Year Seven Art Project Portraits

Woodleigh School
Autumn 2010

Salvador Dali Soft Self Portrait 1941 I thought it would be easy but I was so wrong. As I was drawing it I did it over 10 times to get it the way I wanted. It went to bad to good but it turned out all right. Think that Salvador Dali was a good inspiration for me. As you can see on it I used oil pastels and itt came out brilliantly for me. Joshua Armitage

Salvador Dali Soft Self Portrait 1941 Salvador Dali is an incredible artist and he has a sheer passion for art. I love his Soft Cell Portrait. I was so pleased as I started to get into the drawing of this amazing portrait using chalk and pencil. I found creating this very frustrating but when I had finished I felt so relieved. Ryan Donaghy

Picasso Self Portrait 1900 Picasso demonstrated uncanny artistic talent in his early years painting in a realistic manner through his childhood and adolescence; during the first decade of the twentieth century his style changed as he experimented with different theories. Picasso was magnificent at self portraits and I chose his pencil portrait of him self when he was 19. The thing that inspired me to do this is that I really liked the texture of the black and white and it looked quite interesting to draw. I thought the texture of the colours blended really well and it ended up really good just like Picasso’s. Ashley Johnson

Pablo Picasso’s last self portrait 1972 One of the main reasons why I chose this portrait was because I like the fact that it is its own thing, it is not like other portraits and it doesn’t try to be the most realistic thing in the world and I like the fact that the eyes look a bit out of proportion and not absolutely perfect. I admired the choice of colours that Pablo chose and thought that he was very daring to use such shapes for the eyes, nose and especially the way that the mouth was done. I am especially pleased with my final result and I think that if I were to do it again I would mainly focus on getting the eyes the correct shape and mixing the colours so that I get the right shades from them. Zac Woolley

Picasso Self Portrait 1907 I chose this picture by Picasso because it is very abstract. Although this picture looks easy to copy, it wasn’t in my opinion. I think the very hardest thing about drawing this picture was getting the picture started, then blending the colours was hard as well. I like the abstractness of Picasso’s work . By George Crawford

Leonardo Self Portrait 1512 - 1518 Leonardo was born in April 1452 and died in May, 1519. I chose this portrait because I liked the pen and ink. I liked the wavy lines that showed his hair and the simplicity of Leonardo’s drawing. I liked the black and white in the picture. That is the reason I chose this portrait. Robert Bradley

Lowry self portrait 1925 He was born in 1st of November 1887 and died in 23 February 1976. When he died he was aged 88 in Glossop, Derbyshire England. Lowry was a painter in 1925 and during the time of the war he did paintings of factories town’s people going to work. He sometimes used pastel & paint for his famous work. He usually did his pictures with matchstick men. I chose this self portrait of Lowry because I thought it was an easy oil pastel work but it was very tricky. I enjoyed it. Lowry said “You don’t need brains to be a painter, just feelings.” “I am not an artist .I am a man who paints.” Joey Harland - Wakelin

‘Thinking of Death’ by Frida Kahlo 1943 Frida Kahlo was born on July 6th 1907 in Mexico . I think Frida Kahlo was a very good self portrait painter. I chose this picture because I liked the colours on the leaves and the way the hair had lines and swirls in it. I think that my strongest point was the way I did the back ground with the leaves and their different colours and the curling stems. Ben Willert

Lucien Freud A Painter 1962 Lucien Freud was born in Berlin, Germany on the 8th December 1922. Freud briefly studied at the Central school of art in London. From the 1950’s he began to paint portraits. I chose this picture because it looked quite hard. I was struggling at the start but when I got into mixing the chalk pastels it was quite easy. My favourite thing about drawing this picture was mixing the colours and getting the chalk on the paper. I had some help in doing the outline of the head by Mrs. Negus but I did most of it. It was fun because I hadn’t done much drawing of other artist’s work before. I loved playing with the chalk because I got mucky which is always good. Jonty Megginson

Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1907 Palo Picasso was born in Spain and painted all through his life from early childhood to the day he died. He also did lots of sculptures he did all sorts of styles, and he took to advantage that he was alive through lots of generations. I chose this self portrait because I like how it has been done. How he got all the detail in his skin tone and the background of the picture. I really enjoyed doing this picture and didn’t regret choosing it. If I were to do it again I would test the colours more. Rory Selvey

Year Seven Art Project Portraits
Artwork by: Robert Bradley, George Crawford, Ryan Donaghy, Joey Harland-Wakelin, Ashley Johnson, Jonty Megginson, Rory Selvey, Ben Willert & Zac Woolley Websites:

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