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COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ‘THE JOHN A. WILSON BUILDING 4350 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004, David Grosso Committee Member Councilmember At-Large Health Chairperson, Committee on Education Human Services Judiciary and Public Safety September 26, 2038 LaQuandra Nesbitt, Director Department of Health 899 North Capitol Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 Director Nesbitt: | am writing to you today to express my concerns around the planned closure of Providence Hospital's acute care services and better understand the role of the Department of Health during this transition, Over the years the city has made considerable strides in improving access to care and allocating resources to expand insurance coverage and encourage physical activity and promote wellness. While we've seen health outcomes generally improve with declines in death rates due to coronary heart disease, HIV infection, and more—this is unfortunately not the reality for our residents east of the river where significant disparities pervade. Ascension's decision to close acute-care services at Providence Hospital is devastating as three- quarters of patients accessing care at Providence are D.C. residents, primarily coming from Wards 5, 7 and 8. This loss of much needed medical care on the east side of our city greatly limits access and may exacerbate already troubling health outcomes for our residents in these communities. Itis vitally important that we fully understand the impact of this decision both on surrounding hospitals and their capacity to address an increased patient population and most especially, on the broader community at large. To help me understand the closure process and the role of the Department, below | have listed a few questions that | hope you can answer. 2. What documentation, if any, are hospitals required to submit to the Department of Health prior to closure? a. Has Providence already submitted the requisite paperwork? If not, when do you anticipate that you will receive it and how long do you have to review such documentation? What factors does DOH use to determine whether or not to grant a closure to proceed? When was the last time DOH completed a community health needs assessment? a. Are there plans underway to issue an updated assessment? When a hospital makes a determination to shutter its doors or dramatically alter its service delivery model, is DOH required to complete an assessment on the impact of the closure or change, particularly on the surrounding community? a. Ifnot, and given the immense needs on the east side of the city, will DOH endeavor to complete such an assessment/impact analysis in the wake of the Providence closure? If DOH makes a determination that a hospital closure would be detrimental, what actions, if any, are you permitted to take to prevent a closure or service delivery change? I look forward to receiving your response by COB on Wednesday, October 3, 2028. If you have any questions, please contact me or my Deputy Chief of Staff & Legislative Director, Katrina Forrest at (202) 724-8208 or kforrest@dccouncilus Sincerely, Pa. David Grosso Council of the District of Columbia (|-At-Large) Chairperson, Committee on Education Vincent Gray, Councilmember (Ward 7), Chairperson of the Committee on Health Kenyan McDuffie, Councilmember (Ward 5), Chairperson of the Committee on Business & Economic Development