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ince taking over as Group CEO at Leo Burnett SA 18 months ago, Andrew Fasedemi has set his sights on building a cohesive group with a multibrand strategy. Now the focus has shifted. “Previously our aim was to deliver SA to the global network,” he says. “Now we need to deliver sub-Saharan Africa.” The African operations absorb about 20% of his time, a measure of the priority attached to the continental expansion by Leo Burnett Global. Half South African and half Nigerian, Fasedemi sits on the boards of the Zimbabwean and Kenyan agencies, and is soon to take up a seat in the Nigerian agency once equity arrangements are settled. “Apart from growing the network, our focus will be to substantially raise the level of interaction with the African agencies, improve creativity in line with international standards, and introduce training programmes,” says Fasedemi. There are some jewels in the network, notably the agencies in Nigeria (that won the Cadbury and Nigeria Airways accounts) and Zimbabwe, which is growing rapidly and winning awards despite political upheaval. Leo Burnett SA is restructuring to integrate its various activities under five broad divisions: media (Starcom); communications (Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett, Leo Xpress, Leo Design and LB Interactive, soon to be rebranded Leo Burnett Communications); and public relations (Fasedemi Newman Leo Burnett, rebranded as Manning Selvage & Lee)

Delivering the goods — throughout Africa

Andrew Fasedemi

and Red Nail. There are also plans to increase the empowerment shareholding from its current 20% to more than 50%, with staff and management likely to pick up a respectable slice of the equity. The new-look Leo Burnett SA will retain its multibranding approach believing that this creates focus and dynamic tension between the business units. Red Nail, for example, will retain its branding and continue to operate as a second agency brand in line with practice elsewhere in the LB Global network. Over the past year, it won accounts from Incredible Connection, Revlon and Gauteng provincial government’s Shared Services Centre (SSC). Though owned by Leo Burnett and sharing the same premises, it has a distinctive culture and approach. Red Nail clients include Alcatel, 5fm, Action Stations, Mercantile Bank and ETrade. There is scope for a second agency brand in the SA group, according to Fasedemi. Digital design company Shape, which is not part of Leo Burnett SA, will remain indepenLevis store opening dent but maintain close ties with the group. Relationship marketing company LB Interactive hit a rocky patch three years ago when former MD Clive McClean emigrated to the US, but has been reversed under Lizanne Jones and Janine Wilson. The public relations unit has become part of the global brand, Manning Salvage & Lee (MS&L), and will allow Leo Burnett to offer clients a betterintegrated communications service. The glue that binds these units together is a common vision, enunciated in the slogan, “There’s power in the diversity of our people and our brands.” SMLB, headed by MD Pat Goggin, who worked for seven years at LB Worldwide in Chicago before transferring to SA, and executive creative director Cal Bruns remains the backbone of the SA operation. It accounts for half of the group’s staff and most of its revenue. Business gains over the past year include four new brands for Kellogg’s, Ananzi, Johnnic e-Ventures, Johnnic Communications and Levis. This is in addition to its ongoing work for multinational brands such as Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Mercedes-Benz, SA Breweries and Liberty. “The benefits of the LB Worldwide network should not be underestimated. The ability to tap into the network’s well of intellectual capital and global expertise delivers a better product to our clients,” says Fasedemi. “Noone understands the emerging market better than SMLB,” he adds, citing creative triumphs such as its highly acclaimed “first kiss” advertisement for CocaCola, shot in Morocco but flighted internationally, and the spot-on “Diski” township soccer advertisement for MTN. Technology and training has already delivered substantial productivity gains. “We are producing more today, with fewer staff, than we did four years ago,” says Fasedemi. Finding quality staff is a perennial problem given the continued exodus of skills. Leo Burnett SA expects to arrest this seepage through a staff package that will give key staff a bigger stake in the local operation. But “our biggest problem is our inability to charge proper value for the work we do. SA ranks fifth in the world creatively, but our fees don’t reflect this.” s AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001


Ghana. entirely perished thanks to a vigorous and noisy opsticking to the brands you know and trust is a position. Outdoor advertising com“SA agencies often make the mistake of trying to deploy SA panies Corpcom and Primedia Outdoor ventured north into Africa idioms in Africa. while Uganda. however. informal. offering pre-paid cellular telephone services where landlines are non-existent or unreliable. The speed. admittedly off a near zero base. and who can add companies such as Pepkor. have a highly mobile an exciting market. This year Leo Burnett will expand its African network to Mauritius. Zimbabwe. and supported by dismal per capita income figures and write it off on this basis. is regarded as an The “Keep Walking” campaign for Johnnie African economic miracle. opportunity for marketers to make a difference in broadcast LB does not have offices in the DRC. Mozambique. The team travels and works with local clients and What they miss is that more than half the African economy is media partners in countries where they have no offices. Profurn and SA Brewvalue in strategy and understanding of the media. African proverbs — such as “Keep Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Nigeria. Kenya. Last year coup leaders were sent packing in low-risk option. Tanzania. Tanzania and your eye on the destination and not on where Mozambique are now among the fastest growing counyou have stumbled” — are substituted for the tries in the world. Zimbabwe. a resounding reversal of West Africa’s brand investment yields a handsome return. lead by Jonny Cohen. “There’s a race on for the best agencies. But many African cities have now affiliated offices in Nigeria. is a notable exception to this tale “African consumers are known to be brand of success. and quickly spread to other East African and later West African markets. with SA mining companies eager to the biggest and best local agencies. Having conaccounts in recent months. with which it has moved into Africa has made it something of a telecommunications phenomenon. eries. Congo-Brazzaville. Cameroon and Gabon. but the potential size of markets. All are ranked among the top five agencies in their respective markets in billings. The agency A new consumerism has seized countries once written off as was also recently awarded the account for a radio campaign on economic basket cases. though democracy and rule of law have not loyal. democratic rule. They do.LEO BURNETT AGENCY FOCUS The scramble is on for Africa’s markets plans to increase ownership after the customary courtship. “People tend to look at the African “swat” team. and there is more Morocco and Egypt.” s A AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 151 . We are careful to use the local idiom. “Africa is Sierra Leone and Uganda.” Cohen says clients such as Dutch telecommunications service provider Celtel and Johnnie Walker whisky are behind this push into Africa. After some initial hesitancy. This means Ivory Coast. Leo Burnett’s Zimbabwe agency had its best year yet. predations of despots and warlords. advertisers are engaged in a agency. Ethiopia. says Cohen. reached billboard saturation point. and through interactive activities such as events. is battling to eradicate corruption. not to mention audacity. It launched its African service five years ago in Uganda. triggering a scramble for Nineties. This year we will focus on raising the levels of creativity in the African agencies. Cadbury citing the agency’s scramble for Africa — at least the parts of it that matter. Leo Burnett handles Celtel’s advertising account in Sierra Leone frica is the final frontier. Chad.” says Cohen. SA companies Advertisers were pressured by clients to accompany kicked off their push into Africa in the midthem into these new markets. recently returned to Walker is an adaptation of a global theme.” says Cohen. traditional acquiescence to military rule. integrating them into the network and embarking on extensive training. which makes the official figures unreliable as a guide to Leo Burnett has equity in some of these African agencies. for local knowledge. “I see it as a business and a social imperative to develop a strong African network for LB. Ivory Coast. superlative performance on another Cadbury brand. CEO of Leo Burnett SA. the Nigerian the past 10 years. and using inspiring quotes from famous historical Johnnie Walker there is hope that peace may at last settle on the figures. In Kinshasa alone it now has more than 30 000 Jonny Cohen subscribers — proof of the consumer power waiting to be tapped in supposedly dirt-poor countries.” to service the growing demand from SA and multinational comLeo Burnett moved into Africa in 1997. which has gained a number of major groups are in search of new markets. and later service companies. regional offices. however. having survived the Nigeria’s other top agencies. wisdom of Abraham Lincoln and others.” says Cohen. building a network of panies for outdoor exposure. media. Despite the country’s well-documented political and economic chaos. And global communications through its Nigerian office. “You need people on the They were followed by retailers and consumer ground who are familiar with the local scene. Eastern Europe and Latin America over US$2m Bournvita account to Leo Burnett Rosabel.” says Andrew Fasedemi. gaining several new clients and walking away with a clutch of creative awards. Tanzania staged an extraordinary revival behalf of Nigeria Airways after a tough five-way review involving in the past five years. “There’s no substitute replenish declining ore reserves at home. No pitch was required. Cadbury Nigeria recently moved its quered China. In poorer communities particularly. Celtel has been successful in some of the most difficult markets in the world.

“Much of our work now comes from Leo Burnett. furnishing a detailed profile of each customer. the response. Jones says the delivered the bonsai to the CEO the following brief involved developing a brand essence for day. Loads of Linen and Living is another stalwart client with growing visibility. Procter & Gamble.” one marketing. among them the “The mailing of the monthly portfolio statement is an opportunity fact that the medium is not yet fully trusted. but other parts are highly personal.” says Jones. “It allows to decision makers to get their attention. It worked like a charm. . moving their embryonic company into vacated office premises. Leo Xpress handles all design and execution of all in-store materials as well as promotional activity for McDonald’s. Vicks. With Leo Burnett advertising subsidiary Red Nail. “We got so close to Cosmic Candy that we were on the point of moving to Greece to help the company expand.” says Lizanne Jones of ternationally.AGENCY FOCUS LEO BURNETT L Leo Xpress — let’s get it done fast eo Xpress is a high speed. Taxi Recapitalisation Programme and with Telkom’s fleet manThis is great for customers already on board. but it fell portunities and advice on how to manage their financial affairs. But how can you agement. better still. These will be updated regularly as models of vehicles change. with paper with the date clearly displayed. Paul is anxious to distance Shape from the e-commerce wave. At business-to-business it is often the most cost-effective marketing. Shape is responsible for new media. “We’re not an IT or ecommerce company. “We are flexible in planning and meeting our clients’ needs. evidence of its efeffect. Shape’s first client was sweet company Cosmic Candy. Some of its most visible pieces of work have been a TV and cinema advertisement for Kellogg's Krispies Treats. They didn’t move. The company has grown from two to 10 staff. and a relaunch of the brand inclient got the business. It purordinated with other business units in Leo chased a bonsai tree in Taiwan. Rather than do the standard packaging design. Paul and Hillier invented cartoon characters and imbued them with mischievous personalities to help Cosmic Candy sell its sweets. but little if anything to market it. according to Paul. closer. thus creating early market presence for their product. The original cartoon concept is about to be developed into a 12part television series and a full-length movie. This was at a time when agencies were desperate to ride the new media wave. They have also designed a complete dealer advertising solution for the Mercedes-Benz dealer network to drive consistency in terms of their offering. LB Inspecific person. within the Liberty group. Joanne had it phoBurnett. but the relationship with Cosmic Candy has grown from strength to strength. LB business from clients where there is a choice Interactive mailed Honda owners an offer of a of two or three competitors. Columbus Steel and Johnnie Walker. In one case. as you to get a specific message across to a part of a loyalty building campaign. turn it into a sale? “There are certain parts of a tender document that must be Advertisers recognise that nothing beats the power of one-topresented in a standard way. Leo Xpress translated an “above-the-line” concept into a belowthe-line application.” One of Shape’s earliest creations was the Website for local rock band Boo! (www. including multimedia and Internet projects. s n an ideal world companies would be able to develop relationship with both clients and brokers. as a specific lifestyle store nationwide. which means that the corporate look and feel stays the same. The pair decided to press on alone. either business-to-business or business-to-conexplains Jones. merging the two effectively. Gareth Paul. . Its creative flair eventually brought it to the attention of Leo Burnett. His team also designed point of purchase hardware that excites and guides consumers to purchase at dealerships. as part of the brand building integration.” he says. Plain Business Writing. Other clients include United International Pictures. digital design and online promotion. with dot-coms folding left and right and thousands of staff being retrenched. This prospecting free magazine subscription that elicited a 27% Lizanne Jones and is the job of Leo Burnett Interactive.” says Paul. “So there is an opportunity here for one-to-one sumer. Clients often come to us with proposals for an electronic brochure.” Though Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett is the brand custodian on most of the multinational brands.” says Paul. More recent Heinz SA work brought the brand’s packaging in line with the rest of the below-the-line agency that concentrates on retail.” says Paul.” says lationship Management software brought mass customisation Jones. and operations in 58 In the past couple of months they produced promotional work for McDonald’s. Customer Reto communicate different things to different customers. and the job offers started rolling in. which in turn translates into enhanced business success. Their packaging design for Pillsbury Bran Muffins helped to further extend the range in line with consumer demand.” way to prospect for new clients. two years ago while studying digital media communications at Vega School of Brand Advertising Communications. s G Work is taking good shape The Shape team . including details on investment opcustomisation” was the promise of the Internet. executive search Relationship marketing is about getting up company TranSearch and I-Net Bridge. ness and financial information. Ryan White. make that initial contact and. have refined this to the point where complaints can be anticipated helping them put together tender documents for government’s and handled proactively.” Wachenheimer’s agency played a pivotal role in masterminding a sampling campaign for Kellogg’s Nutri-K. and a partnership was struck. Dave Hillier. Shape now shares an office with Leo Burnett in Sunninghill and collaborates on certain projects. Some companies relationship with DaimlerChrysler and debis Fleet Management. Leo Xpress has produced a lot of POS (point of sale) work for DaimlerChrysler SA.” says Jones. Celtel (MSI). Janine Wilson relationship-marketing arm. They may put money aside for building a Website. Shape. discovering their hobelectronic hub. We show them what can be done. Each financial transaction and contact with a customer is The success of this venture has opened doors to other divisions dutifully logged. Leo Xpress recently signed up MapStudio to redesign the packaging and branding of their map range to be in line with overseas trends. Coca-Cola and Kel- Wachenheimer Mercedes-Benz logg’s Leo Xpress MD Marc Wachenheimer says they have a small team with a “let’s get it done” attitude. with an average age of 23. Why has Shape succeeded where so may others have failed? “Because we make sure that it remains fun. which was recognised by Johnnic e-Ventures as one of the 10 most visited sites in its category in SA. which we cobehalf of a client was a bonsai fundi. which close and personal with potential customers repositioned itself as a business-to-business and business prospects. says Jones. “Mass monthly portfolio statement. LB Interactive.” s AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 152 153 . “Companies are teractive has used personal direct mailings to recognising it as a direct and cost-effective way help Mercedes-Benz sell more trucks and to to win new business or increase business from Liberty portfolio clients. “We ended up squatting in a corner of an office park for a few months. Justin Cloete I Getting to know you one-on-one areth Paul and David Hillier started a new media company. Red Nail is creating the advertising campaign. “We helped with Leo Burnett Interactive discovered that the the development of I-Net Bridge’s repositioning CEO of a large mining group it was targeting on and spearheaded the activity. tographed alongside a woman holding a newsTranSearch is based in SA and Paris. promotion and design.” Shape is a new media company providing broadcast animation. “We got the attention of the CEO and the the group. or increase To help Honda build customer loyalty. Though no equity was exchanged. and the sweets are now sold throughout Europe. We develop marketing and promotion solutions using the electronic media. sending boxes of coffee or wine glasses fectiveness in winning new business. “We’re like family. Recently. Tampax. We have recently repositioned them under their new brand name. low-budget animated TV advertisements to accompany the launch of the Mercedes-Benz A class and a 30-second animated TV advertisement for MTN produced in 24 hours. Companies often don’t know what to spend on online ventures. “The result of these guidelines has been a marked improvement in the effectiveness of print advertisements. broadening its offerings of busibies and getting their attention.” says Paul. Liberty clients receive a personal marketing campaigns on a mass scale. There are plenty of people out there able to develop Websites. it recently won an account from the Gauteng provincial government’s Shared Service Centre (SSC) which will AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 centralise certain noncore-government services. “We started doing the sales advertisements for them when they were operating as a stand-alone store in Emmarentia. The packaging designed by Shape for Cosmic Candy has had other spin-offs: “Cosmic Candy claims to have received orders from people based on the package design. New media has had a bad rap. a young business now headquartered in Greece. which they won.” says creative director Alan Edgar. Minute Maid. Relationship marketing is a fast growing part FedEx uses relationship marketing to great of the agency business. and SA. helping reinforce its clients. LB Interactive has a long-established their buying preferences and their complaints. short of expectations for several reasons. Other clients include FedEx.

75% of its business came from Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett (SMLB).” he says. touch with the media. “Consumers are no longer seen as demographics with a wallet but individuals whose attitudes and motivations cannot be conveniently pre-judged by markers such as gender. Annualised billings have grown to R284m from R209m a year ago. be it by James Hier and consumer observation or direct inMelanie Walter volvement.” says Patterson. MD of Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett (SMLB). “In this way we try to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Starcom deviated from script by weaving alternative media into its plans to deepen the impact of its campaigns.” says Patterson. which we welcome. when clients were offered little more than media schedules and simple media plans. devoid of the legacies that hobbled other independents. television advertisements were scheduled to match programme content.” says Patterson. Though agencies play up their ability to customise media strategies to the needs of different clients. Media agencies like Starcom have moved a long haul from the rudimentary services offered by media independents of 15 years ago. Shrewd negotiator Melissa Read has augmented the buying team. a diversity of skills. the human element featured strongly.” Starcom seeks to differentiate itself from the competition by blending best international practice with local insights. and a culture of learning. When it started. Melanie Walter brings a human touch and her experience in media planning. which is kept alive. Humans.” says Pat Goggin. This risk-based approach to advertising generated some astonishingly effective creative campaigns and forced the agencies to experiment with alternatives to the lucrative TV commercial. are being given star billing.” One of the most dramatic changes in C People power is back in vogue the US was the decision by Procter & Gamble and General Motors. rather than products.” Patterson presented the Starcom SA business plan in October 1999 and in the following months a market position for the new company was crafted. through the Internet. these strategies are often indistinguishable. Not surprisingly. “We did an analysis of competitors and their media strategy and targeted their customers. The campaign for the MercedesBenz C class took a different tack by appealing to competitors’ target market rather than the traditional Mercedes-Benz buyer. s Pat Goggin reativity in advertising is undergoing a quiet revolution. Leo Burnett pioneered this drive to restore the human touch to advertising. “The stories are based on a promise between the brand and its current or potential believers. Today. to replace flat compensation rates with fee-based formulas that reward agencies whose work produces higher sales. We work with the brands agency in developing a seamless brand and media strategy. both media directors. This involved a critical analysis of the industry and its shortcomings. Campbell and Kraft are running TV campaigns rooted in humanity. worth more than R70m a year. and that is where we are able to add most value. but it is establishing a reputation for media buying.AGENCY FOCUS LEO BURNETT t took a year from its international launch in 1997 for media agency Starcom to capture Media Agency of the Year in both the US and the UK. whatever the challenge. Major business gains for the past year include media planning for all Procter & Gamble brands. “It’s never been easier to get cheap media. and — a new outlet — in magazine margins.” says managing director Gordon Patterson. Its executive team includes James Hier and Melanie Walter. salary and education. In a further break with convention. in Power to the People. There’s a growing demand for accountability. Starcom presented Patterson and his team with a clean slate on which to create a new type of media company. KingJames and Dare Media. “James Hier brings a global perspective to the team. “You can take a media plan and Tippex out one client’s name and replace it with a new name. I New star on the block has meteoric rise The media mix demonstrated this positioning in a fresh and unexpected way. “The message was that the Mercedes A class is a vehicle for vibrant aspiring people who are going places. media independents have to offer insight as well as buying power. MTN and Levis. The result was a fresh and contrary approach to media strategy that yielded several early successes.“The days of leveraging purchasing power to buy cheap media are gone. “A 154 AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 . They are brimming with behavioural insights that connect their products to the vicissitudes of real life.” writes Paul Kemp Robertson. two of the world’s largest advertisers. It broke new ground by promoting the new Mercedes A class on forecourt TV. now the figure is 30%.” Leo Burnett calls it their brand belief system. It now handles media buying assignments for several creative shops including Bester Burke D’Arcy. valued at about R20m.” adds Goggin. the Mitsubishi account. plasma TV in shopping centres. And its growth in SA since its launch in April 2000 has been no less meteoric.” Fancy verbiage has no place in the brand belief system. “The brand belief system converts buyers to believers by creating the most compelling brand stories. “We encourage staff to get in Gordon Patterson. “Advertisers like Kellogg’s. worldwide director of creative resources at Leo Burnett in Chicago. Starcom’s initial drawcard was its media planning strength. I’m analytical and have a passion for innovation. “Our advertising seeks to excite deep-seated human emotions and connect people with brands through powerful story-telling.

” Bruns. Sometimes great adverts are out there just waiting to be Last year. “This led us to the ‘Find it “We believe in making adverts that fast’ campaign line. It shows we adds Goggin.” The world’s most successful companies align their corporate LEO BURNETT values with human values. SMLB’s relationship Coke. resonate and eventually become a member of the community. There’s no award Though creative awards are welbetter than being at a restaurant come. sponsible for the Coke adverts says: An even greater challenge was “The visual effect created by superdeveloping a workable campaign imposing shots of painted walls and for Ananzi. “We researched all the uniquely township flavour. this dream come true made a authenticity. the story of the brand. client longevity is the greatand hearing people talk about one of est reward for creative excellence. ‘When the Sun Rises’ design by depicting a young man in reveals how Coca-Cola puts money a suit splashing mud on a new C back into communities by creating class Mercedes-Benz. Think Harley Davidson. “The risk of jobs. Campaigns are most effective when they reflect his first sip captured on film. s Telling it like it is vertisement for MTN was that Vodacom has snapped up rights to SA’s top teams. sky over the scenes gives the comwhich had little brand loyalty two mercial a painterly effect with a years ago. the name used to describe township soccer where personal style and flair are valued above teamwork. From discovery to fulfilling and evolving the brand promise. An underlying belief in the power of a brand story to exist. “It’s up to us to tell these stories. “The truth is. and later advertisement probed non-owner’s reactions to the new from a truck. Examples include Microsoft. Rather than the entrepreneur who grows up with usual presentation of a shiny car going through its paces Coca-Cola: first drinking it. When Bruns heard that 28 South Africans planned Burnett (SMLB) produced First Kiss.” brands are built. SMLB’s “Jealousy makes you nasty” ing it from a pushbike. to hire Wembley Stadium for an afternoon to live out their about a Moroccan boy who likens a dream by “worshipping at the altar of football”. to great success. “The brand story is just that. and SA up with a soccer sponsorship adBreweries 15 years. then sellon the open road. Basil Mina. honest truth of the message.” with Mercedes-Benz goes back 36 Mina says the challenge in coming years. Sonnenberg Murphy Leo made. a person who believes that the brand lives up to its promise.AGENCY FOCUS believer is a person for whom the brand promise resonates. and help the companies sell their products at the same time. truth in surprising ways. adds Goggin.” Another locally produced home The message accompanying the launch of the quirky run was the story of a township Mercedes-Benz A class was “odd is in”. time. Ananzi’s SMLB. more a philosophy. deputy executive creThe campaign worked. Liberty 11 years.5m to 4m a month since the We believe it’s at this level that campaign was launched. The visual effect of a painting. Nike and Starbucks. our advertisements. “While the game was played in mercial was created by SA but an empty stadium and only a Queen lookalike handed out a flighted internationally. not showing the car in its shiny. Cal Bruns in which characters appear to come pristine form was overshadowed to life. which we exget under people’s skin. Leo Burnett’s answer was to Liberty “dreams” campaign showcase diski. a local boy who had compelling example of what Liberty’s financial planning never tasted Coke was found and can do. with the C ative director of the agency and reclass back-ordered until 2002. message. This is not really a system. “Our guys dug into the soul of the game and our part from being the world’s most recognised brand. the Internet portal.” says well deserved.” says Cal ecuted in absolutely outrageous Bruns. all of which have huge social investment budgets and are seen as “people-friendly”. This highly acclaimed comwrite their own life stories. 1. Oracle. adverts struck a nerve for MTN with their insight and flair. MTN created real impact.” says or perhaps because of it. s A 156 AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 . you make a real connection.” says Bruns. when you touch page impressions have gone from a nerve. Lion. Coca-Cola has produced Mina. Ferrari or Levi-Strauss. To add to the cup to the winning team. Its artfulthings Ananzi can do and found it ness creates an air of dignity that’s was exceptionally fast. deepens the impact of the by the pure. he idensip of Coke to kissing a girl — only tified this as a perfect example of people “at Liberty” to better. Informal feedback suggests the campaign was well loved by some of the most memorable advertisements of all soccer fans. executive creative director at ways.” he concludes.

Daryl Harris. the public relations arm of Leo Burnett SA. are starting to appreciate the value of PR. picking up the Incredible Connection. Jon Ivins. Grant Walker.” says Newman. but it took us five months to Nutriphase. Russel Watson. and creative director Craig Clay-Smith puts it this way: “Though we have no direct maritime connections. BCom3. “We will be able to plan global PR campaigns for clients and give them access to international media. making actions meaningful (read giving value for money) and sinking or swimming with your crewmates (read colleagues and clients). “We want to differentiate ourselves through our input. Then it moved above the line and grabbed attention with arresting campaigns for clients such as 5fm. Baker ascribes much of the agency’s success to the creative team — headed by Kevin Kleynhans and James Daniels — and an aggressive expansion programme. Success is no longer measured in centimetre columns of press coverage. Market share rose nearly 7%. Companies want PR campaigns to focus on their brands. That said. but they remain. Many advertising budgets are shrinking. it seems. but the MS&L philosophy is that PR builds brands. handling everything from in-store promotions to TV ads. that is what we are about. it became a talking point. MS&L is the world’s tenth largest public relations firm and is renowned for its counsel. what is Flagship? Some might describe it as a through-the-line agency. the theme closely reflects many of the values to which the organisation aspires. Jon Ivins. however. Revlon. on the periphery of the businesses they serve. which is virtually impossible for a PR agency with no global network. e.” Kleynhans cites other creative successes for Nutriphase dog food. . Donovan Kennedy ception: “We are a communications group that owns specialist divisions — 10 in all with the latest addition. Grant Walker. It ditched much of the small-scale project work that had been its bread and butter and styled itself a “through-the-line” agency. “He agreed right away. but PR budgets increased by 30% last year according to a study by the Public Relations Institute of SA. The divisions include above. tripled its business in the five months to March.” says MD Grant Baker. “PR has gone way beyond that. Action Stations. Colemer and the Gauteng Shared Services Centre. Grant Walker. and playing on the “glass and a half in every bar” platform. But that’s hardly surprising and totally in keeping with the organisation’s name. One of the cheekiest framed Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s normally bald head in an Afro hairstyle with the B Grant Baker line. rather than ostentatious. “It was cheeky. AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 159 . The concepts of change management “pushing the paradigm” crop up repeatedly in any conversation with Clay-Smith and his fellow directors Daryl Harris (group planning) and Donovan Kennedy (account director). “We don’t want to overstretch ourselves. has been rebranded Manning Selvage & Lee (SA). we identify closely with the ethos of the sea and along with the strong characteristics the nautical environment brings out in people. and Cadbury’s “milk moustache” campaign. s rowsing through the boardroom of Durban-based Flagship Communications tells you a lot about what puts wind in their sails. yes. but effective — and it brought us new business. . Mobil.” says FNLB vice-chairman Jenni Newman. “Where others see recession. teamwork and rowing together. he adds. and advertising defends brands. . Lesley Wright. lifting its billings to a projected R100m. They serve a vital function by feeding news stories to the bureaus. self reliance. “With many of our newer clients. Using a variety of proprietary research and brandJenni building tools. Flagship’s aim is to be a group of specialists who operate autonomously while working the synergies with clients covering the broad communications spectrum. It was helped by some particularly successful creative coups. Donovan Kennedy.Tanya Altshuler. Daryl Harris and Craig Clay-Smith F 158 Helping PR come of age asedemi Newman Leo Burnett (FNLB). The feel-good vibe is further enhanced by the fact that Flagship’s Berea offices just happen to overlook the country’s largest port. we take over the marketing communications and then work closely AdFocus/Supplement to the Financial Mail/May 18 2001 with the advertising agency.” says Daniels. “If clients want an ad agency to create communications without challenging the paradigm.” Traditional PR firms tend to be press release factories. measuring their success in terms of column centimetres of press coverage. Clarke Balie. One was SAA’s Olympic plane (Ndizani) painted in stark African colours and seen around the world.” Companies. 100% owned by Leo Burnett Holdings. . “If. Sam September. pluck up the courage Alliance to ask Manuel’s perOdyssey mission. MD. for Alliance Capital. In Motsatse the past. HollyAnne Ford. which is what they wanted. MS&L has turned this around by placing itself at the centre of the brandbuilding process.” Timed to coincide with the Budget. founder. but Clay-Smith strongly rejects this per- Clockwise. adventure. we see growth”.and belowthe-line expertise.” says FNLB MD Nick Motsatse. . and staying on an even keel in an environment (the ocean) which changes every millisecond.” says Daniels. . Aradhna Padayachee. Things like: Boldly navigating previously uncharted waters and discovering new worlds. or research into their and Mercantile Bank. Global Technologies. MS&L has been Newman able to raise the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. supported by proprietary research and brand-building tools. “We’ve started to apply the brakes. “The network will be a huge advantage for clients building a global presence. In 1995 it won two Loerie Grands Prix and 11 Golds for below-the-line work. I Fusion. Scratch below the surface and one discovers that far from simply being an attractive display. by and large. James Daniels Durban agency is on the crest of a wave R Sexy guys are ‘fluid and dynamic’ ed Nail. But there is more to it than that. AJ Brindley. they want us to challenge the paradigm and challenge them to think differently. the global PR network owned by Leo Burnett Worldwide’s parent company.” One could probably add to that a few other characteristics like self-confidence rather than boastfulness. but working closely with its in-house partners to provide clients with broadly based solutions. PR supported advertising." In short. hardwood furniture and meticulously displayed naval memorabilia gives one the feeling of being in the Captain’s cabin.Craig Clay-Smith. They see Flagship as being about change and change management. Bottom . Now 12 years young. This is in line Nick with MS&L’s strategy. coupled with hard work in having to tackle challenges as they arise. “The client liked the idea. SAA and Cadbury’s. then Flagship isn’t for them.” Other clients include 5fm. First sight of the solid. functional.AGENCY FOCUS LEO BURNETT This feature is supported by agency and client advertising AGENCY FOCUS Hammering home the credentials Kevin Kleynhans. s FLAGSHIP Top left to right . Beverley Theron. a PR company at the beginning of the year — each addressing its market sector. “The ad put Alliance on the map.” explains Kennedy. Red Nail was better known as a below-the-line agency until pressed by clients to take on advertising assignments as a way of ensuring creative consistency. but also encompass a wide variety of other skills from PR to change management. borrowing a US idea. E*Trade.

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