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COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ‘THE JOHN A. WILSON BUILDING 2350 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004 David Grosso Committee Member Councilmember At-Large Health Chairperson, Committee on Education Human Services Judiciary and Public Safety October 3%, 2028 Jeffrey Marootian, Director District Department of Transportation 55 Street SE, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20003 Director Marootian, There was a pedestrian killed yesterday in the 5500 block of Central Ave SE. Thisis yet another unacceptable loss of life on our streets, and shows the city's failures to implement Vision Zero, While of course I'm sure there are many details we still need to learn about how exactly this happened, this is certainly an extremely unsafe street for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. It's very frustrating that it often takes a death before we look carefully at these dangerous streets and intersections. It would be far better if DDOT could more proactively make improvements, but at least we can and should look at how we can improve this street now. My staff put together this lst of issues just from a quick glance at Google Maps. Surely the experts at DOT can put together a real action plan to immediately protect the residents of this neighborhood, patrons of the Capitol View Library, and others For example: 2) Apedestrian walking along the South side of € Capitol doesn’t have any safe way to continue down the street past the intersection with Central. The crosswalks just lead to patches of grass. 2) Thereare very few marked crosswalks to get across Central Avenue, such as the a a/3 mile stretch between 53° Street & 56” Place that includes the location where this crash occurred. * cay eh 2 4) Atthe intersection of Central, 53 Street & A Street there's no concrete at all on the NE corner so the crosswalks meet at a dirt slope. There are many things that DDOT can use to slow traffic, shorten crossing distances, and generally make it safer along this street. | urge DDOT to immediately investigate this corridor, and myself and staff are available anytime to meet on site. Please provide a response by Wednesday, October 10”, For any questions, please contact my Chief of Staff, Tony Goodman by phone at 202-724-8205 or by email at Sincerely, David Grosso Council of the District of Columbia Chairperson, Committee on Education ci Councilmember Mary Cheh, Chair of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment Councilmember Vincent Gray, Ward 7