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Joshua Burris

Period 1

The Evolution of Photography

Modern Day

The Early 1900’s

In 1972, Polariod came
out with the SX-70 Land
Camera. A fully
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce automatic, motorized,
took the first photo that folding, single lens reflex
survived in 1826-27’. It was
a small box design and was camera. It changed the
the first camera to capture game because it self-
an image. develops in daylight.

| | | |

One of the first still 35mm On February 6th, 2015, Canon

camera built in 1905 by Jens released their amazing 50 megapixel
Poul Andersen in Nellerod, camera. It changed the game with
Denmark. This made taking the quality of images being
photos a lot easier and a lot increased quite a bit and made
more mobile. images come out better and sleeker.

The 70’s
The Late 1820’s

The Problem and Solution to Early Photography

The problem trying to be solved was how you could capture an image that is happening real
time without having to paint it. At the beginning of cameras being made they didn’t work very
often and they would fade and lose their detail over time. Their solution was just letting the
photo sit under sunlight for a little longer making the photo stand out more and fully develop.