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Lindsay Rudebusch

690 – Personal and Professional Goals Related to the Standards and Graduate Studies

Here are three goals that I would like to work on this year. I would like to incorporate surveys and exit slips
into my teaching. Currently I only do an exit slip at the end of a performance. I would like to improve my
scores from last year with my common assessment in reading and writing for second grade. I would like to
implement stations this year into my teaching to help with assessments.

Grade Goal Statement How is this goal SMART?

Use surveys with third, fourth

Music I will use surveys at the beginning and and fifth grade students at the
3rd Grade end of the 2017 and 2018 school year S beginning and end of the school
4th Grade with third, fourth and fifth grade year. Use exit slips at the end of a
5th Grade students as well as exit slips at the end music unit and performance.
of a music unit to know my students.
Reading the surveys and exit slips will Beginning and end of the year
help me to know my students, surveys will allow me to know my
reflecting on how to facilitate my M students personally. Exit slips will
classroom to meet them where they allow me to know what my
are at and guide them into lifelong students learned/understood.
learners. Knowledge of Students (NBPTS 1)

WTS 2: Teachers know how

children grow.
WTS 3: Teachers understand that
children learn differently.
NBPTS and WTS both support
knowing your student in order to
teach them as a whole: socially,
emotionally, intellectually and
Students will fill out surveys and
exit slips allowing me to know my
students and know what they are
thinking. When I know my
students, I am able to teach them
and not to them.
Students will fill out surveys in
September 2017 and May 2018.
T Students will fill out exit slips at
the end of a music unit during
the 2017 and 2018 school year.
Grade Goal Statement How is this goal SMART?

All second grade students will

Music All second grade students will S demonstrate growth in reading
2 Grade demonstrate growth in reading and and writing notes.
writing notes on the Eau Claire Area
School District second grade common ECASD Common Assessment for
assessment for reading and writing M
reading and writing notes.
notes Do, Re, Mi by the end of the
2017-2018 school year. Students will Planning & Implementing
demonstrate growth using the Assessment (NBPTS 3)
common assessment as a pretest and
posttest, increasing their score by at WTS 8: Teachers know how to
least one level: minimum, basic, test for student progress.
proficient, advanced. A
In the ECASD curriculum, second
grade students can read and
write Do, Re, Mi on the music
staff by the end of the school

Students will take a pretest at the

beginning of the unit. We will
work on reading and writing
R notes during the unit. At the end
of the unit, students will take a
posttest. I will assess their
growth data.
During the third trimester of the
T 2017 and 2018 school year. No
later than end of May 2018.
Grade Goal Statement How is this goal SMART?

Use stations with fourth and fifth

Music I will use station activities that S grade students during recorder
4th Grade reinforce the Eau Claire curriculum karate.
during our recorder karate unit in the
fall and winter of the 2017 and 2018 Lesson plans introduce activities
school year with fourth and fifth grade M to be used as stations. Recorder
students. Students will facilitate karate unit will utilize stations.
activities in small groups while I work
with a small group of recorder karate Facilitating Music Learning
students. (NBPTS 4)

WTS 4: Teachers know how to

WTS 5: Teachers know how to
manage a classroom.
A WTS 6: Teachers communicate
WTS 7: Teachers are able to plan
different kinds of lessons.

In the ECASD curriculum, fourth

and fifth grade students learn to
play the recorder.

Students will learn activities as a

class that they will be able to
facilitate in small group stations.
These activities will reinforce
music concepts in line with the
Eau Claire curriculum.
Students will learn these
activities in the fall of 2017 and
T be able to facilitate them during
the recorder karate unit by
winter of 2017.