reduce the size of the document. whether they are drawn electronically or manually. The
The following show two examples of list structures. caption heading for a figure should be placed below the
The basic model makes the following assumptions:
1. Environmental fluctuations may have a negative
effect on the number of species. This effect is due
to physiological stress, which may even cause the
extinction of some species.
2. Both effects are independent and additive.
3. Both effects, stress and competence, can be
represented by average values in two different
parameters, which may be considered as constants.
Example of unnumbered list:
 Environmental fluctuations may have a negative
effect on the number of species.
 Both effects are independent and additive.
 Both effects, stress and competence, can be
represented by average values in two different
parameters, which may be considered as constants. Figure 1. The weight change of samples A and B as a function of time.
The weight increase is approximately linearly with time (r = 0.98) for
To contrast the model predictions against several sets of sample B. Please ensure that the font sizes are readable.
field data, we use richness values of benthic
Please ensure that each figure is correctly scaled
2.3. Tables (ensure legibility) to fit the space available. Both axes
must be labelled with the units in brackets.
The tables are designed to have a uniform style
throughout the paper. It does not matter how you 2.5. References
choose to place the inner lines of the table, but we
would prefer the border lines to be of the style shown in References are denoted by a number in square brackets.
Table 1. For the inner lines of the table, it looks better e.g. [2] and please note that the citation should appear

Table 2. The planning and control components.

Schedule Capacity Level

Business plan Financial planning Planning
Production planning Resource requirement plan (RRP)
Master production schedule (MPS) Rough cut capacity plan (RCCP)
Material requirement plan Capacity requirement plan (CRP)
Final assembly schedule Capacity control
Stock picking schedule Inventory control
Order priorities Factory order control Executio
Scheduling Machine (work-centre) control
Operation sequencing Tool control
Preventive maintenance

before the punctuation mark, e.g. [2], in the body text. is particularly important in the case of the axis labels in
They must be numbered sequentially throughout the the Figures.
Pay particular attention to the format requirements of Acknowledgments
the references. All references in the list must be
mentioned in the main text and all references in the The author would like to thank XXXXX for
main text must be in the reference list. Make sure you discussions and the scholarship support.
do not use capital letters in the title of the papers apart
from the first word. Refrain from using the word ‘in’ References
before the title or the conference or the journal. 1. M. Barranco and J. R. Buchler, “Paper title goes in
here with only the first word with a capital letter”,
Phys. Rev. Cf22, 1729-1732 (1980).
2.6. Sample Mathematical Text 2. H. Müller and B. D. Serot, “Another title”, Phys.
The following may be (and has been) described as Rev. C52, 2072-2081 (1995).
‘dangerously irrelevant’ physics. The Lorentz-invariant 3. V. Baran, M. Colonna, M. Di Toro and A. B.
phase space integral for a general n-body decay from a Larionov, “Excellent paper title”, Nucl. Phys.
particle with momentum P and mass M is given by: A632, 287-290 (1998).
4. V. Baran, M. Colonna, M. Di Toro and V. Greco,
1 d 3 ki 4 “The solar system paper title goes here”, Phys.
I (( P  ki ) 2 , mi2 , M ) 
(2 )5  2i  ( P  ki ). (1) Rev. Lett. 86, 4492-4493 (2001).
5. D. V. Thiel, Research Methods for Engineers, CUP
where k = j or j + 1 and  =  or + 1, but if k = j + 1, (2014).
then    + 1 and similarly, if  =  + 1 then k  j +
1. There are only 162 quark mixing matrices using
these parameters which are to first order in the phase Appendix A
variable e i as is the case for the Jarlskog This appendix must include your timelines, budget,
parametrizations, and for which J is not identically budget explanations as well as the milestones. It is
zero. It should be noted that these are physically anticipated that you will use tables for some of the data.
identical and form just one true parametrization. This appendix should not be more than two pages in
Further information is provided in Appendix A.
3. Final Manuscript
The final document should be checked for spelling and
other errors. Copies of material from other articles or
the internet are not acceptable. Please ensure that
indices and other small pieces of text are legible. This