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CANFOR Notice of Amendment to Forest Operations Schedule #3 (FOS) Notice is hereby given that an amendment to the FOS has been prepared regarding timber harvesting activities planned in the Fort St John Timber Supply Area (TSA). The amendment proposes to modify the planned location of timber harvesting and-road construction activities and is comprised of the following elements: 1. To add NEW blocks and the roads necessary to access them in the following operating areas: Managing Participant Location # of Blocks Canfor/ BCTS Aikman Creek 22 Canfor_.. .« Apsassin Creek 27 ___ | _Canfor |... Black Creek ___} ____10. -____} —} Canfor Blair.Creek 3 Canfor/ BCTS Bluegrave Creek 36 BCTS Buckinghorse 4 Canfor/BCTS Cameron River. 5 Canfor/ BCTS Chowade River 4 Cantor Cypress Creek 3 Canfor Donnie Creek 5 Canfor East Farrell 2 Canfor Ettithun River 4 Canfor Graham River 1 BCTS Inga Lake 2 Canfor Jedney Creek 30 Canfor/ BCTS Kobes Creek 30 BCTS Lapp Creek 3 Canfor Laprise Creek 43 Canfor Lily Lake 5 BCTS Minaker 4 BCTS Helicopter Creek 2 Canfor South Fontas 40 Canfor Tommy Lakes 27 Canfor Trutch Creek 66 Canfor/ BCTS West Farrell 13 Canfor Wonowon 5 These cut blocks have been designed in light of Government and industry- lead ‘initiatives that have temporarily and/or permanently constrained a Jarge-proportion-of blocks in our current Forest Operations schedule 2. Revisions to existing FOS blocks and roads to capture changes proposed to block configurations in the following areas of the Fort St John TSA. a. Donnie Creek b. — Aikman Creek ce. Kobes Creek d. West Farrell Creek The proposed FOS amendmentis available for public review and comment until 4:30 pm Sept 1, 2018 at Canadian Forest Product’s Fort St John office and/or BC Timber Sales Peace Liard business area. All comments will be reviewed by Canfor and/or BCTS, and may result in revisions to the proposed amendment. Prior to the close of the public review period, written comments concerning this amendment should be made to Canfor and/ or BCTS at the following address: Canadian Forest Products Ltd. RR 1 Site 13 Compartment 2, Fort St. John, BC. Vid 4M6 Attention: Stacy Gibbons, RPF Phone: (250)787-3613 E-mail: Fax: (250) 787-3622