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Welcome to New England

Eastern States Exposition’s Response to Concerns of Agawam City Councilors Regarding

Traffic, as reported by MassLive
October 2, 2018

Total ESE paid to Agawam and Feeding Hills contractors:

46 contractors

ESE employees residing in Agawam and Feeding Hills

188 employees
$317,131 payroll

Payment to Town of Agawam for Police details during 2017 Fair


Student Vouchers
4,100 vouchers for free after-school admission on Agawam Day
Value: $61,500

Offsite Parking in Agawam—businesses and residents

We appreciate and depend on these privately owned lots and the convenience they
provide for our guests

Time Line

1. Spring of 2017 ESE grants a permanent easement to the state at no charge to

facilitate the Morgan/Sullivan bridge project.
2. ESE also grants a temporary easement to the state to facilitate bridge

3. August 16, 2018--ESE hosts a meeting with MEMA to prepare for The Big E.
Agawam officials, including the police and fire chiefs, along with members of
the Agawam Emergency Management team are in attendance.

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Welcome to New England

4. In late August, ESE completed, at no expense to Agawam or West Springfield, a

Unified Dispatch Center/ Fire TAC-STACK project to facilitate communications
between Agawam and West Springfield and the Police/ Fire dispatch center,
located on the grounds of Eastern States Exposition, adjacent to the Emergency
Operations Center (EOC) that is operated by police/fire during the fair. If
necessary, this system, beyond its use during The Big E, will enable the police
departments of both communities to communicate with each other year-round.
5. On August 30, members of the ESE senior management team, along with the
President of ESE, Gene Cassidy, met with senior officials from Mass DOT Division
2, including Interim District 2 Highway Director Peter J. Cavicchi, P.E., to
discuss signage and radio alerts for the duration of The Big E to alert motorists
to alternate routes on a real time basis. Representative Mike Finn hosted the
meeting in his office in West Springfield.

6. Late August through the end of the fair-- our sign contractor is installing and
updating signage to direct motorists to The Big E.
7. Early September—ESE met with Lt. Ed McGovern and Lt. Jennifer Blanchette of
the Agawam Police Department to specifically discuss police staffing during The
Big E and that if, in their judgment, they needed to increase traffic details, ESE
would pay for it. Last year the ESE paid $49,878.11 to the Town of Agawam for
police details during the Exposition.
8. In early September, ESE also met with WSPD Police Chief Robert Duffy and
WSPD Traffic Sergeant to review planning for The Big E. This Big E, Sergeant
Reed made excellent use of his Motorcycle Traffic Control Officers, traffic
cones and signage to help the flow of traffic from Agawam into West
9. In early September, ESE also met with WSFD Chief William Flaherty to discuss
The Big E and mutual aid in an emergency. He said the WSFD can communicate
with surrounding communities including Agawam and that the Fire Services
have a well-established protocol for mutual aid.
10.September 12, our EOC is established and all of the State Building Managers are
invited to attend a radio communication orientation. Then for the duration of
The Big E, the EOC is staffed by MEMA and other various state agencies.

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Welcome to New England

11.During The Big E, ESE is in constant contact with the EOC, the police and fire
chiefs and Sergeant Reed to keep abreast of what is happening in and around
The Big E.

Eastern States Exposition is aware of the impact of the 17 day Big E on our communities and has
continually taken action to mitigate it. We have a broad spectrum of services that we coordinate
and Agawam has always had a seat at the table. We have never shied away from our
responsibilities to Agawam and have always had open dialogue with the Mayor’s office and law
enforcement. We understand the challenges we create and accept responsibility. We are
continually seeking ways to make improvements. The Town and ESE share the same goal— to
safely and efficiently move traffic in and out the area. We look forward to continuing to adopt
best practices on traffic flow with the local communities and MassDOT.

During peak traffic times, ESE works in concert with police and traffic officers from West
Springfield and Agawam as well as Mass. State Police to mitigate traffic congestion.
Furthermore, visitors are instructed via social media and our website to follow the direction of
law enforcement, rather than navigation systems, to arrive at The Big E safely and as quickly as

We stand at the threshold of a DOT project that will have significant impact on the businesses
and residents of Agawam and West Springfield for years—the Morgan Sullivan bridge
reconstruction project.

We are pleased that Agawam is now talking about traffic and the bridge project in particular. The
Exposition has been trying to raise awareness about this project for 2 years. We must work
together as one community to ensure that the DOT acts in the best interest of Agawam and West
Springfield throughout the process. This project will be a reality in our lives 24/7 X 365 X 3

ESE has granted a permanent easement of its property to increase the efficiency of the
construction project as well as a temporary easement for purposes of storing construction
equipment to help hasten its completion. ESE has been proactive throughout this process and we
are happy the Town of Agawam is paying it attention.

Moving forward:

Since 1916
1305 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Massachusetts 01089 p 413.737.2443 f
Welcome to New England

ESE will continue to offer shuttle service from Springfield’s Union Station for those utilizing the
new CT Rail with increased rail capacity from New Haven.

ESE is constantly looking for ways to use mass transit and is working with CT DOT on
identifying opportunities in the state. The CT DOT has been very supportive as we continue our
efforts to develop new mechanisms to get people here more efficiently and alleviate the stress in
our immediate area.

Since 1916
1305 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Massachusetts 01089 p 413.737.2443 f