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Test I
Directions: Read the sentence carefully. Write TRUE if the sentence is correct and
FALSE if it is incorrect in the space provided.

_______1. Cells are the basic structured and functional unit of living things.
_______2. An organ system is composed only digestive system and reproductive system.
_______3. Red tide is a natural phenomenon caused by human.
_______4. Bacteria and Fungi are examples of decomposers .
_______5. Animal parts are classified into vegetative and reproductive parts.
_______6. Respiration can bring carbon back at the atmosphere.
_______7. The cell theory states that all living things are made up of cells..
_______8. Most fungi is capable only in asexual reproduction.
_______9. The top part of the mushroom that is cap-shaped called gills.
______ 10. Brain is composed of similar cells performing a specific function in the body.

Test II
Directions: Encircle the correct answer

11. Who coined the term cell ?

A. Hooke C. Schwan
B. Leeuwenhoek D. Virchow
12. Who formulated the cell theory ?
A. Hooke and Robert Brown C. Dujardin and Evanglista
B. Francesco Redi and Walter Flemming D. Schleidin and Schwan
13. What part of the cell is in charge of providing energy .
A. Golgi bodies C. Mitochondria
B. Lysosome D. Ribosomes
14. In which part of the cell are the chromosome located ?
A. Cytoplasm C. Nucleus
B. Nucleotides D. Plasma membrane
15. The type of tissue in the plant found in the apical part is called ________.
A .Cambium C. Meristematic
B. Epidermis D. Permanent
16. The type of animal tissue that functions for covering and protection called _______.
A. Connective C. Muscular
B. Epithelial D. Nervous
17. The organ in plants that is involved in absorption of Nutrients and Anchorage is____?
A. Flower C. Root
B. Leaf D. Stem
18. The organ used for excretion of nitrogenous waste is the _________?
A. Heart C. Lungs
B. Kidney D. Testes
19. The tool used to see objects too small to be sent by the unaided eye is the ______?
A. Computer C. Microscope
B. Magnifying glass D. Telescope
20. Composed of different organs working together for common function
A. Cells C. Organ system
B. Organelles D. Tissues
21. Bacteria are classified under the kingdom of _________.
A. Animals C. Fungi
B. Bacteria D. Monera
22. Rod-Shaped bacteria are called ______
A. Bacilli C. Spirilli
B. Cocci D. Spirochete
23. A chemical that is used to kill bacteria but not the endospores is _________
A. Alcohol C. Sea weeds
B. Chloroform D. Soup
24. Which of the following food is made palatable with the help of bacteria ?
A. Cheese C. Sea Weeds
B. Mushrooms D. Soup
25. The outermost covering of a bacterial cell that is used to shield it from a very hostile
A. Capsule C. Cell membrane
B. Pili D. Flagellum
26. All of the following are characteristic of protists expect_________.
A. Have cilia C. Have a nucleus
B. Have flagella D. Have with peptidoglycan cell
27. Which of the following causes red tide ?
A. Bacteria C. Fungi
B. Dinoflagellates D. Protozoans
28. Which type of polysaccharide comprises the cell walls of bacteria ?
A. Cellulose C. Maltose
B. Chitin D. peptidoglycan
29. Sea weeds include all those except
A. Caulerpa C. Gracillaria
B. Euglena D. Ulva
30. Which of the following is not an arganelle for organelle for locomotion?
A. Cilia C. Flagellum
B. Endospores D. Pseudopodia

Test III.(31-40)
Directions: Label the Parts of a Flower. (10pts)
TEST I V (41- 50)
Directions: Classify each organism as producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, or
detritivore(10 pts ) . From that list construct possible FOOD WEB ( 10 pts)
1. Tiger 6. Grass
2. Eagle 7. Earthworm
3. Rabbit 8. Grasshopper
4. Fungi 9. Mouse
5. Toad 10. E coli bacteria

“Good Luck And God Bless”

Prepared by:
Aiza Atelano