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Dear mir rogers.

Subject: visit of Mr. John Wiston

We received your letter dated septembre 17 in wich we learned with regret that your
order was incomplete and some of the books were torn up.

We are very sorry and want to apologize for the mistake made. Our shipping departament
has been completely reorganized and the employee who was in charge of your order did not finish
filling it the new staff did not realized that the orde3r was not complete and delivery it.

We want to inform you tat our representative, Mr. John Wiston, will be glad to visit your
bookstore next Tuesday, September 30 to give a solution to this problem.

Coordially Yours,
September 24, 2011

Miss Mary Anne Wagner

234 West Banne Avenue

El Paso, Texas.

Dear Miss Wagner:

In answer to your letter about your bill for $75.25 instead of $50.25, we have carefully reviewed our
credit records to seek for the right amount.

You have indeed made a down payment of $25 for the dress, but at a later date you ordered a pair
of leather shoes for $25.

We regret very much that we did not show this on our statement sent to you, and of course the
amount due was different.

We trust that you will be satisfied whit this explanation, and let me tell you that it will always be a
pleasure you ir your further orders.

Truly yours,
The chief engineer: we are taking care of the final details to have the new installations of the
company finished

The general manager: it seems to me that the premises have been designed adequately they will
undoubtedly satisfy our customers.

The chief engineer: I am sure about that. We have introduce innovations using the most advanced

The general manager: for the future we have to keep it in mind that technology does not stop and
that we have to keep an eye on new developments.

April 23, 2012

Dear customer,

It is a pleasure to announce you the opening of our new installations. We invite you cordially to visit
us. The company is located now at the following address:

4th. Avenue No. 234, N.E.

Magic City, Paradise State 30005

We will be very glad to show you our new facilities. In this regard the company is very grateful for
the suggestions receiveb from our customers, to include details that will facilitate the attention to
the public and to carry out the operations more efficiently.

So, our company possesses now a new image with an improved and more pleasant environment
that we are sure will make you feel as at home.

We are happy to share with you this achievement and hope you will visit us soon.


Peter lopez

Store maneger.
March 29, 2012

Dear traveler

The great European winter is almost at your door, the arable of the old continent is now in your
hands, your dream of visiting: spain, france, Germany, Italy and Holland can come true if you join
our 40-day trip.

The “GUAT Travel agency” offers you for a limited time, the 40-day tour to the most important
cities of Europe, visiting the great museums, the gorgeous markets, the attractive places and
historic buildings. All these things will be enjoyable for you at the reduced price of $1,500
including airplane ticket and your transportation from one city to another.

We will leave from Philadelphia for our winter trip on November 17. If you want more information
on this wonderful tour, a telephone call, an e-mail or a personal visit will give you all the additional
details. You may also visit our web site for more wonderful tours!

Cordially yours,

Sue Livingston

Sue Livingston

Publicity manager

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