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Harmful Effects of Modern Media to the Health of Filipino


Myla M. Ong
RN-City Health Office,
Iriga City

One of the outcome of People intelligence are all products of civilization in our
present cybernetic world. It makes life sense more confortable and enjoyable in this
modern media like television, computer and other hytech gadgets that all products of

Yet this very civilizations has become people’s own unending the beneficial effects
are often and accompanied by disadvantages and harm.

Take the care of television, computer, laptop, tablets, etc. the good life brought
about by these need but not productive. They have improved in entertainment, but also
industry, communication and life as a whole.

However, what are the harmful effects of these, particularly on the young learners

1. Computer and video games

There is maybe enjoyable/entertaining but spending too much time on

them is a waste of time. Instead of studying, many children spend hours on
computer and video games.

The target not only their studies but also their health habits, like taking a
bath, eating meals on time, exercising, they maybe lying awh-wardly whole

2. Television

a. Children who spend much time watching television forget their lessons and
school activities. The habit of just sitting infront of television, computer,
laptop other hytech gadgets lack exercise and socialization laziness,
disobedience having developed. They have strong world of their own.
Thus, resembling those with autism they become passant.

b. Cases and poor eyesight are health problems to children resulting a

radiation from television.
c. From TV shows where many youth win a short-outs to fame and glory
learn to be envies and development wrong values.

d. On the MTVS there are vulgar and indirect works and means that the
young may imitate. Thinking there are good, scenes who are marital sex,
early marriage, bad barkada give had examples to the youth.

e. If some cartoons as comics stories children show that the called heroes
always win indicating but one has to win by hash or by crook. They
become selfish vigilant and revilous.

f. In some situations, children see disintegrating familiar because of wrong

values like abortion, elicit relationships, abortion, extra marital affairs,
disrespectful children and some see parents smoking, drinking, gambling,
lying, disobeying, cheating, quarreling or taking drugs.

g. On advertisements-children are encouraged to eat junk foods or tsitsiriya

likewise, encourage youth to use other toothpaste to have sweet breath
that will give them kissable lips, and engage in kissing.

h. There are scenes in the behavior who vulgar and indecent words pre-
marital sex, early marriages, had “barkadas” give bad examples to them
that the young may imitate.

3. Internet

The internet enables a person to communicate freely and openly in the

international world through the computer. It can be used in research works and
study. But what harm may the internet cause? It depends in the people using it.

Have may used it in long useless conversation (chat). Uncontrolled, the

youth may use sites the show/teach immoral acts evil/illegal activity.

From the harmful effects enumerated aboved parents, guardians has the basic role
to help children to get the most of it to prevent them from being affected adversely.
Guidance, advice and example of parents and guardians are very important.
Republic of the Philippines
Region V (Bicol)
Division of City Schools
Iriga City


1. Registration


1. Roll Call
1. Hon. Madelaine Y. Alfelor - City Mayor
Chairman, Local School Board

2. Crestito M. Morcilla - OIC School Division Superintendent

Co-Chairman, Local School Board

3. Hon. Santos A. Audal, Jr. - Chairman, Education Committee

Member, Sangguniang Panlungsod
4. Hon. German C. Oliva - President, Division
PTA Federation
5. Shirley B. Luceña - Division Nurse II
Non-Teaching Staff
6. Aureo Borromeo - ICPSTEA, President
7. Maridel C. Verrosa - DSW Officer

8. Jean A. Bongon - City Treasurer

9. Fanny H. Turiano - OIC, City Budget Officer

10. Beverly B. Espiritu - OIC, City Accounting Office

11. Lourdes Azcarraga - DepEd, Budget Officer

12. Benjie D. Gonzales - City Planning Officer

13. Ana Melba Bongon - EPSA II – Brigada Eskwela Coordinator

14. Isabel G. Ong - Secretary, Local School Board

15. Fe Oronan - EPSA II – ALS


There was a quorum and meeting was called to order at 2:35 P.M. by Mr.
Crestito M. Morcilla, School Division Superintendent, Co-Chairman Local School Board
while the City Mayor Hon. Madelaine Y. Alfelor Chairman, Local School Board is on
official business attending with other local agency having their on-going meeting too.
3. Opening Prayer – led by Dr. Shirley Luceña President/representive DepEd Non-Teaching

4. Reading/approved of previous minutes after reading of the previous minute by the

Local School Board Secretary Mrs. Isabel G. Ong. Mrs. Fanny H. Turiano, OIC, City
Budget moved for the approval of the previous minute and was duly seconded by the
August body.

5. Presentation of the agenda

1. 2018 SEF 1st/2nd Quarter Expenditures
2. Updates Literary Award 2018 participation
3. Brigade Eskwela support resolution
4. MOA Resolution Feeding Program between the DepEd & LGU.
5. Other matters

Mr. Crestito M. Morcilla, Schools Division Superintendent, Co-Chairman Local School

Board the presiding officer formally started the meeting after he presented to the body the 5
agenda to be taken-up.

Agenda 1. Mrs. Beverly B. Espiritu – OIC, City Accountant distributed to the body the
copy of the expenses incurred/ the status of (SEF utilization) during the 1st and 2nd Quarter

FY 2018 SEF Budget ₱6,000.00

1st Quarter expenditure

Sports - ₱4,503,089.25
2 Quarter Expenses
Academic contest - 137,500.00
Sub-total - ₱4,640,559.25
Balance - ₱2,128,032.45

Agenda 2. Updates of the documents in the National Literary Award 2018 participation.

Mr. Benjie Gonzales the City Literary Coordinator likewise the LGU Planning Officer
made a report to the body the status of the documents for the said evaluation to be conducted
by the DepEd ALS Regional Office. It was noted and learned that Literary Award Regional
Evaluation was conducted already early of April 12, 2018.

However, it was suggested by the Schools Division Superintendent Mr. Crestito M.

Morcilla, Co-Chairman, Local School Board by next LSB meeting, DepEd, Region V office EPS II,
Chief ALS Office, be invited to discuss with us comprehensively regarding the
guidelines/overview of the National Literary Award (NLA).

In this premise it was agreed by the body to pass a resolution be sponsored by Hon.
Santos Audal Jr. and Hon. Dante Oliva, Member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Chairman/Co-
Chairman Committee on Education respectively to Institutionalized the Literary Program of the
City of Iriga.

Agenda 3. Brigada Eskwela

The presiding officer Mr. Crestito M. Morcilla, Schools Division Superintendent, Co-
Chairman LSB give the table to the Division Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Mrs. Melba Bongon
prayed to the body to pass a resolution through the Sangguniang Panlungsod to
sustain/strengthen the Brigada Eskwela Program in Iriga Division specially that the Division of
City Schools bring banner for 3 consecutive years as National Brigada Eskwela Awardee both in
elem/secondary level specifically Iriga Central School/San Antonio High School. Presently, Iriga
Central School is aiming to a Whole of Fame Award/San Antonio High School Platinum Award

Agenda 4. Status of School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) in Iriga City.

Dr. Shirley B. Lucena, Division Nurse, President Non-Teaching Personnel/Member Local

School Board, informed the body that this SY 2017-2018 records show that 1,893 school
children have been classified as severely wasted and wasted pupils in the entire division to be
feed at ₱16,00 per meal for a period of 120 feeding days. Hence, the Local Government Unit
was prompted to complement to its own Feeding Program by foregoing partnership through a
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). MOA’s terms/conditions governing
responsibilities/undertakings on fund utilization herein parties City of Iriga and DepEd, Iriga City
Division has been found and binding between them with an allotted total budget of Three
Million Six Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Pesos (₱3,634,560.00). And the
Sangguniang pass a resolution authorizing the City Mayor Hon. Madelaine Y. Alfelor to enter
into (MOA) with the DepEd duly represented. By Mr. Crestito M. Morcilla, School Division
Superintendent, Iriga City Division for the implementation of the School Based Feeding Program
sponsored by Hon. Santos Audal Jr. and Hon. Dante Oliva, Member Sangguniang Panlungsod
Chairman & Co-Chairman, Committee on Education respectively.

Agenda 5. Other Matters

1. Mr. Crestito M. Morcilla Schools Division Superintendent informed the

August body that Iriga City Division received an allocation of Thirty Two
Million Pesos (₱32,000,000.00) Pesos from the DepEd Central Office intended
for Classroom Repair and Nineteen Million Pesos (₱19,000,000.00) for the
repair/rehabilitation of Gabaldon Bldg. to maintain the image of Gabaldon
structure as mandated.

2. Dr. Shirley B. Luceña, Division Nurse and the Division Feeding program
Coordinator the feeding shall be started June 11, 2018 and quite late already
for 3 days and to be end December 2018. Preparation of the Feeding is
billited in the LGU Central Kitchen located in San Agustin, Iriga City.

3. Hon. Madelaine Y. Alfelor, City Mayor, Chairman Local School Board

3.1. Academic standing both elem/secondary Re: Reading Program to
pupils and students with reading problem should be strengthened.
3.2. Through the school feeding program children shall be trained to does
simple chores like washing the dishes after feeding time.
3.3. We shall also alerted on academic standing of our
elementary/secondary learners.
3.4. Through the LGU Iriga Central School was chosen as a core Pilot
School to adopt the ID system.
3.5. The 4P’s Family and children should spend their allocation wisely
specially intended for their children’s education.
4. Mrs. Fe Oronan, Division ALS, EPS, once again submit to the mayor for
financial assistance in the participation of the Regional Encampment
Competition on August 27-30, 2018, in Naga City and Hon. Madelaine Y.
Alfelor request to submit project proposal and shall be process by Mrs. Isabel
G. Ong, Secretary Local School Board for the financial need.

5. Mr. Crestito M. Morcilla, Schools Division Superintendent informed the

body if there is transferred of Fund Re: Budget in the Feeding Program LGU
will be notified.

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 P.M. then, and it was moved by Mr. German Oliva,
President, PTA Federated and duly seconded by the August body for adjournment.

Prepared by:



Schools Division Superintendent
Co-Chairman, Local School Board



City Mayor, Chairman Local School Board

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