How can youth be empowered? 1. Share information with the youth (e.g. budget, policies).

He shared resource allocation with his 11 year old daughter. 2. Examine our assumptions about the youths. 3. Create autonomy through boundaries- teach young people the rules of boundary within which they can operate (budget, policies) 4. Teach them the rules of the game 5. Youth involvement in governance. 6. Involve them at an early stage

John Adair Sharing his thoughts at the GOTNI Nigeria @ 50Leadership Conference: • • If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. There is a Global shift from Management of businesses to Leadership development in all sectors, business, and organisation. The focus now is on leadership. The body of Knowledge o o o • • Western Eastern Tribal tradition

The key thing in any field is to ask the right question. E.g. Why is it, that one person is seen to be a leader in a group rather than anybody else? o o A Leader will show qualities expected in that group. Exemplify qualities expected. Such as    Enthusiasm Integrity – quality that make people trust you Toughness, demandingness and fairness, justice (that can make u unpopular). “The good chief has no relatives” Worth, humanity, kindness

 • •

Humility – absence of arrogance. Openness to Learn. “the arrogant man has no friend”

“I cannot hear what you are saying, because what you are is shouting at me”. Zulu saying 3 forms of authority o o o Rank Knowledge – Authority of knowledge Personality  Rely on 2 and 3

• •

“When women know more than men, they will be accepted as leaders” Socrates Working groups has 3 areas of need in common ( generic, will work anywhere) o Task – identify functions: define, plan control, evaluate, good example Group/team Individual

o o •

African Leadership problem – People in Leadership position who are not leaders. “A log of wood may lie in the water for many years, but may never become a crocodile”. African Proverb We need good leaders. (Callus - Good in Greek: Skilled, capable, and able to perform) and Leaders for good –Albatross - Leaders are good in their nature. Leaders should think of people as partners, not followers. Do not assume you have d knowledge to lead, let other people be the judge. A leader should have practical wisdom. Nigeria being great deserves great leaders. A leader must be a servant of the people “Leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to draw it out of people because greatness is there already” John Buchan.

• • • • • •

“Remember ,that your position does not give u the right to command, but only lies upon you the duty of so living your life that others may receive your orders without being humiliated” Dag hammarskjold (UN Sec. Gen during the Cold war).

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