Current Status on Open Source Movement In Indonesia

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Recent Events in Indonesia related to OSS OSS related projects with official support Successful OSS related project without official support OSS related groups and organizations OSS players in Indonesia Indonesian Linux Distributions Conclusion

Recent Events in Indonesia Related to Open Source Movement

New Legislation on Intellectual Property
– –

Stricter rule regarding software IP Real Result: pirated software no longer displayed on public places Unknown impact on Open Source usage

National Election 2004

Cost million of dollars (about US$ 50 million) on software license and hardware The Open Source community has failed to show the advantages of OSS

Officially Supported OSS Related Project


Cheap Computers bundled with open source software Parent project for WinBI and Kantaya

GDL (Ganesha Digital Library)

Distributed WebBased Digital library software


Web based corporate portal


Developed by BPPT According to survey by BPPT, the biggest hurdle for computer usage in Indonsia is cost (hardware, software, and training cost) and language barrier

KOMURA tries to solve these problems

Hardware cost is reduced using old computer as clients and a decent computer as the server



Software cost is reduced using Open Source software Uses WinBI, Indonesian Linux Distribution

GUI is translated to Bahasa Indonesia (solves the language problem) The distribution includes 5 e-books in Bahasa Indonesia (reduce training cost)

Future Plans: Use Kantaya

Web Based Virtual Office Software

Ganesha Digital Libray (GDL)

Web based digital library software Sponsored by YLTI and IDRC Canada Used to implement the Indonesian Digital Library Network
– – –

To fill the gap of the digital divide Very Successful Project Still in active development


Web based corporate portal software Supported by ITB (Institute of Technology, Bandung) Seamless integration with other web application (Complements instead of replace existing web application) Deployed on ITB, PLN, MQ, and other sites

Unofficially Supported but Successful OSS Project

Endonesia web based portal

Just Like PHPNuke

Deployed in more than 20 sites

Successful for Indonesian user size

Still Actively Developed Should have official support from the government or other organization

OSS Related group and Organizations


Indonesian Linux User Group

Tim Pandu

Creates documentation and ebooks on OSS

Developer Force

Open Source J2EE on Linux

OSCG (Open Source Contributors Group)

Host, discuss, and develop OSS projects

OSS Player in Indonesia

No Groups or Industries which has strong enough influence on community or government Few person has big impact on Open Source Community in Indonesia

Onno W Purbo

Practical open source software books

I Made Wiryana

Open source / Linux advocates

Linux Distributions in Indonesia

Good distribution for Indonesian should solve two problem
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Cost (must be able to run on low end hardware) Language

Current active distribution:
– – – –

Linux Sehat WinBI Rose RimbaLinux

Linux Sehat (Healthy Linux)

Knoppix Based distribution to reduce complexity Supported by the GunadarmaUniversity Given away for free (through ISO download and free CD request)

To introduce healthy computing (in the term of legality and simplicity)

More than 400 CD has been sent


Supported by BPPT GUI using KDE

Translated to Bahasa Indonesia

Contains LTSP Software Contains five e-Books in Bahasa Indonesia
– –

Reduce Training/Support Cost Educate about the open source movement

Rose and Rimba Linux


Used to promote open source software by RAB (an open source software company) Based on Knoppix, without GUI, runs on low end hardware


New Linux distribution aimed to be unique and more appropriate for Indonesian people Supported by Rimba Software, a new open source software company


Indonesian open source movement has a very slow progress Lack of support from the government Many problems faced to pace the movement
– –

No special script Economical

Despite of the problems, some projects has already been done, hopefully more to come Needs support from other countries